"People coming to corporates to take up a reason for their lives, and the people who give reason their

lives by doing the slut and practicing the slut religion."

One of the Chats 1 The update process is so designed that the MSN software will download the updates timely when connected to Internet and will store them to your computer and when its done it will auto update your MSN to the latest version

How is your job going on Rhonda? Chat2 The POP stands for Post Office Protocol Chat 3 MSN Favorites Export to IE Chat 4 [ DIAL-UP Network Connectivity Issue] Year 2003 Firstly, Chat 5 [shift 12 - 9 A.m] @8:30 a.m Father and daughter chat Chat 6 E-mail Client [Simon, send it other dept.] Chat 7 [Team Leader's understanding + drive away direction ] I understand how it feels like not being able to access the e-mails like the way you are used to. Please be assured that your issue will be resolved.

We will work on this step by step disconnected chats I am providing you with the ticket number for this session so that you can contact the support at your convinience and provide us with this session's ticket number and we can take it from there. Feedbacks & Reviews [Good & BAD ] Thinking Out of the Box Expect the Unexpected Hackers chats Son wants to inform to his relatives about his mother's death and not knows how to send mail from MSN V fucking SAT scores The quality takes up my chat for the second visit and sends them no back up steps for Flush mailhost issue Did I come to corporate / Office to do a show off my clothes or parker pen or White colar Blue shirt? Did I talk to the peers as peers or as religion based or ASS Based or Color based? Did I talk to the Driver of the CAB's because he was some imaginative stuff as per the bitch dictionary and understandings or did I just talk things like they were? Did I do my final Chat [in 12 to 9 shift] sometimes even after 9 A.M I was on the chat so as to do it all the possible and then come home in bus [ No Fucking Cabs, Great Corporate ] Bang my head to the Iron rod or the window in sleepy mode and at times trying to get down ahead of my stops.


Corporates, Standards, Quality, Career, Understanding, peers

[2004 - 2005] Govt. Office

The MIS website 1. No Introduction [ Just which site it is and front page] 2. No Documentation 3. No Assistance 4. No One to Help, explain, or tell WHAT MIS is? 2000 => 2003 = > 2004 Govt. Office 5. Generated the IV-B Statement for all the Logins of MIS Website Did around 4-5 Modules on MIS. Now I'll tell what's the database, whats the fucking code? How is it connected ? 2006 The New Office & Virtual MBA's Tech out puts Sizzlingtunes = 1.Database Better Build 2. Better Update 3. Better Categorized 4. Added more categories 5. Many Many files = Organization as per the database Elixir CO.com The Funny question from the other sides and Bitch Network associate. WHere is the LOGO? WHere is the punch Line? We are not a dot com company. We are AJAX Company, Based on Irani Cafe's [ Round Communication] I made the Logo, just like I put forwarded my dedication and skills to the complete site deployment and made it stand Phase 2 What are Phases? What is Phase1 ? What is Phase2?

When I was looking into sizzling tunes and elixir co what are the Yo-Bitch Network doing? The Yo-Teams Career Educations principles VETA = Where is VETA ? Bitch Groups Understanding of BLUE's MUSIC OFFICE TAG to Naryanguda Office and At Lab Qts Slut Associates .. ... .. .. .. .. .. . ... .. .. PRINTER ... ... .. ... .. ARAB + AFRICAN ... .. ... ... .. POSH LOO ... .. .. ... DOGS BARK THEIR too ... ... ... .. TICKLE ORANGE .. .. .. ... ERGS ... ...

... US WRONG Number ... ... ... Cigarettee n Steps ... .. .. Window Dating Standards [Right in front of Office] Great PUT ON ... ... ... DOG SHOW .. .. .. ... SHOWS when we visit at CA ... ... .. .. IRANI CAFE's .. .. BOOKSHOPS ... .. BARS ... .. ... REDDY WOMENS COLLEGE STreet ... .. .. Archies opp. Tiffin Spot ... ... Santosh Dhaba .. .. ... .. KING n CARDINAL ... ... GAYATHRI BHAVAN ... ..

MINERVA ... ... ..... SKYLINE ... .... IMAX ..... ... ... BRITISH LIBRARY PAPER SHOP ... ... OPP. Secratriat ... ... .. IN & Around the German Language Centers ... ... .. TATA BUILDING ... ... Fateh Maiden Club ... ... Blue Diamond Chinese Resteraunt .... ... .. ALU TOAST SPOT ... ... .... ROUND THE CHADERGHAT ... ... ..

Naryanguda and Himayat Nagar are over flooded with Bitch's Orgasms understanding's Putting forward their understanding, just get to know and roll the fuck out their understanding of HOLLYWOODtuna.com n ++ [dedication & Career] Who are the people who act up to and with the Yo- Bitch Network SHOWS on streets and Bars and Every where we been to? These are the people who worked their ass from 2000 to 2006 and took up small posts to show their human sides on streets one for the front end and the collective people who strongly believe in " This is what we do to live " Practice slutism Rs 10,800 Manali Foreign Aryans Taj Mahal Street Shows Bombs Crackers Street employees Bitch Sent over Tenants Like VOIP come Vxml == What is this? Begumpet House In & Around On the Roads Morning walks @ Begumpet Representations Orientations Associations Bitch Life & the Yo-Network Reasons for Life Country Oven Green Park Hotel Wines Shop Coffee Day Chicken Snack Shop At Life Style At Paradise At Dimmy's

At Swathi Kachiguda X roads + Basheerbagh Bars + Pubs One flight down Necklace Road DMRL X roads Ashoka Bar Net Centers Super markets Tiffin Centers Streets Sampa Site Headfones Hair Cutting Saloon Srikanth [ 2000 to 2007 ] ???????? Vijay [ 2000 to 2007 ] ???????? Kiran [ 2000 to 2007 ] ???????? Senu [2000 to 2007] ???????? Anand Sharma???? [2000 to 2007] ???????? All BCA's [2000 to 2007 ] ?????? Mool chand & Co , Shanti, OM, RAMESH PARTY [ 2000 to 2007] ?????????? Alliance Francaise [2000 to 2007] ???????? Ukraine [ 2000 to 2007] ?????? GENETICS L [2000 - 2007] ??????? Lab Qts + Santosh + Your Database [ 2000 to 2007] ???????? Webhelp [2000 to 2007] ?????????? QUALITY, STANDARDS, QUALIFICATIONS, TEAM LEADS, CORPORATES Ukraine was 1995 to 1998 how does 2000 to 2007 constitute UKRAINE? Is this what? == what is the true meaning for Life as per Bitch Dictionary? Around Us and On the Internet Or How to live life, because of having [human form] and minds? or What more can be done to the slogan =>

" This is what we do to Live Life " or What happens at corporates, Now a days for people who go to do some genuine work or interested in Career? or The "Corporate Network" Connected to "Social Network" will result in "Global Network" and GENESIS model is Yielded with 9 principles or The Evolutions of Slutism + Custom Reality

=================================================================== 2000 September 15 ------------Original Message----From: Arjun Linuxer [mailto:psi4@rediffmail.com] Sent: Thursday, September 14, 2000 10:51 PM To: syed.azeem@aristasoft.com Cc: unitron@hd1.vsnl.net.in Subject: Hi from Linux geek. Dear Azeem, Hello.How are you doing ? I 'm arjun doing my BCA-Final Yr. from OU,Hyderabad.I am a Linux Geek,acquianted with Linux since 5.2 release of RedHat. working with Tux for more than a year i got an oppurtunity to know about the prime things of an Operating System. presently I'm working on, * Linux Routers

In fact Rick was very co-opertative and helped me to understand how the Idiot Image Works. Ref :- www.linuxrouter.org * ananconda Anaconda is a program coded in python script can be found on the RedHat Linux-CD.This program when becomes process in execution mode gives the user set up option and asks the user to select the type of installation like Text mode (or) GUI (or) KickStart followed by probing the hardware components of the user's system. Ref :- On Redhat Linux-CD /misc/src/anaconda/anaconda * Webmin webmin is all about web Administration. This is a cool Utility for Unix-Administrators. one can write his own modules and start Adding to it. Ref :- www.webmin.com

* LKMP Linux Kernel Module Programing is all about writing modules in c-language and can be inserted in to the kernel at the runtime. Ref :- LKMPG by Ori Pomerantz. * I studied Operting Systems and Java in my prior semister. Ref :|CODE| |SUBJECT| BCA252 BCA255 Operting Systems. Java Programing.

i'm also aware of GTK, Ncurses, Tcl,

tk, Bash shell Programing & Linux Device Drivers by ALLESSANDRO RUBINI. <!--I wrote when I sent this 2 a company > I wonder if you could give me a chance to give my services to your Reputed Dot Com Organisation. I assure that I'm going to give you the Cream of the Topics in Linux of all that i know. <!-----IGNORE ------------------- > Thanking You RSVP Azeem, Plz let me know what my next move shold be. Yours Faithfully arjun.

=================================================================== 2007 September 15 ------Dear Consultants of Job4IT,

I'm writing to you to apply for the potential positions as IT -Manager / Technical Lead in your reputed client networks. Currently I'm working as a Technical Lead for the IT-Services company, where I manage the key responsibilities & developments of the Technical Department. Planning and managing to get things things done, on the technical grounds has always been challenging, and stands as a quest in my career life. Having accomplished technical goals set individually,

and as a team, not only have I acquired a great insight to the development series of the project phases, but also have added value to my confidence. As you can see from my CV that, the computer science degree i attained with flying colors and my innate skills have always played a vital role in accomplishing the goals set in multi disciplinary domains and at times, to go beyond. With above 5+ years of Experience in IT, International Exposure and a drive for upcoming technologies & innovation, I can offer your firm good management skills for responsible technical positions. Enclosed is my profile for your review. I thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours Sincerely, Nagarjun