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Delhis Remodelling and Modern Structuring

A vision by

Anshul Singh

Rohan Kumar
Nakul Marwah

If we already had a product in

the market that was a solution
to all the environmental
pollution problems, we
wouldnt have landed in this,
in the first place. Therefore
the solution should not be an
expense but restructuring the
process that ensures a
diplomatic yet creative
solution for all our problems.
Vision 1



1. The Bait Theory

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2. Registration Policies

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3. Environmental Vigilance

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4. The New Dimensions

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5. Remodelling and Restructuring

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6. Aware-Alert-Respond

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7. App Based Protocols

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The Idea is to make the source point of sale and
manufacture, also be the resource point of recycle:
making it an ongoing process.


The most sourced out problem that we have is with the existing cars in the
market. The commissioned cars come with an existing 15years reforms. One
cannot hand pick any car out from road and recycle. But what we can do is to
create circumstances for people to make it happen.
The most common attraction any industry sees is the invasion of tax they can
make up to a possible limit that stands legitimate. Therefore we think the best
way is to balance taxation with reforms.
The problem with the growth of car is that one cannot stop a dealer from
selling cars. They are a part of a business that is commission under the laws.
But the upper hand will always be to amend that stagnated point, which
causes problems.

Why Tax as Bait?

We believe that the very principal of taxation it to develop the economy.
However in this situation that we stand today, investing in a budget at a
governments end will incur huge monetary transaction. Using tax as a bait will
do the same job in the next effective way, with pace and ethics.
The bait theory is to use that source points of sale to act as a resource point of
recycle too.
Therefore the equation for this will be:

n is the number of car sold by a dealer
x is the number of car collected


Lets see some of the stakes

A dealer sells 10 cars in a month and collects 10 cars i.e. 10/ (10*2)*100=50%
of tax will be levied upon that dealer. Similarly a dealer sells 10 cars in a month
and collects 8 cars i.e. 10/ (8*2)*100 =62.5%. Therefore the tax rebate he
should get will be 100 -62.5%= 37.5%. A dealer sells 10 cars in a month and
collects 5 cars i.e. 10/ (5*2)*100= 100% at par they will pay tax.

The Bait Point

This will insure the standard in economy that one dealer should withdraw at
least 50% of the sold cars.
A dealer sells 10 cars in a month and collects only 3 cars i.e. 10/ (3*2)*100 =
166.7% that 66.7% excess in tax.
We understand that one cannot force a person to exchange cars, but that
limitation is an eccentric proposition for the dealer to use second hand market
to claim tax benefits. The dealer in order to save tax will buy more cars from
the market to get tax benefits. This will take out a majority of old cars off the
Now, once the dealer has made the purchase he has the liberty to channel the
used cars or back to the manufacture. The manufacturer will then be assessed
on the amount of cars recycled. Following the nurtured tax benefits system,
that will be assessed by the government, precisely. (The same logistics that
carry the new cars into the state can also act as the logistic to carry old car out,
maintaining the inflow and the outflow flawlessly.)



The Idea is to lure people to buy more cars and

recycle the old, so that we have an updated technology
with cars on road, which help us serve environment


We believe that the registration charges should be increased to 10% of the

The amendment that pioneered 1991, made sale of automobile easy available
however the unavailability of an exit strategy made it to stagnate. This made
us land into the situation.
As per the norms on pollution like BSIV or an equivalent states that any car
gets rupture on eco-friendly stage at the 3rd year. Therefore the new
economic reforms should also cater the initiation of a processed flow of
transportation in the economy.

Registrations in cases of exchanges

If we encourage the buyers to exchange car by the 3rd year we establish a
concrete eco-friendly process. This will lead to a better sale and the
technological advancement will ensure the use of more appropriate measures
to recycle. Moreover healthy yet eco-friendly technology will help to maintain
the energetic flow.
The registration thus we propose be
YEARS (sale of first cars at)
End of 3rd year

Registration Charges
20% of the second car in exchange

4th year

40% of the second car in exchange

5th year

60% of the second car in exchange

6th year

80% of the second car in exchange

7th year

100% of the second car in exchange


How will this work?

Lets say if car A is valued at 2015 is 10L. Lets say in the next 3 years the (2018)
the car will depreciate at 30%. There will be a 70% evaluation. Plus with the
80% rebate in registration will lead to an expenditure of three lacks to the
customer for car B. However the cost to environment will be much less.
On the manufacturers end, once the trust in recycle will be built. They will
build stronger and efficient machines. This will decrease fuel consumption (as
they will be altered with technological advancements), and force parts
manufacture to build parts that with minor alteration can be resold. Making
this an optimum utilisation of resources.



The Idea is put a check on each and every vehicle

those inflows into the territory, creating the
estimation of inflow and outflow, maintaining

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ONE STOP FORM For cars above 7th years

Cars to some are emotional attachment that one secretly shares. That space is
something which always will resist a harsh policy. But we can always blend
them in the system by cess, so that both can go hand in hand.
An average car reaches the low on efficiency at approximately seventh year.
But with proper maintenance and care it can also be recessed close to original.
Therefore we also propose to monitor those cars.
We propose to imply Rs 50 per day environment cess plus the fees of
If a person wants to take out his car they just need to fill a one stop form,
which will identify the authority of their take outs.
There are certain advantages of this system.
We would then set a parameter as to how much car of this type we can handle
at a single day. This way we can assess the risk and control the pollution.
The income will thus also generate revenue for the sector.
There should also be some regulation to be upheld. These will be
Pollution Clearance
Spot Insurance (this can be a new product in insurance sector)
Pollution tax certificate that will be in correspondent to the emission
level of the car
Registration and licence.
These then can be controlled via form web app with pre-registered cars on the
data base. (See App Based Protocol)


For any out of state car entering Delhi (including UP14, UP16, HR26, HR51,
etc.) they will have to submit and online yearly fee to enter the state territory
this will be Rs 100.
This will be done through an app based system where during the time of
registration, one will click the pictures of their RC, valid Pollution Certificate
and the photo of the car.
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Commercial vehicle poses the biggest threat to emissions, as their per-day
running is thrice to an average private car, therefore these cars should be
monitored from 5th year onwards and twice the fee should be levied of a
private car.
Some sectors are at best when it is not heavily amended. As it creates anarchy
in the system. Therefore the best is to blend them with reforms that creates a
diplomatic solution and is in best interest for both.

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There is no idea in this. There are dimensions that

are bigger than idea itself. Dimensions are angles
through which we assess issues. Being the largest
democracy we have to build our own techniques. Set
of principles that set the standards of disciplines.

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The problem with transport policies is that they are usually made by one,
who generally sits at the back of the car.
Driving a car is not a conscious thing it gets operated from the sub conscious
level of mind; therefore we need to focus on the new assessment of driving.
The biggest setbacks are red lights and intersections. We need to focus more
on reduction of red lights and more on free flows. The solution is to reduce
stagnation points in order to make the traffic flow seamlessly.
So if we eliminate stagnated points, we conserve 25% of fuel in turns to
reduction is carbon footprints into the environment.
Secondly, most of the traffic related issues are formed when one car at the first
lane drives at 60kmph where the limit is 80kmph. However the cars coming
from behind travels at 80kmph, now while approaching the forward car, they
intend to bypass, the moment the second lane come into picture the possibility
of traffic is increased by 70%. (See Dynamic Speed Limit & App Based Protocol)
We have a maximum speed limit, now it is the time to set the minimum too.
Also we need to focus more on reducing people changing lanes. This will
counter the flow.
Following is the examples of the Nizamudin and NH 24.

14 | P a g e

The problem is that 4 lanes intersect to a 3 lane area, which causes traffic.

The solution is to create an extended leg for traffic coming from Pragati
Madan. And split the lanes into 2+2.
Another example of multiple intersections.


The Solution is the construction of U bends that will force driver to seamlessly
blend in traffic causing less stagnation points.
There are about 3000 plus red lights in Delhi. We need to see every load point.
But this is the base that we can use plus new innovation in recessed areas.

15 | P a g e


With the advancement of technology we have much faster and safer car in the
market. A trend of traffic shows 90% problem are caused by slower cars
followed by the faster cars behind them. The Traffic speeds that we have in
present are ages old. Therefore we also propose to set a Minimum and a
Maximum speed limit per lane.
Also with limited stagnation points a car tends to save 25% more fuel, causing
less pollution.
(Please see integration of DSL at App Based Protocol)

It is the best possible way of making the traffic move in a flow. And entry and
an exit point make it to circulate flawlessly
Main areas of Delhi should be made one way. Areas of High Court and other
congested areas should be made one way.
Also we have an idea of a mechanical device (needed to be developed) that
would be applied at the exit points of a road, which would puncture the tyres
of one illegally entering into the road.

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The idea is to rectify the mistake that is being made

for years. The process is to find a diplomatic solution,
less aggressively and to involve citizen in making
Delhi look beautiful and greener.

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Pollution is caused by lot of factors. Pollution from dust constitutes the

highest. We assessed that because there is no vigilance in the process of
construction or vigilance, the left out debrief in the open leads to the problem.
The simple method to counter that is the use of pre-fabricated technology.
Also, the Mother Nature always maintains a perfect balance of equation of 7:3.
For example earth which comprises of 70% water and 30% landmass, or a
human that has 70% water and 30% of body. Similarly we should have 70%
greenery and 30% construction.
But the problem is we are just too occupied with tremendous laws that
encrypt a large area that creates a less healthy environment and green area.
The idea is to restructure an area that has been densely populated without
letting the customers or citizens in this case, without paying even a penny.
Delhi has been an area with low construction height areas that is spread
densely but does not share a proportion. Plus there are high numbers of
unauthorized areas that causes problems and are not earthquake resistant.
This structure will not only make Delhi look beautiful, but be the model for
India and world. This will also engulf the property sector, which will act as an
income to the government. Will also generate employment and lift new scope
of development.
Moreover its a solution to the mistakes happened in the past.
The profits will also be used to develop support towers for domestic help and
other labour segment areas, out of those profits. For every 4 towers there will
be one support tower. Plus the rising issue of parking will also be eliminated.
But the biggest contribution of this project will be to erect earthquake
resistant building.
Therefore making its a one stop for all the problems.

18 | P a g e

These will comprise of various phases.

Identifying the area, such as grounds and unused areas.

Building a parallel residence
Shifting the local residents in exchange of their original properties
Building towers and identifying the green tribunal areas.
Shifting more of the residents
Developing green areas
Building residence towers for domestic help and labours.

Restructuring will also give us a better access to the cities drainage and water
system, more advancement to the electrical manifolds and a flawless
integration of an area.
Now the newly developed building will be have the highest standards of ecofriendly techniques and along with well-equipped systems of an international
These building should also be a dream home and should be iconic in every
And this can be achieved by a simple static plan. The cost of any building is 60%
the rest 40% is a profit to builder. The same profit will turn up as an income for
the government and therefore initiating a flow of restructuring.
Lets say we have 10 odd plots which have 4 families in it (40 families). An
average plot size is 200sqyrds. If we build 30 floors tower in that reclaimed and
have 5 apartments per floor. The total number of families now that can be
accommodated will be 150 families. All we need is an approval for high

19 | P a g e

We are in a state of disaster that we created for
ourselves. So the first step in the disaster is to equip
people, so that they remain safe, till the time relief
reaches them.

20 | P a g e

Pollution has reached its top. However a person can only be made aware once
he has a device to witness at his own and the best way is to involve the
We propose to distribute and sell a device that measures the level of pollution
at an area. It is connected to an app based system that alerts the user of the
level of toxicity in real-time. The following data then will be complied with the
central server that would make us focus in the areas that are highly
This will not only Aware people but will also Alert them making them to
respond to the situation.
How will we do it?
There is a technology available in the market which measures the level of
toxicity in the vicinity. After extensive research we came out with a product
named Atmotube. Now this is relatively a start-up, but is life altering

We intend to sell this and the money generated will be redirected to develop
the App based protocol, so that we remain at a point of zero liability to the

21 | P a g e

App Based Protocols

The idea is to serve the people in real time scenarios. This will be
done by managing the flow of traffic from a point to the
destination. Controlling the flow will then lead to a flawless
integration of software and hardware that will establish an
unprecedented network of successful transportation.
The protocol is a software mechanism that we need to develop. The
mechanism will have the data accumulated from the above methods and
integrated into a single application that sorts the issue.

How will it work?

Like for example with the device samples the pollution in the atmosphere will
indicate the on user about the level of pollution in their vicinity. The same data
will then be collected by the ministry to determine the standards in that area.
This also gives us time to see the flow of air travel within Delhi; therefore we
can map it better.
And also in case of Dynamic speed limit. Lets say I wish to travel from
Kaushambi to ITO via NH 24. The dynamic speed limit will not only tell me
when to depart, but the speed at which I should so that I should bypass all the
traffic and red lights, maintaining the flow.
In short this application will manage the source traffic from point A to B and
will eliminate the possibility of stagnations.
We will then also integrate the app based systems for One form and out car
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A Personal Note:
We believe in this thing, because we are one who is facing this issue, every
single day. Therefore this is our vision, we might not have perfected this, but
have all the intentions to do so. Please give us an opportunity to discuss this
with you and lets create a perfect equation of ideas and establishment.
We sure will not disappoint.
Thank You

Anshul Singh

Rohan Kumar

+91 828 544 6252

+91 9999 688 321

Nakul Marwah
+91 9999 620 846

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