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2015: The Year in


Page 1: Mark Murphy
Page 2: Picture 1-Matt Denn, Senator Margaret Rose-Henry, Picture 2- John Young,
Christina School Board, Picture 3-Sponsors of the Vision Coalition
Page 3: Picture 1-State Rep. Mike Ramone, Picture 2-State Board of Education, Mark
Murphy, & Megan Szabo
Page 4: Picture 1-Jackie Kook & Eric Gustafson, Picture 2-doodlings about fate of
Christina priority schools
Page 5: Picture 1-more doodling about CSD priority schools, Picture 2-IEP Task Force
Page 6: Appoquinimink district letter sent to parents who opt their child out of the
Smarter Balanced Assessment
Page 7: Wilmington Education Advisory Committee book
Page 8: Picture 1-State Rep. Jeffrey Spiegelman, Picture 2-State Rep. Sean Lynn
Page 9: Picture 1-House Education Committee meeting with Delaware Department
of Education over Race To The Top spending, Picture 2-same
Page 10: Picture 1-State Rep. Sean Matthews, Picture 2-Noam Chumsky on
standardized testing, Picture 3-from Delaware Liberal
Page 11: News Journal poll about parent opt-out
Page 12: Picture 1-Imagine Delaware Forum, Picture 2-Imagine Delaware forum
Page 13: State Reps Sean Matthews and Earl Jaques dueling points of view about
Page 14: Social media banner concerning Earl Jaques comments about the opt-out
Page 15: Picture 1- Mike Matthews and Jackie Kook at DSEA Annual Conference,
Picture 2- Facebook banner for all Delaware opt-out groups
Page 16: Picture 1- East Side Charter Schools standardized testing data, Picture 2The special needs childs parents office
Page 17: Tweet from Governor Markell
Page 18: Picture 1 & 2-the Freire Charter School protesters
Page 19: Another Keep calm banner about House Bill 50

Page 20: Yvonne Johnson and myself at the Parent Press Conference, 4/1/15
Page 21: State Reps John Kowalko, Sean Lynn, and Kim Williams at Parent Press
Page 22: John Young and myself at Parent Press Conference
Page 23: State Rep. John Kowalko and Senator Dave Lawson at Parent Press
Page 24: Picture 1- Larry Mendte interviewing Mark Murphy on The Delaware Way,
Picture 2- The House Education Committee meeting on House Bill 50, 4/22/15
Page 25: House Bill 50 Victory in Delaware House of Representatives, 5/7/15
Page 26: Delaware PTAs Legislative Hall Day
Page 27: Picture 1-Delaware DOE Building, Picture 2- Emblem for Christina
Referendum, Picture 3- Badass Teachers picture about standardized testing and optout
Page 28: From State Rep. John Kowalkos FOIA concerning priority schools, this is an
email from Mark Murphy to Governor Markells chief of staff, published in May, 2015
Page 29: State Senator Bryan Townsend
Page 30: Pictures 1 & 2: Announcement of Senate Bills 92 and 93 for improvements
with Delaware Autism Program and support for Autism in Delaware
Page 31: Picture 1- Tim Furlong with NBC Philadelphia and myself in my driveway
after an interview, Picture 2- State Rep. John Kowalko and myself before the Senate
Education Committee meeting on House Bill 50
Page 32: Parent Jill Shillings excellent letter to the Senate Education Committee in
support of House Bill 50
Page 33: Picture 1- Response to State Senator David Sokolas comments about optout and House Bill 50, Picture 2- Keep calm picture regarding upcoming House Bill
50 vote in Delaware Senate
Page 34: Picture 1- Tourette Syndrome Awareness Month recognition by Delaware
House of Representatives and my son playing with State Rep. and Speaker of the
House Pete Schwartzkopfs gavel, Picture 2-Governor Markell, my son, and myself
after TSA recognition
Page 35: Delaware State News clipping about TSA Awareness Month and House
Concurrent Resolution #36
Page 36: State Rep. Trey Paradee donates blood for a good cause!

Page 37: Thank you note from the family of Beau Biden after his passing
Page 38: Ad in News Journal from Rodel and friends opposing House Bill 50 and
supporting Senate Joint Resolution #2, an assessment reduction resolution used as
a counterpoint to House Bill 50
Page 39: Picture 1- The Firefly house of Burger Girl, Picture 2- Burger Girl flipping for
a living
Page 40: a rare moment of solitude and peace for a weary blogger
Page 41: The final House Bill 50 Senate vote tally
Page 42: Picture 1- Mark Murphy eats lunch at Jacks house, Picture 2- Danny Rufo
attends the last day of legislative session on June 30 th
Page 43: Some lobbyists eating breakfast the day after June 30 th
Page 44: Veto of House Bill 50 letter from Governor Jack Markell
Page 45: Keep calm emblem calling for House Bill 50 Veto Override
Page 46: One of the problems with perception in Delaware
Page 47: Picture 1- The Progressive Democrats of Delaware honor the Four
Education Heroes at Firestone Lounge in Wilmington. Myself, Tizzy Lockman, Mike
Matthews and John Young give speeches as Nancy Willing provides introductions,
Picture 2- Left to right- Sammi Dahms, Jackie Kook, Tizzy Lockman, Mike Matthews
head, Kim Williams, John Kowalko, Liz Paige, John Young, and myself
Page 48: Picture 1- Governor Markell signs House Bill 148 and Senate Bill 122 which
gives the State Board the authorization to redraw Wilmington school district lines
and creates the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission, Picture 2- Mark
Murphy wondering what in the world happened the last three years
Page 49: News Journal poll about Mark Murphys tenure as Delaware Secretary of
Page 50: Picture 1- Delaware DOE releases another educator plan while someone
writes very wise words on the cover, Picture 2- Letter from New York Superintendent
about stupidity of standardized test scores and growth on them
Page 51: The Wilmington Education Improvement Commission at a town hall, taking
no prisoners!
Page 52: Picture 1- Delaware DOEs 2015-2016 Focus, Focus Plus and Priority
Schools, Picture 2- Storm Trooper action figures carrying cherries, used for article
about Newark Charter School bragging about their awesome SBAC scores

Page 53: Picture 1- graph showing low-income status in orange and SBAC Math and
ELA proficiency scores by school in grey and yellow, Picture 2- Delaware DOE
Exceptional Children Resources Group web page about Independent Educational
Page 54: Picture 1- Mike Matthews and myself at the Vision Coalitions Student
Success 2025 launch, Picture 2- Red Clay Superintendent Dr. Merv Daugherty reads
to students
Page 55: Picture 1- Delaware Met agenda for special board meeting, Picture 2picture taken by audience member at said special board meeting
Page 56: Picture 1- Brandywine Superintendent Dr. Mark Holodick and a dragon?
Crocodile?, Picture 2- Brian Stephan speaks at the Progressive Democrats of
Delaware Education Forum
Page 57: Delaware Teacher of the Year Sandra Hall, from Smyrna School District
Page 58: Picture 1- new Capital School District Superintendent Dr. Dan Shelton,
Picture 2- Invitation for New Castle County combined school boards breakfast
Page 59: Picture 1- Governor Markell speaks at the Vision Coalition Annual
Conference, Picture 2- US DOEs ratings on data safety by US House Oversight and
Government Reform committee
Page 60: Picture 1- Secretary of Education Dr. Steven Godowskys official DOE
Headshot, Picture 2- from the final Accountability Framework Working Group session
where Godowsky explains why he chose to have the harsh opt-out penalties in the
Delaware School Success Framework even though the AFWG voted unanimously not
to have it in there
Page 61: Email sent out from Las Americas Aspiras Academys PTO concerning optout
Page 62: Picture 1- From the Youtube video premiere of Markell, Markell, Picture 2My last minute plea to teachers across America to oppose the Every Student
Succeeds Act showing 11:59 on the public education doomsday clock
Page 63: Santa Claus official proclamation supporting opt-out and opposing highstakes testing
Page 64: Picture 1- brilliant opt-out meme, Picture 2- symbolizing the Delaware
DOEs spending of education dollars to corporate education reform companies
Page 65: Picture 1- another DOE/vendor symbol picture, Picture 2- response from
Delaware Met to Delaware DOE regarding visits by Wilmington Police Department

Page 66: Picture 1- DSEA President Frederika Jenner speaking at the annual
Delaware PTA conference, Picture 2- Delaware PTA President Dr. Terri Hodges and
Vice-President of Advocacy Yvonne Johnson
Page 67: Picture 1- Every Student Succeeds Act passage about limiting testing time
for students, Picture 2- Governor Markell shows up at a WEIC meeting
Page 68: Picture 1- What if Governor Markell and Santa Claus had a fight?, Picture 2Red Clay parent Ashley Sabo emerges as powerful voice for students with
disabilities in Delaware, Picture 3- Two bloggers meet at long last
Page 69: Picture 1- Delaware State Board of Education meeting from 12/17/15,
Picture 2- Mike Matthews, Mike Kempski and Jackie Kook win the Exceptional
Delaware educators of the year award