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April 2010 Issue


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Gallery Rifle
Black Powder
F Class and
Centerfire Benchrest
This Smallbore News
Business Target Shooter 1
The Neo SEB rest • NSRA Disabled Shooting Project • and lots more..
2 Target Shooter
With FL lens.

Without FL lens.

The Ultimate
Visual Experience

Cutting-Edge Long-Range
Hunting Optics
The new reference class by Carl Zeiss provides demanding hun-
ters with the perfect optical base for accurate shooting over long
distances. Thanks to the unique FL concept, the Victory FL Diavari
riflescopes offer razor-sharp details and bright images which
are free of chromatic aberrations even with high magnifications.
The innovative ballistic concepts ASV and RAPID-Z® allow for
Victory FL Diavari 4-16x50 T* – the most compact long-range
riflescope of its class – tailored to demanding stalking at home defined and accurate aiming via holdover point or indexed hol-
or abroad. dover lines.

New: Victory FL Diavari 4 –16 x 50 T*

Target Shooter 3
Welcome to the April Issue......................

.......of Target Shooter

10 First Year
Anniversary by Andy 6 Shooting Sport News
8 Shooters Calendar

16 Support your Local Gun

23 SGC SSR15 Shop
in 6.8 REM SPC
by Laurie Holland 30 Shooting Black Powder
Pistol by Chris Risebrook

32 Rimfire & Air Rifle

Benchrest by Carl Boswell

39 LG 110 for FT & HFT 57 Handloading ‘Old Faithful’

by Tim Finley the .308 by Laurie Holland

59 UKPSA Basic Safety
Course by John Gardener

63 Custom Rifle Build - the
Stock by Andy Dubreuil
45 IWA Show
71 The Sig 522 Review
Review by
by Nigel Greenaway
Vince Bottomley
81 This Smallbore Business
by Don Brook

83 The British Airgun

Championship 2010 by
65 The Neo Seb Rest Hayley Platts
by Vince Bottomley
87 Springers for FT
by Stanley Shaw

91 Shooting the 1500

by Gwyn Roberts

75 NSRA Disabled 97 Club Feature
Shooting Project
by Liz Woodall 109 Advertisers Index

4 Target Shooter
Association Pages

100 UKBR22 Editor(s).

Carl Boswell and Vince Bottomley
101 F- Class Advertising and Office Manager
Andy Dubreuil. email;
102 Quigley Association Contributors
Vince Bottomley Andy Dubreuil Tim Finley
104 Gallery Rifle Laurie Holland Chris Risebrook Carl Boswell
Don Brook Chris Farr Nigel Greenaway
105 UKPSA Gwyn Roberts Ken Hall Les Holgate
Hayley Platts Stanley Shaw Liz Woodall
Webitorial - April 2010
A year already! Yes, this is our first anniversary issue and we have it packed with articles. So much so, that
we have had to leave out a couple of our regular features to bring what we hope is our best issue yet.
Target Shooter was born out of the need for a proper target shooting magazine in the UK, which solely
focused on these sports and brought you the best writers, offering their expertise, views and opinions. We
are fortunate to have retained the original writers from that first issue and added a few others along the way
so that we are covering just about every shooting discipline.
Vince, Andy and I would like to offer our sincere thanks to the contributors who were with us from our first
steps as publishers, for without you Target Shooter would not exist. To those who have joined us throughout
the year, again our thanks – we are indeed fortunate to have you.
Our software tells us that we now average 10,000 readers per month, such is the interest in target shooting
sports and that a good number of you regularly look through our back issues. Throughout the year, we have
really appreciated receiving your e-mails - mostly positive but the odd negative one which helps us learn
what you want as we try and build the best shooting magazine on the internet.
Last but not least, we come to our advertisers. Their contributions fund the magazine and without them,
there wouldn’t be a magazine. We think we offer them the very best value for their advertising budget and
we need you, the reader, to make sure they know that when responding to advertisements. Please help us
to keep Target Shooter on-line and free to all.
Together, we have created a unique symbiotic relationship that has established Target Shooter magazine
as the most read shooting magazine in the UK and, in addition, we have reached out to shooters in thirty
countries around the world.
We are always on the look out for contributions, be it news, competition profiles or equipment reviews. All of
our contributors are active shooters first and writers second, so maybe you are a budding writer. Think about
your own club, your competitions and your shooting and let us know about it.
Finally, here’s to another year of Target Shooter. The technology – in the form of notebook computers
and the new Apple - is catching up with on-line reading, making Target Shooter a more convenient and
‘portable’ read. This will continue to evolve as more magazines go on-line.
To all of you, our best wishes and our thanks for your continued support!

Until next month. Vince, Carl & Andy

Carl Boswell - and Vince Bottomley - and
Andy Dubreuil - Copyright © Trinity Digital Publishing Ltd

The website is part of Target Shooter magazine with all contents of both electronic media copyrighted. No reproduction is permitted unless
written authorisation is provided.
Information, prices and data is believed to be correct at the time of posting on the internet which is on or around the 1st of each month. Advertisements that are firearm
related are from companies or individuals that Target Shooter magazine believes are licensed to hold such firearms and accepts no responsibility if companies or
individuals are not so licensed.
Letters and photographs submitted by members of the public to Target Shooter magazine will be accepted on the basis that the writer has agreed to publication unless
otherwise stated. Target Shooter magazine has no control over the content or ownership of photographs submitted.
The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily the views of the publishers and relate to specific circumstances within each article. These are the opinions
and experiences of writers using specific equipment, firearms, components and data under controlled conditions. Information contained in the online magazine or on the
website is intended to be used as a guide only and in specific circumstances caution should be used. Target Shooter Magazine does not except any responsibility for
individuals attempting to recreate such testing using any information, data or other materials in its electronic pages.Publishers of Target Shooter magazine.

Target Shooter 5
Shooting Sport News

NEW CONCEPT IN F-TR RIFLES FROM FOX problems, has come up with an ingenious solu-
FIREARMS tion, based on gain-twist rifling.
There has been much debate in F/TR circles
as to the relative benefits of 155 grain and They have taken a gain-twist barrel, starting at
210 grain bullets, in minimising wind drift for 1 in14 and increasing to 1 in 10 and chambered
long-range shooting. The exponents of the 155g it at both ends, with two receivers fitted, and
projectiles cite a reduced flight-time for the using a single common bolt. A Picatinny rail is
projectile to be subjected to cross-winds, fitted to both receivers and one ‘scope with QD
whereas the 210g fanciers pin their faith upon rings can be used. The stock will accept either
nothing more than physics. action simply by removing/replacing the bedding
screws – a process taking but a few minutes
Many who prefer to use the 155g agree that in and can be accomplished on the firing-point
windy conditions, the 210g projectile will have immediately prior to the shoot.
the edge. This creates a dilemma for those
ordering a new rifle, or considering re-barrelling In tests, the ‘muzzle-end’ receiver seems to act
- whether to opt for, say a 1 in 14 twist to as a barrel harmoniser, if anything enhancing
stabilise the 155g bullet, or a 1 in10 twist to accuracy and eliminating muzzle-flip.
stabilise the heavier bullet.
Leaving nothing to chance, Fox are producing
Based upon current leanings, the only answer is 40” double ended breech safety flags to
to have two F/TR rifles; one with a slow twist for accompany these rifles.
use on still days, the other with fast twist for use
in inclement weather. We hope to conduct a full test in a later
edition of Target Shooter.
However, Fox Firearms, after experimenting
with side-by-side double rifles, which were
abandoned due to weight and bedding

6 Target Shooter
10/22 M1 carbine
first for North West
Custom Parts
Here is a sneak
preview of the
new M1 carbine
from NW custom,
built around the
standard 10/22
carbine. This great
for those that want to use there existing guns.
looking gun and comes in a couple of versions
These will come with 2 modified mags and there
and colours. The rifle also as a drop in stock unit
will be original WW11 accesories available to
complete the look for
those that want them with
the gun.

For details contact www.
0161 408 1159/ 07710 102

members, training rooms and ample parking.

Located on the Axminster Road a mile and a half
from Lyme Regis and half a mile from Charmouth
on the beautiful Jurassic Coast, just 150 yards off
the A35

The 25m range has four lanes and the 50m

has five lanes. The facility was designed by the National Shooting Centre at Bisley and has benefited
An exciting new facility is currently being constructed from the support of both BASC and BDS along with
in West Dorset. Planning approval was granted on many members of the general public. Membership
the 26th of May 2009, the former A35 road tunnel applications are now being accepted and are
is currently undergoing a transformation to give the available upon request by e-mailing info@thetun-
structure a new lease of life. or writing to Target Sports Centre Ltd, The
Tunnel, Axminster Road, Charmouth, Dorset DT6
The tunnel building project is near completion 6BY.
- into what I hear you say! Due
to open Spring 2010 two new
indoor ranges 25m and 50m gallery
rifle ranges, with a 100m indoor full
bore range proposed for construction
later this year. The Target Sports
Centre will provide training facilities,
competitions, corporate events and
a wide range of additional outdoor
pursuits. Facilities will be available
for both young and old and offering
varied disciplines from archery to
black powder. The Target Sports
Centre will be open 6 days a week
closed on Wednesdays. The facility
also has both a cafe and gun shop
open to both members and non

Target Shooter 7
Calendar of events over the next few months
If your club or association has events you want to publicise here then email us.
3 Apr to 05 Apr Bisley Clubs Easter Meeting
3 May NRA Open Day (National Shooting
(National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley)
Centre (NSC), Bisley) The NSC is hosting, on
This year the Easter Meeting will be run by the
behalf of the NRA, another series of pre ticketed
City Rifle Club Contact(s): Pat Drummy
Open Day events. Visitors will be able to try
10 Apr HBSA Northern St George’s Open Charity shotgun, archery, air rifle, fullbore rifle, sporting
Shoot (National Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) rifle, laser clays, precision snap, practical and
AM 300, PM 600: classes for Vintage (BP), historical rifles to name but a few, all with one-to-
Classic (pre-1919) and Veteran (pre-1946) rifles. one coaching. Contact Libby Gendall at the NRA
Contact(s): Mark Hodgins
11 Apr National 200yd Free & Enfield Rifle 10 May to 11 May The English Eight Club, Nation-
Championship, Bisley al Rifle Club of Scotland & Welsh Rifle Association
Spring Meeting (National Shooting Centre (NSC),
15 Apr World Cup, Beijing Bisley)
The competition runs from 15th to 25th April. Match Rifle (F-Class Rifles may be used if desired
Location: Beijing, CHN but cannot take any of the prizes except for the
Cash Sweep)
17 Apr Ibis Rifle Club Open Meeting (National
2+15 at 1000, 1100 & 1200 yards on each day
Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley)
Contact English VIII Secretary
Short Range (Queens II) in the morning. Long
Range (2+10 at 1000 and 1100) in the afternoon.
Download Entry Form from NRA website 10 May to 11 May NRA 300 Metres
Contact(s): Bill Rowland Championships (National Shooting Centre (NSC),
22 Apr NRA Shooting Club Day (National The NRA Open and British Championships.
Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) Contact Martin Farnan
Multi-discipline NRA Shooting Club Day. Targets
have been booked on Melville and at 100, 200, 23 May to 26 May Phoenix Meeting (Gallery
300 and 600 yards. All disciplines welcome. If Rifle) (National Shooting Centre (NSC),
you would like to attend you must book in at least Bisley) This is the highlight of the Gallery
a week in advance by contacting Charles Perry. Rifle year (although there are many events for
Contact(s): Charles Perry NRA website other disciplines!). Contact Brian Thomas at the
24 Apr Clubs Mini Palma Match (National
Shooting Centre (NSC), Bisley) 22/23 May Cumberland News Rifle Club - Carlisle
A Mini Palma Match will be held on Saturday 24 Air Guns Open Championship - 2x 60 shot
April 2010 for teams of eight from any club, school details at:
or county affiliated to the NRA. contact: David Erskine: “”
Due to the huge interest last year we have booked
the whole of Stickledown for the day so we can
accept 25 teams. The Purples Match will be held 24 May to 25 May Irish Open Meeting (Ballykinler
on the following day which will hopefully give many (N Ireland)) The 97th Irish Open Meeting hosted
teams a great weekend’s shooting. by Ulster Rifle Association. Contact Trevor Steele
If your club, school or county would be interested
in competing in this match please contact Karen 5-6 June WEST MIDLANDS REGIONAL
Robertson via the NRA website TARGET SHOOTING SQUAD
West Midlands 10m Airgun Championships
3 x 60-shot matches, finals, standard and 5
25 Apr North of England Muzzle Loading
target pistol. WMRTSC Wolverhampton
Championships, nr. Skipton, Yorks.
Karen Morris Phone (Ian): 07970 166457
25 Apr Somerset SBSA – Open Shoot. (Rifle)
Long Ashton Ranges. Tel. 01275 836442. Email. 26 Sep Somerset SBSA – Open Shoot. (Rifle) Long Ashton Ranges. Tel. 01275 836442. Email.

8 Target Shooter
Welcome to GT Shooting.
The premier shooting sports shop in Surrey

Fullbore & .22LR Optics

Black Power Ammunition
Air Rifles and Pistols Reloading equipment
Used rifles and Pistols and more...

Our premises are located at

53 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon, Surrey, CR5 2RB

Tel: 020 8660 6843

Fax: 020 8660 6843
We are conveniently situated near the M23 & M25.Shooter
Target 9
Opening times: Tuesday to Saturday 10.00am - 5.30pm
Our First Anniversary
Wow doesn’t time fly, we’ve been on-line for a were going to do it - could we get feature writers,
year already! dealers, distributers on-board and launch our first
Around this time last year, I got a phone call from copy? I remember Vince saying to us both at the
my good friend Carl Boswell, asking me if I would time “Wouldn’t it be great if we had 10,000 readers
be interested in getting involved in a magazine by the end of our first year”. With the power of
that he and Vince Bottomley were looking to start the internet and ‘word of mouth’ from enthusiastic
up. As I listened to Carl, I was thinking “What do shooters, we had over 10,000 readers in that first
I know about magazines - apart from reading month!
them”. When Carl said this would be an on-line The magazine started out to fill the gap left by
magazine, it caught my attention. Target Sports, as UK readers found themselves
With the sad demise of Target Sports and the UK without a magazine covering the sport of target
falling into recession with the rest of the world, was shooting. We were enthusiastically received as
this really the time to be thinking about starting a shooting clubs asked us for posters to display at
new business venture? We talked about how we their club to help spread the word. E-mails were

10 Target Shooter
flying around and the internet forums were abuzz shooting friends in Malta” (John Mathews)
with threads about the magazine. “I congratulate you a very well done on-line
The three of us were working off home computers magazine!” (Oswald Meyer)
and laptops and for me, the e-mails kept coming It slowly dawned on us that what we had started -
and coming and like most guys, I find it difficult to not just a UK magazine but a worldwide magazine
throw anything away. Looking back through some – we had hits from over 20 countries following the
of the e-mails from our very first readers, we had launch of that first issue. Thanks to the excellent
comments like: website, we got a great plug in
“I would be delighted to put up a poster in our club, America and we maintain a solid 25% readership
thanks again for a decent read” (Mike Shields) in the USA.
“Great website you have, and a very interesting The three of us have our own distinct roles in
magazine too, well done, keep up the good work!” producing the magazine. Vince tends to do the
(Paul Barker) editing work, Carl does the web side of the
“I have recommended your magazine to my magazine by putting it all together and I deal

Target Shooter 11
with the advertising. In addition, we all
contribute by way of articles in our own
specialist fields.
For the first couple of months we had no
working capital and it was down to our
great, fantastic, reliable writers working for
free - with no guarantee that we could ever
pay them! Virtually all our regular writers
are ex Target Sports magazine and I would
like to say very big thank you to them,
because without them standing by us, the
magazine would not be what it is today, so
thank you guys and girls!
Also, we have to thank our advertisers,
some who have been with us right from
the beginning. They took a chance on
something that was very new - an on-line
magazine - with no knowledge of what an
on-line magazine was going to do for them.
Our circulation is massive compared to
any paper magazine and a simple ‘click’ on
any advert will transport the reader to the
advertiser’s website – a paper magazine
can never offer that.
The concept of a free on-line magazine is
ahead of its time in some respects and not
surprisingly, we did get a handful of e-mails
from readers saying that they preferred
a hard-copy magazine to the ‘online thingy’
Above - Carl’s visit to Eley in 2009 - with Martyn as one put it. I believe that in years to come,
Buttery suppling guidance on batch testing all paper magazine will have
an on-line version
– some free, some not.
Many will maintain their
paper copy but I predict
even these will fade as more
reader-friendly ‘notebook’
and ‘tablet’ computers
become available.
The three of us put Target
Shooter together each
month for one reason and
one reason only - we are
all shooters and we are
passionate about shooting.
The magazine is not about
making huge amounts of
money – which is a good
job as we are just barely in
profit. It’s more about
Vince dreaming up
another ‘project rifle’
for the magazine and of
course for his own use.

12 Target Shooter
One of Lauries first
articles for us - cooking
up a tube gun

promoting target shooting in all its guises and simply to solicit advertising – our integrity towards
working with the trade to bring their products our readers comes above everything.
to you, our readers. Obviously, we need our We have had our critics of course but we don’t
advertisers but I have had so many e-mails saying concern ourselves with that - it’s what you think
how much you like the fact that the magazine is of the magazine that counts and the fact that you
not saturated with adverts. come back each month for the latest issue, speaks
We like to try and work with our advertisers by volumes that we are doing something right. We
reviewing their products, in the hope that we launch at midnight on the first day of the month
will get an advert. from them which readers may and in that first 24 hours it’s astonishing to watch
then refer to, should they like the product under as you log-on to the website in your hundreds
review and wish to buy it or find out more about every hour. We have invested in new servers and
it. We try to maintain a close relationship with our software to cater for this but we know that some of
advertisers you do find it a bit slow on the first day or two but
to make sure that we get the very latest gun or remember, it’s there forever, so don’t worry - you
shooting-gear and review it in an honest way for won’t lose out if you don’t manage to see Target
our readers. We will not praise unworthy products Shooter on launch day.

Target Shooter 13
Our new addition to this digital
shooting magazine revolution -
online video review articles

A year has passed and hopefully so has the worst for supporting the magazine, our contributors
of the recession. The gun trade is starting to find for supplying excellent copy and of course our
its feet once again and we are receiving more advertisers – without whom Target Shooter would
equipment for review. Hopefully, the sport, the not exist. Here’s to the next year!
trade and Target Shooter will grow stronger
together, to the benefit of all of us. Andy, Carl & Vince
Our latest venture is the video ad. This is
something a paper magazine can never do, so
advertisers and readers, please take a look at our
Aimfield Sports drag-bag review and our SEB rest
video. Our SEB rest video got over 1000 viewings
in the first three days! Advertisers – what are you
waiting for?
Finally, a sincere ‘thank-you’ to you our readers

14 Target Shooter
Berger Target Bullets
We only make Match Grade rifle bullets for varmint, target
and hunting. When we say “Match Grade” we mean that the
highest quality copper and lead available is used in a process
focused entirely on consistency rather than speed. The copper
is made into the J4 Precision Jacket, which is recognized
around the world as having the best concentricity available.
We make all of our J4 Precision Jackets and bullets on one set
of dies to ensure that all of the bullets in each box are as
consistent as possible. Consistency is the key to precision and
accuracy and no one makes bullets as consistent from lot to lot
and within a given lot as Berger Bullets.

The same match grade tolerances also apply to our

Berger Varmint Bullets
Berger Hunting Bullets
For More information contact

The Reloading Specialists

Tim Hannam
Peckfield Lodge
Great North Road
LS25 5LJ Tel 01977 681639
Target Shooter 15
‘Support your local gun shop’
10 Tech Shooting
10 Tech Shooting is a new shop in Sussex that’s The same goes for rifles or pistols we usually have a good
specialises in target shooting equipment for all selection of new and second-hand in stock and we can
disciplines, most of our customers are mainly based in give you a price on a complete package.
Sussex, Hampshire, Kent and Surrey though we do We also stock from leading manufacturers such as
supply to all over the country. Centra, MEC, Knobloch, Kurt Thune, AHG Anschutz, Eley,
The shops owner David Ayling has shot most smallbore RWS and many more plus we are starting to broaden
target shooting disciplines, he explains how the our spectrum and have started to supply other areas of
business got started, For most of 2009 I had a bad back shooting such as Field Target and Hunter field target,
and my previous job as an engineer at my fathers business Reloading equipment, reloading supplies and vermin
became virtually impossible, then the opportunity arose control. If you give 10 Tech Shooting a try, you will be
to start 10 Tech Shooting and it seemed the logical thing dealing with someone who enjoys shooting and shares
to, so we partitioned part of the factory of and turned it your passion for the sport.
into a showroom and the rest is history. I wanted a proper So whatever you want give 10 Tech Shooting a call or pop
showroom where my customers could come in and look, by the shop we’ve got lots free parking right outside the
shopping on the Internet is fine but sometimes you just door.
want to pick it up and see if that particular item is really
what you need, plus being able to ask for advice on how
an item works or perhaps other options.
I stock equipment that ranges from beginner level all
the way up to the international shooter, I can advise
and tailor packages to suit all levels and make sure the
customer leaves with what they need, a new shooter doesn’t
necessarily need a £600 made to measure jacket but an
“of the peg” one is ideally suited.

Visit our well stocked showroom with ample free parking,

friendly helpful service
For more details click on this advert!

“Spring Sale on all new Feinwerkbau and Walther Rifles & Pistols”

Suppliers of quality shooting equipment Stockist of Centra, Kurt Thune, MEC, Eley, RWS, HPS
for all disciplines. Brattonsound and many more...

Call us today on 01903 784002 for all you shooting needs

Opening Hours:
Monday (by appointment only) Visit our website
16 - Saturday
Tuesday 9am - 5pmShooter
Target email: info
Tel/Fax 01722782432
Email; Website;

The Taurus ML Revolver is converted from a Taurus .357 Magnum Long Barrelled Revolver.
The cylinder is removed and a Yoke extension fitted, this contains the spring loaded
plunger that frees the action when the yoke is closed. As this extension cannot be removed,
it prevents the re-fitting of the original cylinder. The Barrel is shortened to approximately 5
¼ inches and the wristbrace is removed.
A new cylinder is made which has pockets for shotgun primers at the rear with a small
flash hole through into the chamber at the front. The chamber is made to accept .357” lead
wadcutter bullets. The conversion of your pistol costs £330.00. Extra Cylinders are £180.00
each. If you do not have a pistol I can order a new pistol from the Importers.
Tel: 0161 430 8278 or 07941 958464



Target UK 17
18 Target Shooter
The GBR – a new British-made rifle action

by Vince Bottomley
Last month, in my ‘From the Bench’ column, I firms and with the country in recession there must be
mentioned a new British-made rifle action which was bags of spare capacity and maybe this is why we are
about to be launched. Now, I have one and we can now seeing a number of British made Picatinny rails,
look at this exciting new venture in more detail. muzzle-brakes, scope rings, moderators and the like
coming onto the market.
Every new custom rifle build starts with the action.
I’ve built rifles on Howas, Remingtons, Savages, Scottish gunsmith Russ Gall clearly had similar
BATs, Stolles, Barnards etc. Custom actions like the thoughts and last year he produced his own action,
BAT will cost two or three times that of a Remington which is now in production. Russ is an accomplished
but using a budget action doesn’t always result in a benchrest shooter and engineer and designing an
significant saving on the overall build. The difference action was well within his scope. Of course, we
between a ‘run of the mill’ action and a full custom mustn’t forget RPA; they have produced a number of
action will add maybe 15% to the overall cost, yet very successful actions for many years now and offer
when you come to sell your Remmy-based rifle, it’s a wide range of rifles built using their own actions.
just another Remmy and that initial saving you made Similarly with Accuracy International, their tactical
on the action will be instantly lost. rifle is legendary though to be fair, they don’t offer
actions for sale to the general public.
Also, factory actions can be a bit rough – is there
any point building your dream rifle on anything but So, who is behind the GBR action? What is its
the best? Yes, it is possible to true – or blueprint – pedigree? The three companies associated with the
the action but this adds considerably to the cost. Try GBR will be already known to British shooters – Fox
convincing a buyer that you spent £500 having your Firearms from Manchester, Staffordshire Synthetic
Remington blueprinted. A total waste of money – buy Stocks and Rhino Rifles from Cheshire. The
a custom action from the off! Starting with a decent design of the GBR doesn’t break any new ground and
action is essential - not just for accuracy reasons but closely follows that of popular two-lug actions like the
also for the investment. Remington, though fit and finish are to a much higher
standard. On the face of it, it is the equal of similar
Unfortunately, most of the revered custom actions Remington ‘clones’ made by a number a American
emanate from the USA - but why? It’s not as if the companies like Stiller, Pierce, Kelby and Lawton. The
Americans are better engineers than we are. In fact, critical ‘bolt to body’ fit is excellent and as good as
most of the US custom actions are made by fairly any.
small firms and there is no reason why a similar
product couldn’t be produced over here. After all, The action body is of chrome-moly steel and the bolt
the Kiwis have done it with their Barnard. With the is made from stainless-steel. Using dissimilar metals
advent of CNC machinery, working to fine tolerances is common to prevent ‘galling’ and the chrome-
is within the scope of hundreds of small engineering moly body will be blued to offer a corrosion-resistant

Target Shooter 19
The left side, with the attractive GBR logo deeply incised into the action

finish. As you can see from the pictures, the bolt is or when wearing gloves. Gunsmiths will be pleased
spiral fluted. With a fit this close, any minute foreign to know that the tenon thread is Imperial at 18tpi
body could cause a lock-up and the flutes offer a and 1.0625 inches in diameter. Length is the same
‘receptacle’ for any such debris. as a Remington at 0.700 inches. I would have been
tempted to lengthen the tenon to an inch – it would
GBR have slavishly copied Remington’s ‘ring of steel’ cost nothing and would offer better support to the
design, where the bolt-nose is recessed into the end heavier barrels typically used on custom builds.
of the barrel. This ‘overlap’ provides an additional
safe-guard in the unlikely event of a serious blow-up. I much prefer the recoil-lug to be part of the action
It’s not something I would have incorporated, as all rather than sandwiched between the barrel and
other manufacturers seem to get by without it but it’s action, as this makes switching barrels a little more
hard to criticise safety and I don’t doubt that it has tedious – and most of my rifles have more than one
saved a few Remington owners from serious injury. barrel – but at least the lug is substantial and pinned
so I’ll forgive GBR that one!
Thankfully, GBR haven’t copied that Remington
spring extractor. Yes, it works and is very reliable but Another ‘plus’ of a Remmy clone is the trigger – there
it looks cheap to me and I always carry a spare. The are more triggers for the Remington than any other
GBR has a proper Sako-type claw extractor coupled action so, it’s your choice – a top of the range Jewel
with a conventional bolt-face spring-loaded plunger or Kelbly or maybe a Timney or Riflebasix or even a
for positive extraction/ejection. Thankfully, the bolt- standard Remington but please, if you are building
release is handily located on the left side of the a custom rifle, don’t skimp on the trigger. The
action, rather than within the trigger-guard as on the bolt-shroud is slightly different from a Remington
Remington, which is fiddly to operate with cold fingers and very nice it looks too, as does the bolt-handle

The fluted bolt with claw extractor and spring-loaded ejector

20 Target Shooter
GBR will also have bottom-metal available, utilising the AI magazine

with screw-on bolt-knob - making it easy to fit a tested Remington design that most shooters will
replacement knob of your choosing with little work. feel totally at home with. If you have a stock already
This might seem a minor issue but shooters all have inletted for a Remington then the GBR will drop
their own preferences depending on application and straight in. I assume this is the main reason for
fitting a replacement bolt-knob to a Remington might choosing the Remmy footprint but for me it is a very
leave you with little change from £100 if re-proofing weak one. If you have a stock but wish to upgrade
is needed. to a custom action then surely you would also go
One of the basic design features of any action to to the trouble of a proper bedding job rather than
be used in a custom rifle build for competition use simply screwing it into the old Remmy stock. Yes,
is overall stiffness. Some actions can flex alarmingly there are more stocks available with the Remmy inlet
on firing, which also stresses the scope resulting in than any other but you will find that most of the decent
indifferent accuracy. If you are looking for real stock-makers will offer inlets for all the popular actions
accuracy, go for a solid-bottom action. Unfortunately, and most of the obscure ones as well. Really, few
if you require a repeater – for a stalking or tactical stocks can be considered ‘drop-in’ unless they are of
rig - a large cut-out will be required in the underside the type with a built-in aluminium bedding-block and,
to accommodate a magazine. You will never see a even then, if ultimate accuracy is your goal I would
benchrest action with a magazine cut-out. GBR will still mill out the aluminium for a proper Devcon bed.
offer the action as a solid bottom or with cut-out,
depending on application. In conclusion, this action is a fine effort and I’m
Staying with the stiffness theme, I would have liked confident that it will form the basis of a great
to have seen a smaller ejection-port as well. Yes, it’s custom rifle. In fact I will go further - GBR have kindly
smaller than Remington’s yawning orifice but it could given me an action for a ‘project rifle’ build for Target
be even smaller, as much of the cut-out is obscured Shooter magazine and I will be serialising the build
by the scope-rail anyway. The Picatinny rail is a over the next few issues. I hope to involve others in
dedicated rail also offered by GBR and can be the project, which on completion will be sold with the
ordered with a built-in taper. Don’t try and fit a profit going to very good cause. More next month.
Remington rail as GBR have wisely resisted
flattening-off the rear action-ring as Remington insist A GBR website is under construction but initial
on doing for some reason. enquiries regarding the GBR action should be made
So, we have a two-lug action built on the tried and to Graham Glover on 01606-79029.

Target Shooter 21
22 Target Shooter
6.8mm REM SPC

by Laurie Holland
I’ve long had a soft spot for the ‘Black Rifle’, aka Above - The SGC SSR-15 straight-pull is a
the AR15. Just before semi-autos were banned in direct descendant of Stoner’s original 1956
the UK, I read about Robert Bucknell’s custom-built AR (ArmaLite Rifle) design. This eight year
.223 flat-top AR15 with a heavy fast-twist barrel that old example has been rebuilt in 6.8mm Rem
was described as the ‘ultimate fox rifle’, but also SPC
won Practical Rifle matches. That’s what I want, I
thought. Thanks to Michael Ryan and Hungerford, sturdier and more ergonomic bolt-on handle on the
I assumed this was a never to be fulfilled ambition, right side. My time had come! – I eventually bought
but a few years after the ban, I started hearing about a new SGC SSR-15 ‘Speedmaster’ in .223 Rem in
straight-pull ARs. I didn’t reckon much on operation 2002.
through Gene Stoner’s T-shape charging handle at
the back of the action, though. Then Southern Gun Single-Shot
Co. (SGC) started making them with an integral Since I never run, don’t shoot offhand, and slowly
left-hand side handle, and not too long afterwards keel over and fall down when shooting kneeling, this
produced its Mk3 receiver that provided a second, was never going to be a Practical Rifle tool. 90% +
of rounds have gone
The heart of the rifle is a seven-lug bolt through it as a single-
that requires little rotation and locks shot rifle with a ‘sled’
directly onto the barrel replacing the magazine
for easy loading one
at a time. With such
use, the specification
was a 26” fluted Lilja
match barrel, Wylde
match chamber, 1-8”
rifling twist, and set
up with minimum
A Giesselle match
trigger was set for
1lb pull and with a big
8-32X56 scope up
top, I shot it at every
range from 100 to
1,000yd. And, shoot
it did – give it the right
80gn bullet handload
and the SSR would
put five shots into a
quarter-MOA at short
ranges. It was even

Target Shooter 23
Operation is effected by the bolt moving in the carrier which moves a
cam-pin along an angled slot to turn the bolt. The pipe stub above is the ‘bolt
key’ that marries up with the gas pipe in semi-auto rifles and feeds gas into the
carrier. Later versions of the SGC Speedmaster action have eliminated this
feature replacing it with a rectangular guide-block
used in F-Class in the early days, and one glorious directly into the barrel through a ‘barrel-extension’, a
sunny day, the SSR and I embarrassed a small large nut with the locking lug recesses machined in.
herd of 6.5mm shooters in a 600yd regional ‘Open’ All AR design rifles use a two-piece receiver, usually
competition –you only reckon on seeing such a aluminium alloy, the upper half holding the barrel,
miracle once in a lifetime! forend furniture, bolt and carrier; the lower half the
magazine, trigger mechanism and buttstock. With
Multi-Lug manufacturers using common dimensions, receiver
Let’s look at the AR’s key features that apply whether halves are normally interchangeable, so one can
it’s a semi-auto gas gun or one of our straight-pulls. have an AR in several sights, barrel configurations
The heart of the beast is a seven-lug bolt that locks or calibres through the use of more than one ‘upper’

The lower receiver assembly showing the

match trigger, the two captive pins that
locate and secure the receiver halves
together, and (above the rear pin) the front
of the buffer and recoil spring assembly
inside the buttstock tube

24 Target Shooter
The sturdy optional right-side handle –
a must-have

on a single ‘lower’. is assembly rather than traditional gunsmithing,

although as always there are ‘tricks’ that allow skill
The bolt sits inside a tubular ‘carrier’, a heavy steel and experience to produce a superior product. A
cylinder, and is turned to lock/unlock it by use of a major industry producing AR bits has grown up in
‘cam-pin’ in an angled slot in the carrier top wall. As the USA so buyers can choose from a large range
the carrier is pushed (in gas operation) or pulled (in of ready to install pre-chambered barrels; umpteen
manual operation) back, the bolt cannot move being makes / forms of bolt and carrier; lots of trigger
locked to the barrel-extension, so the carrier moves assemblies; goodness knows how many buttstock,
around a half-inch on its own and turns the bolt forend tube, and pistol-grip designs. One beauty
via the cam-pin to unlock it. Both then move back of this is the ability to build bespoke rifles for many
together, extract and eject the fired case, reset the different purposes.
trigger. Towards the end of the ejection cycle, the
rear end of the carrier moves into a tube inside the Upgrade
buttstock and compresses a large coil spring to Seven years and 6,000 + rounds on, my SSR still
power the loading / re-locking part of the cycle. The performed well despite a much eroded barrel throat,
carrier / bolt assembly move forwards again at some but had unsurprisingly lost its ‘edge’, so a rebuild
speed stripping a new cartridge from the magazine, seemed in order. After a lot of thought, I chose
chambering it, and re-locking the action. Manual conversion to the recently introduced 6.8mm
operation simplifies the design as various bits – Remington SPC rather than a simple .223 barrel
gas-sealing rings on the bolt body, a gas-block replacement. As well as a new barrel, conversion
assembly on the barrel and piping – are not needed. required a new bolt and magazines. The steeply
raked M16A2 buttstock used on its first iteration
A great AR plus is its modular construction allowing wasn’t ideal for shooting off a rear-bag, also rather
mixing and matching of components. Once you have too short for comfortable prone shooting, so I asked
a pair of receiver halves, everything else is bolted / SGC to replace it with a Magpul PRS (Precision \
screwed on or retained by pins, so building an AR Rifle / Sniper Stock) adjustable assembly. SGC also
Target Shooter 25
The Magpul PRS adjustable buttstock is one of scores, maybe hundreds, of competing
designs available for the AR15. If the bottom cover is removed, a Picatinny accessory rail is
uncovered to allow a butt-spike or support pod to be attached if required

undertook a ‘general overhaul’ replacing worn parts drivers for its development, the US military special
such as the bolt assembly cam-pin and appear to forces who’d discovered that the 5.56X45 NATO is
have fitted new pins throughout, the receiver halves a poor man-stopper at anything above thick jungle
fitting tightly again as on a new rifle. type ranges in Iraq and Afghanistan, especially in
short-barrelled M4 carbines that lose a couple of
Six Point What? hundred fps MV compared to the standard 20” barrel
This is where things get interesting – the new M16A2.
cartridge. Let’s look at that name first. 6.8mm – that’s
0.277” dia. bullets, a two-seventy to most folks. ‘Rem’ The 6.8 is an attempt to provide a larger calibre,
is of course our old friend Remington which supplied heavier bullet with a lot more terminal energy that
the case the 6.8 is based on, the obsolete .30 inflicts a bigger wound track and hopefully disables
Remington, undertook the development work, Taliban and other fighters rapidly – not very nice,
and registered the cartridge with SAAMI. ‘SPC’ is but who ever said war is a nice business? During
Special Purpose Cartridge, a reference to the development, 6.5 and 7mm calibres were

The AR design is completely modular

and can be disassembled in seconds

26 Target Shooter
A factory 6.8mm Remington
SPC match cartridge is seen
on the right with a 115gn
FMJBT milspec type bullet
alongside the two cartridges
that spawned its
development in Iraq and
Afghanistan – on the left,
the 7.62X39mm M43 – a
proven battle cartridge;
centre, the 5.56X45mm NATO
that has been found lacking
even when loaded with the
77gn Sierra alongside it.
that can be accommodated by the
AR15 bolt, and that sees so little
metal remaining that bolt-head
fatigue failures are not
uncommon after a few thousand
rounds fired. According to Quick-
LOAD, the 6.8 has 34gn water
capacity which is is again
in-between its rivals with around
considered, but .270” was found to give the highest 10% more than the .223R, and 4
terminal ballistics values at operational ranges or 5% less than 7.62X39mm. Pressure-wise, it also
(100-400 metres). There was a competitor too, the falls between the other two, although it’s now the
Alexander Arms 6.5 Grendel, which is the 6PPC 5.56 that has the highest allowed MAP.
necked up to 6.5mm and gives a 123gn bullet rather
impressive MVs from a 2.25” COAL cartridge, plus The Remington specification sees a 115gn FMJ or
impressive external ballistics. OTM (Open Tip Match) given 2,625 fps MV which
is down on .223 Rem with 62 or 69gn bullets, and
In-Between since BCs are not too far apart, the larger calibre
The 6.8 uses a 1.686” long case with 0.422” rim and bullet travels slower and is a bit more wind affected
lower case diameter. This puts it between the .223 beyond 300yd. Energy is well up on the smaller
Remington’s 1.760” length and 0.378” case-head, calibre cartridge with around 40% more at the
and the 1.528 / 0.447” equivalents for 7.62X39mm. muzzle and still up at 400 metres. It seems
The old Soviet cartridge’s diameter is the largest Remington ran into
trouble with excessive
Case-head diameters for the AR15. Left to right: 5.56mm / .223R pressures leading to
(0.378”); 6.8 SPC (0.422”); 7.62X39mm (0.447”). The 7.62’s size extraction problems and
pushes the AR15 design to the limit leaving barely enough metal case-head expansion
to support the locking lugs with its original loadings,
so had to reduce
them markedly. This is
probably why Hornady
and Silver State Armory
cases use the small rifle
primer providing more
metal around the pocket
and strengthening
the case-head. Since
Remington registered
barrel and chamber
specifications around
five years ago with a

Target Shooter 27
The Place to
Shop at Bisley
6.8mm Rem SPC is one of the few cartridges
Lord Roberts Centre
seen with cases made for small or large Now in stock ~ the popular
primers depending on maker. Remington Morini CM84E ISSF ‘Longarm’ Free Pistol
(left) and military loads use the large size;
Hornady (right) and Silver State Armory brass
use the small version
0.05” freebore and 1-10” rifling twist, 6.8 civilian Price: ~ £1210.00
users and gunsmiths have come up with a FAC Required
longer freebore (0.10”) and 1-11” twist rate ‘Spec II’
chamber that allows substantially higher (200 fps +) GEHMANN Shooting
MVs to be produced within allowed pressures. Most Products Main Retail
gunsmith built rifles now use this specification, and Stockists.
there are a lot of 6.8 SPC enthusiasts in the USA
having rifles built for the cartridge. There is a lively
website and forum ( with 11,868
members, 7,556 threads and nearly 80,000 posts
Since the factory ballistics don’t seem that great,
and the cartridge doesn’t apparently do anything
better han heavy-bullet .223 Rem, you might wonder
why it’s got so many fans. A major reason is that
the larger calibre and ME that now runs at 1,765 ft/ A wide range of pistols and rifles available,
lbs (more with handloads) take the AR15 beyond Anschütz, Walther, Morini, BSA, Air Arms,
pest sized quarry into medium game territory. The Webley Limited, Steyr, Feinwerkbau.
cartridge can be loaded successfully with the many Accessories from leading manufacturers Centra,
130gn expanding bullets available for the .270WCF. Gehmann, HPS, VFG, Walther; AHG, Knobloch,
Remington has picked up on this hence the rapid Champion, Opticron, Hawke, BSA and many more.
introduction of its .30 Remington AR cartridge last Shooting Mats from Evans and HPS.
year for its R15 entry in the AR sector. But there’s Gun Safes from Bratton Sound.
more to it than this – the 6.8 seems to be one of these Ammunition from Eley, RWS, HPS Target Master,
cartridges that works better than the ballistics tables SK, Lapua - including Air Gun Ammunition
suggest, has an intangible appeal to lots of people, Optics from Tasco, BSA, Hawke, MTC, AGS.
and attracts development attention. We already Clothing from Kurt Thune, Realtree, Holme,
have the Spec II chamber and barrel specifications, Anschütz, Gehmann, AKAH.
and no doubt there will be new bullets designed just We stock guns and Accessories for Field Target
for this cartridge if the enthusiasm continues. So far, and Hunter Field Target Disciplines
I’ve only used Remington 115gn and Hornady 110gn With many more items too numerous to mention so
OTM factory ammunition in mine while I wait on come browse and ask if you don’t see what you
want. You’ll get a warm welcome, the best
some 115gn Sierra MatchKings from Henry Krank
objective advice, the right product at the right price
for handloading, but the 6.8 is already growing on
with a comprehensive after sales service.
me despite these cartridges’ anaemic loadings.
Further information from our website
Reasonable accuracy out 300yd, especially from the
Hornady fodder, very light recoil, exceptionally sweet Shop Tel: 01483 485511
extraction (a BIG issue with manual ARs), allied to Shop Fax: 01483 488817
such clean burning that fired cases look like new. E-mail:
This one could be a winner!

28 Target Shooter
Target Shooter 29
Shooting the Black Powder Pistol
Part 5

by Chris Risebrook
A slight diversion this month into the rather murky shotgun cartridges for customers, and for all I know may
and misunderstood world of pinfires. They all used well still be doing so. Certainly, empty cases for both
black powder, so although they are breech loading, pistol and shotgun are still made, and 16bore
they qualify. Often seen as an anachronism or dead cartridges of recent manufacture by Fiocchi are
end, the pinfire was, along with such other oddities frequently encountered. Some seven years before
as the teat-fire and mule-ear, a stepping stone Houllier’s improvement, Le Page (copies of whose
towards the rimfire cartridge. Once the percussion target pecussion pistols are extremely popular)
cap had been standardised, everyone was introduced a not dissimilar cartridge in which both
trying to think up ways to use it in a breech loading the copper cap and the anvil protruded from the
weapon. The idea of the pinfire was the brainchild of base (presumably akin to the Sharps mule-ear
Casimir LeFaucheaux (1802-1852) which he cartridge). Casimir’s son Eugene (1833-92) patented
patented in 1833. Initially, it consisted of a rolled an improved design in 1854.The French government
paper case with a metal head and - apart from carried out extensive trials of weapons in the
the protruding pin, was almost identical to today’s Crimean War and a 12mm revolver was adopted
shotgun cartridges. It was used in a break by the French Navy in 1856 and became the Navy
barrel shotgun which was the forerunner of the Revolver Model 1858, an example of which is shown
modern shotgun. Although adapted to pistols and in photo 1. This was a particularly successful design
rifles, it was really at its best in shotguns. I recall in the and was used by the armed forces of France, Spain,
1980s a Sussex gunshop was still reloading pinfire Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden.
Although never
produced in America,
both sides used
imported weapo during
the Civil Was and
General “Stonewall”
Jackson carried a
LeFaucheaux. The
revolver in photo 1 is
in excellent condition,
and has seen little use.
The hooked trigger
guard, whilst pretty,
actually gets in the
way, and some
revolvers are found
with rounded guards.
Far more popular were
Pic 1 the small folding trigger
revolvers, usually of

30 Target Shooter
Belgian manufacture in
calibres from 5mm to
Photo 2 shows a double
barrel 12mm smoothbore
of execrable quality
and probably of Spanish
manufacture. Amazingly,
it is in very good condition
with the chrome plate nearly
intact. This lack of wear
is probably because
it was so badly made,
no-one plucked up
the courage to fire it.
Curiously, the lower pistol
in photo 2 is of much Pic 2
better quality with rifled
barrels and of Belgian
manufacture. This was pepperbox in America (perhaps the subject of a
found in Spain in the 1960s. Clearly, it had spent future article). Until quite recently, these weapons
much of its life in the sea, and is probably a relic of were classed as firearms because they were breech
the Spanish Civil War. loading, but, thankfully, they are now classed as
Unfortunately, the salt water has done it no good antiques provided they are kept as such.
whatever, but it may well have had an exciting
history. Prices seem to be rising, particularly for the better
The pinfire was quickly superseded by first the quality examples, and perhaps they are now
rimfire, and then by the centre fire, but it hung on becoming recognised as an important stepping
in Europe long after it was obsolete, rather like the stone in firearms development rather than an oddity.

Target Shooter 31
Impressions of rimfire and air rifle benchrest

By Carl Boswell
Each month I ramble on about rimfire and air rifle
benchrest, assuming that you all know about it. It
has gained in popularity over the years and the
air rifle side of things is really moving, with more
people taking this up in the UK and around the
world. The latter, although small in numbers, is
shot by at least ten countries at this time. I thought
this month I would go back to the basics, providing
a brief description of what we do in the postal,
national and international matches.

So, what is rimfire and air rifle benchrest?

Exactly as it sounds; shooting from a bench using
rests, both front and rear, to hold the rifle in a stable
position. It is a test of accuracy and skill; related
to the rifle, the ammunition, skill of the shooter
(particularly with regard to shooting position),
shooting technique and, most importantly, reading
of prevailing conditions – i.e the wind!
Shooters from 8
Rimfire bench rest is shot at 50 metres (and 50 nations at the
yards in the US) and 25 yards in the UK (25 metres European
in Europe and the rest of the world), with as many Championship 2007

sighting shots taken as required during the 30

minute match shooting the twenty-five record
target blocks.

Rimfire benchrest is not a new sport as it

originated in the United States some years
ago. It has also been around in some parts
of Europe for at least the last two decades. It
is definitely a shooting sport that has a great
deal of possibilities for rimfire calibre rifles in
the United Kingdom.
Those targets look a long way -
World Championship 2008

32 Target Shooter
Regional match in South Africa

Air rifle benchrest developed in the UK and Italy

around the same time, when mutual ideas
developed regarding this sport. It took on the
nature of its close cousin, with similar match and
rifle classification.

The United Kingdom Rimfire Benchrest

A standard bench design from
Below are the 50m and 25m targets used in Cicognani of Italy007
the UK, Europe and for world
championships Association, or UKBR22, was established around
six years ago. We started small with only eight
members. This has developed into not just
the seasonal postal matches but national and
international competitions as well. We always
run postal leagues at 50m and at 25 yards as
international competitions; competing against
a host of shooters from around the world.
Other competitions are now developing on a
national basis such as the C&N and Midland
league. The World Postal Championship, a
one off match, has also taken hold in sixteen
countries that take part in it each year.

The bench & rests

The bench is defined as a rigidly constructed
table, of a height to allow a shooter of more
or less average build to sit comfortably on a
stool, possibly of adjustable height, to allow
for individual differences. The rests used are
clearly defined in the United Kingdom
Association of Rimfire Benchrest Shooting
(UKBR22) rules, as are all pieces of
equipment relating to bench rest shooting.
Generally speaking, the front rest can be a
sandbag, but is more usually a pedestal-type
affair. Quite often this incorporates height and
windage adjustments, using a sandbag to
cushion the fore-end of the rifle. The rear rest
is usually a sandbag made of cloth or leather,
often constructed so that the butt of the rifle

Target Shooter 33
Standard rest rests in a V-shaped portion of the bag.
designs - the Neither the front or rear rest should grip the
rifle, or in any way restrict the recoil or
front rest above
twisting action of the rifle when fired and in fact,
and the rear
the rifle must be able to be easily lifted clear of
the rests.

The rifles
The rifles used in the UK range from the CZ to
Anschutz and Sako in the Sporter and Light
Varmint Class with mainly the Target Anschutz in
the Unlimited Class but there are a few Martini
Internationals and Walthers. Basically, anything
that meets the weight rules can be used. So what
do you have in your gun cabinet?

We are seeing a lot more custom rifles nowadays,

as the competition hots up Rimfire benchrest is
generally made up of three gun classes though
other associations throughout the world do this
slightly differently. As the UKBR22 does run
international postal competitions, the use of the
UKBR22 target has been agreed by all member
nations who compete in these UKBR22 run

In the UK, rimfire benchrest rifle classes are

several Sporter, Light Varmint, and Heavy Varmint
Matches in the UK are setup to shoot for score,
with some ‘fun’ competitions shooting for group
or on a specific target for ‘one off’ competitions
during the year.
Below - a coaxial rest
- expensive, but for Around five years ago we adapted the rimfire
some the best you benchrest rules to include the use of air rifles.
can get! This was around the same time the 25 yard/
metre target was developed. For air rifle, the
adaption had to include the power of the air rifle,
which is closely monitored at competitions, as well
as weight. These matches are again run all the -
year round in postal leagues. Classes for air rifle
competition are similar to those of rimfire, but do
look at the latetst set of all rules and equipment
The Steyr LG100 specifications - this can be found on the UKBR22
customised for website at
benchrest With regard to the types of rifle used for air
rifle benchrest, they are mainly based around
Field Target and Hunter Field Target rifles,
although target models do make their way into
matches. Although it is something I have only
shot with since 2007, I would say that air rifle
benchrest holds the same amount of fun, but the
technical issues can be very different to rimfire

34 Target Shooter
The Game
There are two official UKBR22 targets (now the
same as the official World and European targets);
one for 25yrds/metres and one for 50metres. Both
have 25 record bull diagrams and 5 sighter bulls.
There is a 30 minute time limit to shoot the 25
record targets - with as many sighter shots as
needed. But, all within the 30 minutes. A perfect
Customised target would be 250 - 25X. All twenty five shots
Anschutz for rimfire would have to be in the 10 ring and all touching
BR or obliterating the centre dot or ‘X’. The ‘X’ is only
2mm in diameter on the 50 meter target!
Shooting rimfire and air rifle benchrest is a good
way to sharpen your shooting skills and with good
ammo and equipment 250 scores are possible. I
would say the same about air rifle but a 250 has
always eluded me with these rifles!

Sporter class is using anything from the Ammunition

shelf that meets weight Ammunition must be a lead projectile in 22
rimfire. Quality ammunition such as RWS, Eley
and Lapua are the leading brands used in the
The more you pay the better it should shoot….. in

On the air rifle side, I personally go for JSB but

that is a preference only because this is what was
recommended by a colleague a few years ago.
Custom Turbo action There are lots of other pellets and part of the fun is
LV rifle from the USA experimenting by sizing, lubing, testing, etc.

The organisations
Air rifle benchrest - shot at Most organisations in other countries and there
the 2007 European are a few of them, especially in the USA, have
Championship similar rules and this can be verified via their
individual websites. Targets can differ however
and there will be minor differences for specific
courses of fire or specific organisation
characteristics. The various association websites
can be found via a forum called Benchrest Central
at .

Within the UK we have a number of existing

targets that do differ from the UKBR22/ World
target (as the UKBR22 adopted the world target in
2009). The course of fire is also slightly different.
However, they all serve to hone the skills needed
to compete. For some reason,many people do
not shoot the international matches yet they are
perfectly capable of doing so, as their scores in
other leagues reflect this.

Batch testing youe rimfire The future

ammo is very important - As you may have read in the recent issues of
here we are at Eley Target Shooter, the UKBR22 Association held its
Target Shooter 35
There are lots of add ons for some classes like
this Harrel tuner and mid barrel tunner - to alter
barrel harmonics

You may need windflags - otherwise how ..... you can by a set
do you know where your bullet is going? like these
These can be self made like these for
very little, or.......

Using windflags is very important for

gaining ultimate accuracy - here we have
two flags indicating different speeds at
different angles

last National Championships in August 2009. This

was very successful and we want to make this an
annual or at least a bi-annual event. We have our Benchrest Central Rimfire forum - http://www.ben-
normal postal leagues continuing during summer
and winter leagues, with a ‘one off’ one day World Rimfire Central Benchrest Forum - http://www.rim-
Postal match in August. However, there is nothing
like going ‘head to head’ against each other and
a British Team will therefore be going to the next There are a few books that may help you in your
European Championships in 2010, taking place quest for better technique and accuracy. The
at Pilsen ranges in the Czech Republic. The year Benchrest Shooting Primer and Extreme Rifle
after, in 2011, the World Championships take place Accuracyfle Accuracy are two of them, but there
in the USA. (As a side note, the British Team has are others. The two mentioned are specifically
gained some sponsorship for these two events, aimed at centerfire benchrest, but the techniques
but we are also looking for further aid to boost the and methodology explained in them are very
status of these events in the future). useful for rimfire benchrest. Both can be purchased
via Amazon at a reasonable price. The UKBR22,
And finally… and Benchrest Central websites are
If you are looking for further resources to help you also very useful to help you start with FAQ’s about
I would look at the following websites; the sport and equipment.
UKBR22 website -

36 Target Shooter
Having a decent scope is vital for 50m - so
A line up of some serious kit just before spend what you can afford. There are
bargains out there like this Sightron
the start of the match

A standard Anschutz used at the last european

championship - you can go the whole hog but
you can start with what you have

development of rimfire and air rifle benchrest in the

UK. The amazing thing is seeing how both have
developed on a world level. So watch this space
for scores over the next few years, as the hunt for
As there are lots of alternative matches going extreme accuracy continues...........
on in these sports, it is interesting to see the
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38 Target Shooter
The Steyr LG 110 for FT AND HFT

by Tim Finley
I started shooting a Steyr rifle in the form of a LG- they called the LG-110 version. They also began to
100 in 2002, I was taken by the design, and being an make version called the High Power, it is a 18ft/lb’s
engineer I saw that who ever designed the Steyr was hunting rifle for the European market, which could
be lowered to under 12ft/lb’s comply
with our gun laws. I was pleased to
see Steyr incorporating a feature that
I suggested to them back in 2003. The
LG-100’s extruded aluminium chassis
was coated in a matt black finish, I
saw this as the rifles only potential
flaw, the black would act as a heat
sink in the sun and warm up the
metal, this could lead to movement
and a shift in the rifles point of
impact. The 110 has a silver chassis
with the words STEYR machined out
Steyr kindly supplied me with a new
LG-110 FT in 2006 as I had no spare
FT and HFT guns in 2007
FT rig, I also had a new Schmidt and
Bender FT scope so it was a golden
opportunity to pair the two up.
a very clever man. It was the one-piece extruded Currently in 2010 Steyr produce the 110 in a few
chassis that everything bolts on to which is at the versions. The 10m match version, the FT with either
heart of the superb rifle. At that time I
had to have a 10m 6ft/lb rifle converted
to 11.5 foot pounds to make it viable FT muzzle before
for the outdoor sport of Field Target modifications
shooting. The rifle was actually
selected by Steyr for me and sent via
the UK distributor Harry Preston. It
turned out to be the only FT rifle I have
ever owned where I won a major title in
the first year of using a new gun. I have
won many Field Target titles with it
including the 2006 European FT
championship. In 2005 Steyr also
began to produce dedicated Field
Target version to the UK legal limit
based upon their 6ft/lb 10m match rifle
on the upgraded version of the 100 that

Target Shooter 39
extension pieces to deepen the fore stock section
FT air stripper
of the rifle as required. The 110 I got was supplied
with the older style woodwork as I wanted to be
able to exactly match the feel and dimensions of my
competition winning 100. The pistol grip on the 110
is now fitted with a canting disc where it meets the
action, to allow the shooter to angle the grip to the
most comfortable position for themselves. There is a
new weight system on the 110, this is bolted to the
inside of the butt plate, it consists of two 50 gram
weights which can be positioned anywhere along
the bar. It retains the aluminium rubber studded butt
pad, this has all the adjustments you need as well
a fixed rear butt section or the removable Connect as a hinged top/bottom section depending upon
system, the High Power with a simple wooden where you find it most comfortable. The rear stock
stock and the Hunting FAC 32ft/lb .22 or .20 calibre section has an adjustable cheek piece, and by
version. Due for September 2010 is the Bench Rest adjustable I mean adjustable, not only for height, but for
version with a shallow flat wide fore end in place of angle in a line relative to the barrel. Pitch, at an angle
the deep FT wood work and spacers. relative to the floor and even position nearer or
The Connect FT system allows the rifle to be stripped further away from the chassis. The whole rear
into smaller parts for transportation by removing the section can be altered for pitch via two Allen keys on
butt/cheek piece, it has been vastly improved on the either side of the chassis. The butt pad too is fully
110. 100’s and early 110 had a lever on the right adjustable for length of pull, height above below the
hand side of the rifle, lift this and the butt section barrel line and angle relative to the body. The rear
could be slide out. Mine worked a treat as I never section which the butt pad fits onto can be angled to
took the butt off, but 10m shooters soon found it 90 or 80 degrees. The 110 both uses a detachable
becoming loose after a few months. The system air cylinder system, although I had the mine changed
uses an Allen screw within the sliding section, easily to a quick fill by Hydrographics, just because I am
undone with the Allen key provided, but rock solid use to the system. The cylinders are available in a
in the meantime. The forend woodwork of the 110 striking blue of natural silver finish. There is an air
has been altered to a longer slimmer shape but with pressure gauge on the end of the cylinder marked

FT muzzle left and HFT

muzzle on the right

40 Target Shooter
barrels which they finish and nickel plate. The 50m
HFT moderator (55 yards) test group the supplied with my rifle was
one ragged 10.1mm (0.40 inches) center to center
five shot hole, this was shot with JSB Exact Express
7.9 grain pellets. I was able to shoot a three shot
42mm group at 100 yards with my 110 when I was
setting up the S&B scope. The trigger is adjustable
for 1st stage travel 1 stage weight, 2nd stage weight
and the blade itself can be positioned on one of two
25mm long bars set 10mm apart on the trigger block.
This gives the shooter the ability to perfectly position
the blade for their hand /finger. It can be set down to
50 grams up to 250 grams.
in three sections. The yellow section is 0 to 70 bar, The dry firing system works as the 6ft/lb version in
green 70 to 200 bar and red (do not fill to here) 200- theory, but Steyr state it should not be used on the
300. It runs at 200 bar and the filling adaptor for the 12 and 18ft pound versions as the stronger springs
air cylinder supplied is for a 232 bar bottle. If you used could damage the trigger. One other major
have a 300 bar bottle a specially made brass ring
with an “o” ring has to be put inside the 300 bar I replaced the FT
bottle with the 200 bar adaptor then screwed in. With butt pad with an
a 200 bar fill it gave me 100 shots before it dropped Anshcutz model
to the yellow line and 70 bar of pressure. The whole
string of 100 shots did not vary by more than 14 feet
per second, with strings of shots within two feet per
second of one another. The current UK 110’s have a
new transfer port to ensure the rifle cannot exceed
the UK 12ft/lb legal limit with heavy or light pellets.
The barrel on the LG-110 differs from the old hammer
forged version on the 100. Since the 100 was first
made the firm of Steyr Sportwaffen, the air weapon
division of Steyr Mannlicher, split from Mannlicher and
51% was bought by Anschutz. The remaining 49% is feature retain in the 110 is the patented stabilizing
owned by the four top men within Steyr Sportwaffen. system. This system releases a spring-loaded
Since splitting from Steyr they no longer had access weight upon firing the gun to cancel out the forces
to the hammer forged barrels so opted for Anschutz produced by expelling the pellet out of the front of the
barrels, however, they could not get the volume of barrel. Newton’s third law of motion in full effect here,
top quality 12ft/lb match barrels from Anschutz that “ to every action where is an equal and opposite
they needed. So they now fit Lothar Walther match reaction “ as the pellet goes forward the weight moves
in the opposite direction back towards the shooter.
The weight is housed in
Shooting the Showdown the moving breech directly
with the angled rail in line with the bore of the
barrel, in other words the
perfect place. Although
made for 6 ft/lb 10m power
levels the spring powering
the weight can be adjusted
up to the higher 12 ft/lb
power levels needed for FT
and HFT.
I was so impressed with my
FT 110 I bought a High Power
rifle to use in HFT events.
The basic mechanical
elements of the rifles remain
the same but I have the
rifles set up for the differing
sports. I’ll explain the

Target Shooter 41
position on the scope (Which is of the utmost
testing the 110 FT before importance in HFT) I fitted an add on plastic cheek piece
any modifications from an AK47 Choate stock( Obtained from South
Yorkshire Shooting Supplies). This just attached
with one screw and in the stocks natural state even
matches the surface finish. The standard black
rubber butt pad I removed and fitted a cast metal
model from New Zeeland as the pull length was a
little small for my ample frame. As with the FT gun
I had it dipped when I was happy with the fit in a
subtle orange pattern. If you look at the pictures from
when I won the “Gathering” with my HP 110 I have
also now changed the fore end deepening section. It
was a very simple DIY block of aluminium with more
differences starting with my FT rifle.
aluminium flat bar bolted to the bottom of it. I worked
It has the older woodwork from the 100 as
quite well but I was struggling with the increasing
mentioned before, this has been dipped by
difficulty of the kneeling shots creeping into HFT. I
Hydrographic’s to waterproof it, they also modified
contacted Steyr and they were fantastic to send me
the fore end with posts to deepen it to make it
the prototype fore end they were going to make for
possible to rest the rifle on the forward knee when in
the 110 FT model. It had a machined adjustable
the classic FT sitting shooting position and get the
rising system in place of the multiple spacer system
height to make it comfortable to rangefind using a
side wheel scope. I fitted knurled finger adjusters to
the clamping screws of the fore end to be able to The filling adaptor for the
quickly adjust the depth during competition, another screw out cylinder
quick adjuster is fitted to the Anschutz butt hook. The
butt hook is an essential bit of kit for FT shooters
and being able to move it up and down depending
upon the angle to the intended target is vital. On the
end of the plain barrel I fitted a PCB adjustable air
stripper, whether this helped with the 42mm group
at 100 yards I can only guess at, but I think it did.
I know the 110 is more accurate then my old LG-
100, a rifle which is blisteringly accurate. In FT we
need a wind indicator and I have fitted a Pete Dutton
stainless steel rod system, which swings out from
a folded position under the barrel. A B Square level
they eventually went for. When I fitted it I knew it was
is fitted to scope rail to make sure I do not cant the
going to work better and it did. This was dipped to in
gun. The scope you should know all about from last
the same pattern. I won the North East Field Target
months Target Shooter, it’s a S&B FT model with a
Association Hunter Field Target league in 2009 with
first focal plane reticle.
the highest points total in it’s history, winning three
My HFT rifle went thro a few changes as I fine tuned
of the six rounds. The plain muzzle was fitted with a
the gun. It too has a S&B scope a one off made
custom made moderator which went down the barrel
for me by them, it’s a 10*42 Klassik model fitted
in the style of a full-bore reflex type. I wanted a quiet
with a P3 Mildot reticle. To give me a better head
gun as in HFT if you hit metal you get a point (With
two points for knocking the target over) so it would
The standard air cylinder
help marshals hear any metallic sounds as I shot. It
screws out for filling also makes the gun feel completely different to the
FT model to shoot. The FT rifle does sound loud with
the air stripper attached to it I have to admit. I had
tested a 110 fitted with a moderator for a previous
magazine article and was smitten by how it shot.
Being an HFT gun it does not have a level or wind
indicator as the rules forbid them being used. HFT
shooting is very pure and simple in that respect and
shooting my HFT Steyr does give me more pleasure
then the FT rifle, but not by much!
One exciting thing launched at the IWA show in

42 Target Shooter
Germany this year was the new 110 will now be
available with a right or left hand cocking handle. Winning a NEFTA Winter league round FT
Steyr’s continue to be extremely popular for FT, 2009
HFT and Bench Rest, that is not to mention 10m
I own three Steyr rifles and have my eye on the new
Hunting version to replace my current FAC rated air
rifle. You do not have to change a standard out of
the box rifle if you do not want to, the modifications
I made are just to tweak every bit of an advantage
I can over other competitors, but each small
modification is based on a long trial and error
process to arrive at the ideal solution. That is one
of the reasons why I like the Steyr’s so much, they
already have so many built in adjustments there
for the individual shooter to alter. The full-length
accessory rail on the underside of the extruded
chassis makes it easy to attach different fore ends or
other accessories in the case of the wind indicator
for my FT rig. The trigger position can be moved
about, you can get different grips and in the case
of my FT rig I can change the position of the butt
hook or the depth of the fore end between shots in
seconds. So the 110 is proving to be a very versatile
performer, the editor of this great on line magazine
also uses one to win medals at Bench Rest, what
ever your air rifle target sport then the 110 has to be
seriously looked at. Tim shooting the gathering 2007
Manufacturer Steyr Sportwaffen GmbH
Distributor Steyr UK 01904 705401
Model LG-110
Barrel Lothar Walther match nickel-plated
Barrel length 17 3/4 “(450mm)
Calibre .177 (also .22 on HP and .22 and .20 on
Hunting version)
Action Precharged regulated Pneumatic
With stabilizing system
Cocking Side lever action
Loading Manual - directly into breech of
Trigger Match two or single stage with multiple \
adjustments 50 to 250g The rifle that won the Gathering 2007
Overall length 39.5” (100.4 cm) Adjustable to fit
Weight 9 lb 12 oz (4.42 kg) Adjustable for
Sights Scope only via a scope rail or The gun that won the 2009 NEFTA Hunter
Optional 30MOA Picatinny scope rail series
Stock Multi adjustable for weight and
reach. Laminated wood grip,
cheek piece and fore stock.
Removable rear stock on FT
Connect option. Fixed beech stock
on HP version
Price £1700 FT rrp
£1200 High Power rrp (Prices rises
are due on 1st of April 2010)
Picatinny scope rail £150 rrp

Target Shooter 43
44 Target Shooter
IWA 2010

by Vince Bottomley
Make no mistake about it, the American Shot Show The opening ceremony is attended by the
remains the world’s largest show but IWA is closing world’s media – can you imagine this in
in! This year, the Shot Show had over 1600 Britain?
exhibitors compared to IWA’s 1141 but remember,
these are trade shows – intended to introduce will allow unlimited travel for a week – for me, that
vendors and dealers to new and existing products. represented about 16 journeys, so an absolute
In the USA, around 75% of shooters are hunters bargain. The Ubahn will take you to the Messe
whereas in Europe, it’s more like 50-50. If you hunt, (exhibition centre) from anywhere in the city – it’s
the Shot Show has no equal but if you are a sport about a 10 minute ride and the trains run every few
shooter then IWA probably holds as much interest minutes.
as the Shot Show.
Nurnberg is a beautiful, historic walled city with
I’ve done both shows and although the American plenty to do and see if you take a non-shooter along.
version has a few more exhibitors, the floor area is At night, you will feel safe wandering around the
two or three times greater but that just means more largely pedestrianised city and eating out is a joy
leg-work to get around. Given the fact that Nurnberg with many reasonably priced restaurants of all types
is just a day’s drive – or a 90 minute flight away – it’s but vegetarians are not well catered for! The show
so much more convenient and cheaper to visit IWA. brings in thousands of visitors and it’s hard to find a
restaurant without a few shooters already in there.
The American contingent at IWA grows year on
year and in 2010 we had 158 stands from the USA I travelled from Stanstead on the Thursday evening
which naturally included all the major rifle, scope, flight which got me in Nurnberg for about 9.30pm.
bullet and powder manufacturers in attendance. A fifteen minute ride on the Ubahn and a short walk
Although IWA is a trade-only show, visitors can attend from the station and I was in the hotel for 10.30pm.
providing they can show proof of involvement with The press are treated like royalty at IWA and the
the trade – usually, a visting card will suffice. There press room provides drinks and snacks throughout
are six large halls and some of them will take a full the day for hard-working hacks like me (!) and the
day to get round so you will need the whole four days exhibition halls are littered with eating places of all
of the Show if you want to see everything. However, kinds from a stand-up sausage to a full sit-down
don’t expect to be filling your suitcase with a host meal. Smoking is not allowed but drinking is!
of goodies – this is not a buying show and selling is
strictly prohibited. The first stand I hit was the massive Umarex display.
Normally, I don’t pay too much attention to all that
If you intend a visit next year, check out the Air Berlin rimfire and airsoft stuff but with my recent interest
flights from Stansted for a bargain £80 return. If you in Mini-rifle, there was plenty to see – including the
want to drive, it’s motorway all the way once you get ‘official’ Heckler & Koch rimfire version of their MP5.
across the channel but allow a full day. Expect to Following their successful legal stoppage of the
pay upwards of 40 Euros per night for a hotel (prices GSG-5 rifle, H & K have now made their own and
are unashamedly increased for IWA week) but public very nice it looks too. Once on the stand I got caught
transport in the form of the Ubahn (Nurnberg’s up in the airsoft thing and in the process, discovered
underground railway) is a snip. A nine Euro ticket another minefield for users and vendors of these

Target Shooter 45
The Chinese dream up some
great names for their

guns in the UK. My old buddy from the now defunct beavering away on his action and stocks and
Target Sports magazine, Geoff Hudson, attempted chose IWA to launch them to the world. The
to bring me up to speed but only added to my action is beautiful – yes, it’s another Remmy
confusion. Please, if anyone out there can write us a clone and will be available in a number of
piece on the regulations covering these toy guns, we configurations. I hope that Target Shooter will get the
will be pleased to print it! opportunity to have a closer look at one in part two of
By the end of day one, I had said hello to a few of our IWA report next month.
the Brit. exhibitors like Jackson Rifles and covered
around 200 stands but I was still looking for my IWA That put an extra spring in my step and I bounced on
scoop – that new piece of equipment, rifle or scope to the GSG stand to look at their latest GSG-5 which,
which would get me just a little bit excited. On day following the aforementioned legal intervention
two, I started in hall 4 with the British Pavilion. This from H&K is now dubbed the GSG-522. From
is an area where many of the Brit exhibitors are ten feet away, you wouldn’t know it from the old
clustered together and some years, it can look model but the re-vamp has prompted a better stock
rather empty – and no wonder with our firearms laws! design with raised cheek-piece to make it more ‘scope
Stands can look boring and so do those manning friendly’ and the stock is available separately if you
them! This year however, the Union jacks were want to upgrade your old GSG-5. Sig also do a rimfire
flying, it was busy and there was a lively atmosphere version of their military rifle and very nice it looks
and plenty to see. too – I think Wayne at North West Custom Parts
is already stocking them. This is a growing market
The RPA stand is always a must as they generally and you can buy a Colt AR15, Smith & Wesson’s
have something new – and they did – a couple of version of the AR and Ruger’s attempt to dress
hunting rifles which,
although not my bag The British sector was vibrant and busy
certainly break new
ground in this sector.
A little further along, I
came across Impala
Rifles. Impala Rifles?
Never heard of ‘em?
Neither had I – but here
was my scoop! Another
British made rifle action!
Wow – how could I not
have heard of this? Not
only an action but also
a UK made carbon-fibre
stock. A lively discussion
followed with Gavin
Haywood who it seems
has been quietly

46 Target Shooter
Gavin Haywood American stands. This guy makes
only one pistol. It’s aimed at
with his new
ladies as it is small enough to slip
action and into a pocket or handbag – no
carbon-fibre bigger than a Blackberry in fact.
stock – more The guy offers a range of different
next month ‘lady’ finishes – chrome, gold-plate,
pink, blue – you name it. I was
busy taking pictures and he
thought I might be a customer so
I had to put him right and confess
that I was from the UK where we
are not allowed to own such things.
“For God’s sake, stand up and fight
those bastards – take back your
country!” I could help thinking he
was dead right. It’s really pathetic
that we are just about the only
country in the civilised world where
we can’t own pistols.

Talking about other products

banned in the UK – there is a
massive market in self-defence
sprays. Why shouldn’t our ladies be
allowed to carry these? They merely

up their 10/22 as an AR. Many of these

rimfires are exact replicas of their fullbore
counter-part – so much so they can be used as
serious training weapons, greatly reducing the
cost of ammunition.

If IWA has a fault, it’s the lack of seating. You are

on your feet all day and, even for food breaks,
there is often limited seating but Hall 6 is a
saviour. It’s devoted to military, police and
security equipment and there were
demonstrations throughout the day – with
seating! When I got tired, I headed for Hall 6
and watched Russian policemen beat the living
daylights out of each other with riot shields,
battons, tasers, truncations etc. Very entertaining
and relaxing.

As well as guns, IWA hosts the Knife of the Year

award. Knives are OK, indeed some are beautiful
but I can’t get over-excited. Choose a knife, buy
it and it lasts forever – unless you lose it but
believe me, an awful lot of folk make a living out of
selling knives. The Knife of the Year is taken very
seriously and figures in the prestigious IWA A Russian
opening ceremony. Most exhibits would be policeman
illegal to carry in the UK – never mind demonstrates his
given an award! What a country we live in. I firepower
was looking at a tiny 22 pistol on one of the

Target Shooter 47
There’s something of
interest at every turn – this
guy is engraving a knife

spray pepper into the face of a dastardly attacker – the few years ago, green was the new black for tactical
effects of which are short-lived. I did see one that rifles – now it’s tan! Of all the so-called tactical rifles,
sprayed a coloured dye and a minor irritant which I haven’t seen one that surpasses the Unique Alpine
the vendor claimed was UK legal – interesting. in terms of quality, looks and functionality. They have
Another one shot a large dollop of glue onto the some new models but this rifle is so ‘right’ there is
assailants face – very effective. little that can be done to improve it beyond minor
tweeks. York Guns have secured the exclusive UK
But, let’s get back to firearms. What did the importer rights and we have one for test – more in
major manufacturers have to offer? Savage were our May issue. Remington had nothing new for me
showing their tactical rifle. It was on display and on but were still showing their tactical rifle with that
sale last year. It looks great but I had to tell them that bonkers triangular barrel. Again, I’ve yet to see one
I hadn’t seen a single one in the UK. They were also in the UK. Ruger had a tactical version of their 10/22
exhibiting a 338 version which should be far and of course the AR version of the 10/22. Most of
cheaper than any other factory 338. Let’s hope our the Winchester stand was devoted to shotguns, so
Savage importers take note. The 338 Barrett is another little for the rifle enthusiast.
rifle with that aggressive military look and a good
reputation and should sell well in the UK. There were If you want to see something really exciting you need
several minor firms showing rifles chambered for to visit the BCM stand run by my good friend Dr
the 338 and 408 Chey-Tac – there appears to be a Vittorio Taveggia. Vittorio is a genius in metal-
growing interest in these larger calibres for some working - of the CNC variety and he designs, builds
reason. and shoots some of the most exciting long-range
rifles you will ever see. He makes his own actions,
Yes, there were revamped tacticals from Blaser, Sig, stocks and a range of accessories – scope rings,
Sako, Steyr etc. but nothing too exciting. Whereas a rails and the like and he has also had time to develop
The 338 Savage looks the part should be a a semi-auto pistol for military and police use. Please
bargain have a look at his website at

48 Target Shooter
If you’ve nothing new to
show and you painted your
black rifle green last year,
then paint it tan for 2010!
A lot of the site is still under construction but you will appear and, if it’s from one of the major quality
get an idea of what he produces. manufacturers, all the better. Leupold haven’t had
much to excite me for the last few years but they
We can usually hope for the odd new scope to had a couple of great new tactical scopes on display
in an exciting new finish
Here’s Dr Taveggia from BCM – tan! These scopes are
military through and through
Europe Arms with his
with a Horus reticle on offer
semi-auto pistol. Next month
and a foolproof ‘lock’ on the
we’ll have a look at his rifles elevation turret to prevent
accidental adjustment.

Schmidt & Bender had also

gone for the same ‘desert’
finish and they had done
away with that curious
‘lighthouse’ turret which
adorns the 25 and 50 power
PM models. Sightron of
course were showing their
10-50 power which will
undercut the opposition by
about a third and surely
become ‘the scope’ for
serious long-range UK
target shooters. Aimfield
Sports are the UK importer
and Target Shooter has
the first one in the UK for
evaluation. Full report next
This month, I have tried
to give you a general
impression of the IWA show.
Next month, we will have
a closer look at at the more
interesting stuff on display.

Target Shooter 49
Phoenix Trade Fair
at the heart of
Serving the competitor, trader and visitor to the
Anno Domini and Phoenix for over 25 years

Bisley Pavilion Trade Fair

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Reloading Equipment and Accessories. All major brands stocked including BSA,
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50 Target Shooter
THE .308 WINCHESTER (part 6)

By Laurie Holland

Above - One the youngest (and best) international F-Class shooters is teenager Adam
Brough taking aim here with his 7mmWSM Open-Class rifle at Blair Atholl. This high-BC,
high-MV combination confers a huge advantage over .308W at long ranges in switching
Having identified bullets that are best avoided for ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ for very long-range shooting
longer range shooting last month, I’ll look at the with the .308 Winchester. But first, let’s go back
others to see what drives their external ballistics to basics and ask what we’re looking for – optimal
performance, and the importance or otherwise accuracy and external ballistics efficiency.
of their aerodynamic efficiency in 600yd ‘Accuracy’? – a combination of ‘precision’ (the rifle-
shooting. This will be the prelude to identifying ammunition’s ability to produce small groups) and

Optimal bullet choice can be crucial in long-range matches, especially on ranges such as Blair
Atholl which is notorious for difficult to read wind conditions.

Target Shooter 51
Although 0.308” bullets are available from 110gn to 240gn, these bullets represent the
usual maximum spread of 155 to 210gn used in the .308W. This sextet represents the most
efficient designs in their respective classes: 155s from Sierra, Lapua, and Berger on the
left; 208-210s from Hornady, Berger and Sierra on the right.
the application of rifle handling, aiming and wind Weight and Speed
reading to hit the aiming mark. Good external This leads me to the need to look at two things:
ballistics performance makes the latter job easier the mechanism whereby increasing bullet weight
through reducing the effects of such factors as increases BC; how similar bullet designs with
wind drift and bullet drop, the benefits conferred different weights behave at comparable MVs.
increasing exponentially with range. Now here’s a conundrum – how do we ascertain
comparable MVs for very different weight bullets,
What is ‘external ballistics efficiency’ in this say 155gn and 210gn? We could look at loading
context? It is the optimum combination of BC manuals or ask other shooters. Either may provide
(ballistic coefficient) and MV, but with a large choice ballpark but not particularly reliable figures given the
of bullet shapes and a weight range of 150 to 240gn variables involved, not to mention most shooters’
for 0.308” HPBTM designs, how can we compare incorrigible optimism about their loads’ velocities.
so many possible combinations? One problem is However, if we have an accurate MV for one load,
that, all other things being equal, BC rises in direct we can estimate what that particular rifle will
proportion to bullet weight, but opposing this, MV produce with other bullet weights. However, when I say
drops. Most shooters apparently assume this a “accurate MV”, I mean just that – that spells
zero-sum game in which MV reduction negates CHRONOGRAPHED! Generally speaking, if a rifle
any benefit derived from higher BCs, otherwise produces a certain ME (muzzle energy) with one
why would they load 155gn bullets for shooting in bullet, it will also do so at similar chamber pressures
disciplines or club matches where there is no such with others, even though you may have to change
requirement? Newcomers invariably choose 155gn the powder. Table 1 lists MEs for a range of bullet
bullets too, presumably on the advice of experienced weights using 155gn at 3,000 fps MV (3,098 ft/lb)
shooters. Much of this is down to our being as the starting point, and we see the equivalent MV
conditioned to be impressed by high velocities, and for a 210gn bullet is 2,577 fps. This method is not
‘well over 3,000 fps’ sounds better than ‘around exact, as load-tuning might see the finalised 210gn
2,500’. load perform best at an MV 20 or 30 fps lower, or

52 Target Shooter
Left- Identifying
ballistically optimum
load combinations
may seem impossible
given the potential
combinations of weights,
shapes and MVs. This
quartet represents four
very different options.
Left to right: 155gn
Lapua Scenar (mild
secant ogive); 175gn
Sierra MK (traditional
form match bullet with
radius tangent ogive);
175gn Berger VLD
(aggressive secant
ogive); 210gn Sierra
MK (not only a heavy-
weight, but Sierra’s only
full-blown VLD design
with aggressive secant
ogive nose section).
for that matter higher, than
the exact ME equivalent to
an existing load. Naturally,
the rifling twist rate has to
be suitable too.

Right, we have a chronographed load and likely

MVs for other bullet weights, so how does weight
affect BC, again stressing all other things are
equal? To find this out we need to look at the BC’s
constituent parts, and find it is the ratio of SD
(sectional density) to ‘form factor’, that is divide
the former by the latter and you get the BC. That
tells us not a lot, so let’s dig further. SD is the
ratio of bullet calibre (diameter) and weight,
specifically weight (measured in pounds)
divided by the square of the diameter in
inches. With 7,000gn to 1lb, a 155gn bullet weighs
0.022142 lbs and a 210gn example 0.0300 lbs.
Both are 0.3080” diameter, square this figure
and you get 0.094864. Divide our weights by this
figure and we get SD values of 0.233 and 0.316
respectively – note that any such weight thirty
calibre bullets have these SDs whether shaped
like ICBMs or a brick-built public conveniences.
The aerodynamic efficiency bit of the equation
Left - Berger’s two 0.308” 185s, BT Long-
Range on the left with long tangent nose and
VLD on the right with a 14.7-calibres radius
secant ogive nose on the right. The tangent
BT L-R model has the marginally higher G7
BC at 0.283 v 0.281, and is much easier to
‘tune’ in handloads for most rifles.

Target Shooter 53
Six of these seven bullets were evaluated ballistically for 600yd shooting using comparable MVs.
Left to right: ‘old’ Sierra 155gn MK, ‘new’ Sierra 155gn, 168gn SMK, 175gn SMK, cartridge loaded
with 185gn Berger BT L-R, 185gn Berger BT L-R, 200gn SMK, 208gn Hornady A-Max.
comes from the bullet’s shape (‘form’) and how tangent-ogive fronts, the 155.5 using a 9.6-calibre
well it copes with atmospheric drag. Ballisticians (2.96”) radius nose; the 210 a 10.19-calibre (3.14”)
describe it using a numerical ‘form factor’, which is radius section, with nose lengths only 2% different at
a comparison of the bullet’s performance against 0.825” and 0.806” respectively. Bryan has calculated
that of a standard reference projectile’s shape. The the i7 for both as 0.988, that is they produce 98.8%
reference bullet is always referred to as G plus a of the G7 reference standard bullet’s drag, so are
figure to differentiate the various versions available, marginally more efficient. The difference between
and is always given a form-factor or ‘i’ value of them is mid-section length, the 155.5gn bullet’s
1.0. The one we’re interested in the G7 reference 0.265”, the 210’s 0.481” producing the extra 55gn
standard – see Bryan Litz’s article on Fullbore bullets weight. BC is calculated by dividing the SD by i7
in the October and November issues which include value and since the heavier 210 grainer has a higher
a drawing of it. Bryan range tested 175 long-range SD it gets the better result at 0.320 v 0.237.
bullets in eight calibres and calculated i7 values and
G7 BCs averaged over 1,000yd flights – I’ll use his Metrics
data throughout in making comparisons. Fortuitously, We know these bullets’ BCs thanks to Mr Litz,
Bryan also provides detailed drawings of most of and we also know thanks to his drawings and
the 175 bullets too, letting me search for two whose calculations that the sole measurable difference
parts that most affect aerodynamic performance between them is weight, so we aren’t comparing a
are similar, that is the nose and boat-tail rear, but blunt pear to a streamlined apple. I can estimate
have different full-calibre lengths in-between vary- the 210gn version’s likely MV in my barrel as late
ing the weight. I eventually found two Berger 0.308” last year I tested the 155.5gn Berger loaded over
models that have similar shapes and an identical i7 America’s favourite propellant for this bullet weight,
value – the 155.5gn BT FULLBORE and the 210gn Hodgdon VarGet. Out of ten five-round test batches
Match BT Long-Range. Both have the same rear with powder charges rising in 0.2gn steps, three
end, an 8.9° angle boat-tail 0160” long and similar consecutive loads produced a ‘sweet spot’ or
54 Target Shooter
F-Class regulars Chris Hull and Terry Mann mark a .308W F/TR rifle shot on a PSSA
500/600yd ‘Freestyle’ target in a 600yd F-Class competition. On a day with constantly
switching winds, F/TR shooters would have been delighted to stay within the amount of
wind-drift seen here, many twos and threes being scored.
accuracy node giving 0.2-0.3” groups, the highest about bullet drop since we know the range(s) we’re
charge weight of the trio producing 2,952 fps MV. shooting over and can calculate the amount of
Calculating that combination’s ME produces 3,010 movement needed on the sights. So, if it’s not
ft/lb ME and the equivalent MV with the 210gn bul- bullet drop / sight setting ‘come-up’, what should we
let is 2,540 fps. So, let’s run them through Berger look for? If we shoot 6.5-284 Norma or 7mmWSM in
Bullets’ G7 ballistics program. F-Class, it’s one thing only – wind drift, but since
we’re shooting .308W, we’re interested in two
But first, out of the various program outputs – things – wind drift and terminal velocity. Why the
terminal velocity, trajectory, retained energy, and difference? The 7mm shooter needn’t worry about
wind drift – which are the important ones to us as dropping into transonic zone never mind subsonic
target shooters? Most people use bullet drop at speeds (c. 1,475 fps and below), but this can be a
long range from a 100yd zero converted to MOA as real issue for the long-range .308 competitor.
their key metric. How often do you hear people say Looking at the outputs, the 155.5gn number retains
something like “This is a great load! I only needed 1,273 fps (1.13 Mach) and moves 93.7” (just under
28-MOA come-up on my scope for 1,000 yards 9-MOA) in the ‘standard’ 10 mph 90° crosswind at
while my old one needed 32”? It seems logical in its 1,000yd, but the initially much slower 210 has an
simplicity, as surely the more the bullet drops, the extra 68 fps velocity (1,341 fps or 1.2 Mach) and moves
less efficient it is. Not so! Nor should we bother sideways 15½ fewer inches at 78.2”, a reduction

Target Shooter 55
600 yards is often referred to as short-range, but doesn’t look that from just in front of the
main Diggle range butts. The firing point is between the right-hand edge of the reservoir
and the range-house half way up the right hillside.
of nearly 1½-MOA at this range. However, it is was otherwise perfectly centred. The figures are
somewhat smaller changes in the wind strength and summarised in Table 2 with a typical 7mmWSM
direction that catch us out and lose points, either load’s performance shown for devilment.
through being missed or seen but wrongly ‘called’
and allowed for in the shot. A fairly typical mistake As a matter of interest, if we had adopted the
amounts to the equivalent of a 1½ mph change in a commonly used ‘sights come-up’ metric, how would
quartering wind. Input this wind speed from 4 o’clock our two bullets compare? The high-BC / Low-MV
and the 155.5 combination now moves 12.16”, the 210gn bullet drops 375.6” or nearly 36-MOA at
210 exactly 2” less at 10.16”, or just under 1-MOA. 1,000yd from a 100yd zero, the lower-BC / higher-
With the 1,000yd F-Class target having half-MOA MV 155.5gn bullet drops 322.5” or 30¾-MOA,
rings, the 155.5gn load scores a ‘three’, the 210 thereby shooting a full ‘5¼-MOA flatter’, as most
just scrapes into the ‘four’ ring assuming the shot shooters would see it – potentially a very misleading

Getting Form
These results surprised me, for while I know high-BC
heavy bullets outperform low-BC high-MV
combinations in the wind, I hadn’t expected it to
apply here as both bullets have an identical form
factor value, therefore equally efficient in
comparison to the G7 reference bullet shape.
Moving on, let’s look at the BC-mix from the other
side of the equation using three 175gn 0.308”
bullets. Their SDs are identical at 0.264, as are the
assumed MV, but what is now different is their
shapes, hence aerodynamic efficiency as
represented by i7 values. MV-wise I’ll use 3,000 fps
56 Target Shooter
with 155gn bullets as the baseline from now on, and for many people, so how important is bullet choice
their equivalent MV based on 3,098 ft/lb ME is 2,823 at this range? My examples in Tables 2 and 3 give
fps. The trio in low to high i7 value (hence high to low identical 600yd results for the ‘miscalled wind’, a
BC) order is Berger 175gn Match BT Long-Range 0.4” difference in lateral strike between the best
at 0.999, Berger 175gn VLD at 1.035, and Sierra and worst examples in each scenario, although that
175gn MatchKing at 1.084 giving G7 BCs of 0.264, rises to 0.6” between the best and worst of the five
0.255, and 0.243 respectively. These figures might loads if the results are aggregated, the smallest drift
surprise ome in that most shooters assume the being the 210gn Berger’s 3.2” and the worst the

VLD form with a long secant-form ogive (15.1 175gn SMK’s 3.8”. Is half an inch or so worth
calibres radius here) always outperforms tangent bothering about? It depends on the target size and
ogive designs. Berger has recently developed a wind conditions. Look at the photograph of the PSSA
series of long-nose tangent ogive bullets and these (Pennine Shooting Sports Association) 500/600yd
turn out to be really ‘slippery’, often producing F-Class target. We see a bullet strike with perfect
higher BCs than equivalent VLDs. The Berger 175gn elevation but blown almost out of the left side of the
Long-Range model has a longer than usual nose four-ring. (Ignore the score markings – the ‘V’ is the
with a 9.07 calibres radius form, which even if with a inner thin line outside of the circular black aiming
smaller radius than the VLD is a tenth of an inch mark, the Bull-5 is the 5½”-dia. ring marked ‘9’, and
longer overall at 0.805” shoulder to tip compared the 4-ring is the next out, the 10½”-dia. ring marked
to 0.707”. The SMK uses Sierra’s relatively blunt 7- as ‘8’.) This was a .308W F/TR shot and its position
calibre tangent ogive, but also has a 0.7” long nose. is around 4¾” left of the target centre, equivalent to
This bullet is the darling of long-range unknown- a missed 1¾ mph gust from 4 o’clock on a 155gn
distance sniper competition shooters, and is Sierra with 3,000 fps MV. Let’s consider this
loaded into the US military’s M118LR sniper target using the load combinations shown in Table 4
cartridge, ‘LR’ also short for Long-Range. Table 3 ranging from the ‘old’ 155gn Sierra Palma MK
gives their comparative performance at 600 and at 3,000 fps and the 168gn SMK at 2,882 fps
1,000yd. As with the previous example, the most as the poorest performers to the 185gn Berger
efficient bullet, the Berger Match BT L-R load sees Match BT L-R and 208gn A-Max as best with 1.2”
the bullet move noticeably less at 1,000yd, but with difference between them in a 1½” 4 o’clock gust.
a smaller improvement here at around 1½-inches – Let’s assume the shooter and rifle-ammunition are
not a huge amount, but every little helps. Terminal capable of grouping into half to two thirds-MOA, or
velocity sees a greater difference this time though 3”-4” at this range, and all shots are perfectly aimed,
with the Berger L-R at 1,325 fps (again at 1.18 Mach) so some will strike up to 1½ to 2-inches on either
a full 100 fps better than the Sierra MatchKing. side of the target centre. Some shots at the edges
of the group will reinforce the wind effects, others
600 Yards counter them, while some land dead centre and
I said last month that 600yd is long-range shooting their effect is therefore neutral. In the worst case,

Target Shooter 57
the group spread plus wind drift will amount to 6” or and 2-MOA (12”-dia.) ‘Bull’ and mostly confined to
more lateral movement for the poorest performing the V-count, while scaled down precision rifle targets
bullets which will then score ‘three’. The worst case will see potentially significant score improvements.
scenario for the best performing load should just Next month, I’ll evaluate the majority of bullets, look
score ‘four’. If we increase the missed wind call to at performance factors other than pure external
2mph, the 208gn A-Max load moves 4.1” against the ballistics, and examine my data source, a must-buy
155gn SMK load’s 5.4” making the former marginal book for any serious medium to long-range shooter,
for a ‘four’, the latter guaranteed a ‘three’ and getting ‘Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting’ by
perilously close to being a ‘two’. We can conclude Bryan Litz. Bryan has most generously agreed to me
that the benefits from using ballistically optimal load reproducing some of his data and illustrations.
combinations will be relatively small in Target Rifle
using the large NRA target with 1-MOA (6”-dia.) ‘V’

UK Gunworks
UK Gunworks was established by rifle builder Chris Blackburn
to manufacture specialist weapons for discerning shooters.
We take huge pride in what we do, and as a family business
our priority is to ensure our clients are happy with our products and services.

Custom Rifles - Semi Custom Rifles - Gunsmithing - Accessories - Reloading

Visit us at the Kelmarsh Game Fair and the CLA

58 Target Shooter Tel: 01604 585055
Mobile: 07789 690386

by John Gardener
If you’ve finished, unload and show clear. Vanessa’s steadily increasingly difficult exercises.
words took a second or two to sink in. There were Various shooting positions and techniques were
still a few targets standing, I still had some rounds demonstrated, which we were then invited to copy.
in the belt (I had fired about twenty five) so I stood My instructors were generous with their time and
there, gasping desperately to get some air into my patience but quick to spot error. Their criticisms
bursting lungs and looked at her stupidly. She had were constructive and positive and a great deal of
realized that I was physically and mentally, because information and knowledge was imparted.
of the lack of oxygen; most definitely – finished. Experimentation was encouraged and helpful
It had all started a few months before when I had suggestions as to positioning and technique were
casually mentioned that I wouldn’t mind having a positive and plentiful. The end of day one left me
go at practical shooting. I bought a gun and sent in tired, happy and muddy.
the forms. Of course, said Vanessa, if you want to Day two brought more stages, more guidance
shoot competition you’ll have to do the basic safety and one or two gentle reminders and increasingly
course. I made myself familiar with my new gun by large grins from the students as we realized
firing a few rounds through it, practicing my loading how much fun this could be. We were tested and
technique and generally having a bit of fun. When scrutinized constantly, not only whilst on the line but
I arrived at Carlisle I felt a little trepidation, through all the time whilst on the range or near it. Taking off
fear of embarrassment and failure I suppose, but my safety glasses because they had steamed up
eager to see what the course had to offer. produced a mild rebuke to go behind the shed and
There were three instructors who introduced do it; a loud “tut” and stern look reminded me to
themselves and outlined the detail of the course. never let my weak hand triffer ninger* wander away
There were nine of us students and we were left in from straight again. As I have said, the stages became
no doubt that the emphasis would be on safety and increasingly difficult and were designed to test our
that failure would be inevitable should we be deemed safe gun handling, skill level and spacial awareness.
to be the slightest unsafe. There followed about Different techniques were explained and
three hours of fairly intense classroom instruction on demonstrated and as a result, our shooting steadily
practical shotgun shooting. All aspects of practical increased in accuracy and speed; but most of all we
shotgun shooting were covered, and whilst, as a were being guided down the path of safe shooting.
shooter of various other disciplines for a number of The last stage consisted of moving from one set
years I thought that I was pretty well switched on, I of coloured cones to another, loading on the move
learned an awful lot that morning. It was all about, and engaging the targets from different positions,
not only being safe myself (we all know about not weak shoulder standing etc. Vanessa urged me into
pointing a gun at someone don’t we?) but about gradually increasing speed and I tried to keep
demonstrating to all those around me in a clear and going. She called “Blue, strong shoulder, standing”
unambiguous manner that what I’m doing with my I searched the range floor desperately trying to
gun presents no danger to them as well as myself. spot the two blue cones, finally my dying brain
We were left in no doubt that failure was a possibility realized that they were between my feet and that I was
and an early bath more than likely. standing with the gun in my strong shoulder. My
And so to the range. Targets were set up, and under arms refused to lift the gun, my lungs screamed
close supervision we were asked to complete as they struggled for oxygen and my heart-beat

Target Shooter 59
Coming to the end of the unloading procedure. gun has been called clear by the Range
Officer, the flag is inserted and the gun is then carried muzzle down.

(probably in the hundreds) was making my head holder, but if you successfully complete the course to
pound. “If you’ve finished, unload and show clear.” Competition Level and want a Competition Licence
Followed by a “Well done.” “Yes” I gasped, “Well and (required to take part in approved matches in the UK
truly done.” and elsewhere in the world) you will have to join the
The wash-up was, as we had now come to expect, Association within 6 months of the course.
constructive and useful. There followed a few The cost is usually around £70 (+ cartridges) for
anxious moments while we were called, one by one the two days. Prior to the course you’ll be emailed
into a separate room for our personal wash-up, I with details of what is required of you and what to
received a hearty handshake from my instructors expect. If you would like to get on a course or your
and presented with my Basic Safety Course club would like to host one please email Jim Gibney
Certificate and my competition licence. The course at
was as demanding, as I had expected, instructive More details about practical shooting can be found
as it should be, and enjoyable. I cannot thank my at
instructors enough for their generosity, my fellow
students enough for their company and Carlisle Finger outside Trigger Guard
Range enough for their hospitality. All I can hope to
do is recommend them all to you most heartily, and,
for myself and all of you. Shoot safe, shoot well.

John Gardener

• Triffer ninger – that piece of anatomy

which wanders towards the trigger when your
concentration goes.

So you want to go on a course.

You do not have to be a UKPSA member to be
accepted on a course, or even be an FAC or SC
60 Target Shooter
Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds • Classifieds •

Target Shooter
Custom Rifle Build – The Stock

by Andy Dubreuil
Those of you who follow my articles, will already well. Stephen has done his best to promote himself
know that I am a benchrest shooter and I thought by taking his stocks to shooting clubs and shows
it might be useful to share information with other to let shooters see what he can produce and get
benchrest shooters - or maybe those looking to get feedback as to what shooters would like. He is now
into benchrest shooting - how a stock is made for a starting to find his feet and gunsmiths are starting to
custom rifle build. use his stocks for custom rifle builds.
When some shooters hear the word ‘custom’ they I spoke to Stephen late last year about him maybe
think that it will likely cost loads of money, well yes it building me a stock for a project that I had in mind.
can but you can get a custom build done for around He then sent me some photographs of the different
the same kind of money as a new factory rifle - if woods and laminates he uses but I was looking for
you shop around. something different both in wood and shape to meet
The UK has some great gunsmiths and stock my needs.
makers but, as a breed, they can be hard to find The great thing about a custom build is that you
and often it’s done by ‘word and mouth’. Personally, start with a ‘blank canvas’ and work out a budget of
I wish that these guys would come out of darkness how much you are willing to spend. Hopefully, you
and promote themselves a little – by advertising in will not have to compromise too much on what you
Target Shooter maybe! are looking for when you add up the cost!
Stephen Parker of Parmoor Stocks started his After studying Stephen’s range of woods, laminates
custom stock making business about a year ago. and designs and after a lot of thought, we came up
Getting a company going in a climate that is still with a combination that would do the job. Then I
recovering from the recession can be hard work and met Stephen at the Newark Show last month where
a gamble – as we at Target Shooter know all too he was showing a laminate that I had never seen

62 Target Shooter
before, nor had anyone else for that matter and I just same detail in another stock even though it’s made
fell in love with it – overnight, everything changed! from the same laminate.
Steve calls this laminate ‘ice wood’ and the only The stock is going to be used for unlimited rimfire
thing I can tell you about it is that it comes from the benchrest shooting, which is just as well as it will
far east and Stephen is keeping quiet on where he weigh around 6 lbs. but it will make for a good solid
sources it. I don’t blame him, it is just so different rifle when the build is finished.
and everyone who saw it was impressed. If he had My shooting friends in America and Australia have
brought a dozen stocks, he would have sold the lot! a habit of naming their rifles and I have fallen foul
So, with the wood and design sorted, we can have a of this habit as the ice wood shapes and contours
look at how the stock is made thanks to the pictures remind me of the coat of a snow leopard, so that is
provided by Steve. what I’m calling it.
The first step is to glue the laminates together to Once the inletting is done, Stephen will put the first
build up the required thickness for the stock but coat of lacquer on the stock just to seal it so that it
it also adds strength and stability to the wood to doesn’t pick up dirty finger marks, then it will be sent
prevent it warping. This must then be left for a week for pillar-bedding with my gunsmith. The bedding
so that it has time to set under extreme pressure. process will take around eight days to complete and
Once this is done, the laminate is cut to a rough then the stock will go back to Stephen for the final
shape so that it can be machined in the copier. As lacquering which will take around 28 days to give
you can see from the first picture, the machine that the that high gloss finish that it deserves.
Stephen uses can turn out two stocks at a time by A good custom build doesn’t happen overnight, so
reading a template. As the machine follows the allow for a couple of months for the work to be done
template, the stock begins to take shape. The and keep in touch with your ‘smith for progress of
air is filled with fine wood fibres which should not how the build is going. I am starting to get itchy
be inhaled so attention to health and safety is fingers already as I really want to have the rifle in
paramount. my hands but I must be patient as I know that it will
Once the basic shape is formed it then requires a be worth the wait.
large dollop of ‘elbow grease’ to give it a smooth You can contact Stephen of Parmoor Stocks
finish ready for lacquering, once the machining and either by phone on 01937842017 or email him at
inletting for the action and barrel is complete. The for more
contrasting colours of the laminate brings out the information. See also the advertisement in the
interesting features of the stock and, if you look at it magazine.
long enough you will begin to see unusual shapes Next time I will be talking about the rifle part of the
and even faces in the laminate. This is what makes build and will share with you how this was done and
ice wood so different, as you will never have the why I chose certain parts for the rifle.

Target Shooter 63
64 Target Shooter
The SEB Neo Co-axial Rest

by Vince Bottomley
Above - new and old - I measured a full 9.5 inches from the top of the base-plate to the bag
– much better than the old rest (right) This means we don’t need those long screws
Have you had a look at the video of the new actually work in practice.
SEB rest on our home page which we shot at the Machine-type front rests were once the
Newark Show last month? Fox Firearms are the preserve of serious benchrest shooters and even
UK importer for Seb’s many products and Brian then, not many of us were using the co-axial – or
Fox was kind enough to loan us the Neo rest for joystick – rests. Although they appeared to offer an
half an hour so that we could shoot the video. advantage over the more common tri-pod rest,
they were expensive and it was not until the F
At the end of the Show, I asked Brian if I could Class shooters came along that we began to see
borrow the rest for a 600 yard benchrest shoot the more joystick rests on UK ranges. The reason for
following Sunday. This gave me a lot better insight this is simple – it’s difficult to reach the controls of
into Seb’s latest offering and how the new features a tri-pod rest from the prone position whereas the
We shoot uphill at Diggle from the 600 yard firing point and, as you can see, I needed most
of the SEB’s elevation

Target Shooter 65
This is one of Seb’s ‘gator bags with the offset ears which providing a rest for the
joy-stick falls more readily to hand - for both the we had to adapt and fabricate long adjustable
prone and bench shooter. feet, which worked but are time-consuming to set
up. Secondly, adjusting the tension on the rest
The American Farley co-axial is the standard involved four screws with lock-nuts – again
by which others are judged as this was the first tedious and fiddly to adjust. Some shooters like the
production rest to break through into serious rest ‘tight’ so that it will hold the weight of the rifle
benchrest competition. It’s a great rest – though but this makes for a jerky operation of the joystick
expensive, so when Seb’s first co-axial rest came which means it takes a while to get the cross-hairs
along offering a significant saving over the Farley, exactly on the aim-point. This is not too much of
it was an immediate hit with benchresters and a problem for the ‘effer, who has plenty of time for
‘effers alike. It did however have a couple of short- each shot but for the benchrester trying to get 5
comings. shots off in fifteen seconds……………

Firstly, ‘effers couldn’t get enough height for some So, for benchrest, I like to run my Mk1 SEB ‘loose’
ranges where we shoot uphill – like Diggle – so but this means that the rifle drops as soon as I let

These two thumb-screws take care of tension adjustment – which is now controlled by
spring-tension. A vast improvement over the four socket-head screws on the old rest (right)
which were a bit fiddly

66 Target Shooter
The adjustable front bag will accommodate any width of stock up to five-inches. Note new
fore-end stop
go of the joystick to chamber another round. This I used one of Seb’s ‘gator’ rear bags – so called
can be corrected to some extent by the addition because it (remotely) resembles the head of an
of a front counter-balance weight. This is my alligator. It’s an enormous bag that just won’t shift
preferred set-up and I’m very happy with it – the when it’s filled with Zircon sand. Mine also has
action is creamy-smooth and the rifle doesn’t drop offset ears so that the front of the bag hangs out to
when I let go of the joystick. Would the new SEB the right and provides a useful rest for the trigger
make me as happy? hand – important with a two-ounce trigger.

A 600 yard benchrest competition would be my I can honestly say that my set-up has never been
first try-out with the Neo so how did it go? First better, with the rifle returning almost exactly to
off, no need to mess about with the long adjusting aim-point between shots – essential when you are
screws – set the base level on the bench and just running the rifle very fast to try and beat the wind
wind up the elevation until you’re on target. changes. Yes folks, I want one!
Compared to the old rest, there must be twice the
vertical adjustment. Incidentally, the dual elevation So, in competition, the Neo lived up to
knobs are quite sophisticated and employ a clever expectations and Seb has incorporated other
clutch mechanism to stop the top falling down minor but useful touches - like a simpler method
under its own weight. Two clamp screws are of attaching the handle. Also, although the rest
nipped up when the height is finalised. is intended to be rigged with the odd leg to the
front, it can be built with the leg to the rear if you
Second surprise, there is a bit of built-in ‘uplift’ – a wish. This could be useful with short-barrelled
light spring, designed to hold the weight of the rifle benchguns which must have the muzzle forward
without the addition of a counterbalance weight. of the bench top but having the odd leg to the front
This means that I can now set the tension exactly means that you don’t tend to lift the rest when you
to my liking – loose if you remember – without the slam the rifle against the fore-end stop, as we tend
rifle dropping between shots. And tension is now to do when running the rifle very fast.
set with two thumb-screws – no spanners or Allen
keys - all thanks to a spring system within the rest. F Class shooters will really love the extra height
you can get with the Neo and also, it’s a bit lighter
Thirdly, the front bag is actually three bags. The so easier to lug around the range. If you intend to
two side bags can be adjusted to exactly fit your travel by air to a shoot, you will really appreciate
fore-end and the side-bags have an additional fine the way the rest strips and stacks into a ‘column’
thumb-screw adjustment. The bag will adjust to for compact transportation.
incorporate any fore-end width from zero to a
full five inches. The fore-end stop is also an The rest is still at the pre-production stage and
improvement – more robust and quicker to adjust Seb has sent out these examples for evaluation
– again, no tools needed. To complete my set-up, before the design is finalised – that in itself is a

Target Shooter 67
Stacked for transportation – it takes a
couple of minutes with one Allen key
to assemble

68 Target Shooter
Comparing the ‘footprint’ of the two rests – the Neo’s odd leg can be positioned to the front
(as here) or rear as required.

testament to the man’s integrity. Fox Firearms are

the sole UK agent and at this moment we don’t
have a price but I know that Brian makes very little
on these rests with the main saving coming from
bulk shipping which can be quite significant if you
were to order a single example from Indonesia.
Contact Fox via the website at www.foxfirearm- if you are interested. I suspect Brian will
get an initial batch of ten which will go very quickly
so get your name on one if you don’t want to be

There is also a video review of the Neo SEB

rest. Click on the video snapshot above to link
to the video on the Target Shooter website.

Target Shooter 69
In another first for North West
Custom Parts we have the
semi autos ~ now in stock
Lots of bolt on goodies ~ optics,
spare mags, sights, slings, etc.


Tel: 0161 408 1155 or

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We reserve the right to charge for any alteration to this proof which
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70 Target Shooter
SIG 522 Review

By Nigel Greenaway

Some of you may express surprise that this month I Higgs for giving us permission to us this excellent
am writing about the new SIG 522 .22LR Semi-Auto range.
carbine – somewhat removed from Sniping or
Service Rifle articles. I too was a bit surprised to It has been a long time since I’ve shot a .22LR on
receive a request from Wayne at North West an indoor range but as a cadet at school it was
Custom Parts to review his latest import. It something I did for four years, three times a week.
happened during my February visit to the British Perhaps to lend some credibility to writing this
Shooting & Countryman Show - I was soon article about .22 rifle shooting - all that effort
clutching what looked very much like a tactical rifle. culminated in Bedford school winning the Country
It had all the look and feel of the Classic SIG556 Life Cadet Rifle Shooting Competition in 1981
but in an affordable .22 LR calibre. Arrangements against 92 other schools. I managed to shoot a
were made with a local RFD – Bob Wightman of “possible” for the second year running – a feat only
Nottingham, who collected the SIG 522 and a few achieved by myself and one other cadet in over 100
nights later we were both shooting the rifle at the years of competition. For me .22 shooting gave me
indoor range at Epperstone – my thanks to Richard a set of marksmanship skills that have set me up for

The SIG 522 - out of the box and ready to go

Target Shooter 71
The SIG 522 - ready for field testing

life, not least of which was the rapid target with ten for length. It is a classic military style platform that
shots in one minute using a single shot No.8 – the gives the look, feel and dependability of the full size
thing that taught me most about shooting quickly and SIG556.
accurately. I would always recommend that novices
to Service Rifle start with a .22LR before progressing Dimensions are:
to full bore. It is great to see the growth of Mini Rifle Overall Length 35.1 inches
in recent years and the introduction of some great Length with stock collapsed 33.6 inches
“tactical” looking rifles – I wish both had been around Length with stock folded 26.1 inches
30 years ago! Barrel 16.6 inches
Back to the present with the SIG522 which features Rifling Twist 1 in 16
SIG556 parts including a Swiss type folding stock Weight 6 lbs 4 oz
and polymer forend on a durable metal receiver with
integral Piccatinny rail. The stock is also adjustable The Sig 522 comes with a 25 round magazine and I
was also able to use Black Dog 24
round mags. I believe 10 round
mags are also available and that
is a 50 round mag in the picture.
It comes in a high quality hard
gun case. A Red Dot sight is an
optional extra but I fitted a
German 4x24 Hensoldt Scope
- more usually seen on G3
rifles – it certainly looked the part
on the Piccatinny rail. The rifle
is comfortable to use with a nice
forend and enough weight overall
to make you realise that this isn’t
a toy – the weight helping to soak
up the minimal recoil and quickly
get back on aim

The rifle has an ambidextrous

safety lever on each side of
action above the pistol grip.
Fixing the scope on to the

72 Target Shooter
Piccatinny rail was a breeze and it probably only mastered the trigger pull. The next series of targets
took about ten shots to get zeroed. The mag loaded were ten shot groups shot in about 11 seconds. The
easily so it was tempting to blast off 100 rounds Winchester Subsonic shot a fair ¾ inch group and
to test for functionality. The result – not a single the Remington 22 Thunderbolt ammo was similar.
malfunction or failure to feed. Blazer wasn’t bad but then things tightened up some
Things were looking good so now it was time to try more with the popular CCI Mini Mag slightly bigger
some serious trigger work to test for accuracy using than 5/8 inch and CCI Stinger was similar. Eley
a wide range of different ammunition. With .22LR Club shot a slightly tighter group but the outstanding
it is always wise to test as many different brands performance was with some ten year old Henry
as possible – often the results will produce a few Krank Value ammo. I believe this ammo is loaded
surprises. Targetry was some old “Tin Hat” small by Eley but at ½ inch was none too shabby and
bore diagrams which were deliberately chosen to certainly illustrated the accuracy potential of this rifle.
suit the pointer reticule of the Hensoldt scope – just
rest the flat of the pointer on the underneath of the Conclusions
black and squeeze.
I can see the SIG522 is going to be very popular
The range was 25 yards and initially I started with the Mini Rifle fraternity or anyone who wants to
shooting with Remington Target ammo in two five have fun in a “tactical” format. Throughout the entire
shot groups. The vertical stringing illustrates that I session of around 200 rounds using nine different
was taking time to get used to the trigger. It was a brands of ammunition from sub-sonic through to
two stage type with a long springy take up during high velocity there was not a single malfunction.
the first stage before settling on a reasonably crisp Accuracy was better than expected and could be
second stage and let off. I found later that you only improved with practice and the right brand of ammo.
have to release the trigger a short distance in order I believe iron sights can be fitted plus a multitude
to take the next round – certainly not the full distance of different scopes or red dot sights on the versatile
of the first stage. Using this technique the travel to Piccatinny rail. My thanks to Wayne of North West
get to the second stage was minimal and the rate of Custom Parts for asking me to test the SIG522.
fire could be speeded up whilst still maintaining good His current price on the website is £725 - probably
trigger control. not helped by the current exchange rates. Visit his
website or ring him on
By the time I finished the second two five round 0161 4081155 for more details on availability and
groups of CCI Subsonic Hollow Point I had accessories.

Target Shooter 73
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Target apply - see
website for details. AVAILABLE FROM GUNSHOPS
You CAN do it! – The NSRA’s Disabled
Shooting Project

by Liz Woodall
Prologue the realisation that target-shooting (particularly the
Working in the Membership Department of the small-bore disciplines) is an incredibly disabled
National Small-bore Rifle Association, I saw a sad friendly sport. In fact some research showed that it is
litany of members’ records that were marked “Given really the most disabled-friendly of ALL sports. The
up – bad back”, “Lapsed due to age”, “No longer positions, techniques and equipment can be adapted
shooting – eyesight”, and so on. Giving up a sport and modified to cater for any type or severity of
that has been enjoyed for a lifetime is quite a wrench. disability. Most important of all, hardly any
What could be done to help these people? competitions are segregated; disabled and
Mulling the problem over, and watching all the people able-bodied all shoot against each other – something
coming to shoot at the Lord Roberts Centre, brought that only target sports can offer, as far as I can see.

E Denmark

Target Shooter 75
Vic Morris

A campaign began to get a project going that would which is a fantastic response level. The results
help not only those people who felt they had no choice were quite an eye-opener. More than 50% of the
but to give up their sport, but also to attract into it membership had some impairment which impinged on
disabled people who otherwise would have no chance their shooting – the vast majority of them were those
to take part in a competitive sport. The obvious quid with vision defects that are corrected with glasses, but
pro quo for the sport would be not only increased 10% had other physical disabilities.
participation and membership, but also some Applying these percentages to the total shooting
effective protection from the anti-shooting lobby – it population showed that there are thousands of
is very difficult to be nasty to something that involves people out there who could probably do with some
a lot of disabled people. (By the way, this is not help.
exploiting the disabled – I have asked, and they are The second step was putting forward a reasoned
more than happy to have the sport saved for them, case, based on the survey results. The figures
too.) convinced the right people, who agreed that we could
The first step was to find out how many existing start up a project. The Disabled Shooting Project
members had some form of disability, so we did a (DSP) was born.
survey. Forms were sent to all NSRA-affiliated The beginningA Working Group was set up,
organisations, and eventually around 25% replied, chaired by Charlie Blow, an NSRA board member.

76 Target Shooter
Dave Froggett, the Association’s Coaching and joined the project, or else to special-interest groups on
Development Manager, was an obvious and very topics like wheelchairs, coaching, equipment, blind/VI
enthusiastic recruit. We invited Disability Target shooting, etc.
Shooting Great Britain (DTSGB) to nominate
someone, and were delighted to welcome Mandy The other method of helping people is dealing with
Pankhurst, although her own shooting commitments individual enquiries as they come in. This might
subsequently led to her withdrawing in favour of be just helping someone find a suitable club or
Rikki Singh, their chairman. I was included as chief coach, advising on options open to a shooter who is
keyboard-hammerer. becoming less able, finding someone who can build
special equipment, and so on. The most interesting
As the project has grown, John Lloyd and Keith enquiry to date came from the Falkland Islands; DSP
Morriss have also been drawn into the group. John members gave advice on helping a stroke victim –
is another NSRA board member who has been and also offered postal matches and other tokens of
doing much to promote disabled shooting at Blackburn friendship to the only club out there.
Rifle & Pistol Club. Wheelchair-user Keith recently Developing wider options for disabled shooters,
acquired the distinction of becoming the first disabled and awareness of those options, is another part of
coach ever to achieve an ISSF Coach qualification. our work. We are promoting the various forms of
Nowadays you have to have a mission statement, so benchrest shooting, which is the most accessible
we put together the aims of the project. The DSP is discipline of all and encouraging the development of
to help not just those with an obvious disability, but new and better equipment. Dave Froggett and Keith
also those who are “less able” but would not regard Morriss are putting together modules for coaching
themselves as “disabled”. Our aims are: courses, to help coaches understand how to work
with disabled shooters. Work is also going into setting
• to offer existing target shooters the best up some innovative new competitions which will be
possible chance of continuing to take part in the sport particularly suited for both disabled and able-bodied
despite any infirmity or disability; participation.
• to offer people with any disability the chance
to take part in competitive target shooting on equal The Finale
terms with non-disabled; Our plan is to have a Disabled Shooting Year in 2011,
• to provide advice and support to clubs wishing which will be an excellent warm-up act for the 2012
to develop shooting for disabled; and London Paralympics. We hope this will include a very
• to raise the public profile of target shooting as high-profile launch at Bisley, a lot of regional events,
a disabled-friendly sport. taster days around the country, special competitions,
etc. Another high-profile closing event would
Armed with these noble objectives we began to include an awards ceremony for those who have made
publicise the project in print and on the NSRA’s significant contributions to the cause of disabled
website. The response was immediate. Clubs shooting.
began to ask for information and advice. Shooters
and coaches contributed ideas. People asked about The end
taking up the sport. It was working! After the Disabled Shooting Year, if everything goes
to plan, the project’s work will be completed. By then,
The middle systems should be in place at all levels of the sport to
A large part of the DSP’s work now is acting as a nurture disabled shooting and after a hand-over and
communications hub for what has been dubbed our winding down period, the Working Group can retire for
Information Exchange. We realised that there are a well-earned rest!
people scattered all over the country who are trying
to invent various wheels – i.e. to solve problems Information
for disabled shooters. Unbeknown to them, other Anyone interested in the DSP can find bulletins
people elsewhere have already invented some of on the NSRA’s website,, and is
those wheels. The Information Exchange aims to put welcome to e-mail the Working Group via that website,
those who need solutions in touch with those who can or telephone 01483 485505. The project’s You CAN
help to provide them. It is a superb example of the do it! leaflet is available as a download, or printed
“brotherhood” of the sport. copies will be sent by post to anyone who wants
them for an event, or to place in local sports centres,
The Exchange operates in two ways. Firstly, there information bureaux, etc. There is also a matching
are articles and bulletins about a range of topics that poster (can include local contact details), and a
may be helpful to many people. These are distributed Powerpoint presentation which we are happy to
in magazines, printed bulletins, web-bulletins on the e-mail out.
NSRA site, and e-bulletins. The e-bulletins go out
either to all of the clubs and individuals who have

Target Shooter 77
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78 Target Shooter
Target Shooter Magazine is a publication of Trinity Digital Publishing Ltd
This Smallbore Business

By Don Brook
Using the sling. of the buckle adjustment holes. It should be noted
that there are even more minute adjustments
The next segment a new, (and not so new) shooter available on other slings, so it would do the reader
has to know about is the correct use of the sling in good to investigate the market out there.
the prone position. My K T sling is much modified, and primarily the
Just within that opening sentence there is a key position of the buckle was the first point addressed.
word, “correct” and believe me, so much depends I removed the keeper loop for starters and resited
on this segment, and the actual sling itself. There the buckle quite a bit closer to the upper arm, but
is a plethora of slings available on the market now, well away from the wrist bones. I have seen so
from a number of extremely reliable manufacturers. many that put up with excruciating pain when the
Of course, for small bore you are limited to the sling buckle bored into the wrist bones! Many a
single point sling by the ISSF rules, and as this is a top echelon score has suffered because of intruding
small bore column, these are the type I am writing pain as the shoot progressed, even to the point
about. The same applies to the 300m events. of the left hand (right handed shooter) going
Before I start however, let me remind you all that completely numb!
the sling is purely an aid to holding the rifle still,
but even within that there are a number of areas If you are just starting this fascinating sport, or
that need extreme attention to detail. (Where have attending to someone that is, it is imperative that
I said thatbefore?) sling comfort is paramount. I have seen new
shooters never turn up again at a club where this
The photos you will see in this article depict my facet is ignored.
own sling which is a modified (for my use) synthetic
compound sling I bought from Kurt Thune way back If you study the sling in photo “A”, you will see
in 1982. that the buckle is situated almost directly over the
Also let me state here and now, that leather slings elbow, and well away from the wrist bones. This is
went out with button up boots! We have come a the very first point you address, when custom fitting
long way since then…… a sling. You will also note that my KT sling is the
I recommend the Kurt Thune slings personally but single buckle type, not the two buckle unit which is
there are also quite good examples from Gehmann, also available.
and Anschutz, with some modern improvements You will also note the sling loop around the upper
that work very well. So it does come down to sling has been removed, and that I have attached
personal choice in many cases. the both straps of the sling composite material with
a 6mm bolt and nut.
I like the Kurt Thune sling pictured because of a The reason for this is that I maintain that the
number of factors, not the least of which is the upper sling should not constrict the Biceps/Triceps
minute adjustments connected with the frequency muscles to allow the upper arm some space to

Target Shooter 79
This photo shows the position of the buckle of the
single point sling which I consider is excellent. The
buckle is away from the bones of the wrist. (See text,
photo “A”) Note also the sling strap is almost parallel
to the barrel.

function without coming into contact with the the upper arm positioning, you will see that I have
artery that runs on the inside of the muscles. This is positioned the sling immediately ABOVE the upper
extremely important as any contact, or restriction muscle swell of the triceps muscle on the back of the
on this artery induces a pulse beat movement to the arm, and locked this in place with the sling keeper
hold. In a pressure situation such as leading the attached to my jacket. The sling is open all the way
really big matches this contact can utterly destroy to the nut and bolt attachment, and is not coming
any possibility of holding the rifle still. This is why into contact with the Biceps muscle face. I like the
I say CORRECT use of the sling is a matter of dire muscle to “breathe” for want of a better word, and
importance. Not much point if you have a top this is why I removed the sling loop from both sides
class extremely accurate rifle and ammunition of the upper arm configuration of the sling. I found
combination if you cannot hold the thing in the X this was an extremely important factor in my
ring under pressure is there? techniques, and further studied the hold movements
with a 25 power Lyman “Permacentre” telescopic
I also like the KT sling because of the upper arm sight. I really had a GOOD look at this aspect, over
single loop shape, which I took great care to study a number of months, which will be further explained
when I bought the sling from Kurt when I first met later in this article. (May even be the next one!)
him in Zurich.
I put the sling around the upper arm and was The upper arm position with any sling is crucial
impressed at the fit, the extremely strong material, in my opinion, and as I said above with my own
the non slip rubber compound entailed. I have used techniques was an extremely long study. I must
this sling extensively for small bore, 300m and full say that without the scope up top it may have
bore shooting since then. But, I must add, I have been even longer! I found that even the slightest
never fired a shot without the custom adjustments I adjustment produced some of the most major
mentioned above. advantages for me.
Here I am in 2010 still using the very same sling! A Under the telescopic sight, I arrived at photograph
tribute to the manufacture in terms of longevity…. “C” where the sling positioning I found best, was
directly over the centre of the left elbow position.
If you study the photo in “B” where I have detailed The photo was taken directly from above the
80 Target Shooter
This photo illustrates the open position of the upper arm strap of the sling. I do not
recommend that the sling is tightened around the upper arm, but rather has equal pres-
sures on both the inside and outside straps. This is the reason why I have taken the arm
loop off the sling. The sling illustrated is a modified (for my own use) Kurt Thune single
buckle unit. (See text.)
position, and I take a great deal of care in which was why I went to the Lyman scope to check
reproducing this positioning for every single shot I up on the adjustments I made to my position and
fire, and more so when setting the position up for the sling work I was studying. I found that after
the first sighter shot. This is extremely important….. development, I could hold a 1/8th minute lee dot
Without this attention to detail on this aspect, there reticule in the lyman scope, inside a .22 bullet hole
is very little benefit you can achieve even if you put at 50m! This means that 6mm groups are quite
the whole positioning in place exactly as I have possible with a small bore rifle at 50m.
described in the previous articles in this magazine.
My work is an ongoing sequence, and so often I With that thought in mind folks, I went to the scope
have stated that attention detail is paramount to just to find out what happened to the rifle hold with
success. My world the sling development I was working on, both in
records (ratified) are testament to this, and the position assembly, hold movement shape and
number of first sighter shots that go smack in the recoil pattern consistency at shot release. I will
middle….also a good indication that everything enlarge on these aspects next month, and leave
works! you with yet another psychological gem.

I found that the recoil of even the small bore rifle Excellence in shooting is not an act, but becomes
was an important study, connected with the hold a habit!
movements, and let me state that a good small
bore shooter has no problems holding the rifle Think about it,
so still that from a distance it looks motionless. I Brooksie.
needed to find out how small my hold was exactly,

Target Shooter 81
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82 Target Shooter
February 2010

By Hayley Platts
Bisley once again hosted the National all the other competitors out of the water, and was
Airgun Championships incorporating the Open too much for her closest able bodied rival in the form
Championship for the Disabled, and seemed of Louise Minett.
to be pretty busy with shooters competing and The Aggregate competitions were settled as follows:-
representing every corner of the British Isles. This
year there was a most unfortunate clash of events AIR RIFLE
with the Commonwealth Shooting Championships
taking place in New Delhi India which without doubt CLASS X
took out of the equation many of our top shooters 1. N K Porrill 595 600 (1,195)
especially from England and Scotland. However 2. L C Minett 592 579 (1,171)
as my old shooting friend from Jersey reminded 3. A J Fountain 580 589 (1,169)
me when she re-iterated that her small island now
boasted British Champions in Senior Men’s Air Rifle CLASS A
(D J Turner) and Women’s Air Pistol (M Norman) that 1. K J Butler 580 577 (1,157)
you have to be ‘in it to win it’! 2. L S Brough 578 577 (1,155)
3. D R Farmer 577 571 (1,148)
Once again there was a contingent of enthusiastic
youngsters shooting in the Standing Sporter Air rifle CLASS B
event which kept the converted .22 range area full of 1. P C Thornton 578 563 (1.141)
interest for spectators. Also on the downstairs range 2. R W Shears 571 568 (1,139)
competitions were going on with the 10 metre 5 target 3. L T Flack 574 565 (1,139)
and standard air pistol disciplines, which of course is
something else of interest for shooters to have a go CLASS C
at whilst already at the venue for the British. In fact 1. L Sykes 562 557 (1,119)
it was a a good event for British Records as P Jones 2. W P Hammond 555 560 (1,115)
the winner equalled the British Record with a score 3. N Manskova 548 554 (1,102)
of 31, and silver medallist Kristian Callaghan scored
28 which is a new British Junior Record. CLASS D
1. D E Blinco 539 552 (1,091)
Another score to raise a few eyebrows and a 2. V Hilbourne 527 539 (1,066)
master class of concentration came from Miss N K 3. C R Brown 528 537 (1,065)
Porrill from Centurion club who won class X with her
scores of 595 and then a 600 which obviously blew

Target Shooter 83
Michael - Haig Trophy Forres 2009

AIR PISTOL strong European shooting countries. I’m not only

singling this one out and do congratulate all our
CLASS X winners for their hard work and will to win on the
1. S Los 581 579 (1,160) day, but, feel the wider picture of talent needs to
2. A A Ritchie 569 570 (1,139) be so much better if we are to produce a group of
3. P S Friend 569 566 (1,135) successful international shooters.

CLASS A I was delighted to bump into Paul Leatherdale at the

1. M M Norman 560 552 (1,112) Championships. Paul has recently come back to
2. A P Bunclark 561 543 (1,104) pistol shooting following a break of several years,
3. C Auden 550 554 (1,104) which came after an illustrious national and
international shooting career. Whilst Paul is not back
CLASS B to his best yet, his scores of 556 and 559 gave him a
1. M Hoff 539 559 (1,098) placing of 12th in Class X as well as grabbing a spot
2. L Gunter 548 548 (1,096) in the Senior mens Final, and emerging in 8th place.
3. T Hammond 548 540 (1,088) This just demonstrates my point about our need to
find and develop many more highly competent
CLASS C shooters.
1. S Bamsey 541 542 (1,083)
2. J O Lloyd 526 539 (1,065) The southern counties were the successful ones in
3. A L Holmes 535 528 (1,063) the team events, with Surrey taking the Air Pistol title
and Hampshire the Air Rifle.
1. T Pond 534 531 (1,065) CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS
2. M J N Bagot 514 520 (1,034)
3. R C Margetts 508 522 (1,030) MEN’S AIR RIFLE
1. D Turner 579 98.8 677.8
Despite some of the absent shooting talent, in some 2. D Das 576 97.8 673.8
areas scores remained high but unfortunately it was 3. T Poon 576 97.5 673.5
not the case across the board especially where
Championship titles were being decided. I did feel WOMEN’S AIR RIFLE
that the senior mens air rifle final represented a 1. L Minett 387 100.2 487.2
depressingly low standard when you compare some 2. L Brough 385 95.3 480.3
of the scores to regional competitors in a lot of the 3. P Thornton 377 96.8 473.8

84 Target Shooter
Michael Shooting the British 50m championship 2009 (targets are up-
hill from prone)

2. A Holmes 356 97.2 453.2

JUNIOR MEN’S AIR RIFLE 3. C McGregor 355 94.7 449.7
1. D Rivers 574 101.5 675.5
2. L Flack 574 99.0 673.0 DISABLED SH1 CATEGORY
3. M Bamsey 567 100.6 667.6 1. N L S Milgate 693.5
2. D Coates 684.5
1. C Whitaker 384 96.6 480.6
2. M Flowers 383 96.9 479.9 DISABLED SH2 CATEGORY
3. H Pugsley 383 95.4 478.4 1. N K Porrill 704.7
2. J Bevis 697.0
MEN’S AIR PISTOL 3. A J Fountain 690.3
1. S Los 571 99.5 670.5
2. A Ritchie 570 99.1 669.1 AIR PISTOL TEAM
3. F Wyatt 570 96.2 666.2 1. England (Syms, Newsome, Graver) 1688
2. Scotland (Ritchie, Gray, Brownlie) 1675
WOMEN’S AIR PISTOL 3. Wales (Harris, Gravell, Morris) 1639
1. M Norman 375 92.7 467.7
2. V Tripney 366 91.8 457.8 WOMEN’S AIR PISTOL TEAM
3. C Brownlie 365 92.6 457.6 1. Wales (Gravell, Kennerley, Morris) 1070
2. Scotland (Brownlie, McGregor, Hogben)
1. M Hoff 549 96.6 645.6 3. England (Mullin, Holmes, Sinfield) 1062
2. K Callaghan 550 92.8 642.8
3. C Auden 544 92.7 636.7 JUNIOR AIR PISTOL TEAM
1. England (Callaghan, Hoff, Kennedy) 1625
JUNIOR WOMEN’S AIR PISTOL 2. Wales (Auden, Kennerley, Bamsey) 1623
1. V Mullin 372 93.4 465.4

Target Shooter 85
AIR RIFLE TEAM pressure and she really did want to hang on to that
1. England (Minett, Flowers, Farmer) 1,721 title which she could almost touch when she found
2. Wales (Lewis, Wright, Bamsey) 1,685 she was leading into the Final. The 5 Finalists air
3. Scotland (Law, Cheetham, Ross) 1,683 rifle’s were made up of 2 Steyr’s, 2 Feinwerkbau’s
and 1 Anschutz.
1. England (Flowers, Pugsley, Whitaker) 1,724 I had observed that several of the female Air Rifle
2. Wales (Bamsey, Court, Williams) 1,658 shooters seem to be adopting a wider stance than
in recent years but certainly with the advent of
On the air pistol front Sylvestor Los once again training camps such as the England Academy, a lot of
proved he is a class act with his worst shoot being a attention is given to diet and fitness and obviously
571and his best 581. I know he is very dedicated to some of the impact on physique will necessitate
his shooting and these sort of scores prove why his some adjustment in stance.
move to the UK was a great loss (no pun intented!)
to his native Poland. The Final had the potential to The Junior Men and their Air Rifles also set up a
be an exciting prospect with 2nd, 3rd and 4th places tight Final. L Flack shared a 574 score with Dan
all sharing the score of 570 but in actual fact 2nd Rivers but Master Flack could not live with Dan’s
placed A Ritchie had by far the best Final to ensure 101.5 score over the 10 shots to claim the main prize,
he retained his silver medal. and slipped to 2nd. Ross Shears took his chance
and moved up from 4th to 3rd to eject M Bamsey
The Junior Women’s Air Rifle Final was another close from the last remaining medal position.
one. Charlotte Whitaker, a member of the England
Academy led with a score of 384, closely followed This year the full results are posted online via
by Melanie Flowers and Hannah Pugsley on 383. the NSRA website which is convenient and
Tension was very evident and placings switched comprehensive for those of us who like me, enjoy
during the 10 shot final as well as becoming so mulling over the full picture of who did what.
close it could have gone to Charlotte, Melanie or
Hannah. In the end it began as it started and a very
valuable lesson for Charlotte that she can withstand the
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Setting up your spring air rifle for Field
Target competition Part - 1

by Stanley Shaw
You have invested your hard earned cash in an air rifle As everyone knows, a spring gun gives unwanted
and you are now enjoying hours of shooting with your recoil and ‘twang’. Recoil can be mastered but
club friends. Maybe you are looking to beef-up your sometimes it scares off shooters and makes them
gear to obtain its maximum capabilities and enhance choose a PCP. Twang is something no one wishes to
your scores in Field Target competition. In this article have and it can be completely eliminated - provided
we look at the ways to transform your ‘out of the box’ that you are ready to make the step to fine tuning your
air rifle into a precision Field Target air rifle. equipment. My personal experience also showed
me the best way to learn to shoot an air rifle is by
Many shooters simply upgrade to other rifles that breaking-in your shooting experience with a spring
are intentionally made for Field Target. Many simply air gun. I started with a PCP, I never wanted to shoot
upgrade to pre-charged pneumatic systems such as springers but, as my friends can confirm, since I got
the Air Arms EV2 or the Steyer LG110 FT air guns. my second-hand TX200 MK2 and beefed it up to a
Without doubt, both these air rifles are top-notch FT competition gun, my PCP air rifles are sleeping in the
guns ready ‘out of the box’ for FT competition. locker accumulating dust and I only use a PCP for air
However, the intention of this article is to show the rifle benchrest. Don’t give me a PCP for FT or HFT - I
reader who has invested in a good spring air rifle simply love my TX 200 and have plans for the 97.
capable of FT competition how to fine tune his
equipment and maximize its capabilities. In my The first step is to work on the internals of you spring
opinion, the two spring guns which have the right air rifle. Cosmetics alone do not make an FT class air
character for Field Target are the Air Arms TX rifle. The finish and tolerances inside your spring air
200 and the Wiehrauch 97K. Both these guns are rifle mechanicals determine how smooth or rough it
accurate enough out of the box, however they need shoots in terms of recoil, twang and the consistency
the extra effort if you intend to bring them to the edge of of your shots. Keeping the internal parts at the heart
competitive shooting. I own both but I decided to of your rifle in optimum condition is essential for its
beef-up the TX 200 since it’s a 0.177 caliber air rifle. performance. The plunger spring and guide
The Wiehrauch 97K is a 0.22 and I will later dedicate assembly are crucial. Recoil can be reduced,
it for HFT. smoothed and tamed but never completely eliminated
in a spring air rifle. Once you tame the
beast you start to love its feel in your

The quickest way to achieve this is to

get specialized kits for your specific air
rifle’s internals. V-MAC has plunger
seals, spring guides and springs that
will readily fit your air rifle and smooth
it down considerably. If you want the
extra edge, install a V-Glide kit which
consist of a plunger seal, spring guide,
spring and a plunger with special
delrin inserts to have the most
frictionless movement into your air rifle

Target Shooter 87
Setup was easy now and of course I set it
up according to my preference, which is a
very light but long first stage then a stronger,
short and crisp second stage which
required just a slight pull to release the
sear and fire. I also ensured that it is safe
enough so that even if the gun is loaded
and the gun receives an impact, the sear
will not be released. To complete the trigger
unit, I replaced the trigger blade with a fully
adjustable blade from Rowan Engineering
and set it according to my finger position
and stock ergonomics at a later stage.

This set up was already feeling good. I

temporally mounted a scope and after I
mechanics. It is quite easy to obtain your air rifle passed through around two tins of pellets, I
internals and many links on internet will show you cleaned the barrel and then tested different pellets to
how. If you feel you are not up to this task, then let see the best grouping achieved from different pellet
a gunsmith do the job for you. These kits will change brands and weights. The rifle liked JSB Diablo Exacts
the soul of your air rifle; you will notice the difference 5.52 and 8.3grain pellets with a grouping of around
at once. Polishing the internal housing and other 20mm center to center at 50m shot from a benchrest
items such as the plunger, internally and externally, cradle. In my opinion that is quite good performance
with fine compounds like Autosol or Metalsol and out of a spring air rifle for Field Target. The best
fine 1800 grit paper to highly polished inner surface result was achieved with JSB exacts 8.4grain and an
also helps in getting more out of your kit performance average speed of 785 ft/sec with a variation of +/- 5ft/
but this needs special care. Always chrono your sec. The 5 shot groups measured as shown below for
power and adjust the preload accordingly by adding or the following ranges:
reducing the supplied preload washers in your kit
to keep it within the legal limit and according to FT @ 10 meters – Group size C-C = <0.5mm
regulations - thus below 12 ftlbs. Then shoot at @ 15 meters – Group size C-C = 5mm
least one or two tins of pellets through it before final @ 20 meters – Group size C-C = 7mm
adjustment - this will break in the internal parts. @ 25 meters – Group size C-C = 10mm
@ 30 meters – Group size C-C = 12mm
The next step is to work on the trigger. Some @ 35 meters – Group size C-C = 13mm
triggers are already good out of the box and one @ 40 meters – Group size C-C = 16mm
can set a smooth short or long first stage and a crisp @ 45 meters – Group size C-C = 20mm
second stage. A crisp trigger is essential for the correct @ 50 meters – Group size C-C = 20mm
timing of your shot. A poor ‘creepy’ trigger can put you
off your timing or cause you to pull your shot at the The next step was to find the right stock. The original
last moment. Fitting an adjustable trigger blade will stock can still be used or modified but I wanted a Field
also help the ergonomics of how you position your Target stock with some fore-end depth and additional
trigger finger for your best possible fit. When I got my adjustments for the cheek-piece and recoil-pad. I also
TX 200 the trigger was a complete mess. The first stage wanted a heavy stock to absorb the remaining recoil
was almost non-existant and the second stage was and a thumbhole pistol grip which is better suited to
lagging and jerking. Setting up according the manual my palm. There are a number of stock makers making
did not help. The trigger needed some work. I followed custom FT stocks for air rifles. I decided to go for a CS
forums and learned of other shooters’ experiences. 1000 from Customstock UK for my TX200 and I don’t
regret it. To tell you the truth I was not really interested
The trigger was totally disassembled and all mating in how nice the wood looks but, it looked good. I was
surfaces were mirror polished slowly, without any more interested in getting the right shape and weight.
extra force, with fine grit paper and Metalsol. Be The CS1000 has an adjustable cheek-piece and
patient, when you think its enough, assemble, set up an adjustable butt-plate which is ideal for your own
and try. If you still don’t feel confident ,disassemble personal customisation to make it fit like a glove to
and polish more. I polished the parts until I could your body and length of pull. This stock comes with a
not see any machining marks caused during the thumbhole and a thumb rest for a more stable grip and
manufacturing process. Once the trigger assembly a decent stock depth to aid you in those sitting shots.
was put back together, I could not believe it was the It is important that your rifle fits snugly into the stock.
same trigger. Make sure it does, lock it and make sure it remains

88 Target Shooter
directly on solid mounts. Now my Nikko is
mounted that way so fingers crossed. The
scope needs additional customisation also.

You definitely need a long sun-shade and

this will help to eliminate glare especially
with large diameter optics. One of the
scope’s main functions in Field Target
is range-finding using the side parallax
wheel. Most scopes either incorporate
a side wheel or this can be purchased
separately. The maker’s wheels are
normally between 100 and 110mm in
diameter and most of them are pre-
graduated in meters, feet or yards. How
accurate they are is, in my opinion, a big
locked at all times and check it every now and then question mark. Field Target shooters
that it is still locked. A loose stock to action can drive want to calibrate the scope according to their
you crazy! eye-sight and focusing capabilities at known fixed
distances. A wheel of 110 mm is big but it might not
To complete the project you needed a good scope. be big enough to mark one meter increments for your
Of course, there are a lot of scopes out there and ranging. It’s possible to find custom wheels with a
a lot of prices. Deciding which scope to go for was bigger diameter that allows you to have a visible
a difficult decision. For Field Target there are some separation mark between your ranging distances.
particular specifications you need for a scope. The Others choose to customize their own side wheel. I
magnification must be more than 32X to be able to decided to customize mine.
range find your targets accurately, You need a crisp
and bright image, hence the tube diameter of 30mm This was done by tracing the outline on cardboard.
and an objective lens of 50 or 60mm is the best Then I draw two tangents (at mirror image) and used
combination. Parallax adjustment by side wheel is a a plate to create an arc further out of the main wheel
must for Field Target and you need capable turrets to diameter. Once I got the required size, I cut out this
dial in to your targets at 1/8” at 100 yards if possible. template and traced it on to 5 mm thick Perspex. The
new so-called ‘shark fin’ wheel was then cut out and
Of course, there are scopes that satisfy these the edges finished with a file. The wheel was then fixed
requirements but come at a price. Personally I by drilling holes through it and through the original
could not afford to install a € 700 scope on my Field wheel spokes. The holes were tapped and stainless
Target rig and I’m not sure if the recoil, even if tamed, Allen screws completed the job. I required a pointer
would still ‘eat up’ the scope. After long search and to make reference to the wheel. The pointer was
trials, I replaced the original scope with a Nikko machined from aluminum as a slit ring and at one end
Stirling Platinum Nite Eater 10-50X60 AG IR 30mm a dowel pin was glued for a reference. The ring was
with an FT reticle. This scope meets the specification then installed on the fixed part of the eye-piece tube
and has good characteristics and comes at at a specific location and marked so that if it moves by
around €280 or £252 at todays exchange accident I will notice it. For the main elevation turret a
rate. Of course it has some flaws but I am friend machined a turret cap with a larger diameter out
getting used to that. At 50X in low light the image of aluminum and this was fitted and locked on top of
is not that crisp but it’s good enough for ranging the original turret.
accurately and I’ve found it to be spot on. I managed to
set ranging at 1 meter intervals all the way from 10 Once these items are installed its time to head down
meters to 50 meters with this scope. Turret accuracy the range and calibrate your scope and turret to all
is fine and for now I am happy with it. If this scope the possible target ranges in Field Target. We will
fails, then I have no option to go for its bigger brother, tackle this in my next article. A Field Target air rifle can
the Nikko Diamond. weigh up to 10 kg so carrying it around during a match
With regards to mounting, I initially used a can be laborious. I did not want to drill and tap the
Sportsmatch Dampa mount on my previous scope wooden stock (personal opinion) so I installed a FAB
but I had a bad experience with it. The mount rubber arms tactical sling. I just use this to carry the rifle, I
bushes came loose and the scope vibrated and lost its don’t use it for standing shots because I don’t like the
zero and broke when I wanted it most during the 2009 use of slings or other accessories used in Olympic
Field Target Worlds in South Africa. There I talked target shooting applied in Field Target shooting (again
with other experienced shooters who use springers a personal opinion).

Target Shooter 89
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90 Target Shooter
Target Shooter Magazine is a publication of Trinity Digital Publishing Ltd
By Gwyn Roberts
Carrying on from last month here are the remaining two LBR/LBP as the reloads can be done pretty quickly,
matches that are shot in a 1500 competition, along with but it does take quite a few people at least 10 seconds
some pointers on how to score the match on the day. or more to reload their underlevers which doesn’t
leave you that much time to shoot in. Again, getting
Match 4 the timing right first time for this match is pretty hard
25m – 35sec (including reload) to do to start with but generally you shouldn’t be
Stage 1 12 shots Standing unsupported, too far off the mark by racking the action fast, but
including reload making sure you release each shot off in a controlled
Stage 2 12 shots Standing unsupported, manner. Shooting 5 shots and then changing
including reload magazines to shoot a further 7 shots if using a
LBR Double action only 10/22 or LBP will help save you a bit of time, but
make sure that you count your rounds to start
Most shooters don’t use their timers for this particular with or you’ll end up in a lot of trouble! Make
match but if you think it will help you by using one, sure that you place your spare ammunition to
then I suggest attaching it to your wrist or forearm reload with in a position where it can be quickly and
as reaching down to place it on top of a shooting easily reached, as it is very important to have a quick
box or on the floor will waste valuable shooting time. reload in this match. As with the other individual
1500 matches, the actions of the other shooters on
It’s not too bad if you are shooting with a .22 rifle or the line will give you an indication of how you are

Target Shooter 91
6 shots Sitting
6 shots Left shoulder
6 shots Right shoulder

LBR & LBP 6 shots Sitting (note

different order from rifles)
6 shots Kneeling using barricade for
support (or Prone, depending on range
6 shots Left hand standing using
b/cade for support
6 shots Right hand standing using
b/cade for support
LBR may be fired single or double
doing for time so try to make sure that you start
shooting when everyone else does after the reload. Stage 4 – 25m, 12sec
6 shots Standing unsupported
The whole of Match 5 is basically a repeat of LBR double action only
matches 1 – 4 but with two slight changes for a total
of 60 rounds to be fired. This last stage allows you very little time for any
problems such as jams or light strikes and you
Match 5 should always make sure that you carry some spare
Stage 1 - 10m 12 shots Standing unsupported ammunition with you to at least give you a
GRCF 30sec - All others 20sec (including sporting chance of reloading. I have certainly had to
reloads) do it a few times over the years with a number of
different firearms but have still managed to shoot the
Stage 2 - 25m, 90sec (including reloads) required number of rounds because I was prepared
6 shots Kneeling for it. Having all of your spare rounds in your bag at
6 shots Left shoulder (or hand) the back of the range will certainly not help you if this
GRCF & GRSB standing unsupported situation ever arises!
LBP standing using barricade for support
LBR standing using barricade for support, Moving on to scoring the match, the first thing that
double action only you should do is print your name and competitor
6 shots Right shoulder (or hand) (GRID) number clearly onto your score card to help
GRCF & GRSB standing unsupported avoid any confusion later on. It is important that
LBP standing using barricade for support you mark all of the entries as you progress through
LBR standing using barricade for support, D/A the match onto the left hand side of the score card
only marked Competitors Copy until the whole match is
finished. This will help ensure that any mistakes or
Stage 3 – 50m, 165sec crossings out will not appear on the Stats copy as it is
(including reloads) essential that the card handed in is perfectly legible.
GRCF & GRSB The Stats Crew’s job is hard enough as it is
6 shots Kneeling without having to try and decipher hundreds of

Despite no lead being apparent on

the line the gauge shows the shot
counting as the next highest value!

92 Target Shooter
little scribbles or bits of
shorthand all day so please be
aware of this point on the day!

Ideally, you should always try

and use a gauge to score with
as they take away a lot of the
“human error” side of things. On
many occasions I have gauged
shots for people who were
resigned to having lost a point
because they couldn’t see any
“lead” on the scoring line, only
to have them smile again when
shown that the gauge actually
showed the shot as being “in.”
You should be aware that bullets
do not always make a perfectly
round hole in the target and the
most accurate way to use the
gauge is to place the marking ring around
the edge of the lead circle left by the bullet. In
Gallery Rifle, the higher value is always given
if the gauge touches the scoring line. It does
not have to break it, or be inside it to count!

As a fail safe, the number of hits that should

be accounted for on the target during a
specific match are indicated on the right
hand side of the Competitors Copy and
you must make sure that these figures tally
before you move on to shoot the next
match. In the case of Match 1 it is 24 rounds
and as the target is shot at a much closer
distance, you may well find that there will
be just a single ragged hole in the middle
of it with part of the scoring ring shot away
to score. In cases like this, putting a new
target centre underneath the shot target
will help you identify where the line would
be in order for you to score the shots. This
sample target was shot using a .44 calibre rifle.

When a group like this is shot it makes

S e p a r a t i n g your ammo into groups of it very hard to identify every individual
six will make it easier when reloading! bullet hole, so only those shots which can be
clearly identified in the lower scoring zone
on the target are scored as the lower value.

In this case only the 3 upper shots are

scored as 10’s as the lowest shot is gauged
as an X as it is touching the line. Whatever
the standard of shooter you are shooting
with you should always ask if they
managed to fire all of their shots off onto the
target. Asking someone if they simply shot
all of their rounds off is different because

Target Shooter 93
Now the line can clearly be
seen to help accurate scoring
do not count the same shot twice.
I then do the same with the 8, 9,
10 and then X ring before totalling
up the number of shots that have
been accounted for, against the
number of shots that are indicated
on the score card. If any shots are
missing on a target that obviously
has a ragged hole in the middle of
the target then it is usually fair to
say that any “missing” shots will
probably be in this scoring zone
and score it accordingly. If however
you are confronted with a target
that has individual holes all over
it with no discernable “groups”
showing then it would probably
be fair to say that any outstanding
shots have missed the target and
should be recorded as 0’s in the
correct column.

There generally two types of

although they may well have done, it may not have scoring gauge that are used in GR
been while the target was actually facing them, competitions and they are as follows:
if you know what I mean! Likewise, in the
interest of fairness you should always notify
your scoring partner if you have had any late
shots or rounds that you have not managed to
put down range as you simply ran out of time,
so that the target can be scored accordingly.

1500 rim fire targets are always individual

items whilst the centre fire ones use
replaceable centres and it is important that
you patch over any shots that fall outside of
the scoring rings, whether they are on the
target “paper” or backing board, so that all
shots can be accounted for at every distance.
This is more important when shooting on the
50m stages as it is quite easy to miss the target
completely, especially when shooting at the
much smaller rim fire targets. Clearly seeing a
new “miss” outside of the scoring rings makes
it much easier to identify rather than trying
to find a “double” that doesn’t actually exist.

You will usually find it easier scoring a

target by scoring each scoring ring in turn
and recording the hits as you see them on
the Competitors Copy side. I always start
from the 12 o’clock position of the 7 ring
and work my way round clockwise, marking
the edge of each hole with my pen so that I

94 Target Shooter
Copy side of the score
card as this is only for your
own individual information,
should you want to keep it.
If at any stage of the match
you and your scoring partner
cannot agree on an outcome
or simply cannot accurately
score a target then don’t be
afraid to ask any of the R.O’s
for help as that is what they
are there for. If they cannot
resolve an issue or problem
then they will remove the
target and give it to the C.R.O
to have it adjudicated on.

When the match has finally

finished and you are happy
that every shot has been
accounted for then you will
need to transfer the scores
over onto the Stats Copy side
of the score card. Please make
sure that the figures are as
clear as possible and double
check again that every
number of hits on each Match
line totals the number of hits
that are indicated on the
Competitors “max shot”
column or you could possibly
end up losing valuable hard
The top one is a “normal” gauge whilst the lower earned points on the day!
one is referred to as an “overlay” one which is used
for any “skidders” that you may come across. This As I’ve just bought a second hand Buckmark Long
term has nothing to do with pre match nerves, but Barrelled Pistol I’ll take a look next month at some
is used where a bullet has hit the target at an angle of the things that you can do to, or have done to
as it’s been turning away from the shooters causing them in order to make them a bit more suitable for
an elongated hole or rip in the target. The rules state the type of shooting that we want to do with them.
that anything over one and a half
times the diameter of the bullet
will be scored as a miss and
this is where the overlay gauge
is used. To do this you need to
place the circle around the outer
edge of the lead around the
hole in the target. If the hole or
opposite leaded edge remains
inside the half circle then the
shot will be counted as a hit, but
if the end is outside of this area
then it will be counted as a zero.

There is no need from the “Stats”

side of things for you to record
the total number of hits, points
and X’s etc on the Competitors
Target Shooter 95
Rude Fat Dog
Custom Firearms RFD 621 Devon & Cornwall
Section 5

We are the ONLY dedicated company who can supply the products and
technical expertise to help you become more competitive in your
Gallery Rifle competitions

 Record breaking match grade 10/22 style rifles

 Browning Buckmark conversions with RFD target barrels
 Marlin underlevers modified for smoother and easier cycling
 Accessories and advice to give you the leading edge in your competitions
 Reloading equipment, hard cast bullets and brass
Tel: +44(0)1271 865865 Fax: +44(0)1271 865830

Section 5 Pistols return to the Old Windsor

Rifle & Pistol Club!

Club Feature
In April 2008, Old Windsor Rifle & Pistol Club
was contacted by television production company The OWRPC club house and range are situated in
Impossible Pictures, who were looking for a suitable a recreation ground. On the night of May 13th 2008
location to film scenes for the popular ITV sci-fi a security guard arrived at the car park. Early next
series Primeval. The scenes revolved around two morning, the regular dog walkers were surprised
policemen at a pistol range, and OWRPC’s fully to find the car park closed. A short time later a
soundproofed 25m indoor range was selected cavalcade of vehicles arrived; cars, vans and lorries
after the production company visited our web site at containing the film crew, recording equipment,

96 Target Shooter
Detective Danny Quinn practices his

actors and props (including the

all-important Section 5 pistols and
blank rounds).
Over the next five hours, and under
conditions of strict secrecy, the team
filmed two scenes from Episode Two
of Primeval Series 3. Fortunately
for the residents of Old Windsor, no
anomalies opened during filming and
no deadly creatures escaped! After
editing, the scenes lasted a total of
just 90 seconds when the programme
was broadcast in May 2009.
The Old Windsor Rifle & Pistol club
was founded in 1977, and provides
excellent facilities for a wide range
of target shooting disciplines. The
indoor range is open to members That’s it boss, I quit
every weekday evening. The club
welcomes new members of all ages
kind permission of ITV.
with a genuine interest in target shooting. For
further details please contact us on 01635 827730.

Danny Quinn was played by actor Jason

Flemyng, and the pictures are reproduced by

Target Shooter 97

Competitions Phil’s winning agg. for his four, five-shot groups was
After two months of cancelled competitions due to 4.238 inches – owning to an unexplained seven-inch
the severe weather, our 600 yard shoot on March group in Match 3, so he only just pipped an on-form
7th was held in glorious conditions – clear blue Toni Young shooting her 308 factory Remington. Toni
sky, bright sun, very little wind but still sub. zero finished on 4.3 inches, with a best group of 2.755
temperatures! inches, which comfortably eclipsed partner Adrian
With shooters getting withdrawal symptoms from Evan’s performance with his brand-new Light Gun!
lack of trigger-pulling, I wasn’t surprised to see a
full entry – a third of whom were shooting Factory Light Gun was also tight at the top, with Jeanette

Jeanette Whitney set a new Light Gun record using

the latest SEB rest

Sporters. I also had the new SEB Neo rest to try Whitney just beating Steve Dunn by a whisker and
after picking up the prototype from importer Brian setting another UK record in the process. My own
Fox at the Newark show. If you didn’t get to the performance, using the new SEB rest was looking
show, you can see our video of the rest on our Home quite promising with a cluster of respectable groups
page and read the review elsewhere in this issue of – until I ‘lost’ a shot. Five rounds fired but only four
Target Shooter. reached the target. I can’t explain it – just one of
those freak incidents that we have to put down to a
Phil Gibbon dominated the Factory Sporter class last duff bullet.
season with his ‘out of the box’ 6.5-284 Savage and
he opened today with a three-inch group, followed Results: Light Gun
by a superb group measuring just 2.2 inches!
Remember, this is 600 yards with a factory rifle – 1st Jeanette Whitney 6.5x47 TGP BAT 3.12 inches
phenomenal! That group not only broke the exist- (new record for four 5-shot groups)
ing Factory Sporter record set by Darrel Evans a 2nd Steve Dunn 22BR Dunn BAT 3.197
3rd Simon Rogers 6.5-284 RPA 3.929
couple of months ago but it was also the smallest
group of the day, beating all the custom Light Guns –
something I can’t ever remember happening. These Small group: Phil Gibbon 6.5-284 Savage 2.218
Savages really are fantastic rifles, whether you want
to shoot benchrest at 600 and 1000 yards or F Class.

98 Target Shooter
Factory Sporter: Sightron scope in the UK at Newark and I hope to
use it at Easter in our 600 and 1000 yard benchrest
1st Phil Gibbon 6.5-284 Savage 4.238 inches competitions so a full review will have to wait until
2nd Toni Young 308 Remington 4.3 our May issue.
3rd Darrel Evans 6.5x47 Accuracy Intl 4.888
Here’s a pic of a nice little gadget. It’s similar to the
Small group: Phil Gibbon 2.218 inches
Stoney Point COAL gauge but it’s much better made
and Tony Donnachie, the guy who makes them for
New Stuff
Fox Firearms, will drill and tap your own fire-formed
The SEB Neo rest is the hot news for BR shooters
cartridge case so that you get an exact fit in the
be it rimfire or 1000 yards. We have a full feature
chamber, thus ensuring an error-free measurement.
elsewhere in Target Shooter.
This one’s for my own 6PPC and gave me a very
accurate result. Contact Fox via www.foxfirearmsuk.
I also managed to pick up the only 10-50 power

Forthcoming Events
We have an Easter festival
of benchrest shooting at
Diggle on April 4th, 5th and
6th. . Saturday, is our 100
yard season opener, 1000
yard on the Sunday and
600 yard on Easter Monday.
You are welcome to turn up
on the day for any event –
e-mail me for more details

To introduce our selves we are the United Kingdom Association of

Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Shooting. By that we mean "True
Benchrest Shooting". The Association is recognised by rimfire
shooters across in the UK, with partners across Europe and the rest of
the world, as the presentative body that promotes rimfire and air rifle
benchrest across this country and with other partners in European and
World events.
Visit our website for news about national and international
competitions that all can ‘have a go at’. From novice to champion
shooter, everyone is welcome

Target Shooter 99
In association with

unlimited where he learned more about guns

and accuracy.
He then went on to win trophies and medals
in hunter and unlimited shooting and in 2009
shot at the UK nationals at Portishead and
became 1 of 3 in the UK-A Team, who won
world gold beating all other teams world wide.
When we asked him what makes a good
target shooter he replied “Take time to learn
your gun, don’t rush things, see how it shoots
in certain conditions and most of all practice,
practice, practice.
This year (2010) in July he will be going to
the European Championship to be held at
Plzen in the Czech Republic to shoot for the
UK and will also be shooting the Nationals in
Huddersfield in August.
Finally at the World Championship in 2011.
This will be held in the USA between the end
of July and the beginning of August at the
Palmetto Gun Club, Charleston, South
Carolina. Where he will again shoot for the
UK and stands a good chance of a medal
Graham Freeman shoots 25m bench rest with two
guns one S400 carbine (the bertie Bassett) and a
Below - Graham Freeman and Good friend Garry
new S400 MPR. Both guns were built with the help
from Air Arms and
MFC supplies in
Graham Freeman
has been shooting
since getting his first
airgun at the age of
10 years old.
He finally joined
Buxted rifle club
approximately three
years ago and was
shooting with a S400
straight out the box.
He was then asked
if he would like to
join the UKBR22
(shooting associa-
tion) and take part in
the 25m bench rest
shooting hunter and

100 Target Shooter

The Long View
News from the GB
F-Class Association
By by Les Holgate

Our two Team GB F Class Captains have now been expected range/wind conditions can be obtained.
appointed by the GB F Class Association and the Really, this can only be had by actually shooting at
appointments have been ratified by the NRA. These Raton at the same time of the year as the
appointments could have been the subject of an Championships will be held.
election if a number of candidates had put themselves
forward but, in the end, we had just one each – for the We can now start to appreciate the enormity of the task
Open and F/TR Teams. facing the Teams and in particular, the Captains, for
at this stage we do not know who will be part of the
It is important that the Captains also receive the Team. That information will only come to light over the
approval and support of their Team members and in next three seasons of F Class competition in the UK.
Also, because this is an overseas event, the cost of
competing will be much greater than a similar shoot on
home-soil. Although the Captains will attempt to raise
funds, the individual members will be required to put up
a significant sum of their own money and this may well
shape the Teams.
Equipment will be another consideration. With a home
shoot, obtaining a replacement trigger, scope or even
a whole rifle would not be too difficult. In America
however, equipment failures will be a different matter -
it’s not too difficult to pack a spare trigger or scope, but
there won’t be many spare rifles around. Who owns two
David Kent – GB F Stuart Anselm – GB top class F Class rifles? What are the logistics of taking
Class Open Captain F Class F/TR Captain two rifles? It’s bad enough travelling with one firearm,
let alone two. Yes, it may be possible to borrow another
the case of David Kent (Open) and Stuart Anselm (F/ Team member’s rifle but ‘may’ is not good enough –
TR) they are both popular, competent and committed such an oversight could ruin the whole Team’s effort.
shooters and I know all F Class shooters will applaud
their appointment and give them full support. Some These are just some of the problems that our Captains
may question the significance of these roles but will be pondering over in the coming months. It is not
remember, the GB F Class Open Team won the 2009 a responsibility to be taken lightly and I’m not surprised
World Championship and they will carry this title into that there weren’t more volunteers. Our two Captains
the next Worlds in three years time when the shoot will have bravely stepped up to the plate and yes, Raton
be held at the Raton Range in New Mexico. It’s not is a few years away but we cannot start too soon to
just a question of doing well, David will want his Team think about the task facing our Teams and get behind
to retain the title and Stuart’s F/TR team, who won the David and Stuart and assist them in every way we can,
Silver medal at the Worlds, will be striving to go one whatever the final Team selection.
Winning the F Class World Championship was one of
To achieve this goal will require some effort and the finest achievements in modern GB shooting and all
planning. We are not just talking about the logistics British shooters should feel proud of their success.
of actually transporting a team, equipment, rifles and Victory was well deserved but certainly unexpected in
ammunition across the Atlantic to New Mexico but this the US. It was a major upset and you can bet the Amer-
time, we are not on home turf, so we will be at a severe icans will do everything possible to prevent a repeat –
disadvantage unless some reliable data on the especially on home-soil.

Target Shooter 101

A regular column whereby Ken Hall keeps us up to date
with black powder cartridge rifle shooting in the UK.


Dave Coleman in serious mode

Gallery rifles at 400

yards, anyone? The Pennine
Shooting Sports Association
at Diggle ranges has built up a
solid fraternity of underlever rifle
enthusiasts who hold regular
monthly competitions at ranges
up to 100 yds. The Quigley
Shooting Association shoots at
a bucket target at 400 yds and a
buffalo at 600 yds with long-range
black powder rifles. The Mini-
Quigley competition uses the
same targetry, but is restricted to
pistol calibre underlever rifles.

After a 10 minute indicated Target Rifle style, and stage 2 being the
sighting-in period the competition consisted of two same practice at the buffalo target, both stages
stages, stage 1 being two sighters and ten rounds at 400 yds. Traditional crossed-sticks, bags or kit
to count at the bucket target, each shot being rolls were permitted as a rest, iron sights only were
allowed in the spirit of the
Did anybody see where that went?? original, although spotting
scopes were required to
see the indicators and to
record scores.

Already this year

a number of competitions
have had to be cancelled
due to poor visibility, and
it looked as if today’s
comp would suffer the
same fate! A horrible mist
covered the backstop,
causing a delayed start,
102 Target Shooter
Steve Hodge spots for Ken Tyrell magazine for obvious safety reasons.
As QSA rules require lead only bullets,
they need to be very hard cast and
would probably benefit from a tumble
in alox lube to reduce leading, which
seemed to cause problems to a couple
of firers.
5. Barrel length. Firers using
carbines with barrel lengths of only
18in achieved respectable scores, so
whilst 24in barrels might seem more
accurate, the truth is it matters less
than you would think.
6. Rifle. Winchester, Rossi,
Marlin and Uberti were all represented
and all performed admirably, choice
of sight and ammunition was of more
and, as is customary, the infamous Diggle “breeze” importance.
then appeared causing much difficulty, with only Results
“Kentucky” windage available to most shooters.
1. Greg Hoskin Marlin .44 Mag
However, as the Diggle boys are very 2. Paul Seymour Rossi .357 Mag
experienced with this type of firearm, the wind did 3. Dave Bownass Uberti .45
not stop most shooters from scoring once its initial 4= Dave Coleman Winchester .44 Mag
effect had been calculated. For some firers this 4= Ian Hull Marlin .44 Mag
was a half target’s width or more, into the wind. I will certainly run this event again next
year and anyone out there who owns one of these
After the competition it became fine rifles is welcome to come along and join us.
apparent that, while all lever action rifles are
accurate enough to perform well at ranges below
300yds, some amount of after market
improvement is necessary in order to
shoot well past this range. The following
points were noted, but the list is by no
means complete.

1. Sights. A couple of firers

had difficulty with elevation, a ladder
type sight mounted on the barrel, or
a tang-mounted peep sight is to be
2. Calibre. Not really
conclusive as only one person competed
with a calibre smaller than .44.(But he
did place second)!
3. Ammunition. Loads were
generally the same as those normally
used at 100yds and no particular difficulty
was experienced in the rounds reaching
the target.
4. Bullets. It is interesting to
note that everyone used standard round
Winner Greg Hoskin and Runner-up
nosed flat profiled bullets. Perhaps some
Paul Seymour
other profile could be more successful
when loaded singly, and not in the tubular

Target Shooter 103

Gallery Rifle & Pistol News

In the November issue I mentioned the advantages putting one on in your area. Practical help is available
to club members and to us all if more clubs are – just contact
willing to organise open meetings. The only real Finally, here is the latest calendar for 2010. Entry
movement since then is a discussion I had with one forms for the Phoenix Meeting are out now and you
club organiser who is seriously considering dropping can enter on line. Check the NSC website and your
an open meeting from the calendar. He finds it hard to emails.
motivate club members to turn out to run it when there
is only a small amount to be made for the club. Profit DATES FOR 2010
is not the only motive for holding an open meeting but April 24-25 Basildon 1500 Basildon
most clubs would like to see a reasonable return on April 25 Steel Challenge Budleigh
the investment of time and resources, especially as all Farm Devon
the members are giving up a day or two of their range May 2 Mattersey Ten Mattersey
time too. May 8 Frome Western Winner Bristol
May 9 Shield Practical GR&P Dorset
There are some clubs with excellent facilities for May 28-30 The Phoenix Meeting NSC
different events who are only able to hold open Bisley
meetings with the help of organisers and range crew June 5 Open WCSA Gallery Rifle
from other clubs. At least they make their facilities Warminster Wilts
available and they are to be thanked for that but June 26-27 Derby 1500 Derby
once they have seen how to do it why not have a go July 10-11 Fermoy International GR
themselves? Ireland
July10-24 The Imperial Meeting NSC
Most of the work is done in the back office before Bisley
and after and that is not everyone’s favourite way to July 18 Mattersey Steel Shoot
spend their free time but it only takes a couple of club Mattersey
members with the desire to make it succeed and you July 24-25 Frome Three Gun Shield
have a meeting. Range officers and assistance on Dorset
the day is usually a little easier to find even if it means August 28-29 Gallery Rifle National
going out to other local clubs for help. Championships NSC Bisley
September 19 Mattersey Bianchi Mattersey
The most important thing to understand is that October 17 Shield Steel Challenge GR&P
competitors are generally happy that someone is Dorset
putting on a shoot at all and the fact that there are October 23-24 The Trafalgar Meeting NSC
a few rough edges can be forgiven. Just get the Bisley
squadding and the stats right and they will be happy. October 30-30 Autumn Action Weekend NSC
The benefits of a local circuit of open meetings are Bisley
obvious. You don’t have to travel too far, you will November 12-14 Leitmar International GR
know a lot of the competitors and beginners gain a Germany
lot of experience quickly in a welcoming environment. December 30 Shield Christmas Shoot
The future growth of GR&P largely depends on clubs Dorset
encouraging beginners and one way to do this is to (Either contact the organisers direct or go to
show what we do and what fun it is by having a big for entry forms.)
day of open competition. By attracting competitors
from other local clubs and further afield the bar is GR&P = Gallery Rifle Centre Fire (GRCF), Gallery
gradually raised and the desire to improve grows. Rifle Small Bore (GRSB), Long Barrelled Pistol (LBP)
and Long Barrelled Revolver (LBR)
The NRA Gallery Rifle & Pistol committee will shortly
be producing an article on running an open event. Please go to the Gallery Rifle website www.galleryri-
Please have a look at it and think seriously about for more news and information.

104 Target Shooter

2010 :: The Hardy PSG Shoot.
The 2010 Practical Shotgun (PSG) Level III
competition circuit got off to a great start over the
weekend of the 6th and 7th March, with fifty nine
competitors attending the challenging two-day shoot.

What made it all the more memorable this year was

that the venue was at Shield Shooting Centre, a gem
of a range complex hidden deep in the undulating
coastal fields of sunny Dorset (well, sunny for the
majority of the Northern contingent, some of whom
still have the remnants of snowdrifts in the hedgerows
from this year’s exceptional snowfall!)
Shield Shooting Centre is owned and run by Steve
Pike, an experienced, friendly and knowledgeable Barry Sullivan shooting buckshot
ex-pistol shooter who has a reputation amongst heritage with a series of adjacent bays separated by
PSG shotgunners for designing some of the most high tyre walls and all set within a long disused quarry.
challenging and original courses of fire (CoF), not least Bays range in size and shape lending variety to the
of which as hosts of several previous British Open stage designs and providing course designers with
championship competitions. However, it has to be said the flexibility to cater for the full range of ammunition
that perhaps the other reason people attend is to take types, birdshot, buckshot and solid slug.
advantage of Biddy’s famous breakfast cobs, always
delivered with a warm smile. Shooters are above all Steve is an ardent believer that a match should above
else lovers of sausages and bacon! all else test a competitor’s ability to shoot their gun in
a true practical sense, and his stages tend to have
The Hardy shoot as this is traditionally known, is subtle features that look on the surface to be easy,
named for the great novelist Thomas Hardy who came but in fact provide elements that necessitate an
into the world at Stinsford in Dorset and who went on awkward stance perhaps, or weak-shoulder shooting
to write such great works as Tess of the D’Urbervilles around an obstacle edge. He’ll put in tight no-shoots
and Far from the Madding Crowd, and Shield has that require you to know your shotgun pattern, maybe
always been its spiritual home. through a low-aperture and with the occasional heavy
The main shooting range reflects the pistol shooting plate near the back of the stage – all of which serve
to separate the men from the
boys and illustrate the need to
practice those areas we all tend
to neglect. Very few shooters
go to a practice range and
spend time swapping the gun
from strong to weak shoulder
or spend any time at all on a
patterning plate. Like kids who
prefer to skip the sandwiches
and go straight for the cake,
we all would rather reinforce
those skills we are comfortable
with than put effort into those
which often draw a face when
encountered at the range. For
those who do practice these
areas, it’s a safe bet they’ll come
out in the top 5% scores on that
stage and a satisfied grin. It may
Mixed steels and clay targets
not win you the match, but it can
certainly lose it in a hard fought

Target Shooter 105

IPSC cardboard targets were used and
required two hits per target. For the
uninitiated, the IPSC target has been
through some design changes in its history
but the present UK accepted version is a
cardboard rectangle with the corners cut off
to form a flat-sided diamond. The scoring
zones are creased into the cardboard
which means you really can’t actually see
the scoring areas at all beyond about five
metres so you have to know where to
shoot. PSG ammunition is powerful enough
to be classed as major power factor and
therefore the three concentric scoring
zones are (A)lpha (worth five points),
(C)harlie (worth four points) and (D)elta
SET 1 of 3 Stage 9 Martin Davies shooting weak (worth two points). General consensus is
shoulder but adopting a stable kneeling stance that you are better to go a little slower and
ensure you hit Alphas (A) than blaze away
competition. and hit a few Charlies and Deltas which
This year saw 12 stages with a round count of 159, considerably lower your score.
comprising 123 birdshot, 12 SG (buckshot) and 24 In case you are wondering what happened to the (B)
solid slug. Four divisions were sanctioned for this eta – the target used to have an extra area at the top
match: Standard (semi-auto), Standard Manual that has since been discontinued.
(Pump), Modified and Open. Currently, the two biggest
(most popular) divisions are Standard and Standard Shooting slug from a smooth-bore shotgun is
Manual in the UK, with Open proving least popular. actually more accurate and predictable than many
Few ranges offer the chance to shoot slug and it’s people think, excepting those who take part in Target
usually a welcome change from birdshot. Standard Shotgun at Bisley, who are among the few who don’t

SET 2 of 3 Stage 9 shooting around the barricade

weak shoulder

106 Target Shooter

than a non-sanctioned match. Foot fault lines were
very evident this year to ensure that competitors
didn’t shoot targets less than the minimum 5m limit.
These are usually (but not conclusively) wooden strips
approximately one inch high by around 1.5 inch
wide and painted red, and at floor level. Competitors
may place a foot over these lines for purposes of
balance or even by accident, but if a shot is taken whilst
touching the ground on the wrong side of the line,
procedural penalties will occur for each shot fired -
something to avoid at all costs because it will result in
a very poor score on the stage irrespective of how well
the stage was shot.

Stage 9 was a birdshot stage and proved to be the

downfall of most competitors for the reasons given
earlier in this article. Shooting position was inside a
narrow space behind a solid obstacle. Targets were
arrayed at ground level on both sides, partially
occluded by large tyres. It was impossible to be able
to bend far enough around the obstacle and keep the
gun in the strong shoulder on both sides. The gun had
to be in the right shoulder to shoot the targets on the
right, and switched to the left shoulder to shoot the
left hand targets. Much cursing and bruised shoulders
later saw the majority of the shooters with poor stage
scores – taking well over twice as long as the fastest
SET 3 of 3 Stage 9 view of the targets hidden shooter. Most people were left with a feeling that they
behind the tyres really should practice more. How often have we heard
quail at the thought of hitting a saucer-sized target at
Stage 11 was a large birdshot stage of 24 targets and
50m. Most shoot 30g or 32g slug, predominantly of
comprised many sectioned off shooting areas that
the Brennekke style skirted and fluted round (Eley,
presented a challenge of moving, loading and
Sellier & Bellot, Remington), or the simpler bell-shaped
shooting as well as needing to shoot targets through
Foster round used in the Magtech cartridges. Slug
small apertures and avoiding close no-shoot targets.
shooting isn’t cheap, with ammunition now costing
The key to success on this stage was planning and
anywhere from around 50p for the cheaper brands to
ensuring that your loading strategy was solid. Loading
almost a £1 per round for the Remington cartridges. It
a shotgun when standing still is one thing, loading it
does require though that you know which choke works
whilst moving between targets is quite another.
best with your brand of slug and where the slug goes
at varying differences.
Stage 12 was a very pleasant stage that presented
shooters with a similar experience to stage 11 with
At Shield, the targets were much closer than 50m –
plenty of movement but a smaller target count of 16
the furthest being no more than around 10m from the
steel plates and four no-shoot plates. All targets to be
firing points. A 12 target stage, the competitors had
shot with birdshot. The dilemma here was the initial
to move from the start box to the first of three doors
few targets. The competitor was facing down a long
that exposed four paper targets through each. Starting
shooting corridor with an assortment of targets and
with a full gun in Option 1 (8 rounds in the magazine,
no-shoots at varying distances out to perhaps 10 or
one in the chamber) and shooting each target twice
12 metres. On the start signal, these were the first
meant that the competitors had to load a minimum of
targets to shoot and were the cause of much debate
15 rounds moving between the doors. In reality, as the
over what choke to use to ensure that the targets were
majority of the shooters now use a belt system with
hit but not the nearby no-shoots. Many people changed
cartridge strippers holding four rounds each, it meant
to full choke, others left their modified chokes in and
grabbing two lots of four between door one and two,
still shot fast and accurately. The lesson learned here
and two more grabs between door two and three,
for many was the need to know your gun pattern for
and reliably loading these into the loading gate of the
your chosen choke size. To make it more tricky, Steve
shotgun whilst moving.
often puts in double weight plates that need good shot
placement to ensure a knockdown... he’s nothing if not
The stage designs were straightforward if cunning
sneaky is Mr Pike!
in design, but perhaps with less freestyle elements

Target Shooter 107

Stage 2 IPSC Targets Slug Stage through door 2

Two days saw the competitors complete the match Midland Champs at Harlow on 21/22nd May
with the weather holding out too which was a bonus. Southern Area Champs at Shield on 21/22/23rd June
Well earned top scores in each division are as follows: British Open Champs at Carlisle on 3/4th July
Welsh Champs at Border Guns on 4/5th September
Modified Division: Home Countries Champs at Harlow on 8/9th October
James Harris 1st Place with 100%
Ian Richards 2nd Place with 91.39% Competitors need to shoot five out of the six matches.
Les Bailey 3rd place with 87.48% These will be averaged out to calculate the shooters
grade for 2010.
Open Division:
Nicholas Hockley 1st Place with 100% This match saw several newcomers taking their first
Graham Mason 2nd Place with 86.95% steps in a level III match. Among them were Dave
Iain Corrigan 3rd Place with 83.37% Matthews who shot a very respectable match in
Standard with his Browning semi-auto, and Richard Ali
Standard Division: who had a very enjoyable day shooting his pump.
Standard was very closely fought and sees a welcome Newcomers too were three fresh Range Officers
return to Standard division for former British (RO’s) following the successful completion of their
Champion Neil Smith with his Benelli M2. Neil training course at the end of February at Carlisle. Mick
defected to Standard Manual for the last two years, Flatley, Neil Evans and Iain Corrigan were all under
winning the Championship in 2008. supervision as part of their ongoing assessment and
Mike Darby 1st Place with 100% performed exceptionally well under the watchful eye
Barry Sullivan 2nd Place with 97.07% of the veteran RO’s.
Neil Smith 3rd Place with 96.03%
Finally, It was an excellent two days shooting and
Standard Manual: thanks from all the competitors goes to Steve and
Martin Davies 1st Place with 100% Biddy and of course, the excellent Shield Team who
Iain Guy 2nd Place with 98.60% spent many hours building the stages to the usual
Jon Holloway 3rd Place with 90.07% impeccable standards.

This was the first of six Level III graded matches this Article and pictures by Tony Saunders
year. The next five will be:

108 Target Shooter

Next month we continue with reviews and bringing you updates on what is happening in the
target shooting world. Hopefully by them the porr weather we are having will have gone and people
can come out of hibernation - starting to prepare and shoot in the spring weather. Until then, good
shooting and keep warm.
Happy reading and we hope you enjoy the magazine. The team at Target Shooter.
If you have any letters or news that you would like to air on a national basis then please contact us
at the magazine. This could be for those budding writers out there that would like to submit a full
article on specific firearms, competitions, shooting sports, etc.
The aim of the magazine is to include you the shooters in the United Kingdom and further afield.
So having a regular letters page or even a question and answer section would be really useful for
a lot of people out there. Let us know what you think!?
We would also like to have a gun of the month section - so send us your pic and spec and we’ll
include it in ‘gun of the month’.
Any news that your club or association thinks is worth viewing can also be sent in for selection.
What we would like is to get a letters page started with your views, news and perceptions about
all all the aspects of target shooting. So lets see those letters coming in and we will read your
thoughts in these pages.

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Target Shooter 109

Next time in.....

The April issue will be out as normal on the 1st of the month. Lots of follow up articles, new
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110 Target Shooter