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La Maison du






Recently University of Luxembourg has seen its new development in the form of
multipurpose building which has built exactly at the centre of university campus taking
all the attention of viewers due to its noticeable flickering outside layer. It has named as
La Maison du Savoir. The construction was going on for eight years, from 2007 to 2015.
It is the outcome of collaboration between Baumschlager Eberle (Global Architecture
Firm) and Christian Bauer (local office) & Associs Architectes. Located on the site of
old steel plant in Belval neighborhood of Esch-sur-Alzette, La Maison du Savoir is the
part of campus expansion of University of Luxembourg.
La Maison du Savoir is an 18 storey communication centre which was the only building
with single wall construction. It contains lecture rooms, seminar halls, administrative
offices, professor lounges and restaurants. In totality, it covers the area of 50,000
square meters. The building is pillared as horizontal volume from both the sides. Being
in the centre of campus it connects the different parts of campus including the faculty
buildings which are situated besides the Le Maison du Savoir. The lower floors consist
of a corridor which passes from one side to other side of building. It is planted from each
side through circulation areas merged into plinth of the building. The outer side is
covered with steel grid which contributes solar shading which will help the building to
remain cool. At some places the windows are constructed behind the grid which creates
the effect of moir. As the faade is formed as double layered which is covered from
insulated inner envelope, is become the striking feature of building. As conformed by
concerned architects, the steel wrapping provides the structure a dazzling and
mystifying sight.
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