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Crompton Greaves Ltd
For the last sixty-seven years, Crompton Greaves (CG) has become synonymous
with electricity in India. In fact, the first unit of electricity was generated on a
Crompton Dynamo at Calcutta in 1899. A pioneering leader since 1937 in the
management and application of electrical energy, Crompton Greaves, today, is
Indias largest private sector enterprise, extensively engaged in designing,
manufacturing and marketing high technology electrical products and services
related to power generation, transmission, distribution as well as executing turnkey
projects. The company is customer centric in its focus and it is the single largest
source for a wide variety of electrical equipments and products. Further, the
company is emerging as a first choice global supplier for high quality electrical
The history of Crompton Greaves goes back to 1878 when Col. R.E.B. Crompton
founded R.E.B. Crompton & Company. The company merged with F.A Parkinson
in the year 1927 to form Crompton Parkinson Ltd., (CPL). Greaves Cotton and Co
(GCC) was appointed as their concessionaire in India. In 1937, CPL established, its
wholly owned Indian subsidiary viz. Crompton Parkinson Works Ltd., in Bombay,
along with a sales organization, Greaves Cotton & Crompton Parkinson Ltd., in
collaboration with GCC. In the year 1947, with the dawn of Indian independence,
the company was taken over by Lala Karamchand Thapar, an eminent Indian
industrialist. Crompton Greaves is headquartered in a self-owned landmark
building at Worli, Mumbai.


Power System: Plot No.T1+T2 MPAKVN Industrial Area Malanpur

Bhind District - 477716
Madhya Pradesh - India
Phone: 283502 - 7
Fax: 283585
Internet: N.A.


We are among the top 10 transformer manufacturers in the world, and one
of the very few companies worldwide that designs and manufactures a
wide range of power & distribution transformers and reactors.
The range of Power Transformers offered is from 25 kVA to 600 MVA, and
11 kV to 765 kV class. These products are conforming to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS
and other international standards. It has recently made a foray in the
manufacture of 765 kV transformers with the execution of its maiden order
for Power Grid Corporation of India. We emerged as a large supplier of a
wide range of transformers and reactors for all critical applications. Our
products are used in industries such as power utilities, process industries,
railways, mines, electricity boards, industrial users, etc. in global markets.
We have pioneered the technology for manufacture of compact, reliable
SLIM transformers with high overload capacity in collaboration with
Duponts Nomex thermal insulating technology, rendering it a world leader
in wind farm installations, where these transformers have extensive utility.
Its Hungarian plant has over 125 years of experience in the production of
power transformers.


CG offers a complete range of Power Transformers. These transformers are
manufactured at our facilities in Belgium, Canada, Hungary, India, Indonesia and
USA. Some of these units also offer customised HVDC Converter Transformers,
Mobile Transformers, Regulating Transformers and Reactors.

CG offers an extensive range of Distribution Transformers to meet the
requirements of power distribution, wind farm energy, utilities and industries.
These transformers are manufactured at our units in Belgium, India, Ireland and

Our special category transformers include customised trackside and loco
transformers for the Railways and furnace transformers for Steel manufacturing
plants. These transformers are manufactured at our own facilities in Belgium,
Hungary and India.

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CG has three strategic business areas:
Power Systems : It includes Transformers, Switchgear, Circuit Breakers, Vacuum
Interrupters, Network Protection & Control Gear, as well as Design, Execution and
Servicing of Turnkey T&D as well as Sub-Station Projects and Solutions including
complete end to end Renewable projects. This is the largest business of CG, which
is now well and firmly established throughout the world. It is a high value, high
turnover business with a strong global footprint, and contributes to approx 70 per
cent of CGs consolidated revenue. Its facilities are located in different parts of
Belgium, Canada, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, France, UK and USA.
CG is amongst the top 10 transformer manufacturer in the world, and one of
the very few companies worldwide that designs and manufactures such a wide and
diverse range of Power and Distribution Transformers as well as Reactors from
160kVA to 600MVA, and 11kV to 765kV Class, conforming to IEC, ANSI, IS, BS
and other International Standards.
Industrial Systems : It is engaged in the business of providing solutions through
the supply of power conversion equipments of a wide spectrum of High and Low
Tension rotating machines (motors and alternators), inverters & converters,
stampings, as well as railway transportation and signaling equipments. Industrial
Systems has a very strong market presence and market leadership position in most
segments in India. It also caters to overseas markets through its facilities in
Hungary and exports from India. Its product portfolio includes motors ranging
from 20W to 25MW and generators ranging from 1KVA to 70MVA; and CG is the
largest manufacturer of Low Tension motors in India offering a range of motors in
various standard and customized configurations to respond to the exacting
demands of the industry.

Consumer Products : One of CGs fastest growing businesses; CG manufactures

and markets a wide spectrum of products ranging from fans, light sources and
luminaires, pumps and household appliances, such as geysers, mixer grinders,
toasters, irons and electric lanterns. This business is the second largest SBU of CG.
It also enjoys a substantial brand presence and goodwill in India.
CG's Fans and the Lighting Brands have been accredited with the 'Superbrand'
status. CG has the largest number of 5-Star energy efficient rated products in this
segment in India, certified by Bureau of Energy Efficiency, a Government of India
agency. CG is the largest manufacturer of fans in India, with offering for all
sections of the market and various applications - domestic and industrial. Although
predominantly India centric, CG is a leading fan exporter to countries like USA,
Italy, South Africa, Ghana, Fiji, Singapore, Bahrain, UAE, Sri Lanka, UK, France,
Oman, etc.

In the Crompton Greaves Ltd. Malanpur Gwalior, We have learnt so many things
and gain knowledge about the Crompton Greaves products and services.
Crompton Greaves provides the so many products such as Transformers, fans,
Motors, Switch gearings and etc. CG Malanpur basically manufactures the
transformers in the form of small and large size.
We learnt that how to make transformers and whats transformer uses.
Transformers come to the technical and financial field and it doesnt come to the
marketing field.
CG exports the transformers in all over the world. In the quality management, they
applied the 6 sigmas for improve their qualities. They believe the reliability and
quality which giving to the customers.
Transformers use in many sectors such as Railway circuits, Electric boards and
circuits, in industrials areas and etc.