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PRISONERS OF February 2008

In last month‘s issue of the newsletter I posed a question about what it is that makes us believe
that the God we serve is the true God and not a false god like the others. I hope that you had a
good think about it and that you have a ready answer to the question should it be asked of you.
I will briefly outline three reasons that I often give when the question is posed to me. These are
by no means exhaustive and you may not agree with them but I hope they will in some way ex-
pand your thinking.
"Power of Predictive Prophecy" - Having been born of parents that attend the SDA church,
I ventured off and attended the Catholic church, moved over to Anglican, jumped to the Presby-
terian, attended a Calvinist church once or twice, spent 6 years in a Catho-Anglican school at-
tending chapel every Sunday, and was seriously studying to become a Muslim when I discov-
ered that I had been a prodigal son all along....and what was it that brought me back to my
senses?...a book entitled "The Great Controversy" and the detailing of prophecy fulfilled and
that yet to come. No other religion has a God that has been so kind to them that he has told
them the future events of the world before they happen. No other God is so wise as to detail
thousands of years of events accurately for all that truly seek understanding to grasp. (This
point invariably draws the questioners‘ attention and leads them to ask what prophecies have
been fulfilled giving you an attentive audience and the perfect opportunity to witness for
"A God that loves me so much that He lived and died for a sinner such as I and
who will return to take me HOME!" - There is no greater issue that draws me closer to
God as the fact that he loved me so much, and desires my future company in heaven so much,
that He was willing to set aside His glory in heaven, take upon himself the form of post-fall
Adam, be tempted in like manner as I am, hang naked upon that cursed thing....all for an insig-
nificant inhabitant of a rebellious world. I cannot begin to fathom that kind of love, totally self- INSIDE THIS ISSUE
less, totally pure and totally free. Editorial ..................................... ……1
I also find it very comforting to know that this earth is not my home and that the same God that Godly Parents ............................. .….2
died in my stead so that I will not be a partaker of the second death will soon return to take me The Disease Connection……….….....3
home there to dwell with him forever. I find it even more comforting that His death was for all The Bible .................................... …..5
that would only believe and do His bidding upon the earth and that He does not discriminate
Tricks of the Devil…..……………..…..6
on grounds of race, tribe or wealth but that all man shall be judged according to the measure of
light that they have received. Nothing focuses the eyes of a true Christian as much as this point Lift up Your Heads..................... …..7
as it reminds us of the work that we have to do in ensuring that the kingdom of the serpent is Do Not Doubt ............................. …..8
emptied of those for whom our Saviour died. (These normally allow me to address the origins of Contact Details ........................... ….9
sin and to explain why God did not withdraw the gift of life from the mutinous Lucifer, as well
as to show that God loves every individual including the one posing the question.)
―A creator God‖ – Lastly, a key issue that distinguishes Christianity, and Bible believing Ad-
ventists in particular, from all the other religions of the world is that we serve a God, who
through intelligent design, created the whole earth in six literal days and rested upon the sev-
enth. And like Him, we pause from our earthly endeavors once a week on the Sabbath to com-
mune with Him and He with us. Knowing that my God is able to create matter out of nothing at
the sound of His voice gives me the strength to fully trust that He is able to do ―the impossible‖.
Knowing that my God is all powerful allows me to rest easy in the knowledge that he preceded
all other gods and that these are the vain imaginings of human beings throughout the ages at
the instigation of satan created to steal blood-bought souls from the Kingdom.
These three points are the ready answer that I have in my heart and I pray that we may prepare
ourselves for such questions as often we only have one chance to share the gospel with people
that we meet randomly and that may be the only chance that they ever get to hear the message
from Christ to a dying world.
―The best way to educate children to respect their fa- little siblings can be taught to honour their parents.
ther and mother, is to give them the opportunity of Encourage your younger brothers and sisters to help
seeing the father offering kindly attentions to the put together a meal for the parents. Even encouraging
mother, and the mother rendering respect and rever- them to tidy their rooms will make life easier for your
ence to the father. It is by beholding love in their par- parents. When you moan and complain about house
ents, that children are led to obey the fifth command- rules, what example are you setting? It is not enough
ment and to heed the injunction, "Children, obey your to obey, but we should also seek not to dishonour
parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honor thy father them by murmuring and fretting over perceived faults.
and thy mother; which is the first commandment with Do you ever kneel with your siblings and pray for your
promise; that it may be well with thee, and that thou parents? Do you realise how you are blessed to have a
mayest live long on the earth." (RH 11-15-92) mother and/or father that is taking care of you materi-
ally? There are so many millions of orphans in the
This article is written from the perspective of those world starving not only for affection, but also for food.
who have God-fearing parents. It is never right to obey When our parents buy us that pair of shoes, do we
one‘s parents when they seek to remove you from the thank them sincerely for doing so, and thank God for
straight and narrow. Never are we to obey them when it too?
doing so would remove us from Christ‘s protection.
After all, God is our FATHER and to Him only do we Parenting is a hard ‗job‘ but parents do it because they
owe ultimate allegiance. As far love their Lord and
as possible, we should seek to they love their chil-
live in peace with our parents, dren. The next time
even if they do not follow God, you want a certain ob-
but we should also seek to stick ject and they say they
to the principles God has given cannot afford it, please
us in Holy Book. think about it properly
for a while. Your par-
―Solemn responsibilities rest ents want you to be
upon the young, which they happy. They desire the
lightly regard. They should best for you. Our par-
heed the injunction of the in- ents may not show it
spired word, "Obey your par- very well, but they
ents in the Lord; for this is would give us every-
right." "Honor thy father and thing we wanted –if
mother (which is the first com- they could. When par-
mandment with promise), that it may be well with ents really want to provide something for their child
thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth." They but are unable to, rather than adding to their emo-
should honor their parents by cheerful, loving obedi- tional pain, why not accept that reply and ask God to
ence, and by doing what they can to make home help you deal with the disappointment? If your par-
happy.‖1884MS, p. 82. ents cannot afford to give you as high an allowance as
other young people are getting, be grateful that you
Young person, are you doing all you can to make your have one at all! Read the news, look at the pictures of
parents‘ lives happy? Are you seeking to be a blessing starving children, look at refugees begging on the
to those who have succored you, loved you uncondi- street corners and thank God that you have a home
tionally, provided for you and given you (sometimes and warm food.
advice? Rather Sometimes you will have to deal with friends mocking
Parenting is a than spending you for your peculiar way of life. God‘s lifestyle is emi-
the day read- nently different to satan‘s lifestyle. Sadly, the world is
hard “job” ing an unprof- aligned on satan‘s ground. When your faithful parents
itable novel prohibit you from attending movies, when they care-
but......... while your fully choose with whom you may associate, which
mother is toil- school to attend, remember that Jesus too had to obey
ing away in the kitchen, are you lending her a helping His earthly parents. He too had to be endure mocking
hand? Or offering to take over so that she can rest her by ‗friends‘ He did not attend the schools of the day,
weary feet? When your father is out in the garden, but was taught at home by His mother. He chose to
mowing the lawn, have you offered to help him? Even help Joseph rather than play outside

He was gentle with animals and always had a hymn on young people (and old) to improve others‘ lives. This can
his tongue. Honouring parents in such an environment, take the form of carrying a heavy bag for an old lady, or
when your lifestyle is not understood, was difficult, but just talking to them, asking them their experiences. Old
the same God who never disobeyed, is the same one that people tend to be forgotten, to be put on the periphery of
will help you to ignore the jibes and to obey. society, but they have lived a long time and have much
wisdom to impart. And every old Christian may seem old-
Lev 19:32‖Thou fashioned, but the advice they give is relevant, after all,
shalt rise up be- the God we serve is the Ancient of Days- his truth never
fore the hoary changes.
head, and honour God fearing parents care for our needs, and never stop
the face of the old praying that God will guide our steps. "Should parents,"
man, and fear thy you ask, "select a companion without regard to the mind
God: I am the or feelings of son or daughter?" I put the question to you
LORD‖ We are all as it should be: Should a son or daughter select a com-
part of God‘s panion without first consulting the parents, when such a
family. Even if step must materially affect the happiness of parents if
you do not have a they have any affection for their children? And should
living parent, the that child, notwithstanding the counsel and entreaties of
aged are our eld- his parents, persist in following his own course? I answer
ers and they de- decidedly: No; not if he never marries. The fifth com-
serve the same respect that our parents do. The Bible mandment forbids such a course. "Honor thy father and
tells us to esteem others higher than ourselves. Even the thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land
aged stranger deserves to be deferred to. It is our duty as which the Lord thy God giveth thee.


In this edition we will take a break from the health se- for two weeks—and no patient had less than a
ries being run by Sr Vena to bring to you some thoughts 10% drop. (G.C. Descovich, “Multicenter Study of Soy-
from the scientific fraternity: bean Protein Diet for Outpatient Hypercholesterolae-
mic Patients,” Lancet, 2:709, 1980.)
CHOLESTEROL: If you want to have a good heart,
you need to bring your cholesterol level down to 150 or COLON CANCER – In research done by the National
below. Yet the Cancer Institute in America, they found that the inci-
American dence of colon cancer was over a hundred times
Medical Asso- worse when any of a variety of dead animals
ciation, in were eaten. Beef, pork, chicken, shellfish, crabs, river
spite of the or ocean fish, shrimp; it mattered not; they all produced
fact that its colon cancer. (Journal of the National Cancer Institute,
Journal an- December 1973, p. 1771.)
nounced in BREAST CANCER—Many animal studies have shown
1961 that ―A that a high-fat diet promotes breast cancer tu-
vegetarian mors. Human breast cancers were implanted in mice,
diet can which were then fed various diets. Tumors in mice on a
prevent high-fat diet grew and spread much more quickly. The
97% of our best diet was one high in cruciferous vegetables
coronary (broccoli, cabbage, collards, brussel sprouts).
occlusions,‖ has, under pressure from the meat indus- (Robert, Kradjian, Save Yourself from Breast Cancer,
try, only told its doctors to tell their patients to ―eat less 1994, pp. 51-52.)
red meat, watch the intake of fat, and cut down on
eggs,‖ in the hope of getting their cholesterol down to Nations like Thailand and El Salvador, which have a
the ―normal‖ 200 level. comparatively low-fat, plant-based diet, have the lowest
A study in Italy in 1980 of 127 people put on a ―low- breast cancer mortality rates. The highest rates of
fat‖ (25% of caloric intake as fat) diet containing meat— breast cancer are in the ―high-fat countries:‖
only lowered their cholesterol by a statistically insignifi- America, Netherlands, Britain, Denmark, Can-
cant 2.8% after four weeks. Then the subjects in the ada, and New Zealand. (Robert, Kradjian, Save
study were placed on soybeans instead of meat Yourself from Breast Cancer, 1994, p.44.)

OTHER CANCERS—Results of a 36-country study were eaters. (Cox p. 153.)
reported in 1991. A strong and direct correlation be-
tween consumption of dairy and animal fat and the There is a reason for this: Because the human body
incidence of prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, cannot store excess protein, it excretes it through
lung cancer, and breast cancer was clearly shown. the urine, taking calcium with it. Excess proteins load
(Michio Kushi, The Cancer Prevention Diet, 1994, p. 241.) the body with acids which cannot easily be eliminated. In
order to chemically neutralize the protein, so it can be ex-
Seventh-day Adventists in the U.S. have markedly lower creted, calcium must be taken from the blood and bones
rates of cervical and ovarian cancer than the rest of the and united with the acids. This effort to excrete those
acids overloads the kidneys and weakens them.

What should you eat in order to obtain an adequate cal-

cium diet? Eat a variety of calcium-rich vegetarian foods:
green, leafy vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, are
among the best. Also good is almonds, sesame seeds, mo-
lasses (blackstrap is the richest), garbanzo beans, and tofu.

GALL BLADDER PROBLEMS—What about the few

people who eat meat and fat, and still able to maintain
lower cholesterol levels? They have a superior ability to ex-
crete it into the liver, but research had disclosed that the
fat builds up there and causes gallbladder and gall-
stone problems (90% of gallstones are made of choles-
population. A 1989 Harvard study found that women terol).
who ate more dairy products had more ovarian
cancer. (Kushi, p. 226.)
types of strong acids in meat: uric acid, pyritic acid, etc.
These must be eliminated from the body. But, over a pe-
DIABETES—According to the Loma Linda study, Seventh
riod of time, those acids tend to settle in the mus-
day Adventists have about half the risk of developing dia-
cles and joints, where they work great damage. This
betes. A study of diabetics revealed that those placed on
can lead to painful and even crippling muscle aches and
a high-fiber vegetarian diet required 73% less insu-
joint problems in later years. Gout and other forms of
lin therapy than those on standard diets.
(D.A.Snowden and R.L. Phillips, American Journal of
Public Health, p75, 1985.)

Throughout the world, ―diabetes is rare or nonexis-

tent among peoples whose diets are primarily
grains, vegetables, and fruits. If these same people
switch to a rich meat-based diets, their incidence of diabe-
tes bal-
90% of gallstones loons.‖ (Robbins,
Diet for a New
are made of choles- America, 1987, p.
terol 277.

OSTEOPOROSIS—Older people suffer greatly from

bone loss. It is caused by a lack of calcium in the diet, so
the solution is to drink a lot of calcium-rich milk? Right?
Wrong. Oddly enough, eating either meat or milk
arthritis are especially traceable to meat-eating.
tends to aggravate the problem. (Cox: The New Why
You Don’t Eat Meat, 1992, p. 153.) OTHER DISEASES—Eating a low-fat vegetarian
Bone loss was examined in 1,600 women, half of whom ate diet will reduce the risk of ulcers, intestinal disor-
meat while the other half were vegetarian. By the time ders, hypoglycaemia, kidney stones, gallstones,
they reached the age of 80, vegetarian women had asthma, impotence, and even anaemia. (McDougall,
lost only about half as much bone mineral as meat- The McDougal Program for a Healthy Heart, 1996, p. 24.)

When I am tired, the Bible is my bed; Would I adventure, this is a gallant sea,
Or in the dark, the Bible- is my light; Or would I rest, it is a flowery lea.
When I am hungry, it is vital bread; Does gloom oppress? The Bible is a sun.
Or fearful, it is armor for the fight. Or ugliness? It is a garden fair.
When I am sick, ‗tis healing medicine;
Or lonely, thronging friends I find therein.
If I would work, the Bible is my tool;
Or play, it is a harp of happy sound.
If I am ignorant, it is my school;
If I am sinking, it is solid ground.
If I am cold, the Bible is my fire;
And wings, if boldly I aspire.
Should I be lost, the Bible is my guide;
Or naked, it is raiment, rich and warm.
Am I imprisoned, it is ranges wide;
Or tempest-tossed, a shelter from the storm.

Godly Parents. What a Blessing!!...continued from P3

" Here is a commandment with a promise which the Lord is due to no other person. God Himself, who has placed
will surely fulfill to those who obey. Wise parents will upon them a responsibility for the souls committed to
never select companions for their children without re- their charge, has ordained that during the earlier years of
spect to their wishes.‖ 5T, p. 108. life, parents shall stand in the place of God to their chil-
dren. And he who rejects the rightful authority of his par-
Based on personal experience and others‘ parents testi- ents is rejecting the authority of God. The fifth command-
monies, parents are not out to cause their children pain. ment requires
The subject of courtship and marriage is a very important children not only to yield respect, submission, and obedi-
one. The spouse we choose determines our happiness ence to their parents, but also to give them love and ten-
here on earth, and whether we enter heaven. Is it any derness, to lighten their cares, to guard their reputation,
wonder then, that our parents play a large role in the se- and to succor and comfort them in old age. It also enjoins
lection of a spouse? They are more objective, they have respect for ministers and rulers and for all others to
seen more of the world than we have, they can see the whom God has delegated authority. p. 308, Para. 2, [PP].
flaws that your blind eyes might not be willing to see. Par-
ents in law are happy when their children have made the Following God and taking up the cross is not easy. Obey-
‗right‘ choice. I have heard so many parents tell congrega- ing our parents when our carnal heart has different de-
tions how happy they are that their children chose so-and sires is only possible by God‘s grace. It may be hard to
-so as their husband/wife. Please, do not court in secret. sacrifice for our parents when we have established our
Allow your beau and your parents to meet and interact. own families. For some, this takes the form of financial
Ask them for their opinions and respect them. sacrifice- hiring a nurse to take care of an infirm parent,
housing them in a nursing home if no other arrangements
Once we leave the home, our duties towards our parents are possible. But the time taken to drive down to
do not end. After all, their role does not end, they are still Grandma‘s house with the grandchildren is truly appreci-
our parents. We owe them our continued love and sup- ated and is a blessing you can never understand until you
port. If possible and necessary, we owe our parents not are in Grandma‘s shoes. As we continue obtain
only our company at certain times, but we also have a fi- (undeserved) blessings from God, let us strive to be a
nancial obligation towards them blessing to our parents, without whom we would not be
Parents are entitled to a degree of love and respect which here.
We continue this month with our series looking at vari- God told me trick
ous tricks that the devil uses to come between us and our
Be careful how you say that. How do you know God told
you? There are three ways that God speaks to us (5T 512).
The informed and intelligent judge trick Find out what they are. Imagination, feeling, desire, im-
pulse, circumstance, all of these are often confounded
This trick is so easy to understand that it is often played
with the voice of God. God chooses to lead us by his
by men on each other. It is a variation of the ―authorities
counsel. He never leads us contrary to that counsel. The
disagree‖ trick, but with an element of disciple making.
trick here often involves a two-step stumble. Both mis-
An example might go like this: Rob opens his presenta-
steps come from impulse. The first impulse comes when
tion, ―Ladies and gentlemen, great thinkers have studied
we are seeking to know God‘s will. The timing of the im-
the writings of Rophart for decades. Most have concluded
pulse seems to clothe it in Divinity. But inwardly we
that the fifth volume of the series is a fraud. Wesson and
know better. But then we are talking to someone about it
Peters, great doctors that they are, have ably shown that
and without thinking it through we say ―and God told
the fifth volume bears, contrary to the general consensus,
me….‖ We might even know it is an exaggeration, but we
distinct evidence of Ruphart‘s personal labor. The point
said it. Now self is committed and the powers of the mind
that most of Peters critics have missed is….‖ While never
begin preparing to answer challenges to the claim. We
stated, there is an impli-
convince ourselves. Im-
cation. The speaker
pulse wins the day. Our
knows more. More than
god made it that way.
the doctors, for he is
evaluating them; more
I prayed and prayed
than the critics, and for
trick (a)
the same reason. He is
informed and intelligent, Ps 32:8-9. ―I will instruct
and intelligent listeners thee and teach thee in the
will accept his assertions. way, which thou shalt go:
Watch this move. The fact I will guide thee with
that a man has read mine eye. Be ye not as the
widely is no evidence that horse, or as the mule,
he is right. Others that which have no under-
have read widely dis- standing: whose mouth
agree. must be held in with bit
and bridle, lest they come
It doesn’t affect me near unto thee.‖ Men have
that way trick a fundamental misunder-
standing of the way that
Giving a child everything he wants will spoil him. But
God leads his children. He leads them by his counsel.
how? In olden times many monarchs were poisoned by
And He enables them to understand it by granting them
very small servings of a deadly substance delivered to
reason. These powers atrophy in the soul that will not
them day after day for months. You might ask them after
study earnestly. Men would rather have a sign. They
their third tainted meal if they felt a little queasy and
would rather have a vision. They would rather just choose
hear a jolly ―not at all.‖ Some poison in very small por-
what they want if they thought they could get away with it
tions does not have immediate perceptible effects. Satan
in the judgment. So they do, but they give God veto
has many slow poisons. Much of the counsel of God has
power. They pray and pray and pray and ask him to close
been given to warn us against these things. The Bible pre-
the doors if He does not appreciate their choice. But God
sents them as deadly. The Devil makes a sly move here.
does not answer prayers for wisdom and guidance by giv-
He makes us aware of hypersensitive people. They can
ing more of the same when the first Wisdom and Guid-
feel the anger rising in them when they listen to that mu-
ance is neglected. He does not even respect those insult-
sic. We can‘t. They had a headache the last time they ate a
ing prayers enough to give the veto. If you will not follow
candy bar. You could eat ten without noticing anything.
the counsel, do not pray for guidance. Just chose. You
They became suicidal when they broke up with their boy-
will make the same decision, and won‘t be fooled into
friend. You get over it with a few minutes of tears and a
thinking it was God‘s will.
resolve to move on. They get drunk on one beer. You can
drink three before you get a buzz. It just doesn‘t affect
you the same way. It is safe for you. It kills slowly, so no

Mt 24:7,8 ―For nation shall rise against nation, and king- homes...Across northern Zimbabwe, southern Zambia, Ma-
dom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pes- lawi and Mozambique, relentless rain has waterlogged
tilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. All these [are] fields, destroyed fields and washed out roads and villages.
the beginning of sorrows.‖
Damage to crops and roads has raised fears of food short-
Nature Groaneth the more day by day ages, and aid agencies have also warned of increased risk of
waterborne diseases and diseases caused by poor sanita-
The last month has seen major parts of southern Africa hit
by some of the worst floods in living memory. In Zambia,
Zimbabwe and Mozambique there has been an unprece- Further upheavals
dented evacuation of thousands of people due to flood-
ing.....and the peak rainy season has only just begun. News: Snow has fallen in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, for
Houses have been carried away by the Zambezi, posses- the first time in living memory - though it mostly melted
sions have been carried away by the tempestuous water, into puddles on touching the ground.
entire harvests for thousands of families washed away and
the livelihood of many men, women and children irrepara- News: Heavy snow and bitterly cold weather have caused
bly damaged. Picture yourself standing on an elevated scores of deaths and major disruption in parts of Iran, Af-
ghanistan, Central Asia and Pakistan.
Some areas have seen snow for the first time in years, with
people struggling to keep warm in sub-zero temperatures
amid power shortages.
News: The Chinese government has deployed almost half
a million troops to help people affected by the worst winter
weather in decades.

Final Thought
Like many around the world I have been following the
nomination campaigns in the USA with a degree of interest
given firstly that each round of voting gets a large amount
of news time in all media formats devoted to it and sec-
ondly because of the centrality of that country in end-time
events. I thought I would share with you this fascinating
piece of land as you look on helplessly as the water level picture taken after one of Hillary‘s wins during her celebra-
rises to engulf all that you have ever worked for.....all that tion speech. Look at the inverted stars on the American flag
you own.....all that you had hoped to survive on in the com- forming the ―goat of Mendez‖ as opposed to the normal
ing year. All that you have at your side are the few meagre manner in which the stars are positioned. Is it maybe just
possessions you were able to carry as you fled. What pain. possible that the imagery used is not a co-incidence. Is it
What heartache. What sadness. It is almost depressing to maybe possible that there is more to this than meets the
think that these are but the early birth pangs. We read in eye especially given that the Republicans inverted the stars
scripture that commotion in the natural sphere will in- on their elephant in 2000 ?
crease as time draws to an end and the frequency with
which this is happening is astounding. Time is truly draw-
ing to a close.

News: Some 50,000 people in Mozambique have been

displaced by flooding along the Zambezi valley, authorities
say. They say between 150,000 and 200,000 people could
be affected over the coming weeks if forecast rains fall in
upper reaches of the valley.

The Zambezi has already burst its banks in some areas

forcing tens of thousands of people to flee their

Mt 14:31 And immediately Jesus stretched forth [his] on Jesus, feeling or no feeling. We should seek to faith-
hand, and caught him, and said unto him, O thou of little fully perform every known duty, and then calmly rest in
faith, wherefore didst thou doubt? the promises of God. At times a deep sense of our unwor-
thiness will send a thrill of terror through the soul; but
Many pass long years in darkness and doubt because they
do not feel as they desire. But feeling has nothing to do
with faith. That faith which works by love and purifies the
soul is not a matter of impulse. It ventures out upon the
promises of God, firmly believing that what he has said,
he is able also to perform. Our souls may be trained to
believe, taught to rely upon the word of God. That word
declares that "the just shall live by faith," not by feeling.
1897MS, p. 652
It is not your feelings, your emotions, that make you a
child of God, but the doing of God's will. A life of useful-
ness is before you if your will becomes God's will 5T, p515
It is difficult to exercise living faith when we are in dark-
ness and discouragement. But this of all others is the very
time when we should exercise faith. "But," says one, "I do this is no evidence that God has changed toward us, or we
not feel at such times like praying in faith." Well, then, toward God. No effort should be made to rein the mind
will you allow Satan to gain the victory, simply because up to a certain intensity of emotion. We may not feel to-
you do not feel like resisting him? When he sees that you day the peace and joy which we felt yesterday; but we
have the greatest need of divine aid, he will try the hard- should by faith grasp the hand of Christ, and trust Him as
est to beat you back from God. If he can keep you away fully in the darkness as in the light. MYP, p111
from the Source of strength, he knows that you will walk I wish I could impress every soul before me today with
in darkness and sin. There is no sin greater than unbelief. the importance of having a close connection with God. If
And when there is unbelief in the heart, there is danger the heart is pure, we can come with boldness to the
that it will be expressed. The lips should be kept in as throne of grace. Believing that God hears us, we shall act
with bit and bridle, lest by giving expression to this unbe- just as though we knew that he heard. This is faith. If we
lief you not only exert an injurious influence over others, wait for a special feeling, we may be disappointed. Feel-
but place yourselves upon the enemy's ground. ML, p14 ing has nothing to do with faith. The conditions of accep-
The faith of most Christians will waver if they constantly tance are, that we come out from the world and be sepa-
neglect to meet together for conference and prayer. 4T, rate, that we put away secret sins, and that we cease to
p106 transgress knowingly any of God's requirements.
1886MS, p384

Many make a serious mistake in their religious life by

keeping the attention fixed upon their feelings and thus
judging of their advancement or decline. Feelings are not
a safe criterion. We are not to look within for evidence of
our acceptance with God. We shall find there nothing but
that which will discourage us. Our only hope is in
"looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith."
There is everything in Him to inspire with hope, with
faith, and with courage. He is our righteousness, our con-
solation and rejoicing. 5T, p199

We should not make self the center and indulge anxiety

and fear as to whether we shall be saved. All this turns
the soul away from the Source of our strength. Commit
the keeping of your soul to God, and trust in Him. Talk
In order for a man's faith to be strong, he must be much and think of Jesus. Let self be lost in Him. Put away all
with God in secret prayer.4T, p235 doubt; dismiss your fears. Say with the apostle Paul, "I
Darkness and discouragement will sometimes come upon live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I
the soul, and threaten to overwhelm us; but we should now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God,
not cast away our confidence. We must keep the eye fixed who loved me, and gave Himself for me." Galatians 2:20.

Rest in God. He is able to keep that which you have committed to Him. If you will leave
yourself in His hands, He will bring you off more than conqueror through Him that has
loved you.SC, p71

Bear in mind that the time will never come when the shadow of Satan will not be cast
athwart our pathway to obstruct our faith and eclipse the light coming from the Sun of
Righteousness. Our faith must not stagger, but cleave through that shadow. We have an
experience that is not to be buried in the darkness of doubt.
Our faith is not in feeling, but in truth. None of us need flatter ourselves that while the
world is progressing in wickedness we shall have no difficulties. 1909MS, p508
The bulk of this newsletter is Hope in God, trust in Him, and rest in His promises, whether you feel happy or not. A
authored by members of the good emotion is no evidence that you are a child of God, neither are disturbed, troubled,
Mowbray SDA church whose perplexing feelings an evidence that you are not a child of God. Come to the Scriptures
desire is to provide a thought
and intelligently take God at His word. Comply with the conditions and believe He will
provoking newsletter for Ad-
ventists dwelling on the banks
accept you as His child. Be not faithless, but believing. OHC, p119
of Jordan; in the process ap- When depression settles upon the soul, it is no evidence that God has changed. He is "the
pealing to entire fidelity to the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." Heb. 13:8. You are sure of the favor of God
Bible and the Spirit of Proph-
when you are sensible of the beams of the Sun of Righteousness; but if the clouds sweep
over your soul, you must not feel that you are forsaken. Your faith must pierce the gloom.
Your eye must be single, and your whole body will be full of light. OHC, p324
The powers of darkness gather about the soul and shut Jesus from our sight, and at times
we can only wait in sorrow and amazement until the cloud passes over. These seasons are
sometimes terrible. Hope seems to fail, and despair seizes upon us. In these dreadful
hours we must learn to trust, to depend solely upon the merits of the atonement, and in
all our helpless unworthiness cast ourselves upon the merits of the crucified and risen
Saviour. We shall never perish while we do this-- never! When light shines on our path-
way, it is no great thing to be strong in the strength of grace. But to wait patiently in hope
when clouds envelop us and all is dark, requires faith and submission which causes our
will to be swallowed up in the will of God. We are too quickly discouraged, and earnestly
cry for the trial to be removed from us, when we should plead for patience to endure and
grace to overcome. 1T, p309

Tricks of the devil…..continued from P6

I prayed and prayed trick b
A few years ago I was talking to a young man that was giving up religion. Religion didn‘t
work for him. ―I prayed and prayed that if God was real that he would make Stephanie
like me. Nothing happened.‖ The forces of evil would throw a party if they could convince
everyone that prayer is white magic—that is, a method of controlling forces of the uni-
verse for the purpose of doing good. God never agreed to give weak-minded sinfully in-
clined human beings their every whim. He does not spoil us. If we do not get what we
asked for, it is an impotent prayer rather than an impotent God that is to blame. See the
chapter ―Prayer‖ in Steps to Christ and James 4:1-4.

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