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2010 Integrative
Vol. 5, Issue 9
expert Dr.
Cline hits
radio waves
By Mark MacDonald Publisher
NANAIMO - For the past 14 years,
Dr. John Cline has quietly been practic-
ing integrative medicine.
Blue Moon Integrative, as in combining the best
of conventional and the best of alterva-
Natures Way Farm, which tive medicine. Dr. Cline’s expertise is
includes Blue Moon Estate detoxification, and his treatment recom-
Winery, is the Agricultural mendations, including chelation therapy,
have been alongside the “established”
Business of the Year in the
fields of conventional medicine.
Comox Valley That quiet presence is about to be-
See Page 17 come more like a shout, as the Nanaimo
physician will be the featured host on a
News inside radio talk show called Detoxify For Life
on Commencing
April 9 at 3 p.m. for 13 weeks, Dr. Cline
Island News Update..........2
will be interviewing top experts in the
Nanaimo.........................5 functional medicine field.
Powell River...................11 “Voice America has a listenership of
Cowichan Valley............27 500,000 people per month, so who knows
where this will take us?,” says Dr. Cline.
Comox Valley................28 Dr. Cline is already an author (“De-
Editorial........................32 toxify For Life”, September, 2008) and in
People in the News..........36 demand public speaker on detoxifica-
Victoria News Update...39 tion. The foray into public radio brings
the message that he’s shared with pa-
tients at Cline Medical Centre to a much
larger audience.
“Integrative medicine is an exciting
field,” says Dr. Cline. “Most people that
come to my clinic have very complex
problems. With all the knowledge, skills Dr. John Cline at Cline Medical Centre in Nanaimo
and technology we have, we are able to throughout the body. “There is a lot of good in our medical the-art technologies. One of their prima-
help the people that come here. Not all, “One may have raging symptoms system. In terms of handling acute emer- rytherapies. Chelation helps to eliminate
but most.” elsewhere in the body, but have a silent gencies, our system is very good, dealing mercury, lead, arsenic and other metals
Dr. Cline sees toxicity as the under- process going on in the tooth or sur- with patients quickly and efficiently, as in from the body.
lying problem that people can have at rounding jawbone.” surgery,” he says. “But the system is not Dr. Cline is also an accomplished
the cellular and subcellular level of their Dr. Cline isn’t opposed to dentistry, as good dealing with chronic conditions. pianist, holding a Grade 10 certificate
Realtors Care bodies. People can suffer from having
low grade lead, mercury (often from den-
of course. He even has an integrative
dentist as one of his tenants in the Cline
It takes real detective work to sort that
out, especially when it comes to chronic
from the Royal Conservatory of Music.
He is also a member of the Association
The Vancouver Island Real tal fillings), cadmium (which comes from Medical Centre. He does use porcelain or pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia, of Complementary Physicians of BC,
cigarettes and batteries), arsenic, radon, composite to fill teeth. chronic fatigue, heart disease and other and is on the faculty for the Institute for
Estate Board has named the and various chemicals in their systems, “Mercury is probably my favor- chronic conditions.” Functional Medicine.
winners of their Realtor of which creates health problems. ite subject,” notes Dr. Cline, adding he A typical patient visit starts with an Dr. Cline entered the medical profes-
the Year and Realtor Care “Our cells lose their ability to toler- speaks several times a year in the U.S. hour and a half consultation after filling sion in 1985, but moved into his current
Awards for 2009 ate stressors because of the accumula- about mercury detoxification. “There is out a 26 page questionnaire. area of expertise in 1996.
See Page 29 tion of toxins,” says Dr. Cline. “Chronic no safe level of mercury in humans, and Dr. Cline cites Sir William Osler, a “The main reason was I watched my
disease will set in before people know there is no safe level of lead.” renowned Canadian physician from the wife suffering terribly from fibromyal-
what’s happening.” Gluten is another substance which late 1800’s, who believed that “if we lis- gia. She was in a wheel chair, had to use
He explains that our bodies are like can create health problems. ten to patients carefully, they will tell us a cane, and had to wear dark glasses,” he
“teeter totters”, in that they are delicately “North American agricultural sci- the diagnosis to their problem.” recalls.
balanced. When a “tipping point” comes, entists have modified grains to increase The questions provide the patients’ “That was the impetus for looking
such as trauma, flu, or even dental work, gluten content, largely for markets in history, which often unveils the “tipping outside the box, and the first area we
one’s whole system may crash. China and India, where they want grains points” that show when the problem looked at was mercury poisoning.”
Dr. Cline doesn’t shy away from that are glutenous because they make originated. His wife had the mercury fillings
speaking about the use of mercury in better flatbreads,” Dr. Cline notes. “We look carefully at a person’s replaced, and she has recovered “95 per
amalgum used by many dentists to fill However, the higher gluten content life on a time line, and usually, there is cent”, to where she can live an almost
teeth, a point vehemently denied by the of grains has resulted in an increase of a series of events that have set set the pain-free life.
dental profession. gluten intolerant health problems, in- stage for illness to develop,” he notes. “Dr. Cline is on a mission in life, to
“For the last 150 years, dentists have cluding celiac disease. “We try to find ‘the straw that has bro- help people,” says Clinic Administrator
put mercury in fillings, but it will then While alternative/integrative medi- ken the camel’s back’, but the problem Frank Pluta.
keech into the organs,” he notes. “That’s cine has been begrudgingly accepted by is, removing the ‘straw’ won’t restore Cline Medical Centre is at 233 Prideaux
bad enough, but root canals can be “conventional” medicine, it has gained the camel. Balance needs to be restored Street in Nanaimo.
deadly. Root canal treated teeth are dead, in popularity as people search for relief in the body.”
and accumulate bacteria which prolifer- that the health care industry hasn’t been Cline Medical Centre has an electro-
ate and release many classes of toxins able to provide. interstitial scanner and other state-of-