HQ Choice: Skeletal Champion

To serve Chaos sometimes means to serve it even after death. Skeletal Champions are the result of dead Champions of Chaos coming back from the dead, forced to continue serving their masters for a year and a day, when they will crumble into dust. WS X-d2 BS X-d2 S X-d2 T X-1 W X-1 I X-d2 A X-d2 LD 10 SV X Points X+2

Skeletal Champion Weapons and Wargear: See Special Rules

Special Rules: Eternal Warrior, Fearless, Feels No Pain, Relentless. Skeletal Champion: To create a skeletal champion, first take the stats of any HQ choice with the exception of Greater Daemon. The X indicates the original value. For example, T. If a Marine Champion is taken for a Skeletal Champion, its Toughness with be 4-1, or T3. Roll a d2 at the beginning of the game but before deployment, this is for all its values that have a d2 listed. So if a Marine Legendary Champion is taken and a 2 is rolled for the Skeletal Champion, its stats will be: WS4 BS4 S2 T3 W2 I3 A1 LD10 SV3+. The points cost is the cost of the HQ choice+2. May not used Psychic Powers. Mod the Mark of Tzeentch to grant a Psychic Hood instead. If the Champion is part of the Plague Cult, it has Feels no Pain on a 3+ instead of a 4+. Options: The Skeletal Champion may take options from the HQ that you have chosen. It may not be a Daemon Prince. The Skeletal Champion is armed with all Weapons and Wargear that the HQ originally had.

Elites Choice: Terminators

WS BS S T W I A LD SV PV 4 4 4 4 1 4 2 10 2+/5++ 30 Chaos Terminator 4 4 4 1 4 3 10 2+/5++ +15 Terminator 5 Champion Composition: 3-10 Chaos Terminators Weapons and Wargear: Terminator Armor, Power Weapon, Combi-bolter Special Rules: Deepstrike Options: May take a Land Raider/Land Raider: Legionnaire Class as a dedicated transport. Any model may replace its Power Weapon with a:    Chain Fist+15 Lightning Claw+7 Power Fist+10 Any model may replace its Combi-bolter with a:   Combi-weapon+5 Lightning Claw+3

Every 3rd Terminator may replace its weapon with:     (0-1) Assault Cannon+25 Autocannon+15 Heavy Flamer+5 Reaper Autocannon+25

:Note that if a squad is in the correct sacred number, instead of an Aspiring Champion it may take a Terminator Champion for free.

Veteran Skills Infiltrate (+1 PPM) Move Through Cover (+1 PPM) Tank Hunters (+3 PPM) Counter-Attack (+1 PPM) Acute Senses (+1 PPM)

Cult Options  Berzerker+8  Rubric+5 (instead of an Aspiring Sorceror, use a Terminator Champion with a Talent Focuser (free) and the IC Mark of Tzeentch)  Plague+14  Noise+1

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