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UNIGLOBE SKYLINK Travel & Tours Ltd Joins List of Top UNIGLOBE Agencies Worldwide
[15th December, 2015 - Vancouver] UNIGLOBE SKYLINK Travel & Tours Ltd based in Dar Es Salaam,
Tanzania has been named to the 2016 UNIGLOBE Chairmans Circle for being among the top-performing
TMCs in the UNIGLOBE system worldwide.
Annually, we award UNIGLOBE Chairman's Circle membership to travel management companies who
meet or exceed our highest performance and operating standards, based on established criteria," says
UNIGLOBE Travel International president and chief operating officer Martin Charlwood. We are pleased
to welcome Moustafa H Khataw & Ashifa M. Khataw owners of UNIGLOBE SKYLINK Travel & Tours Ltd
to our 2016 Chairmans Circle for delivering exceptional performance over the past year.
Chairmans Circle members are invited to join UNIGLOBE founder and chairman, U. Gary Charlwood
and Martin Charlwood in an annual meeting to discuss trends and issues in the travel industry. New
technologies, service delivery tools and flexibility make UNIGLOBE the brand of choice for business and
leisure travelers. This year, senior executives from Delta, United and Amadeus participated and shared
their views on todays dynamic travel environment. Khataw attended this years event at The Leela Palace
Hotel in New Delhi, India which was held from 30th November, 2015 to 3rd December,2015.
About UNIGLOBE Travel
UNIGLOBE Travel International Limited Partnership is the leading international travel management
system specializing in providing travel services to small to mid-size enterprise (SME) and leisure clients
through its network of agencies. With global oversight, The UNIGLOBE organization presently comprises
locations in more than 60 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa and the Middle East
operating under a well-recognized brand, common system and services standards. UNIGLOBE has its
world headquarters in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with an annual system-wide sales volume of $5.0+
billion. UNIGLOBE Travel International Limited Partnership is a subsidiary of the Charlwood Pacific
Group, which also owns Century 21 Canada Limited Partnership, Century 21 Asia/Pacific, Centum
Financial Group Inc. and other interests in travel, finance and real estate.