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Getting rid of ghosts

DO you feel the presence of someone or hear “sounds” in your house? Are your children
falling sick too often?
Unexplainable occurrences – doors opening and closing and lights flickering – could be
caused by an unholy spirit in the house or a haunted property.
So how does one deal with such paranormal situations? Worried dwellers usually end up
selling the house instead of resolving the issue.
I have received email from readers asking about mysterious happenings in their houses
and wanting to know what a ghost is and what it looks like.
“Ghost” is a common term for the spirit of a human being who has left his or her physical
body. From the scientific perspective, a ghost is a body of intelligence or consciousness
with a frequency between pure energy and matter. It can appear in a transparent white
form, a shadow in the dark or a dark form and could also appear as a light or mist.
How a ghost appears depends on the sensitivity of an individual. It also depends on the
ghost and how it wants to appear to humans – the mischievous ones would want to scare
while the considerate ones want to just blend in.
Normally the ghost of a person who has just died would appear in a physical form and
usually looks just as the person did before death. I had several experiences when I did my
research and study on ghost busting under my Vasthu master, Yuvaraj Sowma, in
Chennai, and psychic investigator, Josef Frank B Regis, in Manila in 2002. The latter is
the author of the book titled The Ghost Manual.
The most frequently asked question is – why do ghosts exist?
When a person dies, only his or her body disintegrates. There are other parts that do not
“die”, and these include emotions, feelings and spirit. These are referred to as the “soul”.
When the soul continues to circulate in the material world after death, they are termed as
Ghosts are earth-bound souls because they are unliberated spirits. They die suddenly
before their time and have not fulfilled their desires and duties. Spirits roam day and
night (defying common belief that ghosts only appear at night) and they are everywhere,
especially in places like hospitals.

Prayer is one of the most powerful energy fields to invoke in the presence of a ghost. It is incorrect to brand all ghosts as bad. Owing to sudden and tragic death. the powerful fragrance of jasmine has been known to ward off negative energy. Then they move on to a higher level. This is why such spaces should be cleansed regularly and not be left empty. .However. Most earth-bound spirits are human beings who died violently in an accident. a cockerel is brought into the compound of the haunted house and set free to roam in the area for a day. Newly departed souls stay around for a while. it is easier to spot these impure spirits when there is less light and they will surface as a misty or white shadow popularly referred to as the “woman in white”. until they come to a stage where they are spiritually healed. Unoccupied. were murdered or committed suicide. The consultant will collect four bottles of seawater and bury them in the four corners of the house. Symbols and figures of saints and spiritual gurus should be hung on the east wall facing west in strategic areas of the house to help in spiritual protection. This is why Vasthu stresses that all dwellers should clean the house before moving in and also perform prayers in their respective faith to remove these unseen entities. they are trapped and these souls seek help to be set free. sometimes for a few years. Houses that have had a history of tragic and unnatural deaths are prone to unexplainable happenings. abandoned and empty rooms invite invisible spirits. a Vasthu expert must be called in to clear the spirit. Many people are unable to see ghosts because they believe such things do not exist. The first thing the expert will do is to visit the site on the start of a moon day and place jasmine flowers all around the house border. when there are such sightings in a house. Home owners are advised not to attempt to rid the spirit on their own. How to get rid of ghosts? In Vasthu. It can also help in the healing and liberation of the unseen spirit. Where to find ghosts? Ghosts are more easily felt than seen. Following this. From ancient times.

Admission is by contribution of RM10 to V. He is a student of 7th generation Vasthu Sastra Master Yuvaraj Sowma from Chennai. Sri Chakra is to be kept flat on the ground and not upright or slanting and should not be hung on the wall.To register. Murugan’s kidney transplantation fund. air and life. meditation.jaring. call V. call Nivas Ragavan 0123830389. science of pyramids. semen. Balu Devado at 0166148565. Selva. the four upward pointing triangles represent marrow. the Sri Chakra yantra (mystical diagram) is buried at the doorway of the house. Lot 5 Section 10. Brickfields. Another talk will be on May 6 at 3pm at Kolej New Era. Admission is by contribution of RM10 to the Iraivan Temple . The power of Sri Chakra Sri Chakra. Kuala Lumpur. Kajang. astrology. mantras and aura analysis on April 16 at 3pm at Kalamandapam Hall in Jalan Scot. Since ancient times. better known as ‘Indian feng shui’. has spent years researching this ancient Indian science of construction. flesh.At midnight. fat and bone. To register. silver and copper. The Star’s Maritime Editor. Of the many symbols used in Vasthu. This symbol can be drawn on paper or on the floor and can also be made out of gold. this one requires no prayer or chanting of mantras before it is placed. the cockerel is slaughtered outside the main entrance of the house as an offering to the unsettled soul and to ask for it to leave to leave the premises. should be placed in a house. After this. India. the king of all spiritual symbols. . He can be contacted at tselvas@pd. The symbol is an overlap of triangles and the five downward pointing triangles represent skin. it is known as a powerful symbol which is helpful when there are harmful elements disturbing the peace or creating bad effects in a house Vasthu talks The columnist will give a talk on ancient wisdoms related to Vasthu Sastra.  T. Jalan Bukit.