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My Uncle’s House
My uncle’s house is so amazing. It has the view of the blue sea. The interior design is very modern. the living room
has a sophisticated furniture. The walls are painted white. It makes the room looks brighter and cleaner.
The kitchen I sparkling and well-designed because my uncle is passionate about culinary and will not stop to learn
cooking. The bedroom is bordered with soothing view as I open the casement. The study room is very tidy. There, I
usually read and write about my experience.
The exterior design is simple but elegant. The roof is brown in color. The gate is brown as well. Every visitor is
welcomed by an attractive fountain. the garden is fresh and colorful.
My uncle’s home is my dream place. It makes my imagination nourishing.
1. The text tells you about … .
A. a tidy room
B. my dream house
C. a house with a sea view
D. house of the writer’s uncle
2. What does the writer do in the study room?
A. read adventures book.
B. cool down the anxious mind.
C. write about his/her schedule.
D. read and write his/her experience.
3. Why does the house become the writer’s dream place?
A. It is bordered with soothing view.
B. The visitors feel warmly welcomed.
C. It makes the writer’s imagination nourishing.
D. The house is painted with the writer’s favorite color.
Last Sunday, I was gardening with my father. It was half past six in the morning. The air was really fresh. My dad
called me from the yard. He said something about ‘banana’. I walked to where he stood looking at one of my banana
trees. I saw some of them are already yellow. What a great view!
Next, we were busy to harvest the banana. It was my first time to do this. We just moved to this new house for
about six months. Here, we have some yard beside the house with banana and guava trees.
After that I watered the vertical garden and pulled off the wild grass. I also collected the old leaves and realized
that the yard looked nicer and cleaner after that.
Finally, I picked 2 ripe guavas. Hmmm, they smelt nice. I took a shower and had breakfast with my parents right
after that. It was a fine Sunday morning. I felt a stronger bond by doing the gardening together with my father.
4. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
A. The family had a breakfast together.
B. The writer watered the plants and cleared the yard.
C. The writer found that some of the bananas were ripe.
D. The father and the son were busy to harvest the banana trees.
5. From the text we know that …
A. the writer felt very bored last Sunday
B. the writer’s garden is full of kinds of flowers.
C. mother was not at home las Sunday morning.
D. the writer really enjoyed the gardening time with his family.
6. Why did the yard look nicer and cleaner?
A. It was full of beautiful flowers.
B. They had cut off all the banana trees.
C. The writer had watered the banana trees.
D. He collected old leaves and pulled off the wild grass.
Last week, my school had a study tour to Saung Angklung Mang Udjo in Bandung. We started our journey very
early in the morning. There were three buses to take our groups. We stopped in the rest area before we directly toward
When we arrived at Saung Angklung Mang Udjo, we were welcomed by hot Sundanese drinks known as
bandrek. It was very unique. After that we went around the gallery that sells Sundanese handicraft. We then walked to

each rhythm. At the end of the show. Soon after the audience knew the basic sound. 7. we were asked to join the performing children to dance together. the master of ceremony introduced herself and offered the audience a short course to play angklung. We really enjoyed the performance of bamboo musical instruments combined with the wonderful dances and nice master of ceremony. it was a huge rounded stage.the hall. We were all very cheerful and refreshed after the show. She then taught the audience to play the angklung. Everybody sat anxiously. The master ceremony spoke in English too because there were foreigner among the visitors. . Then. we all played the popular songs together. The angklung shows soon began with a performance of a large group of dancers and angklung players.

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