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Astute – (Adjective) – having practical

Adjectives are
words that describe nouns.
Adjectives describe how something
feels, looks, tastes, or sounds.
Adjectives can also tell how much or
how many.

intelligence; ingenious; shrewd
Atypical – (Adjective) – not typical; not
conforming to type; unusual
Austere – (Adjective) – severe in manner
or appearance; uncompromising; strict
Banal – (Adjective) – lacking originality;
Benign – (Adjective) – having a kind
disposition; gracious
Bereft – (Adjective) – deprived and made
desolate; forlorn
Bleak – (Adjective) – bare and desolate;
cheerless; dreary
Bureaucratic – (Adjective) – rigidly
committed to procedure or routine;
arbitrary; routine
Calculate – (Adjective) – carefully
thought out or planned; considered;
Candid – (Adjective) – frank, open,
honest in speech
Cantankerous – (Adjective) –
disagreeable to deal with; contentious;
Capricious – (Adjective) – subject to or
led by whim; erratic; whimsical
Cathartic – (Adjective) – emotionally
purging; cleansing; therapeutic
Caustic – (Adjective) – severely critical
or sarcastic; harsh
Cavalier – (Adjective) – showing
arrogant disregard; dismissive
Cerebral – (Adjective) – pertaining to
the brain or intellect; intellectual
Clandestine – (Adjective) – done with
secrecy or concealment; secret
Coherent – (Adjective) – logically
connected or consistent; clear
Cohesive – (Adjective) – united,
integrated, or unified; integrated
Compatible – (Adjective) – capable of
living in harmony; harmonious; fitting; wellmatched

Abstract - (Adjective) – apart from

actual, specific, concrete ideas or events;
general; unspecific
Abstruse – (Adjective) – hard to
understand; complex; esoteric
Accessible – (Adjective) – easy to
approach or enter; attainable, reachable
Adept – (Adjective) – skilled; able;
Adroit – (Adjective) – expert, skilled, or
nimble; facile, adept
Aesthetic – (Adjective) – related to
beauty; artistic; visual
Affable – (Adjective) – easy to approach
or talk to; agreeable; good-natured
Ambiguous – (Adjective) – open to
several meanings or interpretations;
indefinite; unclear
Ambivalent – (Adjective) – uncertainty
or fluctuation, mixed feelings; unsure
Amiable – (Adjective) – showing
pleasant or good natured qualities; affable,
Animated – (Adjective) – full of life or
spirit; lively; vigorous
Antagonistic – (Adjective) – acting in
opposition to another; hostile; unfriendly
Apathetic – (Adjective) – having or
showing little emotion; uncaring
Apprehensive – (Adjective) – uneasy
or fearful; nervous
Ardent – (Adjective) – having intense or
passionate feeling; enthusiastic
Arrogant – (Adjective) – acting superior;
conceited; egotistic
Articulate – (Adjective) – using
language easily or clearly; eloquent

delaying Diligent – (Adjective) – attentive and persistent. crippling Decorous – (Adjective) – having proper dress. complex Copious – (Adjective) – large in quantity or number. brusque Cynical – (Adjective) – distrusting the motives of others. melancholy. defective. disabling. behavior. thorough. proper. toxic. inadequate Definitive – (Adjective) – complete. inconsolable. apologetic Conventional – (Adjective) – conforming to accepted standards. respectable Deferential – (Adjective) – showing deference or respect. plentiful Cosmopolitan – (Adjective) – at home in all the world. patronizing. careful Disconsolate – (Adjective) – hopelessly unhappy. disconnected Devoid – (Adjective) – not possessing. sad Disgruntled – (Adjective) – displeased and discontented. puzzling Culpable – (Adjective) – deserving blame. complete Concise – (Adjective) – expressing much in a few words.Compelling – (Adjective) – having a Dearth – (Adjective) – an inadequate powerful or irresistible effect. lacking Didactic – (Adjective) – inclined to teach or lecture too much. preachy. absolute. painstaking. urging Complacent – (Adjective) – pleased with oneself. intimidating supply. deportment. unemotional. considerate. dejected Detached – (Adjective) – separated or disinterested. self-satisfied Compliant – (Adjective) – complying or yielding in a submissive way. condemn. respectful Deficient – (Adjective) – lacking in some characteristic or trait. lack of supply. alarming. disdainful Conscientious – (Adjective) – careful. scarcity Debilitating – (Adjective) – to make weak or feeble. dallying. sophisticated. reserved Denounce – (Verb) – to condemn openly or publicly. worldly. dangerous Demeanor – (Noun) – conduct. blameworthy. modern Contentious – (Adjective) – tending to argument or conflict. skeptical Daunting – (Adjective) – discouraging through fear. satisfying all criteria. impelling. guilty Curt – (Adjective) – rudely brief or abrupt in speech or manner. end Demure – (Adjective) – shyness or modesty. brief Condescending – (Adjective) – looking down upon someone or something. painstaking. strip Despondent – (Adjective) – profound hopelessness. unconfident Dilatory – (Adjective) – tending to delay or procrastinate. instructive Diffident – (Adjective) – lacking selfconfidence. cultured Credible – (Adjective) – worthy of belief or confidence. academic. conclusive Dejected – (Adjective) – depressed in spirit. disheartened Deleterious – (Adjective) – harmful or injurious. censure. hesitant. obedient Comprehensive – (Adjective) – of large scope. accuse Denuded – (Adjective) – to make naked or bare. complicated. dissatisfied 2     . inclusive. gullible Cryptic – (Adjective) – mysterious or ambiguous in meaning. quarrelsome Contrite – (Adjective) – showing sincere remorse. or behavior. believable Credulous – (Adjective) – willing to believe or trust too readily. jaded. careful Contemporary – (Adjective) – of the present time period. speech. character Demise – (Noun) – death or decease. depressed. accepted Convoluted – (Adjective) – intricately involved.

important. standard Exempt – (Adjective) – to free from an obligation. realistic Enigmatic – (Adjective) – mysterious or perplexing. misleading error. unusual Eclectic – (Adjective) – coming from several sources. obvious Extraneous – (Adjective) – not pertinent or relevant. controlling Dormant – (Adjective) – inactive. ridiculous. set. household Dominant – (Adjective) – having authority or influence. superficial Formulaic – (Adjective) – made according to a formula. latent Dubious – (Adjective) – doubtful. extreme. prominent. efficient. rigorous Exclusive – (Adjective) – omitting from consideration. renowned Empirical – (Adjective) – provable from experiment or experience. unknowable. differing. wrong. puzzling Entrenched – (Adjective) – firmly established or set. relevant Fervent – (Adjective) – having or showing intensity of spirit. systematic. colorful Flippant – (Adjective) – frivolously disrespectful. exciting Exorbitant – (Adjective) – highly excessive. educated. ambiguous. exclusive Eminent – (Adjective) – high in station or rank. wasteful Facetious – (Adjective) – not meant seriously or literally. disruptive. varied Elitist – (Adjective) – belief that certain people or groups are superior. unyielding. indefinite Exacting – (Adjective) – rigid or severe in requirements. unreasonable Expedient – (Adjective) – suitable for the purpose. not including. clear. excused Exhilarating – (Adjective) – to enliven or exhilarate. excepted. uncertain Earnest – (Adjective) – serious in intention or effort. irrelevant. stimulate. indulgent. challenging. limited. extravagant. useful Explicit – (Adjective) – fully and clearly expressed or demonstrated. diverse. select Exemplary – (Adjective) – worthy or limitation. irreverent. inert. uncertain. distinguished. ambivalent. equivocal. indifferent. suitable. eager Flamboyant – (Adjective) – strikingly bold or brilliant. fixed 3     . knowledgeable. wide-ranging. sarcastic Felicitous – (Adjective) – apt or appropriate for the occasion.Dismissive – (Adjective) – indicating Erroneous – (Adjective) – containing an dismissal or rejection. confusing. flashy. excluded. deviating Divisive – (Adjective) – creating division or discord. intellectual Evasive – (Adjective) – intentionally vague or ambiguous. bizarre. opinionated Domestic – (Adjective) – of. unimportant. flawed Erudite – (Adjective) – learned or scholarly. highbrow. factual. diligent Ebullient – (Adjective) – overflowing with excitement. incorrect. mistaken. fixed Ephemeral – (Adjective) – lasting a short time. as if asleep. standard. convenient. brief. enthusiastic Eccentric – (Adjective) – deviating from customary behavior. showy. commendable. or pertaining to. enthusiastic. short-lived Equivocal – (Adjective) – doubtful. demanding. discordant. troublesome Dogmatic – (Adjective) – asserting opinions in an arrogant manner. unnecessary Extravagant – (Adjective) – spending more than is wise or necessary. unconcerned Dispassionate – (Adjective) – devoid of feeling or bias Divergent – (Adjective) – moving apart from a common point. comic. well-educated. glib. the home.

or an attack on beliefs. cruel. uncompromising. insignificant. keen. expected Ingenuous – (Adjective) – sincere. false Immaterial – (Adjective) – of no consequence. truthful. objective Impecunious – (Adjective) – having little or no money. naïve. tolerant Ineffable – (Adjective) – incapable of being expressed in words. inflexible. composed. Incongruous – (Adjective) – out of straightforward. essential. stubborn Intrepid – (Adjective) – resolutely fearless. penniless Imperturbable – (Adjective) – incapable of being upset or agitated. merciless Impudent – (Adjective) – having or showing offensive boldness. innocent Innovative – (Adjective) – ahead of the times. innocent Habitable – (Adjective) – capable of being lived in. misleading. blunt. kind. absurd. intrinsic. just. revolutionary Idiosyncratic – (Adjective) – belonging to one’s particular character. uninterested. resentful Indispensable – (Adjective) – absolutely necessary. uncontestable. sincere Inherent – (Adjective) – existing as an inseparable quality or element. original Interminable – (Adjective) – annoyingly long. necessary. impertinent. bold. endless Intransigent – (Adjective) – refusing to agree or compromise. sociable. indescribable Inevitable – (Adjective) – unable to be avoided.Frank – (Adjective) – direct in speech. pointless Gregarious – (Adjective) – enjoying the company of others. peculiar. radical. inhabitable Iconoclastic – (Adjective) – pertaining to image breaking. honest. giving. heroic 4     . impulsive Implacable – (Adjective) – not to be appeased or pacified. honorable Indifference – (Adjective) – having no interest or concern. trivial. inventive. ineffective. unbecoming. persuaded place. odd. like nothing ever seen. predictable. poor. insolent. spontaneous Incisive – (Adjective) – remarkably clear and direct. swayed by emotional reasoning. honest. calm. useless. trusting. inexpressible. perceptive. lenient. permissive. personal Illusory – (Adjective) – causing illusion. outgoing Gullible – (Adjective) – easily deceived or cheated. or inappropriate. irrelevant Indignant – (Adjective) – expressing strong displeasure at something offensive. sassy Impulsive – (Adjective) – done without thinking. open Futile – (Adjective) – incapable of producing results. contradictory. strange Inconsequential – (Adjective) – of little or no importance. fair. certain. insightful Inclined – (Adjective) – having a tendency. undeniable Indulgent – (Adjective) – to give in to a desire in an excess manner. courageous. motivated. likely. quirky. deceptive. cool Impetuous – (Adjective) – having sudden or rash action. honest. integral Innocuous – (Adjective) – harmless or inoffensive in effect. minor Incorruptible – (Adjective) – incapable of being morally corrupted. irrelevant Impartial – (Adjective) – not biased. prone. adamant. neutral. livable. relentless. never-ending. harmless. irreligious. essential. unimportant. sharp. spontaneous. crucial Indisputable – (Adjective) – not subject to argument or dispute.

mean Marginal – (Adjective) – on an edge or border. hasty. pretentious. benevolent Muted – (Adjective) – of low intensity or volume.Intricate – (Adjective) – complex. golddigging Meticulous – (Adjective) – showing extreme care about small details. trifling. or intense. pigheaded Officious – (Adjective) – eagerly offering unwanted help or advise. unclear Negligible – (Adjective) – not important. indifferent. casual. nomadic Jocular – (Adjective) –joking or facetious. obscure. lascivious. contemplative. ordinary Munificent – (Adjective) – great generosity in giving. wordy. ordinary Pensive – (Adjective) – dreamily thoughtful. lazy Legitimate – (Adjective) – according to law. chatty Malevolent – (Adjective) – showing ill will. funny. cloudy. Naïve – (Adjective) – lacking experience. insignificant Mercenary – (Adjective) – motivated purely by money. dark. softened. slow. demeaning Pedantic – (Adjective) – having a narrow focus on small details of a subject. not concealed. flamboyant. modest. neutral Obscure – (Adjective) – unclear. grim. automatic 5     . relaxed Objective – (Adjective) – no influenced by feelings. small Nonchalant – (Adjective) – coolly unconcerned. sullen. unbiased. mild. immature Nebulous – (Adjective) – hazy. flashy Overt – (Adjective) – open to view. malicious. bossy Onerous – (Adjective) – causing hardship. superficial. nasty. common. brooding Perfunctory – (Adjective) – performed merely as a routine. onesided. insignificant. uninspiring Languid – (Adjective) – lacking energy or vitality. real Licentious – (Adjective) – unrestrained by law or morality. evil. immoral. stubborn. lawful. greedy. reasonable Morbid – (Adjective) – unwholesomely gloomy. outdated. dreary. bookish. complicated Irate – (Adjective) – extremely angry. meditative. roaming. morose. harmful. fastidious Moderate – (Adjective) – not extreme. intrusive. burdensome. biased. academic Pedestrian – (Adjective) – lacking in imagination or distinction. impartial. vague. genuine. obvious. quiet innocent. commonplace. excessive. hard to perceive or understand. moody Mundane – (Adjective) – uninteresting. unthinking. dull. borderline. humorous. dull. thinking. talkative. boring. relaxed. incomprehensible Obsolete – (Adjective) – no longer in use. apparent. tiny. timeconsuming Ostentatious – (Adjective) – intended to attract notice. spiteful. old-fashioned Obstinate – (Adjective) – adhering to one’s opinion or course. shameless Loquacious – (Adjective) – tending to talk too freely or too much. belittling. difficult. or indistinct. explicit Partisan – (Adjective) – influenced or controlled by a certain group. enraged Ironic – (Adjective) – opposite of what is intended or expected. commonplace. sarcastic Itinerant – (Adjective) – traveling from place to place. incongruous. generous. witty Lackluster – (Adjective) – lacking brilliance or radiance. unenergetic. detailed. elaborate. valid. avaricious. satiric. oppressive. authentic. opinionated Patronizing – (Adjective) – an offensively condescending manner.

scented. malicious. virtuous. nauseating. of little value. gifted Prophetic – (Adjective) – having the abilities of a prophet. probable. appropriate Renowned – (Adjective) – celebrated. philosophical Prolific – (Adjective) – producing abundantly. disgusting. unsullied. distinguished. famous. common. petty. believable. paltry. evil Picayune – (Adjective) – trivial. county. strong Resolute – (Adjective) – firmly determined. revenge. regional. quarrelsome Pompous – (Adjective) – characterized by a display of importance. rational Precarious – (Adjective) – dependent upon the will of another. dull. rebounding. moldable Polemical – (Adjective) – involving dispute or controversy. logical. accepting Resilient – (Adjective) – springing back. religious. impractical. hermit-like. vengeance 6     . applicable. pertinent. pretentious Populist – (Adjective) – supportive of the rights and power of the people. cautious. to predict what will happen. sensible. realistic. district Prudent – (Adjective) – wise or judicious in practical affairs. gross Reserved – (Adjective) – formal or selfrestrained. retribution. likely. antisocial. cross. or degree. flexible. critical Quixotic – (Adjective) – dreamily impulsive and unpredictable. shrewd. dominate. unimportant Pious – (Adjective) – having a spirit of reverence for God. controversial.Pernicious – (Adjective) – causing harm Prosaic – (Adjective) – commonplace or or ruin. competent Querulous – (Adjective) – full of complaints. isolated Redolent – (Adjective) – having a pleasant odor. sensible. disagreeable. foul. easygoing Plausible – (Adjective) – appearing truthful or reasonable. devout. prescient. acclaimed. unsure. deep. unstable. straightforward Provident – (Adjective) – providing carefully for the future. local. democratic Pragmatic – (Adjective) – practical. stubborn Retaliation – (Noun) – return of like for like. resolved. enormous. wicked. extreme. reconciled. unruffled. talented. unimaginative. predominate. prepared. buoyant. spiritual Placid – (Adjective) – pleasantly calm or peaceful. arrogant. notorious. unrealistic Reclusive – (Adjective) – living apart from society. giant Profound – (Adjective) – going beyond what is external or obvious. amount. capable. careful Qualified – (Adjective) – having the abilities that fit a person for a task or job. accepted. recovering readily. unspoiled Prodigious – (Adjective) – extraordinary in size. conservative Resigned – (Adjective) – submissive or acquiescent. uncorrupted. virgin. popular Repulsive – (Adjective) – causing repugnance or aversion. huge. productive. risky Prevalent – (Adjective) – widespread. customary Pristine – (Adjective) – pure. hopeful. aromatic Redundant – (Adjective) – unnecessarily repetitive Relevant – (Adjective) – relating to the matter at hand. fragrant. well-prepared Provincial – (Adjective) – belonging to a particular area. fanciful. harmful. fertile Promising – (Adjective) – likely to develop positively. creative. convinced. credible Plaint – (Adjective) – bending readily. certified.

cutting. allowing no deviation from the standard. majestic. resounding. predictable Rudimentary – (Adjective) – relating to basic facts or principles. zealous. echoing. restrained. reliable. shrill Stringent – (Adjective) – extremely strict or severe. favorable Sanctimonious – (Adjective) – making a false show or religious devotion. superior anxious. disbelieving Slovenly – (Adjective) – untidy or unclean. comfortable Tenable – (Adjective) – Capable of being maintained against attack or dispute. diligent. caustic. careless. hypocritical. boring Temperate – (Adjective) – moderate. surly. discreet Reverent – (Adjective) – having or showing respect. messy Smug – (Adjective) – contentedly confident in oneself. excessive. hostile Superfluous – (Adjective) – more than in sufficient or required. undisturbed. loud Speculative – (Adjective) – characterized by conjecture or abstract reasoning. wise Salutary – (Adjective) – promoting health or some beneficial purpose. enthralling. caring Somber – (Adjective) – gloomily dark. healthy. fundamental Sagacious – (Adjective) – having keen practical sense. drab Sonorous – (Adjective) – deep. unconvinced. complacent. booming. attentive. interrupted. quiet. mild. elementary. stern. understated. exciting Serene – (Adjective) – calm or peaceful. arresting. shrewd. tranquil Servile – (Adjective) – slavishly submissive. hypothetical Spellbinding – (Adjective) – holding interest as if by a spell. austere. doubtful. smug Scathing – (Adjective) – bitterly severe. or true. subservient Skeptical – (Adjective) – having or showing doubt. groveling. fawning. authentic. morose. worried. simple. splendid Subtle – (Adjective) – delicate in meaning or intent. sarcastic Scrupulous – (Adjective) – having strong principles. false. unnecessary Tacit – (Adjective) – understood without being spoken. hardworking Sensationalistic – (Adjective) – meant to produce startling or thrilling impressions. bashful. fake Stark – (Adjective) – harsh. motionless Strident – (Adjective) – having a harsh. dreary. brooding. scornful. not extreme. dreary. dismal. immobile. severe. dwarfed Sublime – (Adjective) – supreme or lofty.Reticent – (Adjective) – reserved or Solicitous – (Adjective) – concerned or reluctant. harsh Stunted – (Adjective) – slowed or stopped in growth or development. trustworthy Sedulous – (Adjective) – persistently or carefully maintained. severe Static – (Adjective) – having a fixed or stationary position. hypnotic Spurious – (Adjective) – not genuine. selfrighteous. grim. enchanting. defensible 7     . considerate. perceptive. honorable. implied Tedious – (Adjective) – long and tiresome. demanding. resonant. respectful. humble Rigorous – (Adjective) – severe or harsh. grating sound. sloppy. difficult Routine – (Adjective) – customary or commonplace. or desolate. regular. honest. dull. pleasant. indirect Sullen – (Adjective) – silently ill-humored. rigid.

incomparable Unprecedented – (Adjective) – never before known or experienced. hidden Venerable – (Adjective) – demanding respect due to dignity or age. talkative. short and sweet. persistent Tentative – (Adjective) – not definite or positive. wordy. clamorous. defenseless. original Veiled – (Adjective) – covered or concealed as if by a veil. multipurpose. exposed. caustic. vocal Volatile – (Adjective) – threatening to break out into violence. suspicious Whimsical – (Adjective) – marked by a sudden or changing desire. distrustful. disguised. exceptional. handy Vitriolic – (Adjective) – harsh in tone. insignificant. longwinded Versatile – (Adjective) – capable of adapting easily. hurtful. greedy. ravenous. weak Wary – (Adjective) – on guard against danger. timid. gluttonous Vulnerable – (Adjective) – capable of being wounded or hurt. cautious. longing. unyielding. fanciful. undeniable. docile. deadly. cutting. imaginative Wistful – (Adjective) – characterized by melancholy. temporary Trivial – (Adjective) – of little importance or value. modest. regretful                   8     . curt. discreet Unparalleled – (Adjective) – unequaled or unmatched. irresolute. Vociferous – (Adjective) – crying out stubborn. respected Verbose – (Adjective) – having or using too many words. yearning. unimportant Unassailable – (Adjective) – protected from attack or assault. admirable. poisonous. playful. subtle. hesitant Terse – (Adjective) – abruptly concise. peerless. matchless. spiteful noisily. healing. enthusiastic. transitory. to the point Therapeutic – (Adjective) – having to do with the curing of disease or injury. unstable Voracious – (Adjective) – craving or consuming large quantities. watchful.Tenacious – (Adjective) – holding fast. lethal Tractable – (Adjective) – easily managed or controlled. determined. brusque. erratic. unquestionable Understated – (Adjective) – restrained in design or presentation. explosive. controllable Transient – (Adjective) – not lasting or permanent. harmful. beneficial Toxic – (Adjective) – having the effect of a poison. adaptable. yielding.