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Monday, February 8, 2010

7:00 p.m.

PRESENT Ann Marie Carswell, Ellen Catalano, Michael Clarke, Co-Chair, Michael
Conti, Bruce Doud, Leo Hetling, Wayne Higdon, Pat Holm, Secretary,
Millie Holmes, Alice Kolb, Barbara Quinn, Nicole Robilotto, Co-Chair, Sr.
Natalie Runfola, Christine Schade, Dale Walts

ABSENT Michael Conti, Ken Umina

OPENING PRAYER Sr. Natalie Runfola opened the meeting with a prayer.

The January minutes were reviewed. Corrected spelling to “Ceile.” Minutes accepted.


Cluster Finance Committee – Coming up with a budget and will be reducing it by 10%.
Looking at salaries. 10% reduction in that category would come from loss of one Parish Life
Director position and part time position at St. James. The next meeting is scheduled for Feb.
25, 2010.
Parish Finance Committee: Looking at variances from last year to this year -- collections not
as bad. January was a good month. Will present mid-year report to parish this coming weekend
or next. In May hope to present consolidated projection for next year and let people know what
we’ll need for next year. Dale suggested mailing this report to each household. Bruce may co-
report with Joe Lapinski. Changing reporting to parish date to Feb. 27-28 weekend. Wayne
will see if Joe is available.
Bishop’s Appeal – Leo will do recordkeeping. Hold off on a fundraising committee. Bruce
received first estimate for roof repair at $37,000.


Front doors of the church are finished. Weatherstripping is done. Have received final bill. There
is a green area behind the altar to be painted. The wall leaks at the front window. Hank
Digeser will do the lift. Mason to repair tiles in the foyer. Steve Turner will return to paint
after wall leak is fixed. Bruce will look into the problem with heat irregularities in the church.


Held the first liturgical experience for Confirmation this past week. Confirmation will be held at
the Cathedral on April 26. Six parishes, a total of 90 sturdents, will participate. Will meet with
the Generations of Faith committee on Wed., Feb. 20 in preparation of the March 7 event.
Discussed moving the mass to 9 a.m. Ann Marie requested that everyone needs to check the
parish calendar before scheduling events, including meetings.


Looking forward to next Saturday’s Welcome Table with the Century House. They are really
involved with the community. The senior achievement award will be held in September.
Seniors 85 years of age and older, who give of their time (not just in the Center) are recognized.
Applications are due in June. Judi attends St. Thomas and at their Cornerstone Retreat, which
focuses on building spirituality, a participant said that when she goes to St. John’s/St. Ann’s she
finds a very welcoming community and she feels renewed. Judi is doing a good job of holding
down expenses. $11,000 was received for the grant and $5,000 is left. Nicole Robilotto said
the Pastoral Council would work the Welcome Table on June 5. Family members are encouraged
to also help out. $309 was collected for the Souper Bowl.
Have changed their meeting times to Thursday. The next meeting will be on Feb. 11 at 6:30
p.m. Discussed presentation regarding St. Francis. Fr. Lanese said it could be put off until
merger takes place. Ash Wednesday mass at 12:10 p.m., with ashes distributed. At 7 p.m. a
reconciliation service, with ashes, will be held. Fr. Lanese will preside at both. On Feb. 14 their
will be a panel discussion of global warming. Meeting on Feb. 11 to review Lent and Holy Week.
If anyone has any ideas or wants changes, let her know.


--Transition Committee – Natalie Runfola
Paul McGrath gave the report from the Cluster Finance Committee. A sub-committee was formed
to discuss positions. The parish leaders will meet with their staff members to discuss their hopes
and expectations for the future. Looking at preparing a budget worksheet showing numbers for
each parish, combined numbers, then combined, less 10%. Will schedule a cluster gathering,
once each month. The next is the Mardi Gras dessert event at St. James, 7 p.m. this coming
Saturday. On Feb. 28 St. James will hold their Irish Fest from 2-5 p.m. The Parish profile is
being updated. Have to update the numbers. Lisa and Leo at St. James will do that. If anyone
has interview questions used for hiring Parish Life Directors, please give to Natalie.
Natalie will contact Ron Menty regarding status of John Lanese. Discussion followed: The Friends
Letter money will still go to our Center, not to be merged at this time. Ellen suggested looking
for guidelines for developing new profile.

--Spring “Run – Off”—Nicole Robilotto

The next meeting will be on Feb. 23.

--Marketing and Evangelization –

Michael Clarke and Nicole Robilotto received a note today from John Harden. He’s not able to
devote any more time to the program. Not in regular attendance since December. He’s laid the
groundwork, Welcome booklets are ready to be reprinted. Need to get with Welcome
Committee. Haven’t been able to pin down Fr. Roy Bourgeois. Michael Clarke will contact Fr.
Roy. We have one chef for the Welcome Table event. Ellen gave John the name of another
chef. Michael Clarke will reach out to the remaining committee members. John Harden will still
monitor Facebook and Twitter.

Ellen spoke to Ann Marie regarding the Ceile and Ann Marie will give input. Kathleen Balfe does
Ceile with Ann Marie’s father in law. Joyce Flanagan and her daughter, Kathy Engel, will handle

Our next meeting will be on March 8.

The meeting closed with the “Our Father.”