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Exclusive Training Program on

Financial Modeling for
Analysis & Forecasting

Venue: Dhaka Trade Center (14th floor), 99 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran
Bazar, Dhaka-1215.

Training Details
Date: April 05 & 06 of 2013
Days in Week: Friday & Saturday
Time: 09:30 AM to 06:30 PM
Duration: 18 Hours (09 Hrs/day) Total
Last Date of Registration: April 04, 2013
Training Fees: BDT 5,000.00 (Taka Five Thousand only) per Participant

Facilitator's Profile
Team of Expert Researchers
from StockBangladesh Ltd.
Research & Development

Who Should Attend

Personnel in Financial
• Students from Finance and
Business studies
• Anyone who is interested

Training Overview

Financial modeling has become an imperative tool for financial decision
making in today’s corporate world. Especially during uncertain and turbulent
times, there is continuous pressure for properly defined financial models
that identify and compare the impact of specific business initiatives and
alternative scenarios on a company’s financial position. It is a vital task that
provides the foundation for structural business change. The financial
modeling technique requires the building of a financial representation of the
business on a spreadsheet, and the identification and manipulation of key
performance drivers to explore the impact of different operational and
financial options. Financial modeling supports the reliability of decision
making in many financial areas, such as valuation, forecasting, budgeting
and investment appraisals.
The capability to write simple spreadsheets is just not enough. You have to
be able to incorporate all the "what if" scenarios and stress any proposal to
its limits. Financial Modeling with Excel is such a workshop where knowledge
of Finance meets with Technology for better understanding of the Financial
The course on Business and Financial Modeling addresses these
requirements through an emphasis on a systematic approach to building

Objectives of the Course:

Build a financial model from scratch, or modify and improve an
inherited model
Select the most appropriate formula to achieve the desired outcome
Mitigate errors by building in error checks
Validate data entry by setting data entry parameters
Develop drop-down boxes which enable a model to produce a series of
results depending on scenario variable selected
Fixing modeling problems, such as circular references
Optimizing financial decision based on constraints

Why StockBangladesh Limited
StockBangladesh, the pioneer technical analysis and outstanding
information center of Bangladesh capital market offers comprehensive
services to its clients by raising the bar of expectations. We recognize
and support national development through the enhancement of technical
analysis and effective application on stock market. We are pleased to inform
you that StockBangladesh is the only training institute to provide training on
both Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis of Shares. We have been
providing training courses on Technical Analysis and Fundamental Analysis
since 2007 to investors, traders and other interested individuals. Moreover,
StockBangladesh Ltd. conducted training on ‘Technical Analysis' under the
program of “Comprehensive Training Program on Capital Market”

• Presentation
• Facilitator Feedback
• Discussion, Q & A

Special Notes

Arrangement of Lunch,
Refreshments during
Course Material,
Notebook, Pen etc. will be

Registration Process
Step 01: For online
registration visit
Step 02: Deposit the training
fee to Account No. 107-1109792 at any branch of
Step 03: email the scanned
copy of the Bank deposit slip
training@stockbanglades to ensure your
Visit our office for
Seat will be confirmed after
payment. For registration or
information please call Hot-

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