Short Storie

The New Constitution Araby Take Pity The Necklace The Duchess and The Jeweller The Little Willow

One Act Plays:
The Bear Something to Talk About Smoke Screens

Modern English Essays:
Pakistan and The Modern World Take the Plunge Nagasaki My Grandfather The Beauty Industry Walking on The Moon The Bachelor’s Dilemma Tolerance

Leisure New Year Resolutions Woman Work One Art Patriot into Traitor The Solitary Reaper A Poison Tree Fog When I have Fears The Vanishing Village

The Old Man and The Sea:
Characters ( The Old Man , The Marlin, The Boy) Theme Self Communing Fight With Sharks Symbolism The Old Man as an Idealist (importance of The Sea and Dreams of the Old Man)

Essays for B paper:

Energy Crises, Social Evils (Corruption, Terrorism etc.) Higher Education, Unscheduled Load Shedding, Suicide Attacks, Provincial Autonomy, Justice delayed is Justice denied. (Same topics for Letter) Application for any Job

For correction, idioms and précis writing consult previous papers

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