PARTNERS: Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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Page 1. 2. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTRODUCTION BUSINESS PROFILE 3.1 Business Description 3.2 Mission Statement 3.3 Industry Knowledge & Experience/Skills of Key Personnel 3.4 Situation Analysis 3.5 Business Objectives (SWOT) 3.6 Key Performance Indicators PRODUCT/SERVICE AND MARKET ANALYSIS 4.1 Product/Service 4.2 Industry Description & Outlook 4.3 Analysis of Market Demand for Product/Service THE MARKETING PLAN 5.1 Customer Profile 5.2 Competitive Analysis 5.3 Sales Analysis & Forecasts 5.5 Pricing (Discounting) Strategy 5.6 Advertising & Promotion THE OPERATING PLAN 6.1 Current Performance 6.2 Competitive Advantage-Production 6.3 List of Major Suppliers 6.4 Inventory 6.5 The Operating Process THE MANAGEMENT AND PERSONNEL PLAN RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN THE ACTION PLAN THE FINANCE PLAN Cash Flow Forecast • Tender Application • Financial Viabiltiy • Appendix A • Appendix B • Appendix C • Appendix D • Appendix E • Apprendix F 3 4 5 5 6 6-7 7-8 8 9 10 10 10-11 12 13 15 15 15 16 16 16 17 17 17-18 19 20 21 22




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Business Training Employment Contract Consultants (BTECC) 1 is a partnership of Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer and Babette Doherty to collaborate extensive skills aned expertise in the following: • • • • Human resource development (incorporating training, life coaching, mentoring, pastoral care); Business development; Community Development including engagement & capacity building; Developing social entrepreneurs in communities and invigorating passion and empowering people’s vision to accelerate into fruition; The business evolved from three individuals who have gained a vast array of skills and have been owner operators of own business for the past several years. A general discussion came about, in the selection and retention of staff and providing people who are job ready. This discussion talked about our issues of people referred to our own businesses, which were not suitable and at the prescribed industry standard. In Australia, Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) employs 85% of people in the workforce. It important to SME, to ensure, we have human resources to be job ready. Staff can make or break your business and it is detrimental to have staff appointed quick - with skills- in-order for businesses to generate income. BTECC commitment is to provide successful solutions in business development, workforce planning and quality service, which is based on our customer needs. Our core business is to development of human resources to enhance businesses and community organisations.


Business Training Employment Contract Consultants will be referred to BTECC from this point.
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Townsville boasts a great lifestyle, facilities and services, rich in both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. The Townsville region, with a population of approx. 146,000 is widely regarded as the capital of North Queensland. Townsville provides the northern link for State and Federal Governments, as well as for private enterprise in primary and secondary industries, mining, commerce, retail, and community and cultural services. Australia is experieincing growth across a number of sectors and industries. North Queensland has experienced growth in the civil construction and building Due to the incrased growth, the constructino industries and is projected 4 billion dollars over the next 4-5 years.

availability of skilled labour has decrased so therefore there is an epidemic skill shortage. BTECC is an newly established business that has drawn the collective knowledge of the partners together, and this will enable use to function more effeciently and specialise at a greater degree in the following areas of expertise: • • • • • Development and implementation of Indigenous employment strategies for employers in public and private sectors; Development and implementation of cross cultural awareness training; Delivery of Business workshops; Development and implementation of mentoring programs Event Management and Facilitation of Workshops

Our skills, experience and knowledge is accompanied by a large network of clients, associate, stratgic partners in the following industries: • • • • • • Aviation, includes air freight, baggage hanlding, loading and unloading aircraft; Building and Construction; Engineering; Civil Construction; Hospitality; Asset Maintenance;

Our clients range from small employers, community organisation, local government and large employers including, but is not limited to: Virgin Blue Freight, Australian Air Express, Townsville and District Education Centre, John Holland and McMahons Pty Ltd, Thuringowa City Council, Townsville Aboringinal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre, Birri Enterprises, North Qld Competitive Employment Service,Endeavour Foundation. Our Personal Guarantee is: “PEOPLE EMPOWERING PEOPLE”

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3. 3.1

BUSINESS PROFILE Business Description

Currently Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer and Babette Doherty) operate as sole traders and are located in the Townsville district and have been and are still operating individually prior to amalgamation. Keith currenlty successfully operates a cleaning business, ‘Active Housewash/ cleaning services’ for the past four (4) years. Additionally, Keith is agent for Virgin Blue freight for providing air freight services in Townsville. Dwayne Fischer operates his own busienss in employment, training and consultancy services. Babette Doherty has successfully managed a security cleaning business, assist individuals to assess commercail viability of start-up business and existing business ventures. The structure of the business will be in a partnership between the Directors and will be trading as Business Training Employment Contract Consultants (B.T.E.C.C.) B.T.E.C.C. provides a range of services to Indigenous communites and jobseekers, employers, government departments and not-for profit agencies in a range of industries including Building and Construction, Civil Construction, Aviation and Transport and Logistics. Services include: • • • • • • • • • Recruitment; Training and Mentoring; Consultancy Services; Cultural awareness program development and delivery; Life coaching and Motivation; Pastoral Care Services; Program Development; Event Management; and Workshop Facilitation

B.T.E.C.C. provides a unique service to employers and potentail employees and have specialisation in Indigenous Employment. We will provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ point of contact for all recruitment needs, and the provision of providing skilled labour or providing real solutions to meet the growing demands of industry, meeting the current and future needs of the region. Additionally, B.T.E.C.C. has a network of skilled personnel and associate partners in which solutions can be tailored to your business needs. Our Value-added Services • • • • • • • Comprehensive Testing, including: - Psychometric profiling - Competency profiling Career mentoring and counselling Cultural Mentoring Conducting Training Needs Analysis Development and Implementation of Employment Strategies Cross-Cultural Awareness Training Facilitation of Recruitment services

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Experience Counts BTECC has extensive networks in Indigenous communities, local, state and commonwealth agencies and employers within private sector (ranging from SME business to Corporate). Due to this extensive experience we can provide suitable candidates (right person for the job) and can add value and contribute to the productivity of your company. We will achieve this by: Selecting the right person for the job Contribute to your company needs and Add value to your corporate goals


Business Mission Statement The formuale to business success is investment in Human Capital. BTECC will provide the answer to your success.

3.3 Knowledge & Experience/Skills of Key Personnel

NAME Dwayne Fischer

KNOWLEDGE/EXPERIENCE • • • • • • • • • • Aborigine from Wiri clan from Birri- Gubba Nation; Extensive experience in Indigenous Employment and training Contract Management Project Management Facilitation and delivery of training 15 years of community engagement in private and public arenas; Extensive networks with Indigenous communities in Central Queensland, Far North Queensland, North and North West Queensland Extensive knowledge and networks with Commonwealth and State Government programs and agencies, Job Networks and employers. Completed Bachelor of Education in Adult Education and possess Cert IV in Workplace Assessor and training. Professional Development – Business Planning Workshops, Event Management, Mentoring Programs

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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Training of Indigenous job seekers in asset maintenance (partnership with Townville, Thuringowa Indigenous Peoples community education, employment development – Aboriginal Corporations) Successfully operates a cleaning business Provide career and vocational guidance in adult education to community members Accredited Trainer in Aviation – Freight, Ground Handling Services; Training and Assessment in ad hoc training and licensing of Ground Support Equipment. Training and assessment in Pushback and Headset procedures for Australian Air Express. Writing and implementing training course and assessment tools for GSE. Delivery of Dangerous Goods Awareness Training to Ansett Staff and Third Parties On-line coaching, instruction and assessment of Staff and Third Parties using Ansett GSE in the appropriate use of equipment. Re-validation via on-line assessment of staff and third parties licences. Delivery of ad hoc courses, as required. Monitoring of training/licence expiry dates for staff and third parties ports. Supervision of staff. Senior First Aid Officer. Training/Mentoring across 7 NQ Regional Ports Training trainees to qualify as Aviation Refuellers. Manager Aviation Refuelling-Shell Australia Crewman / Mentor search and rescues for both Helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft


Teaching and delivery of training in: • Business development with the Indigenous community, • Job seeking training assistance, • Prepare and assist job seekers for employment; • Delivery of business workshops; • Provide career and vocational guidance in tertiary education to community members; • Research and development of funding submissions for potential business entrepreneurs • Owned and operated cleaning business with 30 contracts and managed 5 staff; • Own and operate home-based business suppling products to retail outlets.


Situation Analysis

Business Issues and Market Trends There is increasing demand for skilled labour to address the skill shortage, predominantly in the building, construction, engineeting and civil construction industries. Tradespeople are ageing, but there is an increasing indigenous youth population that can be utislied to address the current labour shortage. This issues to access skilled labour and employ people with adequate skills has decreased. 2

Skills Shortage Strategy – Industry has gone to Government to fix the issues of skills shortage and people having the ability to be job ready.
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Trends inlcude: Workplace reforms, Industrial reforms, skills shortage and high Indigenous unemployment rates. Barriers Providing skilled labour needs to take into consideration, work ethics, multiple barriers, and finding suitable skilled candidates for effective employment and work place production. Solutions Providing approproiate programs and information for indigneous jobseekers to attain a higher standard of competency in benchmarks for induction into various industries. B.T.E.C.C will be a leader in provding quality recruitment and consultancy services to assist businesses to grow and develop. B.T.E.C.C’s commitment and success has been the development and building extensive local knowledge of operations has been a key contributor to our success, and this is reflected in the immediate availability of our highly skilled and trained consultants to travel to client work sites at a moment’s notice. The industry of employment & training is a multibillion dollar industry, however there is a demand for the matching of skilled, motivated people to fill current and future positions. Our business has the links and the skills to assist the industry and ensure jobseekers are job ready. 3.5 SWOT Analysis

Strengths Extensive Links to Communities, JNM’s, Employment Agencies Communication and Facilitation skills and expertise Have extensive knowledge of recruitment industry and stakeholders Contracts a bookkeeping service Passion, commitment and drive Have a large network and knowledge of government agencies, funding programs and systems All partners have extensive business experience and have a range of skills to produce a successful business Weaknesses Limited Capital and working capital. Injury and loss of income as operating as partnership Newly estalbished business and entity Public Liability and Professional advice implications New player to the market and competing against existing established recruitment agencies Business Improvement Limited Exposure Opportunities Supply of labour to address skills shortage Marketing strategies to civil, building and construction strategy Workshop Facilitation and Event Management Assisting agencies in placement of people from all disadvantage group into employment in the growth industries Provision of holistc packages ranging from pre-employment, placement and mentoring Threats Other Large companies in the recruitment industry Fuel prices Global Trends Economic Trends

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Business Objectives

OBJECTIVES – By June 2007 our achievements will be: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. To secure two contracts by April 30, 2007 (STEP ERS and Indigenous Early Years project); To produce marketing materials to promote services in servcies provided by BTECC; To submit and gain a Job Placement Licence To place 30 people per month in a range of industries; To provide mentoring services of 10 hours per week catering to 50 people; Faciliation of 5 worskhops with Employers ; Provide 5 entry level plamcents @ 550 per month; trainees and apprentices 10 per month@ 1500 per person; trade positions/ qualified 5 per month @ $3 500.00 = To employ 2 staff by September 2007.

In Second year 1. 2. 3.7 implement programs in Townsville, Ayr, Ingham and Palm Island; to place 100 people per month; Key Performance Indicators Monthly goals To write 5 submissions and to market our services to 10 employers/ organisations Promote business using a cocktail of marketing and promotion strategies Market and ‘sell’ program to current STEP providers, JNM’s LHC, GTC’s, AAC’s Contact with peak bodies, union associations, employer groups and industry groups To market profile and servcies to groups

Objectives Annual To secure two consultancies by April 30, 2007; To have 500 people registered on database by June 30, 2007 To provide mentoring services of 10 hours per week by May 31, 2007; Faciliation of 5 worskhops with Employers by June 30, 2007 To provide consultancy services and employment services in the Townsville region Provide 5 entry level plamcents @ 550 per month; trainees and apprentices 10 per month@ 1500 per person; trade positions 5 per month @ $3 500.00 = To employ 2 staff by Septebmer 2006

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4. PRODUCT/SERVICE AND MARKET ANALYSIS 4.1 Product & Services B.T.E.C.C. provides a unique service to employers and clients. We provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ tool. For all recruitment needs, access to Indigenous communities, business improvement and providng solutions to skilled labour to meet the growing demands of industry. The areas of expertise include the following: • • • • • • • Recruitment and Training; Consultancy Services; Cultural awareness; Mentoring and pastoral care; Program Development; Event Management; and Workshop Facilitation

BTECC provides a unique service to employers and Indigenous clients. We provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for conviencience tool. For all recruitment needs, access to Indigenous communities, providing skilled labour to meet the growing demands of industry. Human Capital is undervalued, but BTECC thrives on providing solutions to your organisation and business needs for growth. Human Capital is undervalued, but B.T.E.C.C. thrives on providing solutions to your business needs. 4.2 Industry Description & Outlook B.T.E.C.C. is a recruitment and consultancy servcie in providing solutions in the employment and training, mentoring (workplace and cultural),program development and implementation, event management, workshop facilitation and holistic programs which address the needs of providing skilled labour to employers to meet corporate goals. List of services provided to cleintele

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Clients/ Employers NQ Water

John Holland & McMahons Pty Ltd

Townsville Regional Engineering Cluster Townsville & District Education Centre North Qld Competitive Employment Service EmployNet

Yalga- Binbi Institute

Services Provided Consultancy to provide a brokerage service to both Indigenous community and contractor (John Holland and McMahons Pty Ltd). This includes facilaiting workshops, consulting with community,identify positons and organising relevant training to suit requirements of employers and provisoin of a mentoring service. Contract included the facilitation of employment services between the employer and all agencies (JNM’s, Labour Hire Companies and Group Training Companies), conducting preemployment interviews, skills audit and providing pathways to positions with the contractor. The contract included the provision of Cross Cultural Awareness training and mentoring services to both the employer and employees. Providing a brokerage service to employers in the Building and Construction, Engineering and Civil Industries and employees, potential employees and jobseekers. The Brokerage consists of skills audit, liasing with emploiyers (stakeholders in the employment and training arena) and pastoral care providers. Contracted services included the delivery of Job Search Training to indigenous and nonIndigenous youth to become either work ready and/or re-entry back into education and/or training. (Outocmes included 10/16 successfully gained employment). Provision of Mentoring services to 10 Indigenous Clients, development and delivery of Cross Cultrual Awareness Training and delivery of Jobsearch training. Supporting a caseload of 120 Indigenous jobseekers from pre-employment, employment and mentoring. The Jobseekers required intensive assistance and positive support, training that was relevant and essential to future employment. Mentoring was a key essential to support to ensure the hard work completed from pre-employment to placement was not wasted. Supporting to the jobseeker and the employer over the 12 months was fundamental in order th meet each others requirements. Achievements were approximately 10 people every month were placed into employment. Provision of mentoring for long term unemployed with the desire to enter into small business. The training provided was over a 12 week period, with the completion of a business plan. Once the business was approved, the business owner was monitored and mentored over a 12 month period. The mentoring over 12 months was critical for the business owner to receive their benefits and for the growth of the business. Successful business achieved were 25 people entering into business. Provided training and employment opportunities in the cleaning industry. The employer provided hands on training and mentoring to enable jobseekers to learn new skills whilst getting paid. The pre-training was necessary to support the jobseeker and the employer.

Argus Security Cleaning

The list below is not an exhaustive list of clients we have delivered services: • • • • • • • • • Townsville City Council; TTIPCEED; Coolgaree CDEP Aboriginal Corporation; Mackay Region Area Consultative Committee; Townsville/Thuringowa Community Justice Group; Murrie Care; Department of Education Science & Training; Department of Employment Workplace Relations; Hinchinbrook housing Co-operative; • • • • • • • • • Department of Employment and Training; Education Queensland; Aboriginal Co-ordinating Council (ACC); Gudujuda Aboriginal Corporation; Endeavour Foundation; James Cook University; Thuringowa City Council; Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre (TATSICC); Patrick Corporation.

The unemployment rate in the Northern Statistical Division for the June quarter 2006 was 5.6 per cent (see the following table). This figure was higher than that recorded for Queensland (5.0 per cent). Market Share – with a large number of agencies undertaking employment & training only 1% specialise in Indigenous specific and tailored packages.

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The Labour Market and Training Review HIGHLIGHTS • Full-time job growth (92,100 persons) exceeded part-time job growth (5,000 persons) in December 2006. • The trend unemployment rate in Queensland for December fell over month to 4.1% and is below the national rate of 4.6%. • The ABS quarterly job vacancy series for Queensland decreased by 2.5% over the November quarter 2006 but rose by 61.2% over the year. • Business investment maintained solid growth - up by 1.8% over the September quarter 2006 and up by 19.1% compared with the September quarter 2005. In stating the above, the number of unemployed equates to 89 500, but there are high unemployment rates across disadvantaged groups.

(3. Office of Economic and Statistical Research ,, Profiles generated on 12 March 2007)

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Analysis of Market Demand for Product/Service

There is a demand for a one-stop shop in the labour hire industry for large infrastructure projects in civil construction, building and construction and aviation industry, cleaning industry and pre-employment/mentoring industry. There is a large number of competitors within the employment arena which specilalise in recruimtent and labour hire. We have the competitive edge as a ‘ one-stop shop’ for employers and source the best person for the job, which will add value to the success and growth of their business. The demand is that we provide services associated with the paperwork and/or administration (departments, job network, new apprenticeship centres, training providers and/or labour hire companies) on behalf of the employer with the added value of mentoring for the development of long term employees.

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5. THE MARKETING PLAN 5.1 Customer Profile Customer type Employers Employment Agencies Consultancies Method of Purchase Invoice %age Invoice %age – 30 percent upfront Invoice %age – 30 percent upfront Invoice %age – 30 percent upfront Invoice %age – 30 percent upfront Invoice %age – 30 percent upfront Frequency of Purchase Monthly

Location Townsville Townsville

$ per annum 352 500.00 200,000.00

Monthly Monthly Monthly 120.000.00


Mining Co, Universities Mentoring





40 000.00

Traditional Owner Groups Jobseekers Total

Townsville, North and Central Qld Townsville

Project Based

30, 000.00

10 000.00 792,500.00

Sales breakdown 1. Jobseekers Registration - 10 people x $1000 = 2. Employers: Entry level positions 5x$550 per/month x 40 weeks= 3. 10 trainees/ apprentices x 1500 per/month x 10 months = 4. 5 trade positions x $3,500 per/month x 10 months = 5. 20 Cross Cultural Awareness sessions per/year x $2,000 (2 per/month) = 6. Employment Agencies: 20 positions per/month x 10 months = 200 people into employment ($1000per/pp.) = 7. Mentoring: 10 hours per week x $100p/hr x 40 weeks = 8. Workshops – Traditional Owner Groups: 15 days x $2,000 = 9. Consultancies: 4 @ $30,000 =

$10,000 $27,500 $150,000 $175,000 $40,000 $200,000 $40,000 $30,000 $120,000


$ 792 500.00

© Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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5.2 Competitive Analysis HUMAN RESOURCE ORGANISATIONS - TOWNSVILLE REGION JOBNETWORKS EmployNET Jobnetwork 164 Sturt St (07) 4772 5878 CHR Lvl 3/ 22 Walker St (07) 4750 7444 JOBFIND CENTRES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD 120 Denham St (07) 4770 1493 MINNIECON AND BURKE PTY LIMITED 254 Ross River Road (07) 4775 7900 NEATO 254 Ross River Road (07) 4723 1039 Recruitment Choices 254 Ross River Road (07) 4728 4718 NEW APPRENTICESHIP CENTRES EmployNET Apprentice Traineeship Services 258 Ross River Rd (07) 4725 0455 Queensland Apprenticeship Services Suite 4 340 Ross River Rd (07) 4728 0500 BUSY at Work City Link'' Suite 16/ 358 Flinders St (07) 4721 6450 GROUP TRAINING COMPANIES TORGAS 23 -25 Mackley Street (07) 4779 0344 BIGA 45 Webb Drive Bohle (07) 4774 8865 QTAS Unit 3/258 Ross River Road (07) 4775 6022 Extraman Group Unit 1/29 Ross River Road (07) 4775 5060 Integrated Group 763 Sturt Street (07) 4724 3566 Skilled Engineering Level 1/6 Fletcher Street (07) 4726 3900 REGISTERED TRAINING ORGANISATIONS Barrier Reef College of TAFE Fulham Road Advanced Industry Training 192 Bayswater Rd A 1 Machinery Training CSTC Pty Ltd Webb Drive Southern Edge Training 119 Charters Towers Road TADEC COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT EMPLOYMENT PROJECTS TTIPCEED 23 Casey Street Coolgarie CDEP 23 Casey Street LABOUR HIRE FIRMS Northern Employment 321Sturt Street Manpower 167 Denham Street Dawsons Engineering 321 Bayswater Road Active Labour Hire 235 Charles Street Skilled Engineering 1st Floor 6 Fletcher Street TP Human Capital Level 1 48 Gregory Street Integrated Group 763 Sturt Street Addecco 42 Sturt Street Company Solutions 131 Ingham Road Manpower 167-181 Denham Street

(07) (07) (07) (07)

4750 4775 4778 4721

5300 7755 6432 3611

(07) 47550 0566 (07) 47550 0566 (07) (07) (07) (07) (07) (07) (07) (07) (07) (07) 4068 0264 4771 6064 4728 4190 4779 9588 4726 3900 4772 3800 4723 3566 4760 7200 4772 3811 47716816

The list above are competitors, however there is a gap in the service delivery of providing suitable candidates to meet employers needs. Initally the above businesses will be stategies alliances, where by a collabrative approach will be a neccessity to required demands of employers. BTECC will provide a custom-made package that includes pre-employmet, job search training, job placement, mentoring, pastoral care and business development.

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5.3 Sales Analysis & Forecasts The target market and customers will be the list of our competitors, that will be working collaborately to achieve industry employment demand. BTECC will record statisitics on a database for reporting and also ensure the business achieves it’s targets. Review of records will be on a weekly basis to ensure data is recorded accurately. 5.4 Selling & Distribution Methods

Service Recruitment Training Consultancy Services Cultural awareness Mentoring Program Development Events Management Workshop Facilitation

Delivery mode Internet and Clients Accommodation Internet, training premises Internet, email and Face –to-face in clients premises Face-to-face @ clietns residence Delivery workshops & facilitation Internet/ shop front lients premises or designated location

Distribution All our products will be distributed by face to face initially for a personalised service. Once relationships are established with community, clientele and employers – communication will be in an electronic format and hard copy.

5.5 Pricing (Discounting) Strategy Pricing Strategy Service Recruitment Semi-skilled labor Entry Level TQ Professional Training Consultancy Services Cultural awareness Mentoring Program Development Event Management Workshop Facilitation Grade 1
New and one off customers pricing strategy

Grade 2 (this will be utilised once more established)
Ongoing pricing for existing customers

$550 per person $1500 per person $3500 per person $5500per person $ 90 per hour $300 per hour $300 per hour $150 per hour $300 per hour $300 per hour $300 per hour

$495 per person $1350 per person $3150 per person $4950 per person $75 per hour $240 per hour $240 per hour $120 per hour $240 per hour $240 per hour $240 per hour

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5.6 Advertising & Promotion Advertising and promotions will be utilised via: Customer Type Employers – SME and Corporate Employers – Government Universities Message stick Jobnetworks Peak bodies, employer associations, industry groups and unions Promotional Strategy Email Marketing – using networks Townsville Chamber of Commerce, TEL, Golf Days. Sending Profile of Business to Local, State and Australian Governmetn Agencies. Mail Marketing to Indigenous , electonic newsletter, links to webiste and testimonials. Email to a large network throughout Australia. Working together to access employment for jobseekers as a group. A mix of presentations, meetings, mail outs, networking functions and usage of all media.

6.1 Current Performance Currently the business is newly formed, and will be operating in Townsville. Premises will be sorted on approval of contract. BTECC will pool resources for the develoment of the business. Initally the business will target customers and will utlisise current data base of 200 jobseekers and prepare them for future jobs. Employing other staff will organised once business premises are sort. The 3 business partners have the skills to develop and expand our customer base by double over the first 12 months of business.

6.2 Competitive Advantage-Production The advantages I have over my other competitors are: • • • Providing a one point of contact of selection and recruitment of Indigenous skilled employees for large infrastructure project in the civil construction, building and construction industries; Co-ordinate approach between all levels of government, private sector, training providers and the indigenous community; Maximization of government funding (local, state and federal) in the achievement of real and sustainable employment outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within the private sector;

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6.3 List of Major Suppliers Suppliers include: Job Network Members: • Employnet • Minniecon and Burke • Job Find • Max Network • CHR/ IPA • NEATO Labour • • • Hire Companies: Extraman Workpac Skilled Engineering RTO’s: • Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE • CQ Institute of TAFE • Southern Edge Training Corporate: • NQ Water • EQ Stationery • Office Works Leasing Office Equipment • Rentlo 6.4 Inventory Currentlly the BTECC has resources and inventory of: • • • 200 supply of part time and casual jobseekers/ potential employees every year; Adequate supply of trade qualififed personnel; Adequate supply or access to suitably skilled professinals; (via universities)

6.5 The Operating Process Promotion : 1. Send profile and prducts to potential markets; 2. Information followed up by flags on database; 3. Follow up with telephone contacts and elaborate more on services; 4. Book an appointment. Enquiry process: Distribution of goods and services: 1. Promotion – Promote strategy at a local level; 2. Register clients – data-base; 3. Client assessment – referral; 4. Job search assistance; and 5. Mentoring and support services Administration: 1. Enhancement of current Database (highlighting skills) which will be of benefit for employers, schools and external providers that are integral in the career pathing ; 2. Identify indigenous students who have the required skills and identify the gap training; 3. Co-ordination of the employers, students, schools, support staff, families and other agencies; 4. Provide a implementation tool for contractor/ employer (a one stop shop concept for locating suitable candidates for the nominated project); and 5. Implementation of website for individual students, employers to register expression of interest

© Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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Other Works: Network building – (defining clear boundaries and linkages to each appropriate agency to assist in the development for Indigenous peoples, individuals and entities): • Establishing clear strategic alliances with communities and other agencies; • Create opportunities to network and share ideas to bridge gaps; • Continuous linkages with employment Providers (Job Network Members, CDEP, Labour Hire Companies); • Planning and Facilitation of workshops for stakeholders; and • Designing and developing relevant training programs to meet the required skills demands for the nominated project. Supporting and benchmarking to enable performance. • Strategy for tracking employers & employees; • Record and assist in specific training needs analysis to enhance Indigenous profiles. Capacity building with specific training in all areas; • Coordination and accessing funding and initiatives identified through the Community Consultations phase. The phase will identify initiatives and or funding issues are likely to include: o Community consultation; o Training for community and individuals; o Assistance with training & business development and implementation of plan; o Usage and evaluation of existing resources within the organisation and links with other organisations; o (Possible) assistance with the formation of new organisations; • Dissemination and promotion of resources identified or developed through the project; and • Promotion of successes and good practice examples identified through the linkages and specific projects.

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Process chart for recrutiment & employment:







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In the next 3-5 years BTECC will employer staff and contract when required numbers are indicated below for each year.
NUMBER OF STAFF Year 1 Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne 3 Fischer, Babett Doherty) Owner/Director Administration Officer 1 Field Staff TOTAL 0 4 3 2 2 7 Year 2 3 3 3 9 Year 3


Business Associates: Greg Darrigan (Accountant), Barry Boland Consultancies, SMS Bookkeeping Services, Nature Blue Print, Malakaab Consultancies.

© Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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Potential risks that have been identified with BTECC business are: BTECC has a range of sound risk management policies and practices, but also has the ability to develop a risk management framework and strategies for the proposed project. ACTION 1: Preparing the Ground - identify local structures, strategies and resources to be used to develop employment strategy to address all processes and shortfalls with the project of establishing a culturally appropriate playgroup in the local area; ACTION 2: Building Partnerships — establish an understanding of the community and develop ways and means of extending awareness and involvement with whole community; ACTION 3: Determining vision, goals, targets and indicators — establish vision of community as a whole and develop goals and strategies to achieve in collaboration. ACTION 4: Create a local action planning document — prepare a document which will outline actions that stakeholders have ownership processes are developed to achieve unification in objectives/ targets. ACTION 5: Implementing, reporting, monitoring and adjusting — consider whether the actions are helping to achieve the targets, reviewing targets, processes to whether progress is being made towards the goals. The risks are low for BTECC and we will be working with existing competitors to increase the numbers of people into further employment, further training and assisting businesses with human resources to expand their business. 9. THE ACTION PLAN


Followup with appointment of administration officer Development processes and adminstration assoicated with recording of commercial transactions. Search for appropriate premises Internet provider. Set up premises Lease of equipment required for business. Develop and preparation of agreements with relevant agencies to commencement training, employment for jobseekers. And Develop templates for partnership agreements for Employment Agencies. Develop Business Plan and Proposal for Aviation Industry/ Transport and Logistics.

Start of contract




1st week of contact



2 3

1st week on commencement of contact 1st week on commencement of contract 1st week with solicitor (on commencement of contract) 2nd Week with industry








5 Allocate a 1 day per week for adminstration, and promotion to establish new business opportunties

2ND week on commencement of contract




10 THE FINANCE PLAN - Cash Flow sheet (3 years)

© Business Plan BTECC Directors (Keith Davies, Dwayne Fischer, Babette Doherty

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