This story takes place after Breaking Dawn Blue Moon Chapter 1 Bella This was going to be my last

hunt in Forks. We were leaving tomorrow to Alaska, near the town where the Cullens had stayed before they moved to Forks and met me . I was sad. The hardest person to say goodbye to was Charlie. But it wouldn't b e that bad because I would be with Edward. The only thing that was really all th at bad was going back to school, which I knew I would have to do when I became a vampire. We had heard a report on the news about how six tigers had escaped fr om the zoo and thatâ s why we were hunting. I still had trouble keeping my clothes clean. I had only hunted one out of six tigers and my shirt was covered in blood , my hair was a tangled mess, my jeans had become ripped up blood stained jean s horts, and my shoes had been ripped into tiny pieces and all I had left were my socks, while Edward looked perfect as usual. He saw me looking at my reflection in the stream disappointed. "You look good, you always have," he said. "Thanks, but I think I should changed before Charlie comes," I said. Charlie was coming to see us one last time before we left. "Yeah, but you really do look good," he said, and then he kissed me. Suddenly another tiger came out from behind the tre es ready to attack obviously unaware that we weren't human. Like a sixth sense I charged at the tiger and drained all its blood. Edward seemed to be admiring me the whole time. Another tiger came at us, and Edward went for it. I admired him this time. I wondered if he knew some kind of secret on how to keep his clothes so clean. Maybe it was just a century of practice. We knew that there were stil l two tigers somewhere in the forest left to hunt, but Charlie would be at the h ouse any minute, and he couldn't see me like this. So we walked back to our cott age that Esme had gave us for my 19th birthday. We walked inside, and Jacob and Renesmee were there to greet us. "Wow, Bella, it's a good thing you don't have t hose red eyes anymore because you look like someone from a horror movie," Jacob said. "yeah, it's good to see you too," I said. "Anyways I have to change so-" " I don't need to read your mind to know this, she wants you to get out," said Edw ard. "I would've added please if he let me finish," I said. "Why can't Grandpa s ee you like this?" Renesmee asked. She was a three year old genius. But most peo ple would think she was thirteen because she grew an inch every day. In fact I n oticed that she had grown an inch since I had last seen her a few hours ago. Wha t would we tell Charlie. Chapter 2 Edward Bella was feeling something, but I couldn't tell what. I had seen this emotion o n her before but I couldn't remember what it was. I knew she was sad about leavi ng Forks, but what else? I tried to read her mind, but of course I couldn't hear anything. She went into the other room to change, and when she came out her exp ression changed. Of course, I thought, she was embarrassed about how she looked, but I was still getting used to that she would never blush again. We ran to the house instead of walked this time because we were in a hurry. "Where have you b een?" Esme asked. "Rosalie went out to find you because she thought you were sti ll hunting, and Alice said we only had six minutes left," She seemed frantic. "4 minutes and 30 seconds left!" Alice called from her room. I could tell she was busy putting jewelry on. "I'll call Rosalie," Esme said. "No need to I'm here," Rosalie called from outside. Esme let her in. "Alice get down here now! And tell me how much time we have left!" she shouted. "Not now I dropped an earring whil e seeing a vision of Charlie's car coming by, and I think it went down the drain !" "Then take out the other earring and come earring less!" Esme shouted. "It's just Charlie, we'll bite him before he bites us," Bella said. "Yeah I know, but he already knows a little bit too much and if we're not all here and somebody ac cidentally uses their speed to get here while he's here-" "Found it!" Alice sho uted as she ran downstairs. "Good now how much time do we-" "Bella, how could you have no jewelry or makeup on?" Alice asked. "She doesn't need it." I said. " Shut up Edward, you don't know a thing about girls." she said. "Come on we still have a good 2 minutes," she said taking Bella. "She would look a lot better wit h makeup," Rosalie said. We heard Charlie's car pull into the driveway. It would probably take him an extra 30 seconds to because I knew Bella took after him wi

th his speed. Until I bit her of course. She still wasn't as fast as me though, but she was stronger. He knocked on the door. â No Iâ m not ready!â Alice thought. B t they came downstairs anyway. Bella had eye shadow on one eye but not the other . I quickly rubbed it off as Carlisle opened the door. Charlie came in. Bella st iffened, but she seemed relaxed. I think we made the right decision about school . "Hi Dad!" she said. "Hi Bells!" I could tell she still had trouble making her voice sound normal. "Wow, Nessie had grown," "Yeah-um-I have to tell you somethi ng about that. We were-um- trying to keep it a secret. You see-um-when we adopte d Renesmee she was-um too small so we-um-gave her growth pills," Bella was such a bad liar. Charlie seemed to buy it, though. "Well that explains it. Why did y ou wanna keep it a secret?" "Um-I thought you might disapprove of giving her pil ls at such a young age," "She was three months when you first adopted her, right ?" "Yeah-uh-but she was much smaller," Charlie didn't ask anymore questions. He stayed for a while and watched the game, and then he left. Bella was sad when he left, and I was gonna comfort her, but then Alice began to have a vision. Chapter 3 Bella I forgot about Charlie and focused on Alice. "What is she seeing?" I asked. Edwa rd was concentrated on the vision, and Alice the one seeing the vision would pro bably be no help either. I had to wait until the vision was over to ask one of t hem. Maybe it was good news, like we all had the same classes and would be with each other in school. They were no longer in a trance. "No, don't tell her it'll ruin everything you saw so in your vision," Edward said to Alice. "What did she see? What do you not want me to know?" I asked. "Fine, but I'll tell her outsid e," I thought he was addressing Alice again, but sure enough Edward took my hand and we walked outside together. "So, what did she see?" I asked. "Alice is plan ning a surprise party for Renesmee's 4th birthday," he said. "Why didn't you wan t to tell me?" I asked. "I wanted to tell you, I just didn't want to tell Renesm ee," he said. He stiffened. "What is it?" I asked. "She's having another vision, " he said. "What is she seeing?" I asked. He didn't answer. "Ouch!" I shouted he was squeezing my hand way too tight. Something was wrong, I was stronger than h im I was the one squeezed his hand too tight. I looked at his eyes, they were cl osed tight. For a second I thought he was gonna cry, but I had never seen him cr y and didn't think he even could. The vision couldn't be good. I wondered if it was about me. His eyes opened. Was he in shock? Then he kissed me hard like it w as our last one. Maybe it would be. Carlisle ran outside. "Oh sorry I didn't kno w that you two were-" I tried to pull away, but Edward wouldn't let me. Finally I said Carlisle, "I think he's in shock. He won't stop kissing me and hasn't sai d a word since-" "That's what I thought. Alice and Jasper are in shock, too," he said. "Are they kissing?" I asked. "No, they're just still in a trance," he sai d.â What was the vision?" I asked. "I'm not sure. None of us are. Let me help you. " he said noticing how I was struggling. It felt weird wanting to be apart from Edward for the first time in my life. I didn't like the feeling at all, which me ant to my relief that I was still in love with him. I thought I could stay in th e position that I was in with him forever, but the more I thought about it the m ore I knew I couldn't. When Carlisle finally managed to split us apart, Edward s tood as still as a statue. When we asked him something he wouldn't respond. "Tha t's exactly how Alice and Jasper are," Carlisle said. We walked back inside. Ali ce and Jasper stood in the position as Edward. I looked at Alice expecting her t o jump out of her fake trance and yell surprise, but she didn't. Maybe it was a prank, though and I needed to get closer. I did and Alice gave me a huge hug, bu t she didn't say anything. Carlisle pulled me back. "I think the vision evolves you." he said. I spent the night alone with Renesmee. I felt lonely even though Renesmee's warm body was on my lap as she slept soundlessly. I decided to check on Carlisle and see if he had gotten Alice, Jasper, and Edward out of their tran ces yet. Of course I left Renesmee a note and locked the door before I left. As I walked out I felt exposed to something. I looked around. The trees rustled in the wind, nothing out of the usual. But still the bushes were rustling too, and I had the feeling someone was watching me. I tried to get their scent, and I rea lized that I was too scared to use any of my senses. I knew what it was, it was the Volturi. That was what the vision was about. But if they did kill me, maybe

they would spare Edward and Renesmee and everybody else that I loved. I stood th ere stupidly in the silent night waiting for their attack. Waiting to die. Chapter 4 Edward All I could remember was the vision. Everything after that was a blur until now. I looked around and took in my surroundings. It felt like I was opening my eyes for the first time as a vampire again. I wondered if I was still human and just waking up in the hospital delirious. Had I dreamed the whole thing? How could I dream something that painful. Carlisle looked the same which meant that I could be right or wrong. Alice and Jasper were next to me, which meant I was wrong. I didn't know weather to be happy or sad. I read their minds; they seemed to only remember the vision also. Suddenly I forgot about the vision and everything els e. "Where is Bella? Is she all right? Can I see her?" I asked. "She's fine. She' s with Renesmee in your house," Carlisle said. Maybe it was wrong to ask him bec ause now I knew she wasn't safe and neither was Renesmee. "Is the door locked?" I asked. I wanted to ask even though I knew a locked door would not stop them. " Stop worrying the vision happens sometime in the afternoon, not in the middle of the night!" Alice shouted. "I just want to know what the vision was." Carlisle said. There was a knock on the door. It was Renesmee which would of made my exce pt she was thinking about something I didn't want to hear; "I'll see if Momma' s in here," Carlisle opened the door. "Renesmee, what are you doing up at this h our?" Carlisle asked. "I'm looking for Momma. She left me this note." she said. We all ran and looked at the note. I grabbed it first being the fastest. It look ed like the notes I used to leave her when I went to hunt. It read: Dear Renesmee, I'm going to check on Grandpa. I'll be back by dawn. Don't leave the house. Love, Momma I knew Bella's scent wasn't as strong as it was before, but I smelled the letter anyways. "Do you know where she is?" I asked. That was a dumb question. "No," R enesmee said. "You can sleep here tonight if you feel safer," Carlisle said. "Ok ay," Renesmee said. "Now, can you tell me about the vision?" Carlisle said. Alic e was too emotional to say it and Jasper wanted me to say it because he knew I w ould be emotional about it also, and he wanted use his gift on me. "Okay, I'll t ell you, but Renesmee could you not listen." I said. She was awake and I could t ell she was going to have trouble sleeping, and if she heard the vision she woul d have trouble sleeping for weeks. "No, I wanna hear what it is." she said. I sa w her eyes, Bella's old eyes, and remembered how Bella had always wanted to know every vision Alice had ever had since she found out that Alice could tell the f uture. "All right, but if it gets too scary, don't listen." I said. "Okay," she whispered. "It took place in a forest, but one I've never seen before and-" "Ala ska it was a forest in Alaska!" Alice cried. "It could be anytime and anywhere. It could be five-thousand years from now, and we'd all look the same. Anyways, the Volturi, all of them were walking through the forest." Renesmee closed her e yes and covered her ears, remembering our last encounter with them. I lowered my voice, "Jane stepped forward, and then Aro, dragging Bella by the legs." I hes itated before the next part thinking of details, so I wouldn't have to say it th at soon. "Bella was screaming my name." This was the part that I remembered the most. I wanted to tell her that I was coming, I wanted to save her, but I couldn 't. I was waiting for my emotions to change, but I could tell that Jasper was lo st in the memory of the vision. I continued, "Aro gave Bella to Jane and then sh e-" By that time I had closed my eyes, I didn't want to know, but I knew what it was. "She killed her," I said. "But Jane can't use her powers on Bella," Carlis le said. I didn't know how she did it, all I remembered was Bella's screams and the Volturi clapping when she finished killing her. "She beheaded her, the same way Edward beheaded Victoria." Alice said. Now I felt happy, but still sad, I lo oked at Jasper. "It's only working half way, and Iâ m not sure why," he said. I cou ld still hear Bella's screams. I listened, and noticed that everybody else was h earing it too. It wasn't me remembering the vision, it was really happening a fe w miles down. I got up and ran out the door to where her screams were coming fro m, hoping I wasn't too late. I had to save her life, I had to save my life. But

as I got closer, the screaming stopped. Was I too late? I went anyways, but as I got there, someone knocked me down, so fast that I couldn't see who it was. I w as ready to attack, or even die if it meant saving Bella. Chapter 5 Bella Edward pushed me off him. I didn't think he knew it was me. Was he still in shoc k? Jacob was ready to attack him. "No, he might still be in shock." I said. Edwa rd ran back to me. "No matter what he does to me, I won't hurt him," I thought. He hugged me. "I'm sorry I pushed you." he said. "Why did you push me?" I asked. "What did Alice see?" "I thought you were someone else. Why were you screaming? " he said. "Promise you won't laugh." I said. "I promise," he said. "I thought J acob was the Volturi." I said. He didn't laugh. "So, you do know about the visio n." he said. "I know it's about them. I was gonna sacrifice myself, so they woul dn't kill Renesmee, but then it turned out to be Jacob," I said. "What are you e ven doing here?" he was asking Jacob. A few seconds passed and I knew Jacob was answering in thoughts. "She's fine," Edward said. I knew they were talking about Renesmee. "She's inside. You can see her, but you have to phase back first." I said. "She's not inside, she's with Carlisle." Edward said. "But I told her not to leave the house in my letter." I said. "Why did you leave if you knew the vis ion was about the Volturi," he said. "I locked the door. I knew I should've of s tayed to protect her, but I really wanted to see you. I'm sorry," I said. He lau ghed. "Why are you laughing?" I asked. "Why are you apologizing?" he asked. "Bec ause I should've stayed to protect Renesmee," I said. "You should be apologizing , and I shouldn't be laughing. It's just that they're not after Renesmee." he sa id. "Then what do they want?" I asked. He sighed. "You," Chapter 6 Edward "I don't understand. Do they want me to join them because of my gift? I thought they wanted you and Alice," she said. "They don't want you to join them they wan t to-" I trailed off but I think she understood now. "Oh." she said. "Are you af raid?" I asked. "No." she said. I was expecting her not to be, but part of me wa nted her to. "You can tell me if you're scared." I said. "I'm not." Bella answer ed, but she didn't realize how shaky her voice sounded and how bad a liar she wa s. "Don't worry, I won't like them come near you." I said. She hugged me. "Are y ou done packing?" I asked. "Let me check," she said. I followed her back inside. She opened her suit case. "Yeah, I'm done," she said. "Good because we're leavi ng right now." I said. "But it's the middle of the night," she said. "That's wha t I meant by early," I said. By the time we got there it was dawn. Esme suggeste d that we hunt again because when we hunted yesterday it had been rushed because of Charlie's visit. We walked through the forest which reminded me of the one A lice had seen in her vision, which made me clutch Bella's hand tighter. As the w ind blew a familiar scent entered my nose. It wasn't just a normal human scent, it was Bella's old scent the one that I had so much trouble resisting. It was mu ch easier to resist now, but Bella was having trouble. I remembered that she was a newborn, so I tried to bring far away from the scent, but she ran closer. I r an after her knowing that if she killed the human to whom the scent belonged to, she'd be killing herself! But I didn't like the look of things when I caught up to her. Chapter 7 Bella I didn't know how Aro had gotten hold of my blood, or of me. But now he was dra gging me by the legs and every Volturi guard around him. Jane stepped forward, a nd then Aro while dragging me by the legs. I screamed Edward's name over and ove r, but I knew if he saved me the Volturi would kill him too. "He would be here w ith you, but unfortunately Siamyst can already read minds." Aro said. I didn't k now why I was laughing at the unfamiliar name knowing that I was gonna die any s econd. "Well, she does have a pretty funny name, but you have to meet her. Siamy st! Come over here!" "One second I'm drinking her blood!" a young girl's voice c alled. She sounded only about 14 years old. Wait a minute she was drink my blood ? Sure enough a young vampire came out with my blood dripping from her mouth. "S he's a newborn, so I hope you don't mind that she drank what was left of your bl ood," Aro said. "Now, the Volturi wants your shield and the only way to get is t o kill you." "That makes no sense," I said. "Let me finish. Siamyst's gift is if

she touches any part of dead vampire's body, she can have their gift if they ha ve one," Then a rock came out of nowhere and hit a tree. Someone had thrown it t o distract them. I looked around, nobody was there.."I knew it! There's a person here, a vampire," Siamyst said. "Who are they what do they want?" Aro asked. "I don't know he's thinking in code." "Liar!" he shouted. Another rock was thrown from nowhere and hit Aro on the head. He threw it back to where it came from. "N ow then ignoring that, Jane will you do the honors," Aro said. "It's a real plea sure to be able to kill, you, Bella." Jane said. I closed my eyes, and was about to scream when Siamyst shouted, "Wait!" "There's another way for me to get her shield. Instead of killing her we give her eternal misery by letting her live an d also give you more power," "If this is another lie, you're both getting behead ed." Aro said. The rock was thrown at her feet. She pciked it up and threw it at a cloud. The cloud came crashing down! I couldnâ t believe my eyes. Maybe Jane had killed me already and this was heaven. I took a deep breath, and smelled my old scent again, but better than before. Siamyst stepped closer to the cloud, I cou ld see she was having trouble restraining herself. She tapped on the cloud, and like a door a piece of the cloud opened! Inside the cloud were a bunch of mes! H uman mes that is, so that explained the scent. I looked there were a few vampire mes, but mostly human mes. "We enslave them, and take over the cloud. It'll put you guys in a lot more power." Siamyst said. "Yeah, but what about her misery, and I can barely take the scent out here." Aro said. "We'll imprision Bella. The y multiply, so as long as we have at least one left, we suck all the blood we wa nt." Siamyst said. "And we her if her if she tries to escape, right?" Aro said. Siamyst hesitated and then answered in a very unconvinced voice, "Yeah." I whisp ered in Siamyst's ear, so low that only she could hear, "Why did you save me?" S he pointed up at tree very fast. And then I saw Edward. He winked at me as if he was in on Siamyst's plans. He threw a rock near the cloud, and then disappeared . It was probably just my imagination, but I thought I heard him whisper in my e ar, "I love you," Chapter 8 Edward I stayed hidden until they had all entered the cloud. If someone glanced twice a t my hiding spot I would throw a rock far away from where I was, and run to anot her spot. Everybody was inside the cloud, except for Siamyst. "Thanks," I whispe red. "Your welcome. If you get Bella out safely, I might quit the Volturi and go vegetarian." she said. "You should if you hate killing humans," I said. "Yeah, I didn't chose this life." she said sadly. "Neither did I," Then she changed int o Bella! "How did you-" "The Volturi made me get the rarest gifts. I can't go in there as myself, I'll be too guilty." Her voice changed, too. She touched my ar m. "You can't go in there as yourself, they'll kill you. It'll last for forty-fi ve minutes. Good luck!" I followed her inside the cloud. I held my breath, I was good at resisting one human Bella, but there were more than one hundred in here ! The weirdest thing was I could read all of their minds! It didn't take me that long to realize that I couldn't read the vampire Bellas' mind. I looked around wondering which one was the real one. There was a downstairs area, maybe I shou ld search down there. It was way darker and quieter. At the bottom of the stairc ase there was a long hallway. I remembered Siamyst saying that Bella would be im prisoned, maybe this was the hallway lead to the prison cells. I finally let out my breath, the scent wasn't totally gone, but I didn't have to hold my breath a nymore. And then I saw someone running towards me. It was Bella at least I thoug ht it was. She stopped when she saw me. For a second I thought she was going to start hugging and kissing me, but she didn't. I had never seen her look at me wi th this much fear. I liked it, this was the fear I wanted her to give me when we first met. "Please don't tell Aro. He'll kill me." she said. She was the real one, I was sure of it. I thought about what Siamyst had told me, "If you go in t here as yourself, they'll kill you." If Bella was caught with me, they'd kill he r, too. I decided not to tell her. I pretended to take her to wherever Aro was, but instead take her to the exit. When we reached the staircase she said, "You'r e not like the other guards." I didn't answer. "They held my arm, not my hand, a nd much tighter." she said. "How did you escape from the other guards?" I asked. "There were two guards guarding my cell, and they told me they were the only gu

ards who guarded the inside." she said. "I know you're not a guard, and I know y ou don't belong in this cloud, or in my body!" she said. "So what are you going to do?" "I'll make you confess who you are!" she cried. "What if I don't want to ," I said. "Then I'll-I'll-I'll-" "You don't even know the beginning of the endl ess things you can do with your strength." I said. "Well you don't either!" she said. When we reached the top she asked, "Where are going, anyway?" "Home. We're escaping," I said. She gasped. I saw my reflection through her eyes. "Bella, ju st run to the exit. Forget about me," I said. "No. I'm not leaving without you, Edward," she said. I saw other Bellas staring at us. I threw my shoe, like I did with the rock, and ran to the bottom of the staircase dragging Bella with me. "Why did you that?" she asked. "They saw us." I said. I heard footsteps. Another Bella walked down the staircase clearly seeing us. She touched my arm. "Siamyst !" I said. "You can thank me by taking me with you. I'm leaving the Volturi." sh e said. I couldn't read her mind anymore, which meant that one of them was dead. Bella looked completely bewildered. "Bella this is-" "We've met. And this isn't my power, it's a dead vampire's power." she said. "And yes, I can read her mind ." And after that I couldn't stop staring at her. Chapter 9 Bella Even though she saved our lives, I wished Edward would stop staring at Siamyst. "Edward, Bella doesn't like it when you stare at me," she said. "Oh sorry, love. So you really can read her mind can't you?" he said. "Yeah, I'm surprised you c an't get through a simple thing like a shield." she said. "So, what's the plan?" I asked. "We walk outside and if anybody asks we say we've been hired as guards outside. Funny, you're both jealous of me and I didn't even do anything." she s aid. I would've blushed, but I knew I couldn't "You're jealous of her?" I asked. "Maybe just a little because she can get past your shield. You're not, right?" he said. "Of course I am you're always staring at her." I said. "That's because I'm trying to find out how she's doing it." he said. "It's just a natural talent ." Siamyst said. "But I love you." he said. "He means it, Bella." she said. "May be you aren't that bad, Siamyst." I said. "Thanks, now come on let's get out of here." she said. I tripped on my shackles, which I forgotten about, but luckily I caught myself. If I were human I probably would've fallen. I tried to take off my legs again, but failed. At least I had managed to rip the chain the connecte d them to cell. Edward bent down next to me an bit the shackles. They broke. "Th anks, I should've thought of biting them," I said. "Our venomous teeth can break anything," he said. We walked up the staircase. Then, just as easily as when we walked through the hallway, we walked out of the cloud. Far away from the clo ud, as far as possible. "Thank you, Siamyst." I said. "Your welcome, and don't w orry Edward doesn't love anyone as much as he loves you." she said. "Yeah, thank you for everything." Edward said. "You'll thank me for that too as soon as you figure out my secret." she said. "You said it was natural talent." he said. "It is, but I have a few tricks, and you'll have to learn them by yourself." she sai d. A few seconds passed. "I almost forgot." Siamyst said. She touched Edward's a rm, and he was back to himself. "Bye!" she said, and ran off. "Come on," I said. I wanted to be as far away from her and that cloud as possible. Chapter 10 Edward On the ride to school the next day, Bella was very quiet. I wondered if she was still mad at me for staring at Siamyst. "What are you thinking?" I asked. "That people with your gift get to have all the fun." she said. Wow I was way off, but maybe I wasn't. "Are you mad at me because I can read minds?" I asked. "No, Iâ m j ust mad at myself for not being able to read minds." she said. "It's not fun. It 's actually pretty annoying." I said. "Yeah, but it must be a little fun in scho ol. Seeing if you're popular, and cheating on tests without getting caught." she said. I could never see her cheating on a test, even if she could read minds. " Plus you take total advantage of it." she said. "How so?" I asked. "By always ea vesdropping on me." "I can't even read your mind." I said. We pulled up to the s chool at the same time as Alice and Jasper. We had our first class apart. I knew what Bella had meant when she said that I was eavesdropping on her, and I knew she didn't like it when I did it. So, I tried not to do it, but it was just so b oring without her. This was literally the one hundredth time I had heard a teach

er talk about pi. Bella was right, it was pretty fun to read minds, and I would probably go mad if I couldn't. I almost always did when I couldn't guess what Be lla was thinking. I would just eavesdrop for five minutes, and then stop. I list ened, nobody seemed to be thinking about Bella. I guess that was a good thing be cause I knew Bella didn't like to be the center of attention. Wait a girl was th inking about her! At least I thought she was thinking about her. She thought: "P oor new girl, on her first day she gets taken by a creepy man claiming to be a t eacher." It could be any new girl, but I checked th hallways just in case. Every one was in class, a few cleaning ladies, but no creepy men claiming to be teache rs. I searched more, farther down Aro was thinking about Bella's death. So he ha d kidnapped her. I had to do something fast, but what I was stuck in a room with a bunch of humans who wouldn't beleieve me if I them a girl was going to die. I remembered how I saved Bella from the car, no human eyes had seen, but I still risked everything. Maybe I could try again. And so I did, running out of class s o fast everything was a blur. Had anybody seen me? They were all looking around, seeing who had opened the door, but they had no idea it was me. I walked down t he hall, looking for them. I stared and saw that they were coming my way! Aro, p ulling Bella, who look terrified by the arm, was coming my way. I looked around for a place to hide, and saw behind me a storage room. There was a lock on it, b ut I tried the knob anyways. I was gonna have to guess the combination, but I wa s so frantic that I forgot how strong I was, and with a loud crack the lock brok e. I went inside. It was dark, but I found the light switch. It was full of mops . I heard footsteps, and the knob turned. I threw my body against the door, but the knob still turned. "It's locked." I heard Bella say. They turned and left. I waited a few seconds, and then came out. I didn't really have a plan I was just following them. Maybe I could distract him and tell Bella to run. She'd never l isten, she'd want to stay and protect me. Aro turned around, I jumped on top of the lockers, praying he wouldn't look up. When he started walking again, I got d own and continued to follow them, not sure what to do next. I followed them out the door, and into the forest. "Now, we'll get this over with fast." Aro said. J ane was waiting for them. I went with my original plan of throwing rocks, and tr ying to distract them. I skipped two rocks across the river. "I skipped mine far ther than yours, Jack." I imitated a little girl's voice. "No, I skipped mine fa rther than yours, Jill." I imitated a little boy's voice. I didn't know why I us ed the names Jack and Jill, but fortunately that story came hundreds of years af ter Aro and Jane's times, and they fell for it. "Jack and Jill isn't that too ob vious?" Bella said. "Yeah, but it was the first thing that came into my mind." I said. She looked sad. "What's wrong?" I asked. "I thought you were flawless." s he said. I started laughing. "When will you learn to fear me?" I said. "Look out !" Bella cried. And then I felt pain. They were back and Jane was using her gift on me. "Run!" I chocked out. She didn't. I knew she wouldn't. Chapter 11 Bella I expanded my shield, but still didn't leave. Jane looked at Edward in frustrati on, and then looked at me curiously. "Aro, she can-" "I know," Aro said. "It's a shame Siamyst still isn't here, now we're killing such a great talent for no re ason." "Why do you want to kill me?" I asked. "You broke the law." Aro said. "Wh ich one?" I asked. "The one against cloning yourself and having a whole civiliza tion of yous living in a cloud." "There's no law against that, you just made it up." Edward said. I smelled a human scent somewhere, no it wasn't human the hear t beat was way too fast-Renesmee! She was with Jacob in the forest! I didn't want her to see us with Aro and Jane. I felt my shield burst. Edward fell to the ground in pain. "I knew she would stop eventually." Jane said. But I re-expande d it. I grabbed Edward's hand and made a run for it. "What are you doing?" Edwar d asked. "Saving you." I said. "You can't save me, I was here to save you." he s aid. Chapter 12 Edward Jane and Aro were chasing after us. I didn't know where we were running to. We r eached an old abandoned house with a for sale sign on the lawn. "In here," Bella said, but she sounded unsure. The door was conveniently open. "You think this p lace is haunted?" she asked. I laughed. "I'm supposed to be dead, so I'm hauntin

g it." I said. "You donâ t believe in ghosts, do you?" I said. "I didn't believe in vampires, or werewolves before I met you and Jacob." she said. "We are kind of like ghosts. Pale, and should be dead, and should be scary, but you don't think so." I said. Had I scared her? "You mean I should be dead?" she asked. "Yeah, Re nesmee's birth should've killed you." I said. "Thanks." she said. "For what endi ng your life short and now reminding you that you should be dead?" I said. "No, for saving me." Bella said. "You're welcome, but aren't you mad at me?" "No, I l ove you, and becoming a vampire or ghost, or living dead, or whatever you want t o call it is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me!" "That and falling i n love with you." I leaned down to kiss her, but I couldn't touch her! It was li ke there was an invisible wall between us. Maybe Bella was right and this place was haunted. "What's wrong?" she asked. She tried to touch me, and felt the invi sible wall, too. "Are you doing that?" I asked. "No are you?" she asked. "How ca n I, it must be your shield." I said. "But I was just holding your hand a second ago." she said. Maybe there was some way to break through it. "I don't want to hurt you." I said. I punch the wall, where her stomach would be. Nothing happene d. Then I felt pain in my stomach, as if she ad just punched it. "Are you okay, I didn't mean to hurt you." she said. "I'm fine. I have another idea, expand you r shield around me." I said. She did, and it worked! "How long can you keep it l ike that?" I asked. "A few minutes." "Oh," In a few minutes I would have to stop hugging her. "But I can always put it back." she said. The door opened. It was Renesmee and Jacob. At least he was in his human form. Renesmee looked scared. " What did you do to her?" I asked. "I didn't do anything to her. I saved her. Som e vampires caught scent of her, and I chased them off." he said. "They were afte r me." Bella said. "So you tried to save her and brought her here, you know this place is supposed to be haunted." "I don't believe in ghosts." I said. "Well y ou should, I hear they kill at least three vampires a day just for fun." he said . "Well if they were real, they'd probably kill you first." I said. "Guys let's get out of here before Aro and Jane come back." Bella said she clearly didn't li ke it when we fought. Her shield popped after a while, but Jacob could still tou ch her. Maybe it only blocked vampires, but Renesmee was only part vampire, and it blocked her, too. We went to tell Carlisle after a while, and he could touch her, too. "It seems to only block people with gifts." he said. "But it was never like this before." I said. "Maybe someone set it off." he said. "Siamyst," I sa id. "But how come it didn't start when I first met Renesmee." Bella said. Renesm ee's gift did work on Bella. "Mind reading is one of more heard of vampire gifts , and like shield Renesmee's gift is very rare, and is almost unheard of." Carli sle said. "Either that or that she's not a full vampire." I said. "So can it be fixed?" Bella asked. "I don't know. Just keep it expanded for now." Carlisle sai d. Chapter 13 Bella "So, are you going to eavesdrop on me again?" I asked. "I'll try not to, but you were right, mind reading is fun. I've just never really looked at it that way." Edward said. Someone hit the back of the car! "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah, you?" I said. "I'm not okay unless your car is all right. I'm gonna have to buy you another one, and you won't accept it that easily." he said. "It still works. You don't have to buy me another one." I said. "That's what I mean. You won't a ccept it." he said. The same person hit us again. We were going 120 miles per ho ur! I looked at the person, he was human! "Do you want me to go faster?" Edward asked. "I thought you couldn't read my mind." I said. He sped up. The man still followed us. "Why is he following us?" I asked. "He wants to teach us a lesson n ot to go over the speed limit." Edward said. I laughed and said, "Let's teach hi m a lesson not to mess with vampires." We pulled into the school parking lot. Th e man passed the school, knowing that he couldn't go on school property and shou ted, "You stupid kids shouldn't have a liscen until you're 21!" We both laughed knowing that I was going to be 21 in 3 days, and Edward was 113. I walked to the back of the car to see the damage. The right side was bashed in. I looked aroun d making sure the parking lot was empty, and then pulled the bashed side back ou t. "I' still gonna buy you a new one." Edward said. "What happened to my old tru ck?" I asked. "Sold it to the junk yard." We walked inside the school, but as so

on as Edward left me, I felt invisible. I was glad, I didn't like being the cent er of attention, even though I wasn't as clumsy. But I was expecting a few peopl e to stare at me because I was a vampire. It occurred to me that I really was in visible when the teacher took attendance. "Isabella Cullen." I was still getting used to my last name being Cullen. "Just Bella." I called. "How many times have I told you not to say anything unless I call your name." the teacher said. "But none of us said anything, maybe she died of too much homework last night and is here right now as a ghost." a boy said. "But I'm right here!" I said. "Okay who ever talks next gets detention." the teacher said. I wanted to test if I was rea lly invisible. I got up and walked out of class, and nobody noticed. I went into the girls' bathroom, and looked in the mirror. No reflection, vampires weren't supposed to have reflections, so maybe it had nothing to do with me. If that was true, I had to find Edward. I went into every classroom looking for him, not me aning to scare people and make them think I was a ghost. I had went into at leas t five classrooms with no success, and there were about six classroom left in th e hallway, and more downstairs. I decided to take a break, and go outside of the school. I walked through streets without anyone seeing me. It was pretty cool. I wasn't sure where I was going. I reached a dead end in a dark alley. I would j ust turn back and then- "I remember you. You seem to have gotten a makeover, but you're still not so tough without your boyfriend." 3 familiar men were behind m e. So I was visible again. I remembered them, they were the men Edward had saved me from before I knew he was a vampire. I wasn't scared this time, though I kne w they couldn't hurt me. One of them stepped forward and was about to punch me, but I punched him first knocking him out. I stepped back hoping I hadn't killed him as I breathed in the sweet scent of his blood. The other two stepped back in shock. "We should get out of here." one of them whispered. "No, she was just lu cky, look how scared she is." the other one whispered. I was scared all right, s cared that I was about to suck the unconscious one's blood, and then have to kil l the other two because they had witnessed it. The scared one ran away. The othe r one came closer. "Don't touch me! Or you'll end up like your dead friend here! " I shouted, I didn't know where my anger and confidence came from. He didn't li sten though, he made the same mistake the first man did, and I ended up punching him too. I ran out of the alley before I could smell his blood. I had just kill ed two men in broad daylight! I saw a diner, I would go in there and ask to use their phone. I would call Edward and tell him that I would never see him again b ecause I became a fugitive. Then I would start life as a criminal. But when I we nt inside, the lady at the front desk asked, "Who's there?" So, I was invisible again. Maybe it was time to go back to school. Chapter 14 Edward I tried not to eavesdrop on Bella because I knew she didn't like it, but then I thought of the other day and how Aro had found her. I noticed that nobody was th inking about her for real this time. Nobody even noticed her. It was like she wa s invisible. I knew she didn't like attention, but people had to notice her a li ttle bit. She was a vampire after all. I listened one more time, and not one tho ught about her. I let all the thoughts clash together in frustration. I missed h er. And then, Bella came into the room! I was the only person who noticed her. S he began telling me about how she had become invisible, and then she had left th e school, and then came back. I was surprised that nobody else could hear her. " Can he see me?" I didn't know why she addressed me by he, but I nodded. She gasp ed. I didn't know why, until I realized she didn't say it, she thought it. I had read her mind! Chapter 15 Bella I didn't know how Edward could see me, but maybe I was right and it was a vampir e thing. I forgot how he could see me when no one else could, when he read my mi nd. Was my shield working? I tried expanding it, so I could touch him, but I cou ldn't! I did what I always did, but the shield wasn't there. In a way I felt dif ferent, lighter. Maybe I was just imagining things. Edward motioned for me to co me. Nobody noticed as I walked to him. I didn't know what to ask him first, how he had read my mind, or how he could see me. I didn't need to expand my shield t o touch him, because I was shield less. In a way it made me feel better because

I knew that there wasn't anything wrong with me anymore. "There was never anythi ng wrong with you." Edward whispered to me. So now I knew for sure. "How can you -" "See you, I don't know. Read your mind, you answered that yourself. Your shie ld is gone and I'm not sure why." he said. "So, do you know how you became invis ible?" he asked. "I don't know, but watch this." I thought. I walked to the teac her and pushed her down. "Ghost!" she shouted. All the students went crazy. One even went outside and pulled the fire alarm. That's when the sprinklers went off . "No my hair!" a girl shouted. But nobody seemed to noticed that I had appeared out of thin air. "Water. That's the answer." I whispered. I tried to grab Edwar d's hand and realized my shield was back! I expanded my shield and grabed his ha nd. "Come on we have to go see Carlisle!" I said. First I took him into a storag e room. There were mops, a bag of dodge balls, and a few towels. I reached for t he towel and dried myself off. "So you knew about this?" Edward asked. "No." I t hought. We walked to Carlisle's office. "Hello Edward, is something wrong?" Carl isle said, so he couldn't see me. "Yeah, it's aout Bella." he said. "Did Alice s ee another vision about her?" "No, I think I might be able to read her mind." he said. "I don't see how that's bad news." Carlisle said. "But I can't do it all the time." "Maybe we should descuss this when you're both here." Edward took Car lisle's cup of coffee which he never drank and threw it at me. "Now I can't read her mind. Oh sorry, Bella, I should've asked you first." Edward said. Carlisle was silent for a few minutes taking this all in. "Is there anyway to get it back to the way it used to be?" I asked. "Maybe. I think you might have to find your shield when you're invisible and try to expand it." Carlisle said. "Okay." I sa id. I dried the hot coffee off my clothes, and then closed my eyes searching for my shield. I found something, and pulled as hard as could. It felt like I was e xpanding it for miles and miles which I had a lot of trouble doing, but finally I managed to expand it. "Well, I can see you, so that's a good sign. Edward, can you-" Carlisle began. "No." Edward said. We hugged and there was no wall in bet ween us this time. "Can you promise me something?" I asked. "Yeah, anything." Ed ward said. "Promise me you'll never throw hot coffee on me ever again." I said. "I promise. Can you promise me something?" he said. "Yeah what." I said. "Promis e me you'll tell me what you're thinking when I ask." he said. I hesitated then said, "I promise." The rest of the day went by pretty normally, unless of course you counted the fact that we were both vampires. The End.

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