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Volunteer Gi 1. General Livingstone College is @ not-for-profit higher education institution engaged in fulfilling its mission to ‘educate its students as whole persons in order to prepare them to find their places in the world after ‘graduation. This education of the whole person includes providing opportunites to partake ina variety Of activities including athletic activities, service, and opportunities to develop leadership skill, all integral parts ofthe Livingstone experience. Livingstone also recognizes the benefits of volunteer relationships forthe College as wel as its students ‘and volunteers. We seek to foster such relationships while ensuring that the relationship is clearly ‘understood by both parties to protect the interests of and minimize the risks forall. The College does. ‘not intend for volunteers to perform or displace work that is presently being performed by Livingstone. ‘employees. In fact, many roles are not suitable for volunteers. Volunteer arrangements may not be used to circumvent the established processes that govern standard College authorized hires. Volunteer status ‘may not be used as a way to avoid or defer compliance with the employment eligibility requirements (of federal immigration laws. 2, Responsibilities of Livingstone Volunteers, By their very nature, volunteers are not employees. Livingstone volunteers do not have an ‘employment relationship with the College for their volunteer activities on any grounds or for any reason ‘and therefore are not covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA") or paid a salary or wage for volunteer activities. Volunteers are not eligible for any College benefits, including but not limited to ‘workers’ compensation benefits. Atal imes, the College has the discretion to select volunteers and may ‘end the volunteer relationship with or without advance notice. ‘Volunteers are expected to abide by College policies, extemal regulations and laws that govern their actions including but not limited to those regarding ethial behavior, confidentiality (including the requirements of FERPA), financial responsiblity, motor vehicle operation, and drug and alcohol use. ‘The managing department is responsible for properly screening, engaging, supervising and terminating the volunteer relationship. The department is also responsible for ensuring an individual has appropriate experience, qualifications, and taining for the volunteer tasks to be perforted. ‘To qualify as a Livingstone volunteer, an individual must be willing to provide volusteer services as. outlined in this policy and must complete and sign a Livingstone Volunteer Agieewent and other associated forms, including necessary background checks, as appropriate. 3, Who May Volunteer Livingstone volunteers are uncompensated individuals who perform services to support the activities of | the College or to gain experience in specific endeavors without the promise, expectation, or receipt of any compensation, future employment or any other tangible benefit Current employces, retirees, students, alumni or other individuals may volunteer at the College, with the following restrictions: ‘© An individual who is not a current Livingstone student must be at least 18 years of age. Current Livingstone students may volunteer regardless of age. ‘© The individual must present ID sufficient to establish identification. © Any current Livingstone employee may qualify as a volunteer if: ‘)the employee is not volunteering during normal working hours; bythe employee is volunteering for civic, charitable or humanitarian reasons without promise, expectation or receipt of compensation for the services rendered; ‘)there is no coercion or undue pressure (iret or implied) onthe employee to volunteer; and «Din volunteering, the volunteer will not provide the same or sinilar services for ‘which he or she is employed by the College. 4, No Compensation to Volunteers Livingstone volunteers should not expect to be compensated for volunteering. 5, olunteer Agreements A Livingstone Volunteer Agreement is required for all College volunteer activities. This ‘Agreement must specify the activities the volunteer intends to undertake and make it clear that the volunteer is serving in a voluntary capacity, that he or she will not be paid any wages, and that he or she is not covered by workers’ compensation insurance. The Agreement must be approved in writing by Human Resources prior to any volunteer activity being performed. The superv'sor should complete the Agreement, have the volunteer sign it, and forward it to Human Resources for approval. The: volunteer's activities may begin only after Human Resources notifies the supervisor that the Agreement is approved. 6. Background Checks Criminal background checks and drug screens, and/or driving record background checks may be required for certain positions as designated by the College. For example, if a volunteers to operate College vehicle or transport students in his or her personal vehicle driving record check is required Previous checks must be less than one year old for curent volunteer consideration. The department is responsible for paying the cost of background checks for volunteers. ‘Any questions regarding these guidelines should be directed to Human Resources. LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE 701 West Monroe Stret| Salisbury, NC 28144 ‘VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY TAROT ra i Pea ae Fa a T a Re paso - ST = | an CoRar aR ae Pano Fear] TT al DDUTTES: (deny biefy duis to be permed): DEPARTMENT FACULTY SUPERVISOR: 0 taepone Ng, DATES: From: ww LOCATION (were wil you perform the majority of your tasks): ‘Thank yu for volunteering with Livingstone College. The College recognizes hat your voluntzer contribution enhances the College's programs and ative, and wats 6 ensure hat your volunte experience ia safe and evardig one. Many of ou extra proms would not ke place ot ran as efielly as they do without the assistance of our volunteers. ACCEPTANCE OF RESPONSIBILITES {comidertion af my volumee wc, ends tt am a estes ito an employment aoship wi Livingston College a ta a ot edo eeive a sy or ny employe bees. [undead tht my des nd esjosiieshave ben explied a deta Tuned ha ‘Sethe Calg or my tern ths vlc etn et sy tne without ane, {alu underaund heaves obiaion wo eapet he fie oy srsive rman odin, wich may ese omy vouneting athe Clloge sd | ape ta wi ot dace ay Inermaion wiht he por wien aude fom Livingstone Clee undead ha ny ga of cone cons no evenly. | Lill follow all ules, guidelines and abide by any and all sk assessments, health and safety regulations and Instructions received prior to or during the above noted volunteer activities: 2 acknowledge that Iam subject to Livingstone College's Policies and Procedures and that [represent Livingstone College. I therefore, agree to conduct myself accordingly at all times while performing my volunteer activities. 3 Ifas part of my duties esponsibiies I am required o drive College vehicles while performing my volunteer activities, [will meet all the necessary Livingstone College driver requirements and follow all policy and procedures related to those requirements. ‘ols LIVINGSTONE COLLEGE ‘701 West Monroe Steet Salisbury, NC 28144 ASSUMPTION OF RISK Pe eRowiede hat Tam avare there erie asocinted with o reste tothe dies esrb above th wil be required perform, “These ick Isat, but rnc miedo: 1. The risks socited with travel oan fom leations where my dates will be perfomed including anspor by public or private {rotor vebil, nu, wan of oer allenate wansprtation system. 2, Any manne ofijiry or death sulin from we or misuse of euipmendtoas required to perfocm my dues. 3 Any manne f physical or ental nur Gelding deat) that could eu fom being on Livingstone College property while ‘carrying out my volunteer dies, | keoly accept nd ly sume al sch risks, angers and hazards andthe posit of personal injury, death, permanent dsabiiy, property damage ols resuling thereof els: {TAM SOLELY RESPONSIBLE to set an purchase steque mee isrsce. Nome nuance wl be provied bythe Livingstone Calle ae even of smears prblem Livingstone Cliege rps wo espssbliy fr ay cos sited wth @ rela oben or vl ey py for any een expenses Which ey We carey te Von. Livingstone Coleg foes nt inure peel eis or propery fr eer employes volutes. Vlueers wh ring personal preperty wth {homer to wil bata town poral wee oe Calf ane se reo cons! tel sre okra ere tal hy ave 1 ely accept an ase al esponsiiliy te rovie myself wih mete nance, pon Insurance an vel insane coverage toate WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY Thereby release Lvingtone Coleg: rom habit for any lots, damage or nur (incuding deat), which Lay susan asa reslt of my ‘oluntecring dtesas noted above, Including any os, damage ony unless caused byte negligence of Livigsce Calle. Tagre® to be solely reeporible for any sch ss, damage o in nae ACKNOWLEDGEMENT {HAVE READ AND UNDERSTOOD THIS AGREEMENT, i eerng nos Arent 2 ot eying von ay or or writen {eorsettaton srcts mae by Livingstone College oe tan wha st fh ts Agreement. Lam are thay ising sarees. SEWAIVING CERTAIN LEGAL RIGHTS, wich or ny helt, ox ofan, nestor, mists, spe cd eens inthe ve of my death o capacy may have gain Livngsone Coleg Signed his ____eayof. puts ‘SimaeoVekaee SC Wi Pisa Rie ae Ra Ri raged or

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