April 4, 2010 For Immediate Release Vatican Bank Claims Plaintiffs

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Holocaust Survivors Denounce Vatican on Easter Attorneys Call for Mass Lawsuits against Pope by all Victims
San Francisco: Former Yugoslavia was a vast killing ground during the Second World War – upwards to a million Orthodox Christians, Jews, and Roma were murdered by the Nazis and their Croatian Allies. It has long been known that some of the loot including gold from concentration camps ended up at the Vatican Bank deposited there by Catholic clergy acting on behalf of war criminals. Holocaust survivors are outraged that the Pope compares his role in the sexual abuse cover up to that of Holocaust victims in a recent announcement made by the Pope's personal preacher, Father Raniero Cantalamessa. “I am calling for all Holocaust and sexual abuse survivors and related organization to sue the Pope on grounds of historical defamation and conspiracy to cover up crimes,” states Jonathan Levy, an attorney for the survivors suing the Vatican. A lawsuit seeking truth and justice for the genocide of over 500,000 Serbs, Jews and Roma by the Ustasha was filed in 1999 against the Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order of Friars Minor. The plaintiffs include Holocaust survivors and their heirs in Serbia, the United States, Ukraine, and Sweden. The evidence collected in the past ten years points squarely at the Vatican Bank and Franciscan Order and includes the sworn testimony of former US Army counterintelligence agent William Gowen and declassified documents. The Vatican has claimed it is immune from lawsuit regardless of its role in laundering the profits of genocide. The US Courts have agreed so far with the Vatican and the case is on appeal. Jonathan Levy and Thomas Easton attorneys for the Plaintiffs vow to take the matter to the US Supreme Court if necessary and to question the impartiality of those Supreme Court Justices who identify themselves as Catholics.

“The hypocrisy of Pope Benedict and his advisors goes beyond any decency,” states Levy. “First they cover up laundering Nazi loot and now sexual abuse of children. We must flood the courts with complaints against the Vatican until the veil of immunity is lifted.” Levy states he is actively working with other attorneys who will soon be filing fresh lawsuits against the Vatican worldwide: “As a convert to Orthodox Christianity, it pains me to announce this on Easter but the Vatican has forced my hand with its lies and attempts to manipulate history. We are already in touch with organizations in England, Serbia, Switzerland, Australia, Italy and elsewhere who have expressed an interest in pursuing a universal effort to hold the Vatican accountable for its ongoing crimes.” For more information contact: Dr. Jonathan Levy Attorney & Solicitor +1-202-318-2406 resistk@yahoo.com www.vaticanbankclaims.com
Vatican Bank plaintiffs include these organizations: Jasenovac Research Institute Republic of Serbian Krajina in Exile The Independent Council of Gypsies in Serbia