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The doings of Xena and Gabrielle are all very well, but what about the rest of
the world?
For this compilation, I have used everything I could find in the series itself. I
have also used information from Hercules. A note or two has been included
from real world legends, but only in areas where TPTB have clearly used a
specific legend as inspiration without altering it very much.
Young Hercules is pointless to use, since it contains far too many glaring
contradictions to Xena.
Though interpretation has been necessary here and there, I havent used
any fanfic inventions of mine. This is as canonical as I can make it.
Note that this isn't a resum. Only very general notes are given, and
individual events are ignored unless they have long term impacts.

YOUNG XENA (before the rise of Cortese)

AFRICAN: In Upper Egypt, Nefertiti's husband Ramses III (according to H:tLJ)
is an active and aggressive Pharaoh.
CHIN: House of Lao is ruled by the tyrannical Lao Tzu, House of Ming ruled
by the harsh but pragmatical Ming Tzu.
GRECO-ROMAN: The Amazons are feared and powerful. Hippolyta is or will
soon be queen. Tyldus the Great leads the Centaurs, and they and other nonhumans are common in Greece. Troy is ruled by the Blue Priests. Rome is a
republic. In the Middle East, Israelites (under Saul) fight with Philistines.
INDIAN: Cecrops ship is around here somewhere.
NORSE: The Norse countries are so violent that Odin realizes something
should be done.
TURANGI: Alti is banished from the Amazons.


AFRICAN: In Upper Egypt, Nefertiti becomes ruling queen after her husband's
death, and a long period of peace begins. In Lower Egypt, Cleopatra is now
CELTIC: Gaul slavers and war-parties roam abroad. Dahak is established

secretly in Britannia.
CHIN: House of Lao, formally ruled by Lao Tzu, in reality by Lao Ma, is now a
more benevolent kingdom. House of Ming is still ruled by Ming Tzu.
GRECO-ROMAN: Cortese terrorizes northern Greece. Rome is still a republic.
Hercules is the greatest hero. Hera and Ares encourage chaos to hinder him.
Zeus is passive.
NORSE: Odin tries to bring peace to mortals.
TURANGI: The Amazons are the dominant force, but strive to keep status quo
and harmony.


CHIN: House of Lao, formally ruled by Lao Tzu, in reality by Lao Ma. House of
Ming ruled by Ming Tien after the murder of Ming Tzu.
GRECO-ROMAN: Hercules is the greatest hero. Hera and Ares encourage
chaos to hinder him. Zeus is passive. In Rome, the aristocrats form an
NORSE: Odin continues (with increasing despair) to teach mortals the value
of peace.
TURANGI: The Amazons are the dominant force, but strive to keep status quo
and harmony.


AFRICAN: Likely, some wealthy people move here to escape the drama
further north.
CELTIC: Political unrest in Gaul. Boadicea is temporarily deposed and Xena
leads an army to the Balkans.
CHIN: House of Lao, formally ruled by Lao Tzu, in reality by Lao Ma. House of
Ming ruled by Ming Tien.
GRECO-ROMAN: The Centaur wars. The terrible loss of life is a blow that the
non-human population of Greece never truly recovers from. The Troyan war

HORDE: The Horde is on the move (maybe forced or inspired by the
continent-spanning ramapage of Xena), fighting and besting everyone they
encounter, from warlord bands to village militias.
NORSE: Odin turns to violence, urged on by Xena.
TURANGI: The Turangi Amazons are all but destroyed by Alti and Xena.

AFRICAN: Cleopatra's brother Ptolemy starts a civil war with his sister in
Lower Egypt.
CHIN: House of Lao, formally ruled by Lao Tzu, in reality by Lao Ma. House of
Ming ruled by Ming Tien.
GRECO-ROMAN: Turmoil in Greece. Hera cares very little for the widespread
sufferings she causes in her hunt for Hercules . Mortals are frequently
underestimated by the Olympians, though. Warlords rule the countryside and
in many cities. Even legitimate rulers are often involved in wars and civil wars.
However, the Troyan War is coming to an end.
TURANGI: Altis powers grow, and no one can stand against her armies for

AFRICAN: Cleopatra flees to Greece to gather the resources she needs to
reclaim the throne of Lower Egypt.
CHIN: House of Lao, formally ruled by Lao Tzu, in reality by Lao Ma. House of
Ming ruled by Ming Tien.
GRECO-ROMAN: Alliance between Centaurs and Amazons, though the latter
experience political upheaval. Many of the most powerful warlords are killed.
In all a peaceful time for Greece, except for the invading Horde.
HORDE: The Horde migrates through Greece, fighting every inch of the way.


AFRICAN: Civil war in Lower Egypt. It's unclear exactly when Cleopatra
regains the throne.
CELTIC: Gaul and Britannia are invaded by Romans and the Celts are pushed
back, even if they arent wholly defeated.
CHIN: Ming Tien murders the rulers of Lao and becomes emperor of all Chin.
GRECO-ROMAN: The Triumvirate of Caesar, Pompey and Crassus rules
Rome and wages successful wars of conquest. Persia becomes more
aggressive towards Greece, but the main problem is the rising cult of Dahak
and the apparent inability of the Olympians to do anything about it.
TURANGI: Alti virtually rules northern Turangi.

AFRICAN: At some point during this season, Cleopatra probably becomes
queen of Lower Egypt.
CELTIC: The gods of Eire terrorize those who turn to the Druidic faith and an
invasion by Caesar is narrowly thwarted.
CHIN: Unrest and civil wars.
GRECO-ROMAN: While Xena is away, the struggle between Dahak and the
Olympians continues. Meanwhile, open civil war erupts in Rome between
Caesar and Pompey. Greece becomes the main battleground when Dahak is
HORDE: Tentative peace is negotiated with Greece.
INDIAN: The Avatar of the Light appears and a demon king is destroyed.
NORSE: The Darkness attacks the Norse gods through Loki and Ragnarok
comes close.
TURANGI: Alti is killed and her armies shattered into fractions. The Amazons
regroup and begin rebuilding their society.

AFRICAN: Various Roman lords tries to take control over Lower Egypt.
Cleopatra is murdered. Xena briefly poses as Cleopatra to keep the land
together. An attempt to usurp the throne is made in Upper Egypt. Nefertiti
prevails with the help of Hercules, but her son Ramses dies.
CHIN: The various warlords and noble houses congeal under the banner of
Khan, or die before it.
GRECO-ROMAN: The second Triumvirate of Antony, Brutus and Octavius
continue the civil war, but North Africa is in focus rather than Greece. The
Olympians are obsessed with stopping the cult of the Light from spreading
and freak weather and divine armies plague Greece. Zeus and Hera dies.
TURANGI: The recovering Amazons fight former generals of Alti as well as
free tribes.

AFRICAN: The Romans have extensive military presence along the northern
coast. The desert nomads learn of the teachings of Eli (and Gabrielle). The
slave lords of the Desert States are busy. One of them, Gurkhan, is notorious
for his secrecy and cruelty.
GRECO-ROMAN: Augustus rules Rome in comparative peace. The
Olympians relax their hold over Greece until the very last instance when most
of the remaining gods are killed. From now on, nothing is heard about


AFRICAN: Xena leads the desert nomads against the Romans, and scores a
great victory. Gurkhan is killed by a certain pair.
CHIN: The Land of the Rising Sun is plagued by a monstrous spirit.
GRECO-ROMAN: Greece is increasingly under attack from various foreign
powers. Slavers, powerful warlords, ruthless traders. The Centaurs and the
Amazons are all but annihilated. The Light has a secure foothold, but so has
the Darkness. Rome has a well-meaning, anonymous emperor.
NORSE: Turbulence as Odin tries to get hold of several artefacts.
TURANGI: The Amazons here have consolidated somewhat and is once
again a stabilizing force in the region.


Ares, Aphrodite, Cupid and Celesta are the sole remaining Olympians of note.
Autolycus is still alive, perhaps married to Luscious.
Bacchus is not completely annihilated.
Caesar is in the Underworld.
The Dagger of Helios is in a wall near a former temple of Ares.
Eve is off in the East somewhere.
Gabrielle is heading towards Egypt. Alone.
Glaphyra and Darnelle are an item.
Hercules and Iolaus are wandering around.
Lucifer is the Prince of Darkness.
Lyla and her daughter are living in Poteidaea.
Meg is in Athens with her children except for Virgil.
Najara is in a coma.
Nicklio sits in his hut if he isn't dead of old age.
Odin and Grinhilda are happy in Valhalla.
Rome is ruled by an unnamed but benevolent and nave emperor.
Salmoneus could be alive, but he would be really old by now.
Sappho is alive.
Satrina is running around somewhere.
Toris must have left Amphipolis at some time before season 6.
Ulysses could still be alive in Ithaca.
Varia is queen of the Greek Amazons.
Velasca is buried under a lot of lava.

Virgil is around somewhere.

Xenon and his wife are working hard at producing centaurs.