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Shadow Badminton

This is to practice the correct movement and technique without actually hitting a shuttle. Get a
partner to help direct you to the areas of the court, making sure that you cover the backcourt,
midcourt, and the frontcourt with both your forehand and backhand.
Commit fully during this practice as you would in any competition. Imagine that you are playing
against a world class player. It will definitely improve your movement on court and fitness.

Wall Rally Drill
Take an old shuttle and hit it against the wall. Hit the shuttle with your forehand and backhand,
straight or diagonal. It can be used for practicing almost every stroke. It is a good way to
improve footwork, strengthen the arm and wrist muscles used in badminton.
The wall should be at least 20 feet high to accommodate clears. The practice will be more
effective if you can show the height of the net with a chalk line or a string, 5 feet above the
As the shuttle rebounds so fast from the wall, your wrist will naturally come into play. You will
learn how to switch grips at an instance as well. You will be amazed on your improved reflexes
the next time you step on court.
Hitting a shuttle against a wall is an effective practice at all levels of plays.

Multiple Shuttles - Overhead Strokes
The more shuttles you have, the better for this routine. The feeder plays the shuttles into different

You have to play quality shots to the other side.Net Play Again. You have to remember that merely reaching the shuttles is not enough. Return to your base position after each shot. The feeder throws the shuttles to your net area. Half Court Singles Playing half court singles can improve footwork and increase stamina. This badminton drill is meant to improve your speed and accuracy in executing overhead strokes. you will need a lot of shuttles for this routine.areas of your backcourt. You will then use your forehand. This badminton drill is meant to improve your net play and your movement on court. Pay attention to it or this practice will not be effective. a net kill or a net lift with your forehand or backhand. It will train you to play . The quality of your return is important. drop shots or smashes. Return to your base position after each shot. You will then decide whether to play a net shot. backhand or around the head to play the clears. Multiple shuttles .

It is enjoyable and can improve your overall game. The eventual winner of that duel will then switch to the other side of the court becoming king. 2 Versus 1 If you want to improve your singles play. The king will stay on until he looses. It is played with the normal rules and regulation. It is fun to play and effective in improving your game.more accurate shots with all strokes as well. King of the Court This game is useful when you are with a lot of players. The winner will stay in the court as king while another player will take him on. this is a badminton drill that you can't do without. It is . normally whoever reaches 3 points first wins. You can set the winning condition.

enabling you to raise your game. footwork and shot accuracy. you should do that too. speed around the court. World class players put in a lot of effort during their Badminton Training. If you aspire to be one. Practice in the above Badminton Drills and I am sure you will come off a better player SHUTTLE DRILLS aa bb cc dd ee ff d e f . You will then be able to play in a very tough and pressured condition.played on a singles court and is great for improving fitness. The two players on one side of the court must assume a front back position and play as they would in a singles match.

Drill 1. Player 2 drops from the baseline to Player 1 at the net. Player 2 hits the bird to position c. then to a. Player 2 then lifts again to the baseline. Sequence: Player 1 at baseline drops to Player 2 at net. Drill 2.0 (Net Drives) .1 (Clearing Corner to Corner) Start with Drill 1. players go from corner to corner with their clears and cross court clears with very little time between staying at the respective corners. Players can then reverse the drill so that the bird comes from opposite rotation.0 (Clearing) Stand at where the Doubles Service Line intersects with either the centre service line orthe side singles line(clearing partner opposite side of the court in same position)(Ie Position a and aa). This drill is good for speed between corners while doing clears and cross court clears.1.a b c (The badminton net is not to scale) Drill 1. Player 2 does a net drop to position d. Player 2 will then run over to corner cc and hit the bird to corner c. Player 2 can lift along the baseline anywhere (across to position c) if space permits.1 (Up and back with Hover) Player 1 now moves between the baseline and net (positions a and d) dropping the bird to Player 2 in position dd. Clear to your partner back and forth without moving outside of an imaginary box around your feet of X distance(ie 2 feet around you). and then immediately moves to position cc. Player 1 after getting to position c will hit the bird to position cc. then to cc then to c. IE. and Player 1 always drops to Player 2 at the same spot (position dd) Drill 2. Player 1 moves into the net to position d and drop returns back to Player 2. then continute the routine back to a and aa.0 (Hover Drill) Player 1 starts at the baseline (position a). Drill 1.1 (Lift-Drop-Drop) Player 1 and Player 2 now both move between the net and the baseline. Sequence: Player 2 needs to lift to the baseline. Players continue to hit back and forth between c and cc. while Player 2 starts at the net (position dd). Player 2 drop returns. The bird then will be hit to corner aa. Player 1 drops to position dd. Player 1 immediately moves to position c before Player 2 gets the bird. If Player 1 had the bird hit to them at corner a from corner aa. This drill is good for accuracy to maintain a straight line. then they will hit the bird to corner cc. Player 1(position a) hits to Player 2(position aa). Drill 3.1. Drill 2. Player 1 continuely drops to Player 2 while Player 2 lift returns to the baseline. Player 2 arrives to cc in time to hit the bird back to Player 1 at position c. Player 1 comes into the net and lifts the bird to the baseline (then stays at the net and hovers) forcing Player 2 to go back to baseline. Player 1 drop returns and then heads back to the baseline while Player 2 comes back into the net to lift.1.1 (Clearing Corner to Corner-no rest) In continuation with Drill 1. The players hit to the opposite corner that the bird came to them.

control.0 Start at position aa and pradtice shadow clearing in one spot with proper footwork Drill 1.1 Start with Drill 1. shadow net kill/drop. Proceed back to the baseline and start again. but then change as follows: approach the net. and flat shots.Players 1 and 2 face each other mid-court and drive the bird back and forth with little foot movement. control.1 (Net Drives with 3) Player 1 in the center of the court at one side.1.1 Start with Drill 1. Drill 2. Focus on readiness.1. Drill 3. Player 1 drives with both Players' 2 and 3 in random order. FOOTWORK DRILLS aa bb cc dd ee ff d e f a b c (badminton net is not to scale) Drill 1. and flat hits. Focus on finger power/wrist action.0 . Move back to position aa and start again Drill 1. and then lunge in for a net kill(called hovering). Players' 2 and 3 on the other side taking side by side formation.0 and then move up to position dd and either shadow lunge or shadow drop. then take a step back as to pretend to move back to the baseline(keeping racquet up).

and then back to center. and one player at each A. Once a player gets two mistakes. Each player owns their own half court. Rally ensues. . and the player that misses their shot goes off to the end of line. After focusing on the four corners. Keep the racquet face up just before. Do this at 30 second or 1 minute intervals. and just after the lunge. Drill 2.0 (Knockout) Players line up at position M. then concentrate on the 8 possible directions.C. B. Game 1. Individual game. and do not have to hit any birds on the players' court beside them. and shadow lunge to each corner of court. The player just coming onto court serves first.Begin in the center of the court. The new player takes the vacant spot wherever that may be. then speed. and D.1 Same as dril 2. and can serve to either side.0.1 (Knockout with 2 mistakes) Players get two lives. but have another player on the other side of the net point to which corner should be lunged at. BADMINTON GAMES A B M E F N C D Court 1 I J O G Court 2 H P K L Court 3 Game 1. Move in random corners focusing on technique. no partners. they go to the end of the line. Concentrate on proper footwork(landing on the racquet foot last with toe pointing in the direction of the lunge). Full doubles lines on court are used.

and L would therefore also stay in their respective squares if a SWITCH was called (ie M switches with E.5 (Knockout Kings Court . and court 3 is the lowest. and O as sub areas) Game 3. G with I. and can serve to either side. and F switches with C. (ie If court 1 is the highest. All players therefore start equal when a new player takes the vacant spot. Players A and B stay on Court 1 as is. All finishing smashes(ie front court. then use spots M. then Court 2. then players can move up or down depending on direction determined by the coach. and the new player from M goes to C.0 (Half-court singles) Each player takes a half-court and plays half-court singles with opposing player. This eliminates cheap shots. D with F.3 court rotation) Start all 3 courts with their individual respective Knockout Kings Court games. and demote the bottom players on each court. (ie Player B lifts a nice lob to Player D to smash and take out Player A in the Kings spot. H. N.2 (Knockout with Refresh) Remaining players can refresh their lives back to zero when a player gets knocked out. Game 1. Game 1. If more than 12 players. instead of the intended receiver or the player who lifted the initial shot. Game 1. and A.4 (Knockout with No Kill) It is possible for a player on one side to purposely lift a bird up for the opposing side to smash the bird down and take someone out. while players going in the reverse direction are getting promoted. Players upon hearing this will still finish off their rally. Once this is called. and call SWITCH. that are not coming back) must be conducted on the player who set up/lifted the shot initially. Time about 2-3 minutes (or time randomly). (Court 2: G to H to F to E). rotation is from C to D to B to A. with respective rotations: (Court 1: C to D to B to A). H with J. Game 2. Positions A.N. E.0 (English Doubles) . If B is knocked out. then winning players move left and losers move to the right direction(side does not matter). is the most desirable court(King Court).) The No Kill rule takes this possibility out. and D stay as is). Court 1 itself. and O as the lineup spots for each respective court. C fills D spot. Players in spots K and L stay as is. then D fills B spot. (Court 3: K to L to J to I). Player C switches with E. B. All players work towards getting to A. can use M. When coach yells SWITCH.3 (Knockout Kings court) Entry spot is always C. C always serves. If more than 12 players. then players will switch as follows. and I are the Kings Spot. The penalty for doing such a shot is that the player who does the finishing shot on the wrong person is knocked out.Game 1. and Court 3 is the least desirable court to play on. Players moving downward from court 1 to 2 or from 2 to 3 are getting demoted. Players in spots D.

then that player takes a point. and palyers takes ownership for only their side. The player who took the point. Service can be to either side. . This is also good 2 on 1 for 3 players(can use full court for the lone player on one side). then serves the next rally.Three or four players each take a half-court. When a mistake is made. First player to acquire seven points loses.