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Session 1 –

Introduction to Minitab V16

Agenda Introduction to Minitab Minitab Screen Layout Data Column Conventions Managing Data Columns Other Data Window Conventions .

Added advantages of Minitab include Effortless data analysis Step by step guidance Easy tool selection Simplified interface Built – in interpretation Detailed reports  This course will take you through the features of Minitab version16. .Introduction to Minitab Minitab is one of the most popular tools used for statistical calculations especially during Lean and Six Sigma projects. It is a simple. yet effective tool for conducting all statistical calculations.

make it a very powerful tool for Process Capability Analysis Sampling Data Analysis Six Sigma Measurements and Data Analysis Statistical Process Control Measurement System Analysis Multivariate Analysis Time Series and Forecasting Analysis of Variance Reliability / Survival Analysis Design of Experiments .Business Scenarios where Minitab is helpful Minitab’s ability to quickly generate a very large number of simulated values. along with its integrated statistical and graphic capabilities.

Minitab Screen Layout Session Window Worksheet Data Window Menu Bar Tool Bar .

Managing the Minitab Screen .

 Numeric – used for all number data types like Count.used for all text data types like Name.  Date – used for the date type . etc. Type. Location. etc. Amount.Types of Data Columns There are three kinds of Data Columns supported in Minitab. Year.  Text .

C4 (No Additional Designation) .Example of Data Columns Text Column C1-T (Designated by –T) Date Column C2-D (Designated by –D) Numeric columns C3.

click on the column and type the name of the column in that cell Press Enter.Changing Data Column Name To change the name of the column. .

Change Type of Data Column To change the type of the column. right click on any cell in column. Then click Format Column and select the type of column. .

Other Data Window Conventions Data Entry Arrow Entered Data for Data Rows 1 through 4 Data Rows .

.Summary In this lesson we covered Introduction to Minitab Minitab Screen Layout Data Column Conventions Managing Data Columns Other Data Window Conventions In the next lesson we will cover the overview of the Menu Bar and some Key functions.

Test Questions 1. Minitab screen layout contains a) Menu Bar b) Tool Bar c) Session window d) Worksheet data window e) All the above Answer: e) All the above .

Test Questions 2. Name the arrow which is used to set the data entry direction a) Data row b) Data entry arrow c) Direction arrow d) All e) None Answer: b) Data entry arrow .

Select the types of Data supported by Minitab a) Numeric b) Text c) Date/time d) All the above e) None of the above Answer: d) All the above .Test Questions 3.

Test Questions 4. Location is the example of which data column in Minitab? a) Text b) Date c) Count d) Time e) None Answer: a) Text .

Which of the following is an example of Numeric Column Data type? a) date b) count c) year d) Both b & c e) none Answer: d) both b & c .Test Questions 5.

1 .End of Session .