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Module  Control method % Efforts Inputs / Resources Output Financial account
Performance Indicaators
0 General SHEQ Team Formation SAC SHERQ team, The quanitfication of the
% Employee engagement
Awareness of SHSE Consultant business objectives Income from
SHEQ implementation plan 3.0%
IMS /Tutor/ Assessor Tracking method for monitoring Operations ⇑
business objectives % Interested Parties satisfaction

1 Policy & Control of business objectives by Setting up policies SAC SHERQ team, IMS Policy in local language
Meeting of all IMS objectives
objectives and Management programmes to achieve it SHSE Consultant
Defining and communicating Policy and business /Tutor/ Assessor, IMS Objectives
% Growth in Business
objectives to all levels in the organization Display Boards Income from
Setting up Management programme with definitie IMS Management Programs Operations ⇑
action plans, responsibilities and times. Regular
Reduction in no of Business Risk
review of resource requirement for definities
achievement of objectives and policy realization

2 HIRA Hazard identification and Risk calculation to come up SAC SHERQ team, Procedure for HIRA Reduction in no of Accidents
with contrete Risk control measures SHSE Consultant Procedure for Aspect
/Tutor/ Assessor, Reduction in calculated Job Risk
Action plans, with responsibilities and times and 19.0% Display Boards, HIRA Register Reduction in impacts of Significant SHE Cost ⇓
regular review of resource requirement Financial support for Environmental Aspects
Cost of CAPA EI Aspect Register Improved Employee Health by
Medical Assessment

3.1 Legal Identification of applicable legal requirement SAC SHERQ team, Procedure for applicable legal 100 % Compliance to Legal
Requirement Action paln for compliance SHSE Consultant requirement & Review Requirements Regulatory
Reveiwing the Requirement with a predefined /Tutor/ Assessor, Legal Register & Compliance Reduced Regulatory penalties due Penalties ⇓
frequency of 3 months Display Boards, review records to non-compliance
3.2 Resource Identification of resources based on factual data Financial support for Procedure for identification of
Cost of CAPA Reduction in Machine Breakdown
based on the requirement Resource
Identification of preventive maintenance program. Procedure for Maintenance of
Machine Utilization and capacity
Proactive approach interim machineries &
calculation Maintenance Cost
5.0% equipments
Measuring of the machine performance , breakdown, Preventive maintenance plan ⇓
Reduction in Excess inventory
life cycles, utilization and corrective actions - Reactive Machine Break down and Reduction in no of Stock outs /
approach History card Production delays
Improved Machine efficiency
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Module  Control method % Efforts Inputs / Resources Output Financial account
Performance Indicaators
3.3 Roles, Communicating the responsibility and accountability SAC SHERQ team, Competense matrix
Increased No of Improvement
Responsibilities for all improvements and losses lies with the process SHSE Consultant
and Authority & owneremployees /Tutor/ Assessor, HR, Income from
Accountability monitoring of effectiveness turn attitude towards 5.5% Maint. and Admin Roles, responsibility, authority Reduction in long pending
Operations ⇑
improvement Representative and accountability and problems
Continuous improvement No of Training hours and %
projects effectiveness
4 Communication Setting up clear communication system to avoid any SAC SHERQ team, Procedure for effective Reduced NCs due to
& training losses due to communicaion error SHSE Consultant commnuication communcation failure
Communication systems with Customers including /Tutor/ Assessor, Procedure for Training and Reduction in No of Customer
Product information, Order confirmation, Delivery Display Boards, effectiveness evaluation complaints
schedules, Complaints, feddback and Corrective Financial support for External Communication Improved % of Order fulfilment on
actions against any failures Cost of CAPA, Register time
Admin, Marketing Procure for Customer Customer Claims ⇓
Improved % Customer satisfaction
and Purchase processes
based on Customer feedback
Communication systems with Suppliers to avoid any Customer enquiry, Customer
Incoming rejection 5.5% order, Feedback, Complaint Improved No of new customers &
and Customenr satisfaction repeat orders
evaluation register
Supplier Corrective Action Report for incoming Procedure for Purchase % Supplier development based on
rejection to increase quality in the incoming material process Supplier performance
Communicationsystems with workers Purchase requisition, Purchase Reduction in Incoming material Material Cost ⇑
Measuring of competency of the people and order, Goods receipt note, Reduction in no of Delays in
identifying their training needs Supplier information and Supplies
Measuring of communication and training in the Supplier evaluation Register
Reduction in wastages Cost of Wastages ⇓
respective activities.
5 Documentation IMS manual to defining all HR, Maintenance, Quality SAC SHERQ team, Quality manual Compliance to IATA, CAA,
Assurance, Production, Supplier, Customer, SHSE Consultant Regulatory, Customer and any 3rd SHE Cost ⇓
Contractor and SHEQ policies. /Tutor/ Assessor party System audits
Documented procedures for all the critical activities Documented procedures, Reduced regulatory penalties for Regulatory
flowcharts, specifications incomplete data Penalties ⇓
Records for objective evidences to measure the exact Records for objective evidences
effectiveness for following the systems Reduced time for data accessibility
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Module  Control method % Efforts Inputs / Resources Output Financial account
Performance Indicaators
6 Operational Based on HIRA & EIA developing operational SAC SHERQ team, Standard operating procedures Reduced number of hazardous
Control & controlled Task instructions SHSE Consultant incidents
Emergencies /Tutor/ Assessor, Procedure for Material SHE Cost ⇓
Reduced losses due to
Emergency Handling, identification and
22.5% Response Team, preservation
identification of emergencies and the mitigative action Display Boards, Emergency control plans
Reduction in wastages Cost of Wastages ⇓
plans to reduce losses incase of of Failures of
Operational controls or a natural calamity Mockdrills and deliberated
Improvement in operations Income from
pass/fail to measure
Efficiency Operations ⇑
7 Monitoring & Setting up of monitoring and measurement targets for SAC SHERQ team, Quality planning
Improvement in Process capability
measurement & all processes SHSE Consultant
NC Tracking the perfromance paramenters /Tutor/ Assessor, Process measurement targets Setup time reduction
CAPA against every assignable cause to reduce Financial support for Product and Process Reduction in Production / A/C
failures and improve process performances Cost of CAPA Specifications Maintence cycle time Cost of
Setting up Product and Process specifications inspections reports Reduction in Reworks Manufacturing ⇓
Monitoring and measurement of Product and process NC, CAPA reoprts
Reduced overhaead cost
CAPA against every NC to eliminate recurrence of Continuous improvement Reduction in Product Non
the same failure projects conformity
8 IA & MRM Internal Assessment system to review our own SAC SHERQ team, Internal Audit & Management
Improvements from IA results
performance SHSE Consultant review Procedure
identification of NC and CAPA to reduce the /Tutor/ Assessor, Internal Audit Report & Minutes
recurrence and continual imprvement Financial support for of Management Review Income from
5.0% Improvements from MRM
Cost of CAPA meetings with Improvement Operations ⇑
action plan
MRM to review the overall performance and grab the Internal Audit Non conformity
opportunities for improvement Report