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Stephen Richard

Physical Education & Health Teacher – 2009/2010
Personal Fitness & Health Teacher at International School – 2010/2012
International Dorm Director - 2011/2012
Physical Education & Health Teacher – 2012/2016


Outstanding Major of the Year
Michigan Association for Health Physical Education, Recreation and Dance


Outstanding Major of the Year
National Association for Sport and Physical Education

Stephen Richard
Cell phone: (989) 513-3093

Stephen Richard

To whom it may concern,
I am proud of the past five years teaching physical education, health and personal fitness in the state of
Maine. While I am confident of having a positive influence in my students’ life and education, my wife and I
are excited about the opportunity to make a difference closer to family and/or in a new, diverse location. The
picturesque town we are in was the perfect place to start a career; however, the prospect of reaching more
students is genuinely exciting. I am more than ready to apply my seven years of experience and utilize acquired
skills as a competent, proficient teacher to a school in need.
Currently, I hold a bachelors degree from Saginaw Valley State University, with K-12 certifications in
health, physical education, recreation, dance and psychology. My educational goal of acquiring a masters
Educational Leadership is complete. Earning this masters degree has enhanced my knowledge and pedagogy as
a school leader and will help provide the best educational experience for all students. The Educational
Leadership program at the University of New England is highly regarded and I am eager to use my increased
understanding of education.
I strongly believe that physical education is an exciting means to learn and love being active and
healthy. I am able to serve as a role model for the students as physical fitness is essential to me personally and I
have experience in numerous activities, sports and games from around the world. The challenges, discipline and
skill acquisition of P.E. creates character, fortitude, self-esteem, and positive values. A physical education class
offers a unique opportunity to exemplify those values, including teamwork and good communication. Physical
education bridges ethnicity, gender and ability levels by incorporating teamwork dynamics as well as increasing
brain function for success in any diverse class. It is my passion to create success on an individual level so all
students can build confidence and become enthused about fitness and health. My positive and encouraging
attitude and love for physical education will be contagious to all my students: they will have fun, work hard and
become better learners and citizens. It is my goal that through experience, teaching and modeling, all my
students will gain a strong foundation for lifelong health and fitness.
I am interested in becoming involved in extracurricular activities through coaching and other community
programs. During the past seven years of teaching I have been a head basketball and cross country coach at the
middle school level as well as head wresting and track and field coach at the high school level. I have also
volunteered with several community running races, school fitness events and recently raised $500 participating
in a “Polar Plunge” involving jumping into a designated hole cut out of the ice on a lake, benefiting children
with disabilities. It is my belief that school and community involvement gives a sense of pride and connection
that is invaluable to individuals and the society as a whole.
Thank you for your time and consideration. Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward
to hearing from you soon and the opportunity of contributing to your school.
Enthusiastically yours,

Stephen F. Richard
Stephen Richard
Cell phone: (989) 513-3093

University of New England, ME, masters in Educational Leadership
Saginaw Valley State University, MI, bachelor degree
Massey University, New Zealand – study abroad
Degree: Major-Health, Physical Education & Recreation. Minor-Psychology
Masters in Educational Leadership
Certification: Health, Physical Education and Recreation. (MX) K-12
Psychology (CE) 6-12


Physical education and health teacher:
• AOS96 Machias Bay Schools PreK-8 , Maine
• Developed the physical education and health curriculum – head cross country and track coach
• Infused swimming, rock climbing, hiking, fishing, and dance into the curriculum
Personal fitness teacher:
Washington Academy 9th-12th East Machias, Maine
• Personal Fitness teacher at a private/international high school
• Developed a curriculum for the new fitness class
• Developed after school programs for the fitness center
• Head wrestling and track and field coach
• Personally trained students with injuries and specific sporting requirements
• International Experience at Washington Academy:
• Successfully mixed cultures in a variety of activities during and after school
• Team leader of international student group competitions
• Dorm director of international students:
- managed coworkers and students in a living situation
- supervised dorm proceedings and directed student behavior
Physical education/health teacher, Lubec Schools: PreK-12, Lubec, Maine
• Physical education and health teacher for grades PreK-12,
• Developed the physical education and health curriculums
• Head track coach at the high school level and head basketball coach at the middle school level
• Board member of the school health committee
• Started and led a fitness program for the teachers
• Started and led an elementary gymnastics program
• Started and led an adult basketball and volleyball league
• Started and led a school recycling program
• “Big brother” of a student with special needs
• Painted giant school name and mascots in the gym and locker rooms
Student teaching:
Meridian High School and Meridian Elementary, Sanford, MI – Physical Education
Field Experience:
• Arthur Eddy Academy, Saginaw, MI (100 hours)
Fall 2005

Swan Valley High School, Saginaw MI (20 hours)
Bay City Western, Bay City, MI (20 hours)
Webber Middle School, Saginaw, MI (20 hours)
St. Michael Lutheran School, Reese, MI (30 hours)
Substitute teaching: Midland Public Schools, Midland, MI
Meridian Public Schools, Sanford, MI (357 hours)

• Michigan Association for Health Physical Education, Recreation
and Dance outstanding major of the year
• National Association for Sport and Physical Education
outstanding major of the year
• Deans’ list 7 semesters
• Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, All-Academic Team
Plymouth Public Pool, Midland, MI
• Taught swim lessons ~ through red cross certification levels 1 through 4
• Head life guard ~ safety and managerial duties
Midland Community Center, Midland, MI
• Lead camp counselor for all sports camps and climbing camps
• Head Rock wall/climbing class instructor
• Teacher for children’s athletic classes
Midland and Meridian Public Schools
• Assistant cross country coach at Meridian High School
• Head wrestling coach at Northeast Middle School
• Assistant track and field coach at Midland High School
Study abroad in New Zealand, at Massey University
• Studied coaching, exercise science, and New Zealand athletics
• Learned athletic events common to New Zealand
• Taught American athletic events to Massey University classes
• Involved member of the Massey University Alpine Club
Varsity athlete on SVSU Track and Field team
• Pole vaulted, sprinted and threw javelin
• Team captain last two years – lead by example, held team meetings
• Pole vault coach – created workouts and lifting regimens
Member of Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
• Represented the Track and Field team
• Organized and was involved in community service and fundraising events
• Planned and created methods for team unity between all SVSU athletics

Fall 2007
Fall 2007
Winter 2008
Winter 2008



2006 - 2009

Winter 2006



SVSU Physical Education Club Board member

Helped plan and organize events such as Special Olympics
Designed P.E. club and Special Olympic t-shirts
Developed and lead P.E. club dance presentation at MAHPERD conference

Exercise Science Club member
• Increased knowledge of exercise and body mechanics
• Attended American College of Sports Medicine conferences
• Involved in club health fairs and fitness programs


• Volunteered at soup kitchens in Saginaw, MI through SAAC
• Prepared a booth and volunteered time at study abroad fairs
2006, 2007
• Through SVSU grant, contributed several days of fitness studies
-and teaching health at low SES Francis Rea Academy
• Personally trained participants in a “Weight Loss Challenge”
• Prepared developmental games for Special Olympic participants
• Organized SVSU volunteers for the Special Olympic event
• Volunteered at “Thunder in the Valley” wheel chair rugby tournaments
2008, 2009
• Measured health elements of individuals for health fair
• Taught sport stacking at Arthur Eddy Academy
• Presented “Slack Lining” at a Health & P.E. council meeting
• Helped fix bikes for “Recycle a Bicycle” program
• Volunteered at Pennant running race as a fundraiser for school athletics
• Coordinated and cooked at a community fish fry for a fisherman’s memorial
• Painted faces and participated in the dunk tank at Lubec’s spring fair
• Volunteered at the 4th of July, Cutler lobster crate race
• Brought students hiking, fishing and kayaking multiple times
• Taught Sunday school for 6-11 year olds
• Taught youth group to high school students
• Students and I participated in a “Polar Plunge” benefiting a special needs camp 2012-2013
• MAHPERD, Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance
• MAHPERD, Maine Association for Health, Physical Education Recreation and Dance
• AAHPERD, American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance
• NASPE, National Association for Sport and Physical Education
• NSCA, National Strength and Conditioning Association
• MIACSM, The Michigan Chapter of the American College of Sports Medicine
• Health and P.E. council member of the Gratiot Isabella RESD
• Water safety instruction
• First Aid
• CPR/AED – adult plus child & infant CPR

• Attended and presented at annual MAHPERD in Michigan 2008
• Attended and participated at annual MAHPERD in Maine 2009-2015
• Completed 51 contact hours of professional development at the Literacy Professional Development
class at Lubec Consolidated School during the 2009-2010 school year

“Track and Field Special Olympics at Saginaw Valley State University”
The MAHPERD Journal
Elm Street Elementary Principal
Tony Maker
38 Jacksonville Rd, East Machias, ME, 04630
Work: (207) 255-8692 Home: (207) 255-6038
Health and Sport Science - Otterbein University Associate Professor
Ann-Catherine Sullivan, Ph.D., CAPE
155 W. Main Street, Westerville, Ohio 43081
Work Phone: (614) 890-3000
Washington Academy Assistant Head of School
Tim Reynolds
66 Cutler Rd, East Machias, ME, 04630
Work (207) 255-8301 ext: 203
Washington Academy PE Teacher/AD
Blaine Steeves
66 Cutler Rd, East Machias, ME, 04630
Work: (207) 255-8301 ext: 223
Assistant Administrator; Machias Valley Christian School
Assistant Pastor; Machias Christian Fellowship
Brian S. Campbell
Home: 207-255-3405
Dave Pettyplace - Student teaching host teacher
Meridian High School, Sanford, MI
Residence: (989) 799-0885 Cell: (989) 906-6828
3303 North M-30
Sanford, MI, 48657