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mmer 20009

S ISSUE The Moost Worship pful The Grand
G Mastter for The
ge. 1…GM’s Message
ge. 2… Editorrial
Grand Lodge of New Brun nswick: MW WB Miles
ge. 3… Grandd Lodge Review M 09, 20009 at the 1442th Annual
m. Elected May
& Expreessing Opinio ons Commu unication held in Saint Jo ohn, New w
ge. 4… Pictoriial View of GL
ge. 5… Eventss Brunswiick, Can nada, to his firrst term.
ge. 6… Book Shelf
S & Verse Congrattulations.
ge. 7… Celebrrations
ge. 8…The Ob bservation Po ost
& Poin
nt of View of thhe
Masonic Rabb bit Grand Master’s Message
…………………… ………………………
Just the facts Greetin
ngs brethren
Marritime Freem masonry is not
withhout it’s folkllore and historic Yes, my brethren the year is quickly
q passingg and our 14
42th communiication of the
Grand Lodge
L of New Brunswick is now completee and I would like to thank all of you for
disccussions, one of which is the giving me
m the opporttunity of servin
ng as your Grrand Master. It is indeed a great honour
“Noova Scotia Stone”
S reporrted and onee which I will always
a remem
mber and cherissh.
disccovered in 1827 in the
Annnapolis Basin,, NS, which is In mym travels throoughout this jurisdiction an nd in visits to others duringg the past it is
insccribed with thet Square and very eviident that freeemasonry, the largest and oldest fraternityy provides an special tie or
commpass along wiith the year 16606. bond am mong it’s memmbers – that elusive
e tie thaat bonds all Masons
M togetheer. Have you
Mucch discussion has taken pllace noticed how often Maasons who havve never met beefore become friendly f towarrd each other?
This con ndition does not
n happen haaphazardly or by accident as a those barrieers that would
over the past two centuries normallly hinder this interaction aree not present, as all Masons understand th hat each of us
perttaining to the ston
ne’s were reecommended for f membershiip by a good man, were su ubjected to an investigation,
nificance to Freeemasonry. had takken part in cerremonies that obligated them m to high mooral standards and they had
taken on o the respoonsibility to be b conscientiious and hon nourable indiividuals. This
relationnship taken in conjunction
c w man’s natu
with ure as a social creature combbined with the
Albaanus became the first Grand close frriendships form med between it’s members has done mu uch to promoote travel and
Masster of Freemasons to beco ome visitatioon. Also, the very
v principles of freemasonrry teach that every
e Mason sh hould support
the first Christian martyr in Britain, Brotherly Love in the sense that all men
m are createed equal- on th he principal masonry
m unites
afteer he was beheeaded by empe eror men of all nationalitiees and religiouus beliefs concciliates true friiendships amoong those who
Caraausius, for preaching the might otherwise
o remaain at a perpetu
ual distance.
doctrine of the newn faith to the
emp peror in A.D. 293. Masoons spend tim me working foor the craft dued to its perrsonal satisfacttions and the
understanding that it does it’s part in
i making the world and bettter place.


Did you know th here were fifteen Freeemasonry is a fraternity
f dediccated to helpin
ng it’s memberrs better themsselves through
Fundamental law ws of the Brotther the life long quest foor self improveement. It is a quest that neever ends with h the goal we
Massons written back
b around A.
A D. never reach because the goal wou uld be perfectiion and none of us will evver be perfect.
9266 according to
o General Histtory Freemassonry does nott demand us too be perfect but we try to be b better men. Those lodges
of Freemasonryy translated by which provide
p interessting thought providing
p proggrams to support that purpoose are blessed
with a measure
m of pridde and satisfacction which result in increassed attendance.
Flettcher Brennan, published in
18669? Keep traavelling and en
nable this won
nderful fraternity to grow and
d flourish.
…………………………… …………………………..
In 1814
1 being Mason
M became a
me ordered by Ferdinand VII.

The Official
O New
wsletter of the Grand Lodge
L of New
w Brunswick
• Mostlyy • Massonry •
- Sum
mmer 20099 -

Conccerning the Business of a lodgge

Should a Mason becom me aware of an a activity orr use hindsight to find fault with w the actio
ons of
issue thatt has been un ndertaken by his lodge and d others.
he disagreees with the possible outccome, even to o Therre will alway ys be a plaace for produ uctive
the point of being upseet, how should d he deal withh criticcism for any project
p the loddge may undeertake
his reactioon? but creditable crriticism comees from an active
The first question
q he must
m ask himself is; wheree partiicipating activve brother, a brother wh ho has
was I wheen the issues were being addressed
a and
d special skills in related to the t issue or from
did I participate in form
mulating the fin nal decisions?? breth hren who haveh gained creditability from
Now, if a Mason has not attended his lodge’ss partiicipating in previous end deavours in lodge
regular co ommunication ns or any of it’s businesss operrations.
meetings in a long tim me it would appear
a he hass Furth hermore, should a Mason not agree witth the
very littlee reason to bee upset with anyone otherr direcction the lodge has decid ded to take with
w a
than himsself with reference as to how w the lodge iss partiicular activityy or issue th he decision should
being admministrated. neveer be taken ass a personal defeat.
d Althouugh he
On the oth her hand, wheen he did atten nd the regularr may be disappoin nted a Mason n should still work
communiccations and planning
p sesssions, did hee hardd to support his lodge bee as successfful as
speak up,, provide ap ppropriate inp put and givee possible within the boundaries of his obligatiions.
concrete constructive
c reasoning
r as to
t how he feltt Regaardless of thee issue or how upset a brrother
about how w the decisionns were being reached? Orr may be with the final
f decision taken at his lodge,
did he sitt silent on the sidelines no ot wanting to o theree are no justtifiable reason ns for brethrren to
take a staand, in front of those in attendance forr ever take their disscontent outsiide the lodge where
fear it maay differ fromm that of his friend’s
f or hiss non members can n overhear his opinions orr even
point of view may be proven
p to have been wrongg worsse discuss the t issues of the lodge with
sometime in the future?? outsiiders as if they
y were Mason ns.
Those wh ho take the tim me and makee the effort to o Everryone is entitlled to their op pinion but Maasonic
address isssues and plan n activities, to do what they y busin ness and issues should remain r within the
think is best
b for their lodge at the time, should d frateernity not outt in the comm munity amonggst it’s
receive very
v little crriticism from m those non n residdents, regardleess of the relaationship.
participatiing individuaals who secon nd guess and d

That is whhat I think: Thee editor

………………………………… …………………… ………………………

Noticee to All Masonns

This publiication is no longer
l printed
d by Grand Lo odge due to distribution
d cirrcumstances beyond
b it’s co
All Masons reading thiss electronic ed
dition are askeed to think of their brothers who do not have the electtronic
resources with which they can access the Grand d Lodge web b site and con nsider printin
ng a copy forr their

ly Masonr
The Official Newsletter of the Grand Lodge of New Brun
Editor and Public Reelations for Grand Lodge of New Brunnswick, WB WG Maacx MacNichol
64 Woodllawn Rd, N.B. E2k 3A8
Design and formaat support by Bro. Scott
S Murray
orchester, N.B., E4K
K 3A8 (506)-379-2211, (506)-379-06778, e-mail:

The Official Newsletter of the Grand Lodge of New Brun


h Masons do
Although o not wish to
t be overly
y secretive th
hey should practice disscretion. Paage 2
• Mostlyy • Massonry •
- Su
ummer 200 9

GE 2009 IN

Brethreen! Here arre the Officeers of your Grand Loddge for the year
y 2009

Officers Ellected and Apppointed 2009

Gran nd Master MWB Miles
M R. Graham
Depu uty Grand Master RWB Petter M. Whittakerr
Senior Grand Wardeen RWB Gaarth W. Dingee
Junior Grand Wardeen RWB Sttephen H. Allen
Grand d Treasurer RWB Rob bert A. Kierstead
Grannd Secretary RWB Randall W. Nelson
District Deputy Grannd Master District No. 1 RWB J. Kirkk Trenholm
District Deputy Grannd Master District No. 2 RWB Edw ward K. Burridgee
Distrrict Deputy Grannd Master Districct No. 3 RWB Deerek C. Knowles
District Deputy Grannd Master District No. 4 RWB Harold d J. Crabbe
Distrrict Deputy Grannd Master Districct No. 5 RWB Ph hilip D. Hartford
District Deputy Grannd Master District No. 6 RWB Ian n R. Culligan
District Deputy Grannd Master District No. 7 RWB TedT White
Grannd Chaplain VWB Revv. Dana R. Dean
Grandd Historian VWB Stuaart J. MacDonald d
Graand Director of Ceremonies
C VWB Jo oel A. Blakney
Senior Grand Deaco on WB Willliam D. Millett
Junioor Grand Deacon n WB Terrrance G. Spence
Assisttant Grand Direcctor of Ceremonnies WB Georrge D.A. Fletcherr
Grand Sword Bearrer WB Lo orne D. Linton
G Standard Bearer
B WB Cecil
C O. Pirie
Grand Organist WB Rod dney G. Girvan
Graand Piper WB William L. Kerwin
Grannd Pursuivant WB Joel F. MacDonald
Graand Tyler Bro Jam mes A. Barnes

Congratulattions go out to all those brethren who steppeed forward and offered the naames for the beetterment of Maasonry.
Those who were elected and appointed no ow have the graave responsibilitty to carry on with
w the develop pment of Freemmasonry
within this jurisdiction.
j Support and information from the brethren to th he Grand Lodgee Officers is onee of the major ways
w all
members caan assist in the development
d and rekindling of interest in the frraternity which means
m so much to those of us who
w are
the present membership.

Expresss your opin

1. What changes would you like to see to th
W he Grand Lodgge Communicaation held eacch year? (Send d us a
maximum of 3 changes).
2. Shhould Grand Lo odge become more
m involved and/or suppo
ort in the issuess openly and publicly?
p One answer
yees or no.
3. Is visiting otherss lodges imporrtant to you? One
O answer yess or no.
4. W
Would you be interested attending a one day Masonic philosophy stu udy session? If
I yes what suubjects
would you like to
t see addresseed during suchh a session?

Send your responses directly to the ed

All resp ponses willl be held co onfidential by the ediitor and willl only be used
u to add
issues which
w are ofo interest to Masons s and creatte subject matter
m for future artiicles
for thiss publicationon unless written
w permmission is obtained from
f those who submmitted
the respponses to do d otherwise e.

Honest and heelpful opinio

ons withoutt a voice to express
e them
m mean notthing Page 3
• Mostlyy • Massonry •
- Su mmer2009 -
Picctorial View
w of Grand Lodge Actiivities
They have trravelled to the East

(L to R) MWBs Gordon
G Rattraay, Hon. PGM Gustaf
G Bodin, James H Pike, Osborne H Naason; J. William
m Murray, perrson in rear

(L to R) MWB
M Roy Liveely, N.S.; GM William
W Boone,, N.B.; MWB David Mosher, P.E.I.

Grrand Lodge off New Brunsw

wick 2009

Names listed on paag2

Meen of wisdom
m are unafraaid to sharee their views and accep
pt the opinio
ons of otherrs Page 4
• Mostly • Masonry •
- Summer 2009 -
Revitalization and Celebration through Lecturing and Education

With the creation of its Lecturing and with his promotion of Masonic education throughout
Education Committee (LEC) and the restoration of our region as well as having played a small part in the
the Lodge Historian’s position, Keith Lodge # 23 is creation of our Grand Lodge.
attempting to raise the level of participation of new
members, increase participation of those presently Included in the Regular Communication of 07 Oct.
not attending lodge and provide a higher level of 2009 the Learning and Education Committee will
education for all it’s members. present:

For the first time in many years the entire 1. A short Original Play-Act Piece:
slate of officers for 2009-2010 of Keith Lodge # 23 hosted by Bro. Justin Lewis. A
has been filled with non-masters while having a collection of skits depicting
number of young Masons waiting to occupy a station Masonic recognition.
in the near future. As a result of having an
abundance of new Masons it was decided to develop 2. Recitation of “Publicly Unknown
a regular communication education program heartily and Empty Seats” by Bro.
endorsed by the Master of the Lodge. Alexander Elaschuk.

Due to the success of the monthly education 3. A Masonic Debate by PM Scott

sessions put forth by WM Peterson the previous year, Ellsworth and Bro. Eric Janes,
the inaugural LEC (Comprised of Brothers Alexander moderated by Bro. Jim Gallant.
J.P. Elaschuk, Jim Gallant, and Justin Lewis) are
taking their interest in Masonic subjects and issues to The Lecturing and education Committee hopes to set
a higher level in their ten year Masonic renewal plan the example on how lodges can make their
for their lodge. The next step this group has communications more interesting and informative as
undertaken in their renewal plan is to have an well as how all members - especially new Masons -
evening of Masonic Education to celebrate the 214th can be kept involved thus increasing the possibility of
birthday of MWB Alexander Keith, a historic figure their retention which will eventually lead to attracting
in the Atlantic Region’s Masonic history. This potential members to the fraternity.
interesting and unique celebration program has been
scheduled for 07 Oct. 2009, 1930 hrs (7:30 pm) at the All Masons who are looking for an evening that will
Masonic Temple in Moncton, NB. be both informative and entertaining, attending the
Birthday celebration of MWB Keith at Keith Lodge #
Through the dedicated work of the 23 is the ideal opportunity to join up with other
committee, they have put together a very interesting brethren and attend this communication.
program, involving a total of 7 brethren, to honour a
man who had an enormous influence on Freemasonry

Camp Goodtime Attendance and Awareness

With the coming of summer months a number of lodges will go on summer recess which allow their
members to devote themselves to more personal pleasures and reduce their Masonic activities. Although relaxation
and vacations are necessary and enjoyable Masons can still do their part in supporting others. One stop for
vacationing Masons from all parts of the country and those from New Brunswick, should consider is a stop at the
summer camp for “Kids with Cancer” Camp Goodtime, located near beautiful Grand Lake. The date when visitors
are welcome is 18 July 2009, during their visit at Camp Goodtime Masons of New Brunswick will get to see how
their year-long endeavours benefit those much less fortunate than the average Canadian and their families.
By spending a couple of hours at the camp and participating in some of the activities, Masons and their
families can provide a sense of compassion and moral support for those going through very tough times while
practicing their obligation to charity.

Your time has untold value if spent in the right place at right time doing a good thing
F 5

Be an active Mason with the intention to do the best for your lodge and Freemasonry
• Mo
ostly Massonry •
- Summer
S 20009 -

m the
Bookshelf “Thee Old Mastters Wagees”
By I Meet a Dear Old Man Today Who
W Wore a Masonic Pin
X MCNICHOL W Old and Faaded like the Man It's Edgges Were
It Was
Worrn and Thin
Book titles
t with Mason
nic themes and historical backgro
ound to Masonry..
I Appproached the Park Bench Where
W He Saat to Give the
……………….. Old Brother His DueD
ate of readin
ng Interest: I Saaid, "I See Yoou've Traveledd East He Saiid, "I Have,
Havee You"?
ars of the Earth” a Masonic historical novel by
Cana adian Ken Foollet has beenn selected to become an eight
I Saiid, I Have andd in My Day Before
B the Alll Seeing Sunn
part series for Television
T annd CBC hass purchased the
licensse to broadca
ast the mini-s
series in the future
f as repo
orted I Plaayed in the Rubble
R with Juubala Jubilo and
a Jubalum.
in the Globe and d Mail on 18 June 2009. This is jusst an
indicaation of how well the nov vel has been n accepted. It is He Shouted,
S Don't Laugh at thhe Work My Son
S It's Good
recommmended the e book be reaad before watcching the seriies. and Sweet and Trrue
Andd If You've Trraveled as Yoou Said You Should
S Give
“Ordder In Chaos
s” a Masonic c historical no
ovel by Canaadian Thesse Things a Due.
Jack Whyte will published
p in August 2009 9. It is the third
me of a three book serie es titled Temmplar Trilogy. As The Work, the Siggn, the Tokenn, the Sweet Masonic
previously mentiooned in Mo ostly Masonrry the first two Prayyer.
mes make forr wonderful interesting read
The Vow That Yoou Have Takeen You Have Climbed the
……………… ………………… ……
Inneer Stair.
Dealing with
w books
The Wages of a Mason
M Are Neever Paid in Gold
The season
s for ya
ard sales has s arrived and is a great tim
me to But the
t Gain Com mes from Conntentment Whhen You're
collecct good used d books (nov vels in pocke etbook formatt), at Weaak and Growinng Old.
very low prices regardless whe ether or not th
hey are of inte
to yoou. After you u have collec cted 30 or 50 0 pocketbookks, in You See I've Carrried My Obliggations for Almost 50
good d or better con
ndition, take them
t ed book store and
to a use Yearrs
tradee them for boooks in which you are interested. The trick It Haas Helped Mee Through thee Hardships annd the
is to buy books in f price, sort out
n bulk or by the box at a flat Failuures Full of Tears.
thosee in best condition for you u to trade then donate the rest
to otther commun nity organizattions or to a paper recyccling
Now w I'm Losing My
M Mind andd Body - Deatth Is near but
comp pany. You will
w save mone ey for your reeading habit, help
a cha arity and recyycle the wastte. What a pastime
p on a nice I Doon't Despair
sunny day. I've Lived My Liife upon the Level
L and I'm Dying on thee
There e have been a number of o brethren who
w have beccome Squaare
very active reade ers and have e collected a large numbe er of
bookks who are no ow looking foor other brethhren who want to Som
metimes the Grreatest Lessonns Are Thosee That Are
exchange, trade or borrow bo ooks from on ne another. The Learrned Anew
idea of carrying a couple of bo ooks which co ould be tradeed or Andd the Old Mann in the Park Today Has Changed
C My
loaneed to other brothers
b migh
ht be a good d way to livenn up Poinnt of View
conversations a
after commmunications while ha
refresshments. I will
w be carrying three boo oks with me from
To All
A My Masonnic Brothers the
t Only Secrret Is to Care
now on to help cut my costs.
Mayy You Live uppon the Level and Part upoon the Square..
I havve also foun nd books forr less than ½ price in used
u ………… …………………… …………………… …….
ave money iss to combine your
bookkstores. Anotther way to sa
w other brothers, order from Amazon
bookk wish lists with,
get great
g prices an
nd pay no posstage.

T complettion of read
The ding a book gives
g privatte satisfactio
on which caan be shared
d with otherrs. Page 6
• Mostlyy Masonrry •
- Summ
mer 2009 -

60 yearss with Maso

onic Friend
ds Lan
ndmark Lodg ge # 51
. 25th Annual Curling
C Bons
spiel in Stan

WB Harrold Robinson
(From l to r) n; RWB Rona ald Mundle;
Bro, Kenneth
K Calleendar; Mw Miles R Grahaam; W.M F
Murrayy Hannah; RWBR Dougla
as Wood; WBW Arnold Trophy y Winners:
Mundle ;photos takken by WB Da
avid Mundle. 1st Plaace - Ted Ross team - Don nnie Stickles,, Arny
Wilkinss, and Susan Smith
2nd Pllace - Doug MacDonald
M te
eam - Michael Ross,
Debbiee Frazer, and Perena Bradfford.
3rd orr Last Place (Horse's
( Derrriere) Dale Rooss team -
Hugh Seymour,
S Joan Hay and Lilllas Ross
Trophiees for the dayy were donateed by Wor Brro Michael
Ross in n memory of his father, Donald
D I. Rosss and by
Wor Brro Kevin Long g in memory ofo his father, Alan
A Long
and brrother, Wayn ne Long. Th he winner th his year’s
50/50, David Chase, who rece eived $70.00,, donated
$50.00 back to the Lodge as his "goodwill jester"j for
the dayy. Great dispplay of fellow
wship and ch harity.

Hiram Lodg
ge # 6 Entered Apprentice
Fredericton, NB

A pictorial
p celebbration of thee 50th anniverrsary of
Coverdale # 52

Brotherrs Gary W B
Brenton, Craig S Doland, Brent J
MacDoonald and Paul R Viidal with WB W Joel
onald at thee center.
…………………………………… …………………
Bro Merlyn Cull wa as presented a Fifty Year Certificate
and Pin
P by The MWB M The GMM Miles Graham. DGM;
then RWB
R Peter Whittaker,
GW presented d Wor Bro The pictures are worth
w a thoussand words each
e and
Murrayy Webb his Fifty Year recognition, with Bro the nam
mes make them famous.
d Baker being g presented his
h by RWB Wayne
W Fox Whenn submitting pictures, please include names
n in
DDGM M District 6. their proper ordeer, to avoid errrors in recoognition.

Visuaals can main

ntain memorries of the past.
p Page 7
• Mostlyy • Massonry •
- Sum
mmer 20099 -
Theyy have a fresh h way of lookking at things. They have
studiied the rules. They know how things sho ould be done,
not because
b it’s allways been do
one that way,, but because
the method
m meets the criteria fo
or achievemennt.

But, it seems, the harder they work,

w the mo ore negativity
they attract. Unleess the individual is thick‐‐skinned and
immune to such darkd criticismm, he will evenntually throw
up hiis hands, not necessarily
n in defeat, but in defense.

Usuaally, unless th
hey are a sad dist for punisshment, they
simpply remind th hemselves theey are a mem mber of this
grouup because th hey chose to be; but they y don’t need
: this—
—in their worrds—BS in theeir lives. So theey either quit
the organization
o altogether, orr find a moree compatible
By:: The Obse
erver grouup.

Curriously enough h there seemss to be one inn every groupp. And so, the group p has lost an asset,
a the chaance to grow,
Whether it is a cllub, school, ch
hurch, work, or
o play there iss prefeerring to deccline, or at best
b stagnate, while they
onee who stand ds out from the crowd. Usually that bemo oan the fact th
hey are facing extinction.
indiividual is eagger, active, and relishes taking
t on just
Sadlyy this situatio
on exists in Frreemasonry where
w we are
out any task. One would th hink any grou up would givee
admo onished to heelp each otheer, to extend the hand of
theiir eye tooth to
o have such a go‐getter
g in th
heir midst.
ndship, remember each other’s welffare in our
Alass, more often than not the opposite
o is ten
nds to be true. invoccations. We arre sometimes quick to judgge without all
the relevant
r facts. Sometimes ou ur words beliee our actions.
Theese type‐A peersonalities will
w attract neggativity like a A few
w are quite ad damant in theiir avowal thatt “my mind is
red rose attracts a honey bee. Why?
W madee up; don’t con nfuse me withh the truth.”

Unddoubtedly they y sometimes come

c across as
a all‐knowingg, Yourr Observer has watched thiis group interaction over a
tactt and diplomaacy somewhat low on theiir priority listt. long period of timme, which of co ourse, does no
ot qualify him
Butt to such an achiever, thought is action n. And wheree n expert in thee field of human relations; but
as an b simply as
therre is action, there
t must bee a deadline. To them, any y the title
t implies “aan observer”.
goaal without a tim
me frame for achieving is merely
m a wish
a drream. Join us in the issu ues to follow as we trace the
t trials and
ulations, succcesses and faailures of Brrother Jubilo
In addition,
a thesee magnets of criticism
c do not
n suffer from
m Joness, an eager yo oung Mason fo ollowing the path
p to more
w esteem, nor do they hesittate to speak out when thee lightt. His story, in itself, may be enlightening.
uation warrantts.
Special Visitation communication
All of which, it seeems to this observer, makees for a strongg Susseex lodge # 4, Dorchester, NB, will be hold ding a special
der. He, or shee, is not afraid to tackle diffiicult tasks.
lead comm munication on October 10, 2009,
2 at 1300 hrs to host a
visit from Equity Lo
odge # 106 fro om the Halifaxx, Nova Scotia
diction as weell as the Offficial Visit from The Most
Messagge from the Masonic
M Rabbit Worsshipful The Graand Master off New Brunswick RWB Miles
Graham. There will be various activities
a plann
ned for event
M obserrve the including a supper to be served ono or near 163 30 hrs. Those
actions other Masons
M wishiing to attend this great Massonic event sh hould forward
therefore alll your their names as soon as possiblee because seaating space is
q as a Mason limiteed. The cost of the eventt will be $15.0 00 which will
are usually kn
nown by include refreshmen nts on arrival and
a the supper. Your ticket
other Maso ons numb ber will be used
u for a do oor prize. Youur attendance
would be greatly apppreciated.

ur input is the
t only way
y this magazine will exxpress what you think. 8