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MAY 2015

Recover Data from
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Internet of
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The Road Ahead

Key industries that are
bullish on IoT and why,
ISVs that live on IoT,
5 innovative IoT
startups, latest trends
on IoT adoption by
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screen ensed copy of
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Hot Trends:
The Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality
How Online-only Mobile Brands are
Redefining Retail
5 Big Data Costs You Can’t Afford to Ignore
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co.Contents 36 COVER STORY Internet of Things: The Road Ahead Moving beyond the initial euphoria.04 pcquest@cybermedia. iot has steadily progressed to impact our lives in several meaningful ways. Going forward we expect both businesses and individuals to make steady returns on their investments 38 5 Key industries that are Bullish on iot 42 How ‘iotfy’ Plans to Build an ecosystem for internet of things Device Makers 44 innovative iot start-Ups 46 2015: the year of Cloud & iot 48 internet of things Gains Momemtum Among Businesses 50 How iot is Going to impact our Lives 52 How indian Government can secure the smart Cities of the Future TECh anD TREnDS 12 Formulating the Right Enterprise Mobility Strategy 16 Mobility Empowered Services Driving Businesses 18 The Pros and Cons of net neutrality 20 net neutrality: Empowering Entrepreneurs in a Diversified World 22 Shield your network from hackers 24 5 Big Data Costs you Simply Can’t afford to Ignore 4 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 SPECIaL FEaTURE 26 Interesting Trends for Online Shopping Exciting times ahead for shoppers! DEVELOPER 54 Who owns your android application? 28 Giants like amazon and alibaba are fueling the Growth of e-Commerce sector in India 31 how Online-only Mobile Brands are Redefining Retail SMB CORnER 34 Internet Penetration in India is at a Tipping Point hanDS On 56 5 Best Camera apps for android Devices 57 Recovering Data from an Encrypted hard Disk on Ubuntu .com twitter.

79 GB DVD hIGhLIGhTS 20 Essentials tools for new PCs 5 MULtiMeDiA PLAYers: • VLC Media Player • K-Lite • iTunes • Free Video Converter • Freemake YouTube Downloader 4 oFFiCe tooLs: • Adobe Reader • Apache OpenOffice • LibreOffice • Office Compatibility Pack 7 sYsteM tUninG tooLs: • CCleaner • Comodo Internet Security. facebook.000 Worth `4 LInUx CORnER: VIDEO TUTORIaL: Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners LInUx DISTRO: IPFire twitter. Helicopter Wars Contest: e r Win softW4a.MAY 2015 ExTRaEDGE Fedora 22: 87 PCQuest Best IT Implementation awards of the Year 2014 • Workstation Beta • Cloud Beta • server Beta 3. 6.17 Linux appliance ShOOTOUT 62 Best Budget Smartphones 66 Buying Guide 68 12 Portable Speakers REVIEWS 77 CapSa network Monitor 81 JBL GO | LG nP 1540W | Gizmobaba Magic Box SUBSCRIBE nOW! 82 Canon Maxify MB5370 | Epson L1300 | WD Red naS hard Drive 83 Groovez BThS800 | antec aMP pulse | WD My Passport Wireless 1 TB hard Drive GaDGETS CORnER 78 Moto Turbo 79 honor 4x | Oppo mirror 3 | hTC Desire 820S 80 xiaomi Mi Pad | Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro | Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro linkd. 2. • AdwCleaner • Panda Free 4 iMAGe eDitinG soFtWAres: • FastStone Image • Blender • IrfanView • The Gimp 89 C-Change awards 2015 6 FREE FULL GaMES superCow. Monster’s Wheels. • Hotspot Shield • Avast Free Antivirus • AVG Free Edition. Turn to page 74 MAY 2015 PCQuest 5 . Combat Machines 3. Korea swat Mission. robo racing.

so both color accuracy and speed are equally important. Open headphones on the other hand allow outside sound to be heard by the headphone wearer.000. Please suggest some good options. Honor 4X and have also tried This means that they tend to keep the sound between the headphones and the listener and thus are better suited for private listening. Mi4i has the best camera under Rs PCQuest Forums: forums. We would recommend Xiaomi Mi4i. its screen is very sharp and camera is really good. — Vivek R Your budget is quite substantial to get a good deal. HP Pavilion 15-P 206 TX and Asus TP300LD-C4048H. CyberMedia Labs tHe Best HD iPs Monitor I need to know the best HD IPS monitor. — Rohit linkd. but software performance is good. You can easily perform multitasking as well as gaming on these machines. I have a budget of about facebook. display and decent battery life. CyberMedia Labs I want to buy a laptop and my budget is upto Rs pcquest@cybermedia. Also.000 with a good camera. CyberMedia Labs tHe Best BUDGet sMArtPHone UnDer 12K KnoWinG YoUr HeADPHones Better What is the difference between open and a sealed headphone? — Rohit Kumar Simply twitter. If photography is your biggest need. both of them fade away. that works at 120Hz/min and should be compatible enough with an NVIDIA 680 graphics card. Should I go for Moto G 2nd generation or the recently launched Mi4i? And how is the response of Honor 4X? — Devinder Singh We have tested Moto G second generation. and has the features you need to make the most of your games. — Ramesh N Gaming is one area where having high performance equipment matters and when it comes to PC gaming it may not be enough to buy the first generic monitor you find. These laptops have 1 TB storage. 6 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 I am quite confused between the budget smartphones available in the market. I want to play HD games on it and also use it for PhotoShop Website: www.MESSAgEBOARD reADer MAiL & troUBLesHootinG ADViCe APRIL 2015 available in the market are: Dell 3543 Inspiron. — Anuj Sharma. Gurgaon Haryana-122001 Email: pcquest@cybermedia. Honor 4X has a vibrant screen and its camera is better than Moto G but when compared to Mi4i. decent CPU and a graphics card. keeps you competitive.000.twitter. some options that are available include the ASUS VG248QE (24 inches) and AOC i2757fh (27 inches).pcquest. You need a display that looks sharp. Sector Follow Us on Twitter Like us on Facebook http://facebook. Both monitors DVD Queries: pcquest. The downside to open headphones is that they leak sound. This makes them poor solutions for traveling. — Rohit Arora. 2 GB graphic cards and 5th generation Intel processors. In the given price range. you can get a machine with good I am looking to buy a smartphone for around Rs 12.pcquest. The decent options Write to the Editor Print: Editor PCQuest B-35. then don’t go for Moto G as its camera performance is Letters may be edited for brevity and clarity. sealed headphones are noise isolating headphones and will immune you to the outside environment. For this .


in/pcquest pcquest@cybermedia. CyberMedia Labs sensitiVitY oF PortABLe sPeAKers What effect does sensitivity play when buying a portable speaker? — Ronny S It is used to determine the amount of power required to drive a speaker. All three are priced under 20K and offer somewhat similar performance. However. It should pick up most browser hijackers and successfully remove them. Make sure your computer and the other computer from where you have downloaded them. voice calling and good overall construction. iBall Slide WQ 149 is a better option. — Anuj twitter. — Ashok Pandey. pcquest. I am not able to find the option by which I can make the capacitive buttons light up. Now the problem is that when I don’t touch my computer for about 10+ minutes. but it rarely sends me to the same page twice. — Deepak Rathi Redmi 2 works on MIUI 6. Obviously I don’t touch anything on the page so I PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 reMoVinG ADWAre How can we remove adware from my computer? — Kamineni L Removing the adware requires a second computer to download the necessary tools for removing them. The inconvenience caused is . If yours is highly infected. However. but it’s incredibly annoying. — O P Trehan Choose a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. No point buying a big bulky DSLR if you don’t need to photograph fast paced action. I’ve downloaded a page-blocking app so that I can block the pages it sends me to.0. and unlike Mi4. — Ashok Pandey.7” or better). more the sensitivity the better the There are two products recently launched: one is Asus Ebook and the other is Micromax Canvas Laptab. small enough for travel. you should directly download it on your PC. Every browser supports extensions. — Ramieri K There is a simple solution. NotionInk Cain. and external mic input. I have Norton 360 virus protection and it says there aren’t any viruses on my computer. your browser also has some extensions which are affecting your PC. Moreover. And if you want to move a collection of pictures. — Ashok Pandey. I am not able to move a collection of photos to a different folder in gallery. Simply follow the steps required and should be fine. CyberMedia Labs Corrigendum PreVentinG A PC FroM oPeninG rAnDoM WeBsites 8 don’t get any viruses. with large ASP-c or micro 4/3rd sensor. — Anuj Sharma. CyberMedia Labs I have Google Chrome set as my default browser. Delete the ones you are not sure about. Please suggest. Please suggest.MESSAgEBOARD reADer MAiL & troUBLesHootinG ADViCe have a full HD resolution and support wide screen. Swipe Ultimate Tab and iBall Slide WQ 149. It should be KPIT Technologies Ltd. Xiaomi has not provided the option to light up the capacitive buttons on Redmi 2. Both are priced at Rs 15K. then download Malwarebytes and run it. CyberMedia Labs tHe Best CAMerA For A trAVeLer What camera do you recommend that takes both great pictures and videos? The camera must have the following features: an input for an external mic (lavalier mic). it will open Chrome and send me to a page with a virus on it. have autorun disabled. We hope a software update from the company will address these issues. or one of those oversized mirrorless systems that look like a DSLR. CyberMedia Labs The article ‘Oracle R12 Re-implementation’ on page 58 in PCQ April 2015 issue mentions implementation partner as KPIT Technologies Pvt Ltd. Just go to the “Control Panel” and then “Programs”. CyberMedia Labs tHe Best BUDGet netBooK Please suggest some budget netbooks or convertible laptops around Rs 15. You can also check these two. Quite simply. and a relatively large sensor (1/ 1. However nearly all budget portable speakers are centered around 80dB and produced good sound signature. — Rohit Arora. with extra features such as bigger linkd. allowing you to make more out of games. CyberMedia Labs WorKinG WitH A neW sMArPtHone I have recently purchased Redmi 2 from facebook.000? — Shivang Aggarwal We have tested three 2-in-1s in our labs. you need to do that from file storage as this option is not available in Gallery. — Rohit Arora. 1080p video resolution.


com twitter.sales: Sandeep Roy Chowdhury DELhI address: Cyber pcquest. 46/31/1 Gariahat Road. MUMBAi: Raju Salve. ITC MIDC Mahape. Mumbai. Website: www. BenGALUrU: Raghvendra S. Gurgaon. Sudhir Kumar Arora Asst. Gurgaon (nCr Delhi) . Near Kamani Tower Navi Mumbai. Press Co-orDinAtor: Harak Singh Ramola Media Representative: Ms. ALLiAnCes & eVent oPs Asst. Rohit Arora Asstt MAnAGer (MULtiMeDiA): Raj Kumar Maurya exeCUtiVe seo: Navneet Kumar Srivastava ChEnnaI sALes sr. Anuj Sharma. 599 Mount Road. Manager . CA 94965. Mis & DAtABAse: Ravikant Kumar sr. India.sales: Rachna Garg address: 5B. 6th Floor. Vandana Chauhan Manager . Avani Media CirCULAtion & sUBsCriPtion CHennAi: C Ramachandran.sales: Pradeep Kumar CHennAi: Asst. published from Printed and published by Pradeep Gupta on behalf of CyberMedia (India) Ltd. Vice President .com/pcquest facebook. RBANMS Ground) # 73. Andheri Kurla Road. Andheri Saurabh CHS. Vice President . No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without prior pcquest@cybermedia. CorresPonDent: Rashi Varshney ConsULtinG eDitors: Vinod Unny. Fax: 2380694 MArKetinG Asst. Sameer Mathur. Sec 32. www. Manager . Manager . USA Tel: +1-415-3312150. sec-32.. CoPY eDitor: Preeti Gaur sr. Leslie Hallanan. Suite 25. MAnAGer. Tel: 044-28221712 nCr: GM .co. A-50/ call us +91-124-482-2222.UNDERSTAND • CHOOSE • IMPLEMENT IT CORPORaTE OFFICE eDitoriAL eDitor: Anil Chopra oPerAtions eDitor: Adeesh Sharma http://linkd. Sausalito. B-35. KoLKAttA: sr. Bangaluru . NCR PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 http://facebook. Gemini Parsn Apts. Shekhar Govindarajan. St John’s Road. 42085100 BenGALUrU: Asst. Panchsheel Enclave. DeLHi: Jagdeep Khanna 10 http://twitter. Manager Admin: Shiv Kumar SInGaPORE address: 1.sales: Kanchan Vipul Sonawala MUMBaI address: 103. Andheri (East) Mumbai 400093 Tel: 022-28243964. Above Andhra Bank. Tel: Vice President: Satish Gupta executive: Siddharth Malhotra Asst. Ballygunj A.sales: Ajay Dhoundiyal. Market.sales: Ravindranath pcquest@cybermedia. 3rd Floor.sales: Mohammad Shoeb Khan KOLKaTa address: 307. Manager .com/pcquest http://gplus. 80 Liberty Ship india email us pcquest@cybermedia. All rights reserved. New Delhi-110017.sales: Aparna Tawade executive . # 24-09 High Street Center Tel: +65-63369142 internAtionAL sALes. fax us +91-124-238-0694 OUR OFFICES BEnGaLURU address: 205-207. Pvt. AUDienCe serViCe: Sarita Shridhar linkd. Amaresh Patnaik DesiGn MAnAGer: Vijay Chand & Amit Sethia Cyber House. printed at Repro India Limited. North Bridge Road. B-35. Fax: +91 (80) 2350 7971 CYBerMeDiA LABs teCH AnALYsts: Ashok Manager: Mihir Pandya USa sHAreD serViCes GM. Fax: +1-415-3312151 Email: info@avanimedia. Tel: 033-65250117 MUMBAi: Asst. Print serViCes: T Srirengan sr. Manager .sales : Harminder Singh. Distribut ed in India by IBH Books & Magazines For subscription queries contact: rsepcq@cybermedia. Nair Asst.avanimedia.sales: Arun D. Sree Complex (Opp.560 042 Tel: +91 (80) 4341 2000.

scan this to write to the editor To download a barcode app. Though their prices are dropping. especially because you have to take into account the communication channel they’ll use to send out the data. you can determine how much it would cost to deploy an IoT solution. So deploying IoT is not about using devices with sensors to capture all sorts of information. can be very costly. Next comes the integration of sensor data with your business facebook. That’s how everyone generalizes it. With this in place. @anilchop on twitter The RoI from IoT C onsidering all the noise surrounding IoT. talks about the road ahead for IoT. it’s impossible to quantify the RoI from IoT. MAY 2015 PCQuest 11 . If you haven’t started thinking about leveraging IoT. the industry verticals that are taking a lead in the game. Where’s the RoI in implementing IoT based solutions? Unless you have a clear business and you can read stories like the one about the spamming fridge if you are not convinced about the need for sensor security. Our cover story this time. but it’s much more complex than that. After reading all SMS <f2k> to 56677 from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera. they can still cost a bomb. then think again because somebody will do it before you. What sort of integration effort is required to do this? What SDKs are available for doing the whether they can be integrated with your existing equipment. This is just the tip of the ice berg when it comes to deploying IoT. and gain a competitive edge. and much more. what parameters do you need to analyze? Which analytics solution will linkd. you get a clear idea of how much cost you can expect to save or revenue to earn. then the time to do that is now. do you have the necessary in-house skills for the job? If not. and then analyze it to take important decisions. if you feel that IoT can wait. twitter. Do you want to use IoT to monitor industrial assets that are spread across a wide geography so that you save the cost of sending service technicians on the field? Or does your CMO want to monitor data feeds from mobiles and IoT devices to gain market insights? Or do you want to monitor the performance of your fleet of vehicles to plan better routes. The basic element of IoT--sensors. how much would it cost to outsource? If you’re using sensors over a wide geography. one wonders whether it’s all just hype or can organizations actually reap benefits from it. Editor anilc@cybermedia. do preventive pcquest@cybermedia. then which communication channel would they use to send out data? Will it be over WiFi or a telecom network? Where will this data be gathered? Do you need to setup a cloud based server to first collect this data? Once you’ve gathered this data. then you’ll have to invest in resources who understand how to deal with big data.? When you define a clear business be a good fit here? Do you need a NoSQL kind of database to gather all sensor data and give you an output.leadingedge it’s much more complex than putting sensors to gather data and take decisions Anil Chopra. and whether it would make business sense or not. or can the data be directly fed into your existing business application? If it’s NoSQL. Security is also a key criteria while choosing sensors. or do you have to purchase new equipment. Formulating the Right Enterprise Mobility Strategy To build. The latest update being that key ecommerce vendors are even contemplating pulling down their websites in favor of mobile apps. In this age of mobility. The security was enforced using encryption software with very strong password protection linkd. So. it was a highly standardized computing model which made support processes simpler and testing and deployment of applications to these devices twitter. policies were simple to manage on enterprise-owned assets such as a workstation or a PDA with simple guidelines on how to handle consumer data. and a big one at .co. 5-inch. When they first set upon formulating the information security and privacy policies for today’s organizations they visualised a tightly controlled and monitored computing model where all employees relied on organisations 12 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 to provide the basic computing capabilities and network pcquest@cybermedia. and manage mobile applications. twofactor mechanisms to control how employees accessed the company’s applications and data. you first need to look at enterprisewide policies around security. affordable and reasonably decent smartphones have given the necessary thrust to ecommerce and other businesses to push either their products or information associated with them onto the users’ smartphones through conveniently designed mobile apps. in many cases. Those days. facebook. But there’s a catch. now is the time to get your enterprise mobility strategy right even if you haven’t given it a thought. and user computing before finalising the collaboration infrastructure and the end-to-end architecture – Adeesh Sharma I t’s the age of mobile devices and business apps. each of these policies has become more complex to enforce and manage. The safeguards that worked well in the standardized environment are now inadequate to address the risk posed by pcquest. In a nutshell.

3. Here again check if the device has been provided by the organisation or if it is his personal Just because an employee’s mobile is GPS enabled does not mean that his location is under constant surveillance. In case it is a personal device then publicise the list of dos and donts to all employees and ensure there is no discrepancy in their interpretation and there’s no fine print to be misused. the quality of software being deployed itself could be questionable and secondly. is free from bugs and malware and should not cause any drop in efficiency of the device. 2. do you have the ability to enforce them on personal devices as well? If this is the case. then how does the enterprise monitor and mitigate the risk of the employee losing the device? Getting into the pcquest. This would not only ensure consistency of output across all employees but also help in easier management across different platforms. it becomes imperative on organisations to address these policies first before setting the roadmap for enabling enterprise mobility. anywhere. MAY 2015 PCQuest 13 . While you deal with multiple devices and platforms. etc. 4. do let it be known to all in advance. 7. Don’t give employees a free hand over network resources. network access. So make it clear to the employee as to what behavior is acceptable in office. 8. Ensure your MDM tool is compatible with common mobile platforms and updates itself with the update of a mobile platform. You should be able to add or remove devices from your network like you shuffle your pack of cards. This would not only ensure better compliance with your enterprise mobile apps but also save you from the scare of a security lapse. the use of personally owned mobile devices and anytime. Is the device company owned or personal? How is the data going to be secured under both scenarios? How do respond to privacy concerns? There is of course going to be a lot of employee data on a personally owned or even a company owned device. 9. 10. Likewise if he is on Facebook or watching videos during office twitter. Now when you enforce certain security policies such as passwords or encryption. Most of the MDM strategy gets discussed at the top level but ultimately has to be implemented by the local IT manager. Prevent access to jailbroken and rooted devices as these can compromise information security and company data in no ordinary way. It should be able to function through handsets being serviced by different service providers and also over WiFi. what apps they are accessing. Remember you still have to protect your network from malware and data leakage. Don’t track unnecessary employee activity. keeping a check on what employees download through the enterprise network and whether they are exploiting it for personal gains is of paramount importance. Ensure there’s no case of ugly scuffles in your office with an overzealous IT manager trying to impose a dozen management/security solutions on the mobile device of an unsuspecting employee. For one. Dont be over-intrusive or impose impractical controls. You would have got the hint from my previous point but do ensure whatever solution is decided upon to be deployed. Strive for consistency in productivity linkd. So. An IT manager can never relax even if the management of IT resources has shifted from the workstation to apps on mobile devices. While bringing personal devices is an evolution of the IT era and can’t be stopped. 6. Keep an eye on the devices at facebook. This is the trickiest part as there is a very thin line that separates security and management from prying into someone else’s personal life. In case the software are resource hungry. This would ensure optimum network efficiency and security. the solution itself might harm the working of the device. what impact it has on your pcquest@cybermedia. Keep a look out for the various devices that are connecting to your network. Be very clear about the software that’s going to be installed on the employee’s device and what’s really necessary for the organisation. you can deal with him with more sober ways than recording his chain of chat messages and clippings of videos he’s watched during that period. focus on the output/ productivity from an employee even if it means investing some money on getting an app that works seamlessly across all platforms.MDM implementation Check-List for Cios Here’s a list of key pitfalls you should stay clear off while deploying an MDM plan for your organization: 1. Look inside: Why do you need a policy in the first place Begin by asking yourself the basic questions.

and other relevant information in his area. These include taking advantage of the vivid hardware and display capabilities such as ‘pinch’ to zoomin and zoom-out of an image to provide context-aware experiences. There could be users who would access companyowned applications and data from home or a public access point using a personal or company-owned mobile device. There could be users who would access companyowned applications and data from within the walls of the enterprise (intranet) with a personally owned mobile device. These architectures have been defined on perimeterbased defence structures that are solid on the outside but vulnerable to impregnation inside. How does the enterprise manage and control access to internal and external application stores? While defining the likely avenues for collaboration amongst employees you should focus on workplace capabilities such as email. a person in a foreign land can point his smartphone to the street where he is standing and get the banking app on his phone to map the nearest ATMs and bank branches and visually highlight them on the screen image of the . and social networking. This next-generation user interaction model moves from the keyboard and mouse interface that has been a standard for the past two decades to one that processes inputs from multiple devices such as multitouch screens. Similarly. cameras. So. This way the mobile remains secure from malware and also has access to selected capabilities and resources from within the container on the nitty-gritties. The banking website comes to mind instantly. 3. the network architecture in most organizations. Such network architecture is not adequate to deal with employeeowned mobile devices that can potentially access an organization’s core network behind the corporate firewall. including firewall rules and network security. pricing. microphones. These are the three standard deployment models for enterprise mobile applications: 1. network and security architecture and collaboration infrastructure for the enterprise. It also presents some unique challenges around document retention. is designed to support web-based applications. instant messaging. 2. Selecting the deployment model for mobile applications is one of the most critical decisions of enabling enterprise mobility. While changing such a network architecture the following should be kept in mind: twitter. These new apps are built from a customer-in perspective unlike the previous company-centric model that drove the previous application design. it’s a shift from applications that were designed to sense and respond to individual events to one that has to handle more complex events that enable enhanced reality experiences. loaded with features and functions for different stakeholders.and employee-owned devices. Applications are embedded natively as part of the mobile device software. setting up the mobile infrastructure You need to establish a solid infrastructure that supports enterprise-class mobile applications. Applications are deployed into an encrypted container on the device. and gyroscopes. All these are influenced by enterprise security requirements. as enterprises need to maintain their ability to track use of corporate assets while respecting individuals’ privacy. The mobile apps need to innovate on and adopt the new models for visualizing data. Such an app has access to all device resources and is only constrained by the capabilities of the pcquest@cybermedia. pcquest. This includes the deployment model for mobile applications. GPS chips. establishing the defined mobility architecture One key implication of mobile apps has been the slow but certain termination of monolithic solutions built around a particular business process. It has no access to the computing resources on the device. you might also ask who pays for the device and access—for example. Applications are deployed to the device using a thin client. Such data can be further used to enhance Business Intelligence and Analytics solutions used by the enterprise. These applications leverage the capabilities of the server on which they run and render the user interface to the mobile device. will the employee buy it or will the company provide a stipend and how often? How will the company support the device when it fails or when the user has a device that the company does not have the skills to support? All this shall impact the operational expenses of organizations as well as they move to this new user computing model that provides more choice and contains a mix of company. 14 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 2. Such solutions are now being replaced by multiple smaller apps designed around the user. The deployment model for mobile applications within an enterprise entails key decisions around security and privacy policies. accelerometers. a user can simply point his smartphone camera on a product’s barcode and check its linkd. 3. For instance. revamping the network and security architecture Even today. microblogging. This represents a major shift from the event-driven application model that was inherent to the client/server and web-based applications. This is driven primarily by the rich user interfaces supported by today’s mobile devices that have redefined human-computer interaction.


Mobility of employees and processes has added many new features to Mobility Empowered Services Driving Businesses Mobility empowered services have helped organisations in managing customer expectations. The market of enterprise mobility is dispersed variably across regions of world. Business processes have become employee oriented so that they are comfortable to work with the new models and are ready to undertake necessary risks when the need Mobile sites and WAP applications have transformed the modes on which enterprises operate. Agility of service and processing is one of the greatest advantages of enterprise mobility. creating an environment that encourages the features of profitability and a holistic approach to transform operation processes. Some countries in Asia such as Japan and Singapore have matured in the field. The new technological trait has been providing ample opportunity to enterprises to bring out many unique factors for process improvement. To render more effect through mobility services. Mobility aids Bi Enterprises implement mobility features with comprehen16 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 sive insight to their linkd. mobility has made operations flexible. facets such as customer expectations. CEO & Founder. Business strategies customized according to localized needs of the market became easier to implement in this new trend of technology. It is now possible to develop comprehensive business strategies with several prospective taken into account. The prime area of impact being operating models. Swift action and lower time lags in operation has led organizations to identify and manage risks in an intuitive way. Emphases are now at innovative ideas and creativity to handle a process in a more effective way. Mobility empowered services provide competitive advantages to twitter. Industries such as Supply Chain Management and Logistics have been greatly favored by Mobility empowered services. services and in carrying out real time surveys to attain business objectives – Rajiv Kumar. StoreHippo. Since. the alteration is dramatic in some industries bringing in massive process optimization and better Return on pcquest@cybermedia. The new dynamism of business flexibility is unified with change in operational processes for better outcomes. Mobility services have created new avenues for even Government services and public amenities. where residents are allowed to submit images of any place or public utilities that need to be improved or worked on by the government using applications installed in their mobile devices. Others are still on the way to utilize them . analysis of delivery routes and so on has led to extensive improvement of services and accuracy in tracking. One that reduces the investment of resources pcquest. mobile devices now play the catalytic role in transforming enterprise operations. Apart from process T he impending mobile feature in enterprises has emerged on the mainstream across every industry vertical. A good example is Singapore. movement of goods. enterprises have modified their existing processes to explore better avenues for efficiency and productivity. services and real time surveys can be employed to attain business objectives. From being a mere addition in IT infrastructure in its initial stages. The benefits of mobility services can be classified into two facebook.

Mobility empowered services facilitates automation of process and enables instant operation on streamlined processes. Apart from saving cost. BYOD emerged to become one of the most advantageous applications of mobile twitter. This is also helpful in employee retention and save extra investment of time and resource. These aspects become essential game changers for any business with implementation of mobility-enabled facebook. it is comparable to having the whole shop in his pocket.and other that enhances productivity. Employees have better access to information and thereby can process a task without any pcquest@cybermedia. Internal processes such as quick access to reports and files. Mobility empowered services empowers extensive customer services and interaction. at a travel resort or at office. as the features and presentation of products could be made so intriguing that customers would hardy resist buying two items instead of one. it is easier to sell products through online mobile apps. Technology such as Business to Employee (B2E) mobility is massively impactful in reducing investment on employee management. This is an important factor to back up linkd. raising a ticket or updating a document have become swift and mobile. mobile features are such that they provide easier access both ways. For example. this increases the brand value and market reputation of a business. Implementation of mobility-empowered services relates business operations to efficient customer services. Mobility a precursor to efficient customer services An additional advantage of mobile devices is employee satisfaction. While a mobile app is being installed in a customer’s device. Thus an impetus has been infused in the productivity levels. customers to the business and business to customers. This is a huge benefit from business point of view. This increases sales and service volumes. A study revealed that 38% of CIOs have indexed improvement in productivity to be a reason for investment in mobile technology. pcquest. These amenities help service persons to handle queries and respond effectively. This is a significant addition to improve operational efficiency. As employees can now work from their own devices being anywhere: at home. MAY 2015 PCQuest 17 . Mobility enhances communication and knowledge transfer which in turn boost productivity bringing several facets of operational advantages and hence profitability. booking a travel arrangement.

From the time Internet has kicked off in the early 1980’s. Uninor and Tata Teleservices also have plans offering linkd. launched in that has Reliance Communications (RCom) as a partner in India. Apart from Airtel and RCom. and not just in if not for free.” Similarly Facebook has also been running an initiative called internet. Consulting Editor. The principle of Net Neutrality calls for equal treatment to be accorded to all internet 18 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 so what exactly is Airtel Zero and in what way will it affect. PCQuest M ost of the readers would now be aware of the raging debate on Net neutrality. but let’s anyway do a quick memory refresh. There is no discrimination on using data whether one is using YouTube or WhatsApp or Facebook. An ISP does not control the traffic that passes through its servers. Here are both sides of the coin – Sameer Mathur. seeks to work with technology leaders and telecom companies to offer free internet access to the underprivileged. These plans are quite pcquest. Additionally. This initiative. unrestricted access to any data on the Net is referred to as net neutrality. WhatsApp or Wikipedia at nominal charges. The principle of free. “Airtel Zero is a technology platform that connects application providers to their customers for free. Both Facebook and Airtel claim that their platforms do not violate the Net Neutrality principle and they are actually aimed at expanding Internet access in twitter. entity or company. The platform allows any content or application provider to enroll on it so that their customers can visit these sites for free. be it Bharti Airtel. Most ISPs follow this principle of unrestricted access because that is how it has always been. we charge the providers who choose to get on to the platform. When a user connects to a website or web service. there was no perceived discrimination on the usage of data. Airtel Zero as a platform is open to all application developers. the user is promised exactly the same experience. content providers and internet sites on an equal . if at all. Theoretically users can access any legal website or web service without any interference from an ISP. with Facebook paying RCom for the data so consumed on the latter’s network. without discrimination or priority for any person. since majority of the Telecom Service Operators (TSP) are also Internet Service Providers (ISP). users of Reliance Communications (RCom) have free access to Facebook and some other useful websites like OLX. The same rate card is offered to all these providers on a totally nondiscriminatory basis. Under internet. there has not been any fixed rule on this. The confusion started with Bharti Airtel launching a program called Airtel Zero. Instead of charging customers. Vodafone. The Pros and Cons of Net Neutrality The debate on whether to have net neutrality or not is raging globally. Idea etc have endorsed and supported the idea and have openly come out in favor of being Net Neutral. so what is the change now? Why all the noise and shrill condemnation of telcos in the last few weeks? All telcom companies. the average user of the mobile internet? Simply put and I quote a senior Airtel Executive. most other Indian TSPs including Idea Cellular.

is under fierce debate. quality sensitive services are likely to be crowded out by high volume but less quality sensitive applications in a strict ‘neutral’ system. the broadband service provider stands to gain from the arrangement. zero rating plans are permissible. We need to legally define the concept of neutrality. and (2) Will broadband service providers have greater incentive to expand their capacity without net neutrality? We find that if the principle of net neutrality is We find that the incentive to expand infrastructure capacity for the broadband service provider and its optimal capacity choice under net neutrality are higher than those under the no net neutrality regime except in some specific cases. “On this basis. According to the telecom twitter.the bedrock principle of net neutrality. For example. Lack of clear understanding is creating an unreasonable confusion in the minds of netizens. How can they be bundled with a regulatory mechanism that restricts their model of earning revenue? Hemant Joshi. We show that due to the congestion problem. while replying to a question on whether India was in a position to align with the global net-neutrality principles. Majority of the research being published on the concept of Net Neutrality versus Zero rating plans favor the latter and claim neutrality will actually act as a deterrent for the growth of internet. Appropriate business models that incorporate quality of service concepts could be very efficient in preventing the crowding out of high value quality sensitive services without affecting other applications and would be very convenient for Internet users at the same time. “Airtel Zero provides consumers with more choices (including one where their access is paid for by the app developer). and provides internet companies with marketing options that are much more efficient than the traditional channel they have used. reliability. The net neutrality debate is still being discussed and contested worldwide. Even in the US. as it should be in India. UK and parts of Europe do not practice strict net-neutrality.” says Joshi.similar to other Zero rating plans but has not quite caught the attention of the linkd. This crowding out reduces the availability of services and the development and diffusion of innovative and high value services. The amount of the highway toll varies by vehicle type. Chairman of the Telecom watchdog TRAI. adding it backs a free internet. Industry experts also bemoan the fact that the concept of Net Neutrality is being blatantly confused with the Zero rating plan.” Another leading research by the University of Florida and Notre Dame titled -The Debate on Net Neutrality: A Policy Perspective assert the following: The status quo of prohibiting broadband service providers from charging websites for preferential access to their customers . Most of the developed countries have a very clear definition and differentiation of both the terms. With investments of billions of dollars in buying spectrum and creating and maintaining the telecom infrastructure. Not least. As we discuss in this paper. on Net Neutrality. Another research by a US university concludes that Net Neutrality would cost US thousands of jobs and billions in cost. Throughout the world only very few countries strictly follow the concept of Net Neutrality.” said Mr. with freight trucks often charged higher rates than cars. business and economy class and provide priority check-in and specialized service according to the class. zero rating is just one of the options for customers and no customer is MAY 2015 PCQuest 19 . we analyze the problem of congestion and quality loss of data transmission through the Internet from an economic perspective. We show that any ex-ante regulation in the sense of strict Net neutrality could seriously harm the development of innovative business models and discourage innovation and investment. weight or number of axles. as a result of extracting the preferential access fees from content providers. Many observers and industry professionals feel that the concept of Neutrality generally lacks economic viability. the differentiation of data packets according to their quality sensitivity could remedy the congestion problem. “In this paper. secure. What’s happening globally on net neutrality? “There are different practices in different jurisdictions. The hospitality industry charges differently for the size and quality of rooms. To quote the Jena Economic Research Paper.” the Telco said in a statement. pcquest. Most of the Telcos are deeply in debt to financial institutions. Khullar. partner at consultancy firm Deloitte Haskins & Sells says differential pricing is not just in telecom alone. airlines charge differently for the space usage for first class. the congestion problem causes welfare loss. TSPs are very much within their rights to look at reasonable return on their investments. Airtel strongly refutes that its product violates net neutrality principles. telcos have a rationale to charge different applications according to the data traffic generated and the type of connectivity parameters (high availability. compromised or discriminated against. It has also been conclusively proven by some studies that Net Neutrality would actually hamper the growth of the broadband business in the country. We develop a game-theoretic model to address two critical issues of net neutrality: (1) Who are gainers and losers of abandoning net neutrality. etc).

Violating net neutrality will reduce entrepreneurship and local Internet innovation by placing firms in a situation where their local consumers are all locked in to a limited platform under the control of a few giants. Net Neutrality is crucial. The likes of Google’s and Facebook’s could have struggled to grow if the Internet had not been open. science and so on. and any glitches in the idea could prove to be degrading to the internet community itself. DoT. when TRAI released a draft consultation paper seeking views from the industry and the public on the need for regulations for over-the-top (OTT) players. in the meantime have assured a reliable web infrastructure to the have made Net Neutrality a burning issue. it must be available to the underprivileged and on the margins. competition and freedom. Comcast. Why india needs net neutrality more than anyone else In Indian context. Internet connectively is considered a subjective facet of development in the new formation of Indian infrastructure. From a democratic point of view. the scenario is technically possible. Herein emerge the recent buzz about ‘Net Neutrality’. With . Now. Internet has been crucial for innovation. only if the government is in favor of an open web sphere. the issue is heating up across the country. politics. an open internet is central to India’s diversified populace. Specially. as all things “free” often do. It is noteworthy that ‘Spectrum’ is natural and it is free. An ongoing Net Neutrality will make internet dependable. Let us be very sure that these two cannot and should not be equated. performing as it is now. imagine the source of data being controlled by a lobby and access to information becoming a whim of a handful of Net Neutrality: Empowering Entrepreneurs in a Diversified World An open internet is central to India’s diversified populace and digital platforms will grow to be crucial tools for citizens’ empowerment. in a digital India. Twitter and Wikipedia exist today because an open and neutral Internet did too. A neutral internet is essential for new entrepreneurship and growth of small enterprises. the recent “Airtel Zero” platform and Facebook’s internet. Google. Having become successful. emanating to be a burning topic of current times. The sequence of events such as Supreme Court verdict over Section 66A of IT act. intentionally slowed peer-to-peer communication. which is abundant in nature and costless. business. news and information related to health. Such a situation would be bizarre in a backdrop where internet is believed to be democratic. 20 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 smaller firms will be forced to commercially lobby and sign up in order to prevent their competitors from being able to deal in and crush them. in 2007. Zero rating seems harmless at first glance. The debate on Net neutrality has been going on at the global level for a long time. both reliable and unreliable. The situation here can be compared to people paying for drinking water. The community connected to the internet turns into the web domain for every single updates around the world. The structure is developed such is that we are replacing “internet” by “Facebook”.SoftAge I nternet has become the source of massive information. However. The problem with internet. in the recent drive of Prime Minister Modi for Digital India. where Violating net neutrality will reduce entrepreneurship and local Internet innovation by placing firms in a situation where their local consumers are all locked in to a limited platform under the control of a few giants. Internet to become entirely global should have a link to local and when we talk of digital inclusion. Net Neutrality became an issue when in late 2000s some private entities begun to roll out strategies that went against access to free data in internet. Digital platforms will grow to be crucial tools for citizens’ empowerment. internet being a product of technology itself. only if the government is in favor of an open web sphere – Fahmida Ozair. pcquest@cybermedia. ensuring a neutral internet is not only an obligation of the government but also a necessity. the spectrum allotted for data transactions should be bought from authorities controlled by government of any country. twitter. but will cause lasting damage to innovation. it would be a pity if they now decide to ally with telecom giants and seek to change the rules of the game for everyone else. but it reached India.CEO. It is now a liability of these giants to provide the same to other startups and to make the internet domain as liberal as possible. The web domain can be accessed only via Internet Service Providers. Internet giants like Facebook. voices of deprived communities and groups are essential for inclusive linkd.

At Microsoft. monitoring and improving teacher pedagogy. entrepreneurship and digital literacy programs such as YouthSpark. it has partnered with students. a Learning Management Solution from Mobiliya.” Highlighting the power of technology to transform education.Small and Midmarket Solutions. Bhaskar Pramanik. educators. said. and creating custom learning modules. Sri Chaitanya Schools said.” One of the first K-12 education networks to adopt Microsoft India’s Edu-Cloud are Sri Chaitanya Schools. It supports students. and manage content from any device. interactive and relevant content from the Microsoft cloud. B. Microsoft India. Through Edu-Cloud. skill development. infrastructure. We want to partner with Indian schools and colleges in their digital transformation journey. touching over 5 crore people in 20 different states of India. a unique cloud computing-based offering. teaching and learning has been transformed by the use of new digital technology. You can find more information on Microsoft India’s initiatives and impact at http://www. Edu-Cloud is expected to benefit 10 lakh teachers and 60 lakh students in 1500 institutes over the next 18 months. analytics & dashboard for learning outcomes. anytime making learning easy and fun. and solutions. Microsoft is committed to helping educational institutions benefit from this technology and supporting students in their need to become familiar with what will be a prevalent platform in their future careers and ventures. Microsoft India has invested over INR 670 crore in education. Founder. microsoft. Microsoft India. Speaking about their adoption of digital learning tools. In this spirit. Microsoft Edu-Cloud enrollment details are available at https://www. Dr. Using 14. Microsoft firmly believes that technology can empower both educators and students in India in this new mobile-first. In the last decade alone. We believe technology can transform education and help build . we provide faculty and students with unparalleled access to Cloud Chairman. “The world over. we help them imagine the future and realize it. as well as access to eDvelop. S Rao. tools. teachers and school administrators through virtual learning platforms.000 Windows- powered tablets. Microsoft’s Edu-Cloud infrastructure is the best-in-class and we are proud to have our teachers and students use it to enhance their digital learning and teaching. easier content access. a Microsoft partner. discussion boards. said.” Over the years. aware and digitally empowered citizens. anywhere. they will access rich. cloud-first world. school leaders as well as with governments and communities to transform education through effective technology. “Cloud Services present the next big leap in Information Technology and are rapidly becoming a core part of the business world. cloud storage. Meetul Patel. to transform education with the use of technology. Microsoft India recently launched Edu-Cloud. General Manager .ADVERTORIAL MICROSOFT LAUNCHES EDU-CLOUD TO TRANSFORM EDUCATION IN INDIA W ith a commitment to expand digital inclusion. With the help of cloud computing they create. pedagogical innovation and best practices. com/india/edu-cloud/ Launching Edu-Cloud. “Today’s students are digital natives. deliver.

healthcare. It also implements anti -threat applications such as firewalls. and there is a dire need to create synergistic integrations between disparate security solutions. businesses across all sectors can benefit from these solutions. we witnessed a string of major data breaches that affected many high profile organisations in almost every business sector .com/pcquest linkd. NAC security -as -a -service offerings are capturing the interest of companies in the twitter. NAC can regulate and restrict the malpractices and unwanted activities that individual subscribers can indulge in on being connected. the NAC worldwide market is estimated to grow over 38 per cent compared to the previous year. By deploying NAC. Hackers have become more sophisticated in their approaches and cleverer at penetrating networks. healthcare and government sectors. retail. an enterprise restricts data that each user can access. While virtual appliances have been gaining traction in the enterprise space. According to the Frost & Sullivan Global Analysis of the Network Access Control (NAC) Market report published in December 2014. CEO and MD .be it BSFI. NAC has evolved into a ‘foundational network security defence solution’ as Frost & Sullivan puts it. NAC deployments are increasing as mid -sized and enterprise networks are expanding to allow more devices per employee and support the BYOD trend. Enterprises which have over 1. The Indian market is also witnessing a growing demand for NAC solutions.RAH Infotech L ast year.any of it can be misused against you.customer information. these incidents are not going away any time While NAC systems have been designed to secure assets in the financial. With NAC. attackers taking the right measures to stay secure. Unfortunately. customer transactions. financial information or intellectual property .com/pcquest facebook. antivirus software and spyware-detection programs. The Frost & Sullivan report states that the size of NAC deployments has been growing larger. enterprises can close security gaps and strengthen their security postures with real-time threat intelligence and the ability to auto remediate any potential threats that are discovered. Ashok Kumar CEO and MD .tech&trends seCUritY Shield Your Network from Hackers Rising trends like BYOD have led to a sudden increase in the number of devices on your network. Hackers today are more . IT/telecom. All organizations have sensitive data that needs to be protected . which in turn demands greater network security and access control – Ashok Kumar. manufacturing or government. Enterprise and mid -sized networks are expanding to include more devices per employee and bring your own device (BYOD).to medium-sized business segment.000 users require NAC to manage security across devices from single console.RAH Infotech 22 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 “With pcquest@cybermedia. rising Demand for nAC the Driving Factors It is important for organisations to stay a step ahead of An important factor that has contributed to the growth in demand is the increasing size of NAC deployments which comes from inclusion of greater numbers of devices on the networks in SMEs and large enterprise networks including the growing phenomenon of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).” pcquest. enterprises can close security gaps and strengthen their security postures with real-time threat intelligence and the ability to auto remediate any potential threats that are discovered. large enterprises in automobile and manufacturing sectors are also showing keen interest in adopting these solutions. As a result. Apart from the BFSI segment which has always taken the lead in adopting security solutions. That is why enterprises are upping their ante by implementing stronger network security solutions like network access control (NAC).

Many of the leading NAC providers already have mechanisms which allow the network and endpoint security information to be sent to other networks. The new generation of NAC is changing the way enterprises work by considering their evolving business needs. which represent more than 69 percent of the NAC market. The market is gradually evolving to address use cases where servers will share contextual data with firewalls and other security components to enable fine-grained policy enforcement. and a contextual awareness leading to more operational intelligence. NAC platforms are being integrated with other network defence pcquest@cybermedia. pcquest. NAC vendors actively seek integration with other network defences. firewalls. A leading reason for renewed NAC platform adoption is the shift in the value proposition away from that of restrictive. drivers for NAC growth will include complete endpoint visibility. virtual private networks (VPN). As part of the overall mechanism. next -Gen nAC The Frost and Sullivan study highlights that the latest generation of NAC products is able to solve top IT challenges and deliver tangible business value to customers. including: advanced threat detection (ATD). ForeScout caters to twitter. integration with other security platforms.3 percent of the share. Part of this is the ability of next-gen NAC to strengthen endpoint compliance and enable BYOD programs rather than being restricted to device authentication. security information and event management (STEM). antivirus (AV). and Web linkd. The latest report from Frost & Sullivan on global analysis of the NAC market states that ForeScout Technologies. As such. device authentication -based technology to one that enables network access and helps organizations streamline or automate a broad range of IT operations. vulnerability management (VM).com/pcquest facebook. Cisco and juniper are the top three fastest selling NAC solution providers for large enterprises and small to medium sized enterprises (SME).co. these NAC systems can also receive data from other MAY 2015 PCQuest 23 . Of the total 69 percent global NAC market. applications and security platforms. It incorporates far greater functionality than the previous generation by providing an ability to deliver tangible business value to customers and solve some of the major challenges which exist in IT security. mobile device management (MDM). The F&S report also affirms that bi-directional integration with other network and security platforms will continue to differentiate leading NAC vendors and be valued by customers.According to Frost & Sullivan.

These would invariably be core business systems that need to run 24x7. beacon . Surprisingly. RTB bidders. Typical examples would be ad servers. entry-point frontend systems Note that these are not ‘front-end’ as in UI/UX systems. let us provision for Y QPS factoring in enough buffer. but the main entry points of your platform for the external world. 24 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 Its simple math like .com twitter. redis or persistent stores like RDBMS or NoSQL. Another typical mistake done is when the frontend system scales. This depends a lot on how you architect your systems and how much caching makes sense. everything falls into place. this component costing can be quite linkd. has a negative brand effect. From a cost perspective. The thumb rule is that RAM is 10X more expensive than SSD which is 10X more expensive than HDD and performance-wise RAM is 1000x of SSD which is around 100X of HDD. you can be as close to real traffic as you want. facebook. storage accessed by online systems This could typically be in-memory caching systems like memcache. you can architect the systems creatively to have the right latency and pcquest@cybermedia. and almost everybody overlooks the cost that comes with it. CTO. without over-provisioning in a big way. the cost-calculations here are not hard unless your traffic fluctuates unpredictably. With such a wide variety at your disposal. and voila. Vizury E verybody thinks that big data is a magical pill that you gulp. Read more to know different costs that are associated with Big Data and how one can analyze the utility that it brings – Vikram. Everybody wants big data solutions. A typical low-latency system like an ad server or bid server would need a lot of cache since it cannot afford to hit disks at runtime. We can broadly classify the entire infrastructure into five components and then try and assess them for costs. But memory is generally super-expensive and so the architecture has to be judicious in its usage. with techniques like auto-scaling on the 5 Big Data Costs you Simply Can’t Afford to Ignore Everybody is talking about data. this caching/persistent store may not scale and so it is important to have upper pcquest. A common discussion would read something like this . What this argument misses out is a lot of downstream aspects which take up bulk of the cost. B2C websites etc. Any downtime there not only affects your I would need 2500$/month as an infrastructure cost”. but machine handles X QPS.“A typical $500/month machine easily handles two thousand Queries Per Second (QPS) and so if I need 10 thousand QPS more. Naturally you plan as much buffer and redundancy here as you can afford. One of the most common traps is to think of cost only at the level of online or frontend systems.

The first part is the bandwidth cost which is an often-understated component. tune them to your needs and strive for a balance between costs and ease-of-data-access. pcquest. It’s a lot of unstructured data in raw form. the more uncertainty you are adding to the systems. complicate the infrastructure since adhoc queries can range from a simple “count(*)” on a small table to joining multiple terabytes MAY 2015 PCQuest 25 . Therefore. since it is not only expensive. will help optimize this spread. spark are enabling facebook. Similar to RAM. a good engineering team should be able to architect a solution that will not be super-expensive and be as predictable as possible. and yet justify the investments. While most dedicated hosting providers make it easy. you need to be clear on the maintenance and costs involved. note that the data collected is also exploding every day. Typically. analytics involves two aspects. hive. Auto-scaling this storage system is not as easy as the stateless frontend systems. storage of raw data This is generally different from storage directly accessed by online systems. So the more data you start propagating around the world. but the capacities can get inconsistent. one needs to be judicious with bandwidth.limits for this benchmarked and provisioned for proper linkd. While these costs are reducing by the day (S3 is hardly 0. when data starts scaling. since the bandwidth speeds are not the most Analytics – the meat in the sandwich Big data in raw form is just loud noise. Not all systems around the world need access to data. If you have terabytes of raw data. One is the well-defined OLAP-like reports which can be easily and quickly consumed by clients and business-users alike. You will need to invest in them. it’s pretty useless for the business unless a user can make sense of it. While latest technologies like twitter. one needs to strike a balance between costs and utility of data. Second is the adhoc queries that analysts can fire when they are trying to make business decisions. this would be network storage. Typically. HDFS. so application and domain knowledge. There is never an easy answer there! Geographic distribution of infrastructure It‘s not uncommon for infrastructure to be spread out around the globe. S3 or the like. please factor in the entire ecosystem – one that can bring different disparate nodes into a unified umbrella. Another angle one needs to pay heed to is how the geographical distance impacts the storage accessed by online systems. This does however. pcquest@cybermedia.03$/GB-month and they keep reducing it every now and then). none of them will be drop-in solutions which will work out of box. Having a good analytics platform is a long journey. backed by good architecture. The next time you consider the cost of data.

The social media platforms have become an effective marketing tool for the online as well as offline firms. more and more customers are 26 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 likely to get attracted towards online shopping. Now. owing to the escalating influence of social media. When the concept of ‘Online Shopping’ was at a rudimentary stage and e-commerce firms were just developing. Online firms are going to clamor for attention. making offline retailers feel the heat of the rising competition and urging them to expand their empires to the online market space. E-commerce giant Amazon. increasing role of Price Comparison sites Besides . Hence. Hence the sites are likely to receive enormous amount of traffic this year. making the purchase transactions easier for customers and benefitting e-tailers in pocketing more profits. Read more to know some interesting trends in this arena – Suresh Sharma. and other social media sites are likely to follow suit. If it continues successfully and at the same twitter. The elevated competition levels and the thinning line between the brick and click models will bring the Price comparison sites into limelight. As mobile technology has become more secure and reliable. The number of people shopping through smartphones is increasing and so is the number of price comparison E fficient customer service has become the top priority of online retailers. This clearly specifies that the diversification to mobiles and smart phones is no longer going to be a mere option for e-tailers but a compelling necessity to survive in the fiercely-competitive market. social Media as an effective marketing tool Online Shopping is poised to get convenient like never before. The scenario has undergone massive metamorphosis since then. speedy Delivery as a differentiator The concept of Express Delivery and delivery within hours has already gained momentum. the inability to deliver fast was one of the major obstacles to attaining success in the industry. more and more consumers are using mobiles for online shopping instead of laptops or desktops. Popular social networking site. to promote in-app Twitter has already started the trend with its ‘Buy’ button. iSpyPrice. owing to the escalating tug-of-war between the e-tailers and retailers and also among the e-commerce firms it has enabled successful shopping experiences for consumers. the e-commerce companies are sure to upgrade and augment their operating systems in conjunction with the needs of their patrons. by shortening the delivery time to around 30 minutes.specialfeature Interesting Trends for Online Shopping Exciting times ahead for shoppers! 2014 was a fruitful year when online sales leapfrogged. owing to the rising competition and increasing awareness among customers. recently announced its plans to develop ‘Delivery Drones’ that will ensure swift and speedy delivery. often confusing buyers regarding what to buy and from facebook. The trend has come in action. It’s crucial for online stores to distinguish themselves from other firms and establish their foothold in the market. Founder and Director. increasing use of mobiles for shopping Mobile Technology has made it essential for e-commerce firms to optimize themselves for the ease and convenience of the shopaholics. the Price Comparison sites will play a vital role in the year pcquest@cybermedia.

customers can quickly make purchases without having to face any such hassles. It is possible for e-tailers to take advantage of this confusion and bombard consumers with offers that imply discounts to cut the competition. With 4G on mobile.connectivity problem or slow internet. 4G supports HD streaming and 4G network ensures optimal use of HD phones. 4G is helping online firms to tackle their problems easily. In such a situation. Providing hourly updates for products with fast-changing prices. buyers are able to make instant purchase decisions and check-out in a hassle-free way. indirectly boosting the sales of e-commerce companies. MAY 2015 PCQuest 27 . This can result in dwindling sales for e-commerce companies. leaving them in a dilemma of whether to purchase online or not to take the pcquest@cybermedia. enabling them to zero in on the product with the right price. 4G rollout can influence the e-commerce industry in a significant facebook. e-commerce companies can be unperturbed about the size of images or videos. Offering peak upload rate of 500 mbps and peak download rate of 4G fosters instant purchase With 4G for mobiles as well as laptops.where to buy. 4G provides constraint-free shopping experience While 4G is taking the Indian market by storm. Escalated speed and enhanced connectivity provides users with a compelling and satisfactory browsing and shopping experience. 4G. it’s always advised to compare the prices of products before taking the final purchase decision. 4G provides path-breaking speed and impeccable connectivity to its linkd. With 4G. This is where Price Comparison sites come to the fore. The fourth generation (4G) is an advanced version of 3G that facilitates its users with mobile broadband internet access. users can enjoy the same experience as on a laptop or PC. making transactions instant. With its WiMAX LTE technology. Usually it is seen that potential buyers leave a particular site when they are just going to finalize their purchase. making scores of firms turn to the m-commerce platform. the market is witnessing various e-commerce firms going the mobileway. The reason can be . slowly becoming the ‘Next Big Thing’ that provides immediate access to everything from around the world at your fingertips. e-commerce firms are turning to m-commerce. 4G network is confront logistics as well as connectivity hindrances in order to serve their patrons efficiently. the 4G rollout is further influencing the sphere of e-commerce immensely. tactical promotions and guarantee customer loyalty and retention in the long run. the improved and enhanced version of 3G. In short. This is thus. The technology provides wide area coverage and high speed to mobile as well as laptop users. thus delivering reliable and constraint-free experiences. people prefer to use their handheld devices to fulfill their day to day needs. it happens that online shopping websites hang or the speed of internet dips while making payments or while checking out. effect of 4G rollout A game-changing internet technology. With 4G at hand. E-commerce firms are not going to leave any stone unturned to lure them and the players that will win the race are those that can offer steady innovation. Many a times. is metamorphosing the entire domain of e-commerce. pcquest. due to higher connectivity and speed offered by 4G. for better results. This leads to reduction in the confidence level of customers. e-commerce firms are coming up with ground-breaking designs and models to utilize the lucrative mobile space efficiently. Online retail firms have to 4G further paves the way for m-commerce In order to gain maximum advantage of the fourth generation internet technology. By providing cutting-edge speed and twitter. Even on smartphones. These issues can be solved with 4G internet services. and the demand for smartphones is already on an upward swing. these sites present buyers with the lowest prices available. Another situation will justify the sturdy role that 4G is playing in the realm of e-commerce.

40% 15 online retail Fastest growing segment. job. The sector is expected to be in the range of 22 billion USD this year. eTailing. Books. but still only 19% Indians use the linkd.30% 20 16.60% . tablets and internet broadband and 3G has led to developing a strong consumer base that is likely to increase further. PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 online deals Deals purchased online. has led to an increase in the online consumer base. cessories and electronics are the largest selling products through eTailing. 3G. apparel and ac28 online travel. So there is enough potential for growth facebook. constituting around 80% of product distribution. CRISIL. players such as Flipkart and Snapdeal and the huge investor interest around these companies displays immense potential of the Indian market e – Compiled by Preeti Gaur -Commerce in India has grown by 34% (CAGR) since 2009 to touch 16. 12. Comprises 70% of total e-commerce market. having grown by 56% over 2009-14. followed by eTail which essentially means selling of retail goods on the internet conducted by the B2C category. Furthermore. Market size pegged at 6 billion USD in 2015.30% 5 0 online marketplace Platform where sellers and buyers transact online 3. This. Gartner analysis Currently.80% 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Source: IAMAI. india’s eCommerce growth eCommerce ecosystem 25 21. The increasing use of ticketing. has become the fastest-growing segment in the larger market having grown at a CAGR of around 56% over 2009-2014. which comprises of online retail and online marketplaces. Read further to know factors that can fuel growth in this sector. redemption may or may not happen online online portals classified Includes car. eTravel comprises 70% of the total eCommerce market. combined with a larger number of homegrown eTail companies with their innovative business models has led to a robust eTail market in India roaring to expand at high speed.50% 10 7% 5. property and matrimonial portals pcquest.specialfeature Giants like Amazon and Alibaba are fueling the growth of e-Commerce sector in India The eCommerce sector has seen an unprecedented growth in pcquest@cybermedia.4 billion USD in 2014. etc. etc. eTravel is the most popular form of eCommerce. The size of the eTail market is pegged at 6 billion USD in twitter. Though access to the internet through broadband.

with China having total To achieve their vision.7 billion USD. UK and China together account for 57% of the world’s total B2C eCommerce sales in 2013. India had sales of only 10. Around 75% of Indian internet users are in the age group of 15 to 34 years. Brazil and Russia. The following factors must be considered: • Market size: Before moving too aggressively into a new High demographic dividends According to Ecommerce facebook. • Barriers to entry: Players should understand the regulatory environment and connect with solution providers. consumer behaviour. • eCommerce readiness: It is essential to fully understanding the payment and logistical infrastructure. fashion and trends encourage this segment to shop more than any other category and India.statista. This category shops more than the remaining population. rising aspirations with career growth. 3. India’s internet penetration with total e-households at 46 million against China’s 207 million is one of the reasons behind India’s poor B2C sales twitter. This is despite the fact that India enjoys high demographic dividends just like China. Key market factors to be evaluated before entering a new eCommerce business internet Penetration 46% 59% China US India 53% 87% Japan Brazil Russia 86% 19% Source: www. • scope of growth: It is also important to look at the internet penetration.4 billion USD. their online strategy and the nature of each offering.Pacific. only 19% Indians use the internet. eCommerce companies will need to understand the intricate landscape of new markets in addition to their own internal capabilities and limitations. Demographic Profile of indian online users 9% 16% 37% 15-24 year olds 25-34 year olds 35-44 year olds Other 38% Source: www. therefore. country-wise. it is important to consider how sizable the overall opportunity is.3% of that of China in 2013 with fifth position in Asia. However.Low internet Penetration: Huge Growth Potential A significantly low (19%) but fast-growing internet population of 243 million in 2014 is an indicator of the sector’s huge growth potential in pcquest@cybermedia. retail opportunity and technological developments. An analysis of the demographic profile of internet users further testifies that eCommerce will rise rapidly in India in coming years. Peer pressure. content distribution networks. demographics of the online buying population and understand which phase of development each market is in. the US. As against this. It is evident that in absolute terms India’s internet users are short by only 36 million as compared with 279 million in the US and higher than that in Japan.internetlivestats. This indicates the potential of internet use in India and as internet penetration increases. the potential of growth for the eCommerce industry will also and digital agencies. in relation with its population. • Competition: There is also a need to do an in-depth assessment of what competitors are doing. clearly enjoys a demographic MAY 2015 PCQuest 29 .com sales of 328.

location. Additionally. and coupled with favoured demographics (young population. • Private label reflects a business where an eCommerce company sets up its own brand goods. Snapdeal and Amazon. This model offers a wide-ranging products and pricing to its customers and competes with branded labels. On the flipside. Such early stage funding will help companies develop a strong foundation 30 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 online business models To get the maximum benefit from eCommerce business. pcquest@cybermedia. strong growth in eCommerce is expected. It helps build trust. their strong domain knowledge and best practices from their international experience give them an additional . innovating on multiple customer touch points. In coming years. a large number of companies are adopting different innovative ideas and operating models including partnering with online marketplaces or setting up their own online stores. there are risks of potential mark downs and working capital getting tied up in inventory. However. Competition is expected to continue. • White label involves the setting up of a branded online store managed by the eCommerce player or a third twitter. with these eCommerce companies experimenting with different ways to attract customers and increase online traffic. the sellers have limited say on pricing and customer experience. however. many more eCommerce companies from India are expected to enter the coveted billion-dollar club. Some key operating models include the following: • Marketplace and pick-up & drop is a model where sellers often partner with leading marketplaces to set up a dedicated online store on the latter’s website. For India Post. which it sells through its own linkd. From an investment perspective. Indian companies realize this. Also. Source: eCommerce in India by PWC pcquest. these companies have been part of markets where they have seen the eCommerce market evolve and are aware of the challenges and strategies to address issues thereof. • Selfowned inventory is a model where the eCommerce player owns the inventory. Both these international players come with deep pockets and the patience to drive the Indian eCommerce market. and providing seamless and rapid delivery services in order to compete with the international entities. and are therefore aiming to continue their focus on expanding sellers and selection on their platforms. the market is a primarily minority stake market. is going to intensify the competition further. especially when India Post transacted business worth 280 crore INR in the cash-on-delivery (CoD) segment for firms such as Flipkart. India’s overall retail opportunity is substantial. They leverage on high traffic on the marketplaces’ website and access their distribution network. Both these projects will have significant impact on increasing the reach of eCommerce players to generally non-serviceable areas. supply chain and shipments.specialfeature dividend that favors the growth of eCommerce. rising standards of living and upwardly mobile middle class) and a growing internet user base. rural India will yield more eCommerce business. With such strong market prospects and an equally upbeat investor community. as internet presence increases in rural areas. The model provides better postpurchase customer experience and the government is keen to develop its distribution channel and other eCommerce related services as a major revenue model going ahead. The brand takes the responsibility of generating website traffic and providing services by partnering with payment gateways. effectively leading to better control over inventory. Digital india initiaive The Indian government’s ambitious Digital India project and the modernization of India Post will also affect the eCommerce sector. It provides smoother operations due to ready information on the inventory. The Digital India project aims to offer a one-stop shop for government services that will have the mobile phone as the backbone of its delivery mechanism. to start from. Here sellers play a key role of managing inventory and driving sales. with maximum traction in early-stage deals. thereby boosting growth. customer affinity and loyalty and provides better control of brand and product experience. The programme will give a strong boost to the eCommerce market as bringing the internet and broadband to remote corners of the country will give rise to an increase in trade and efficient warehousing and will also present a potentially huge market for goods to be sold. entry of Giants The entry of eCommerce behemoths such as Amazon and Alibaba. margins are typically higher than third-party branded goods.


when consumers want to buy a new phone. and at much lower costs – Suresh Sharma. iSpyPrice. reasons for its success are slowly coming to the fore. Consumer awareness of products has increased manifold compared to what it was a few years ago. Suresh Sharma Founder and Director. This process can be best executed online with a wide variety of brands for them to choose from when compared to the limited variety they might find at a retail store. these brands are able to reach consumers in smaller cities where the retail sector isn’t organised as well as it is in bigger cities. offline buying is overrated Consumer awareness and improved online buying experiences have also led mobile brands into believing that offline buying is overrated. a number of mobile brands have adopted the online-only sales strategy and results indicate that consumers have taken a liking to this new approach. An online-only strategy actually allows these brands to give their products unprecedented visibility in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities right from day one. it will forever be remembered as the beginning of a consumer trend that nobody had previously anticipated. the online-only strategy was first embraced by Motorola with their then flagship product Moto G in partnership with India’s largest e-commerce 32 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 “Huge brands like Apple aren’t likely to switch to this sales channel full-time anytime in the near twitter. While this event has been eclipsed by rival brands such as Xiaomi and OnePlus. . Another important factor why the onlineonly approach has worked is that with time. retailers are adopting an online-only strategy to give their products unprecedented visibility in tier 1 and tier 2 cities right from day one. the process of price and spec comparison is made all the more simpler online thanks to price comparison websites. In India.” reaching target market in smaller cities One very plausible reason why mobile brands such as Xiaomi and OnePlus have successfully entered the market through their online-only strategy is the reach that an online platform like Flipkart offers their product. consumers have grown more comfortable with online linkd. Their sales are built upon brand value and standing in queue to buy an Apple iPhone is still very much a fan thing. few market analysts would have expected the Moto G to sell out within 15 minutes of its first opening. iSpyPrice. These days. so consumers don’t have to visit multiple physical retail outlets before they can finally zero in on their choice. Founder and I n the last 12 months or so. the ability to control prices Perhaps the most important reason why brands like pcquest. By adopting an online-only strategy. When Motorola first announced this facebook. in pcquest@cybermedia. they often resort to comparing the prices and specifications on offer from various brands before arriving at a decision. Now that this model has stood the test of time and has been adopted by a number of brands.specialfeature MoBiLitY How Online-only Mobile Brands are Redefining Retail Increasingly.

The e-commerce brands also don’t need to save a margin from a sub-retailer. It does offer select e-tailers exclusive deals where they can sell a particular Samsung mobile through their online marketplace. Mi4. And if you are a foreign brand looking to make inroads into a local market. By this time. to that price and it doesn’t sound like a steal deal anymore. but definitely! pcquest. OnePlus. It’s a win-win situation for all parties MAY 2015 PCQuest 33 . and Redmi 1s devices.000-5. are And as long as they. mobile brands have always had to go through the cumbersome distributor-retailer cycle to make their product accessible to the consumer. 3. The growing penetration of Internet is allowing e-commerce brands to reach a critical mass of potential customers and there is no doubt that in facebook. They entered into a deal with e-commerce giants Amazon for the online sale of this device. Brands like vivo are making a foray into the market taking advantage of this method. it is undeniable that there are other factors that have led to the success of this sales channel. aren’t likely to switch to this sales channel full-time anytime in the near future. Samsung currently sells a large majority of its smartphones through the traditional model. this still isn’t the right choice for everybody While the online-only strategy may have many ups. This is also why you get to see different prices for the same devices on various e-commerce marketplaces. it’s the turn of the retailers to make a margin on the sale of each device. Perhaps not immediately.the Yureka. they also need to make a margin on the sale of each device. In a market that changes every few months and has an incredible number of competitors. The first is the growing Internet penetration. and even new entrants like InFocus are using an online-only strategy is that this allows them to control the pricing strategy of their products.000. and others like them. Earlier this year. A high success ratio Motorola’s online-only strategy for the various versions of the Moto G and later the Moto E was such an incredible success that they ended up selling more than a million of these linkd. India’s Internet penetration has grown to 300 million+ and is on the rise all the time. the Micromax-owned Yu Televentures brand launched its first flagship product. as more and more mobile brands opt for an online-only strategy. e-tailing would begin to rival traditional sales channels. the offline distributor-retailer cycle is likely to remain healthy in the foreseeable future. pushing the device’s price further up. Xiaomi followed suit and has done well with the sale of its Mi3. it also offers no immediate reasons for bigger players to join the bandwagon. does it? That’s what the distributor-retailer cycle can do to the price of a device. Lava International’s smartphone brand Xolo has been in the news for building its own e-commerce platform which it intends to use for the purpose of reaching a wider consumer base for an online-only sub-brand it is building.3 billion. pushing the price of the device up. Xiaomi and the likes can afford to give the consumer a favorable price because the online-only strategy allows them to do so. These national distributors will end up making a margin on the sale of each device. This is mainly because this is a time consuming process. Apple’s sales are built upon brand value and standing in queue to buy an Apple iPhone is still very much a fan thing. these figures will see a surge in sales. If you think Xiaomi’s current flagship the Mi4′s 16 GB version is a steal deal at Rs. Brands such as Lenovo and Xolo have also decided to adopt this strategy. Then there is the South Korean behemoth Samsung. They have no reason to do so. Then come the regional distributors.999 consider adding another Rs. Some would argue that’s only two brands to take into consideration but the fact is these two are the current flagbearers of the mobile industry. third only to Apple and Samsung. Huge brands like Apple Inc. Mobile brands are able to pass the benefit of price saving to the consumer. Just like other consumer electronics goods. Although e-commerce is said to account for only about 1% of total retail sales. Lenovo has already announced its plans to take on the likes of Xiaomi with its online-only brand Shenqi. Apple’s marketing makes the brand and its products desirable and that is why switching to an online-only model seems highly unlikely. the top two smartphone makers in the world. It is a given that as this online-only strategy by smartphone brands takes shape. this 1% accounted for sales worth $5. In the traditional offline model. mobile brands either build their own distribution network or strike a deal with one or more established distributors. but by and large Samsung is a supporter of the traditional method and believes in this sales channel. Finally. or maybe more. Future prospects for the online-only strategy While a number of these brands have taken to this approach. The other option for these brands is to opt for a national distributor. the price of the device goes up by a fair notch. This strategy has paid rich dividends for Xiaomi as they are now among the top 3 smartphone brands in the world.Xiaomi. twitter. building one’s own distribution network is a hassle most foreign brands would ideally want to avoid. this cycle gets further pcquest@cybermedia.

This tells how fast it is. Globally. So people have money to spare. VP and MD. How about the small and mid-sized businesses in these areas? What are the challenges in taking them online? The three major constraining factors with SMBs in smaller cities to go online are— access. setting up a website. Rajiv Sodhi. the truth is that it’s not price sensitive. pcquest. VP and MD for GoDaddy India on the ‘Internet opportunity’ for small businesses in India. We have just overtaken USA. which means 80% of the market is yet to come online. which is primarily driven by mobile devices. it’s growing at about pcquest@cybermedia. and adoption. Already. So while India is usually referred to as a price sensitive market. Our number one problem is lack of ‘awareness’.tech&trends Internet Penetration in India is at a Tipping Point We interacted with Rajiv Sodhi. a large part of this growth is driven by rural and tier 2-tier 3 towns. and that the Internet is only meant for big brands or firms. The second issue that people have is ‘complexity’.co. Most online users in rural india would be consumers connecting from their mobiles. What’s the break-up of the 300 million user base of internet users? The country has a digital divide that splits India between the tech savvy urban population. we are at about 18% penetration of the whole twitter. India’s internet user based is now300 million. which has a total population of about 330 million. Indians are very conscious about value and returns. Most people are saddled from the ‘Not-for-me’ syndrome. 3 years for 200 million and 1 year for 300 facebook. moving to social media and all are very complex. and what’s even more fascinating is that they’re growing by 49% year-on-year. and the rural masses. their challenges in going online and how to alleviate them – Anil Chopra and RashiVarshney How unique is the indian market in terms of internet connectivity? India is second largest connected country in the world. but they will not spend if they are not clear about the value it will linkd. but the other side of the divide has to be brought online now. The third challenge is that people think it is very ‘costly’. but value . In India. out of the 300 million users. awareness. Even at this figure. They think that buying a domain name. 100 million are rural today. That is a challenge companies like us are facing. This assures that India is one of the most exciting markets to work in. the internet grows about 14% -15% worldwide in terms of connections. A large part of the Internet penetration is by the urban population. India took 10 years to hit the first 100 million. China and India are fastest growing market. GoDaddy India 34 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 While the overall country is rising at about 26%.

Our concern is not whether they have a website or not. and there are dime a dozen available. Verticals like professional services. they’ll first book their domain name even if they don’t build a website immediately. but for any new feature. India is a ‘Do-it-for-me (DIFM)’ country unlike western countries. hospitality. So one of the first things is to educate the customer on the amount of traffic they will get. So today. For that. etc. How do you overcome the multiple local languages barrier? India is a country where language changes every 200 kilometers.Moreover. then there are 15. etc.000 other plumbers also on the same list. wedding. Now. be it for professional services. This is where channels play a very important part as they can talk to customers in their language and dialect. Why would they invest in their own website and email id? If you want to start out. and there are many resources online that help with this. one has to start paying. We are trying to build local bundles that bring our solutions together so the number of steps for customers is cut down. Also. website. So we are trying to make sure that people know it’s easy. What are companies like Godaddy doing to alleviate these challenges? The first thing that companies like ours are doing is driving massive awareness about the ease and benefit of coming online. sMB owners can (and are) doing business with freely available e-mail ids and a lot of them are also registered with free online trading platforms. and realizes that it’s a potential new channel. This has huge implications on what we are trying to do. At the same time however. there’s another barrier of investing in a website. but whether they have a content strategy or not. typically the new breed of emerging entrepreneurs are typically young people. That’s because you have huge competition there. so it’s tough to cover it at a national level. so you have no way of So. What’s therefore required is to use a combination of pushing the message from channels and advertising and branding with regional flavor. who understand the importance of being online and take it very seriously. they need additional services to differentiate themselves from others. This happens gradually after the person gets the first few orders from internet. which can feed their MAY 2015 PCQuest 35 . which are more in the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) pcquest@cybermedia. one has to also have a horizontal approach in order to address the market at scale. we ensure that we provide 24*7 free customer care to our customers. With listing providers. One thing that helps take such businesses online are templates that are more tuned to their requirements. You can build it facebook. we did campaigns with famous personalities like Mithun Chakraborty to spread our message. The second challenge of affordability can be tackled by offering products that are both affordable and relevant. the challenge of generating awareness can be tackled. one needs support. one can get a domain. we will do campaigns in local languages because we know that people who’re coming online are not from metros and are not English speaking people. Even we have a section on our website called ‘Garage’ that does this. but not getting any returns? This is a big challenge because most people think that website is the twitter. So till recently. This also requires awareness creation. Verticalization of websites therefore helps. As a result. We see that many SMBs especially traditional SMBs are very particular about their reputation. So if you are a plumber. because this is the size of America that is now sitting online in India and as this market grows. then you can do so with any of the free packages. What kind of sMBs are more aggressive in going online? Typically if a business is export centric. which is where they need the right advice so that they don’t spend exorbitant amounts. since India is a DIFM market. which can be gauged through the number of documents an Indian has for their identity in India. We actually believe that 300 million is a tipping point. but companies have to realize that it’s only a start. it would invest for internet presence much faster than an artesian kind of business. fast and simple. There’s also a marked difference between new age and old age entrepreneurs. are more aggressive in terms of IT spending. education. and professional email. and one small next step in the online world can improve that and that’s again is a part of our education. The same is the case with our website creation as well. for as little as Rs 99 a month. jewelry. which is doing transaction at a much faster pace than offline is. a trader or anybody cannot ignore such a linkd. pcquest. typically we have seen people repent it later. So our belief is that as long as we keep reaching out to people in a manner they understand and in a language they understand. We also found that India is high on identity and need. So as people start scaling their business.

As 36 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 with all key milestones in the history of IT. With their task clearly cut out. There is an ISV that has created SDKs and libraries to enable a reliable cloud backend and a secure two way messaging channel for IoT devices.coverstory Internet of Things: The Road Ahead Moving beyond the initial euphoria. Moving beyond ‘rigid’ networks that were enclosed within the four walls of an organisation towards mobile devices and networks the idea seemed a logical implication of how the mobile ecosystem was set to evolve in future. Going forward we expect both businesses and individuals to make steady returns on their investments T .in/pcquest . the solution providers too are bullish about the devices and software they have created around IoT. here again you need industries that were going to thrive on the facebook. Increasingly. Sensing a big opportunity. Therefore.Adeesh Sharma he different stakeholders in the business of IoT products and services coined several terms initially to promote essentially the same idea—a completely internetworked ecosystem where all ‘intelligent devices’ could communicate with each other seamlessly. we find certain segments of the industry that are more bullish on using IoT than others. IoT has steadily progressed to impact our lives in several meaningful ways. we keep hearing of new startups around IoT and how they innovate with their pcquest. they set themselves on the path to creating devices and solutions that would help them establish this Internet of Some would present the use case for IoT while others would have to keep innovating and build solutions to fulfill that need.

IoTfy is one such platform that provides a reliable cloud backend and a secure two way messaging channel. providing key information on a person’s activities. with hidden wheels that can drive them in all directions and crisscross the smooth floor of the warehouse.4 percent to 1. SenseGiz offers tiny sensor chips that you can attach to any of your personal belongings in order to track them. The number of devices with cellular or satellite connectivity deployed in oil and gas applications around the world was 423. The REST APIs Framework helps device manufacturers to access data coming from their devices and also helps them to connect with third party internet services. up from pcquest@cybermedia. in-store sensors such as Bluetooth beacons can track smartphones throughout the store and record path-to-purchase data that can later be used to optimize store layouts. In the automotive industry. ABI Research cites that organizations will introduce more than 13 million health and fitness tracking devices into the workplace by 2018. counting cellular.offerings to keep customers interested. the continued reduction in the cost of manufacturing semiconductors makes it feasible to install them on a range of everyday devices that were previously unconnected. health and fitness. fixed line. The adoption of wearable devices is expected to linkd.5 billion by 2016. Also. Additionally.9 trillion by 2020. and short-range wireless connections. Also. rising to 5. pcquest. How start-ups are innovating to gain traction CarIQ is a new IoT start up that makes your car smarter with devices that record data from your car like mileage and speed. The global market for sensors is expected to increase to $91.000 at the end of 2013 which is estimated to rise by 21. people around you or people with the same car. By using IoTfy’s SDKs and libraries that are available for various hardware platforms. In its Internet of Things (IoT) 2013 to 2020 Market Analysis report. In the pages that follow you get to read details on all of this and also the key trends in the IoT enterprise space. These robots are the size of a lawn mower.9% facebook. by integrating factory-floor operations with core business “The IoT market is likely to experience around 28% year-on-year growth. etc. driving patterns. and all of them have a connected car MAY 2015 PCQuest 37 . wallet or keys. twitter. showing a compound annual growth rate of 7. Developer tools that facilitate iot All IoT devices require a reliable cloud backend and a secure channel for communicating information captured by these devices to the cloud backend. It also lets you compare these stats with your friends. The TeeWe also turns your phone into a smart remote control therefore making it perfectly user friendly. extreme environments is driving the need for Internet of Things solutions within the industry. your phone. and industrial equipment — IoT promises to revolutionize how we live and work.4 billion connections across the globe by 2020” processes can optimize production and real-time updates from machine data can be used to gain predictive analytics to automate parts and consumable ordering to maximize revenue. It records data of basic medical diagnosis and provides solutions. Likewise we’ve seen a few mobile devices that can be connected to the body to relay heart monitoring information to healthcenters through the use of mobile apps installed on the patient’s Android phones. Amazon is already using flying drones and employing droves of autonomous robots in some of its huge warehouses. How iot is gaining momentum amongst businesses By connecting ‘things’ in the real world — such as cars. TeeWe allows you to connect all your content to the TV through a single device that has a Wi-fi connection. hardware and device manufacturers can enable their devices to leverage the power of IoT. lifting and shuttling shelves with different kinds of merchandise. In retail. quickly respond to maintenance conditions and take proactive or a 7. Automotive companies are already using IoT-enabled technology to predict faults. It is user friendly and can be attached to any surface for instance. Here are the highlights: industries that are more bullish on iot The recently unveiled Research Kit is a macro IoT information gathering application that works with Apple’s HealthKit mobile app which turns the iPhone into a portable mHeatlh hub. be it your smart phone or laptop.2 billion devices in the year 2014. The global oil and gas industry’s hunt for hydrocarbons in increasingly remote. buildings. In the retail industry. LifePlot is a portable electrocardiography diagnosis tool. The IoT market is likely to experience around 28% year-on-year growth. IDC estimates that spending on IoT technology and services will touch $8. Verizon’s telematics experts note that 14 car manufacturers account for 80 percent of the worldwide automotive market.8 percent.12 million by 2018.4 billion connections across the globe by 2020. rising to 5.

Sensors or chips will increasingly provide patients’ vital signs in real-time to medical providers to enhance the quality of care. providing key information on a person’s facebook. including Alzheimer’s. This article dwells on some of the key industry verticals that are aggressively pushing towards IoT and the reasons why they are so bullish. It is already integrated with a number of wearables. Another iPad app. One key issue here is about finding subjects for clinical trials for a number of reasons. medical research centers can get a cross section of users across different. oil and gas industry The global oil and gas industry’s hunt for hydrocarbons in increasingly remote. time. extreme environments is driving the need for Internet of Things solutions within the industry. The adoption of wearable devices is expected to increase. social & environmental linkd. This technology is also expected to help monitor and safeguard children on the move in public places and those suffering from cognitive conditions. It includes interactive graphs and patient case studies. there are privacy issues involved with people being reluctant to share private information via mobile apps for the fear of pilferage of information. Also. connected scales. such medical apps and devices have the potential to seriously disrupt the medical research industry in a way we’ve never before seen. LaunchPad. it is time for a reality check as to how both businesses and consumers across key industry segments can get up to speed implementing this technology and reaping real benefits from it . sleep monitoring devices and even a stationary bike. Most companies have their standalone devices out in the market that do the job of connecting patients to doctors or even health insurance companies through the internet. Healthcare One of the key verticals where IoT can play a big role in saving people’s lives through timely and planned monitoring of their vital parameters. The ResearchKit aims to take the micro focus of single patient monitoring and expand it exponentially by allowing the 700+ million iPhones out there to act as mobile medical research devices. The recently unveiled Research Kit is a macro IoT information gathering application that works with Apple’s HealthKit mobile app which turns the iPhone into a portable mHeatlh hub. safety in the elderly or potential interactions with other drugs that they regularly . Likewise we’ve seen a few mobile devices that can be connected to the body to relay heart monitoring information to healthcenters through the use of mobile apps installed on the patient’s Android phones. It allows them to immediately access data the doctor they are speaking to finds most relevant to his etc. But a better system can be built around the growing ecosystem of medical apps that can leverage the billion mobile phones around the globe that can pick data through sensors placed on the body and relay the same to health centers. and is easy to navigate.coverstory 5 Key Industries that are Bullish on IoT With the hype around IoT settling twitter. is used by Novartis representatives all around the world. But for this to happen there are certain industry segments that have to commence work now to actually make it happen and for them to work there has to be a business case for them to eventually benefit through this work. The number of devices with cellular or satellite connectivity 38 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest. health and fitness. geography. However. By having people opt-in with their existing connected devices.Adeesh Sharma W e have been repeatedly informed by top market research organisations and vendors that the IoT market is expected to grow from 13 billion Internet-connected devices in 2013 to 50 billion in 2020. whether it is efficacy in women.

IDC estimates that spending on IoT technology and services will touch $8. coupled with accidents and cyberattacks is driving the shift towards Internet of Things solutions. IoT can also bring along benefits in unconventional oil and gas pcquest@cybermedia. given the growing enthusiasm for IoT. easy-to-use next generation sensors are allowing companies to more easily deploy sensors.deployed in oil and gas applications around the world was facebook. These sensors can be used in a number of settings. A lot of the growth in the next few years will come from price-sensitive emerging markets. where companies are adopting a manufacturing approach to drilling and contending with low gas prices. navigation and fuel efficiency continues to increase. smart watches. from wells to MAY 2015 PCQuest 39 . So. instead of flying an expert out to a remote oil and gas site to troubleshoot a problem. In its Internet of Things (IoT) 2013 to 2020 Market Analysis report. The increase in sensors in onshore and offshore oil and gas operations can generate one to two terabytes of data per day per well. Also. The tightening of regulations in the oil and gas industry.4 percent to 1. The mobile devices shall continue to evolve through better functionality and experience as processors within them shall operate at higher speeds and consume lesser power. video technology can allow remote experts and onsite workers to share data and collaborate on solving an issue. They can have more visibility in operations in challenging environments such as ultra-deepwater linkd.9 trillion by 2020. The falling costs of sensors and introduction of simple. The wireless infrastructure in the communications market shall continue to grow as transition to 3G and 4G infrastructure continues. Emerging product categories like 3D printers. health and fitness devices. which will continue to pressure margins of component suppliers.12 million by 2018.000 at the end of 2013 which is estimated to rise by 21. the continued reduction in the cost of manufacturing semiconductors makes it feasible to install them on a range of everyday devices that were previously unconnected. as very large amounts of data has to be transmitted to and received on wired or wireless devices. which should generate demand for billions of semiconductors. IDC’s estimates continue to rise.9% twitter. such as maintaining uptime in production systems and optimizing operations to cope with pricing pressures. Ultra HD television displays and smart thermostats will see the strongest growth alongwith smartphones and tablets. semiconductors Semiconductors are required more and more to play a key role in the growing interconnectedness of things due to the advent of cloud. They can easily collate the well and sensor data to manage a number of onshore or offshore wells. Spending on smart grids and intelligent metering applications is expected to see particularly strong growth. Another major driver is operational efficiency. pcquest. or a 7. The automotive industry shall continue to fuel growth in semiconductor tech because the consumption of electronic components for safety. The increasing demand for cloud services shall push demand for servers and data centers. PC market growth will be moderate at best in the next few years but this shall be more than made up by the growth in mobile devices.

The increase of sensors and readers across the manufacturing and distribution chain can streamline and maximize practices. All this improves customer service. with hidden wheels that can drive them in all directions and crisscross the smooth floor of the warehouse. In-store sensors such as Bluetooth beacons can track smartphones throughout the store and record path-topurchase data that can later be used to optimize store layouts. pcquest. store managers could get reports on the go as they scan the facebook. by integrating factory-floor operations with core business processes can optimize production and real-time updates from machine data can be used to gain predictive analytics to automate parts and consumable ordering to maximize revenue. companies are capturing data and using it to reduce downtime. greatly enhancing productivity. by installing sensors and actuators at different points in an assembly line. If connected and with geolocation. productive and smarter than their non-connected Connecting home automation to e-commerce sites could be the next wave of retailing. you can see traffic jams in advance and do rerouting. quickly respond to maintenance conditions and take proactive linkd. for predictive maintenance. through the use of smart wearables such as Google Glass. Such smart switches could be configured for different products and placed around the home for automating other mundane tasks. They can also be used to target shoppers as they traverse the aisles. Connected logistic capability enables managers to manage large depots and hubs. They could also scan bar codes to get extended product information as well as inventory positions. At home you could imagine pressing a button on the wall of the laundry room whenever you run out of detergent so a new bag is automatically ordered at 40 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 Factories and plants that are connected to the Internet are more efficient. building analytics and enabling business solutions. lifting and shuttling shelves with different kinds of merchandise. Also. For instance. where shoppers can use their NFC-equipped contactless cards to pay for goods. who only has to place the item into a box on a conveyer belt to the shipping department. With new visibility into manufacturing. Likewise. comparing each department’s plan versus actual pcquest@cybermedia. providing contextual information and offers as they go. IoT can provide end-to-end visibility across manufacturing operations.coverstory retail your favorite online store for home delivery. Cameras located underside scan coded directions painted on the floor while the central computer wirelessly gives orders to the cars to deliver the goods to human packers. but they aren’t coordinated. These robots are the size of a lawn mower. At the retailers’ end. If you see a problem with a truck you can proactively schedule maintenance. When a robot receives the order for certain merchandise it identifies the shelf containing the ware. Such warehouse robots could save Amazon as much as 40 percent of the cost of fulfilling orders. lifts it just a few inches off the floor and carries it to a worker. Manufacturing Amazon is already using flying drones and employing droves of autonomous robots in some of its huge . imagine a truck with some 50-100 sensors. And this extends to twitter. managers can instantly find out the status of production. They are able to share that information and data with coworkers in other departments. Automotive companies are already using IoT-enabled technology to predict faults.


hardware and device manufacturers can quickly enable their devices to leverage the power of IoTfy… . the government will setup projects using IoT for planning preventive and in-time maintenance for equipment in various manufacturing verticals. Raw materials purchased from domestic market will be entitled for reimbursements of excise duty and CST. automobiles with built-in sensors that captures vital information about the automobiles. smart thermostat systems like Nest. which is published by the department of electronics and information technology.Rashi Varshney M ost pcquest@cybermedia. Sushant Taneja and Saurabh Shandilya are building India’s first IoT cloud platform called IoTfy. Shashank facebook. Shivam Dikshit. IoTfy is a cloud platform that provides a reliable cloud infrastructure for IoT device makers. the government is giving special preference to young companies to get best of technology implemented for various projects in the country. the Centre of Excellence for Internet of Things (CoE-IoT) will host IoT incubation infrastructure to support start-ups. What iotfy does to promote iot IoT is a network of devices that communicate among themselves using internet without human intervention. According to a document titled ‘Draft policy on Internet of Things’. it’s basically connecting any device to the Internet (and/or to each other). can vary from medical devices such as smart health monitoring devices. things. 42 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 Simply put. Arpit Chhabra. in IoT. Moreover. pcquest. students and other innovators based on membership and support from design to prototype in productizing their ideas. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Zero defect. Having said that. With such interest from the Generally speaking. it is quite hard for techies with innovative bend of minds to not capitalize on it. SMEs. For the first . zero effect’ slogan for high quality manufacturing in India without impacting the environment was in a highlight as the country’s first Internet of Things linkd. or home appliances such as air conditioners. The government will offer up to 100% duty benefit on imports of raw materials required for manufacturing IoT products.coverstory How ‘IoTfy’ Plans to Build an Ecosystem for IoT Device Makers By using IoTfy’s SDKs and libraries that are available for various hardware platforms. dishwashers that utilize Wi-Fi for remote twitter. a bunch of tech savvy entrepreneurs.

Arduino. iOS. who can visit the site and track the location of the GPS tracker. This kind of recipes would be available at IoTfy. Apart from utilizing the cloud backend. For pcquest@cybermedia. if the user is tagged by someone on Instagram. which will leverage BI for device makers. While Sushant Taneja is presently involved with SnapDeal’s team. Instagram. queueing of messages and delivery to the target devices. Internet of Things (IoT. Presently we are in talks with some investors in the US & Singapore region. IFTTT is a webbased service that allows an user to create chains of simple conditional statements. Think of us as a Wordpress for IoT. Sushant mentioned.All these devices require a reliable cloud backend and a secure channel for communicating information captured by these devices to the cloud backend. hardware and device manufacturers can quickly enable their devices to leverage the power of IoTfy. This impact is likely to be created by leveraging IoT to do business through novel forms of customer interaction. and by enhancing and optimizing operations through better efficiency. IoTfy’s REST APIs Framework helps device manufacturers to access data coming from their devices and also helps them to connect with other third party internet services.” said Arpit. a government funded market leader in Electronic Consultancy and Design. The team’s vision is to provide an IoT platform that does not neglect the end users and that is the reason why they have IFTTT like recipes and recipe secure two-way communication channel. called ‘recipes’. two-way messaging IoTfy provides secure two-way messaging service that allows you to send data from your server to your MAY 2015 PCQuest 43 . “We are a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for IoT. using IoTfy a GPS tracker manufacturer can setup a custom user interface for user of their GPS tracker. IoTfy has been developed keeping in mind requirements of the entire ecosystem and in most of the cases. The way we have designed IoTfy. and custom hardware devices for easily connecting the devices to Iotfy’s cloud backend.2 trillion of economic impact globally by 2025 . who has been a serial entrepreneur before. Beagle facebook. How iotfy works IoTfy is a cloud platform designed to quickly setup cloud backend for hardware. The founding team is planning to launch the beta version of the product in July this year. the startup has also garnered investor interests from senior entrepreneurs and industry veterans in India and is expecting to raise its first round of funding by June. Or. following new business models centred on assets and information and dynamic pricing. and Representational State Transfer (REST) APIs framework.etc. or devices connected to the Internet). Shashank Saxena are founders of ATRIM Electronics. Along with this. then that photo will be posted to user’s flicker account automatically.“We are already in the market and are in talks with strategic investors. On the way linkd. For instance. Facebook. Founded in San Francisco. hardware manufacturers can also create customized user interface to their end users. one can think of it as Wordpress for IoT.7–6. This service handles all aspects of security. which are triggered based on changes to other web services such as Gmail. “Shivam & Shashank have been involved in developing custom IoT solutions for enterprises for last four years and their knowledge about the space helped us in designing IoTfy. quality and safety. Because of the vast opportunities in this domain. and Web SDKs to make the offering more robust. sDKs and Libraries IoTfy provides SDKs and Libraries for hardware platforms such as Raspberry Pi. pcquest. By end of this year.” Shivam Dikshit. The paltfrom IoTfy is running in alpha mode as of now and presently the product is an invite only for hardware developers. IotFy will also release platform for the Android. and also to receive messages from devices on the same service.” told Shivam. which is poised to be the biggest technological revolution yet. IoTfy as a platform takes care of both these parts by providing a reliable cloud backend and a secure two way messaging channel. rest APis Framework IoTfy also provides robust REST APIs framework to help a hardware developer to connect and access data coming from the devices and other third party internet services. the team will also integrate big data analysis for developers. a ‘recipe’ might consist of sending an e-mail message if the IFTTT user tweets using a certain twitter. we believe IoTfy has potential to disrupt the IoT space in a manner similar to how Wordpress disrupted the web publishing space. By using IoTfy’s SDKs and libraries that are available for various hardware platforms. According to the founding team. On enquiring about the challenges faced in developing the product. Specific focus while designing IoTfy has been on making it no-brainer for hardware and device manufacturers to set-up their cloud infrastructure within minutes. IoT platforms don’t consider the requirements of the end user. and expected to create $2. California. having built and sold two businesses before starting with IoTfy.

co. It is user friendly and can be attached to any surface for instance. This new era in technology shall give rise to a number of job opportunities and . LifePlot is a portable electrocardiography diagnosis tool. people around you or people with the same twitter.coverstory Innovative IoT Start-Ups Here are some innovative startup companies in India that are currently paving the way for IoT to become a reality Here are some interesting IoT innovations . IoT is going to be one of the most influential trends in technology and will surely up the stakes for markets all over the world. TeeWe allows you to connect all your content to the TV through a single device that has a Wi-fi connection. It also lets you compare these stats with your friends. etc. This helps majorly in case you lose a lot of stuff. pcquest. be it your smart phone or laptop. your phone. The IoT protocol shall be adopted on a wide scale in the near future therefore. driving patterns. wallet or keys. bringing on a new era in the world saga. This device is connected to the internet at all times and provides instant diagnosis for common medical issues. This product is a medical monitoring device which records data of basic medical diagnosis and provides solutions. The TeeWe also turns your phone into a smart remote control therefore making it perfectly user friendly. 44 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 SenseGiz offers tiny sensor chips that you can attach to any of your personal belongings in order to track them. Here are some interesting IoT innovations: CarIQ is a new IoT start up that makes your car smarter with devices that record data from your car like mileage and speed. Sqy! Rewards C ountries all over the world are adopting this new approach and this will result in a number of new start ups that will take over the market like a facebook.Ashwin Meshram. pcquest@cybermedia.



2015: The Year of Cloud & IoT
While the IoT
may still be in its
infancy, within a
few years it will
be commonplace,
giving those looking
to take advantage
of the next big
movement little
time to get up to
- Santhosh D’Souza, Director Systems Engineering, NetApp


he last decade has witnessed tech innovation
that dominates any human development unlike
anything we have seen before. While complexities of technology continue to evolve with the
evolution of technology itself, we have been fairly successful developing mutually complementary solutions that not
only address various technological needs but also in turn
generate new opportunities.
Two such technologies that have mutually evolved and
combined synergistically are cloud and mobile. Without the
cloud many of the mobile apps we have today would not
exist. These applications rely on the biosphere of powerful
cloud-based syncing and storage technology to provide a
compelling cross-platform user experience.
But mobile is just the beginning. As processors become

“Just as the Internet
transformed businesses and
lifestyles in the last twenty
years, IoT, along with the
evolving app environment
and cloud support, will
transform how organizations
do business.”

PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5

ever smaller, cheaper, and more powerful, ‘man’ is trying
to incorporate these innovations into objects that were not
traditionally “intelligent.” There is considerable benefit to
be reaped from adding computational abilities to appliances and everyday items, and equipping them with a connection to the Internet. At a personal level, convenience
features, such as fitness monitoring, automotive safety,
better financial services offerings, or lower insurance rates
are driving adoption from consumers. From a business
perspective, the IoT is quite transformative.

Businesses stand to gain most from iot
Businesses can deliver brand new experiences to
customers, which are highly automated due to the nature
of the IoT. Customers will often pay more for smart services
because of their value-add such as seamless convenience.
Since these new services are often highly automated, the
IoT offers enticing margin for most businesses. In fact,
many industry influencers have predicted that it could
bring a significant economic value-add to the global
economy in coming years.
Gartner predicts that The Internet of Things (IoT) has
a potential transformational effect on the data center
market, its customers, technology providers, technologies,
sales and marketing models. Gartner estimates that the IoT
will include 26 billion units installed by 2020, and by that
time, IoT product and service suppliers will generate incremental revenue exceeding $300 billion, mostly in services.

When reviewed individually, each aspect of the IoT is
not exactly revolutionary. What is different now is that the
underlying infrastructure and makeup of the Internet has
finally matured enough to handle these billions of devices,
thanks to recent technological advances like big data and
the cloud.
Both of these technological aspects play a large role
in IoT success, and for businesses that are looking to take
advantages of these connected devices, mastering the IoT
begins with understanding why it is so powerful.

Mature cloud ecosystem to drive iot
Just as with mobile, the Internet of Things will depend
heavily on the cloud for processing power, storage, and
interconnectedness. It provides a level of connectivity
that was previously impossible for all but the biggest of
enterprises, due to the large hardware footprint that was
once required for these types of initiatives.
With the growing presence of WiFi and 4G-LTE wireless
Internet access, the evolution toward ubiquitous information and communication networks is already evident.
However, for the Internet of Things vision to successfully
emerge, the computing criterion will need to go beyond
traditional mobile computing scenarios that use smart

phones and portables, and evolve into connecting everyday existing objects and embedding intelligence into our
The combination of cloud computing and IoT has
enabled ubiquitous apps and powerful processing of
data streams beyond the capability of individual “things”,
through mobile devices. As more devices connect to the
Internet, mobile apps are poised to evolve further with
the help of IoT, which is bringing with it new experiences
customized to a more-connected environment.
In the foreseeable future, it can be suspected that
special-purpose clouds and applications will emerge to
focus specifically on connecting devices and machines.
They’ll gather data quickly, likely streaming off devices with
very little structure, as well as performing quick analysis of
the data with the ability to instantly respond to the device.
Just as the Internet transformed businesses and lifestyles in the last twenty years, IoT, along with the evolving
app environment and cloud support, will transform how
organizations do business. While it is complex, and poses
some risks, it can help innovate new processes and initiatives to increase an organization’s business performance,
and create customer delight with new products and

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MAY 2015




Internet of Things Gains
Momentum Among Businesses
25% of car buyers said that connectivity made a vehicle much more desirable at the
time of purchase
- Compiled by Preeti Gaur


nterprise adoption of the Internet of Things is
starting to gain momentum as the IoT market is
set to rise to 5.4 billion connections by the year
2020. A Verizon report explains what is IoT, what
the organizations are doing with it, and how businesses can
get the most out of it. Read on
By connecting ‘things’ in the real world — such as
cars, buildings, and industrial equipment — IoT promises
to revolutionize how we live and work. From wearable
devices to smart cities, the benefits reported have
prompted organizations of all sizes to ask how IoT might
affect their organization and their industry, and what they
can do with it.
The report ‘State of the Market: The Internet of Things
(IoT) 2015: Discover How IoT is Transforming Business
Results’, details key factors that are driving the increase in
IoT deployments and includes guidance for business and
public sector leaders on developing an IoT strategy. The
IoT market is likely to experience around 28% year-on-year
growth, rising to 5.4 billion connections across the globe by
2020, counting cellular, fixed line, satellite, and short-range
wireless connections, up from 1.2 billion devices in the
year 2014.

number of B2B iot connections - forecast



In the automotive industry, Verizon’s telematics experts
note that 14 car manufacturers account for 80 percent of

PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5

Measurable benefits from iot projects
By 2025, organizations that adopt IoT extensively will be at
least 10% more profitable than competitors that don’t.
• Transportation companies are saving millions of dollars
by reducing fuel consumption using data captured,
transmitted, and analyzed in near real-time.
• Local governments are making budgets go further with
LED smart street lighting that doesn’t need regular
maintenance, but can automatically report when it
needs to be repaired.
• Utility companies are eliminating costly and
inconvenient home visits to read meters by introducing
smart meters that report more granular usage data
without human intervention.

the worldwide automotive market, and all of them have
a connected car strategy. Additionally, ABI Research cites
that organizations will introduce more than 13 million
health and fitness tracking devices into the workplace
by 2018. Verizon experts predict that by 2025 smart
cities capabilities will become a critical consideration for
companies deciding where to invest and open facilities,
due to their impact on operating costs and talent
“When you look across the spectrum, IoT covers a
multitude of solutions, from wearable devices, to remote
monitoring of energy management devices to industrial
transportation to improve safety and efficiency. New use
cases are created every day; however, the business case for
IoT and enterprise adoption often gets overlooked,” says
Mark Bartolomeo, vice president IoT Connected Solutions
at Verizon. “Within the past year, amid an improving
economy, we’ve seen a number of new entrants starting
to use IoT as a roadmap to improve their customers’
experiences, accelerate growth and create new business
models that are driving societal innovation.”

smart grid solutions are enabling energy and utility companies to improve efficiency and cut waste. rather than just products. This also applies to widely covered categories such as the connected car. showing a compound annual growth rate of twitter. industrial equipment manufacturers are selling outcomes. For example. This is making businesses more receptive to investing in new technologies. the global market for sensors is expected to increase to $91. cloud computing. Verizon pcquest. a precious commodity in many places. formulating a viable strategy and developing IoT solutions can be highly complex. more than 600 million vehicles worldwide are currently not connected to a network. Digital certificates can help address growing C-suite and public concerns and meet regulatory demands around IoT and security. The ability to gather data and turn it into insight is an important factor in building and sustaining competitive advantage. intelligent networking — are familiar to most businesses and public sector organizations. “As machine-to-machine technology adoption continues to move downstream with millions of endpoints connected. For example. M2M sensors can enable organizations to monitor assets. whatever medium they choose. Use of social media & mobile technology transformed consumer and citizen expectations. The IoT market’s investor and consumer confidence has grown. from elevators to shipping containers. increasing connectivity. According to the report. While the core technologies powering the Internet of Things — sensors. and data processing power is making the ROI equations for IoT projects look even more fueling iot iot Growth supports Current trends Various technological. political and social factors are driving the growth of IoT: Declining cost of sensors. “Our role is to help key decision makers tackle complexities like security head-on by encouraging a more proactive posture in order to create value for their organizations while reducing potential risk.” Bartolomeo says. widespread enterprise adoption is currently low. improve operational efficiency and bring out innovations. M2M connections on Verizon’s network increased from 2013 to 2014 by sector: Manufacturing 204% Finance and Insurance 128% Media and Entertainment 120% Home Monitoring 89% Retail and Hospitality 88% Transportation and Distribution 83% Energy and Utilities 49% Public Sector/Smart Cities 46% Healthcare and Pharmaceutical 40% Barriers to Growth Recent growth in M2M connections and a global spotlight on IoT-enabled solutions notwithstanding. Improving insight has become a strategic priority for many organizations.” Source: State of the Market: The Internet of Things (IoT) 2015: Discover How IoT is Transforming Business Results. IoT can help businesses to increase revenue. IoT can help by making services personal. And a broader IoT landscape brings greater security challenges. The ‘off-the-shelf’ IoT solutions are also starting to materialize with greater frequency as a replacement for highly customized solutions. in near real time. Use analytics and cloud-enabled platforms are making it possible to understand and engage with your customers linkd. food and drug manufacturers can monitor shipping containers for changes in temperature that could affect product quality and safety using cheap battery-powered sensors and 4G LTE connectivity.5 billion by 2016. At present. better and accessible. Changing regulatory requirements across a number of industries is also powering IoT adoption. And train companies and automotive manufacturers are fitting vehicles with IoT-enabled systems that can predict and help prevent accidents. According to a BCC Research report. Just 10 percent of enterprises have deployed IoT technologies extensively — suggesting that many organizations are in a pilot phase or are waiting for more insights from early MAY 2015 PCQuest 49 .in/pcquest pcquest@cybermedia. For example. There’s still a lot more work to be done in regard to the creation and ratification of industry standards. which have historically characterized many enterprise IoT implementations. like machine hours. And farmers are using IoT to improve yields while conserving water.8 facebook. it will change how we see cybersecurity and privacy. According to Verizon’s telematics experts. with 4GLTE activations growing by 135 percent. Verizon manages more than 15 million IoT-enabled connections for a wide range of industries. Organizations are using IoT in their efforts to meet new environmental standards and safety targets. IoT business witnessed 45 percent year-over-year revenue growth in 2014.

your music system starts humming away. The millennials love IoT. we’re going to have more processing power than the computer NASA used to land astronauts in the moon. Without objects actually acting ‘smart. “The smartphone is a classic example of how IoT tech can be brought under one roof. a bed will adjust itself based on posture. it has to be built under the backbone of analytical data.Global Service Providers. making tech engaging and intuitive. Your water heater is ready. an opaque smart glass on your window will turn transparent to let sunshine stream into your room. The government has allocated $962 million for smart cities in its federal budget for the year and the country is attracting several international investments on this facebook. Step out of your room. A wrist band will monitor your sleep. The entire building is smart and everything is automated. Not much can go wrong if the coffee . To sustain the IoT market. into the kitchen and you will find a steaming hot cup of coffee waiting for As more inanimate objects get intelligent.Krishnakumar Gangaatharan. The phone acts as a simple solution that collates disparate nodes of data and unifies them. But to take this vision to realisation. With the Internet of Things.Because of the endless range of possibilities and the customisable nature of IoT. With the proliferation of smart cities. With introduction of devices like Raspberry pi and SDK’s like Java ME the IoT revolution is happening faster than one would imagine. many smaller companies are making strides in this space. this market will simply not be able to scale for end consumers. This new age of tech savvy enthusiasts are also breeding and educating their peers on the benefits and use cases of IoT solutions. a toothbrush that highlights dental hygiene.coverstory How IoT is Going to Impact Our Lives IoT will generate enough Big Data which has the potential to dramatically increase productivity. Each of these devices run apps on a network.’ by understanding patterns and pcquest@cybermedia. one needs to make sense of data and be able to change lines and lines of machine code in real-time. to send receive and process data.” 50 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 What an iot enabled home looks like IoT will redefine the way humans interact with their surroundings. and reduce the marginal cost of producing and delivering a full range of goods and services across the entire economy . the blanket will highlight movement. an IoT solution can become a veritable twitter. Solution Architect . If these devices do not seamlessly interact with each other. structuring data is an absolute must to make these cities sustainable. AppDynamics T oday’s engineering is making science fiction look linkd. (IoT) we’re going to witness a rage of budding entrepreneurs giving meaning to everyday objects – constantly making them smarter and improving automation. Technology pioneers are creating products that seemed nearly impossible a decade back. These technologies are already out there in the market. Several tech giants and scores of start-ups are working to make IoT a reality. Every household object from dishwashers to refrigerators to blankets is going to be embedded with computing chips.

It is not easy to build an app for a device with such compact hardware. rich analytics can be unearthed about the behaviour of applications. developers can monitor end user experience of the app and enhance that experience by modelling suitable runtime architecture for each app. Things could turn nastier if stoves and gas burners are also on the network and happen to misbehave. With AppDynamics’ real-time monitoring. Several application developers are working on developing easy to use apps for the Apple Watch. developers need to get it right the first time. This might seem like a simple task. According to Jeremy Rifkin. Spotting patterns and automating repetitive tasks is critical to IoT. Wearable technology –A mascot for the iot market Wearable technology has been there for a while now.machine makes the wrong coffee or the windows remain opaque in the mornings. a wrong line of code can result in anything ranging from a false alarm to the cops or the entire house being burgled. providing the developer with useful information and helping in improving the performance of the application. A consumer should not be forced to interact with a dozen facebook. a social thinker. For the mass application of IoT.. bringing you one step closer to the concept of IoT. rich analytics can be unearthed about the behaviour of applications. With the plethora of apps in the linkd. IoT will generate enough Big Data which has the potential to “. the developer can test it to ensure that it is lighter and faster. Errors and time lags are plotted on charts in real-time. dramatically increase productivity. But if the home security system is a part of IoT. This way the intricate technology works in the background.” While companies are developing technology related to IoT it is important for developers to ensure they’re deployed successfully with minimal errors. insights can be driven. But the introduction of the Apple smart watch is said to herald mass acceptance of wearable tech across the globe. but entirely exhilarating. As a concept IoThas the potential to shape the future. the Apple Watch also runs a host of applications which helps the useruse less of the phone and yet be aware of your surroundings by the flick of your wrist. the developer can identify unnecessary code that causes the app to run slow.” to quickly identify the key data points which are critical to the application. Once the product is marketed. making tech engaging and intuitive. technology has to be entirely agnostic. Even before the app is ready. pcquest. This data is vital in understanding pain points of the app. the maker can also get insights into how the app is being consumed by different users across the globe. The phone acts as a simple solution that collates disparate nodes of data and unifies them. but it involves a lot of testing and precise coding.. Our expertise helps developers analyse their code and identify bottlenecks down to the line of code causing We need more automation.A lot of technology is still in its infancy and the concept is new to app developers and product manufacturers alike. But the smartphone has a few inherent limitations that can be addressed by wearable tech. Data will be the kingmaker Let’s take an example ofan app developer designing a fitness tracking app for the Apple Watch. After the app is rolled out. making it easier for a consumer and the twitter. The software visually represents the data for the developers “By helping developers easily sift through the code and make changes in a real-time environment.The app should be smart enough to conserve battery life and provide an unrivalled experience to the consumer. This allows the developer roll-out the ideal product. when the idea is to automate processes. before a marketable product is available. areas of improvement and ways to make the application more engaging for a pcquest@cybermedia. By helping developers easily sift through the code and make changes in a real-time environment. To speed things along and monitor the performance of applications on the watch. This is possible only by analysing data and constantly working on the code to market the best available product. and reduce the marginal cost of producing and delivering a full range of goods and services to near zero across the entire economy. Therefore. making it easier for a consumer to automate redundant processes and allowing a maker gain usage patterns to better the product. App development and support is necessary to make IoT related technology available to a wider audience. developers need Application Performance Management tools to get the best of their applications. one that is user-friendly providing the customers with an experience that is not just MAY 2015 PCQuest 51 . Using AppDynamics’ product. The smartphone is a classic example of how IoT tech can be brought under one roof. the areas which increase lag and make the user experience distorted. data collection is vital to iron out glitches and errors. It also plots the geographic distribution of the application users. Being the precursor to IoT.

according to Turgeon. the government is aiming to bring the changes like ‘Digital India’ which means wide fiber optic country by 2016 and digitization of government services. allowing location to be immediately sent to a central command. While Wi-Fi is certainly one of the services. VP & Chief Technologist. As governments provision all these new capabilities and services to their smart cities. With this. This is what he calls ‘smart-safety’.co. the Government of India has come up with innovative initiatives like the Digital India. what do you do? What if the emergency services operator could instantly forward you a video showing how to perform CPR? This can save a life. elaborated twitter. a smart city is more than just enabling Wi-Fi services. This means some systems have already established both a voice and data channel. part of most smart cities initiatives are adding video surveillance and analytics in very large scale. tops the minds of decision makers in the private and public linkd. Do smart cities create security challenges? Jean Turgeon.coverstory How Indian Government can secure the smart cities of the future PM Narendra Modi’s vision Digital India would require reducing the ability for hackers to gain access and visibility of the IP infrastructure. Software Defined Architecture. Imagine someone having a heart attack in a restaurant right next to you but you are not CPR trained. seeking for solutions that reduce the ability for hackers to gain access and visibility of their IP infrastructure and topology. One benefit of the data channel through simple functionality is SMS. as the individual dials for emergency. The next step is to take full advantage of the multimedia capabilities and also enable a discrete video channel when dialing for emergencies. Avaya 52 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 First. engagement solutions and sensors to enable IoT faster than it has ever been imagined. Turgeon said that he is pleasantly surprised with some areas in India where some applications have been developed to provide instant location services as the person in crisis dials for emergency. Therefore. and in the foreseeable future. financial. ‘smart cities’ initiative implies 2500 Wi-Fi enabled cities over three years and providing services to education. The Indian government is looking for solutions that deliver components such as video surveillance. and ‘Make in India’ initiative. this means a video can be pushed to the person in crisis. Smart City. With these initiatives. which is now live in many parts across the world and the region. Software Defined facebook. governments and enterprises are concerned about anyone penetrating their corporate networks and assets. From a more fundamental security point of view. Also. Avaya to know more about the relevance of security in the Smart City and Internet of .in/pcquest pcquest@cybermedia. a lot of people would guess Cyber Security is a top priority for governments lately. healthcare. WW Sales. but there is a wide opportunity to progress and make it consistent across countries. VP & Chief Technologist. which is quite difficult once again when using a legacy infrastructure. and Make in India initiatives. which means sustainable growth and boost in the country’s overall exports.Rashi Varshney W ith a lot of buzz around smart cities. We spoke to Jean Turgeon. which exposes their intellectual property and of course potential citizens and customer information. Vision and challenges for the indian government India is entering into an ‘era of engagement’ which will be the engine of value creation to the country and its people. for which solutions are available in the market . they will have to review their pcquest.

Turgeon summarized that. would require multiple physical networks to scale and not compromise facebook. Avaya introduced SDN Fx for that exact reason. to video streaming to recovery times from failures. but many will require connectivity to the city infrastructure and even the carrier connected devices will likely have to connect securely back to some common analytics infrastructure securely. MAY 2015 PCQuest 53 . to scalability. Of course. As an According to Turgeon. a next generation matrix architecture based on Ethernet transport and optimized for IP services regardless of their connectivity need to be deployed and implemented. IoT and security as well as scalability and reliability. Avaya differentiated its offering by optimizing its next generation architecture to be tailored to enable IP services over linkd. if the city uses natural gas. IoT/IoE requirements. in the end it converges to the need for next generation architecture to address the next generation smart cities needs. but some vendors are lagging behind because they have been so fixated on the data center. How can governments make their cities safer? Cities have to move to a different architecture model to support next generation smart-x services. A due diligence is definitely required to achieve these objectives. many devices such as twitter. The market has to stop tolerating vendors trying to fool them and challenge all of them to offer something innovative and suitable to meet the smart cities. wearables. Seeing this opportunity stepping in. carrier wireless will play a key role into this. What is the point of deploying IoT if it cannot scale. all need to be seriously evaluated. The good news is that there is a solution to this. All these are referred as edge devices which are what the IoT or Internet of Everything (IOE) is all about. This can’t be achieved with a 20 or 25 years old client / server architecture. sensors. Turgeon points out that the challenge is how to securely connect all these devices at the edge of a city network. but over 25 years we have increased its complexity and made reliability a huge challenge due to complex protocols required to address all of these business needs. they may want to implement sensors to detect the flow and potential leaks of gas throughout the city to quickly react to a potential issue. etc. JR added that it is all about Ethernet and IP. enhance security to smart cities and IoT/IoE. is not secure and reliable? That wouldn’t be too smart would it? pcquest. From security. in the past. iot with security To address and enhance security as part of a smart city initiative. said Turgeon. to scale. The legacy client-server model has served us well. smart cities will improve security as opposed to augment or create security risks if properly implemented. the legacy model is no longer suitable and it is time to press the ‘reset’ button and start with a new mindset. and connect securely the ones through a carrier or third party infrastructure? This means we need much more agility to add thousands of devices to a network that. They would also have to consider adding sensors technology to address various needs contributing to making the city safer.infrastructure to be able to scale and meet the real time analytics requirements. All these require connectivity at the edge of the networking pcquest@cybermedia. Turgeon said that the technology is available now.

the dependencies are bound to be exploited to acquire data. The activities could leak personal data to the log file. and eventually control over the application. And facebook. and dependencies can range from simple to complex. 4. passwords. Here are a few do’s and don’ts as well a few tools that could help one develop a secure application. As this is a temporary purpose. But then Boom! we have another application accessing the location without requesting the appropriate permissions. A malicious app when run. there have been cases where a user should not have ‘trusted’ the released application. Application 1. The service could activate remote calls from other apps that don’t have permission. it should be every single component! That’s right. twitter. a developer could store the location obtained in a world readable file. Most of you might believe that with the Android permission model in place. The content provider could grant access to the database. The Implementation: This code is for let’s say. Android has its list of security . And it’s a pretty tough competition between the Android platform developers on one side and the hackers on the other. can be observed to download data via Application 1. Application 1 allows the malicious app to download data on its Dealing with intentFilters The Requirement: The same service needs to be initiated for two different jobs. The flexible platform works on heavy collaborations between uploads data and downloads data. an application requires the user’s location for a feature. For instance: 1. You typically use an explicit intent to start a component in your own app. Now. Here is a typical Android application: On studying the diagram. Application Developer. to avoid ‘introducing’ vulnerabilities in Android applications. 5. if one was asked to list down the components that could cause the Android device to leak data or capabilities. This is because the malicious app knows the ‘action’ that will trigger the service. In this scenario. what would the most probable answer be? For e. ThoughtWorks J ust as with any software system. The settings file could be world readable or world writable allowing access to the service. 54 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 The Issue: Application 1 does two simple things . pcquest.. Call Out Points: Explicit Intents specify the component to start by name (the fully qualified class name).in/pcquest pcquest@cybermedia.developer Who Owns Your Android Application? In spite of the world’s most accomplished security professionals working on the Android linkd. 3. In this series. as the service was initiated via an implicit intent. A typical Android Application Well. The effectiveness of the permission model is nullified. every single component could be exposing data if developers do not take the necessary precautions during development. The data transmitted over the network could be in clear text or there is the possibility of the web service being compromised. it is most often easier to write a secure app in Android than it is to write an insecure app but only when one knows what’s safe and what’s not safe. are listed a few security measures that can be adopted right from the development stage.g. Here are some precautions how developers can take to reduce vulnerabilities in Android applications – Nazneen Rupawalla. there should not be any fear of compromising security.

This is a security vulnerability. Application 1 would ask the WiFi manager and grant the malicious application.xml: Before: Androip App with the Wi-Fi manager denies access to the Malicious App 2. Application 1 asks the WiFi manager. there is a clear possibility of the application inadvertently exporting that component. whether it’s allowed to access WiFi. you can use an implicit intent to request that another capable app show a specified location on a map. In the AndroidManifest. the permission.XML. An Android Operating System has a WiFi manager which is inside the system facebook. Application 1 is being ‘deputized’ by the WiFi manager and leaks information to the other app without the correct permissions. 3. For example. there are permissions you can grant in the AndroidManifest. But what happens in the case of Application 1 exposing a component (perhaps. And Application 1 in the question has a service that talks to the WiFi manager. the confused deputy. it would be denied. For example. when an intent filter is added for any purpose. Application 1 could return some information back to the malicious application without having the correct permissions. Implicit Intents do not name a specific component. Application 1 would probably be granted the permission as it has requested for the appropriate WiFi permission during installation. pcquest. there are security repercussions for not doing so. if one does not ‘intent’ a component to be exported in their application and down the line. This makes Application 1. This can be avoided by. So. but instead declare a general action to perform. 2. If developers choose to set the value of ‘exported’ as ‘false’ in their intent filter definition. In Scenario I 1. The malicious application asks Application 1 to access WiFi. if nothing else. After: So breaking this down. they can prevent accidentally exporting internal components. If a malicious application that requests no such permission is installed. This is because Application 1 has asked for the permissions during the installation. if you want to show the user a location on a map. A component of an Application gives access to the Malicious App In Scenario II: 1. Note: If you do wish to make your components available but only for limited use. 3. explicitly mark components as exported and granting appropriate permissions in the manifest file. which allows a component from another app to handle it. through an exposed intentfilter) that is part of the WiFi control? And the malicious application decides to ask Application 1 for access. and it asks the WiFi manager for permission to M A Y 2 0 1 5 PCQuest 55 . it’s a good idea to make an explicit decision of whether or not to mark a component as exported.because you know the class name of the activity or service you want to start. Android doesn’t require one to do so pcquest@cybermedia. The Solution: An Intent Filter signals the Android system to expose components to other linkd. What is a Confused Deputy Problem? Let’s use an example to explain this further. as discussed. The above solution can solve what is called the Confused Deputy Problem. start a new activity in response to a user action or start a service to download a file in the background.

pcquest. Choose from over 2 million combinations of free effects. You can make your snaps funny and can It has become a social movement of creatives. and fine56 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 tune any picture. Camera HDR Studio also allows you to shoot up to 30 photos per second depending on your device’s speed. including standard pcquest@cybermedia. 12 artistic effects and 50 color effects etc. a posterizer with numerous templates. It supports a wide variety of HDR modes. and borders to further personalize your image. with special shooting modes such as a tilt-shift camera. . The basic ‘Effect Camera’ allows you to apply a variety of filters and special effects. filters and shot modes. but there are some apps which can provide extra features and can enhance the quality of your photos. Autodesk Pixlr Pixlr (formerly Pixlr Express) is a fun and powerful photo editor that lets you quickly crop. You get 9 HDR modes. Camera HDR Studio Camera HDR Studio is a quite simple app that comes with ability to take HDR photographs even without HDR facebook. all in a completely ad-free experience. we showcase some of the apps that let you do precisely the same… Snapseed Snapseed is the simple and useful app to beautify your every day photographs. You can create several pranks using it. PicsArt is more than an app. Create a free Pixlr account to automatically unlock premium content with features including Double Exposure with blend modes and Auto Contrast. rotate. the ones featured below not only let you capture images but also enhances them through nifty editing features .com/pcquest linkd. overlays. providing users with numerous quick-fire tools for sprucing up their twitter. Camera 360 Ultimate Camera 360 Ultimate is loaded with several features. transform. and share the photos with ease. It comes with built-in Google+ capabilities which enable you to share your images with your friends and family.handson 5 Best Camera Apps for Android Devices Beyond the default camera app that comes loaded with your smartphones. A dedicated ‘Selfie Camera’ mode for selfie addicts comes with numerous preset enhancements for bringing out skin tone and visual ambiance to give you exactly the look and feel you want for your next self-portrait. providing users with numerous shooting options. passionate to beautify the world. PicsArt Photo Studio The PicsArt comes with April Fools’ Frames package to spice up your April Fools’ Day shots with 16 frames and collage templates. artistic or even cartoon like snaps.Raj Kumar Maurya Y ou may have the best camera in your Android Smartphone. it’s a image editing and sharing platform.

if not. it will get decrypted. we check which drive was encrypted.Raj Kumar Maurya Step 5: So now you have /dev/sda5 available as encrypted drive. You will find the solution in the following steps: Step1: First. In this case it is pcquest12345 sudo -i apt-get update Step 3: Install cryptsetup as it is responsible for encryption/ decryption of data. the following screen will show. Then you have to mount the drive as follows: mount /dev/mapper/server1--vg-root /mnt In this case there was lvm configured at /dev/mapper/ Then boot the failed device or system with the Ubuntu bootable CD/USB device. After successful mounting. you can see the contents as before in the drive /mnt/root Step 4: Now. and you have to mount it as follows: cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sda5 unlock Step 6: Then it will ask for the passphrase which is the encryption password for the hard disk.Recovering Data From an Encrypted Hard Disk on Ubuntu twitter. blkid | grep crypto pcquest.04 Learn how you can use a live Ubuntu DVD or a USB to recover an encrypted hard disk in a failed boot device environment Y ou can easily retrieve data with the help of live CDs or USB boot devices if the hard disk is not linkd. we need to mount the internal hard disk. First. We use the following command: cd /mnt/root ls Now you can either use scp or usb copy for the data and you have successfully recovered your data. then install it using the following command: apt-get install cryptsetup Step 7: After putting the password. you need to make an Ubuntu CD/USB bootable device. Choose Try Ubuntu: Step 2: You will get the window as shown below for the default desktop. Open the terminal and get into the root terminal as follows: . What if the hard disk is encrypted? Then the situation becomes a little tricky. you can check yours in the directory / dev/mapper. After facebook. By default it would be MAY 2015 PCQuest 57 .

Networking and more capabilities for your PC along with some CRM tools to manage your current and future customers ...Raj Kumar Maurya FeDorA 22 BetA CoMPLete sUite: Fedora 22 Cloud Beta: Latest versions of rpm-ostree and rpm-ostree-toolbox.. 2015. 10 LiCenses WortH `24. and synchronize sales and . In addition get the latest Linux distro Fedora 22 Beta complete alongwith IPfire firewall and much more. Updated Cockpit web-based management application. A Vagrant image for Fedora 22 Atomic Host is now linkd. The Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT) now features better notifications in this facebook.. PC security. as the login screen now uses Wayland.. Fedora 22 server Beta: Now provides stable D-Bus interface to manage the deployment of server roles which is based on PostgreSQL. Key FeATuReS • • • • • Saves time using Hotkey and improves productivity Hotkey to Show/Hide Desktop icons Rapid screenshots with Auto Save Do real Multi-tasking Control Speaker volume with hotkey and windowing system with automate. the latter of which can be used to generate Atomic hosts from a custom set of packages.000 to Be Won Win A LiCenseD CoPY oF KeYWin .. WortH oF inr 19. entertainment experience.A tAsK AUtoMAtion UtiLitY (inr 199 eACH).com twitter..16 and replaces the X. Fedora 22 Workstation Beta: Comes with new GNOME pcquest@cybermedia. get twice as lucky! PCQuest Contest Win A LiCenseD CoPY oF AsHAMPoo snAP 8 sCreen CAPtUrinG tooL.onthedvd 10 Free opens source CRM Tools for managing a company’s current and future customers to organize. CHeCK OuT THIS MONTH’S DVD TO PARTICIPATe Hurry!! Contest closes by May 31.... Enhanced productivity. 58 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest.900) Key FeATuReS • Simply capture everything with accurate text recognition • Assemble and edit multiple screenshots • 4k ready / made for highest resolutions • Capture entire web pages • 53 one-click image effects and more. Imaging. (100 nos. Now.

organize projects and delegate employees to perform operations. including ADOdg. splendidCrM It is built on the Microsoft platform (SQL Server. inventory management. xtuple It includes modules for accounting. Customer Service and Enterprise Content Management. Manufacturing and Service industries. and they can be deployed individually or as an integrated suite in either Software as a Service (SaaS) or on-premise pcquest. marketing and service. a customer self-service portal and web forms. Compiere automates accounting. The enterprise software is developed with Java/J2EE and Concursive’s developer community. facebook. CiviCRM is designed to manage information about an organization’s donors. xrMs XRMS includes CRM. HR management and SFA functionality. 7. and gamified open source CRM application that is written in PHP utilizing pcquest@cybermedia.10 oPen soUrCe CrM soFtWAre For orGAniZAtions 1. 3. Recent improvements to the user interface. A new Report Designer adds greater flexibility to reports that can be created with the SplendidCRM. marketing automation. customer support. clients. Concoursesuite The four major modules in ConcourseSuite are linkd. Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. IIS. upgraded analytics and dashboards. and case contacts. It also offers built-in business intelligence tools and mobility integration. vtiger It is a LAMP/WAMP-based product. Volunteers. Content and Team (which deals with collaboration). This means you can create and maintain a custom-built Open Source CRM system with the assurance that future updates are not going to break your installation. implementing a solid corporate relationship management system to organize tasks and schedule appointments. It features complete internationalization. members. inventory tracking and many more. marketing campaigns. Windows Server. MAY 2015 PCQuest 59 .NET C# and ASP. knowledgebase. and mobile phones. mobile support. social. Mobile CRM. Social CRM and reporting. Zurmo It’s a mobile. with add-ons available for Microsoft Outlook and Office. sugarCrM The application is written in PHP and works with the MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases. which comes with Sales Force Automation (SFA). supply chain. Web. 6. It uses a test-driven methodology for building every part of the application. Yii Framework. or vendors can be managed using CiviCRM. Compiere ERP is distributed under GPL V2 by Compiere. value added resellers (VARs) and system integrators. 9. inventory and sales orders. and RedBeanPHP. and several sales-oriented aspects of the Enterprise edition improves its voters as well as more general sorts of business contacts such as employees. sales and project management. so as to bypass geographical locations. . 5. manage project orders and customer requests. The application is developed in PHP and is compatible with an assortment of databases. grant application seekers and funders. Google Calendar. 4. It helps you with Leads & Pipeline. customer versions. 2. The new Report Designer looks and feels similar to the Microsoft Report Builder query designer to minimize the learning curve. Compiere Compiere ERP+CRM is the leading open source ERP solution for Distribution. Sugar’s functionality includes sales-force automation. currency and tax related limitations. opentaps Opentaps is built on Apache Open for twitter. Retail. self service portal. subscribers. Marketing. Inc. The CRM application provides basic functionality for sales. including synchronization with Microsoft Outlook. collaboration. It enables managers to keep track of their important contacts and accounts. event registrants. NET) and is targeted to an indirect channel of consultants. 10 CiviCrM This CRM integrates with the Drupal and Joomla content management systems. activists. Thunderbird. calendaring and email integration out of the virtual box. with some additional aspects of business intelligence and computer telephony integration (CTI).

Apache openoffice: Open-source office software suite for word processing. 4. twitter. 2. Freemake Youtube Downloader: It lets you download online from YouTube. Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) and browser Hijackers. Avast Free Antivirus: It comes with easy UI. Libreoffice: Productivity suite for Windows. 2. Office XP and Office 2003 to open. Toolbars. 4. converter and editor. Comodo internet security: Comodo has put firewall through all kinds of sophisticated tests to ensure its powerful enough to ward off these attacks with default settings. itunes: Tunes is a free application for Mac and PC. CCleaner: CCleaner is a quick and easy to use program which makes your computer . iPhone. including photo retouching. 7. 4 image editing software Faststone image: FastStone Image Viewer is a fast. PSP. 6 Security. image composition. 5. AdwCleaner: AdwCleaner is an application that searches for and deletes Adware. Panda Free: It is a lightweight application that only works where necessary. It syncs content to your iPod. 3. stable and user-friendly image browser. 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 2 3 6 system tuning tools 1. creating. MP3. and image construction. facebook. and Apple TV. Hotspot shield: It is a versatile internet security and privacy solution that protects your privacy and enables you to access any blocked website and content. VLC Media Player: VLC Media Player is the most popular and robust multi format. Linux Corner: Video tutorial: Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners Latest Versions of Linux Distro’s iPFire 2. edit and save Microsoft’s newer office formats. MP4. graphics and databases. 3. MKV.Firewalls and Antivirus 2. Facebook. 3. 3GP.17: A hardened Linux appliance distribution designed for use as a firewall. irfanView: It is a very fast. VFW/ACM codecs and tools. 4 office tools 1. Adobe reader: Program for viewing. linkd. managing and manipulating PDF (Portable Document Format) files. optimized scanning options and continuously updated database of virus definition. Blender: Blender is an integrated application that enables the creation of a broad range of 2D and 3D content. iPhone. Free Video Converter: Convert video free to AVI. iPad. free media player. K-Lite: The K-Lite Codec Pack is a collection of DirectShow filters. The application is easy to use with a simple design and UI. Dailymotion and over 10. presentations. small. 4. 5. Vimeo. Xbox.000 other sites. It plays all your digital music and videos. office Compatibility Pack: Add-on for Microsoft Office 2000. 60 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest. the Gimp: It is suitable for a variety of image manipulation tasks. that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs.onthedvd 20 essentials tools for new PCs 5 Multimedia tools 1. DVD. compact and innovative graphic viewer and editor for Windows. pcquest@cybermedia. Android phones. more secure and more reliable. Macintosh and AVG Free edition: AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is trusted antivirus and antispyware including LinkScanner Active Surf-Shield that checks web pages for threats.

Bharath Gupta Paluri. navnit r Patel. Jabalpur linkd. Praveen nagpal. surat facebook. new Delhi 3. Anoop pcquest@cybermedia. Chanpreet Bedi. Chennai 2. eliminating various enemies in North Korea. Ashok Kannan. Prakash. 5 CoMBAt MACHines You are a Combat Machine commander ambushed in an enemy territory. new Delhi 6. 2 4 Monsters’ WHeeLs Welcome to racing with monster trucks. boost them up to crazy and destroy. south West Delhi 11. Your task is simple .6 Games 1 KoreA: sWAt Mission The SWAT mission has begun. rajahmundry 5. earn money and upgrade your cars. Beat your enemies on the track or defeat them on the ring 6 HeLiCoPter WArs Awesome helicopter arcade game. sUPerCoW The evil professor Duriarti escaped from prison and took all of Sunny Valley’s inhabitants hostage to conduct hideous experiments. rajendra Kumar Jangid. Prakash Dutta. perform stunts. Bengaluru 8. srinivasan ramamoorthy. Prasenjit Dey. satyendra Prasad. Kanpur 10. Dsp Vijay. Bengaluru 3. Kolkata 4. new Delhi 15. roshan Kumar. shilpa sharma. Shoot ‘Em Up with plenty of adventures and adrenaline WINNeRS OF PCQueST APRIL CReATIVITy CONTeST Congratulations to all the winners! smartsHoW 3D slideshow software WINNeRS steganos Privacy suite 16 9. sachit Anand Pathak. Delhi MAY 2015 PCQuest 61 .com twitter. Mumbai pcquest. Kolkata 5. Jaipur 1. new Delhi 13. Your goal is to complete all of your missions. 3 roBo rACinG Robo Racing is the unique mix of racing and fighting. new Delhi 1. new Delhi 12. sayandeep Banerjee. sumegh. Aditi sindwani. Pune 4. Gaurav

which makes it perfect for those who like to experience the full power of Android OS. So if you are a power user.4. Cyanogen OS 12 • 16GB in-built storage. Smartphones these days are equipped with Quad-core processors and powerful GPU units to deliver decent gaming experience.5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (267ppi) • . 1) Micromax Yureka Price: ` available online only 62 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 PRICE 9/10 fEATURES 9/10 PERfORMANCE 8/10 OVERALL 9/10 pcquest. 3G and 4G connectivity: The chipsets empowering the smartphones these days are equipped with 3G and 4G antennas. You can expect a battery unit of 2500 to 3000 mAh in smartphones under 10k. which feature an HD screen but the pixel per inch. Having said that. it also gives a tough competition in terms of performance to all other contenders in its price bracket and even some best mid-range smartphones.4 Kitkat OS. 4G enabled. You can easily get a smartphone with 8 to 13 MP rear and 2 to 5 MP front camera sensors under 10k. loud and clear output speakers. Key Specs • 5.000. the first and foremost aspect to consider before buying a smartphone is the display. Quad-core processors and GPU units for gaming: Gone are the days when budget smartphones were backed by low end first generation dual-core CPUs. Manufacturers integrate their products with sensors that can take some really good shots and can even shoot in HD facebook. Moreover.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 chipset. There are various smartphones under 10. Cyanogen OS with its customization twitter. Besides all these smartphones these days have large battery units that can last a day or long even with a heavy usage. nice pcquest@cybermedia. This is the first device with Cyanogen OS. expandable up-to 32 GB • 2500mAh The best value for money linkd. which let you consume internet at faster speeds. snappy performance Display has a bluish tone and pixel count is not the best (267ppi). which actually translates into the crispness of the content differs according to their size. HD display: In the age of touch screen devices. here’s what you can expect from a smartphone under 10.shootout Best 10 smartphones under 10k Indian smartphone market has witnessed some real action in last few months and the focus has been shifted from feature phones to budget smartphones – Rohit Arora S martphone manufacturers have started developing handsets which despite being affordable don’t compromise on performance. 2 GB RAM • 13 MP rear with LED Flash & 5 MP front camera • Android 4. 2 GB RAM: We would not have thought of a smartphone with 2 GB RAM in this budget a year back. however the competition has now made it possible.999 Yureka is one of the best smartphones that we have tested in sub 10K category. you can opt for a smartphone with 2 GB RAM. Decent cameras: Smartphones in budget category also don’t compromise on camera technology.000.

decent screen and delivers good multitasking experience.4 Kitkat OS • 8GB in-built pcquest@cybermedia.scan this code for more info. no flash. Key Specs: • 4. sleek design. 2) redmi 2 Price: ` twitter.0 Lollipop • 8GB in-built linkd. And you also get 4G connectivity which makes it one of the few budget smartphones in this price bracket. Motorola branding Poor camera performance. expandable up-to 32GB • 2300 mAh battery unit Good battery back-up.999 and `7. The smartphone has an amazing 4G enabled PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 8/10 PERfORMANCE 8/10 OVERALL 8/10 MIUI 6 lags occasionally.0 Lollipop out of the box.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU. Key Specs: • 4. smooth computing performance. computing performance not as good as Redmi 2 or Lenovo A7000 4) Lenovo A6000 Plus Price: `7. Key Specs: • 5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (294 ppi) • 1. expandable up-to 32GB • 2200 mAh battery One of the best camera at this price. it offers 4G connectivity on both the SIM cards. To download a barcode app.4. but it surely has a trusted brand PRICE 7/10 fEATURES 7/10 PERfORMANCE 8/10 OVERALL 7/10 MAY 2015 PCQuest 63 .499 Lenovo A6000 marked the impressive entry of Lenovo in budget smartphone category. SMS <f2k> to 56677 from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera.2 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 CPU. front camera and expandable memory. good battery back-up. Moreover. Though it’s not the best in terms of performance in this price bracket.4 with MIUI 6 • 8GB in-built storage. 1 GB RAM (Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU in 4G model) • 5 MP autofocus rear & VGA front camera • Android 5.2 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU. plastic built 3) Moto e 3G and 4G Price: `6.5” IPS LCD capacitive display 540x960 pixels (245 ppi) • 1. 64-bit processor offers good performance.999 respectively One of the best selling budget smartphones from the house of Motorola gets noticeable updates such as 3G and 4G connectivity. sturdy design. 2 GB RAM • 16 MP rear with LED flash & 2 MP front camera • Android 4. 4G enabled Average camera performance. expandable up-to 32GB • 2380 mAh battery unit PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 7/10 PERfORMANCE 7/10 OVERALL 7/10 Android 5. The smartphone is quite capable to deliver a smooth multitasking experience without compromising on performance. 1 GB RAM • 8 MP rear with LED flash & 2MP front camera • Android 4. which works quite a lot in a market like India.7 “ IPS LCD capacitive HD display (312 ppi) • 1. no screen protection facebook.999 Xiaomi has the credit to change the budget smartphone landscape and its latest device Redmi 2 is one solid contender.

1 GB RAM • 8 MP rear with LED flash & 1 MP front camera • 8 GB in-built storage. decent display and will also receive an update to Windows pcquest@cybermedia. expandable up-to 128 GB • 2900 mAh battery Good design. 4G enabled Tough to use with one hand PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 8/10 PERfORMANCE 9/10 OVERALL 8/10 6) Lumia 535 Price: `7. decent screen. Key Specs: • 5. Its large screen works well for consumption of multimedia content. Key Specs: • 5” IPS LCD capacitive display 540x960 pixels (~220 ppi pixel density) • 1. 2 GB RAM • 8MP rear with LED flash & 5 MP front camera with wide angle lens • Android . vibrant display PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 7/10 Plastic construction makes it slippery and does not offer a premium feel PERfORMANCE 8/10 OVERALL 8/10 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest.999 The smartphone is launched recently and offers a solid design. expandable up-to 128 GB • Microsoft Windows 8.5 inch sharp HD display. Key Specs: • 5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (294ppi) • 1. good battery facebook.2 GHZ Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 CPU. support for up-to 128 GB via microSD card Plastic built.shootout 5) Lenovo A7000 Price: `8. it comes with various additions from Windows OS that increases day to day smartphone twitter.695 The budget attempt from Microsoft offers a good overall performance. a snappier Octa-core processor coupled with a decent GPU and is also the first smartphone to pack Dolby Atmos surround sound at this price point. the rear and front cameras are capable of taking good shots and it also delivers a good level of multitasking. 1 GB RAM • 5 MP rear with LED flash & 5 MP front camera with wide angle lens • Microsoft Windows 8. expandable up-to 128 GB • 1905 mAh battery PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 7/10 PERfORMANCE 7/10 OVERALL 7/10 Good camera performance.5 GHZ Octa-core MediaTek CPU. The smartphone has a large 5.1 OS • 8 GB in-built storage. good audio performance. lag free multitasking.1 with Lumia Denim • 2500 mAh battery 64 Amazing camera performance. not so sharp display 7) Lumia 640 Price: `9.999 Lenovo A7000 is surely an upgraded version of the A6000.5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (~267ppi) • 1. good battery Lollipop • 8 GB in-built storage. Moreover.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU. It is integrated with Lumia camera which is the best camera UI we have tested.

4. SMS <f2k> to 56677 from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera. average camera performance pcquest. expandable up-to 32 GB • Android 4.999 The Chinese smartphone maker has produced the best phablet in the sub 10K range. To download a barcode pcquest@cybermedia.5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (267ppi) • 1.scan this code for more info.2 Kitkat OS • 2000 mAh battery Good display.4.999 The budget smartphone from Huawei packed a lot of punch when it was launched and it still has the potential to meet up the demands of smartphone experience at an affordable price. smooth multitasking performance PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 8/10 Signs of heat when used linkd.98 GB available out of 8 GB storage 10) Huawei Honor Holly Price: `6.2GHz dual-core Intel Atom CPU. refreshing UI.5” HD display. Key Specs: • 5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (294ppi) • 1. good battery back-up. expandability up-to 64GB. Key Specs: • 5.499 Asus entered Indian market with the Zenfone 5 and since then the smartphone is doing quite well in the budget good battery back up Plastic built. 2 GB RAM • 8 MP rear with LED flash & 2 MP front camera • 8 GB in-built storage. 4G enabled. good rear and front cameras. 2GB RAM • 8 GB in-built storage. It is perfect for those who wish to do everything without spending a twitter. large screen works well for watching videos Bulky design and plastic construction. snappy processor. average battery back-up PERfORMANCE 7/10 OVERALL 8/10 9) redmi note 4G Price: `9.4 KitKat OS • 2110 mAh battery Feature-rich camera. expandable up-to 64 GB • Android 4. which makes it a good value for money product.A501CG Price: `8.2 with MIUI 5.0 • 3100 mAh battery PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 9/10 PERfORMANCE 9/10 OVERALL 9/10 Smooth performance. expandable up-to 64GB • 13 MP rear with LED flash & 5 MP front camera • Android PRICE 8/10 fEATURES 7/10 PERfORMANCE 6/10 OVERALL 7/10 MAY 2015 PCQuest 65 . Key Specs • 5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (294ppi) • 1. MIUI crashes occasionally. Redmi Note 4G comes with a sharp and mammoth 5.3GHz quad-core MediaTek CPU. 8) Asus Zenfone 5 . The smartphone has got a price cut recently. good camera hardware and 4G connectivity. 1 GB RAM • 8 MP rear with LED flash & 2 MP front camera • 16 GB in-built storage. smooth performance. only 4.6 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU.

then you can easily stream music with it. design. Importance of connectivity like WiFi. Here’s a quick overview of these wireless technologies. But if you don’t feel like using headphones to listen to music. • Bluetooth: This of course doesn’t require any introduction as it’s the most popular wireless technology for device connectivity. Bluetooth and playback controls on the speaker Bluetooth has become a defacto in the portable speaker category.1. iPad etc. Controls for volume. Wireless Tech Supported There are quite a few personal wireless technologies apart from the Bluetooth. NFC simplifies device pairing over Bluetooth. which offers higher throughput and greater battery efficiency. Usually all portable speakers have their max frequency response level set at 20kHz. • AirPlay: This is a proprietary wireless protocol developed by Apple that 66 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 .in . so check what all does a portable speaker twitter. housing and build quality of wireless speakers is suitable for your priceless music collection M P3 players are a thing of past.Anuj Sharma allows wireless streaming of audio and video between devices over a Wi-Fi network. Only then you can access and stream media. All you need is Bluetooth or some other wireless connectivity. which is pretty much available on all smartphones. apart from the sheer output. Airplay. The range of Airplay is significantly better than Bluetooth. you pcquest. This technology is not compatible with iPhones. tablets and even laptops. the range of frequency response is the most important factor to consider. Reading and Understanding Technical Specifications Specifications like frequency response. Bluetooth is sufficient enough to serve most of the purposes. There are quite a few portable wireless speakers that are easily available. Here’s a checklist of what to look for in portable speakers. • DLNA: This is a protocol used for sharing media between devices and works over Wi-Fi. A feature like Wi-Fi or WPS becomes critical if you want to setup a multi-room home audio system. it’s a little tricky to connect and share with DLNA as first it requires creating a media server. then you won’t enjoy the experience on your smartphone’s speakers. but it comes at an extra cost. impedance and sensitivity vary from category to category. so people with iOS devices would prefer that. which let you carry your music wherever you go. The latest version is Bluetooth 4. While buying a portable speaker.shootout How to Choose a Portable Wireless Speaker Do you want to get rid of the headphones and still enjoy music from your smartphone? Read more to know which shape. • NFC: This is another type of wireless technology for short distance communication and you will get to hear about it in some of the higher end products. In portable wireless speakers. So. All you need to do is tap the device to the speaker to complete the pairing. That’s where portable wireless speakers come in. However. Many wireless speakers now feature this technology and if you have an iPhone. mute and track advance help you control your media playback and also to answer/end calls with a built-in speaker linkd. They let you enjoy great music without physically connecting an audio player with a cord. thanks to the smartphones. Though it is found in many speakers. keeping in mind the portable nature of the The range is limited and you need to have both devices in close facebook. The main downside is that it only works with Apple devices and is available in high end models. Bluetooth remains a much better choice over this.

Human listening range is between 20Hz to 20kHz. aluminum housing is used as it is lightweight and easy to work with. In simpler terms. If you spend time enjoying outdoor sports and activities. The correct positioning of the speakers (placed acoustically) needs to be factored in. However. Sound quality This is the most important thing to check in portable speakers. it is used to determine the amount of power required to drive a speaker. To download a barcode app. Base ports or base radiators are key things to look at. more the sensitivity. SMS <f2k> to 56677 from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera. Durability and Build Quality Portability is not enough. so do look for the charging time and battery life delivered on full Remote control is not a selling point since they are already portable devices. so preferences differ. Sometimes. correct positioning of metal in overall plastic casing should provide an adequate sound experience. • Frequency Response: FR is usually represented in a ‘range’. In some cheap speakers. Products like headphones usually have higher impedance value (32ohms) and products like home theatre speakers and portable speakers have low impedance value (2. high frequency for a rich sound signature. headphones with wooden frames give good clarity and reverberation. Portable speakers make you enjoy your favorite tunes on the go. they serve as a perfect companion. If a speaker has a frequency range of 19kHz to 20kHz. However. Lesser the minimum response pcquest@cybermedia. Do you need a sub-woofer? Usually portable speakers do not have sub-woofers. The FR range of an audio device depicts the output of a speaker. build quality and sound experience. This has more to do with the compatibility and power required to drive the speakers. treble and vocals very clearly. You also need durability so that the speakers don’t get damaged when you’re on the move. 8 ohms). pcquest. Speakerphone Some Bluetooth speakers are equipped with a microphone for hands-free conversation. • Sensitivity: This is expressed in decibels per milliWatt (dB/mW) and signifies the level of sound produced by headphones in response to a 1mW signal. then look for speakers with dust-proof and shock proof design. Also. Moreover. For instance. how far your speakers can be stretched before they are facebook. If you are a bass enthusiast. Good subs require adequate power. The sound shouldn’t crack at high volumes. sharing audio with friends. Portable speakers have different levels of durability. For eg: If a speaker’s frequency response is between 20Hz to 200Hz – it would mean that this is a sub-woofer with a heavy bass. Metal casting for portable products could be a dampener as it hampers the sound quality. this does not play a big role in considering the sound quality of a speaker. Look for speakers that have a good balance of low frequency for a strong bass and balanced middle. Wooden Housing: Since wood absorbs vibrations. A 20Hz of frequency would mean very heavy bass and 20kHz would mean a very high pitch sound (treble). then spend a few minutes listening to bass heavy music. Whether you are in an outdoor party. Metal Housing: Portable speakers with metal frames provide rigidity and great look & feel. the shape and housing of the speakers play a major role in sound quality.scan this code for more info. so look for features that meet your needs. they have more controlled sound pressure. better the output. it automatically routes to the speaker. it provides sharper audio signature than the plastic housing. Importance of Shape. watching movies or out on camping trips. Consumers need to look for bass radiators or bass ports while reading the specs. then in all probability it will have a very high pitch MAY 2015 PCQuest 67 . despite having best of the specs. Design and Housing in speakers Design is more for an aesthetic twitter. Built-in Charger A Bluetooth speaker with a built-in charger can be just the thing you need for that long plane flight or overnight camping trip. Some speakers tend to slip when kept on a smooth surface and are playing bass heavy tracks. Mostly. we’ve heard noise creeping in after playing for a couple of minutes. Extra Features Extra features in portable speakers do matter while making a buying decision these days. Here are the specs to check out and what to look for in them. 4. incorrect placement ruins the output quality. better the sound. Quite simply. should consider the minimum level if you are looking for a thumpy sound. Another thing to check is the weight of the speakers. Battery Battery life is another significant aspect of wireless speakers. A speaker with a very high range would mean that the speaker has the capacity to throw all three: bass. The best is wood for its durability. Plus. These types of speakers feature a USB charging port that can even provide extra power to your smartphone or tablet. speakers with a metal frame or casing are generally better than those with a plastic body. • Impedance: Technically. which gives you the option of accepting the call or continuing to listen to your music. When a call comes in on your paired linkd. Other key features like speaker phone and power banks definitely come in handy if you want to carry a good portable speaker while travelling on a business or leisure trip.

Vocals sound clear even at low volume . It is small enough to work either with a smartphone or affordable price.shootout Intex Banjo A pocket friendly speaker to enjoy music on the go -All shootout reviews by Anuj Sharma iBall UFo03 A travel-friendly speaker with great sound. The speakers give their best output at 70-80% volume Frequency Response: 100Hzmeant for fans of deep bass music. intex They produce good output for Ph: +91 11 41610224 Email: info@intexmobile. attractive design and a host of connectivity options SCORE Price: `2. This can be a minor annoyance at times when you want increase the Sensitivity: 80dB. volume up/down housed on the lower semi-circle of its body.890 Price: 8/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 7/10 Overall: T 7/10 he BT Banjo is in continuation of the previous X series of speakers by Intex. Many speakers in the same price range come in funky linkd. pcquest. 20kHz. battery. it has done justice to most of the tracks. We tested the speaker with various sound tracks and despite the small size. The speakers have a pRoS: built-in. and really gives life to your music. Ltd. frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz. The speaker has controls for pairing. but apart from that. the UFO03 can also connect over USB and even has an FM Radio to listen to your favorite stations. especially with less complex KEy SpECS: music wherein all instruments are 3W*2 speakers. The volume controls double up as track navigation controls if you hold them down instead of tapping them. Going by size alone. it delivered a laudable level of bass despite having such a compact size. jazz. Besides Bluetooth. Dimensions: 13. Ph: 022 . Aux-in. Don’t expect good output if your music library is full of music with heavy bass. We felt a slight distortion on some of tracks though the kick drum beats sounded crisp.8 cm (Diameter) x 6. this speaker is in the form of a UFO so it’s bound to catch your attention. SNR>80dB.67745100 that delivers decent sound at an Email: feedback@iball. but it actually sounds very well. Weight: high-mid treble edge to keep the 472g sound through the UFO03 rich and pRoS: bright. Classical tracks ConS: Slight Distortion at max volumes sound bright and maintain a forceful presence throughout. great sound quality 70-80% volume levels for just about all genres of pcquest@cybermedia.299 SCORE Price: `1. There’s slight distortion at high volumes. On our intense bass track at maximum volume. It’s not of course 2” Drivers. it played with a significant amount of power and the sense of bass is fairly decent. but this one features a relatively flat design in the form of a twitter. these speakers sound fuller and perform really well across light music. This is good in a way. WRITE To: Bottomline: A portable speaker Best it World (india) Pvt. It is a budget friendly micro Bluetooth speaker that has recently hit the market. 600 mAH battery. Distortion at max volumes Bottomline: The slim portable form factor makes this speaker an WRITE To: ideal companion for your travel. At moderate-to-high volumes. Impedance: 4 Ohms The speakers work fine within 10m range. the speaker doesn’t appear as if it would provide high fidelity audio. which Compact can last through 4 hours of music ConS: playback. The speaker sounded best at Connectivity. The build quality and looks of the speakers are average. 68 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 Price: 8/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 7/10 Overall: 8/10 A s the name suggests.2 cm (Height). as these speakers are too tiny for that. On tracks with sub-intense bass content. hip-hop. making the track sound KEy SpECS: fuller and bright. their size. but the speaker jumps to the next track. the bass response brings out the lower register instruments a bit more. because it allows you to easily slip the speakers in a carry bag. 600 mAH playing together in a sound facebook. Impedance: The vocals get a decent level of 4 Ohms. Aux In.

The speakers battery lasts 4 ConS: hours on full charge. While driving. you get to cherish music of all kinds without much distortion (if kept at mid-levels) and voice clarity that suits pretty much any genre. The company claims 5 hours of KEy SpECS: playback at high levels and we seem 10W Power Output. Ph: 022 33416111 pcquest. SMS <f2k> to 56677 from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera. the X100 comes out unscathed in most of the situations that can happen while travelling and weighs around 161 grams that adds to its portability. To download a barcode Dark Grey and Green and are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. When we fed the speaker with various genres of music. Aux-in. the SP Zero is an attractively designed speaker WRITE To: that is host to both functionality and Broadcast Media Vision Email: service@boat-lifestyle. Weight: usage. Bluetooth support. pRoS: Bottomline: You want music Battery life. Like JBL Micro Wireless. then the Logitech X100 ConS: Distortion at higher volumes will fit both your budget and your need. the SP Zero also features Daisy Chain function for expanding its acoustic capability which allows users to connect multiple SP Zeros or other speakers via an auxiliary port. Frequency Response: to agree with them.5 mm port. but if you are looking for booming bass. while the microUSB port (for charging) and 3. With normal 150Hz-20KHz. The X100 is built for users with an appetite to travel and prefer listening to their music library in the open instead of using earplugs. Yellow. Dimensions: 86(H) x 57(W) to maximum. but rather it throws pRoS: Design clear and crisp sound.5 mm port is placed slightly below the buttons. The speaker is housed in plastic with a rubbery layer that runs all around it and two small handles on the top. it sounded good pushing fair amount of bass. The speaker are availalbe in four colours— linkd. The speaker performs well with simpler tunes and less complicated music. we managed to garner over 161 grams. The charging port. anteC SP Zero Apart from Bluetooth you can add more speakers and power up your music with Daisy Chain Capability loGIteCH x100 Try these funky and sturdy speakers for music on your travels that fit your pockets too SCORE SCORE Price: `2. For travellers. Sensitivity: ≥86. microUSB port 8 to 9 hours of music playback with these speakers. Aux-In and Aux-out jacks are housed on its right pcquest@cybermedia. volume and Bluetooth buttons. petit in nature are in high demand from busy consumers and with the X100. the bass it KEy SpECS: 40mm Driver. talk via the in-built microphone and even conduct video conferences. Instead you have to hold down the power button for about 15 seconds to connect it to a source. Bluetooth pairing with the speaker is tricky as there is no external button for it. lightweight and can be placed on your palm. you can make calls. depth. but it lacked 20Hz – twitter. Measuring 86(H) x 57(W) x 94(D) mm. But what’s striking about the X100 is its battery life. A total of three buttons including two volume rockers and one for power and pairing are found on top of the speaker. 3. The SP Zero doesn’t give an impression of being a wireless portable speaker due to its cowbell shaped design. it delivered a fair sound output. Frequency Response : delivered was decent. Even if you raise the volume Weight: 218g. Bluetooth. despite the small size. It has a 3. With easy connectivity on X100. With a rubberized body finishing good sound quality. this is a sturdy WRITE To: piece of audio equipment for music Logitech electronic india facebook.995 Price: 7/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 7/10 Price: `2. Logitech offers a near perfect sturdy audio emitting device for long usage. but it’s now entering the portable Bluetooth speakers segment with Antec SP Zero and SP1 speakers.499 A Overall: 7/10 ntec is better known as a PC company. On our intense and sub-intense bass tracks. it does not distort x 94(D) mm 472g unlike many other speakers in same price range. it is tiny. Shallow bass Bottomline: Overall. compact with calling enabled and with long battery life. On our intense and subintense bass tracks. The top houses the power.scan this code for more info.3 inch round shape with Logitech branding marked on its back. the X100 will not cut it. Price: 8/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 7/10 Overall: P 8/10 ortable MAY 2015 PCQuest 69 .

0 channel speaker with LED Display Price: `3. it can be easily connected via bluetooth. It also allows two devices to be paired at the same time and fosters easy switchover between music on each phone. the battery lasts for about Output: 3W. FM are on the rubber strip running across the handle of speaker. 340mmx100mmx180mm You need to press the source button pRoS: to resume the function operation. The JBL Micro-Wireless speaker. the speaker delivers fair sound. voice on calling/receiving calls is clear pRoS: Compact and works well within the range of 10-12 meters.shootout GrooveZ SMC970 An affordable Bluetooth speaker that performs well in small closed environments Intex Bt roCk A retro style 2. it didn’t get loud but there was no distortion. dimension: if there is no play mode selection.480GHZ. into standby mode after 15 minutes 1000mAH battery. Shallow which is almost the same Dimensions: 75mm x 58mm as JBL Micro-wireless. SNR:80dB. facebook. The audio quality lacks depth and is capable of servicing a small indoor and closed environment. it sounded decent but lacked depth. Keeping up with the features of a modern day speaker. When the battery charges. KEy SpECS: The speaker automatically goes 6W output. Speaker charged.0 channel speakers are housed in a metallic grill and all the controls . Tel: 080-40894888 70 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 SCORE Price: 7/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 8/10 Overall: 7/10 T he BT Rock is a member of Intex X series range of bluetooth speakers. expensive Bottomline: A portable speaker WRITE To: that you can use almost anywhere intex but it’s not for bass lovers. decent sound The in-built 1000mAH battery took 4-5 hours to charge and delivers 6 ConS: hours of music playback. In terms of performance. Lithium-ion battery. It works best within 60-75% of its volume range. toggle playback across them. USB port. Also. At fuller linkd. so if you can spend a few WRITE To: extra bucks.2. AUX-in and also has digital FM to tune into your favorite stations. Power on/off.100 SCORE Price: `2. Vocals sounded bright and clear at almost all volume levels accompanied by rich mids and crisp highs. The 2. and is Ph: +91 11 41610224 expensive. Once SNR: 75 .in/pcquest pcquest@cybermedia. Range: pcquest. We tested the speaker with various tracks for its sound twitter. It cannot handle bass tracks and works well with vocals.4G . the front LED indicator lights in yellow and once it is fully charged the indicator turns off. 150g. it looses the clarity. despite its small size. charging port and Aux-in are housed at the back of speaker. The built-in microphone allows the speaker to be used for making and receiving calls at the press of a button. Intex tried to give the speaker a retro look but it’s not very impressive. ConS: Bottomline: A small and compact Poor bass speaker that delivering average sound. but beyond that.volume. The speaker sounded best with uncomplicated tracks at 60-70% volume levels. USB. then the JBL microUnited telelinks. The speaker can be paired with 2 Bluetooth enabled devices at a time and you can easily connect and KEy SpECS: Frequency Response: 2. Connectivity. On our intense and sub-intense bass content tracks. Email: info@intexmobile. which costs just a few more bucks performed better than this. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz. 4 hours.995 Price: 6/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 6/10 Overall: G 6/10 roovez is a tiny portable speaker that’s suitable to use with a mobile phone or any other device with Bluetooth. Bengaluru wireless will be a better choice.

scan this code for more info.
To download a barcode app, SMS <f2k> to 56677
from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera.

PortronICS PUre SoUnd Pro Bt 2 Boat PItCHer
A rectangular shaped speaker with a host of connectivity

A pitcher shaped Bluetooth stereo speaker with
Dynamic bass

Price: 8/10
Performance: 8/10
features: 9/10




Price: `3,199

he Pure Sound Pro BT 2 is a souped up version of Pure
Sound BT Bluetooth speaker that now features 10W drivers
bundled with two passive radiators to provide full spectrum
sound. The speaker boasts elegant looks with a metal grill that
dominates the front, sculpted with Portronics in the center. The
speaker comes with a remote control making it easy to operate
from wherever you wish to.
It also supports voice prompts that notify the mode it is in,
when powered on or paired over Bluetooth. The volume, mode
and playback controls are housed at top of the speaker and other
connectivity options such as micro SD card, USB and 3.5 mm audio
jack are housed at the back. An inbuilt FM tuner lets you enjoy
music when you don’t have any device to pair with the speaker or
when you want to break free from your playlist.
We tested the speaker across various tracks to check its
performance and it performed well in almost all genres of music. On
our intense and sub-intense bass track, it pumped decent bass. At
higher volumes the sound is clear, free of distortion and can set you
in party mode. If your music library contains classical piano tracks,
Pro BT 2 is capable of playing them
with perfect clarity. It delivered 6
hour 15 minutes of music playtime
Output 5W*2, Impedance: 4Ω, 3.5mm
with its in-built 2000 mAh Li-ion
Audio Jack, Weight: 850g, Dimension:
456*58.5*64 mm
battery. The speaker provides a
comfortable long play session when
fully charged and can be your trip
Design, sound quality
companion. Though, you will need a
larger backpack to carry it with you.
Bottomline: Just like its
Pro BT 2 offers a
and strong audio
Portronics Digital Pvt. Ltd. (india)
Ph: +91-9971833777
performance for a portable Bluetooth

Price: 7/10
Performance: 8/10
features: 8/10



Price: `3,990


OAT is a brand high on fashion and technology, and very
much a part of the new lifestyle, which is on the go.
Pitcher is its first Bluetooth speaker in India. Measuring
110*110*113mm, placed on a flat surface the speaker it looks
like a pitcher or jug. It boasts of a metal grill on top with Boat’s
logo framed in thhe center and a plastic casing all around.
On/Off button, charging port and 3.5mm Jack are housed at
the bottom while volume controls, speaker phone, call answer
are located at the handle. It has interactive prompts that make it
easy to connect. The designer and vibrant Bluetooth speaker has
speakerphone with mic and is available in blue, black and mint
Pairing the speaker is simple and a breeze with either an Android
Phone or iPhone. When we played various genres of music, it
sounded fair. On our track with Intense bass content, it delivered
fairly though it struggled with deep bass and lacked depth at top
volumes. On sub-bass tracks, it sounded punchy but does not offer
much of improvement in low end.
The speaker sounded best and
impressive with less complicated
tracks and is capable of delivering
Frequency Response: 60Hz-18kHz,
fullness and warmth. Tracks that are
Bluetooth, Speakerphone, Dimensions:
110*110*113mm, SNR:80dB, Aux-in
more focused on vocals and less on
heavy instruments are better served
by Pitcher. It delivered 10 hours of
battery backup when we looped
various tracks at 50% volume, so
Shallow bass
the speaker will play all day long
without the need to recharge.
Bottomline: Pitcher is powerful
Micromax House
Ph: +91-124-4811000
for its size but struggles with bass

MAY 2015



jBl MICro WIreleSS

The small portable speakers for those who want to enjoy
music on the go

nUde aUdIo Move M

You can stream audio through these speakers using any
bluetooth device for up to 8 hours

Price: `3,999

Price: 7/10
Performance: 8/10
features: 7/10




he JBL Micro Wireless is an ultra-portable speaker set
featuring a Li-ion rechargeable battery, built-in bass port
and a wireless Bluetooth connection for media playback.
The speakers can be easily paired with any Bluetooth-compatible
device, including an iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry or a
tablet. The wireless speaker also includes a built-in audio cable
to connect to any device with a standard 3.5 mm jack. The
colorful, circular speakers are small enough to fit on the palm of
your hand.
Keeping the specifications in mind, we were not surprised by the
audio quality of JBL Micro but it delivered enough audio to keep
you entertained. The speaker delivered decent audio at almost
all volume levels no matter what genre of music we played. Bass
output is not enough, so if you enjoy music with heavy bass, then
these are not for you. Vocals sounded clear and for most music, the
max usable volume on JBL Micro should be around 80% before
clarity gets defeated.
The speakers sound best at mid volumes, plus you can also use
them as small speakers for watching
movies on laptops. Battery life
lasted about 4 hours as compared
2.7W Amplifying Power, SNR:>80dB,
40mm Driver, Frequency
to 5 hours claimed by JBL. The
Response: 150Hz- 20kHZ,
bluetooth range is pretty good and
Dimension:83mm*39mm, Bluetooth,
audio playback quality is appreciable
Li-ion Battery
without any connectivity issues
whatsoever. Also with the daisy
Loud and clear audio, Daisy Chain
chain you can connect JBL Micro
Wireless portable speaker to other
No microphone
JBL Micro Wireless speakers.
Bottomline: A good companion
JBL info
for regular travelers with appreciable
Tel: 80 43306300
sound quality.

PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5

Price: 6/10
Performance: 6/10
features: 6/10



Price: `4,099


he Nude Audio recently launched Move S, Move M and Move
L portable Bluetooth speakers. The Nude Audio Move M
has good build quality with minimalist design and features
silicon rubber casing all around that would be protective if you
accidentally drop the device. On one side, there is an on/off
button, a separate Bluetooth pairing button and volume up/down,
but no track skip buttons. On the other side, there is 3.5mm
aux-in jack for non-Bluetooth devices and Micro USB charging
port. In addition, the device can function as a speakerphone. At
just 200 grams, the speaker is portable and easy to carry around.
Among the variants Move M, L, S only Move M features a built-in
When we fed the speaker with various mix of tracks including
bass, soft music etc, it sounded well but not exceptional. The
orchestral tracks sounded rich and balanced. The device is light
on bass and tends to distort at higher volumes. Lower bass, metal
tracks sound decent but on tracks with heavy bass the speaker
produced a hissing sound.
Vocals pumped out by the
speaker were smooth and pleasant
and be heard at lower volumes
4W Power Output, 81.2mm Driver Size,
clearly. The speaker gives a backup
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz,
of around 8 hours which is quite
Sensitivity: ≥81dB, Microphone,
impressive making it a travelling
Dimension: 12.7 x 6.1 x 12.7 cm, Aux-in,
Li-ion Rechargeable battery
companion for long journeys. The inbuilt speaker phone also works well
though sometimes we experienced a
Clear Audio, Light weight
fumble in hearing other end.
Bottomline: The Move M
Distortion at max volumes
Bluetooth speaker is not very loud
and produces just enough volume to
keep us entertained both outdoors
Brandeyes Distributors Pvt Ltd
and around the house.
Ph: 0120-4176300

scan this code for more info.
To download a barcode app, SMS <f2k> to 56677
from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera.

PortronICS GlItZ

A portable speaker that gives visual treat to your music

anteC SP1 SPeaker

Feel your media come to life whether its watching movies,
listening music at a tap of button

Price: 8/10
Performance: 8/10
features: 9/10


Price: `4,999

Price: 6/10
Performance: 6/10
features: 6/10

Price: `4,999


he Glitz features a funky shaped design, has an integrated
light system and its own built-in LED light that grooves to
the tunes it plays. The grooving LED is a delight to watch,
making it the USP of this device. It works as a hands free speaker
phone with iPhone and Android Smartphones. Switching between
your phone conversations and music playback is smooth and
easy with just a single touch control. You can also connect it using NFC on smartphones with just a simple tap. The 7W speaker
is housed at the back of the device and the audio controls for
volume and track selection (when using the 3.5mm audio cable)
are available on the device itself.
We tested the speaker on various tracks and found that its
audio quality is pretty impressive and won’t disappoint you until
mid-range. On our bass and sub-intense bass tracks, it performed
well and pushed a significant amount of bass. When the volume
is raised, it gets pretty loud with no amount of distortion produced
even at max volumes. Vocals sound rich and clearly audible at lower
volume levels. The battery takes
approx 3 hours to charge to deliver
backup of 6-7 hours. There are 5
7W power output, Frequency Response:
different light show modes that
20Hz-20kHz, Sensitivity : ≥83, NFC,
3.5mm audio jack, Weight: 432 grams
you can switch to, at the touch of a
single button. It can glow an almost
green, red, weak orange, blue or
Connectivity options, Impressive LED
purple but generally mixes these
colors to create a variety of spectral
light effects.
Bottomline: The speaker is
capable of filling a small room with
Portronics Digital Pvt. Ltd. (india)
booming and balanced sound with
Ph: +91-9971833777
vibrant lights.



P1 speaker is a predecessor of SP Zero and where many
manufacturers are experimenting and pushing new design
patterns in a compact form factor, SP1 sticks to the same
rectangular design like a mini sound bar. It features grills on
both front and back and a rubbery layer all around the speaker
that houses buttons for volume up/down, pairing on top and
power on/off, 3.5mm jack and charging port along the right side
of speaker.
Pairing the speaker is easier than Antec SP Zero as it has a
dedicated button for power on/off and bluetooth pairing. Before
diving further into sonic performance it is important to remember
that there are limitations to the sound produced by a speaker
coming in such sizes. When we fed the speaker with intense bass
content it tries to push bass but sounded flat.
On sub-intense bass content tracks, it sounded good and
delivered balanced sound signature along with soft bass. When it
comes to vocals, it delivers very good sound and the vocals sound
good even at low volume levels. There is no distortion when raising
the volume to max levels. The speaker can act as a replacement
for your smartphone and laptop
speakers while watching movies or
playing games.
2*40mm Driver, 6W Power Output,
It also sounded best when
Frequency Resonse:2.4-2.48 GHz,
Sensitivity: 83dB, Impedance:4 ohms,
listening in close proximity. The
Weight: 380g, Dimension: 40(H) x 23(W)
built-in microphone delivers clear
x 15(D) mm
sound over a phone call and voice
does not crack or fumble. On full
charge, it deliveres battery life of 9
hours which is impressive.
Design, Bass not powerful
Bottomline: Though the SP1
lacks in design but delivers overall
fair sound signature with less
Antec india, Mumbai
complicated tracks.

MAY 2015





Contest: e r Win softW4a. boost them up to crazy speed. COMBAT MACHINES: You are a Combat Machine commander ambushed in an enemy territory. Beat your enemies on the track or defeat them on the ring MONSTERS’ WHEELS: Welcome to racing with monster trucks. Opentaps. HELICOPTER WARS: Awesome helicopter arcade game. and destroy. Shoot ‘Em Up with plenty of adventures and adrenaline . 5.79 GB Fedora 22: Fedora 22 Cloud Beta: Latest versions of rpm-ostree and rpm-ostree-toolbox. perform stunts. 1.000 Worth `4 6 Games 20 Essentials tools for New PCs 5 Multimedia: • VLC Media Player • K-Lite • iTunes • Free Video Converter • Freemake YouTube Downloader 4 Office Tools: • Adobe Reader • Apache OpenOffice • LibreOffice • Office Compatibility Pack 7 System Tuning: • CCleaner• Comodo Internet Security • Hotspot Shield • Avast Free Antivirus • AVG Free Edition • AdwCleaner • Panda Free 4 Photos and Images: • FastStone Image • Blender • IrfanView • The Gimp KOREA: SWAT MISSION: The SWAT mission has begun. the latter of which can be used to generate Atomic hosts from a custom set of packages. 6. SugarCRM. Your goal is to complete all of your missions. Zurmo. Updated Cockpit webbased management application. 7. as the login screen now uses Wayland. The Automatic Bug Reporting Tool (ABRT) now features better notifications in this update. 8. SplendidCRM. ConcourseSuite. earn money and upgrade your cars. Fedora 22 Server Beta: Now provides stable D-Bus interface to manage the deployment of server roles which is based on PostgreSQL. 3. eliminating various enemies in North Korea. Your task is simple .17: a hardened Linux appliance distribution designed for use as a firewall. windowing system with Wayland. A Vagrant image for Fedora 22 Atomic Host is now provided.16 and replaces the X. Fedora 22 Workstation Beta: Comes with new GNOME 3. 9. 4. ROBO RACING: Robo Racing is the unique mix of racing and fighting. SUPERCOW: The evil professor Duriarti escaped from prison and took all of Sunny Valley’s inhabitants hostage to conduct hideous experiments. XRMS and 10 CiviCRM LInUx CORnER: VIDEO TUTORIaL: Introduction to Linux and Basic Linux Commands for Beginners IPFire 2. 2. vTiger.ON THE DVD • Workstation Beta • Cloud Beta • server Beta 10 Open Source CRM Software 3.

you can start analyzing it for the protocols used. or detect the machines infected with the Codered virus. mail. physical or IP conversations between various nodes. active physical endpoints by MAC or IP address. or even drill into every network packet configuration. You’ll get used to it in no time. The matrix mode in Capsa displays all connections being made by each node on your network. file sharing. monitor network Bottomline: Overall. Web: colasoft. So if you are a small business owner with less than 50 nodes on your network. The software’s GUI is very well-structured and easy to understand. you need to connect it at a mirror/ scan port on your network. if you feel that a specific node is generating too much traffic and is attempting to connect to too many nodes on the network (which typically happens during a virus or worm attack). but strangely at the same scan this code for more info. the ports being used. As compared to some of the free network analyzers out there. you can also choose from eight pre-configured analysis pcquest@cybermedia. like Wireshark. NeTWORK MONITORING TOOL Colasoft Capsa 7 enterprise Capture network traffic from wired or wireless networks and use pre-defined filters to analyze it quickly and easily to optimize network performance and security — Anil Chopra I f you’re a network specialist. it disconnects your wireless connection while the capturing is in progress. pRoS: Extremely easy to use. The enterprise edition is a tad expensive. SMS <f2k> to 56677 from a mobile phone with Internet access and camera. Likewise. for wireless networks. then this is definitely worth checking out because of its ease of use and rich twitter. identify and analyze over 300 network protocols. So whether you want to find out which websites are your users visiting or you want to hunt down security issues on your network. and the plethora of video tutorials and capture filter samples that the company provides. You can’t use your wireless adapter for anything else during this time. Excellent drill down capabilities to pin-point problems quickly. The software switches your wireless adapter into monitoring facebook. For a wired linkd. For instance. etc. To download a barcode app. which can help quickly identify nodes that might be infected with a virus or worm.intl@colasoft. Capsa provides specific profiles for a variety of tasks to quickly get you started. it automatically identifies your wireless network adapter and displays the wireless access points it found. pcquest. Another neat feature offered by Capsa is that you can replay network packets saved using other network monitoring tools. and to the point. the learning curve for Capsa isn’t very steep. or even capture all email or IP telephony conversations. SCORE Price: UsD $995 (single seat perpetual license with 1 year maintenance) Price: 6/10 Performance: 9/10 features: 9/10 Overall: 8/10 KEy SpECS: Real-time and post-event application performance monitoring. and don’t have time to figure out how to use freely available tools. Once traffic has been captured. which analyzes traffic only for IP addresses of the first 50 nodes it Another convenience feature is that you can isolate the traffic by a specific node at the click of a button. web browsing. specify its password and start capturing. and so on. view real time stats. then Capsa is worth checking out. app developer or administrator who’s looking for a network analyzer that could help you troubleshoot problems on your network. What’s more. They’re quick snappy. Capsa lets you capture traffic from both wired and wireless you can detect all PCs on your network running BitTorrent. but there’s also a free edition available. enhance its security and improve network performance. a little expensive WRITE To: Colasoft LLC. Powerful dashboard with intuitive graphs and charts ConS: Wireless adapter stops working sometimes when in monitoring MAY 2015 PCQuest 77 . Choose the one you want to monitor. Capsa also provides for download on their website lots of capture filter samples for a wide variety of network anomalies. VoIP conversations. then you can use this tool free of cost to troubleshoot your network. Moreover. and the plethora of online video tutorials on their website definitely help. but if you’re monitoring a large network. The good thing about Capsa is that apart from full scan. the beauty of this software is the ease with which you can capture and analyze your network traffic. We reviewed the enterprise edition of the software. then there’s a matrix view that gives a graphical view of which node is connecting to which one. monitor internet. Email: Sales.

However. icons and images super crisp. the two flash lights on the either sides of the camera unit are brilliantly bright and work well to capture images in absence of light. Moto Turbo offers 53 GB free space out of 64 gigabytes in-built memory. visit www. However. 3 GB RAM • Android 5. good battery life. Very sharp and crystal clear facebook.0 Lollipop • 20. It beats every other Android smartphone in Antutu benchmark with an amazing score of twitter. Moto Turbo is the first smartphone to feature the tough yet light ballistic nylon. colors have a warmer tone to them.999 The Quad-HD resolution across the 5.2” Super AMOLED Quad-HD display (565ppi) • pcquest. that includes videos playback.0 Turbo is backed by a 3. The powerful 2. briefcases and military artifacts. The smartphone easily lasts for a day with heavy usage.gadgets corner SmaRtphone motorola moto turbo Moto Turbo is backed by a powerful processor.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU lets you perform anything and everything without any hiccups. but it needs a noticeable time to focus a subject and to capture the shot. otherwise it is a perfect combination of hardware and software that delivers a power packed performance at a fair price. Bulky pcquest@cybermedia. Moto Turbo is the best Android smartphone we have tested in our labs in terms of computing linkd. 78 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 The 21 MP rear shooter is able to capture sharp and vibrant images.7 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU. The one area it loses the edge is the camera performance. excellent multitasking latest Android OS and a battery that lasts longer than its competitors. The display also has amazing viewing angles and you can consume multimedia content in outdoor conditions without any issues. sluggish camera. But there is no option for micro SD card if you want to add some extra storage. ScoRe Price: 8/10 Performance: 10/10 Features: 8/10 Overall: 8/10 For detailed reviews. You can shoot 4k videos at 24fps. gaming and social networking applications. calling. music. Solid build quality.900 mAh battery unit. The criss-cross texture at the back offers a good grip and gives a tough look to the smartphone.128. Key SpecS • 5. browsing. Sample photo Price: `41. 1080p videos at 30fps and slow motion 720p videos at 15fps. brilliant screen. non-expandable • 3900 mAh battery Bottom line Moto turbo sets new standards and exudes the true power of smartphone computing. The pictures in low light show noise and the long exposure shots mostly come out to be blurry.7 MP rear and 5 MP front camera • 64 GB internal memory.2 inch screen size results in the amazing pixel density of 565ppi.pcquest. it is not a sleek device like other flagship smartphones and is a victim of average camera performance. which makes . which is used to make biker jackets.

and good camera performance from this phone. while its older siblings supported up to 128 GB. and storage is expandable to only 32 GB.500 SCORE Key SpecS • 5. Color UI from OPPO looks amazing. decent camera Tad bulky.4. visit www.7” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (312ppi) • 1. average twitter.5” IPS LCD capacitive HD display (267ppi) • 1. HTC Desire 820S Price: `25. can only be expanded up-to 32 GB. expandable up-to 128 GB • 2000 mAh battery Premium design.2 GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 CPU. 2 GB RAM • Android 4. slim and attractive design. the phone leaves a lot to be desired. slippery construction.gadgets corner Honor 4X SCORE Price: ` MAY 2015 PCQuest 79 . battery lasts less than a day.pcquest. expandable up-to 32 GB • 3000 mAh battery Overall: 8/10 Sharp HD display. plasticy build An excellent value for money smartphone that is a better performer than others in this price bracket. heats up while gaming and video playback This mid-range smartphone is an upgrade to HTC’s 820 and 820Q series. average camera performance A decent mid-range smartphone that becomes a victim of poor multitasking because of the meager 1 GB RAM. good audio quality by BoomSound speakers.7 GHz quad-core Mediatek MT6752 expandable up to 32 GB • 2600 mAh battery Price: 6/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 6/10 Overall: 6/10 Large screen serves well for multimedia tasks.499 Price: 8/10 Performance: 8/10 features: 8/10 Key SpecS • 5. 2 GB RAM • Android 4.4 KitKat • 8 MP rear with LED Flash & 5 MP front camera • 8 GB in-built storage. poor battery back-up. Though it has a large screen and great For detailed reviews. 1 GB RAM • Android 4. good battery back-up.4 KitKat • 13 MP rear with LED flash & 8 MP front camera • 16 GB internal memory. poor multitasking performance. like the Moto G 2nd Gen. stable UI. great display linkd. Display quality is average. sharp screen SCORE Price: 7/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 8/10 Overall: 7/10 Average battery facebook.4.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 pcquest@cybermedia. solid call quality Poor resolution display. pcquest.4 Kitkat • 13 MP rear with LED Flash & 5 MP front camera • 8 GB in-built storage. perfect for one hand usage.5” LCD Capacitive HD display (267ppi) • 1. OPPO mirror 3 Price: `16. You can expect great battery life.990 Key SpecS • 4.

com pcquest. shallow keyboard.1 • 4 cell 44. • Intel Core M-5Y71 processor. 2GB RAM • 8 MP rear camera & 5 MP front camera • Android 4.999 Key SpecS • expandable up-to 128GB • 6700 mAh battery Amazing performance. motion controls. it lacks SIM card connectivity which can be a deal breaker. built-in projector. booming audio. However. no MIUI Theme Engine for customization Mi Pad is a low cost high performance tablet that delivers amazing multimedia performance – better than its competitors. 2 GB RAM • 8 MP rear and 1.4 KitKat with MIUI 6 • 16 GB in-built storage. a value for money product SCORE Price: 9/10 Performance: 9/10 features: 7/10 Slippery & plasticky construction.6 MP front camera • Android KitKat 4. long battery life Bulky design makes it tough to use in tablet mode (948 g) This is a solid device that’s great for productivity or entertainment.8WH battery Dual window. However. it has an average battery life. four mode onboard kickstand.pcquest. but with its plethora of brilliant features like QHD display.990 Key SpecS • 13. 128 GB expandable • 9600 mAh battery SCORE Built quality. Its bulky design gives the feel of holding a laptop.4 • 32 GB in-built linkd. 220ppi • 1. sharp display. a handy onboard kickstand and a built-in projector. stunning body.9 “IPS LCD capacitive display 1536x2048 pixels (~324 ppi) • 2.3 GHz quad-core Intel Atom processor • Intel gen 7 GPU. fanless facebook. 80 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 Price: 7/10 Performance:7/10 features: 8/10 Overall: 8/10 For detailed reviews. visit www. thin and lightweight. 8GB DDR3L RAM • 512 GB SSD • Windows 8. good rear and front cameras. better battery life than its competitors. sturdy built quality. Overall: 9/10 Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Price: `1. QHD .14. the device can actually become a perfect pcquest@cybermedia. JBL speakers. no SIM card support. average battery life of 4-5 hours SCORE Price: 7/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 8/10 Overall: 7/10 It’s a lightweight and attractive premium quality convertible-hybrid laptop that bends back effectively into four different modes and runs twitter.3-inch IPS display. Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Pro Price: `49. expandable up-to 128GB. new 180-degree option for multimode uses Not very impressive performance.3 QHD+ IPS multi-touch display.gadgets corner Xiaomi Mi Pad Price: `12.490 Key SpecS • 13.2 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra k1 CPU. high-res display.

590 Key SpecS • 2.JBL GO Price: `1. It has dual speaker pairing capability wherein additional 2nd speaker can be connected to create a stereo twitter.999 Key SpecS • 3W Power Output • Frequency Response : 180Hz-20kHz • SNR: ≥80 dB • Weight: 130g SCORE Price: 7/10 Performance: 8/10 features: 7/10 Mid range sound. It delivers significant amount of power with reasonable bass.000 Key SpecS • 4W Power Output • In-built amplifier • SNR: ≥80 dB • Weight: 140g Induction Technology. Now that’s what we call magic! SCORE Price: 7/10 Performance: 8/10 features: 8/10 Overall: 8/10 For detailed MAY 2015 PCQuest 81 . and automatically amplify it. A built-in strap-hook and optional carrying strap allow you to take your music everywhere and fosters easy facebook.8W Power Output • Frequency Response : 20Hz-20kHz • SNR: ≥80 dB • Weight: 370g Powerful sound for its size Slight distortion at higher volumes SCORE Price: 6/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 6/10 Overall: 6/10 Being small in size the portable speaker handles music admirably. visit www. It will use induction technology to read the music waves from your phone or other device. the tiny bluetooth speaker is inexpensive and delivers decent sound for its size and price. Compact Low on bass Overall: Designed for enjoying music in a closed environment. Simply play some music on your mobile device and place it on top of this box. Gizmobaba Magic Box Speaker Price: ` pcquest@cybermedia. 7/10 LG NP1540W Price: `3. decent sound output None This speaker lets you play music without Bluetooth or any other wired connectivity from Android or

999 (Warranty: 1 year) Key SpecS • Print Resolution : 5760*1440dpi • 100 Sheet Input Tray • 50 Sheet Output Tray • Dimension : 705*322*215 mm • Print Speed 15 ppm B/W and 5 ppm Color Consumables Yellow(664) : `441 Cyan(664): `441 Magenta(664): `441 Black (664) : `441 Sharp text prints.995 (Warranty: 1 year) Key SpecS • Print Resolution : 1200*600 dpi • 2*250 Sheet Input Tray. the printer can be great for printing ad material. MAXIFY Printing Solutions (MPS) app is compatible with iOS and Android linkd. The HDD delivers excellent performance. IT allows printing of PDF. Vista. requires Price: 8/10 Performance: 8/10 features: 7/10 reformatting for Mac OS X Low power twitter. 82 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 8/10 For detailed reviews. CAD drawings. images and other office formats from mobile devices. SCORE Standby/Sleep-0.3.gadgets corner Canon Maxify MB5370 Color Inkjet MFP Price: `23. A3+ printer with a high-capacity ink tank that can deliver up to 7. 75 Pages Output pcquest@cybermedia. decent graphics quality.pcquest. since it only has USB connectivity.100 pages without a . Yellow) . the MAXIFY range caters to high volume printing requirements with a duty cycle of upto 30. and clocked 244 MBps read and 155 MBps write speeds. 4-colour. Re-filling ink is easy with its fast ink-top pcquest. Duty Cycle.680 SCORE Print Quality. 4 ppm black) SCORE Price: 8/10 Performance: 6/10 features: 8/10 Overall: A facebook. ADF Price: 6/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 7/10 USB Print Keeping in mind the needs of SMBs. graphics and reports. which helps configure the drive in any RAID level faster than regular drives. Slow print speeds (2 ppm color. LAN • Dimension : 463 x 394 x 351 mm • Print Speed 15 ppm Color and 23 ppm B/W Consumables PGI-2700XL (Black) . performance. visit www. With excellent print quality. Its firmware.`2. 64 MB cache • NASWare 3.4 • Supports Windows 7. 8 or higher. NASware is pre-configured for RAID. 3 years warranty Overall: Slower random access performance This drive is optimized for use in NAS boxes with 1 to 8 bays. The print quality is excellent and the text looks sharp. Overall: 7/10 Epson L1300 Color Inkjet A3 Printer Price: `26. Magenta. RAID configuration.000 prints per month. ADF • Wi-Fi. Idle-3. it would be ideal for small offices.800 Key SpecS • 6 TB SATA Drive.449 PGI-2700XL (Cyan.0 • Average power requirements (W) Read/Write-5.4.`1. 7/10 WD Red 6 TB NAS Hard Drive Price: `19.

Fast forward and Rewind buttons are all conveniently placed on the outside of the earpiece. Additionally.999 Key SpecS • Driver Size: 40mm • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz • Sensitivity: 80dB • Weight: 180 grams • Dimension: 180*170 Good bass Noise cancellation is good but not great SCORE Price: 6/10 Performance: 7/10 features: 7/10 Overall: 7/10 It’s a headphone pair that delivers an accurate. Performance is decent. visit www.4-2. the drive has a built-in SD card reader. comfortable pair of headphones that sound MAY 2015 PCQuest 83 .com/pcquest linkd. WD My Passport Wireless 1 TB External Drive Price: `13. It took 3 min to transfer 1 GB data from SD card to drive. so accessible from both Windows and Mac systems. Overall. The drive doesn’t heat much. SD card slot • USB 3.Groovez BTHS800 Headphone Price: `3. you don’t even need your phone to control your tunes. crisp sound signature with good bass without exaggerating it. pcquest.5mm • Frequency Response: 2. it is a well-constructed. which let’s you directly transfer photos and videos from a digicam to the drive over WiFi. The headphones fold flat in a little space for easy SCORE Price: 7/10 Performance: 8/10 features: 8/10 Overall: 8/10 For detailed reviews. Antec AMP pulse Headphone Price: ` twitter. Good value for money Transfer rate over WiFi is a little slow A compact and portable drive that can be accessed simultaneously by eight mobile devices (Android and iOS based) and Windows Key SpecS • Wi-Fi.0 • 1 TB Capacity • Pre-formatted with ExFAT file system. pcquest@cybermedia. with BTHS800. Play and Stop buttons sit on the opposite earpiece.480GHz • Sensitivity: 88dB • Dimensions: 155mm • Weight: 250grams SCORE Price: 7/10 Performance: 8/10 features: 8/10 Solid Bass Overall: Ear cups are hard and can cause little discomfort over prolonged use 8/10 At the first impression the headphones look beautiful and are housed in hard plastic casing. the handy Volume Up and Down. which adds to its reliability. Its pulse has good noise isolation.990 Key SpecS • Driver size: 3. Decent transfer rates. with excellent clarity and tight bass. but it leaks sound when played at full facebook.pcquest. with up to 211 MBps read and 105 MBps write speeds while transferring 10 GB of assorted data to/from a laptop over USB.

Kapil Dev Singh. V Ananthanarayanan (right). Principal Lead ArchitectureGMT Practice. Myntra. HDFC Standard Life Insurance. but also recognized deployments in specific technology areas. Presented here are the hall of famers for this edition of the awards. Toshiba India Abhinav Yajurvedi (left).com/pcquest linkd. not only recognized IT projects that had high impact.S. receiving the Technology Transformation award for the Enterprise Mobility project-Straight Through IndiaFirst Life Insurance. Head-IT. Satishwar Balakrishnan (right). receiving the Maximum Business Impact award from V. Wipro Ltd. Shamrao Vithal Co-Operative Bank receiving the Most Promising Project award for Enterprise Storage Deployment from Sivakumar twitter. OneAssist Consumer Solutions receiving the Best Emerging Enterprise Award from Dr.extraedge PCQuest Best IT Implementation Awards of the year 2014 The XIth IT Implementation Awards this time. Chief receiving the Technology Transformation award in Cloud Computing for their Hybrid Cloud Implementation from Dr. CIO. Group CIO. – Anil Chopra Ravikiran Mankikar (right). VP-Business Insights.OTC issuance of Policy in 5 Minutes 84 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest@cybermedia. Mahindra & Mahindra for the project Qlik Insights @ HDFC Life Saurabh Chandra (right). Parthasarathy. Anil M .com/pcquest facebook. VP-Sales and Marketing. AVP Engg. Founder Coeus Age for PCI DSS Certification project.

Flywheel Logistics Pvt. Joint Secy (IT) receiving the Best eGov award on behalf of Dr. Co-Founder and Director. Principal Secretary (IT). IAS Commissioner. of Maharashtra from Hoshie Ghaswalla. Group pcquest@cybermedia. Joint Secy (IT).K. Cyber Media for the project MahaExcise Pranav Khanna (left) linkd. Wipro Ltd. Parthasarathy. Public Health Department. Govt of Maharashtra from Pradeep facebook.S. Principal Secretary. Uninor receiving the award for the project with Highest Technical Complexity for project Customer Information Management System from C. Ltd receiving the Best Emerging Enterprise Award from Dr.N. Maharashtra State Excise Department. Avinash Mittal (Center). Govt of Maharashtra receiving the Best eGov award for project E-Aushadhi from Pradeep Gupta. Mahindra & Mahindra Sujata Saunik (left). AISECT receiving the Maximum Social Impact award from V. Head-IT. Rural Shores Harvinder Singh Banga (right). Principal Lead Architecture-GMT Practice. MD. CIO. Infosys Ltd. of Maharashtra receiving the Most Innovative Project award on behalf of Ajoy Mehta.Ram. Co-Founder and Director. Ram (left).Jadhav. Govt. Sanjay Mukherjee. VP-IT. Govt. receiving the award for project with the Maximum Scale for the project Digital Business Engine from C. Rural Shores pcquest. MAY 2015 PCQuest 85 .K. CMD. Kapil Dev Singh. Associate Vice President. Founder Coeus Age for the project Pre-Pickup Tracking S. CyberMedia Rajesh Saboo (left). Future Group receiving the Data Center Transformation Award for project Manthan from Anil M Paingankar. Manager.Jadhav (left). Cyber Media for Accessible Places Mobile App Jitendra Sangharajka D (left). Business Services.

CIO. SRL Limited receiving the Business Innovator award from Jayesh George. Ltd.HP M Sivasubramania (right). Riverbed Technology India Pvt. VP-Global IT-Tata Communications Limited (right) on behalf of Rupinder Goel. Group Editor. Amity Education Group & CCFIS receiving the Tech Innovator award from Sanjiv linkd. Riverbed Technology India Pvt. CIOL and PCQuest 86 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest. Marketing Manager-India & SAARC. Head . Shree Cement Limited receiving the Business Innovator award from Jayesh George. Anil Veer. This time’s awards went beyond that and also identified and recognized CIOs for their leadership and influence twitter. Senior VP-IT receiving the CIO Leadership award from Anil Chopra. JS Sodhi (right).co. Marketing Manager-India & SAARC. Manoranjan Kumar (middle).HP Radhakrishna Pillai (right). Tech Evangelist & Sales .IT. Tech Evangelist & Sales Lead. L&T IDPL receiving the Tech Innovator award from Sanjiv Mehta.extraedge C-Change Awards 2015 The C-Change Enterprise awards have been recognizing large enterprise CIOs for their IT projects for over a decade. – Anil Chopra Dr. CIO. Ltd. AVP & Director.

CIOL and PCQuest Prasenjit Mukherjee (right). (right) V. (right) on behalf of Bhushan Akerker. MAY 2015 PCQuest 87 . (middle) receiving the Digital Crusader award from Dr. Public Health Dept. N Vijayaditya. Govt. (right) Rajesh Agarwal. receiving the Industry Influencer award from Sujata Saunik. GM – IT Compliances (CISO) and PMO. Former DG. CIO.Niranjan Bal. Former DG. Principal Secretary. Former pcquest@cybermedia. of Maharashtra Jagdish Belwal (left). (middle) receiving the Lifetime Achievement award from Dr. Parthasarathy. N Vijayaditya. Tata Motors Ltd. NIC and Controller of Certifying Authority and Pradeep Gupta. NIC and Controller of Certifying Authority and Pradeep Gupta. N Vijayaditya.(right) pcquest.S. Group CIO and CFO. Vodafone India Ltd. CMD Cybermedia India Ltd. receiving the Industry Influencer award from Sujata Saunik. CIO.(right) N Vijayaditya. NIC and Controller of Certifying Authority Anthony Thomas. receiving the CIO Leadership award from Anil Chopra. N Vijayaditya.N. Group Editor. Rural Shores Business Services Ltd. receiving the CIO of the Year award from Dr. CMD Cybermedia India Ltd. of Maharashtra Raja Ukil (right). NIC and Controller of Certifying Authority and Pradeep Gupta.. CMD Cybermedia India Ltd. CMD Cybermedia India Ltd. Public Health Dept. Principal Secretary. Wipro Ltd. Former DG..Ram. Former DG. Govt. Mahindra & Mahindra Group (middle) receiving the Lifetime Achievement award from Dr. Hindalco Industries twitter. Joint Secretary (Financial Services) GOI (middle) receiving the Digital Crusader award from Dr. NIC and Controller of Certifying Authority and Pradeep Gupta. linkd. Co-Founder & facebook. BSES Power Ltd.

com twitter. improve their living standards and scale their business manifold. replaces the Android interface dialer with a more Facebook-centric user interface. he added. The website is expected to go live in the second half of May and will be will mostly be modelled on AmazonSupply. the app gives people more information about who is calling them. Anyone with a valid business licencekirana pcquest@cybermedia. 88 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest. The partners believe this will benefit a lot of . The main features are: it uses Facebook to recognize callers so you know who’s calling. the feature. The Hello app features free calling over Wi-Fi using VoIP. Flipkart will provide MSMEs infrastructural support in data analytics.000 SMEs. The app also gives you the option of replying using Messenger if you have missed a call. hospitals.newsmakers enterPrise it Amazon’s Special Ecommerce Platform for SMEs to be Launched Soon This platform will allow registered members at the website to buy a variety of products facebook.000 small and medium enterprises and artisans to become self-reliant. Following this MoU. Hello. Based on the Seagate Kinetic Open Storage platform. and also houses a effective search feature that helps you for finding the numbers of local businesses. The platform enables servers and storage to be scaled independently and developed more rapidly.The objective of the MoU is to provide a platform for small domestic manufacturers and artisans to reach out to buyers. office. thereby improving system level throughput. marketing and customer acquisition.000. the portal will host products from about 50. Being merged with Facebook. kitchen and home supplies. This partnership with FISME and NCDPD would enable 50. is currently available Android Google Play store as a free download. schools and home entrepreneurs will be taken onboard linkd. The Kinetic Open Storage platform improves drive and rack level performance by eliminating the need for legacy file systems and shifting HDD storage media space management to the drive itself. health and personal care products along with food and beverages. Cloud data centers can add servers and storage at entirely different rates. Amazon will negotiate wholesale rates directly with manufacturers and sell to its members. With a minimum order value of Rs 1.. which has long been a part of Facebook Messenger. Performance is further enhanced by eliminating storage server bottlenecks via direct IP addressing of each drive. it will allow you to avoid unwanted callers by blocking them from calling you . including first-time entrepreneurs as well as a large number of women entrepreneurs. Seagate Introduces Kinetic Storage Solution Seagate Technology unveiled new object-based storage drive— the Seagate Kinetic HDD. Since amazon is launching a members-only Flipkart Signs MoU with FISME and NCDPD to Promote SMEs Online marketplace Flipkart has signed amemorandum of understanding with Federation of Indian Micro and Small and Medium Enterprises (FISME) and National Centre for Design and Product Development (NCDPD). it means initially small and medium businesses have to be invited by the company to trade online. Hello users can see information about their callers’ identity even if they don’t have them stored as a contact. It delivers a streamlined architecture allowing storage applications to talk directly to Kinetic object storage HDDs. matching each precisely to their needs. Kinetic HDD reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by combining an open source object storage protocol with Ethernet connectivity to eliminate multiple layers of legacy software and hardware infrastructure thus simplifying cloud storage architecture. MoBiLitY Facebook Rolls Out New Caller ID App for Android Users called Hello Christened “Hello”.

Zoho Launches Apps for Apple Watch for Business Travel The three Zoho Business Apps for Apple Watch include: Zoho Expense allows users to track and record their trip mileage right from their watch. The story is not over yet as the new pcquest@cybermedia. In the Drive Mode choose what calls or notifications you’d like your attention to be diverted to while driving.999 and `999 respectively Mi4i features a single polycarbonate body and boasts of a 5.12. accessory app notifications. ALL AroUnD tHe GADGets Xiaomi’s Mi 4i and Mi Band launched at `12. The app will use your internet connection to make these calls and data charges may apply. other improvements are the introduction of folders on the Start screen. With Zoho Books time spent on a task within a project can be tracked and recorded right from the wrist. Pending tasks for the day along with due dates will also be listed. and more. an invoice can be sent from Zoho Books app on the web or linkd. You can set the names of contacts whose calls you want to take while driving.1 While the standout feature remains the improvements done to Cortana. Likewise you can shut off unnecessary notifications and messages from bothering facebook. Also even if you update the app today. videos or links using sharing button in other apps. Simply push one tile on top of another one to create a folder much like the way they do it in iOS and Android. Moreover the smartphone is the first MIUI 6 device based on Android L and features 4G dual SIM slots. you might not have access to the voice calling feature just yet as WhatsApp says it will roll out the update slowly over the next few weeks. Now you can organise your Start screen the way you want. You can also send multiple videos at once.WhatsApp Voice Calling Feature Lands to iOS WhatsApp.7 GHz coupled with 2 GB of Taskz – This app provides reminder notifications for tasks created in Zoho Mail. The front is equipped with a 5 MP camera with 80-degree wide angle lens and various modes. pcquest. The feature had already been running successfully to Android smart phones. You can also take videos directly from WhatsApp quick access button to MAY 2015 PCQuest 89 .1 update now also includes share extension for sharing photos. the voice assistant. the Drive Mode.1 brings voice-calling to the app. Under the hood is the Snapdragon 615 second-gen 64-bit 8 core processor with a clock speed of 1. Once recorded. iPhone users can now make voice calling on WhatsApp as well. Microsoft Released Latest Update for Windows 8. a popular cross platform messaging app that killed text messages long time ago is now ready to kill Phone app in the twitter. the ability to combine and send multiple text messages.12.inch 1080p display with a pixel density of 441PPI. The latest iOS version of WhatsApp 2.

The amazing 105 5K TV comes with its CinemaScope 21:9 aspect ratio and mammoth 4K-beating 5120 x 2160 resolution. etc.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quadcore processor and Adreno 306 GPU. You get 32GB internal storage which is expandable up-to 128 GB via microSD twitter. iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus will be powered by the latest Apple A9 . The smartphone is powered by a 1. It is backed up by a 64-bit 1. The 105 5K TVs with cinematic experience and smart features are available at the price of Rs. It will offer the durability of Gorilla Glass 4 and supreme scratch resistance ability of Sapphire.2 channel 150 W speakers designed by Harmon/Kardon along with intuitive WebOS smart interface.499 Respectively Honor 6 Plus features a 5. The screens will feature a new type of glass. 59. The new camera will feature three separate imaging sensors and each of them would be designed in such a way to capture a single primary color component.99. Next iPhone to Feature New Camera Technology to Capture Richer Colors The new camera technology in next iPhone will use light-splitting cube to provide enhanced image quality. rumored to be manufacture by Samsung-one of its biggest rivals.” from the house of Corning. the LG 105 5K TV with its 105 (266 cm) Gigantic Screen and 5K IPS panel sets a standard in TV technology in the world.delivering greater color reproduction which will be three times more rich than the results by standard single-sensor linkd.5-inch full-HD (1920x1080p) in-cell display which looked quite crisp. Moreover.8 GHz Kirin 925 octa-core processor with 3 GB of RAM for multitasking.5-inch IPS HD (720x1280p) display which is also of decent quality. icons. texts and pictures were very sharp and clear. The 90 PCQuest M A Y 2 0 1 5 pcquest. There is Mali-T628 GPU to handle graphical intensive tasks. whereas the iPhone 6C is expected to be launched with the A8 facebook. The 105 5K TV comes installed with the smartness of LG Smart + TV WebOS that lets you enjoy your favorite shows/movies with convenience and ease. Honor 4X sports a 5. The processor will be accompanied by the improved M9 co-processor for handling tasks related to sensors such as pcquest@cybermedia. LG Launches First 105 5K TV at LG Tech Show 2015 Designed to ensure overwhelming cinematic experience. There is 2GB RAM for multitasking and 8GB internal storage which can be expanded up-to 32 GB via microSD card. touch ID.499 and Rs 10. The budget smartphone. doubling the current 1GB RAM (in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus) to 2 for the new iPhones. a significant bump in RAM is expected.26.900. iPhone 6S.5″ panel with just 720p resolution which showed signs of pixelation at a closer looks. The smart world of WebOS lets you can simply jump over to any apps and services easily. This new technology could potentially be incorporated in Apple’s next iPhone. It also comes integrated with 7. codenamed “Project Phire. It is not very sharp as the large 5. iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6C in the later 2015. The sensor will also employ a movable zoom lens element and an adjustable mirror in a periscope-like arrangement designed to deliver optical image stabilisation. Get Ready for Three new Advanced iPhones this Year If rumors are to be believed. the Cupertino giant will introduce three new smartphones. The camera then interpolates these single-colour outputs into a full colour image.newsmakers Honor 6 Plus and Honor 4X Launched in India @ Rs.


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