Chapter 13: How s that possible? BPOV V-Volturi? I stuttered and stared at them in surprise.

Their mom worked for the Volturi?! I remember a month ago when Smith told me about it in his cottage. Flashback *swoosh* But what about this Volturi then?? Is it some kind of mafia??" I asked hesitantly, not believing what I asked. He laughed at my guess, but told me. "Well, it's kind of a family. A very old, powerful family of our kind. They are the like this powerful, old, royal family, I suppose you could describe it. Anyway, this royal family is also like your human polices. Except much more effective, that is." Smith said and chuckled. Man, if you just offended my dad, you're in big trouble, Mr. "So if you break the law, the Volturi comes and silent it down, so you humans don't know about it." he said. "Laws? What laws??" I asked. "It's really simple, but I guess it's too simple for you to see it. There is just one law really; don't expose that you're a vampire to the humans End of flashback *Swoosh* Oh. My. God. He broke one of the laws! He told me, didn t he? I didn t think about that when he told me, but now it s kind of obvious. He broke the one and only rule you could not brake... Rick and Mick turned their eyes to me, and smiled a little. Yeah, sorry we didn t tell you before. Rick said to me with an apologetic smile. We didn t want to tell you about this since we thought it would be too much for you swallow, but it seems like someone beat us to it. Mick said, and looked at Smith again, a little bit of hate in his gaze. Smith stared at them in surprise and after a few seconds, he spoke. But how?? Why? I-I don t understand he spoke quietly, and then shook his head swiftly. I demand you to explain this for me. He said in a threatening tone, which made me back away from him towards the twins, slowly without him noticing. The twins grinned (at me or him, I did not know) and Rick spoke. Well, what if we don t want to? he said, and Smith instantly started to growl, not as loud as before. The brothers began to chuckle. Alright, alright. We will tell you everything, but not now. Then, both of their expressions became a little bit more serious. Come to our house tonight at 8, and we ll explain everything . And so will you. Both of them said, looking no, glaring at Smith.

Alright, so we will. Smith answered for me curtly, and I raised an eyebrow at him. Couldn t I speak for myself? I had a tongue, you know The twins seemed to have read my mind, because they looked at him skeptically, and then turned their gaze to me. And what about you Bella? I nodded as an answer to their question, and they grinned. Alright, we have to go. I would love to stay and talk, but we have to go to our lessons now, or they ll become suspicious. We don t want some other human student to come here and hear everything we ve said, do we? not waiting for an answer, they turned towards the door and walked out of there. I followed their example and walked out of the room. I did it quickly so Smith couldn t follow, but he was quite in shock after the big bomb the twins dropped onto him (well, technically us). What would happen to him? I mean, he told me, he broke the one and only rule all vampires had to follow wait, what will happen to me? I m the one who knows the secret now. Will we both get killed or just one of us? I shivered of the thought of me getting killed because of Smith, and then looked at the clock. Crap, I had missed English; it ended in 5 minutes. Better go and exchange my math books to my geography books. I walked over to my locker and opened it, thinking of my life as I did. Why me? Why did always these kinds of things happen to me? My ex is a werewolf, my current boyfriend is a mind reader, his sister is a psychic, my math teacher is in love with me and he s a vampire and he could get us both killed, and I myself have extremely bad luck, no sense of balance what so ever and I have low blood pressure Is it only me, or is this very bad?? The mind reading and psychic persons and their abilities don t bother me, but the rest let s just say I could manage without them. I took my books, and just when I was about to close the locker door when the bell rang, and students began to fill the corridors. I walked slowly through the crowd towards my next class, hoping the rumors had stopped about me and the twins. But of course, I was wrong. Suddenly, a pairs of tiny, long nailed fingers gripped into my skin, and dragged me aside from the crowd. Nobody noticed me, which had been my goal in the beginning, but now it wasn t for my benefit really when they pushed me into the classroom and closed the door after them. Who the hell do you think you are, bitch?! Jessica said with her girly, artificial voice in an angry tone. I looked into her pissed face, stunned. I hadn t talked to her since well, since the camping trip the class took. Otherwise we both had just ignored each other s presence. Until now, that is. Why she had decided that she and her so called friends were pushing me into this empty classroom, I didn t know. eh, myself? I answered slowly with uncertainty, making the answer coming out of my mouth sounding more like a question. She glared angrily at me, believing I was stupid. Well, if she wondered, I thought she was stupid too, so we re at the same level on that front. Oh, shut up! You know what I m talking about, you man stealing slut! I frowned at her strange accusation. If she was talking about Edward, didn t understand why she brought that up now. We got together last week, and we ve been together as friends ever since the camping trip. Why now?

What? I asked, not understanding whom of all the men she s had that I ve stolen (which I don t really think I have). Don t act like you don t know! I saw you and Rick and Mick outside the gymnasium! You were totally all over them, you bitch. First you take Edward, which I can stand even though he s like gorgeous and like so hot, but taking both of the twins is not okay! I frowned at first when she began her strange little speech, but it came towards the end, I couldn t help but to laugh. Anger flashed in her eyes, and I heard how Lauren gasped behind her, muttering bitch under her breath. What s so funny, Swan? She was obviously pissed at me, but I couldn t manage to stop laughing. The absurdity of me and Rick and Mick dating was just too great. Rick and Mick and I are not dating, we re not anything similar to that in fact. We re just friends. I said truthfully. Sure, both of them we re kind of irritating some times, but never evil or bad (Like Smith). They were my friends and I well, kind of liked them (not in that way). Friends? she spat, getting even angrier by the second. Sure, and that s why you followed him home and stayed there over dinner. As a friend. I started at her for a second, and then sighed. What was I going to say if she didn t believe me when I told the truth? Did she want me to say; yeah, you re right, I did sleep with them. I don t think that she would want that either Well, I did. If you don t believe me, that s your problem. Her cheeks got red under all her foundation and I heard how her other two friends; Lauren and well, I don t really remember her name. But they sure glared at me. My problem?! Okay, here s what s going to happen. You, she spoke, and pointed one of her long, manicured nails at me. Are going to stay away, okay? You are going to stay away from them, and then you re going to go back to your boring, quiet life again when nobody no ticed you or even knew your name, alright? I stared at her for a long second, wondering if she really was serious. Then I got it: Oh, she was serious. I laughed quietly in my mind at her stupidity. Did she really think I would do such a thing? Did she really think I would abandon my friends just because she said so? Suddenly, the classroom door opened and two boys stepped into the room. Can you guess whom? Oh yes, there they where, in their full glory and all; Rick and Mick. Hi there girls. They said both said in their silky smooth voices, and looked at the girl with a flirty expression. The 3 girls, who had glared at me furiously just a few seconds before, smiled with delight. Oh, hi there. What can we do for you? Jessica purred in her seductive voice, and I raised an eyebrow at the 3 gawking girls in front of me. Could you be this fake? Apparently, you can. Actually, you can. Rick said with a cunning grin. Jessica s eyes widened in surprise and delight, and then she smiled. The small blush increased, making a strange mix of color because of her foundation. I met Mick s gaze, and I stared at him for answers. He just smiled back, and winked at me with his left eye. His eyes told me don t worry, we ll handle this , but I wasn t too sure. You surely heard this strange rumor about Rick, Bella and I?? she stared at him, not sure where he was getting. Well you see, none of that is true. Bella only came over to dinner, and that s it. So why can t you be a darling and go tell everyone that it wasn t true, alright?

Jessica nodded eagerly, and smiled a flirty smile towards the two boys. I guess I ll see you later. She said, and then exited the classroom, giggling together with her friends. I stared after her in wonder and then turned to the two grinning brothers with a slight frown on my face. Why did you do that?? their confusion on their faces made me sigh and then try to ask them again. What I mean is, why did you help me? Why did you convince her to stop the rumors when I know you would have a blast continuing spreading things like that about the three of us? I asked them, and their confusion eased up. They smiled at me, and walked over to put their arms around my shoulders, then they walked out of the classroom together with me. Well, you see Bella, Rick began as we walked down the corridor to our next class. Despite the fact that we love teasing and fooling you, you are still our friend. Mick said, and I stared at him. We would never hurt you on purpose . Rick trailed off, looking at his brother. Except that time at the parking lot when we first met. They both said with a grin, and I glared at them in anger. Wait, you could ve stopped me from falling down those steps?? Well, rescuing a maiden in distress is one of the many things we re really good at, Mick began with a smirk. But that fall Rick continued and then trailed off with a huge grin. It was too amusing to ignore. I huffed in shock and irritation. You two are both bastards, you know that? I said as they laughed at me, and when I tried to walk away from me to our classroom door a few meters away, they held me back and pushed me against a wall, just as they had the day before outside the gymnasium. But seriously, we would never hurt you. Rick said with a serious look in his eyes and the smirk was gone from his face. We will always protect you, you know that right? We like you. I stared at them in shock and surprise. They they liked me? No, wait a minute. This could not be happening Eh, I m sorry, but I already like Edward. I like you too, but only as friends I told them, looking them in the eye. They stared at me, and at first, I thought they we re going to look sad, or say something like come on Bella, that guy s a loser. You could do so much better like us. But their reactions surprised me. They began to laugh, hysterically actually. People who walked by in the hall gave them strange looks, but they hardly noticed. They just held onto the wall for support so they wouldn t fall to the floor. What s so funny? I asked, not understanding why they we re laughing. They we re the one who said they liked me, and now when I politely rejected them, they we re laughing. After a moment of laughing, they could finally pull themselves together to give me an answer. Bella, don t get ahead of yourself. We don t like you, not in that kind of way anyways. Mick laughed at me,

making my cheek burning hot. I I misunderstood them?! That s what you get when you listen to Alice .Now I had just made a fool out of myself. You re our friend, that s all. Rick agreed, and smiled at the blushing me. I was cursing furiously in my head, blaming myself for thinking such a thing. Then the bell rang, and the twins grabbed my hand and began to drag me into the classroom. Come on Bella, the lesson is starting. Mick said as we walked inside the room. I sighed and followed to our seats, whishing I could disappear from the earth for just a moment and hide in embarrassment. *After the lesson* Alright, your homework is for next Tuesday. Class dismissed. Mrs. Allison said, and all the students began to pile up their books and leave the classroom. Rick and Mick followed me out to my locker so I could leave my books. Ready for lunch?? I asked them as I put my books inside. About that Rick began slowly. We have to go home and talk to our mom, about tonight. He said in a grave tone. I nodded, my face gone hard. We need to talk to Smith and find out what really happened here the last two months. Mick said, and his eyes kind of burned with hate when he said Smith s name. I knew that nobody liked Smith, but these two it felt like they really hated him, maybe even more than me (if that was possible). This morning, when they saved me from Smith (which I was so grateful for I had no words) they really glared at him. I don t see why they hate him so much (except for the obvious reasons; he s an idiotic, heartless bastard.) Ok. So I guess I ll see you tonight. I answered them and they nodded. Yeah. Here s our phone numbers. Call us if you need anything. He said and reached m a small e note. I thanked him, and then said goodbye. See ya tonight, Bambi. They said in unison with a grin and both leaned swiftly forward and planted a kiss on my cheek. My face flamed into the darkest dark in history, and anger boiled inside me. HEY! Don t go and kiss me like that! And stop calling me Bambi! I yelled at them. They chuckled and quickly retreated, leaving me alone in the large corridor. I slammed my locker shut in anger, and stomped my way to the cafeteria. On my way there, nobody didn t do as much as glance at me, and then I remembered how the twins helped me escape from the bimbos. The rumors had stopped now, so they had no reason to look at me. It was actually kind of nice. I entered the cafeteria, my eyes gazing for Alice and Edward. I quickly found them, and walked over to their table and sat down. Hi. I greeted them, my anger gone the second I laid my eyes on Edward. He smiled at me, his emerald green eyes shining with affection. Alice seemed to be lost in thought, and didnt greet me back.

So, what s going on? I asked, looking at Alice. She looked up, and smiled at me sweetly. Nothing really. She answered, and Edward scoffed. She s lying, you know. She had a vision today, and she s hiding what she saw from Me. he declared and shot a small glare at his sister. She stuck out her tongue at him in a childish manner, and then began to poke at her salad in front of her. It s none of your business, end of the discussion. She said firmly, not looking at him. He sighed, but decided to let it go. He turned to me in his seat and smiled. Shall we go and get out lunch? he asked in his gentleman manner, and I nodded. But then he did something I did not expect. He leaned forward and kissed my gently, stroking my hair as he did. Alice squealed from her seat, and I heard murmurs around us, but I didn t care. The warm, fuzzy feeling that filled me whenever I saw him appeared, greater than ever, and my heart beat escalated quickly. After a small moment, he let me go. I gasped for air, even though it only lasted a few seconds, and a deep blush appeared in my face. He smiled at me, and then reminded me of the thing we we re originally planning to do at the moment. Bella? Lunch? Oh. Okay, sure. I said breathlessly and rose from my seat. I felt so lightheaded at the moment He grabbed my hand as we walked to the line, and squeezed it lightly. I heard a small squeal from Alice behind me, and I silently wondered if she ever was going to butt out our relationship. The answer was simple: No. We both got our sandwiches, and then walked back to the table, still hand in hand. Alice was watching us, a sly smile resting on her lips. What is it? her brother asked, annoyed. Nothing. She answered in her sing-song voice and continued to poke in her salad, smiling slyly. I just shook my head to myself. Alice needed to hang out with her friends a little more, leaving us alone. And talking of friends, where were Liz and Mia?? Hey, where s Liz and Mia?? I asked, and as soon as I said their names, a flash of sadness appeared in Alice s eyes. Edward sighed, a little down too, and I stared at them. What had happened?? They .they ran away. Alice said in a sad voice, and dropped her fork. I stared at her, not believing her words. They ran away? Why would they do that? Liz s mom called me this Monday and told me that none of them came home this Sunday. They talked about running away together when you had gone home, but I didn t believe them. But both of their parents checked their rooms, and all the collage money they had is gone! Some clothes and other stuff too. But but they couldn t have done such a thing, could they?? she told me, whispering the last thing to herself. Then, she shook her head swiftly, and took a deep breath. I m sure they re okay. This is what they wanted, no? She said, and smiled a sad smile. Let s talk about something else, this makes me all moody. She said picked up her fork again and took a big mouthful of salad. Okay, sure. What do you want to talk about? I asked her, and she chewed her salad as she thought of a good topic. Then her eyes brightened and she smiled at us.

You. She said and pointed at me and Edward. I stiffened a sigh, and waited for her to continue. What about us? Edward asked, and then he sighed. No, no way. Absolutely not. I stared at them, frowning, and wondered what she had just thought. Please! You ve only gone on one date for Christ sake! She pleaded, and I now understood what the conversation was about; Alice planning our next date. And I m sure we ll go on many more dates in the future, but we won t go on dates planned by you. Edward said and sighed. Alice pouted, but didn t say anything else. We ate the rest of our lunch in peace, making small talk every now and then. Then the bell rang and we began to get ready for our next class. We we re just about to go when Alice suddenly grabbed me in my collar, and dragged me away from Edward. Hey, what are you doing!? I yelled in protest as she dragged me away from the cafeteria. Edward stared after us with pity in his face, and I watch in shock as he just stood there, not even trying to help me out. I was just about to ask Alice when she told me the answer. I told him in my head I needed to talk to you, and threatened him that if he tried to help you escape from me, I would plan your next date. Her voice was low and dangerous. When we we re out of the cafeteria she let me walk for myself, dragging me along by holding a tight grip on my arm. Why was she doing this? She seemed almost nervous about something. She hurried out to the parking lot, and dragged me over to her car. I thought you said you wanted to talk. I said as she unlocked the car, and jumped inside. Oh, we re so gonna talk, but let s do that somewhere else, okay? A flash of panic appeared in her eyes, and I agreed with a nod. Something was going on, and I was going to find out what. I joined her in the car, and she sped away from the school in a second. I gasped in surprise as Alice stomped on the gas and made her great escape from the school, and in the matter of seconds, the school was nowhere to be seen. Now when I really took a look at her, I saw that something was wrong. Her eyes we re wide open as we sped down the road, and there was a thin layer of sweat lying on her forehead. She was mumbling to herself quietly, too quiet for me to hear, and continued her mad driving for a couple of minutes. I think it s okay now. She said after a moment and slowed down to a reasonable speed limit. I noticed we were driving down my street. Alice parked her car in my driveway and turned off the engine. Then she rested her hands on the driving wheel and just stared forward, not speaking. Alice, what s going on? I asked, and then I saw how a single tear made its way out of her eye, rolling down her cheek. Alice? Tell me what s going on! I demanded, worried now. That s what I want to know! she screamed back at me, making me silent immediately. She turned her face to me, and I really saw the terror in her eyes. Do you want to know what I saw in my vision this afternoon?? she asked me, more tears rolling down her cheeks. I saw you with that that monster! I saw how he growled at you, that horrible sound she trailed off, and I tensed in my seat. Alice knew about Smith. She took a deep breath before she continued. Is it true that Mr. Smith is a vampire??