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DO NOT RETURN this card UNLES! boxes below. is necessary to check one of the proximately delivery date..... Se Keep a record of this REFERENCE NuMBER, 71.4.-.24260 24 (It MUST be used if you make inquiry regarding this order) CO I am returning this card because it was mailed to the incorrect address. Address was My NEW ‘Address is It is now 30 days after above delivery date and I have not received the | gift package. PLEASE READ REVERSE SIDE BE- FORE RETURNING THIS CARD. —Signed...........00seeeeeeeeeeeeunens AES NY 44-1315 REV. 2-15-45 WAR DEPARTMENT PENALTY FOR PRIVATE USE TO AVOID “Rew YORE 1NY AS? as 2 : 4 OFFICIAL BUSINESS Ww EST 43RD STREET TT, ae ~ STATION