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Complaint ID: I1512261722030362

The following information was provided by the victim and may be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement or regulatory agencies.


12/26/2015 17:22:03

Victim Information

Stan J. Caterbone

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50 - 59



1250 Fremont Street



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United States

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Lancaster City Police Department
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In 2015 Stan J. Caterbone and Advanced Media Group had to again return to local,state, and federal courts. Again the

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obstruction of due process, the local gang stalking, torture,trespass, thefts, and the like began in earnest. From the fabricated
Petition for Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment of April 2010 by Detective Clark Bearinger, until January of 2015, Stan
J.Caterbone and Advanced Media Group had been in seclusion and in a state of ehabilitation and rest due to the forced
medication by Fairmount Behavioral Hospital and Dr. Silvia Gratz. The psychotropic drugs reduce your motor skills and put you
in an extreme state of confusion. By the end of the summer of 2010 every social media site, including the website was taken off-line due to the intimidation and coercion by Detective Clark
In May Stan J. Caterbone had again endured the Attacks and Torture from the employees of the Lancaster County
Courthouse, and the Lancaster County Government Building. Then soon after the Residents of Lancaster County engaged in
a massive Organized Stalking Campaign. In addition an extreme Computer Hacking Campaign was initiated and executed in
an effort to again SILENCE Stan J. Caterbone and Advanced Media Group. And Again, the Lancaster City Police Department
took the lead role. As usual Stan J. Caterbone summoned state and federal authorities for help and assistance, including direct
communications with the White House, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office and
Kathleen Kane, The Pennsylvania State Police, the Pennsylvania General Assembly, several U.S. Congressmen, and of
course the Lancaster County District Attorney's Office. Since August 1, 2015 the Geek Squad had performed diagnostics and
repairs six (6) times due to computer hacking. On at least 2 occasions the entire hard drive had to be wiped clean and
On June 23, 2015 Stan J. Caterbone was named MOVANT in the 2014 Habeus Corpus Petition by Lisa Michelle Lambert,
Case No. 14:02559 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania after filing an Amicus on the case. Judge
Paul Diamond was presiding since it's filing in 2014. However, the Petition was not able to be granted and the case was stalled
on jurisdictional law based on new and compelling evidence, or lack there of. The Amicus was filed to cure that deficiency with
direct witness corroboration to the Prosecutorial Misconduct and Innocence of Lisa Michelle Lambert. In fact a working theory
was filed that suggested that the East Lampeter Police Department engaged in a strategy of Entrapment that lead to the
unfortunate murder in 1991. This, would of course, allow a wrongful death claim to be filed by the Show family. The case is
now before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, Case No.15-3400. There are three (3) questions that the Third Circuit may rule
on; whether to free Two weeks later, on July 9, 2015, Detective Clark Bearinger filed another fabricated Petition for Involuntary
Psychiatric Commitment. And again Stan J. Caterbone endured 7 days in the Fairmount Behavioral Hospital in Philadelphia.
However, this time there was no MANDATORY Treatment Program Ordered by the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.
So Stan J. Caterbone continued filing in the courts for assistance and resolution. In August, in a desperate attempt to stop the
local torture campaign, another Emergency Injunction was filed in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas. On August 6,
2015 Stan J. Caterbone went so far as to undertake a Professional Polygraph Test administered by Bonnie Lee of Polygraph
Solutions of West Chester, Pennsylvania. The test ended up being 4 grueling hours of torture and a scam of $600.00.
On July 9th , 2015 a Private Criminal Complaint was filed against Detective Clark Bearinger,Officer Williams, Officer Binderup,
and 2 unidentified patrolman. The Complaint contained allegations of torture and abuse at every moment of contact. The
Lancaster City Police Department were so desperate for retaliation from the Amicus filing in the Lisa Michelle Lambert case,
that they actually broke the door in of 1250 Fremont Street in order to execute the fabricated 302 petition. The Complaint was
denied by the Lancaster County District Attorney on August 8th . The Complaint is now under a Petition for Review by the
Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas.
On August 17, 2015 another Emergency Injunction for Relief was filed in the Lancaster County Court of Common Pleas, Case
No. 15-06985. The Injunction was heard by Judge Jeffrey
Wright, who dismissed it as frivolous. An appeal, MD 1561, is pending in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.
In addition, by September 26, 2015 Stan J. Caterbone had been granted Electronic Filing Privileges in the local, state, and
federal courts. This should alleviate the fraud and abuses of the U.S. Postal Service and the computer hackers.
To date I have had at least 9 repair tickets with my contract with the Geek Squad of Best Buy on Hempstead Road, Lancaster

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PA. All repair tickets have been introduced into evidence as exhibits in my U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals Case No.
15-3400. On November 24, 2015 I had filed a Motion for a Continuance, and was GRANTED an extension of time until
December 24, 2015.
On November 17, 2015 I filed the following as an exhibit all documentation of the computer hacking. You may view it at the
following link:
On December 17, 2015 I filed a Letter requesting a Motion to Dismiss Without Prejudice due to the computer hacking of my
On December 22, 2015 I visited the FBI Office in the Federal Building in Philadelphia and was told that the Harrisburg Office,
which I had visited several times since June, said that "you refused an interview". AN ABSOLUTE BOLD LIE! Of course as
usual, they wanted to take me into custody to start all over with a new complaint - Nice Try!
Now, as the Duty Agent in HARRISBURG told me "you will have to wait". Just what in the fuck am I supposed to wait for?
Now for the record, Chief Detective Michael Landis, in a personal meeting on the 5th floor of the Lancaster County Courthouse,
or the District Attorney's Office, he stated in or about July "Stan, the FBI may be hacking you"!

Stan J. Caterbone, Pro Se

Advanced Media Group

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Please indicate any medium used by the individual/business in the course of the incident.
Bulletin board
Chat room
In person
Internet messaging
Web site
Please indicate the initial means of contact with the individual/business that victimized you.
Was this initial means of contact unsolicited/uninvited?
What was your relationship with the individual/business you are complaining about prior to the incident you are reporting?
business acquaintance
Did you conduct any research on the individual/business prior to the incident?
[left blank]
How much time has passed since you determined you were victimized?
Less than 1 week

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Contact Information
Are there witnesses or other victims to this crime?
All those fusion center employees, the illegal law enforcement, and anyone else with illeg
al surveillance electronics in my home at 1250 Fremont Street, Lancaster PA.
Have you reported this crime to any law enforcement or government agencies?
Better Business Bureau
Consumer protection agency
Individual/business that victimized you
Police/other law enforcement
Private attorney
Provide the specific name of each organization, contact name, contact phone number, email address, date reported, and report
number (if known).
OH, you have all the records you need.

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