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1 Operations Management, BITS Pilani

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Operations Management
Live Lecture 4-5

1 Operations Management. BITS Pilani Module Objectives • Dissect mission statements and link them to strategies.2. • Dissect overriding operations strategy of a given organization and infer its performance against its strategy. 2 . • Interpret global strategic options and analyze their respective business models.RL5.

RL5.1 Operations Management. BITS Pilani Chapter Overview 3 .2.

BITS Pilani Mission – The Purpose of Existence https://www. The profits follow. 1989 We try to remember that medicine is for the patient. The better we have remembered it. Internal Management Guide. All of our actions must be measured by our success in achieving this goal. 1950 4 We are in the business of preserving and improving human life. they have never failed to appear.2. George Merck II.. and if we have remembered that. the larger they have been.1 Operations Management. Merck & Co. It is not for profits.RL5.

A Jack-of-all is not the approach. 3. Do not set your goal on volume. Align the functional objectives to organization strategy. The unique value must reflect on the entire value chain. 4. Strategy must aim at delivering value proposition that are unique. 2. Be prepared for a trade-off to 1. 5.RL5.1 Operations Management. 6. market share or perceived investor desires.2. 5 . Stay focused on the goal for a sustainable period of time. Start with the right goal – Superior long-term return on investment. BITS Pilani 6 Principles of Strategic Positioning http://mintne.

8 What strategy is not 6 .RL5. BITS Pilani Post Class Hours • M2.1 Operations Management.2.

RL5. what does your organization pick? Share the results with your instructor.1 Operations Management. 7 .2. BITS Pilani WILe Interview your organization’s leadership team on the organization’s mission and strategy – Map it against the six principles of strategic positioning – Is it confused with operational effectiveness? What is your value proposition? Does this distinction percolate across the value chain? Does your organization consider trade-offs positively? How does this strategy translate into functional objectives? Do you see a conflict between organizational and functional strategies? Between the strategic direction and a market opportunity.

. Pearson Education 9th Ed.https://hbr. 2009 • Mike Michalowicz.2. Operations Management. 2008 • Harvard Business Review – What is strategy? – Michael Porter. 1996 issue .1 Operations Management.RL5.. BITS Pilani References • Jay Heizer. The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.. HarperCo 8 .

RL5.2.1 Operations Management. BITS Pilani END OF LECTURE .