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Dys•lex´•ic Read´•er
Vol. 31 Davis Dyslexia Association International Issue 2 • 2003

Dear Frustrated Mom

by Wendy Gilley, but I’m not sure what
Davis Facilitator, Louisiana is available that will
deal with her dyslexia.
In response to: No teacher goes
I have a 10-year-old daughter into teaching for the
with dyslexia. She is having a money. All start out
difficult time in public school. The with rose-covered
teachers are talking about holding dreams of going out
her back. I recently took her out of into the world and
the Special Education program making a tremendous
which consisted of taking her out of difference for all of
class for one hour a day for math. It mankind by educating
was confusing for her to go back young minds with
into the classroom and catch up with unique and innovative
the rest of class. Kids made fun of techniques. They all
her. The teachers are fighting me on begin teaching From "Upside-Down Brilliance" by Linda Silverman. See book
this. I have explained this way of enthusiastic and on- review on page 7.
teaching her is not working but they fire. But... some conflicting information out there. It
don't understand. I am concerned for become disillusioned and eventually is hard to separate the truly
my daughter; she is having a hard teaching becomes a mind-sapping, successful from the snake oil some
time. She has had absentees because energy draining, monotonous chore. people tout as a “cure” for dyslexia.
of stomach aches and headaches and They have been discouraged in so As a teacher I was never offered any
we are in trouble for this now, too. I many ways by administrators, ways to help a student with dyslexia;
need help outside the school for her, parents, the community and students children with dyslexia were sent to a
that they are afraid to take chances resource classroom and I never knew
In This Issue on something new. The old saying what took place there; nothing
once bitten twice shy really sums up positive seemed to happen for the
News & Feature Articles: how many of them feel. Others are child academically but whatever
Dear Frustrated Mom . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 very overworked and it is hard to took place in that dreary
Tears, Frustration & Towels . . . . . . . . .2 find time to address the specific “temporary” building was what the
Really? Hurray! I Have Dyslexia . . . . .4 learning styles of each individual school system thought best for the
Derek’s Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 student. In some schools the student. I didn’t even know enough
The Misunderstood Sword Master . . .6 curriculum is “etched in stone” and to question the techniques, if any,
Dyslexia Mountain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9 deviations are really frowned upon; that were being used.
La Puerta de las que???? . . . . . . . . .11 the only thing teachers are to teach I recently found my notebook
Ball and Chain . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 is how to pass the standardized test from my graduate level class,
Why I Needed to Know . . . . . . . . . . .14
that determines how good a job the “Teaching Reading to Gifted
Defusing Confusions with Clay . . . .15
school appears to be doing educating Students,” and this was the complete
New DLS Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19
its pupils amount of information I was taught
Regular Features: Some teachers know absolutely about teaching dyslexic students:
Q & A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .8 nothing about dyslexia; some don’t “Dyslexia is a disorder of the brain,
F & A . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 even believe it exists. Many teachers perhaps caused by injury to the brain
Book Reviews . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5, 7, 18 truly want to help but don’t know before, during or shortly after birth
New Facilitators & Specialists . . .20-21 where to begin. There is so much
Workshops . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22-23
continued on page 3

Tears, Frustration and Towels Needing Rescuing

—A Story of New Hope for One Dyslexic Learner
can’t I be like assessed at a 2nd grade reading
other kids? It level. After orienting her and getting
doesn’t matter the response, “Is this cool!” Jenna
how hard I try, I was able to read at a 4th grade level.
still get bad Mom was amazed at Jenna’s ability
grades! The kids to turn her disorientation on and off
at school make fun at will.
of me and they Later that night at the hotel, Jenna
say, ‘Why can’t couldn’t wait to demonstrate her
you get good “gift” for Mom. She noticed a
grades Jenna, cardboard sign hanging over the
don’t you study?’” towel bar in the bathroom. Jenna
Like most read, “Please RESCUE the towels.”
Davis Facilitators, Realizing that didn’t make sense, she
we at New Hope checked her orientation, and then
Learning Centers saw the words, “Please REUSE the
Tears of anger and frustration hear stories like this on a regular towels.” She then excitedly picked
streamed down her cheeks as she sat basis. While some may be more up a card by the telephone and read
before a pile of books at the dining heart wrenching than others, most in her original slow, stumbling
room table. Homework needed to be tell the same story of tears and manner, then paused, closed her
completed for the next school day. A frustration. eyes, checked her orientation, and
worn looking folder contained below Jenna completed the Davis continued to read fluently without
average and failing grades on Dyslexia Correction Program in making mistakes. Jenna began to
quizzes and tests needing Mom’s March, 2002 at New Hope Learning jump up and down, “I get it Mom! I
signature. Centers in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. can do this!”
“I’m so dumb!” Jenna wailed. When Margie Hayes began working By the fourth day of the Davis
“What’s wrong with me, Mom? Why with 6th grader, Jenna, she had been Program, Jenna was reading at a 6th
grade level. After finishing the
program and going back to the “real
world,” Jenna began reading a series
of children’s classics finishing four
in three weeks. She told her Mom,
“I like reading more than I like
watching TV!” The Davis Program
Jenna received opened up a whole
new world for her.
For Jenna, tears of frustration
have turned to smiles of joy and new
hope…and “reused towels!”

Adapted from a story by Jenna’s mom - Julie

Bourbon – Palatine, Illinois

Copyright 1996 Randy Glasbergen.

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Frustrated Mom . . . it was that easy surely colleges and his son’s lack of improvement in
continued from page 1 Universities would teach these school. I asked a few questions and
methods in education courses. I also found that no Fine-tuning was done
or a genetic mutation that takes knew that even if the program did at home and no trigger words have
place at conception or sometime work for Katie I could not provide it been attempted. It reminds me of the
during fetal development. There may to her; our personalities clash way Soloflex my husband bought. We
be a hereditary component. Little is too much and I was too emotionally spent the money on the machine and
known of the etiology (a big word invested in the problem. Finances assembled it. He used it a couple of
for cause) of dyslexia which were a big concern at this time but times, but never the way it was
manifests itself in a learning my husband felt so strongly about intended. He never started to look
disability where a child has much giving her this opportunity that he like the well-built guy on the
difficulty with tasks that involve took a hardship withdrawal from his commercial. It wasn’t the Soloflex’s
reading and writing. Letters are retirement plan to pay for the fault. It is probably a great tool but it
reversed and words spelled Program, the travel to and from can’t possibly work if it isn’t used.
backward, handwriting is illegible Dallas (Kellie Brown was the closest The point I am trying to make is:
and the student is incapable of oral Davis provider to us), and six nights find someone to help you. Attempt
reading. Many of these children are worth of hotel and food. I reluctantly to get your teacher and principal on
gifted despite their dyslexia but to board, and work toward progress.
succeed in school and in the Please consider a full Davis
workplace they will either have to . . .it is worth every second Program. It is a large investment in
out-grow it or learn to work around both time and money but it is worth
it. In the future medical science may and every penny if it helps
every second and every penny if it
eventually discover a medication to your child succeed in helps your child succeed in school
control the symptoms, in the same (it is the best investment we have
way that Ritalin helps the school.
ever made for anything). But even
hyperactive child. Surgical more important is – it will help her
techniques may be developed to agreed to take Katie because it was believe in herself. Life can be good
remove damaged brain tissue or so important to her father and she for your daughter and your family. It
insert an implant device to help really liked the idea of using Koosh is probably really hard to see that
these unfortunate students. At the Balls and clay to help her with her right now, but schoolwork can be
current time there is no known reading. easy. Homework doesn’t have to be
treatment for dyslexia.” The positive change was clear a nightmare and school can be a fun
This was written 10 years ago and after the first three hours of the place to be. I will pray for both you
I truly believed what I was taught; Program. When I took her to lunch and your daughter and for her
after all my instructor was an that day she absolutely bubbled over teachers so that maybe they will be
acknowledged expert in the field. with excitement. After we ate she willing to find some way to really
When my own daughter was found asked to go to a religious book store help your child. w
to be dyslexic, this information was that was nearby and she picked out a
unacceptable. My husband, Katie’s book to read while we were at the
teachers, principal, many friends,
family members, and I began
searching for answers.
One of the parents at Katie’s
school actually gave a large grant to
The Davis Program has been
miraculous for Katie. Her Scottish
Rite Instructor wanted to know why
Katie was the only one of her
“ Books are the
quietest and most
constant of friends;
the school to provide the Scottish students to show a significant they are the most
Rite Program to dyslexic students at improvement with reading and
the school. None of the students writing. Several of the children have accessible and
made any significant progress and now completed a one week Davis
the grant was not renewed. During Program and are showing great wisest of
Katie’s Scottish Rite Program we improvement. I became such a
realized she wasn’t improving her believer that I wanted to learn
counsellors, and the “
reading. My husband went online everything I could about the Davis most patient of
and discovered the book The Gift of Program.
Dyslexia, ordered it through the The children I worked with during teachers.
Davis web site and read it. He my training all experienced positive
became enthusiastic about the Davis results during their program. The
Program. He thought I could read only child who hasn’t had continued
the book and do the program with success is a child who never used his
—Charles W. Eliot,
Katie since I am a teacher. techniques once he left my office. educator (1834-1926)
I read the book and thought that if The parent didn’t seem to understand

Davis Dyslexia
Really? Hurray! I Have Dyslexia!
Providers by Kellee K. Sikes this day reading takes me two to three
times longer than the average person, but
The Davis Dyslexia I have only one grade school memory
Correction program is
do I ever remember what I have read. In
now available from more that’s worse than when my kindergarten one of the battery of dyslexia tests my
than 270 Facilitators teacher refused to call on me even though memory of spoken or written word was
around the world. For my hand was patiently up… I peed my
updates, call:
95% accuracy in recall of long and
(888) 805-7216 [Toll Free] favorite rainbow-colored, checked jumpers complicated pieces even several days after
or (650) 692-7141 or visit in front of everyone (hey, it was the reading it. 1970’s–every body wore them!). The I graduated from college with high
memory I doubt will ever be erased from marks, climbed the career ladder with
v Australia my mind though, is the memory of success in positions intensely focused on
Brenda Gayle Baird disrupting my class daily by getting up writing and communication, but somehow,
Brisbane from my desk to make that long, agonizing dyslexia still dogged me. Although I was
+61 (07) 3341 3471 walk down the hall to the functioning without any
Catherine Churton “Remedial Reading Room.” visible signs of dyslexia, I was
DDA-Australia Director It’s not what you think. I fully cognizant that being
Sydney don’t think my peers ever
+61 (0421) 252 518 dyslexic shaped me in both
teased me because I went to good and difficult ways, and
Jan Gorman the remedial reading room. reading still took longer than it
+61 (02) 9874 7498 In fact, I think many were should.
jealous they were stuck in All of that is changing now,
Naren Hooson class while I was off on
and the reason is just as
+61 (02) 9801 1917 some mysterious adventure. extraordinary as the result. A
You see, in grade school, few months ago a friend
Linda Houben I was pretty much an A
Sydney recommend I check out the
+61 (02) 9948 4307 student in everything book The Gift of Dyslexia. I’ll
except penmanship and, the admit, I was skeptical. I had
John Reilly
Berala/Sydney dreaded, reading. Spelling already been through a battery
+61 (02) 9649 4299 should have also been on of specialists and books
that list, but, er um, I kinda claiming they knew “just what
v Austria
cheated on spelling tests, to do” for me. So, I
Annette Dietrich and my mom, being the grudgingly entered the book’s
Wien only non-dyslexic in the
+43 (01) 888 90 25 title into the search engine,
house, was the human which led me to the Davis
Gabriele Klug dictionary at home. Truth Kellee K. Sikes Dyslexia Association site.
+43 (2252) 214 56
be told, the remedial room What I read on that site
was not a mysterious adventure, it was a compelled me to get the book from my
Christa Salcher torture chamber. I spent my time there local library and read it in a day. I am an
+43 (01) 888 61 44 vacillating between crying and wanting to avid reader, but reading a book in a day
punch people’s lights out for making me do was a first for me. I went from thinking
v Bahrain things that I failed at repeatedly. And boy, “Yeah, it’s a drag, I’m dyslexic” to
Sameera Sadiq Al Baharna did I hate failing! Like most dyslexics I “Hurray, I am dyslexic!”
Manama was extraordinarily successful at most Author Ronald D. Davis, with the help
+973 555 201
things I put my mind to, so failure in the of Eldon M. Braun, uses The Gift of
v Bolivia remedial room was hard to take. Dyslexia to explain how dyslexia is truly a
By Junior High, between Apple Works gift allowing dyslexics to accomplish a
Maria Ormachea
La Paz Spell Checker (God bless spell checkers!) great many things in a way non-dyslexics
+591 (02) 792 945 and a highly developed memory, reading would find hard to do. He proposes the
and spelling slow ceased to be a noticeable genius of the great dyslexics everyone
v Brazil
problem. Penmanship, well, that is another cites, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein,
Ana Lima story. Truly, my Apple IIE computer had a Henry Ford, Whoopi Goldberg, W.B.
Rio De Janeiro huge impact on my academic life. By the
+55 (021) 2295-1505 Yeats… is not in spite of their dyslexia, but
time I was in college, even the best because of it.
v Canada specialist had a hard time detecting my According to Davis, it is widely believed
Wayne Aadelstone-Hassel dyslexia. I had learned how to cope so well, that as humans we either think in terms of
North Vancouver that the only noticeable dyslexic trait was verbal conceptualization or nonverbal
1 (604) 988-7680 the amount of time I would take to read. To continued on page 5

Really? Hurray!. . . program that helps dyslexics discover how

v Canada (cont.)
continued from page 4 to use dyslexia when it is helpful and how
to turn it off when it is not. The book Rocky Point Academy
conceptualization. Most people, whether defines dyslexia, discusses successes shared Stacey Borger-Smith
Lawrence Smith, Jr.
they realize it or not, think in terms of and problems faced by many dyslexics, and Calgary
sound, or verbal conceptualization. gives detailed instructions on how to uses 1 (866) 685-0067 (Toll-Free)
Dyslexics think in terms of pictures, or 1 (403) 685-0067
Davis’s procedure to overcome the
nonverbal conceptualization. This brings us difficulties of dyslexia. It is amazing— Darlene Brown
to one of my favorite, new-found facts! The absolutely nothing like any other expert Smithers/Prince Rupert
rate a verbal conceptualizer can think is 1 (250) 847-3463
dyslexia advice I have ever received. I am
limited to the speed at which words can be nothing short of amazed by what Davis’s Paddy Carson
composed in a linear fashion. The average program is doing for me! Edmonton/Alberta
(780) 489-6225
is about 150 words per minute, or 2.5 No! Paul Popiel is not going to pop out
words per second. A nonverbal and offer you a related product! I am Sher Goerzen
conceptualizer, like a dyslexic, has the completely serious! If you don’t believe British Columbia
+1 (604) 290-5063
ability to think in a non-linear way, with me, check out the web sites in the sidebar,
pictures, anywhere from 400 to 2,000 times or check the book out from your local Gerry Grant
faster than a verbal conceptualizer. Supervisor-Specialist
library. What have you got to lose? Only Fundamentals Workshop
As nonverbal conceptualizers, dyslexics the chance to fully use one of the greatest Presenter
are very aware of their surroundings, often gifts you could ever have! w Waterloo/Toronto
1 (800) 981-6433 (Toll-Free)
find “day dreaming” an effective way to 1 (519) 221-8484
problem solve, and can be very gifted at Kellee K. Sikes is a contributing editor for LiNE
Zine and Principal of Pioneer Technologies. With the Sue Hall
finding creative solutions to difficult, gift of dyslexia she founded Pioneer Technologies, West Vancouver
multifaceted problems at lighting speed. Inc. to shares her lightening fast troubleshooting 1 (604) 921-1084
The problem arises when the dyslexic abilities and secrets for success with her clients
talents collide with areas where dyslexia through business analysis, project management, and D'vorah Hoffman
business development. Share your dyslexia story with Toronto
makes the task more difficult, like reading. 1 (416) 398-6779
her at
Excitingly for us dyslexics, our teachers
Copyright (c) 2000-2001 LiNE Zine Jeri McLeod
and our friends, Davis has discovered a Calgary
1 (403) 503-0108

Catherine Smith
1 (905) 844-4144

Wayman E. (Wes) Sole

After a two-year absence from our catalog London/Toronto/Detroit
Your Child: 1 (519) 472-1255
and bookstores, we are pleased to have this
very useful book back in print! Kim J. Willson-Rymer
by Robin Temple 1 (905) 825-3153
“In my job, I frequently talk to parents
concerned about their children’s school v China
problems. Most feel confused and Price: $9.95 Carrie Cheung
overwhelmed by an array of often Softcover: Hong Kong
contradictory information. Robin Temple’s 146 pages ; +852 90 111 736
book is the first book I have seen that really Publisher: Scholastic
v France
focuses on guiding parents through this Reference
ISBN: 1843330466 Dominique Blaess
maze. The book explains the various
Le Pecq/Paris
approaches and treatments available in +33 (01) 39 76 12 61
direct and easy-to-understand terms, and
provides some guidelines for evaluation. Jennifer Delrieu
Voisins le Bretonneux/Paris
The book also offers practical guidance and “ride” allows a non-dyslexic person to be +33 (01) 30 44 19 91
suggestions for addressing the many able to imagine one of the symptoms of
emotional issues faced by parents and their Carol Nelson-Pollard
dyslexia. It dispels the myth that dyslexia is Paris
dyslexic children. I highly recommend this just “words and letters that reverse +33 (01) 46 51 72 63
book.” themselves.” As a parent of a dyslexic child v Germany/Deutschland
–Abigail Marshall and a teacher who works with dyslexic
students, I recommend this book to all of Odile Puget
“This is the first book I’ve been able to find Gex/Geneva
the parents of my students. I also highly +33 (0450) 41 82 67
that explains what dyslexia is like from my recommend it for teachers of dyslexic
child’s point of view. The author takes you students.”
through an amusement park where each –James Gilley, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

v Germany/Deutschland
Derek’s Story The Sword Master that was
by Gerry Grant, Davis
Wilfried Bähr
Hamburg Program Provider,
+49 (040) 396 155 Waterloo, Ontario
Andrea Fleckenstein To me my childhood was full of wonder,
Witzenhausen I had the pleasure of And not what others suggest - just a series of blunders.
+49 (05542) 91 16 07
meeting Derek in the fall For my imagination would carry me from day to day,
Cornelia Garbe of 2000. Derek was 12 at As I would don my cape and sword for play.
Berlin the time and he and his
+49 (030) 61 65 91 24 Derek
mother had very similar
Margit Geuss goals for the Davis program. His mother I fought hundreds of bad guys and
was spending every evening helping many crooks
+49 (08809) 163034
Derek with his homework. She estimated And got many of them with my
Matthias Gradenwitz she spent about 15 hours a week with famous left hook.
Frankfurt am Main
+49 (069) 94 94 58 85 Derek helping him. Her goal for the To me I was Zorro or a Musketeer
program was that she would spend less fighting crime,
Astrid Grosse-Mönch time with him. Derek’s goal was to be
more independent and to not have to rely To them, I was inattentive,
+49 (04161) 702 90 70
on his mom so much. This was a perfect aggressive and out of line.
Wibke Hachmann fit and we scheduled a week so that I
+49 (06002) 93 95 77 could provide Derek with a program. Tying my shoelaces and printing
The program was a success as far as was difficult to do,
Das Legasthenie Institut
Sonja Heinrich Derek was concerned. One of the last Following math and instructions
Supervisor-Specialist comments Derek made to me when he
DLS Workshop Presenter left the office was that he “felt like a was very hard too.
DDA-Deutschland Director But lucky for me, my parents thought I was great
Ioannis Tzivanakis genius”. During the subsequent weeks
Specialist Trainer Derek and his mom kept in touch and And saw that my flare for drama, could possibly be my fate.
Workshop Presenter told me that his average went up about
DDA-Deutschland Director
Hamburg 8% and that he was working with almost So in the meantime, my mom kept herself busy
+49 (040) 25 17 86 23 no assistance on his mom’s part. Here we Having me tested and probed until I got dizzy.
Christine Jacob are two years later and he is maintaining
a B+ average with little help from his I tried different teachers and was even home schooled,
+49 (07621) 134 60 mom. What is more amazing is that at For my lack of understanding, had them all fooled.
Wiebke Janssen one point in his academic career, his
Bad Nauheim mother was told that Derek would not be Because deep down inside I knew that I knew,
+49 (06032) 817 01 able to manage in school and should go It’s just that putting it in words was very hard to do.
Gabi Justen into a program designed to provide “Life But I continued to work as hard as I could,
Saarbrücken/Frankfurt Skills”.
+49 (0681) 59 59 623
In late January 2003, Ron Davis was For effort and determination, I understood.
Doris Karl-Akova in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada to co- But soon even this crime fighter met his defeat.
Bremen present an Advanced Workshop with me. For I didn’t possess the weapon to fight the failure I would
+49 (0421) 713 30
I asked Ron if he would be interested in eventually meet.
Rainer Knobloch doing a public lecture and he graciously
Leinburg/Ortsteil agreed to do one. When Derek found out
Diepersdorf So I continued on in spite of the pitfalls,
+49 (09120) 18 14 84 Ron was coming to Waterloo he asked if
he could present Ron with a poem he Until one day someone showed me, how to carry the ball.
Inge Koch-Gassmann
wrote. Not only did he present Ron with With a point, and a dial and a feeling of release,
+49 (07631) 23 29 the poem, but he read it to him in front I conquered the failure. Misunderstanding stormed in defeat.
of over 150 people attending the lecture. And while I continue to create many dreams,
Angelika Kohn
Steinheim-Kleinbottwar He read it beautifully and I think Ron It’s now because of choice, not to escape adults’ screams.
+49 (07148) 66 08 and I were the only ones who noticed So with all sincerity, I thank Ron for getting the ball rolling,
that he checked his orientation a few
Marianne Kranzer
times. When he was done, there were not So that people like me can have reports that are glowing.
+49 (07725) 72 26 many dry eyes in the room. I feel
privileged to have witnessed this and I Thank you Ron
Gundula Patzlaff
Stuttgart hope by reading the poem, you too can They may have won the battle, but we have won the war!
+49 (0711) 23 64 86 5 have the feeling of being a part of a great
evening. w By Derek Roberts

by Abigail Marshall
REVIEW v Germany/Deutschland

Barbel Preuss
Upside-Down Brilliance is Dr. Linda Upside-Down Brilliance: The Visual- +49 (089) 69 38 03 92
Silverman’s in-depth exploration of the Spatial Learner Ursula Rackur-Bastian
visual-spatial learning style. It is a Idstein/Rheingau-Taunus-
phenomenal book, with excellent Kreis/Wiesbaden
information for parents, for teachers, and by Linda Kreger +49 (06126) 565 01

for researchers. Silverman Colette Reimann

A little history: Linda Silverman is an Landshut
+49 (0871) 770 994
Educational Psychologist and author of the DeLeon
leading text book, “Counseling the Gifted Publishing, 2002 Ursula Rittler
and Talented”. For many years, her focus Stuttgart
Price: $24.95 +49 (0711) 47 18 50
was on working with highly gifted children.
In her work, she discovered that many of ISBN: Gudrun Rose
the most extremely gifted children she Friedrichsdorf/Frankfurt
1-932186-00-X +49 (06172) 746 44
assessed also tended to favor a non-linear,
spatial learning style. Some of these Petra Saeger
Storkow / Berlin
children also had difficulty with sequential,
language-based tasks, despite their extreme Gabriela Scholter
giftedness. Dr. Silverman coined the phrase interested in Dr. Silverman’s exploration of Supervisor-Specialist
“visual-spatial learner” (VSL) to describe the overlap of her work with Ron Davis’, +49 (0711) 578 28 33
these children, and the focus of her work and reports on the experiences of teachers
soon shifted to an exploration of this who have implemented Davis methods in Marietta Tieben
learning style. their classroom. Dr. Silverman presents +49 (05934) 73 40
In Upside-Down Brilliance, Dr. detailed information, drawing on findings
Magdalena Vogel-Eichert
Silverman takes her readers on an engaging of brain researchers as well as her own Bonn
journey through her work and her findings. studies, to show why traditional teaching +49 (0228) 689 69 70
The book is full of the type of in-depth, methods, such as phonetic approaches to
Ulrike von Kutzleben-
technical information that psychologists reading, leave many visual-spatial learners Hausen
and educators will find crucial in applying frustrated and confused. Deisslingen
her work, such as detailed explorations of I can’t recommend this book enough. It +49 (07420) 33 46
assessment and testing issues — is the book that parents should start out Gisela Wedemeyer
interspersed with a conversational tone with when their kids are young - and the Hameln/Hannover
+49 (05151) 647 85
filled with anecdotes and examples, books that parents of dyslexic kids should
illustrated throughout with delightful and keep to answer the question “what do we Dr. Angelika Weidemann
very apt cartoons (the work of Buck Jones), do now?” after the reading issues or other Ulm
+49 (0731) 931 46 46
that will entice parents and picture-thinking academic problems associated with
adults. Added to that is a very healthy dose dyslexia are addressed. Susanne Wild
of practical advise and suggestions for Basically, if you are the parent (or Paar
+49 (08205) 959 08 28
parents and teachers. teacher) of a VSL, this is the guidebook
To me, one of the most significant you need to have. If you don’t know Christine Wusch
results of Dr. Silverman’s research is the whether your kid is a VSL, then this is the +49 (0202) 80 230
fact that fully one-third of all book you need to have to find out. (And if
schoolchildren appear to be strong visual- your academically struggling kid has Anna Henia Zawidowski
Feldgeding bei München
spatial learners, while less than a quarter recently been assessed by a professional +49 (08131) 853 03
are strongly auditory-sequential. (The who reports that the child is “verbal” - this
remainder have heterogenous or mixed is the book you need to provide the Angelika Zeller
learning styles). This illustrates the strong foundation for a second opinion, as Dr. +49 (08857) 91 68
need for educational reform, as most Silverman busts a few myths about the
schools are geared to the auditory- widely-used WISC-III assessment test).w v Ireland
sequential student (who learns best by Sister Antoinette Keelan
listening and step-by-step instruction). Dublin
+353 (01) 884 4996
Unfortunately, the group of students who *Note: there are two places you can get this
learn well primarily by this approach is book - at the DDAI website ( or v Indonesia
surprisingly small — no wonder so many Dr. Silverman’s site ( Elizabeth Martin
students fall through the cracks! +62 (21) 764 4845
Parents of dyslexic children will be

v Israel

Eve Resnik
Kfar Saba / Tel Aviv
+972 (09) 766 2140 by Abigail Marshall, DDAI Information Services Director
Judith Schwarcz
DDA - Israel Director
Ra'anana / Tel Aviv on what you’ve read. If he says he wants to
+972 (09) 772 9888
Is it ok to try orientation if you’re not
try, then you could say is, “the first thing
sure if the child is dyslexic? And can you
v Italy
we have to do is find out if you are good at
do it without actually saying what you are
picture-thinking” (or use another positive
Elisa De Felice
doing with a 9-year-old? I think my son
statement to describe the assessment).
Roma may be dyslexic, but he is very sensitive
+39 (06) 507 3570 If he seems reluctant even with a very
and I don’t really want to say anything
gentle, positive approach, don’t push him.
Dr. Raffaella Zingerle about dyslexia to him yet. I’m afraid that if
He can do Davis Orientation if and when
Corvara In Badia I am mistaken he’ll end up feeling badly
+39 (0471) 83 68 71 he is ready, not before.
about himself.
v Japan It would be nice if we parents could
You need to do the Perceptual Ability
Helen Brittle-Matsuki wave a magic wand to make our kids get
Assessment first; you can do Orientation
oriented and focused whenever we thought
+81 (03) 3795 5997 with anyone who is comfortable with the
they needed it — but the reality is that the
Perceptual Ability Assessment, but that is
v Lebanon mind’s eye is something that can only be
the way to determine whether Orientation
controlled and used by the person who is
Samar Riad Saab Counseling is appropriate.
Beirut doing the thinking.
+961 3 700 206
You MUST have your son’s permission What are the statistics about the
v Malaysia and understanding to do any of these
Hilary Craig percentage of “gifted” children with
Kuala Lumpur
methods — he needs to understand what he learning disabilities or dyslexia?
+603 2096 1342 is doing and why, and he needs to WANT
to try this approach in order to help Linda Silverman of the Gifted
v Mexico
himself. Otherwise, you would be wasting Development Center reports that 1/6 of the
Las Palmas Counseling Ctr your time and his — he could not possibly children who come to them for testing for
Silvia Arana Garcia learn to use his mind’s eye and orientation
Cathy Calderón de la Barca giftedness have some sort of learning
Sofía Flores point without understanding what the disability: “Gifted children often have
Gabriela Meléndez benefit would be in doing so. hidden learning disabilities (dual
Oscar Modesto Ramírez exceptionalities). One-sixth of the gifted
Rocío Palma Contreras You do NOT have to use the word children who come to us for testing have
Katia Villafuerte Cardona “dyslexia” or any negative words that you
México D.F. some type of learning disability—usually
+52 (55) 5202 7913
think would upset him. You could introduce undetected before the assessment—such as
the idea by talking about how some people auditory processing weaknesses, difficulties
La Puerta de las Letras think with pictures more than words, and
María Silvia Flores Salinas with visual-perception, writing disabilities,
Supervisor-Specialist ask him whether he sees mostly pictures in spatial disorientation, dyslexia, and
DLS Workshop Presenter his mind or hears mostly words when he attention deficits. Giftedness masks
Alejandra Garcia Medina thinks. If he doesn’t know or says he thinks
DLS Workshop Presenter disabilities and disabilities depress IQ
Karla Tapia in pictures, you could go on to say that scores. Higher abstract reasoning enables
Graciela Trevino Gonzalez sometimes picture-thinkers get confused
Eugenio Zambrano children to compensate to some extent for
Olga Zambrano de Carrillo
about letters and words, and you found a these weaknesses, making them harder to
DDA - Mexico Director book that explains a special thing that only detect. However, compensation requires
Garza García, Monterrey picture-thinkers can do, that is supposed to
+52 (81) 8335 9435 more energy, affects motivation, and breaks
also help get over the confusion with letters down under stress or when the child is
Laura Lammoglia and words. (I’m assuming he has a reading fatigued.”
Tampico, Tamaulipas problem and is aware of it — you should
+52 (833) 213 4126
describe the “problem” in terms he Whatwe’velearned%2079-02.htm
Susana Palafox understands and would want help with - for
Naucalpan, Edo. de Mexico example, it could be “reading out loud” or
+52 (55) 5251-3037 Steven Zecker, Associate Professor of
“remembering what they read” instead of Learning Disabilities Northwestern
Sociedad de Consultatoria “confusion”).
Organizacional University, says that gifted children are as
Maria Eugenia Gutierrez likely as any others to have learning
Maria Lourdes Gutierrez At this point, you could ask, “would you disabilities, and cites a figure of 4-7% of
Mexico D.F. like to try this thing?” He might have some
+52 (55) 5595 8442
questions, which you could answer based continued on page 9

the population: Underachievement and Dyslexia Mountain v Netherlands

Learning Disabilities in Children Who Are
Gifted Kees Blankendaal At first, Stress, beyond reach. Wijk bij Duutstede
articles/Zecker.html Tensity, beyond reach. +31 (06) 1460 6863

But as the days went by. . . Ineke Blom

Researchers also estimate that, of all Monday - starting to climb the hill. +31 20 436-1484
children, 2-5% are gifted with learning Tuesday - almost at the top. Lot Blom
disabilities: Gifted children make up 5-7%
of the overall student population Wednesday - just an inch to go. Utrecht
Thursday - at the top, but still +31 (030) 271 0005, more to claim. Hester Brouwer

Friday - half my claim, +31 (050) 52 61 146
so by extrapolation this figure would The flagpole is complete. Lieneke Charpentier
suggest that 1/3 - 1/2 of gifted students And now the mountain is claimed. Nieuwegein
have LDs. Research: Diamonds in the
Rough, Lisa Fine, Education Week, My flag flies high, +31 (030) 60 41 539

And the mountain of dyslexia is Monique Commandeur

Uithoorn conquered. +31 (0297) 56 88 50
Mine de Ranitz
The Tennessee Initiative for Gifted +31 (0343) 521 348
Education Reform (TIGER) reports that Leonardus D'Hoore
10% of the special needs students in Sluis
Tennesses are gifted; whereas 2% of the +31 (0117) 56 29 40
overall student population is gifted. (In Jan Gubbels
other words, you are 5 times more likely to Maastricht
find a gifted child in a special ed classroom
Judith Holzapfel
in Tennessee than in a regular classroom). Utrecht +31 (030) 271 2814
Will Huntjens
Here is another good article: Gifted and +31 (0475) 589 238
Learning Disabled: Twice Exceptional Helen Kaptein
Students, Dawn Beckley, University of Middleburg
Connecticut, +31 118 64 37 73 Carry Kuling
gt_ld/nrcgt.html By William Banister, aged 8 Heemstede
+31 (0235) 287 782
See pages 12-13 for Q&A in German. William's Facilitator is Georgina Dunlop, Dyslexia
Drs. Marianne Kuster
Correction Centre, Ascot, Berkshire, England Alkmaar
+31 (072) 51 24 301

Edith Kweekel-Göldi
Humor Corner Soest
+31 (035) 601 0611

Kids are Like a Box of Chocolates, you Imelda Lamaker

never know. . . Hilversum
+31 (035) 621 7309
While working for an organization that delivers Tineke Leijh
lunches to elderly shut-ins, I used to take my four- Zutphen
year-old daughter on my afternoon rounds. She +32 (0575) 543 211
was unfailingly intrigued by the various ZeiZei Lerninstitut
appliances of old age, particularly the canes, Drs. Siegerdina Mandema
walkers and wheelchairs. One day I found her Specialist Trainer
staring at a pair of false teeth soaking in a glass. As I Advanced Workshop
braced myself for the inevitable barrage of questions, DLS Workshop Presenter
she merely turned and whispered, "The tooth fairy will DDA - Nederland Director
never believe this!" Robin Temple
Specialist Trainer
Workshop Presenter
From Good Clean Funnies Maria Hoop
+31 (0475) 302 203
Improve Children's Reading Skills and Creative Talents
with Kits

Designed Especially for K-3

Teachers and Parents of
Children Ages 5-8
Each Kit includes:
• Sturdy Nylon Briefcase
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& Three Manual
• Webster's Children's Dictionary (Hardcover)
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• Two Koosh Balls
• Letter Recognition Cards
• Laminated Alphabet Strip (upper & lower case)
• Stop Signs for Reading Chart Kit price: $119.95

Recommended materials for classroom

What is different in each Kit is the Manual. These implementation:
include suggested curriculum, lesson plans, and
activities appropriate for each grade level and age. • One Kit per teacher or aide
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• Six Letter Recognition Card sets per classroom
grade level students may purchase a combination kit, • One Alphabet Strip per student
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La Puerta de las que ????…..

Cuando me enteré del Centro
llamado La Puerta de las Letras y mi
mamá me insistió a tomar el
Programa Davis, dije:”¡No!, están
locos”, yo no estoy retrasado ni
tengo problemas de aprendizaje y
menos soy disléxico…..
Después de algunas semanas pensé
“que puedo perder, ya lo he intentado
todo, cursos de memoria, lectura
rápida, etc.” Mi problema era que
perdía la atención muy rápidamente y
al contestar un examen no podía
acomodar en orden lógico el material
que según yo, ya había estudiado. Me
pasaba todo el día y toda la noche
“estudiando” una sola materia, le
dedicaba cinco o seis horas por día y
no veía resultados, así que decidí
tomar el Programa y esta es mi
experiencia: contenido del programa, pero con 60.
El periodo escolar de Agosto a ejercicios que en un principio me A partir de que acabe el curso he
Diciembre de 1997 fue para mi uno parecían tontos, tales como formar el logrado mejorar en el
de los más difíciles que he cursado, significado de las palabras en aprovechamiento de todas mis
me encontraba estudiando el tercer plastilina, fueron cambiando mi actividades, en Febrero del 98 logré
semestre de la carrera de Médico forma de razonar, la dinámica del la cumbre del “Iztaccíhuatl” segunda
Cirujano y Partero en la Universidad punto me ayudaba a orientarme y montaña más alta de México: 5280
de Monterrey, cursando dos de las sobretodo a detectar cuando me metros sobre el nivel del mar. En
materias más difíciles de la sección estaba desorientando. Mayo competí en una carrera de ultra
conocida como “Ciencias Básicas”, Cuando acabe el Programa no distancia de tres días de duración,
estas materias eran Bioquímica sentía muchos cambios fuera de los atravesando sierras y ríos de Nuevo
Médica y Fisiología, en donde se ya antes mencionados, pero León, logrando el onceavo lugar de
incluye Cardiología, Hemodinamia y “casualmente” empecé a sentirme 100 corredores y todo esto debido a
Metodología. Pasaba los días en la más seguro de mí mismo y que lograr acomodar mi punto de
universidad y las noches en vela y eventualmente, a mejorar en el orientación a la hora de estar
nunca veía resultados, examen que rendimiento escolar, por ejemplo ya entrenando y aprovechar el 150% de
presentaba era examen que no necesitaba estudiar seis horas para mi esfuerzo en el tiempo dedicado a
reprobaba!!, realmente era una materia, mi tiempo se redujo a mis actividades. Aparte actualmente
decepcionante para mí (y para mi dos horas diarias por materia, eso llevo un promedio de 8.5, el
familia). Como resultado, reprobé significo más y mejores horas de promedio más alto que he logrado
dos materias, prácticamente tenía que sueño, lo que se vio reflejado en las desde que entré a la Universidad.
repetir el tercer semestre. Antes de calificaciones, ya que obtuve al final Los cambios no los noté
iniciar el semestre de Enero a Mayo del semestre 80 de calificación en las inmediatamente pero ahora los he
de 1998 decidí tomar el Programa materias que el semestre de Agosto a
Davis. No quiero profundizar en el Diciembre del 97 había reprobado continued on page 14

v Netherlands (cont.)

Karin Meij
Amsterdam Übersetzung von Sonja Heinrich
+31 (020) 679 9152

Sjan Melsen
Arnhem bedeuten, dass 1/3 bis die Hälfte der
+31 264 42 69 98 Wie hoch ist laut Statistiken der begabten Schüler Lernbehinderungen
Prozentanteil „begabter“ Kinder, die eine haben. Quelle: Diamonds in the Rough,
Marianne Oosterbaan Lernbehindeurng oder Legasthenie haben?
Zeist Lisa Fine, Education Week
+31 (030) 691 7309
Linda Silverman vom Gifted
Ineke Pijp Developmentcenter berichtet, dass 1/6 der
Groningen diamond_in_the_rough.html
+31 (050) 542 0817 Kinder, die bei Ihnen an einem Test für
(Hoch-) Begabung teilnehmen, eine Art der Die Tennessee Initiative für Gifted
Petra Pouw-Legêne
Beek Lernbehinderung haben. „Begabte Kinder Education Reform (TIGER) berichtet, dass
+31 (046) 437 4907 haben häufig eine versteckte 10% der Sonderschüler in Tennessee (hoch-
Lernbehinderung (doppelte Ausnahme). 1/6 )begabt sind, während 2% aller Schüler
Lydia Rogowski
Helmond der Kinder, die zu uns für eine Testung (hoch-)begabt sind. In anderen Worten, man
+31 (0492) 513 169 kommen, haben eine Art der findet wahrscheinlich fünf mal mehr
Hanneke Schoemaker
Lernbehinderung – in der Regel bis zur begabte Kinder in einer Sonderschule in
Wageningen Testung unbemerkt – wie z.B. auditive Tennessee als in einer regulären Klasse.
+31 (0317) 412 437 Verarbeitungsschwäche, Probleme bei der
Sue Hillier-Smith
visuellen Wahrnehmung,
Breukelen Rechtschreibprobleme, räumliche tigerbackground.pdf
+31 (0346) 265 059 Desorientierung, Legasthenie und
Tonny Stor Aufmerksamkeitsdefizit. Hier noch einige interessante englische
Heerhugowaard Die Begabung maskiert die Beiträge: Begabt und lernbehindert: Twice
+31 (072) 571 6562 Lernbehinderung und diese drückt das IQ – Exceptional Students, Dawn Beckley,
Karima P.A. Turkatte Ergebnis. Mithilfe von anspruchsvollem, University of Connecticut.
Maria Hoop/Roermond abstraktem, logischem Denken können
+31 (0475) 302 554
Kinder zum Teil diese Schwächen
Monique Ubachs kompensieren, und dies macht es gt_ld/nrcgt.html
Zutphen schwieriger, sie zu entdecken.
+31 (0575) 541 625
Wie dem auch sei, Kompensation Ist es O.K. die Orientierung
Rieja van der Valk erfordert ein hohes Maß an Energie, anzuwenden, wenn man nicht sicher ist, ob
Almelo beeinflusst die Motivation und bricht unter
+31 (0546) 067 537 das Kind Legastheniker ist? Und kann man
Stress oder Müdigkeit ganz zusammen.“ sie bei einem 9 jährigen anwenden, ohne
Annemarie van Hof
Utrecht genau zu sagen, was man da tut? Ich denke,
+31 (030) 252 3069 mein Sohn ist Legastheniker, aber er ist
Whatwe’velearned%2079-02.htm sehr sensibel und Ich ich möchte ihm noch
Drs. Marian J.A. van
Leeuwen nicht unbedingt irgendetwas von
Woudenberg Steven Zecker, außerordentlicher Legasthenie erzählen. Ich habe Angst, dass
+31 (033) 206 3506 Professor der Learning Disabilities er – sollte ich mich irren – er am Ende über
Northwestern University, sagt, dass sich verunsichert ist.
Gerard van Poppel
Gouda „begabte“ Kinder mit der gleichen
+31 (0182) 535 265 Wahrscheinlichkeit wie alle anderen eine Sie müssten zuerst eine
Willem Van Ulsen
Lernbehinderungen haben, und nennt eine Wahrnehmungsdiagnose durchführen; die
Groningen Zahl von 4-7% der Bevölkerung: Orientierung kann man bei jedem
+31 (050) 542 3941
anwenden, für den die
Christa Wiersma Wahrnehmungtsdiagnose einfach und
Den Haag cles/zecker.html angenehm ist, aber das ist der Weg
+31 (070) 355 3388
festzustellen ob die Orientierungsberatung
Koos Wijnen Forscher schätzen ebenfalls, dass von angebracht ist.
Asten allen Kindern 2-5% (hoch-)begabt sind und Sie MÜSSEN die Zustimmung ihres
+31 (0493) 69 81 21 eine Lernbehinderung haben: Begabte Sohnes und auch Sein Verständnis für die
Gerda Witte-Kuijs Kinder machen einen Anteil von 5-7% aller Situation haben, um diese Methoden
Heerhugowaard Schüler aus
+31 (072) 571 3163 anwenden zu können. Er muss verstehen,, continued on page 13
eine Hochrechnung dieser Zahl würde also

F&A . . . er versteht und für die er gerne Hilfe haben

v Netherlands (cont.)
continued from page 12 würde. Zum Beispiel könnte das sein „laut
lesen“ oder „sich daran erinnern, was Karin Van Wulfen
was er da tut und warum und er muss diese gelesen wurde“ anstelle von „Verwirrung“) Breda
+31 076 514 4889
Methode ausprobieren WOLLEN, mit dem An diesem Punkt könnten Sie
Ziel sich selbst zu helfen. Andernfalls fragen:“Möchtest du das mal Astrid Zanen-vander Blij
würden Sie ihre und seine Zeit Aerdenhout
ausprobieren?“ Er dürfte einige Fragen +31 (023) 524 3485
verschwenden – er wäre nicht in der Lage, haben, die Sie -basierend auf dem, was Sie
zu lernen, sein geistiges Auge und seinen gelesen haben- beantworten können. Wenn v New Zealand
Orientierungspunkt richtig anzuwenden, er sagt, er möchte das versuchen, könnten Raewyn Matheson
ohne zu verstehen, was für einen Vorteil Sie sagen, „zuerst müssen wir herausfinden, Inglewood
das für ihn hätte. ob du gut darin bist, in Bildern zu denken“ +64 (027) 411 8350
Sie brauchen NICHT das Wort (oder verwenden Sie eine andere positive v Oman
„Legashtenie“ oder andere negative Wörter Begründung, den Sachverhalt zu
zu benutzen, von denen Sie denken, dass beschreiben). Patricia Lynne Hodge
sie ihn verunsichern könnten. Sie könnten Falls er abgeneigt scheint, selbst wenn +968 698 596
es ihm nahebringen, indem Sie darüber sie eine sehr vorsichtige Herangehensweise
v Republic of Singapore
reden, wie einige Menschen eher in Bildern gewählt haben, drängen Sie ihn nicht. Er
denken als in Worten, und ihn fragen, ob er kann die Davis-Orientierung anwenden Phaik Sue Chin
überwiegend Bilder in seinen Gedanken falls und wann er dazu bereit ist, jedoch Singapore
+65 6773 4070
sieht oder Worte hört, wenn er denkt. Falls nicht vorher.
er das nicht weiss oder aber sagt, er denkt Es wäre schön, wenn wir Eltern einen Ann Chua
in Bildern, könnten Sie weitermachen und Zauberstab schwingen könnten und unsere Singapore
+65 9843 1726
sagen, dass manchmal „Bilder-Denker“ von Kinder damit dann orientiert und fokusiert
Buchstaben und Worten verwirrt werden wären wann immer wir denken, dass es Constance Chua
und Sie ein Buch gefunden haben, das eine Singapore
notwendig ist.—aber die Realität ist, dass +65 6873 3873
spezielle Sache erklärt, die nur „Bilder- das geistige Auge etwas ist, das nur von der
Denker“ tun können und die vermutlich Person kontrolliert und angewendet werden v South Africa
auch hilft die Verwirrung durch Buchstaben kann, die auch selbst denkt. Sara Louise Kramer
und Worte zu überwinden. (Ich nehme an, Viel Erfolg. Capetown
dass er ein Leseproblem hat und sich +27 (021) 794 5778
dessen bewusst ist—sie sollten das See page 8 for Q&A in English. v Spain
„Problem“ mit Begriffen beschreiben, die
“ Conquista del Lenguage
María Campo Martínez
Murguía, Álava
Why I Needed to Know Als Alexander der Große +34 (0945) 46 25 85

La Llave del Don

by an adult dyslexic Diogenes besuchte und ihn Silvia María Sabatés
For me to know that I was dyslexic fragte, ob er irgendetwas für Madrid
+34 (091) 378 2331
was to help me answer the age old den berühmten Lehrer tun
question... "who am I?" To take v Switzerland/CH
away the lies I told myself when I könne, antwortete Diogenes: Tinka Altwegg-Scheffmacher
compensated, to understand why I Veronika Beeler
do things so differently than others
‚Geh mir nur aus der Sonne‘. St. Gallen
41 (071) 222 07 79
is to help remove the blinders I Vielleicht werden wir eines
placed on myself. I don't need to Monika Amrein
know so I can be labeled by Tages wissen, wie man Zurich
+41 (01) 341 8264
others. I don't need to know so I Kreativität fördern wird.
can do better in school (I am... lets Lerninstitut Basel
say... over 21). I do need to know Bis dahin ist das beste, was Gerda Barakos-Jeger
Bonny Beuret
so I may know myself better. I
need to know so I don't have to
feel dumb, stupid or deficient
wir für kreative Männer und
Frauen tun können, ihnen aus
“ Specialist Trainer
Adv. Workshop Presenter
DLS Workshop Presenter
DDA - CH Director
when I don't perform as others do. Denise Gabriel
There is more I want to say. More
der Sonne zu gehen. Sandra Moschtaghi
Jürg Peter
that I want you and others to hear, Supervisor-Specialist
but words are not my forte... and —John W. Gardner, Autor Workshop Presenter
now I know that it is "okay". That Margrit Zahnd
is why I needed to know.
und Erzieher (1912-2002) Basel
+41 (061) 272 24 00

model of herself and the model of the ball

v Switzerland/CH (cont.) Ball and Chain and chain and placed them in front of
Mieke Blommers-Friederichs by Christine East, Davis Facilitator herself. She attached the ball and chain to
Basel the ankle of the model of herself and put it
+41 (061) 378 9060 Kingsbridge, England
by the ‘past’ on the time line. This, she
Vicki Brignoli I carried out a Davis said, was how her dyslexia had affected her
+41 (091) 829 05 36 Dyslexia Correction all her life. She then detached the ball and
Programme with a chain and placed the model of herself on
Beatrice Conti the ‘present’ mark of the time line. Then
Wolfisberg woman, Penny, aged 42.
+41 (062) 636 2146 On the morning of the last she placed the ball (detached from its
day, she had made a chain chain) in the arms of the model of herself
Ursula Fischbacher and placed the model on the ‘future’ part of
Orpund out of clay and attached a
+41 (032) 355 23 26 ball to one end and a strap the time line. She said, “The ball and chain
to the other. This model are not attached to my leg now, and in
Edith Forster future, I can pick up the ball and have fun
Ettenhausen was just placed on the table with no
+41 (052) 365 45 54 explanation. In the afternoon, when I with my dyslexia.”
carried out the last interview, she responded This beautifully simple explanation of
Heidi Gander-Belz
Monchaltorf to the question, ‘What changes have you the changes that had occurred for Penny in
+41 (01) 948 1410 noticed about yourself in the last week?’ in the week of the Programme moved me to
the following way. tears.
Katharina Grenacher
Bern First of all, she said, “I feel more My thanks to Ron and to DDAI for
+41 (031) 382 00 29 comfortable with being dyslexic because giving me the training to be able to
Ursula Herrli I’ve got a better understanding of how it all facilitate this kind of freedom for an adult
Au/Wädenswil works and what happens.” She then person with dyslexia. w
+41 (01) 781 13 35
brought her previously made ‘time line’
Ursula Hirzel Egler
Stäfa La Puerta . . . important changes but “casually”, he began
+41 (01) 926 2895
continued from page 11 to feel more confident about himself, and in
Christa Jaeger school his grades began to improve a lot.
Riehen empezado, por lo que a cualquier persona
+41 (061) 641 4667 That meant to him more hours for himself
que este en duda acerca del programa, and more hours to sleep. At the end of that
Susanne Jeker atrévanse a cruzar “La Puerta”, sabrán a lo
Olten que me refiero.w semester his school average was 80%, and
+41 (062) 296 45 30 he improved in all his subjects.
Käthi Kamm Dedicado a TODO el personal de “La Puerta de las After finishing the Program, he climbed
Wettswil a/A Letras” Iztaccihuatl, the second highest mountain in
+41 (01) 700 16 33 Antonio García Mexico (5280 meters above sea level). It
Consuelo Lang 19 años
was part of a competition that lasted 3 days
Lumino Monterrey, Nuevo León. México
+41 (091) 829 05 36 where he had to go across rivers and climb
mountains. He finished in 11th place, out of
Claudia Lendi English Summary
St. Gallen 100 competitors. He says that putting his
+41 (071) 288 41 85 This article is about a 19-year-old boy,
orientation point on its place, helped him a
who was not sure about taking or not the
Renate Löffel lot to do all this.
Basserdorf Davis Program. He was attending
He invites everybody that wants to try the
+41 (01) 836 96 59 premedical school and at the end of this
Davis program to go through “La Puerta de
Margrit Niederhauser third semester he flunked, so he decided to
las Letras” - The Door to the Letters.
Liestal / Basel go to “La Puerta”.
+41 (061) 921 47 12
At the beginning he didn’t notice any
Yvonne Preisig

+41 (01) 720 32 70

Elisabeth Raberger Write the bad things that are done to you in the
+41 (056) 209 17 76

Hilary Rhodes

sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a
+41 (024) 495 38 20 piece of marble.
Doris Rubli-Osterwalder
St. Gallen
—Arabian wisdom
+41 (071) 245 56 90

Defusing Confusions with Clay in the UK v Switzerland/CH (cont.)

Benita Ruckli
+41 495 2538

Elisabeth Rudolf von Rohr

+41 (062) 293 46 66

Lotti Salivisberg
+41 (061) 263 33 44

Sonja Sartor
+41 (052) 242 4015

Anne-Marie Schafflützel
Wädenswil-Au / Zurich
+ 41 (01) 781 19 93

Maya Semle-Muraro
+41 (079) 704 03 07

Helena Strohbach
+41 (055) 240 21 67

Claudia Taverna
+41 (081) 864 9115
Davis Facilitators Nichola Farnum and Nicky Bennett-Baggs at the Healing Arts Festival in London
(November 2002). Andreas Villain
The Davis Dyslexia Correction work with the wonderfully tactile medium +41 (076) 371 84 32
Programme has now been available in the of non-drying clay to gain mastery of the Catherine Warner
United Kingdom for five years. The British 217 ‘trigger words’ in our language. These Geneva
+41 (022) 321 70 42
edition of the book which describes the are the words which, when encountered in a
thinking behind, and the procedures used – text, trigger confusion because dyslexics are Iris Webber
The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis – missing mental pictures of their meanings. Bäretswil/Zürich
+41 (01) 939 2633
is now on library bookshelves and gaining Thus, as picture thinkers, they are left with
recognition in many parts of the country. many blanks when reading and lose Anna-Maria Wieland
Affoltern a.Albis
The foundation of the Davis theories and comprehension. When the symbol mastery +41 (01) 761 16 19
methods is that dyslexics tend to think has been completed on all these words –
primarily with pictures vs. words and learn and this takes commitment and time – then Esther Wieland
Sils i.D./Pratval
best through using experiential, hands-on the dyslexic can truly be considered to have +41 (081) 651 30 22
methods. When given learning tools that corrected his/her dyslexia.
v United Kingdom
allow them to bridge the gap between their There are currently 22 licensed
natural way of thinking and the world of Facilitators and another 15 in training Catherine E. Armstrong
Thame, Oxon
words and symbols, they can succeed in throughout the UK, with a ‘Fundamentals’ +44 (01844) 212 419
traditional education. The picture-thinking basic training course planned for March
ability of dyslexics means they often have 2003. The Fundamentals course gives Nicky Bennett-Baggs
Gt. Gaddesden,
many talents in the areas of the arts, participants a personal experience of what Hertfordshire
architecture, sports and engineering but Ron Davis describes in his book. Christine +44 (01442) 252 517
have encountered difficulties with letters East, who did her Fundamentals course in Centre Dyslexia
and words, and possibly numerals, all their October 1999 says, “I found it fascinating Laurie Challoner
Anna Mead
lives, difficulties which the majority who and fun and it really brought Ron Davis’s Lin Seward
are word thinkers do not experience. theory to life. Having tried out the methods Supervisor - Specialist
Winchester, Hampshire
The programme, which consists of 5 with dyslexic students at the Secondary +44 (01962) 859 999
days’ one-to-one tuition with a follow-up School where I work on a one-to-one basis,
day about 2 months later, gives participants I was inspired to make every effort to Susan Duguid
the tools to enable them to focus accurately complete the 400-hour Facilitator training +44 (020) 8878 9652
on the basic symbols of our language, the programme. By the end of 2000, I was a
letters and numerals. Once they have the licensed Facilitator.”
tools, Davis Facilitators enable clients to
continued on page 16

v United Kingdom (cont.)

Defusing Confusion . . . an enormous amount to offer and he also
continued from page 15 had a burning ambition to go into
Dyslexia Correction Centre Pharmacology. Dyslexic, but able to gain
Georgina Dunlop Testimonials are being received regularly meaning from written text quite
Jane E.M. Heywood
Ascot, Berkshire by Facilitators working in all parts of the successfully, he suffered from a basic lack
+44 (01344) 622 115 UK, making it very clear that it is not just of numerical understanding. None of the
Christine East in the areas of reading, spelling, writing methods offered by the College helped and
Kingsbridge, Devon and Maths that clients are experiencing Terence was also frustrated by the lack of
+44 (01548) 856 045
improvement. Because the programme is understanding by all the tutors he dealt
Hilary Farmer holistic, and the causes of the dyslexia are with. He came across the book ‘The Gift of
Oxford, Oxon addressed, issues of self-esteem and
44 (01865) 326 464
Dyslexia’ and found everything that is said
emotional well-being are understood and so appropriate to his situation that he was
Nichola Farnum dealt with. fired with determination to have a Davis
+44 (0208) 977 6699 A 35-year-old computer programmer Maths programme himself.
wrote to Facilitator, Renee van der Vloodt: Terence got in touch with his local
Carol Forster
“I don’t know if you’re aware of the impact facilitator, Christine East, and such was his
+44 (01452) 331 573 the programme has had on me and my life, energy and perseverance that he persuaded
and is continuing to have. It is a his FE College to pay for the programme.
Axel Gudmundsson
London fundamental change that affects every Christine, who has facilitated many clients,
+44 (020) 8341-7703 aspect of my life.” reports that his grasp
Keryn Middleton Renee also heard of how to use the
Barking, Essex, from a 19-year-old Because the programme is Davis tools was so
+44 (0208) 507 9164 client one year after holistic, and the causes of the positive and fast and
Fionna Pilgrim the programme who he described how the
Keighley, West Yorkshire said: “All my life dyslexia are addressed, issues change occurred so
+44 (01535) 609 797
people have treated of self-esteem and emotional graphically that she
Elenica Nina Pitoska me like a Third World was amazed. She says,
country; they gave me well-being are understood and “The wonderful thing
+44 (020) 8451 4025

Pauline Royle
fish and said ‘eat’. dealt with. about Ron Davis’s
Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancs
You taught me how to programme is that you
+44 (01253) 899 875 fish and I have come simply follow the
back to thank you for it.” course laid down precisely by RD himself
Janice Scholes
Liversedge, West Yorkshire Mrs. Alison Banister wrote to Jane and it works. Terence simply followed and
+44 (01274) 874 712 Heywood who facilitated the programme understood everything in the Maths
Judith Shaw for her son William (aged 7): “Thankfully programme and then turned around and
Stourbridge, we heard about Ron Davis and his book, began to teach me, the facilitator, some of
West Midlands
+44 (01384) 440 980
‘The Gift of Dyslexia’. What a different the advanced stuff. It was like watching a
approach to hear dyslexia referred to as a miracle unfolding.”
Laura Shone gift. The week-long course is just simply
Ilford, Essex
Included here is part of a letter written
+44 (020) 8924 5755 amazing! For us it was a miracle. William by Terence (with all the spelling and
has now been taught special techniques to grammatical errors) after his programme.
Lynne Smith
Brighton, East Sussex enable him to read, and we were given He is now attending college and doing a
+44 (07986) 546 468 training to enable us to continue the Bath University Foundation Course:
Jenny Summerton
techniques at home. The course is “I have just completed the ‘Davis
Sutton Coldfield, West individualised and I cannot recommend it correction program’ with christen east. And
Midlands enough.”
+44 (0121) 354 4847 found the wall of difficuIty that surrounds
Richard a 24-year-old client of Richard my learning has gone. I found it a
Barbara Timmins Whitehead wrote to him: “The programme revelation that such a simple program
+44 (015) 6477 2657 changed my life. I used to feel that being could be so effective in animating problems
dyslexic was a real burden. Now I feel as if that I have had since I started school, if it
Drs. Renée van der Vloodt
Reigate, Surrey
I can do anything I want to in life.: wasn’t for my drive to become a scientist I
+44 (01737) 240 116 Terence, aged 27, was working as a would of given up and would never of
hairdresser while studying at a College of learnt of my new learning potential.
Richard Whitehead
Cranbrook, Kent Further Education in order to go on to “Because I have learnt that I am a
+44 (01580) 713 094 university and study Pharmacology. Having picture thinker I am able to store vast
Rachel Williamson been dubbed ‘stupid’ at school, Terence amounts of information using clay, which
Hassocks, West Sussex nevertheless knew that he had ability and
+44 (01444) 245 260 continued on page 1 7

Defusing Confusion . . . is quoted verbatim here. He finished his

v United States
continued from page 16 letter as follows:
“I believe that now that after completing Alabama
was used in the program to correct the Paula Morehead
the Ron Davis program nothing can stand Birmingham
backwards-reverse letters that I used to in my way, I have so much confidence that I 1 (205) 408-4420
write. I now use it to learn the names of can finish my master degree in Arizona
complex organic compounds and chemical pharmacology…. Every dyslexic can be Dr. Edith Fritz
names and how they are repented (sic) in corrected if they have the determination to Phoenix
1 (602) 274-7738
the chemists language.” be corrected.”
Terence always expresses himself More information and a complete list of Nancy Kress
directly and straight from the heart. He did Glendale/Phoenix
Davis Facilitators in the UK can be found 1 (623) 203-1890
not do the programme to correct his at w
spelling and grammar – just his basic maths John F. Mertz, Jr.
for Chemistry studies – and that is why he 1 (877) 219-0613 (Toll Free)
1 (520) 219-0613

Tamera P. Richardson
The English Language 1 (480) 664-9274

author unknown Reading Research Council
Dyslexia Correction Center
Dr. Fatima Ali, Founder
Let’s face it. Why do people recite at a play, Alice Davis
English is an odd language. Yet play at a recital? DDA-International Director
Ray Davis
There is no egg in the Park on driveways and Ronald D. Davis, Founder
eggplant, Drive on parkways? Sharon Pfeiffer
Specialist Trainer
No ham in the hamburger, DLS Workshop Presenter
And neither pine nor apple in the You have to marvel at the
Dee Weldon White
Lexie White Strain
pineapple. unique lunacy Burlingame/San Francisco
English muffins were not 1 (800) 729-8990 (Toll Free)
Of a language where a house 1 (650) 692-8990
invented in England.
can burn up as
French fries were not invented in Janalee Beals
It burns down, Orange
France. 1 (877) 439-7539 (Toll Free)
And in which you fill in a form 1 (714) 547-4287

We sometimes take English for By filling it out, Janet Confer

granted, And a bell is only heard once it Rancho Santa
Margarita/San Clemente
But if we examine its paradoxes goes off! 1 (949) 589-6394
we find that Richard A. Harmel
Quicksand takes you down English was invented by people, Marina Del Rey/Los Angeles
1 (310) 823-8900
slowly, not computers,
Boxing rings are square, And it reflects the creativity of Jeannette Myers
Fallbrook/San Diego
And a guinea pig is neither from the human race 1 (760) 723-2989
Guinea nor is it a pig. (Which of course isn’t a race at Dwight Underhill
all). El Cerrito/Berkeley
If writers write, how come 1 (510) 559-7869
fingers don’t fing? That is why Colorado
If the plural of tooth is teeth, Kathy Bacon
When the stars are out they are Loveland/Boulder
Shouldn’t the plural of phone 1 (970) 669-0170
booth be phone beeth?
If the teacher taught, But when the lights are out they Terry DeMeo
Why didn’t the preacher are invisible. 1 (303) 850-7668

praught. And why it is that when I wind Crystal Punch

up my watch Englewood/Denver
1 (303) 850-0581
If a vegetarian eats vegetables, It starts,
What the heck does a But when I wind up this poem Carol Stromberg
Collbran/Grand Junction
humanitarian eat!? It ends. 1 (800) 290-7605 (Toll Free)
1 (970) 487-0228

v United States (cont.)

by Abigail Marshall
Random (Randee)
Lutz/Tampa/St. Petersburg her claim to success is based on what she
1 (813) 956-0502 Learning terms her “eclectic” approach in combining
Dyslexia Plus
Disabilities: various materials to meet the needs of
Alice J. Pratt There is a individual students.
DLS Workshop Presenter
Gwin Pratt Cure The strength of this book is that it
Jacksonville provides a good analytical framework to
1 (904) 389-9251 A Guide for evaluate students’ learning needs, as well as
Parents, a large number of suggested strategies and
Bill Allen Educators approaches in a brief, well-organized
Marietta/Atlanta format. Because she focuses on different
1 (770) 594-1770 and
elements of learning – visual perception,
Scott Timm
Physicians visual memory, auditory perception,
Woodstock/Atlanta auditory memory, eye-hand coordination –
1 (770) 516-6683 by Addie the book would probably be extremely
Cusimano helpful to the teacher or tutor who is simply
Vickie Kozuki-Ah You
Ewa Beach / Honolulu Achieve Publications, 2001 looking for new tools and strategies, or
1 (808) 685-1122 ISBN 0-615-12053-9 wondering what they have missed along the
way. In fact, the strategies she offers are in
Scott Shedko
This is a book about good teaching. It is no way limited to students with diagnosed
1 (808) 377-3177 also a book with a very bad title. learning disabilities. Especially in the
The title is bad because it is misleading, chapters on improving written expression
Kim Ainis and it simply doesn’t reflect what the book and advanced thinking and study skills, she
Chicago is about. A more appropriate title would be offers ideas very appropriate for gifted
1 (312) 360-0805 “Effective Strategies for Teaching Students learners and advanced elementary and high
Indiana with Learning Difficulties” — because that school students who are working at a level
Jodi R. Baugh is in fact what the book does present. far beyond remedial.
Cloverdale/Terre Haute
1 (765) 526-2121
The author, Addie Cusamino, does not Like the author’s own characterization of
present either a theory or a treatment for her approach, the book is eclectic – some
Myrna Burkholder overcoming learning disabilities; rather, she ideas and suggestions seem more appealing
Goshen/South Bend
1 (574) 533-7455 presents an array of teaching strategies. In than others. Some of the strategies seem to
fact, she seems to question whether be extremely useful for students with
Iowa learning disabilities even exist, and seems
Mary Kay Frasier
learning difficulties, whereas others seem
Des Moines to advocate improved teaching in inappropriate, based on a seeming failure to
1 (515) 270-0280 elementary school as a way of addressing recognize the magnitude of difficulties
all problems associated with learning some students face. In part this stems
Carole Coulter disabilities. In an early chapter she argues simply from the fact that the book does not
Overland Park/Kansas City that accommodations at the college level offer detailed or in-depth exploration of any
1 (913) 831-0388
should never be needed, because these one approach, but rather gives an overview,
Louisiana students’ needs should be addressed touching very lightly in some areas.
Wendy Ware Gilley through primary level teaching at the
Baton Rouge
I do think this book would be helpful as
1 (225) 751-8741 appropriate time. a source of ideas for classroom or resource
The author is an experienced teacher and teachers, and certainly useful for
Michigan reading specialist, now retired, who
Ann Minkel homeschooling parents – as long as the
Six Lakes/Grand Rapids essentially has put together a short book readers are aware that the book doesn’t
1 (866) 330-3671 (Toll-Free) summarizing the types of strategies she has offer any “cure” at all, but rather describes
1 (989) 365-3176
found to be effective. Most of the strategies dozens of good, solid teaching methods that
Dean Schalow are conventional approaches, and in fact the have worked for the author and her
Manistee author clearly relies mostly on teaching students. w
1 (800) 794-3060 (Toll-Free)

materials published or produced by others – “

Cindy Bauer
1 (612) 483-3460 the misuse of the imagination.
Virginia Bushman
Cold Spring/St. Cloud
1 (320)-685-7977

New Workshop! v United States/

Minnesota (cont.)

Cyndi Deneson
Advanced Workshop
Introduction to Davis Learning Strategies (DLS) Teacher Kit Presenter
Description: A one-day workshop for Dates: 1 (888) 890-5380 (Toll-Free)
teachers who are familiar with and 1 (952) 820-4673
June 30, 2003 or August 12, 2003
interested in implementing the Davis Mississippi
Learning Strategies Teacher Kits in their Mississippi Dyslexia Center
classrooms. 9:00am-4:00pm. M. Elizabeth Cook
Nancy F. McClain
Objective: A basic working knowledge of Lunch break between 12-1. Vicksburg/Jackson
1 (866) 632-2900 (Toll Free)
how to implement Davis Learning Presenter: 1 (601) 636-2900
Strategies and an opportunity to ask Sharon Pfeiffer,
questions and get feedback from an Missouri
Director of DLS training internationally. Patricia Henry
experienced classroom teacher. Focus is Kansas City
on K-3 implementation, but all teachers are Kit Cost: $119.95 (plus $9.90 CA sales 1 (816) 361 6563
welcome. tax) for a K-1 or Grades 2-3 Teacher Kit.
Additional Manual $29.95. Montana
Prerequisites: Previous purchase and Elsie Johnson
familiarity with DLS Teacher Kit and Workshop Cost: $175. Early registration: Kalispell, MT
$160. Group rate for two or more: $145 (406) 257-8556
Manual. For full benefit, the participants
should purchase the Kits 4-6 weeks prior to each. Nancy Sitton
the workshop, read the Manual and try out Location: Davis Training Center, 1601 1 (406) 863-9844
some of the procedures. Kits must be Bayshore Hwy., Suite 144, Burlingame,
brought to the Workshop. California. Nebraska
Shawn Carlson
Mail to DDAI, 1601 Bayshore #245, Burlingame, CA 94010 or FAX to: +1 (650) 692-7075 1 (402) 420-1025
To register by phone call +1 (888) 805-7216
Barbara Clark
Gardnerville/Carson City
Workshop Registration Form (Please Print Clearly) 1 (775) 265-1188
all prices in US Dollars
New Hampshire
Enroll me in the Introduction to Davis Learning Strategies Teacher Kit Workshop on: Michele Siegmann
q June 30, 2003 (early registration discount deadline April 30, 2003) Mason/Manchester/Boston
1 (603) 878-6006
q August 12, 2003 (early registration discount deadline June 12, 2003)
Enclosed is my payment: PLUS: New Jersey
q Check q $160 full payment for early Workshop Nancy Cimprich
q Credit Card registration Elmer/Philadelphia
q School District Purchase Order for: q $50 deposit for Workshop registration 1 (856) 358-3102
q $129.85 ($119.95+$9.90 CA sales tax) for ($125 balance due upon attendance)
Charlotte Foster
q K-1 q Grades 2-3 Teacher Kit (check one) q $145 group rate for Workshop Registration
q $162.27 ($149.90+$12.37 CA sales tax) Other group member(s): Bernardsville/Newark
for Teacher Kit with both Manuals 1 (908) 766-5399

New York
Credit Card: q Visa q MasterCard q Amex q Discover Carla C. Niessen
1 (845) 883-5766
Number ________-_________-________-________ Expiration Date: ____/____
Name as it appears on card: Wendy Ritchie
1 (585) 233-4364
Print: Signature:
North Carolina
Gerri W. Cox
Ship my Kit and send my receipt and confirmation to: Shallotte/Wilmington
1 (910) 754-9559
Erin Pratt
Address Asheville
1 (828) 231-2400
City State/Province/Country Postal Code
Elizabeth Ratliff
Phone: Alternate phone: Cary/Raleigh
1 (919) 461-3948

v United States (cont.)

Newly Licensed Davis Facilitators, Specialists and Workshop Presenters
Congratulations and welcome to our growing international family of Davis providers!
North Dakota A special welcome to our first Davis Facilitator in Lebanon!
Karen Nelson
1 (701) 222-0326 Samar Riad Saab, M.A. “I am a Lebanese Child Sher Goerzen has been a teacher
Ohio Psychologist. I speak three languages: Arabic, French for over a decade, the last four
Lisa Thatcher and English. I went through the French system, then years in a learning assistance
Mount Vernon/Columbus the American system for my BA in Psychology and position. Even before going into
1 (740) 397-7060 then the British system for my Master’s degree in education she was interested in
Child Development and Education. I have worked as Autism and different learning
Christina Martin an Elementary Teacher and a School Psychologist. I styles as a volunteer with non-
Tulsa run my own clinic specialising in dyslexia using the reading adults. Her interest in the Davis Program
1 (866) 492-0700 (Toll Free) ‘old method of therapy’. I always prayed that a grew out of a passion for supporting all learners to
1 (918) 492-0700
miracle therapy would be developed, since I was not reach their full potential and a growing frustration in
Pennsylvania convinced with the results. My prayers were never finding the root cause of their difficulties. After
Marcia Maust answered when I came across Ron Davis’ book: The seeing one student at her school reach grade level
Berlin/Pittsburgh Gift of Dyslexia. I went through the training in reading and comprehension in a few short months,
1 (814) 267-6694 Singapore, very far away from home, simply because following a Davis program, she knew she wanted to
South Dakota I believed in the Davis Method. Now that I am become a Davis Facilitator. “It makes sense and fills
Kim Carson licensed, I hope I’ll be able to help people find in pieces for me that no other program had offered.”
Redfield/Aberdeen themselves and have, at last, a smile of achievement Sher is willing to travel abroad to help spread
1 (605) 472-0522 on their face.” Impressive Minds, PO Box 11-4895, knowledge of the Davis Program. Mastering
Texas Verdun Street, Beirut , Lebanon. +961 3 700 206. Dyslexia, 12443 216th Street, Maple Ridge, British
Success Learning Center Columbia, V2X 5K4, Canada. 1 (604) 290-5063.
Rhonda Clemons
Colleen Millslagle Eve Resnick “I have been
working Special Education as an Elenica Pitoska was born in Macedonia where she
1 (866) 531-2446 (Toll Free)
1 (903) 531-2446 English teacher in Israel for 20 completed her degree in Pure Mathematics and
years. Since English is a second trained/worked as a secondary school teacher. “I
Kellie Brown language here, there are the came to London in 1987 where I also taught maths
Ft. Worth
additional problems of learning a and physics both in private and state secondary
1 (877) 230-2622 (Toll Free)
1 (817) 989-0783 different alphabet, reading from schools. After seeing the positive changes in my
left to right instead of right to left (in Hebrew), and son’s self-esteem together with the significant
Susan Dickens lack of basic vocabulary. These challenges led me to improvement in his social and academic skills, I left
Leander/Austin Davis in search of tools to help my students. Now the classroom and decided to train as a Davis
1 (512) 515-5591
I’m looking for a balance between working as a Facilitator.” Elenica speaks English and Macedonian.
Shannon Liverman Davis Facilitator and remedial teaching. I work both 89 Hanover Road, London, NW10 3DL, England.
Sonora/San Antonio at home and at the Center for Learning Correction.” 6 +44 (020) 8451 4025.
1 (915) 277-0895 Rivka Guber Street, Kfar Saba, Israel 44471.
Dorothy Owen +972 (58) 805 058 or +972 (9) 766 2140. Maria Lourdes Gutierrez speaks both Spanish and
Supervisor - Specialist English. Sociedad de Consultoria Organizacional,
Dallas Blvd. A. Lopez Mateos #2892, 1 Piso, Mexico City,
1 (817) 919-6200 Lieneke Charpentier is a single D.F. PC 01090, Mexico. +52 55 95 8442 or
parent, she has a 15-year-old +52 56 83 1319.
Laura Warren
Lubbock dyslexic son and a 9-year-old
1 (806) 771-7292 daughter with Down’s Syndrome Susana Palafox plans to provide the Davis Program
and dyslexia. “Reading The Gift of from her private practice. She speaks both Spanish
Dyslexia was for me finding my and English. Fuente de Diana #75, Tecamachalco,
Donna Kouri
Rockville goal in life: helping gifted but Naucalpan Edo. de Mexico, CP 53950, Mexico. +52
(804) 749-8791 troubled children and adults to find their genius 55 52 51 30 37 or 55 52 45 03 19.
inside so together we can help the world become a
Angela Odom better place for everyone.” Dolfein Instituut voor
1 (800) 652-8476 Leerproblemen, Vosseweide 25, 3437TA, Karen Nelson has a daughter and three nephews
PIN#3586 (Toll-Free) Nieuwegein, Nederland. +31 306 04 15 39. who have completed the Davis Program. “After
1 (804) 833-8858 seeing how successful it was for them and the
changes it made I decided to become a Davis
Dyslexia Correction Center Maria Eugenia Gutierrez plans to provide the Facilitator. I will provide the program in my home.”
of Washington Davis Program along side her sister, Maria Lourdes. Creative Solutions Dyslexia Center, 1750 Country
Marilyn Anderson She speaks both Spanish and English. Sociedad de West Road, Bismarck North Dakota 58503,U.S.A.
Aleta Clark Consultoria Organizacional, Blvd. A. Lopez Mateos (701)-222-0326.
#2892, 1 Piso, Mexico City, D.F. PC 01090, Mexico.
1 (253) 854-9377
+52 55 95 8442 or 52 56 83 1319. Monique Commandeur, Pr. Christinalaan 95, 1421 BG Uithoorn, Nederland. +31 (0297) 56 88 50.

Janice Scholes has a B.Ed in Keryn Middleton “Three years ago, whilst working
Psychology, a Diploma in as a childminder, I met a mother with a son v United States/
Washington (cont.)
Mathematical Education and the struggling at school. I offered to help and thought I’d
RSA Diploma for Teachers of better look into dyslexia first. The only remotely Meadowbrook Educational
Pupils with Specific Learning ‘reading friendly’ book in the library was The Gift of Services
Difficulties. She has taught in Dyslexia. I read it and was hooked. When I inquired Dorothy Bennett
several schools as a class teacher, as to training costs, I thought, ‘Too expensive, maybe Jackie Black
Renie Royce Smith
ethnic minority teacher and Special Needs teacher. I’ll try teaching instead.’ I got a job as a special Spokane & Everett
She became interested in the Davis Methods in her support assistant in a secondary school and enrolled 1 (800) 371-6028 (Toll-Free)
search for a truly multi-sensory approach to dyslexia. at University to do a teaching degree. The course was 1 (509) 443-1737
After the Fundamentals Workshop she knew that she canceled due to lack of interest! Talk about working or (425) 252-8488
had found a unique Program to address the root cause in mysterious ways, even I can take a hint that size. Marlene E. Easley
of dyslexia and various other learning difficulties. 21 So, here I am, supported by my husband, my 2 young Bellingham
Clough Lane, Hightown, Liversedge, West Yorkshire, children, (even though it meant Dad cooking and 1 (360) 714-9619
WF15 8AD, England. +44 (01274) 87 47 12. looking after them whilst I was living it up in
Cascade Learning Solutions Winchester during my training) and my ever patient Meliesa Hawley
Bank Manager. My way forward now is with Kathleen Hawley
Axel Gudmundsson became providing Davis programs.” 8 Lambourne Gardens, Wenatchee/Bellevue
interested in the Davis Method Barking, Essex, IG11 9QB, United Kingdom 1 (509) 662-9121
through personal experience. “My +44 (0208) 507 9164. Dyslexia Mastery Center
wife is dyslexic and her life was Carol Hern
transformed by completing the DLS Workshop Presenter
program some years ago. During Anne-Marie Schafflützel is the Mary Ethel Kellogg
my training, I discovered that I am mother of dyslexic children. She DLS Workshop Presenter
dyslexic as well, even though in my case it did not decided to become a Davis 1 (509) 363-1771
manifest in severe learning difficulties. My Facilitator when her son started the
background is in the creative arts, media and social Davis Program. She provides the Jo Del Jensen
services. I have graduated from studies in counseling program from her home. im Oak Harbor/Anacortes/
and psychotherapy and I find this complements my Maiacher 1, CH-8804 Wädenswil- 1 (360) 679-9390
work as a Davis Facilitator.” Axel is tri-lingual and Au, Switzerland. + 41 (01) 781 19 93.
can facilitate in Danish, English and Icelandic. Rebecca Luera
Dislexic, 6 Chestnut Avenue, London, N8 8NY, Fall City/Seattle
1 (800) 818-9056 (Toll-Free)
England. +44 (020) 83 41 77 03. Leonardus D’Hoore has a 1 (425) 222-4163
therapeutic background in adult
Fionna Pilgrim works part-time education and haptonomie. He Sharon Polster
at Hearter Montessori. “The speaks 3 languages and works with Bainbridge Island/Seattle
1 (206) 780-8199
directress and staff have been very both children and adults.
supportive throughout my training Merseniersstraat 6, 4524 DV Sluis Ruth Ann Youngberg
and the atmosphere is very , Nederland. +31 (0117) 56 2940 or Bellingham
welcoming for clients young and +31 (0117) 46 1963. 1 (360) 671-9858
old. My early traini ng was in West Virginia
nursing and I have a dyslexic daughter who has Gale Long
benefited greatly from a Davis Program.” Dyslexia at The Davis Facilitator training program requires Elkview/Charleston
Hearter Montessori, West Cliffe School, Skipton approximately 400 hours of course work. 1 (888) 517-7830 (Toll Free)
Road, Keighley, West Yorkshire, BD21 4TJ, England. 1 (304) 965-7400
+44 (01535) 609 797. The Davis Specialist program requires Wisconsin
extensive experience providing Davis New Hope Learning
Margrit Niederhauser “Again programs and an additional 260 hours of Centers, Inc.
and again in more than 20 years of training. Specialists and Facilitators are Darlene Bishop
Margaret Hayes
teaching (also with children having subject to annual re-licensing based upon Milwaukee
special needs), children gifted with case review and adherence to the DDAI 1 (888) 890-5380 (Toll Free)
dyslexia have come to my Standards of Practice. 1 (414) 774-4586
attention. Through preventative
measures (recognizing and using Davis Learning Strategies School Mentors and v
this gift), I would like to spare younger children Workshop Presenters are experienced This Directory is current as
unnecessary frustration. I desire to acquaint adult teachers and trainers who have had two- of February 24, 2003. It is
dyslexics with the Davis Method, providing them three years of specialized training and
subject to change.
with a tool with which to orient themselves and to experience mentoring classroom teachers of
children ages 5 - 9 years old. Between newsletter issues,
take advantage of their dyslexic gift. For me it is
new Facilitators are added,
important that as many dyslexics as possible attain a
positive self-image.” Kettigerweg 6, CH-4410 For information about training or a full and occasionally, some
Liestal, Switzerland. +41 (061) 921 47 12 directory of Davis providers, see become inactive. However, the Davis Providers list at
Petra Saeger Burgwaller Strasse 3, D-17268 or call +1 (650) 692-7141 is
Storkow, Germany. or toll-free in the US at
always up to date.
Improve Your Primary Classroom Reading & Classroom Management Skills
With the Davis Learning Strategies® Basic Teacher Workshop
Davis Learning Strategies give K-3 Feedback from Teachers
teachers immediately usable and effective
tools that:
• Tap the creative learning process in all children.
• Significantly improve language arts skills without
paper/pencil and worksheets. "In the
forefront of
• Efficiently and effectively teach reading and pre- what I liked
reading skills to multiple learning styles. most was
how easily
• Quickly and easily give children self-management the Davis
skills for paying attention and staying on task. strategies fit
• Make classroom and behavior management easy into many
areas of Kindergarten curriculum. It relieved me of a
and positive. paper-pencil approach and gave me a hands-on,
• Children find fun, engaging, and motivating. kinesthetic approach. It also helped develop the little
• Can be flexibly applied in a variety of school and finger muscles for being able to move on to coordinate
paper-pencil activities. Assigning each child a storage
learning activities. box for creating the alphabet over time also fit and
accomplished the development of ownership,
Research Based responsibility, and a sense a pride in all the children. I
The workshop believe all Kindergarten children would benefit from
represents the results of
Davis Learning Strategies."
six years of research
—LB, Kindergarten Teacher, Mission San Jose
and development in Elementary School, Fremont, California
several K-3 elementary
classrooms by an
"It has helped me become more aware and sensitive to
experienced teacher, the needs of my students. My students are very receptive
Sharon Pfeiffer. In
and amaze me how quickly they pick it up. I have many
August, 2001, a
children who are ADD and ADHD. This system helps me
research paper detailing the effects of these strategies on first reconnect with them. I have small groups for short
grade word recognition and gifted education placement was
periods of time and this helps us to get down to business
published in Reading Improvement, a peer-reviewed journal.
Davis Learning Strategies are based on methods developed by —DG, Elementary Spec. Ed. Resource, Sequoia Charter
Ronald D. Davis.
School, Mesa, Arizona
Davis Learning Strategies
With Davis Focusing Skills™, a series of exercises which "There has been a remarkable improvement in reading,
use imagination and coordination, children can easily develop writing, spelling and math progress with my students.
the self directed ability to be physically and mentally focused Growth in self-confidence is tremendous. These students
on the learning task at hand. have been given practical skills that equal success."
Through Davis Symbol Mastery®, children master the —DD, Elementary Teacher,
alphabet, punctuation marks, and basic sight words with a Greater Vancouver Distance
simple, easy and fun alternative to pencil-paper activities and Education School, Canada
drill exercises.
Davis Reading Exercises provide a fun and cooperative 2003 DATES & LOCATIONS
method for increasing word recognition and reading
comprehension skills. This reading method can be used alone or 29 May-1 June 2003 Monterrey Mexico
as a supplement to a current reading program. June 23-26, 2003 San Francisco, California
With these Davis Learning Strategies, children become well July 14-17, 2003 San Francisco, California
prepared for a successful first four years of schooling and for a July 14-17, 2003 Madison, Wisconsin
lifetime of learning! August 18-21, 2003 San Francisco, California
August 18-21, 2003 Toronto, Canada
Visit the newly designed Call 1-888-805-7216 for US Registration
Call +65 6310 1032 for Indonesia Registration
Call 1 (905) 844-4144 for Canada Registration
Call +52 (81) 8335-9435 for Mexico Registration
website at: Call 1 (888) 890-5380 for Wisconsin Registration

Three Academic Units Available - US only
Come Learn and
the Davis Dyslexia
Fundamentals of Davis Dyslexia Correction® Workshop
based on the best-selling book The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis

Workshop Outline
Background and Development of the Davis Dyslexia Orientation Review Procedure (a method for checking
Correction® Procedures orientation skills)
· Research and discovery. The “gifts” of dyslexia. Anatomy and · Demonstration & Practice Session
developmental stages of a learning disability. Overview of the Davis Symbol Mastery® (the key to correcting dyslexia)
steps for dyslexia correction. · What is Symbol Mastery? Why clay?
Davis Perceptual Ability Assessment (a screening for Mastering Basic Language Symbols
dyslexic learning styles) · Demonstrations and Group Exercises
· Demonstration and Practice Session Reading Improvement Exercises
Symptoms Profile Interview (used to assess symptoms, · Spell-Reading. Sweep-Sweep-Spell. Picture-at-Punctuation
strengths & weaknesses; set goals; and establish motivation)
· Demonstration and Practice Session DAY FOUR
Fine-Tuning Procedure (checking and adjusting orientation
DAY TWO using balance)
Davis Orientation Counseling Procedures (methods to Symbol Mastery Exercises for Words
control, monitor and turn off perceptual distortions) · Demonstrations, Group Exercises and Practice Sessions
· What is Orientation? Demonstration and Practice Session Implementing the Davis Procedures
Release Procedure (method for alleviating stress and
Alignment (an alternative to Orientation Counseling)
· What is Alignment? How is it used? Group Demonstration To register for US workshops
Dial-Setting Procedure (a method for controlling ADD call 1-888-805-7216 (toll-free)


11-14 April 2003 29 May-1 June 2003 5 Sept 2003 - 8 Sept 2003
Instructor: Ioannis Tzivanakis Instructor: Bonny Beuret Instructors: Bonny Beuret
Language: German Language: English/French Language: English
Location: Munich, Germany Location: Geneva Switzerland Location: Melbourne, Australia
Contact: Contact: Contact:
Phone: +49 (040) 25 17 86 22 Phone: +41 061 273 81 85 Phone: +61 (02) 9968 2678
8-11 July 2003 For updated
12-15 May 2003 (English) 13-16 September 2003
Instructor: Cyndi Deneson
Sydney, Australia
Language: English
Instructor: Bonny Beuret workshop schedules
Instructor: Bonny Beuret Language: German
Location: Burlingame, California
Language: English
Location: Basel, Switzerland visit
Location: Sydney, Australia Contact:
Phone: +1 (888) 805-7216
Contact: Phone: +41 (061) 273 81 85
Phone: +61 (02) 9968 2678
30 Aug 2003 - 2 Sept 2003
2-5 October 2003 train.htm
Instructors: Bonny Beuret
18-21 May, 2003 (English) Instructor: Robin Temple &
Language: English
Instructor: Bonny Beuret Siegerdina Mandema
Location: Sydney, Australia
Location: Auckland, New Language: English
Zealand Location: Tonbridge, Kent, UK
Phone: +61 (02) 9968 2678
Contact: Contact:
Phone: +61 (02) 9968 2678 Phone: +44 (08700) 132 945
Dys•lex´•ic Read´•er STANDARD
1601 Old Bayshore Highway, Suite 245
Burlingame, CA 94010 PAID

Fundamentals of Davis Dyslexia Correction Workshop

Based on the best-selling book 2003 International Schedule
The Gift of Dyslexia by Ronald D. Davis Munich Germany Apr 11-14,2003
This 4-day workshop is an introduction to the basic Sydney Australia May 12-15
theories, principles and application of all the procedures Auckland New Zealand May 18-21, 2003
described in The Gift of Dyslexia. Training is done with a Geneva Switzerland May 29-Jun 1, 2003
combination of lectures, demonstrations, group practice, California United States July 8-11, 2003
and question and answer sessions. Attendance is limited to
Sydney Australia Aug 30-Sept 2, 2003
ensure the highest quality of training.
Melbourne Australia Sept 5-8, 2003
Who Should Attend: Basel Switzerland Sept 13-16, 2003
Everyone involved in helping dyslexic individuals over the Kent UK Oct 2-5, 2003
age of eight.
Participants will learn:
U.S. Course Schedule
• How the Davis procedures were developed. • 8:30 - 9:00 Registration (first day)
• How to assess for the “gift of dyslexia.” • 9:00 - 5:00 Daily (Lunch break 12:00-1:30)
• How to help dyslexics eliminate mistakes and focus U.S. Fees and Discounts
attention. • $975 per person plus $95 materials fee
• The Davis Symbol Mastery tools for mastering reading. • $925 for DDAI members or groups of two or more
plus $95 materials fee
• How to incorporate and use proven methods for • $975 if paid in full 60 days in advance incl. materials
improving reading, spelling, and motor coordination into a • Advance registration and $200 deposit required
teaching, home school, tutoring, or therapeutic setting. • Includes manual, one-year DDAI membership,
verification of attendance, and Symbol Mastery Kit
See page 23 for more workshop details. • Academic units available

For a detailed brochure on enrollment, prices, group rates, discounts, location, and further information, contact the DDA in your country.
DDA-Australia DDA-Deutschland DDA- México DDAI-US
18 Bullecourt Ave. Conventstrasse 14 Privada Fuentes #110, 1601 Bayshore Highway, Ste 245
South Mosman D-22089 Hamburg esq. con Ricardo Margaín Burlingame, CA 94010
Sydney NSW 2088 GERMANY Colonia Santa Engracia Tel: 1-888-805-7216
AUSTRALIA Tel: +49 (040) 25 17 86 22 Garza García - Monterrey, 66220 Fax: +1 (650) 692-7075
Tel: + 61 2 9968 2678 Fax: +49 (040) 25 17 86 24 Nuevo León MÉXICO E:mail:
Fax: +61 2 9968 2059 E-mail: Tel/Fax: +52 (81) 8335-9435
E-mail: or +52 (81) 8356-8389
DDA-Israel For a full
DDA-CH 20 Ha’shahafim St. DDA-Nederland description of the
Freie Strasse 81 Ra’anana 43724 Kerkweg 38a
CH 4001 Basel, ISRAEL 6105 CG Maria Hoop,
Davis Facilitator
SWITZERLAND Tel: +972 (053) 693 384 NEDERLAND Certification
Tel: +41 (061) 273 81 85 Fax: +972 (09) 772-9889
Fax: +41 (061) 272 42 41 E-mail:
Tel: +31 (0475) 302 203 Program, ask for
Fax: +31 (0475) 301 381
e-mail: E-mail:
our booklet.
Enrollment Limited u Classes Fill Early u Call 1-888-805-7216 or 650-692-7141
For updated workshop schedules visit