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DXN Success Stories

The Business of Networking

Darren Vasquez

Anyone who believes that networking and leading authorized DXN Service Centers cannot
purposefully and profitably coexist has not met Darren Vasquez. Possessing the will to
succeed and the heart to provide service to duplicate that success among those who want it
for themselves, Mr. Vasquez holds his own in bringing out the best in his network group and
DXN business

As if running two
DXN Service Centers
is not complicated
enough, Mr. Vasquez
keeps track of his
business with
noticeably cool and
wide-eyed outlook. He
is one of the youngest
successful leaders
around Metro Manila
to have singlehandedly
put up a strong
network group. He has
been a fixture in many
corporate activities as a
motivational speaker
and host in Regional
Sales Assemblies and
DXN 6th Anniversary.
Guided by motivation
and wisdom from other
DXN leaders, Mr.
Vasquez continuously
aims to better himself
through many
opportunities he face
while doing the DXN

Growing up in his native Dumaguete City, Mr. Vasquez aspired for a well-paying job and
comfortable life. He knew that he could only attain it elsewhere and decided to try his luck
abroad. As a seafarer, Mr. Vasquez traveled the world but he is only committed to build a
career in his homeland. He returned half-heartedly with no promising job opportunities he
can reckon. There were times that living in the metro became unbearable, according to Mr.
Vasquez. He didn‟t have a home he can call his own and everyday life seemed a struggle that
never ends.

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DXN Success Stories

"DXN is the right company. Ito na ang sagot sa problema

natin dahil ngayon ay napaka-stable, napakaganda ng
sistema, napaka-generous ng ating marketing plan. Kumbaga
sa DXN, abot-kamay na ang ating mga pangarap."

Mr. Vasquez was introduced to DXN by what he calls a “stranger.” “‟Di ko kilala „yung nag-
invite sa akin at dahil nga hindi ako taga-Maynila, naging mahirap para sa amin,” he shares.
He didn‟t have a direct relationship with him but says that even though he was short of an
upline, starting out in DXN taught him to struggle for success. “Ang success sa DXN ay hindi
naman naka-base sa upline,
naka-base „yan sa atin.”

Ever since he started DXN,

Mr. Vasquez has been in
the thick of things running
the business. His wife
would always check the
registry, review and audit
all accounts and purchases,
and overall supervise the
day-to-day activities of the
Service Center. Mr.
Vasquez, meanwhile,
always ensures that
scheduled trainings are in
place and executed
smoothly. Asked what
motivated him to work hard
in this business: “Sawa na
kami sa hirap. Hindi mo
naman pwedeng piliin ang
iyong magulang at mahirap talaga ang buhay namin noon,” Mr. Vasquez recalls. “Nang
kumita na ng kaunti, diniskarte na namin „yung pera namin.”

Over the years, not only has his business grown by leaps and bounds but also his Service
Center echoed the same feat by consistently being listed as one of the Top 10 DXN Service
Centers recently. Says Mr. Vasquez: “Dito kasi service is given priority.”

Service, says Mr. Vasquez, varies from selling DXN products to everyone, regardless of
network lines or groups, and providing trainings to individuals. At the heart of any venture, it
is only necessary to equip DXN members with the right tool for their needs. For those who
are just starting their business, they are introduced to the ropes with proper modules and

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DXN Success Stories

Mr. Vasquez saw the significance of hard work and never let down by any business stumble.
Instead, he joins Service Directors Arman Imus, Joseph Estrada, Delia Plocios, Romy
Plocios, Zeny Aguito, Glenn Cebuano, Alvin Riberta, among others, in Service Center
Directors in Motion – a proactive effort in helping other Service Center Directors improve
their training and motivational talk needs. This is a roving activity aimed at strengthening
greater commitment
among members of

More than anything,

DXN taught Mr.
Vasquez self-confidence
and improve his
relationship with other
people. “Iba ang ugali
ko noon – narrow-
minded!” he says. But
upon recommendation
by his own group, he
slowly progressed into a
respected young leader
and speaker.

Mr. Vasquez advises that many people become more involved in DXN. “DXN is the right
company. Ito na ang sagot sa problema natin dahil ngayon ay napaka-stable, napakaganda ng
sistema, napaka-generous ng ating marketing plan. Kumbaga sa DXN, abot-kamay na ang
ating mga pangarap,” Mr. Vasquez says.

Crisanto Olivar
Senior Star Diamond of Biñan, Laguna

Crisanto Olivar, Jr. has

made it a habit to come to
the office before anybody
else does, and leave only
when everyone has already
gone home. For thirteen
years, that is. For sure
there was dedication to his
task, but his habit was
more of a call of duty; he‟s
a security guard, after all.
Had he any choice, he‟d
rather he could go home
early so, at least, he would
still have time to earn
extra with his tricycle.

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DXN Success Stories

Until one day he was offered a choice – in the guise of food supplements governed by a
superb marketing plan (but which of course he didn‟t consider right away the relevance of).
In fact, he refused the idea right then because he thought the two jobs he was juggling would
clearly not give him spare time.

Another visit was paid to Crisanto. His insistent would-be sponsor, went home though
without getting his prospective business partner‟s nod. But his upline‟s perseverance got
Crisanto‟s approval on their third meeting. “He brought with him membership kit. I thought it
was for free; He said I could pay it on my next payday,” remembers Crisanto.

Taking some of his time to study the marketing plan, Crisanto eventually decided to do the
DXN business on a part-time basis. He gathered some of his friends, met with some of them
some other time, and shared his new endeavor. Most of them were skeptical about it. “They
said DXN is not true and is just a scam.”

Crisanto talked to others, sharing with them how DXN helps – health-wise and as additional
income. He got more convinced of DXN‟s “selling point” when he landed the Star Ruby
status on his seventh month. A figure equal to P26,000 clearly marked on his bonus cheque.
And seeing the rewards from his DXN endeavor that the combined recompense did not give
him, he formally left his guard post.

Things got better for him and his family, as Crisanto had expected. After 1 ½ years, he
escalated to the Diamond level. His wife, who has been his supportive partner all throughout,
together with his uplines and his group, were working hand in hand.

But as luck would have it, his upline suddenly moved to another MLM company,
encouraging him even to do the same. Even more depressing, some of his downlines got
frustrated with what happened and left DXN.

Crisanto decided he‟d have to stand up on his own. He always reminded himself of the
Biblical verse, Jeremias 33:3 – Call unto Me & I will answer you and tell you great and un-
searchable things you do not know. “Thank God He replaced my group with better

Now wearing the Senior Star Diamond pin, Crisanto continuously enjoys hefty monthly local
bonus, and some other amount for his international bonus.

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DXN Success Stories

Rosita Baay
Double Star Diamond of Quezon City

Rosita Baay is a
homemaker whose
family lives in a shanty
in Sitio Mabilog in
Culiat, Quezon City.
Her husband, Boy,
frequents the New Era
TODA terninal with
their tricycle, raking in
between P300 and
P400 everyday.
Although it seems a
meager sum, their daily
needs are being
sufficed. Well, at least
that‟s how they see it.
But Boy must everyday
be present at the
TODA or else there will be no food on the table. This will be the scenario for the next seven

Until one sunny day, a certain Marilou Dumaon crossed paths with Rosita. Marilou talked of
things that captured Rosita‟s fancy. An income-generating endeavor that promotes health and
wellness put sparkles in Rosita‟s eyes.

Upon Boy‟s agreement, Rosita registered. Together, they set dreams: they‟d eventually leave
their wrecked house and move to a dwelling that they have long wanted; satisfy themselves
with palate-tickling meals; and wear new and better clothes.

Crazy daydreamers. Gullible airheads.

These were only a few of the tactless and definitely wounding words that the couple heard
from many of their neighbors, friends, and relatives. Had it not been for their strong will to
reverse their misfortune, they would have believed that they would eventually go back to the
life they were born to (a baseless comment from Boy‟s fellow driver). Good thing they had
early on convinced themselves that realizing their dreams need some “action.” And for this
matter, a turning of deaf ears to discouragements.

Tough was the challenge of proving to the prying eyes of the unconvinced that DXN indeed,
betters lives. The maliciously inquisitive unbelievers soon became mum, perhaps enviously
tight-lipped –- especially now that they see that Rosita and Boy had proven them all wrong.
Very wrong.

Not that the couple talks about the healthy sum that they receive monthly from doing the
DXN business. Nor they show off their brand new Innova. And oh, they‟ve never bragged

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DXN Success Stories

about the condominium they currently stay at, and their very own house that they will move
into soon.

They don‟t have to, anyway; and they have no plans of blowing their horns. Their improved
lifestyle already speaks of what they have come to.

Perhaps those who had discouraged Rosita and Boy are green with envy because of the life
that the couple is currently living. Or perhaps the source of their resentment is their knowing
that they had been too lazy to take “action” on their misery – unlike Rosita and Boy who set
their dreams, worked for them, and now enjoy the fruits of their hard work.

It was a good thing Rosita and Boy held on to their belief that their own action, not others‟
unfounded opinion, would propagate the li‟l seeds of wishes that they planted on the pot of
perseverance. And that same belief has clearly landed them on a blissful state.

Vic Velasco
Executive Double Star Diamond of Sta. Maria, Aurora
“I’d been living a simple, happy life with contentment- that’s all; until DXN gave the

So goes the line of a man

who had served the
Philippine Navy for
27years; had lectured in a
local college for two
years; has three college
degrees under his belt, and
has tied the knot with a
registered nurse. Clearly,
couple Vic and Ging
Velasco was doing well
financially to lay a decent
meal on the family‟s
dinner table. So the couple
thought they were already
doing fine and enjoying
the comfort zone that their
steady careers give them. What they do not know at the time was that their path will be
changed with 30 capsules of food supplement. How it all happened, Vic relates:

TCD Art and Neng Suelto invited me, one afternoon, to listen to a BOM in their Service
Center. Different speakers with numerous styles and experiences in presenting showed bonus
checks, pictures of cars, and other luxuries. To my astonishment, I remained indifferent. My
impression was that theirs were presentations similar with other‟s employing hypes.

Months passed, and I politely conceded to register, nonetheless. I thought I had to open up a
new avenue for knowledge. So I politely conceded to register; what is Php800 anyway rather
than tainting our closeness with my would-be sponsor?

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DXN Success Stories

It turned out, the supplemental RG/GL 30‟s that went with the membership kit would be
found to be instrumental to relieving the predicament incurred by my wife. Ging had a very
painful inflammation caused by bartholin‟s cyst, and which had been scheduled for surgery.
No surgery ever occurred. Even the other sebaceous cyst that occasionally appeared is now
totally gone. With long experience in the hospital, my wife turned from a DXN skeptic to
being my partner in doing the DXN business.

As more and more recruits and product users come my way, I needed to address an increasing
demand in products. That gave birth to our DXN Service Center in Pagadian City.

Sometimes though, I ask if this business is really meant for me. The answer? I stayed focused
and remained loyal to the Company. I also learned the products by heart. My DXN income
had surpassed my previous earnings, by little margin, but I don‟t mind.

As we‟re pursuing the business, the priority to acquire a vehicle useful for networking
services was conceived. With our monthly bonuses, a brand new Alpine White Isuzu
Crosswind XUV Van materialized. A recent addition was a house and lot at Crown Asia
Cagayan de Oro‟s Frontiera Gran Europa. These rewards encouraged me to do the business
with passion and meaningful direction. And this motivation alone minimizes mortality and
exodus of network.

Now, my downline base extends to other countries like USA, Dubai, KSA, India, and Brunei,
which in turn, entitles us to international bonus checks in addition to our local income.

As point of advice, we must be humble enough to listen to and learn from our uplines,
downlines, crosslines, the management, from our own experiences, and even from anybody
else‟s. Our best legacy is allowing ourselves to be instrumental to others. God bless DXN.

Raising Filipino Flag In Hongkong

Milagros Bembo

"I live uncomfortably so they can

live comfortably," says Mila Bembo,
referring to the family she
temporarily left in the Philippines.
Mila belongs to the hundreds of
thousands of Pinoys who work
abroad, in her case, as domestic
helper in Hong Kong.

Mila learned about the DXN

business just like any other member
did - through invitation - Triple
Diamond Allan Esmeralda invited
Bridgette It-Tang, who urged Mila to
attend a seminar at DXN Hong Kong Office. "I refused at first because... I was already in
another MLM company... and I thought it was just another networking company." Bridgette's
persistence, though, finally got the nod of Mila, who found herself intently listening to CD

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DXN Success Stories

Osler Sto. Tomas's explanation of the DXN business. "Among all the topics he discussed,
what really caught my attention was Ganoderma's promoting of the longevity of life. I didn't
focus much on the business side at the time. Instead, I was concerned about RG-GL."

After the seminar, Mila filled out a DXN registration form. But her enthusiasm on gaining
knowledge about Ganoderma did not stop there. "I did my own researches too about
Ganoderma and learned some clinical trials proving the efficacy of the King of Herbs." Thus,
the RG-GL habit became part of Mila's daily routine, which gave her a first-hand experience
of the healthful benefits that she just used to hear in seminars.

With the support of her upline and TD Allan Esmeralda, Mila found her way to doing the
DXN business. She related her own accounts of the RG-GL routine to her immediate family
members, friends, and acquaintances. A self-confessed verbally expressive person, Mila also
found interested listeners of her DXN habit among individuals with breast cancer, brain
tumor, ovarian disease, kidney problems, diabetes, and migraine among others. Sponsoring
and inviting people were her next steps. Eventually, she found her network growing, as if
before her very eyes.

Being a house helper in a foreign land has both advantages and disadvantages for Mila.
"While I attend to the needs of other people, I cannot help pitying myself sometimes because
I cannot take care of my own family. But my work here pays for the bills and puts food on
the table of my loved ones."

She also has only one day off each week, which sometimes poses hardship to her networking.
The first time Mila could talk to possible recruits is seven days away from the time she could
speak to them again. "Their excitement sometimes dies down." But Mila’s formula seemed to
be effective. "I allocate my Sunday day-off as DXN time. If you are consistent in your
allocated time, you can become successful. Consistency in inviting, centering, and training is
the key. I'm happy I did it because it’s worth it. Aside from my regular monthly salary, I am
also earning additional compensation though an easy and competent way with DXN."

Mila's unwavering dedication to her new endeavor earned for her inspiring achievements this
year. In March alone, she landed the Star Ruby status, then consequently got the Star Ruby
distinction. Additionally, she was awarded the Top Sponsoring Overseas Group in Hong
Kong, conferred by DXN Founder and CEO Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

"I know that DXN is the best company," relates the loving mother. "Doing the DXN business
is a two-way process - you're helping other people boost their health, and eventually, you'll be
financially eased."

"Nothing is impossible if we have the will. We should always find the means to hit success.
Thank you to the people who introduced me to DXN."

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DXN Success Stories

On Paved Roads and Smooth Tracks

Ferdinand Fagyan
He says his life used to be just like a
jeepney ride. He rides and gets off;
there was nothing much to expect,

His work as electrician usually gets

him “feverish during night time
because of the difficulties I face in the
workplace” so he decided to shift into
another activity to make a living. He
tried selling fish by bicycle, thinking
he could have more time with his
family, and to help his wife working
abroad with everyday expenditures.

Wrong detour, Ferdinand Fagyan later realized, as his newfound undertaking has all the more
taken much of his time. “I‟d get the fish at 2AM and try to be home after selling them at 6 –
the time when my tow kids (then 9 and 7 year olds) would be leaving for school.” Even so,
Ferdie saw his efforts as a way only to scratch out a day‟s expenses.

Longing for a smoother course, Ferdie joined a networking company. His ride with it lasted
for 1 ½ years, but as nothing happened, he saw himself going back to a coarse, dusty road
again. “But at least that experience made me realize that I was a person of perseverance.”

Ferdie saw another route – towards DXN, through Alfred Limba. “I had decided not to join
because most of my downlines from the networking company I came from happen to join
DXN before I did.” Pride, in Ferdie‟s personal note, had taken him.

But after being shown the marketing plan, Ferdie saw “the big difference” and got interested.
He studied the Distributor‟s Manual at home, and attended seminars held at the Head Office,
bringing along a tape recorder for easy review of what had been tackled.

Slim resources seemed like flat tires, and indifferent (supposedly would-be) recruits were like
an empty gasoline tank on Ferdie‟s voyage to DXN. These could have made him back out.
Nevertheless, his dreams for his family were stronger than any obstacle he could see.

Traversing the High Way to Success

“When I saw DXN I didn‟t just see dreams. The Company actually got me close to my
dreams,” notes the family man whose life was once on the breadline. So close indeed that his
bonus check read 109,000 when he reached the Star Pearl level.

The rewards inspired him even more to expand his network. He tried to talk to acquaintance.
He extended seminar periods, devoting time even after regular office hours for those
interested to listen. He courageously talked to total strangers.

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DXN Success Stories

His efforts were successful. He went sky-high a year after – Ferdie reached the Diamond
level and reaped higher, better outcome of his sacrifices. Looking back, he sees live turning
better for those who believed his good news; the skeptics remained unprogressive.

“DXN is a great gift from Above.” Ferdie admits to being humbled by his step-after-step hike
to the top. I learned to have better interpersonal relationship and to handle finances wisely.
My perspective broadened. DXN was like a battery that put a spark and molded my life,” he

His wife, who at first was distrustful of his DXN business but finally saw firsthand her
hubby‟s rewarding efforts, now does not have to leave the country for greener pasteurs, his
tow children are now enjoying the good quality of education in the exclusive institutions they
are respectively enrolled in – far from the crowded yet undersized school they used to receive
their academic training from.

Ferdie capitalizes on a simple parallelism for his perseverance: “I feel like I‟m a fish on the
sand, gasping for breath, if I won‟t be able to realize my dreams.”

Ferdie is grateful to Alfred and Celsa Dorimbao, and the Diamonds under his line, for their
perseverance and putting him where he is now.

“My life used to be just on a jeepney ride. I did not know if there would be flat tires, or if I
could reach my intended destination, in the first place. With DXN, progress comes in a jiffy –
it‟s like a rocket ship ride.”

The Passionate Dreamer

Joe Borleyo
Perseverance landed him at a secured place on the way to the
peak of the mountain he had earlier found himself going uphill
on - earning a monthly bonus that's almost two years' worth of
his previous."

He was like a being suddenly propelled into a strife that has to

be fought on an uphill slope. To conquer the burgeoning
number of opponents posed a boulder of risks. The inviting
easy-way-out down the hill needs no more eenie meenie
miney moe. But passion and responsibility had him choose to
get through the hurdles. Will he reach the summit

Joe Borleo had to juggle an eight to twelve long hours job of guarding a bank in Makati, and
a part-time stint as cab driver, that would extend his working hours to sixteen. But a measly
combined compensation of P7,000 proved to be unrewarding for Joe and his family‟s
growing needs. Oftentimes Joe would bring money only enough for his fare to and from the
workplace he could barely buy a piece of candy.

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DXN Success Stories

He was hardworking – a diligent employee inspired by the dreams he has long wished to
realize for his family. The answer to how and where to start with those dreams, however, has
yet been unveiled to the unfortunate struggler.

A Hint of Hope On the Upward Slope

Over a cup of Lingzhi Coffee one day, a friend who was catching up on Joe‟s life segued to
the health and wealth opportunities of DXN membership. The pleasurable aroma of the
concoction was equally inviting for Joe in trying out his friend‟s discovered fortune. Joe woul
have nodded in that instant, had he not realized that the P800 registration fee‟s already
tantamount to a month-long resource of rice in their house, and that it would be a big
subtrahend to his meager income.

Four weeks had passed until Joe finally took the trail to doing DXN business – starting from
attending seminars to holding the BOMs himself, which broadened his knowledge on the
Company and its products.

But, what‟s this? What network expansion?

Joe‟s job, understandably, had

given him a chance to build
kinship with only a limited few.

It helped, though that he had

earlier recognized that his new
endeavor is far from plant-now-
harvest-right way hoax schemes.
He figured he needed to be
steadfast and focused on his goal.

Perseverance landed him at a

secured place on the way to the
peak of the mountain he had
earlier found himself going worth
of his previous. Moreover, and perhaps surprisingly, about 15,000 distributors under his
network, of which seven are Diamonds, are now enjoying the hike with him.

For some it may seem that Joe is already near the summit. But the loving father and husband,
who courageously faces life‟s daily challenges for his family, would like to achieve even

Joe‟s persistent efforts have had the gigantic obstacles squashed behind him. The passionate
dreamer, though still inches away from the hilltop, could already wave the victor‟s flag.

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DXN Success Stories

A Discovery Of Life's Surprises

Myra Naga

"The burglars wanted my cell phone; I could not give it because my

DXN prospects were stored in the SIM card that's in the unit. I tried
bargaining with the robbers - I'll give my phone but they will leave
the SIM card; but to no avail. I suddenly felt blood slowly gushing
out beneath my rib cage. Luckily, a patrol car that was passing by
alarmed and drove away the perpetrators."

Myra Naga was saved, including her contacts that eventually

became her downlines. But her story neither starts nor ends here.
Life on the breadline

For three years, Myra had been dreaming of growing her measly
P5,000 salary as a saleslady into threefold. She had to be frugal,
even if her remuneration was uninviting for being pennywise. And
although her earnings were not enough even just for her personal
needs, Myra could not turn a cold shoulder to her likewise
disadvantaged grandfather and aunt, whom she was living with.

Like any typical individual, Myra wanted to give a decent life to her
family. She doesn't want any of them go through the pains she has
been from her childhood.

The four corners of the house they were renting out in Smokey Mountain witnessed her daily
prayers for "an opportunity that would change my and my family's life."

Windows of Opportunity

While on leave from work one day, Myra went to her aunt in Tondo, Manila; she had no idea
that that visit would start a flourishing business opportunity. Triple Diamond Delia Plocios
invited her to a BOM, to which she gave in without hesitation "because I want to have part-
time job as well."

Much to her surprise, what she thought of at first would be her sideline became her principal
income-generating endeavor. A neophyte in MLM business, Myra's dedication to her DXN
business earned for her a bonus of 32,000 pesos on her third month.

Myra realized the potential of her new activity, thus, she left her job as a saleslady and
focused on expanding her network.

"After one year, I qualified for and availed myself of the Hong Kong Travel Seminar
Incentive. House and lot were the next things I had. Since then, I have received bonus
monthly checks not lower that 30,000 pesos."

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DXN Success Stories

Myra's blessings have just started pouring in - another year after, a new townhouse and an
Isuzu Crosswind were written on her list of acquired properties in doing the DXN business.
On her third year, a
Service Center in Cavite
was put up under her

To top them all, Myra

admits to gaining better
self- confidence. Gone
were the days when her
superior in the department
store she had worked in
would assign her to man
the stock room because
Myra's timidity was not fit for the sales representative post. She has as well risen to having
trust in her own capacities, far from a lady so speechless in front of people in corporate

With all the great changes that Myra Naga has found in her DXN business, she is grateful "to
my upline, Delia Plocios; to Armand Imus and Noel Coronel; to my partners, Bernard
Royales and Jun Nolan; to the Olongapo group; and to our leaders in the Center, Pastor
Francis, Paul Migrady, Norma Francis, Paul Migrady, Norma Muron, Elma Repote, and
Ronald Katipon."

The Making of A Crown Diamond

Edgar and Bing Hao
Letty and Devin Sihiyon, Sylvia and Nestor
Ymbong walked into my office in March 2001
bringing a box of coffee, brochures and what I
later found out as the DXN registration kit.

I never thought I will do MLM business again.

Initially, I was never excited about DXN except
for the fact that most of our friends have already
joined. What came into my mind was just to try
the coffee. I also asked Nestor how and how fast
I can get the highest position in DXN, my way of
gauging how long I will make it or it might just
waste my time.

I am an impatient man, I might look cool and

relaxed on the outside, but I treat everything with
utmost urgency, particularly those I want done
immediately. These situations create the
challenges for me. These lead me to demand

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DXN Success Stories

extraordinary performance from my team, request more support from DXN management and
push myself far more than others to achieve my goals.

More than I can remember these are the highlights and exciting moments in my DXN life:

1. Star agent in a month, star diamond in 5 months, and crown diamond in 4 years.

2. R. Ramos DXN Service Center, where I am the SC Director, finally belonging to

the Top 5 DXN Center in the Philippines.

3. Instrumental in spearheading the following: Grand/Mega BOMs and Ganotheraphy;

High Impact Success and Motivational Trainings.

4. Improving Presentation Materials for BOMs and Motivational Trainings.

5. Training and Business Presentations in Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East and

6. Speaker during DXN 10th Anniversary in Alor Setar, Malaysia.

I realize that I can get solace and peace of mind everytime I am with DXN distrutors. If I feel
stressed and bothered, I just go to the center and my whole mood will change. It must be the
positive energy generated by being with DXN.

My two main reasons why I am in DXN are:

* Helping other people - DXN is one of the few businesses that one can become
successful by helping others become successful. A lot of my friends and former
colleagues often come to me for help. But instead of straight dollout, better "to teach
them how to fish than just outright giving them fish." This is by doing DXN.

* Residual Income - Any traditional business, even how good it is today, can
disappear tomorrow and so the income that goes with it. Conversely in DXN, work
hard for 2-3 years and enjoy the benefit of residual income for the rest of your DXN

These reasons above, among others, are the ones keeping me with DXN.

DXN products, more than anything else, created the best impact on me. I was 248 lbs 6
months ago. I am now 198 lbs (52 lbs lesser and counting) after a daily regimen of 6 pairs of
RG/RL and 8 tablets of Spirulina. I did this by substituting these to one of my meals as much
as I can. Actually I am not dieting, because 6 pairs of RG/GL and 8 tablets of Spirulina have
more nutrients than one ordinary meal can provide. This is the same suggestion I always give
in the product portion of my BOMs.

Financially, DXN provides the extra income for extraordinary expenses without taking toll on
our savings and budgets.

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DXN Success Stories

I always preach that in DXN, do not count the money but rather the number of people one
brings to DXN. Then one will realize that these people will naturally bring the incomes that
one never even imagined.

Personally, I am challenged by Dato' Dr. Lim's encouragement to open new areas and new
countries for DXN. We started to do this in the USA three years ago, this year in Taiwan and
Middle East; and hopefully later this year, South Korea. But I realized that the more one look,
at far away places where DXN network can expand, the best area appears to be nearby close
to home. This seems to suggest that the future is to maximize what can be done at home and
spend some time to expand DXN through Filipinos living and working abroad.

DXN is still the same from Day 1 as envisioned by Dato' Dr. Lim. My accomplishments in
DXN were made possible by DXN's vision of health and success. The same is available to
anyone who believes and embraces this vision.

My being hungry for success and my relentless pursuit for excellence are the main reasons
for success. The secret is to continue doing the DXN business until one becomes successful.
Don't quit. Giving up is a sin.

For the new distributors, millions of people working on a job are struggling to get by on the
salaries they earn, because their highest aim is only to hold on to the jobs that they currently
have. They are where they are, solely because of the limitation they have set up in their own
minds. Ninety eight percent of these people can never retire rich and early. Where do you
want to belong? DXN is a way to get out of this box and start to belong to the 2% who can
achieve financial freedom and retire early from working for other people. If you will not
control your destiny, somebody else will.

For the leaders, you are enjoying your children, your family and your life because of DXN. It
is your responsibility to share this opportunity to everybody, not to only your friends and
relatives but to everyone. At the end of the day, you are worth not because of what you have,
not even of who you are, but of what others have become because of you.

What Dreams May Come True

Jommel Bañez
I have been working from one company to
another just to get the things that my family
needs. But as what I can see from it, it is not
always money that can make a man happy.

I am a nurse by profession, but started

working as a disk jockey in Davao City. But
my salary was not enough to support my
needs. I was invited by one of the top media
network to join them and in 1996 I was
installed as the production manager of the
first FM station of the same company in the
city. I had a two-year stay with the company

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DXN Success Stories

and eventually I transferred to another media conglomerate and became the marketing
consultant of another FM station.

I was having a great time with my job until a shipping company invited me to join them as a
marketing consultant for the entire Southern Mindanao. But the salary that I was receiving
was not really enough to help me get my dreams in life as well as my time for my family
since I have to work round the clock just to get the goal of the company. I was not able to see
my daughter Janine grow up. This made me realize that you can never really turn back the

GMD: how was DXN introduced to you?

Jommel: I‟m so thankful to the Lord that he gave me a friend named Osler Sto. Tomas. He
was used by the Lord as an instrument so that is why DXN was introduced to me. I met Osler
in another company where my wife Ellen used to join, we were friends but I‟m not under his
group and I saw how he helped his lines.

GMD: what was your initial impression with the company?

Jommel: the first word that came out of my mouth when Osler invited me is “ANO YAN
KAPE-KAPE NA NAMAN YAN” I uttered those words since I was so focused with the
other company. But when uplines Osler and Art Suelto shared to me the marketing plan, I
told myself “ito na ang negosyo na magpapayaman sa akin,” Because I drink a lot of coffee.

GMD: what made you decide to go fulltime?

Jommel: I decided to go fulltime since I found out that coffee is the second largest
commodity in the world next to oil and that 95 percent of Filipinos drink coffee. I can really
get my dreams come true with this company.

GMD: what was the biggest challenge that you encountered while doing the business?
Jommel: the biggest challenge that I encountered with DXN was the first 6 months operation
of the company wherein there was a shortage of stocks here in Davao. But, that was easily
solved with the help of my uplines.

GMD: is there any inspiring moment…

Jommel: One thing that inspired me a lot was when the blood sugar of my mom went down
from 21.69mmol to 7mmol within 20 days. Another thing is, my waist line was trimmed
down from 43 to 36 cm(?) with the use of Coffee and RG/GL capsules

GMD: what fuels your drive in continuing the business?

Jommel: what keeps me going is that of my dreams in life and want to give the best for my

GMD: so far, how do you describe the changes that were brought about by having DXN by
your side?
Jommel: my life changed 180 degrees not 360, because you will go back to the start if you
said 360 degrees. My life changed physically because I had trimmed down my weight, life
changed emotionally since I can now slowly pay all my payables in life, life changed
financially since I have now savings, life changed spiritually since I cling more to good for I
saw how good and mighty he is in my life. I had quit drinking alcohol for almost five years. I
was able to get two cars, my first was a Honda Civic and my new car is a Chevrolet Optra.

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DXN Success Stories

My house that was living now is from DXN galing pako hanggang yero DXN galing. And of
course because of DXN we have now our second daughter Trixie.

GMD: now that you have acquired all these things, what are your plans for the future?
Jommel: To expand my lines to other parts of the world.

GMD: how do you view DXN now after all the success?
Jommel: A company that touches lives for good.

GMD: would you mind sharing your success secrets?

Jommel: there is no secret to success. But what I can share to you is that believe in the
company, believe in the product, believe in yourself, believe in your upline and believe in the
lord that he will guide you in all your endeavors.

GMD: any messages for aspiring distributors?

Jommel: Believe in your dreams cause dreams do come true. Dreams plus actions is equals to
realization of dreams.

Elding, On A Game Called Life

Eraño Abeleda
Who would think that a specially-abled boy from
9Tondo, Manila, stricken by polio at age six, who
was not able to step into college, will turn out to be
the man that he is now – earning big, established,
simply successful in this game called life. Eraño
Abeleda or Elding as he is known by many, had his
dreams devastated, his self-esteem wrecked and all
hopes in life virtually robbed when both his legs
suffered from polio.

Elding recalled the times when his father used to

carry him on his back to and from school, as it is every parents aspiration to provide their
children wotj education. He confessed that he really wanted to have a degree, but having nine
other siblings, his parents had troubles sending them all to school given that their only source
of income was from his father's photography.

With his determination, however, he tried almost everything to earn for himself. When Elding
stopped his schooling, he ventured on selling barbecue and surplus appliances, operating a
pedi-cab, which earned a measly pay of P30 a day, and repairing electric fans, he even saved
copper wires to be sold per kilo. “Kahit ano na, basta mapagkakakitaan,” Elding said.

Yet, no matter how hard he tried, it seemed that fate was not on his side during those early
times. On the verge of giving up, Albert Beso came into the scene and introduced DXN to
him. Having a knowledge about MLM – yes, he also tried other company before though it did
not pay off – he welcomed the thought of getting into one, again.

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DXN Success Stories

Armed with the right attitude and mind setting backed by a steel-tough will power, the
P800.00 that he struggled to borrow from her mother had served as one of the keys that
opened a new door of hope which eventually brought about his much deserved financial

During the early days of his networking, Elding with his group reached as far as Mindoro and
Tuguegarao. He narrated that there was even a time where he needs to ride a carabao just to
reach their prospective recruits, sleep in a wall-less hut for weeks, stay in an unfamiliar
places for months, just to build a stable group.

It even reached a point where he wanted to smash his head against the wall out of frustration.
“Hindi naman ako nagkakaroon ng problema noon,” he said, “hindi ganun kadali. Pero alam
ko talaga na nandito ang pera, not only just for profit, makakatulong ka pa.”

Then finally, at the age of 30 and after almost three years doing DXN business, his earnings
reached more than what he alone can consume. He bought a new Mitsubishi Adventure, an
SUV that he said reflects his personality – adventurous.

Elding also plans to buy a new house next and get married by December. “Dati takot ako
magkanobya eh, gastos, tapos iiwan ka pa, tapos iyak-iyak ka pa, pero ngayon hindi na,” He
said with confidence.

He still had one humble thing that he wished to do for his parents, to take them to Baguio
since her mother haven‟t been there ever since.

True to what he believes in, Elding had been touching the hearts of others with his
willingness to share his blessings. “May mga kamag-anak ako rito na nabago talaga ang
buhay. Syempre di na nila ako malilimutan and at the same time, natutuwa ako para sa kanila,
naging kasangkapan ako kung kaya sila umasenso.”

With all the blessings that continuously pour on him, Elding never forgot to give all the glory
back to the Lord.

“Kahit anong larangan pwede ka yumaman pero sa DXN mabilis. Kung merong isang bagay
na di ka makakaargabyado, di ka manloloko, makakatulong ka pa, DXN na ang no. 1,” he

And Become Our Next Success Story.
The More You Delay, The More You Will
See and Hear People Realizing Their Dreams.
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“Your Decision Yesterday Was The Result Of What You Are Today.
Your Decision Today, Will Be The Result Of What You Will Be Tomorrow.”

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