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85 Houston Gamblers Kevin Gilbride le 2. 3. 4a 5. GENERAL NOTES RUN Move Slots to force defense to show Man or Zone with pre-snap read. Roll away from trips 60% of time. Put Trips to wide side of field. Receivers read and adjust routes according to coverage. Quarterback would like to throw on Sth step on Roll Rt - on 6th step when Roll Lt. PHILOSOPHY g DEStGY Ga SRE CEES. AMBLER OFFENSE ‘ v d "our offensive system is » rather simple one and yet poses to be extrenely toaptex’ to defenses. When executed properly it 46 unstoppable. And with all 11, pesktlge arcas functioning together it} 4s totally dominate vs. any defensive structure syutes. This te obviously brought about by the direction and execution of the quarter- back. And with a proper analysis of defenses and a totel imderstanding of what we are confronted with,the quarterback has the chance to engineer this dominate force through his own reads,decisions, and reaction: As a result of defenses not being able to reveal the same "ook" each snap and be consistent, they in turn will vary their defenses and take certain rigks. Consequently, they will leave themselves “hanging out" as our receiverg’and quarter- back read and react accordingly. And by being able to take great advantage of each defanniva vasknose by reacting properly to your read at 4s-obvious why you must knov our offense in addition to the oppenents defense equally as well fas any coach on our staff. ‘The quarterback must be Codfident and exact in reads, decisions, and being able to audible with great end results-” You axe behind the steering wheel and will make it go. THE FOLLOWING PRINCIPLES ARE TRUE OF THE GAMBLER OFFENSE It will pressure # zone defense and threaten it in the horizontal areas for 53 1/3 yards wide. With this presentable threat the defense must be conscious of defending the entire width of the field and not merely a smal] portion of it. And as a result of the horizontal zone stretch, passing lanes open up inside. If these lanes are condensed and squeezed down from outside-in then the defense becomes out— flanked by our. outside threat on the outside. 2. It will pressure a zone defense and threaten it in the vertical areas and lanes of completion. And with this presentable threat of a3 deep or 2 deep zone the stretch of vertical lanes are opened up downfield. These lanes are generally huge when the timing 1s on schedule. It will prescure 2 man under with zone up top. (1 Cov. & 5 Cov.) Here the threat de that of creating separation {nto an open area underneath vs. 5 Coverage. The sane threat exists vs. that of 1 Coverage in addition to the seperation upfield avay ‘from the single freed-up safety taking some “big dirt" or ringing the achedule in one tons. 4, It vill pressure # combination man coverage. Over-under man coubo or Wing— (inside/outside) man toabo are the obvious looks here. Our threat now reveals doubia mover, crossing routes, or spliting the double coverage vith disciplined routes and precise passing. 5. It will pressure nan coverage combined with maximum pressure blitz to the quarter~ back. Here the threats and execution reveals separating avay from a one on one confrontation with the greet possibility of going the distance in one toss.