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Hi Steve

Thanks for replying, I live in London U.K and I will run you through the basics as I have extensive
knowledge from practice to avoid mistakes and ensure success of any fund, let me get right to it.
We are accessing the same pool of cash that pays fat-cats their stock options (not binary), this type
of account is aptly named an options account, and you can open this account at Charles Swabb /
If youve heard of options before this is definitely NOT a gambling system and most of what is
being advertised as options is nothing like this, and in this case, we arent doing things the USUAL
way. Being that options have only been available to the public since 2002 and firms are allowing
investors with less capital than the bankers to get in, but not everybody is familiar with this and the
accounts platform are not publicly advertised.
Selling you insurance is one of the biggest sources of profit for the banks. What about all those
insurance premiums we fork out to them? You may aware that, in order to disguise just how much
theyre really paying themselves, a good portion of their compensation is paid out in stock-options
in their company (a stock-option is an option for customers to buy their shares at a highly
discounted rate, which the customer can then sell for profit). The very same stock-options that
bosses of fat-cat corporations use to pay themselves with.
Getting your hands on these nice little payouts isnt conditional on the price of a stock or
whatever going up or down.
So it operates as an insurance business, to receive free money for insuring events.
Im going to explain to you those amazing advantages that banks have, all combined into just
ONE THING that takes you just 7 minutes of pushing a few buttons, once we set everything
Most people who buy options lose money. This is a fact that puts off many people, and perhaps
rightly so.
So what Im talking about is something called selling options. You wont need to know anything
This involves opening the kind of account that lets us enable the buyers to use to play that game of
gambling that a stock (or whatever) will go in their favour.
Important: this account were going to open is merely a tool to be able to receive the money
this is simply an account that enables you to cream off these cash payouts by selling a stock option
(insurance) on a stock, and the cash will be paid to our account.
we're receiving these payouts because were effectively providing insurance to people (buyers) who
want it, only without having to pay out money that youll never see again, unlike when an insurance
company pays out.
Its like were posing as stock traders, but only on the sell side of things collecting premiums
All this happens automatically at the touch of a button though, nothing complicated.
No matter what happens, that money is ours to keep. Its simply a matter of whether we keep the
money and walk away, or we walk away with the money, we can then do what we like: we can sell
that stock right back to the market, or we can keep it for our retirement portfolio. Either way, we get
our cash payout.

This is certainly my kind of business, and I would hope that would be your kind of business too. In
fact, its one of the very few businesses Id ever consider getting involved in.
So, in a nutshell, Once weve opened the account, we choose the company of our choice. Lets say
Microsoft (for demonstration purposes only)
When we sell the option premium for Microsoft, the cash payout is immediately credited to our
This money is ours to keep, no matter what happens next
This s imple example is for demonstration purposes only , (REFFER TO THE
We purchase10 Microsoft shares at $100 a share,
We get to choose which time frame for the option, a week or seven days, and
We choose how much discount we are selling the premiums for Microsoft,. $2 premium a share at
the share price of $103
How we make it All Upside:
We protect ourself from any fall in Microsoft shares by insuring ourselves to be able to sale the
shares in the open market at the share price of $99.50 at the cost of $1 a share, SO THAT EVEN IF
THE SHARE PRICE FALLS TO 0, we are covered to resale the shares on the open market at the
price we bought the $1 a share insurance, $99.50
1. If price rises above $100 say to $105, the buyer may exercise their right to buy our 1000 shares at
103, because they will be making $2 a share when they immediately sell the shares on the market.
We not only keep the premium of $2 a share that they paid us, but we also sold the shares at $103
making us an extra $3 a share.
2. If the price stays around $100-$103, the buyer is not going to exercise as there is no extra profit
for their strategy in hoping the share price to rise above $103 in order for them to profit, so they
may aswell purchase the shares on the open market. We keep our premium and shares, add more
shares to increase asset/share capital to write and collect more and more premium. Every seven
3. If the price falls to $99.50 or below, we can exercise our protection by selling at $99.50 and still
keep a $0.50 a share profit, as we bought 10 shares at $100, then sold premium at $2, and spent $1
on protection, all totalling the value of $101. Then price fell to or below $99.50 so we chose to sell
the shares at $99.50 adding our $1 premium collected = $100.50.
10 Shares invested at $100
Sold premium at rice of $103 at $2 a share
Purchased protection $1 a share

= $1000
= $20
= $10

Summary Outcomes:
Sold 10 shares at $103 + (adding) premium sold $2 per share (subtracting) protection 1 per
share = $1040
Sold 10 shares at $99.50 + (adding) premium sold $2 per share (subtracting) protection 1 per
share = $1005
As you can see this is a GURANTEED way to make money just as the bankers do every seven
Okay, just for more understanding, looking at it from the buyers perspective is that they may not
want to or cannot hold a stock. What has effectively happened here is for example is this:
Buyer: Ill buy some Microsoft shares ONLY if they rise/fall by a good amount (say 50%) within
the 7 days (week).
Seller: BUT I want to be paid for agreeing to do this, and Ill keep that premium contract payout,
regardless of what happens(like a non refundable 90 day note or reservation to rent/purchase
Buyer: If I end up buying these Microsoft shares at such a heavy discount, Ill sell them on again if
I wish AND you can still keep the cash payout you got at the start. Or Ill hold on to them to
hopefully sell for a profit later on, or stick them in my retirement account. Its my choice.
Seller: (lI understand that Microsoft shares rising/falling by that much over the next few days is
unlikely), but thats fine- Ill be happy with just the cash payout.
Everything we will do here is simple and I assure you, well make good money. No hassle of
managing staff, overheads and most of all we have unlimited demand from customers meaning the
amount that could be invested is unlimited and all transactions are executed automatically in a joint
or corporate account within seconds. Business' that require customer traffic to buy their widgets,
even if they have millions of widgets for sale they are only limited to amount of people that can
physically buy their product on the given day/week. So as you are aware that is reason is how
bankers are able to pay themselves billions in bonuses giving them reason to believe this is simply
the best-kept money-making secret in existence we know of.
Just take a look at how the big bankers do it, here a screenshot of todays contact transactions for one
of the shares. 1 contract is 100 shares, so the numbers in the column saying 'size' by adding two
zero's you get the amount of premiums bought and sold. So at 4:00:03 155300 contacts were traded
and they do go into millions

Partnership Agreement
I propose we work under an agreement of 70% Steve -30% Francis, what do you propose?
The more technical side of which I am hands on is that:
I know which companies to rip weekly instant cash from, saves time sifting through thousands of
The only and best times to do it on a weekly basis. I have even more simple methods to make even
MORE than just the cash payout and and rise in share price and LOTS MORE.
.You will grasp all the additional knowledge as we work together for long term and I'm sure I will

develop even more as I will learn a lot from yourself as an established entrepreneur.
I am eligible to open a corporate/; Business account on our behalf and this will be quicker as I am
already a client writer on the platform, you will have full authority as principal account Director and
you can oversee the activity of the transactions to be made.
The spreadsheet I sent you shows a ten year operation and as you can see the power of
compounding is just mind blowing as I could not imagine it myself until I was forced to put them
numbers in a spreadsheet, I did not expect such figures over 10 years, If you havent seen it yet
please take a look, and any questions I will be glad to answer at any time.
I can walk you through a simple live example, lets arrange a private Google hangout, I will show
you using step-by-step illustrations in my existing account
Please instruct me on proceeding with this agreement, and fell free to contact me at any time, I
await your instructions
Francis Manyika
+447954 210 717
23 Guinness Sq, Pages Walk
London SE14HH