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PRISONERS OF January 2008

Our heartfelt thanks as the PoH team for all the emails with encouraging words that we con-
tinue to receive and we continue to pray that you will pray for this ministry and that we may
provide the saints of the Living God with solids.
As some of you may be aware, we have not been able to distribute copies of this newsletter at
church after the initial distribution that we did outside church grounds. The over-arching reason
is that we were given a stringent set of rules, grievous to be borne, under which we would be
allowed to distribute the newsletter. One of them included handing over editorial rights of the
newsletter to the elders who would then decide on what could be printed and what not, as well
as allowing them the right to shelve an entire issue; all this without a right to appeal their deci-
sion. While they have their reasons for the demands, which we must respect, we could not with
clear conscience acquiesce to their desires of dictating content to us and hence our restraint
from handing out the newsletter and choosing rather to email it to you.
One of the issues that haunted us with the decisions taken was that we have a contingent of
church members that do not have access to the internet who were thus being deprived of a
chance to read this newsletter. However, we are glad to let you know that God has answered
our prayers. A friend from America made a donation to Prisoners of Hope which has allowed
us to top up and purchase a color printer for the ministry. This generous donation will also al-
low us to post a number of copies of this newsletter to people that do not have access to email. INSIDE THIS ISSUE
We therefore appeal to you dear readers, to please email us the names and physical addresses Editorial ..................................... ……1
of Adventists that do not have access to email whom you would like to receive copies of this Fill Jesus‘ Shoes ......................... .….2
newsletter and we will endeavor by faith to post copies of the newsletter to all of them. We A Few of my Favourite Things….....3
once again ask that you keep us constantly in your prayers. Tricks of The Devil ..................... …..6
Lift Up Your Heads………………..…...7
Have you ever found yourself in what is for many of us an awkward position of having to ex-
Shun Cares, Riches & Pleasures …..8
plain to someone why it is that you believe that the God that you serve is the true God and that Contact Details ........................... …10
the others are imposters? Have you ever found yourself having to answer to the question as to
why you believe that the Bible is true in every particular and why it should be held in higher
esteem than other religious blueprints such as the Quran? If you have found yourself in such a
position, how did you respond? Did you have a ready answer on your lips? Did you stutter and
mumble a response and later kick yourself for missing out on a valuable witnessing opportu-
nity? If you have not been asked those questions, what responses went through your mind as
you read the question?
Unfortunately, far too many of us do not truly know nor understand why we believe what we
believe. Unfortunately too many of us do not ask ourselves the probing questions that we
should. Unfortunately too many of us cannot even begin to give a semblance of a defense for
our core doctrines. I found myself having to respond to these questions in the last month and
they really set my brain in motion. Unfortunately, to discover my advice on handling these
challenges you will have to wait for the next newsletter but I encourage you to in the meantime
ask those questions of yourself and fashion a ready response lest it be required of thee.
Eph 5 23-31 ― For the husband is the head of the wife, consume His enemies, instead He prayed for them.
even as Christ is the head of the church: and he is the Husbands, when your children anger you, how do you
saviour of the body. Therefore as the church is subject respond? Do you punish in anger, or do you kneel and
unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands pray with them, showing them where they have erred
in everything. Husbands, love your wives, even as and how it affects their relationship with their true
Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; Father; and only then discipline with love? Can your
That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing children come to you with any problem, knowing that
of water by the word, That he might present it to him- you care and will do anything to help them? Do your
self a glorious church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or little ones climb all over you as soon as you walk
any such thing; but that it should be holy and without through that door after a hard day at work?
blemish. So ought men to love their wives as their own
―Whatever may be his calling and its perplexities, let
bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no
the father take into his home the same smiling counte-
man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and
nance and pleasant tones
cherisheth it, even as the Lord
with which he has all day
the church: For we are mem-
greeted visitors and
bers of his body, of his flesh,
strangers. Let the wife feel
and of his bones. For this cause
that she can lean upon the
shall a man leave his father and
large affections of her hus-
mother, and shall be joined
band,--that his arms will
unto his wife, and they two
strengthen and uphold her
shall be one flesh.‖
through all her toils and
Much is made of women sub- cares, that his influence
mitting to their husbands. We will sustain hers, and her
all ‗know‘ that the husband is burden will lose half its
the head of the home, but what weight. Are the children
kind of head is that? Christ is not his as well as hers?‖
our great example. He was CE p. 172. Are you as
meek yet strong. He was never cheerful as you should be?
forceful or domineering, never The pen of inspiration re-
churlish, never critical and minds us to be sunshiny
overbearing. He chose to serve, Christians, to spread the
rather than to be served. His atmosphere of heaven
one desire was to do the will of wherever we may be, and
Him that sent Him. He submit- most especially at home.
ted Himself to His Father‘s will
―Parents, above every-
and made himself nothing, for
thing, take care of your
the sake of His bride, the
children upon the Sab-
Church. He let Himself, be led
bath. Do not suffer them
to and nailed to a cross, innocent as He was, so that
to violate God's holy day by playing in the house or out
undeserving humans would be with Him in paradise.
of doors. You may just as well break the Sabbath your-
Husbands, are you just as self-effacing? Do you truly selves as to let your children do it, and when you suffer
act towards your wives the same way Jesus would? Or your children to wander about, and suffer them to play
do you lord it over them until there is nothing Christ- upon the Sabbath, God looks upon you as Sabbath-
like in your bearing? Would Jesus ever shout and rant breakers. Your children, that are under your control,
and rave the should be made to mind you. Your word should be
Are the children way you do at their law. Will not parents wake up to their duty be-
your wife, fore it shall be too late, and take hold of the work in
not his as well as your poor chil- earnest, redeem the time, and make unsparing efforts
dren? Jesus to save their children? RH 09-19-54
hers never had a
Wisdom's ways "are ways of pleasantness, and all her
temper. He
paths are peace." Worldly pleasures are infatuating;
was never proud, never desired to force people to ac-
and for their momentary enjoyment, many sacrifice
cept Him and His views. When about to be stoned to
the friendship of Heaven, with the peace, love, and joy
death, He just disappeared from the scene, even
that it affords.
though He had the power to call down lightning to

― But these chosen objects of delight soon become dis- nificent ocean, walk by the calm lake and remind them of
gusting, unsatisfying. RH 01-29-84. Sadly, for many of Moses crossing the Red Sea.
us, religion has not been made as cheerful as it is. The
Father, you represent Jesus to your children. You are the
gospel is in itself GOOD news. But children tend to be
priest of the
browbeaten into it, and as a result, the pure truths of
home. It is your
heaven are tainted by harshness. As far as possible, our
job to lead the
children should be taught to love and honour God joy-
family in rever-
fully. Jesus was often heard singing hymns while helping
ent and Spirit-
Joseph in the carpenter‘s shop. How often do our chil-
filled worship,
dren hear us singing to our Creator? While we are to re-
morning and
frain from all worldly recreation, Christian recreation
evening. ―By
and amusements do exist and fathers play an important
precept and ex-
role. The child hardly sees the father during the day. On
ample, let the
the Sabbath, there is time for the Father to read Bible sto-
young be taught
ries to the young child, to go over the Sabbath school les-
reverence for
sons with the older child. There is time for the family to
God and for His
raise their voices in praise to the Lord of the Sabbath.
word. Many of
Fathers, let your children enjoy the Sabbath. Instead of our youth are becoming infidels at heart, because of the
forcing them when very young, to spend the whole day at lack of devotion in their parents. The law of God should
church, take them out into nature. Show them the crea- be the law of the household
tion that our heavenly Father has preserved for those
who love Him. Go out into the woods, drive by the mag-

The question of partaking of flesh foods always seems to numbers of other like affections.‖ 1897 MS p3
cause contention and debate among those who discuss
The question of partaking of flesh foods always seems to
the topic and yet such clear counsel is given on the mat-
cause contention and debate among those who discuss
ter that no person should be left confused. Not only
the topic and yet such clear counsel is given on the mat-
that, but even reason tells and shows us that the animal
ter that no person should be left confused. Not only
kingdom is diseased and that partaking of their flesh
that, but even reason tells and shows us that the animal
can only but
kingdom is diseased and that partaking of their flesh
bring disease
can only but bring disease upon mankind. Notice what
upon man-
the prophet of the Lord writes: ―The meat diet is the se-
kind. Notice
rious question. Shall human beings live on the flesh of
what the
dead animals? The answer, from the light that God has
prophet of the
given is, No, decidedly No. Health reform institutions
Lord writes:
should educate on this question. Physicians who claim
―The meat
to understand the human organism ought not to en-
diet is the se-
courage their patients to subsist on the flesh of dead
rious ques-
animals. They should point out the increase of disease
tion. Shall
in the animal kingdom. The testimony of examiners is
human beings
that very few animals are free from disease, and that the
live on the
practice of eating largely of meat is contracting diseases
flesh of dead
of all kinds,-- cancers, tumors, scrofula, tuberculosis,
animals? The answer, from the light that God has given
and numbers of other like affections.‖ 1897 MS p3
is, No, decidedly No. Health reform institutions should
educate on this question. Physicians who claim to un- ―Many times many people fall ill and do not truly know
derstand the human organism ought not to encourage the cause of their illness. Visitations to various doctors
their patients to subsist on the flesh of dead animals. will be made numerous times and yet all that they will
They should point out the increase of disease in the ani- do is remove the symptoms instead of the cause of the
mal kingdom. The testimony of examiners is that very illness. Worldly physicians cannot account for the rapid
few animals are free from disease, and that the practice increase of disease among the human family. But we
of eating largely of meat is contracting diseases of all know that much of this suffering is caused by the eating
kinds,-- cancers, tumors, scrofula, tuberculosis, and of dead flesh.‖ Letter 83, 1901

Eating meat causes much of the illnesses we have and yet when they have to travel far, they become surfeited and ex-
still we will not let go of it. We often repeat the saying ―You hausted, and in that condition are killed for market. Their
are what you eat‖ and yet do not take heed of that. ―The blood is highly inflamed, and those who eat of their meat,
animals are diseased, and by partaking of their flesh, we eat poison. Some are not immediately affected, while oth-
plant the seeds of disease in our own tissue and blood. ers are attacked with severe pain, and die from fever, chol-
Then when exposed to the changes in a malarious atmos- era, or some unknown disease.
phere, these are more sensibly felt; also when we are ex-
Very many animals are sold for the city market known to
posed to prevailing epidemics and contagious diseases, the
be diseased by those who have sold them, and those who
buy them are not always ignorant of the matter. Especially
is not
in larger cities this is practiced to a great extent, and meat
in a
eaters know not that they are eating diseased animals.
tion to Some animals that are brought to the slaughter seem to
resist realize by instinct what is to take place, and they become
the dis- furious, and literally mad. They are killed while in that
ease.‖ state, and their flesh is prepared for market. Their meat is
1896 poison, and has produced, in those who have eaten it,
MS cramps, convulsions, apoplexy, and sudden death. Yet the
p.603. cause of all this suffering is not attributed to the meat.
Al- Some animals are inhumanly treated while being brought
to the slaughter. They are literally tortured, and after they
we do have endured many hours of extreme suffering, are butch-
not re- ered. Swine have been prepared for market even while the
alize it plague was upon them, and their poisonous flesh has
immediately, the effect of eating meat is surely there. spread contagious diseases, and great mortality has fol-
If that doesn‘t do it, have you ever considered the state of lowed. Sp. Gifts IV p. 147, 148
the animal that will become your meat? If many knew, they
The effect of meat is not only harmful to us physically, but
would abstain from its use immediately: mentally and most importantly spiritually as well. ―A meat
Often animals are taken to market and sold for food, when diet changes the disposition and strengthens animalism.
they are so diseased that their owners fear to keep them We are composed of what we eat, and eating much flesh
longer. And some of the processes of fattening them for will diminish intellectual activity. Students would accom-
market produce disease. Shut away from the light and pure
air, breathing the atmosphere of filthy stables, perhaps fat-
tening on decaying food, the entire body soon becomes
contaminated with foul matter.
Animals are often transported long distances and subjected
to great suffering in reaching a market. Taken from the
green pastures
and traveling for
He knew that the use of weary miles over
the hot, dusty
this diet would create roads, or
disease and insubordi- crowded into
nation filthy cars, fever-
ish and ex-
hausted, often for
plish much more in their studies if they never tasted meat.
many hours deprived of food and water, the poor creatures
When the animal part of the human agent is strengthened
are driven to their death, that human beings may feast on
by meat eating, the intellectual powers diminish propor-
the carcasses. M.H. p.314
tionately. A religious life can be more successfully gained
Many die of disease caused wholly by meat eating; yet the and maintained if meat is discarded, for this diet stimulates
world does not seem to be the wiser. Animals are fre- into intense activity lustful propensities, and enfeebles the
quently killed that have been driven quite a distance for the moral and spiritual nature. ―The flesh warreth against the
slaughter. Their blood has become heated. They are full of spirit, and the spirit against the flesh.‖ 1893 MS p. 613
flesh, and have been deprived of healthy exercise, and Take heed!

―The Lord has His people everywhere and soon, in fact, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.‖ Rev
already, this message that we are treading under foot is 217. And he that overcometh, and keepeth my works unto
being taken by others and they are leading out. Animals the end, to him will I give power over the nations Rev 226.
are becoming more and more diseased, and it will not be He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white
long until animal food will be raiment; and I will not blot out
discarded by many besides his name out of the book of life,
Seventh-day Adventists. Foods but I will confess his name before
that are healthful and life sus- my Father, and before his angels
taining are to be prepared, so Rev 35. ―Him that overcometh
that men and women will not will I make a pillar in the temple
need to eat meat.‖ 7T p.124 of my God, and he shall go no
more out: and I will write upon
Arise Adventists! Shine! We
him the name of my God, and the
have so much light given to us.
name of the city of my God, which
Do not look at it as having to
is new Jerusalem, which cometh
give something up, do not hold
down out of heaven from my God:
meat, or anything else so dear
and I will write upon him my new
to you above Christ. Jesus paid
name Rev 312. To him that over-
it all, all to Him we owe. It is
cometh will I grant to sit with me
to him that overcometh that
in my throne, even as I also over-
our Lord will give to eat of the
came, and am set down with my
tree of life, which is in the
Father in his throne.‖ Rev 321.
midst of the paradise of God. It is he who overcometh that
shall not be hurt of the second death. ―To him that over- Only through Christ and his merits can we overcome. Ap-
cometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give propriate His victories as your own for in all points He was
him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, tempted just as we are and yet He was without sin.

Fill Jesus Shoes...continued from P3

Let fathers and mothers kindly and patiently instruct ‗Are the children not his as well as hers?‖
their children, both from the inspired word and from the
The relationship between Abraham and Isaac is one
book of nature, leading them to understand the character
worth emulating. Not only was Abraham a man of faith,
of God. Let them show in their own lives that they are
but he taught his son to obey him and to trust him- no
continually seeking to know and to do His will. To secure
matter what. Only a Godly son, in the face of potential
the approval of their heavenly Father is the great motive
murder would allow their father to continue in what
to be ever kept before the minds of children. The service
seems to be an aberration in the father. Not only did
of God should be presented, not as an irksome task, but as
young Isaac trust his father in that situation, he also
a precious privilege, by which they may enjoy an honored,
trusted him to find him a wife. Such is the relationship
useful, and happy life here, and infinitely greater honor,
father and their children ought to have, one where the
usefulness, and joy in the life hereafter. 1913 MS p. 11
father is truly honoured- not because of fear, but because
Fatherhood requires more than just siring offspring. of their Godly example and love.
Those children need to be nurtured and taught well. God
The father‘s duty is to be stern- like God, yet also tender –
has told fathers not to have child after child, with no
like God. A shepherd loves his sheep and takes care of
thought about the poor mother who has to bear those
them in the blinding sun and in the chilling cold. The fa-
children, and also take care of them after their birth. The
ther is to shepherd is family under all circumstances in a
mother also needs to have her burdens as light as possi-
loving way, sacrificing his comforts in order to lead his
ble, so by all means, if you can, please get her the neces-
precious family to the kingdom. This world may not laud
sary appliances to make housework a joy and not drudg-
a well-run family, but God will honour the father that
ery. Some poor mothers have child after child and the fa-
takes his duties seriously, and will hear his prayers. What
ther barely takes any notice of the children. The mother is
a blessing to know that one day, your Father in heaven
left to take care of them, feed them, bathe them keep
will say ―Thank you for preserving the children I lent
them entertained even when the father is present and not
you.‖ And if, by some mishap, after all that you have
doing anything. This is not the Lord‘s way. He took chil-
done, your children still choose to depart from the way,
dren on His lap, sang to them , played with them and
take heart in knowing that God will comfort your sorrow
made sure they knew He loved them. Fathers should learn
and will commend you for playing your part in raising
to be dads- to have fun with their children. The ideal fa-
that child well.
ther is one that plays his part when present. As EGW asks
We continue this month with our series looking at vari- The presupposition is that conservative people become
ous tricks that the devil uses to come between us and our that way due to a natural bent, and liberals bend that way
Saviour. for similar reasons. The power of the Word of God to
change lives is ignored. The fact that those that strive
I can’t understand those things trick
most earnestly to bring their lives into conformity to the
The Bible teaches that the gospel has been written in scriptures all move in the same spiritual direction is dis-
such a way that the wayfaring man, though a fool need missed as evidence that they are of the conservative
not misunderstand. Satan has a growing lack of demon frame of mind. The Word is undermined by this opinion.
power on this earth. Human population has soared an
astounding 600% in the last 130 years. During the same Serious arguments are dismissed, rather than considered,
period of time the demonic forces have grown by 0%. with the brief excuse that the one presenting them ―is just
Rather than try to man each human with a personal de- that way.‖ When men will not seriously study, they will
mon, he has adopted the delegation method. He leads be seriously wrong. Arguments and reasons, the basis or
most men and women to feel that they can not under- critical thinking in its positive sense, militate against the
stand the Bible for themselves. And he leads a few others, various deceptions of Satan. He is careful to avoid the
chosen if possible for their pliability, to feel that they un- dead-end of road of meeting them one by one with lies.
derstand it better than The ―that is how they are‖
most. The former very trick is one his ways of doing
naturally follow the latter away with all of them at the
and all the local imps have same time.
left to do is keep the leader
under their influence. I see where you are go-
Don‘t be fooled. The same ing trick
God that teaches the eagles
Truth has components that
to find their prey will teach
are both simple and com-
his children to find Him in
plex. The latter thoughts
His word. Learning, de-
require connected reasoning
grees, positions, these
on the part of those arriving
things may add influence
at them. If you were to try to
to a man, but they do not
persuade a man that the
give him an edge on spiri-
seventh day is the Sabbath
tual discernment.
and should be kept, you
might begin by defining sin
This is how I am trick
as the transgression of the
This one is intimately re- law. As one that considers
lated to the kindred ―I himself to be a budding in-
need to find myself‖ trick. ―Let no one say, I cannot rem- tellectual your listener might quickly perceive that to ac-
edy my defects of character. If you come to this decision, cept the definition is, by and by, to accept the conclusion
you will certainly fail of obtaining everlasting life. The that the Sabbath must be kept. He does not want to get
impossibility lies in your own will. If you will not, then there and begins to resist points that he might readily
you can not overcome. The real difficulty arises from the have admitted under any other circumstance.
corruption of an unsanctified heart, and an unwillingness
to submit to the control of God.‖ COL p. 331. The way we Now imagine that on your side are 20 arguments to his 3
are has only a limited relation to what we must become. counter arguments. If all 23 arguments were on the table
As the mind becomes like that thing on which it medi- at once, the truth could be readily seen. But by jumping
ates, there is nothing so prone to slow down character ahead in the train of thought, the hapless listener has
development than studying to find one‘s self. ―A fool hath managed to keep at all times a maximum of four thoughts
no delight in understanding but that his heart may dis- on the table—his three and one of yours. At each point he
cover itself.‖ Pr. 18:2. feel very justified in resisting your conclusion, for his ar-
guments outweigh your argument. If you would know the
That is how they are trick truth or falsity of an idea you will do better to hear the
This fallacy is the demonic equivalent to man‘s famous arguments for and against it, follow the thoughts, and to
straw-man argument. The soul under attack is led to be- postpone a conclusion until you have time to study the
reasons. Do not be so afraid of losing the argument as of
lieve that the reason men adopt high standards and self-
denying lifestyles is that they are constituted that way. losing the truth…….Continued on p8

”Re 13:4 And they worshipped the dragon which gave power the second paragraph is steeped in Masonic language.
unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who [is]
like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? News: The top ecumenical officer of the Russian Orthodox
Church reports that his December 7 meeting with Pope
Islam Heads Home :- To Rome Benedict XVI was "an important moment on the path to
Christian unity."
Often when I share the prophetic message those not of our .......The likened ecumenical exchanges to "building a great
faith one of the questions they invariably ask is how it is church, brick by brick." Although he declined to discuss his
that the Muslims will be sucked in to paying homage to pa- conversation with the Pontiff in detail, the Russian prelate
pal Rome . While the answer is self-evident when one looks said: "Each time we lay the next stone, we draw nearer to
at the roots and foundation of Islam, along with the the completion of the extraordinary building that is Chris-
―coming one‖ they are awaiting, the noises that are being tian unity.‖
made by thought leaders within that faith are now suffi-
cient to show that the two sides are dining at the same ta- Comment: The ultimate aim of the ecumenical movement
ble. could hardly have been stated any clearer. The eventual
aim is not only Christian unity, but a unity amongst all re-
News: Pope Benedict XVI has answered a call for dialogue ligions which is not arrived upon based on God‘s principles
between Christian and Islamic leaders, inviting a group of but upon principles fashioned by anti-Christ .
138 Muslim officials to Rome to continue the exchange.
The Pope's answer to the Muslim leaders-- who had re- News: Pope Benedict XVI met on December 6 with partici-
leased their open letter on October 13-- came in the form of pants in a conference on Scripture, jointly organized by the
a letter to Jordan's Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal, Pontifical Council for Christian Unity and the Baptist
the president of the Aal al-Bayt Institute for Islamic World Alliance.
Thought and one of the The Holy Father expressed his hope for the success of the
138 Islamic leaders who ecumenical discussions. He noted that the discussion of
had signed the open let- Scripture "offers a promising context for the examination
of such historically controverted issues as the relationship
The Pope voiced his
between Scripture and Tradition, the understanding of
"deep appreciation"
Baptism and the Sacraments, the place of Mary in the com-
for the Muslim lead-
munion of the Church, and the nature of primacy in the
ers' initiative, and ob-
Church's ministerial structure."
served: ―Without ignoring
The quest to restore Christian unity requires believers to
or downplaying our dif-
address these questions, acknowledging their disagree-
ferences as Christians and Muslims, we can and therefore
ments, "in a spirit of openness, mutual respect and fidelity
should look to what unites us, namely, belief in the one
to the liberating truth and saving power of the Gospel of
God, the provident Creator and universal Judge who at the
Jesus Christ," the Pontiff said. He added that ecumenism
end of time will deal with each person according to his or
is an obligation for all Christians, because the ab-
her actions. We are all called to commit ourselves totally to
him and to obey his sacred will.‖ sence of unity "openly contradicts the will of Christ, pro-
vides a stumbling block to the world, and harms the most
holy cause of proclaiming the good news to every creature."
Comment: It is very interesting from the above news to
Comment: The above news item would be laughable if it did
firstly note that the parties acknowledge that their talks
not give us insight into what is to come in the near future.
have been going on for a long time and therefore need to
What is there to discuss on Scripture vs Tradition? The Bi-
continue and secondly, and most importantly, that the Is-
ble is plain! What is there to discuss on Sacraments and the
lamic leaders are the ones in the fore-front of pushing for
role of Mary in communion? Rightly asked Jesus ―How
dialogue. In the comment from the pope the clarion call of
readest thou the scriptures?‖ Of greatest interest is the
ecumenism is once again proclaimed, and it is so sad that it
statement in bold and what follows after it.
is the same call that we are hearing with increasing rapidity
from our own Advent movement : ―Let us look to what
unites us‖. Rome will never change, she is the Mother and Final Thought
all others are her children and not her sisters and therefore In light of the statements from the pope how long will it be
they need to ―go back from whence they came‖. before pressure begins to be exerted on Adventists for stay-
ing aloof and refusing to be party to a unity not based on
Ecumenical Movement Gathers Pace Sola Scriptura. Will our leaders stand on the side of truth
Following on from our comments on the Russian Orthodox or will they, like our leaders during the World wars and ar-
church that we made last month is the following: Note how patheid in South Africa fail to be true watchmen on the
walls of Zion?
I won’t like heaven; it won’t be fun trick when they are warned that a bomb may be in a building.
Danger is avoided by caution. We are cautious not be-
Who gave men the ability to enjoy music, flowers,
cause we are sure of loss, but because we are unsure. In
warmth, and mangos? Who made the heart in such a way
our illustration, a man living in 1845 might have asked ―is
that it could be excited, the lungs with the power to
the pleasure of smoking worth the risk that it might be
laugh, and the eyes with the power to wink? Was it an
the cause of these gentlemen‘s coughing and cancer?‖ A
ambiguous force in nature that gave men an ability to en-
demand for proof might have lead to a fatal mistake. In
joy high-speed
spiritual things, Satan often leads souls to demand proof
travel? The fact
that their chosen vices are truly injurious. Proof is hard to
that sin has de-
come by and easy to confute. Is a new vice harmless until
generated our
research shows it otherwise? In the area of music this
powers and
question has significant repercussions.
changed our
tastes should
Evidence has been compiled by several authorities that
encourage us.
certain types of music lead to unwanted types of behav-
Our resurrected
ior. Others contest the findings. What if the former views
frames will be
are correct? Are we willing to pull the trigger on the mu-
stronger; our
sic pistol on the whim that we have a 5/6 chance of get-
passions more
ting away with our souls? If the man giving evidence in
fiery, our intel-
favor of a truth in unacquainted with the best arguments,
lect brighter.
does it make the truth less true? The only safety from
And our ability to enjoy will exceed anything experienced
mistake is to go with the evidence and to display caution
here. Do not suspected that the God who gave us such an
proportionate to the gravity of the potential loss. You
abundance of active and passive pleasures would not
might walk a balance beam and risk falling two feet. But
equip us to enjoy them in heaven.
you would not walk it at 2,000 feet. When our eternal life
is at stake, do we show a reckless hardihood to demand
You can’t prove it trick
proof before exercising caution? The Jews in the time of
One hundred and sixty years ago there were a few people Jesus demanded proof in Matthew 12:38-39 because they
that thought that smoking was unhealthy. They couldn‘t didn‘t really want to believe…...Continued on P10
prove it, but they saw evidence. No one demands proof


Lk 814 And that which fell among thorns are they, which, self-esteem, in hiding from their view the perfect Pattern,
when they have heard, go forth, and are choked with ca- then his purpose is
res and riches and pleasures of [this] life, and bring no accomplished. It is
fruit to perfection. unsafe for any one of
us to allow temporal
Lk 2134-36 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time and worldly things to
your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunken- absorb the mind and
ness, and cares of this life, and [so] that day come upon affections. If the mind
you unawares. For as a snare shall it come on all them is exercised almost
that dwell on the face of the whole earth. Watch ye there- wholly in this direc-
fore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy tion, and the conver-
to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to sation is of this char-
stand before the Son of man. acter, the mind be-
comes earthly, sen-
Brethren, your duty, happiness, future usefulness, and sual, and Christ and
final salvation call upon you to sever the tendrils of your his grace are cut off
affections from everything earthly and corruptible. 5T p. from the view. 1883
267 MS p. 238

Satan is constantly at work to separate man from Christ, Mk 419 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness
and his power is especially exercised upon those who of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke
profess to be children of the light. If he succeeds in any the word, and it becometh unfruitful.
way, through pride, covetousness, love of the world, or

The cares of the world engross the mind to that degree thoughts fixed on the things of heaven. Satan is seeking
that self-examination and secret prayer are neglected. to lead our minds away from God, and to centre them on
The armor is laid off and Satan has free access to them, the fashions, the customs, and the demands of the world,
benumbing their sensibilities and causing them to be un- which bring disease and death. . .OHC 73
suspicious of his wiles. 2T p. 126 1Ti 6:9,10 But they that will be rich fall into temptation
and a snare, and [into] many foolish and hurtful lusts,
The pains of duty and the pleasures of sin are the cords which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the
with which Satan binds men in his snares. Those who love of money is the root of all evil: which while some
would rather die than perform a wrong act are the only coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced
ones who will be found faithful. 5T p. 53 themselves through with many sorrows.

If you allow your mind to be taken up with worldly cares, They are blinded by Satan and make themselves believe
he will manage to have these cares so varied in character, that it is for good purposes they desire this gain; they
and press so continually upon you, that you can find no strain their consciences, deceive themselves, and are con-
time for the spiritual and stantly coveting riches. 1T p.
the eternal. 1884 MS p.86 541

I asked the angel why so few Today Satan presents the

were interested in their eter- same temptations that he
nal welfare, so few prepar- presented to Christ, offering
ing for their last change. us the kingdoms of the world
Said he: "Earth attracts in return for our allegiance.
them, its treasures seem of But upon him who looks to
worth to them." They find Jesus as the author and fin-
enough to engross the mind, isher of his faith, Satan's
and have no time to prepare temptations have no power.
for heaven. Satan is ever He cannot cause to sin the
ready to plunge them deeper one who will accept by faith
and deeper into difficulty; as the virtues of Him who was
soon as one perplexity and tempted in all points as we
trouble is off the mind, he are, yet without sin. 1SM p.
begets within them an un- 224
desire for more of the things My dear brethren and sisters,
of earth; and thus their time let the commandments of
passes, and, when it is too God and the testimony of Je-
late, they see that they have sus Christ be in your minds
gained nothing substantial. continually and let them
They have grasped at shad- crowd out worldly thoughts
ows and lost eternal life. and cares. When you lie down
Such will have no excuse. 1T and when you rise up, let
p. 132 them be your meditation.
Live and act wholly in refer-
Excessive love and devotion ence to the coming of the Son
to that which in itself is lawful, proves the ruination of of man. The sealing time is very short, and will soon be
thousands upon thousands of souls. To matters of minor over. Now is the time, while the four angels are holding
importance is often given the strength of intellect that the four winds, to make our calling and election sure.
should be wholly devoted to God. We need always to be EW p. 58
guarded against carrying to excess that which, rightly
used, is lawful. Many, many souls are lost by engaging in If we would permit our minds to dwell more upon Christ
those things which, properly managed, are harmless, but and the heavenly world, we should find a powerful stimu-
which, perverted and misapplied, become sinful and de- lus and support in fighting the battles of the Lord. Pride
moralizing. and love of the world will lose their power as we contem-
plate the glories of that better land so soon to be our
If we are constantly thinking of and struggling for the home. Beside the loveliness of Christ, all earthly attrac-
things that pertain to this life, we cannot keep our tions will seem of little worth. MYP p.113
I’m rich and doing evangelism trick
The question ―What must I do to inherit eternal life‖ has often been answered by the hu-
man heart. In fact, all false religions are variations on the theme of ―activity saves.‖ The
message to Laodicea is written to workers for God. Thinking that they are ―rich in good
works,‖ even the poorest of Adventists are in danger of neglecting whole-hearted religion.
Many that do not know Jesus in a very personal way dedicate hours and dollars into
weekly outreach activities. Comparing themselves with the inactive majority they are cer-
tain that if anyone is truly Christian, they must be. Beware of that thought. It is a truly
PRISONERS OF justified man in Ez. 33:13 that, after his true conversion is condemned for self-
HOPE righteousness.
The bulk of this newsletter is
authored by members of the
I thank you, oh God, that I am balanced and level-headed and not like this
Mowbray SDA church whose Pharisee…trick
desire is to provide a thought
This idea works with astounding consistency. The plot goes like this: Satan convinces
provoking newsletter for Ad-
men that the arguments in the church are the result of extremists advocating extreme po-
ventists dwelling on the banks
of Jordan; in the process ap-
sitions. Then he pulls the parallel trick—the Saduccees are like the liberals today, and the
pealing to entire fidelity to the Pharisees are like the conservatives. Whether or not this is true is not relevant to the next
Bible and the Spirit of Proph- step. He convinces men that by avoiding either extreme, they can land atop the narrow
ecy. way. The way to find truth becomes a balancing act.

Now the poor soul has no idea of the fact, but he has just put himself where he can be eas-
ily manipulated. If the Devil wants to push him to the right, all he has to do is bring into
the man‘s association a great deal of very far right people. That makes the manipulee feel
a bit left of center, and he moves accordingly. If the Devil would have him give up a few
basic reforms, all he needs to do is bring in a host of men and women that militate for giv-
ing up all lifestyle issues. The poor soul suddenly feels very conscious of his glaring right
of center tendencies. He needs balance. After an adjustment in his position, he is ready
for the last step in the trick: Self-congratulation. He is so glad that he is not like the Phari-
see in the front pew of his church that he becomes just like the Pharisee in the parable of
Jesus—―I thank thee, oh God, that I am not…‖

Authorities disagree trick

By the way, the title of the trick is certainly a truth. Eminent men are at each other‘s intel-
lectual throats. Men that have spent thirty years with their noses in Hebrew manuscripts
can not come to terms even on the most basic of Christian doctrines. ―Therefore said
some of the [theologians] ‗This man is not of God, because he keeps not the Sabbath.‘
Others said, ‗How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles?‘ And there was a division
among them.‖ Jn. 9:16. Now here is the question—Why can‘t they? Satan suggests the an-
swer, ―the issues are too complex.

The more you study, the more ignorant you realize you are. If educated men can not
agree, lesser men would be heady in the extreme to dare an interpretation.‖ The logic is
sound proof if the supposition is accepted. Are the issues honestly too complex? Is that
the reason men do not agree? ―From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come
they not from your desires that fight within you?‖ James 4:1. It is a lack of spiritual dis-
cernment that leaves these men destitute of truth. But hold! Careful how you relegate the
trick to the Babylon without. Are there divisive issues in your church that it seems men
have been arguing for years? Have you thought that their lack of consensus is evidence
that neither side is right? Or that study of the topic is vain? Or that the issues are too
complex for you? If so, you are a victim of the trick. Authority does not disagree. You can
go straight to it for yourself.

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