TUTORIAL EOC Practice with Online Testing and Tools

These are step by step directions to help you learn how to do the online testing for EOC. Make sure you do everything and answer all the questions. Go to this site: http://eocpractice.starttest.com Click on Algebra I Session I Click on HELP Read the information there. Answer these questions: 1. What happens when I pause the test?______________________________________________________ 2. How do I go back to look at a question I already answered or skipped? __________________________ 3. How can I check which questions I skipped?________________________________________________ 4. How can I mark a question that I want to go back over? _______________________________________ 5. How can I mark out choices I am eliminating? ______________________________________________ 6. How can I look up the formula for finding the circumference of a circle? _________________________ After you can answer these questions, close the HELP Click NEXT Review the Help features. Click NEXT Read the directions and answer these questions: 1. What do you do when you think you are finished with the test?_________________________________ 2. When do you click END? ______________________________________________________________ Click NEXT Mark question 1. Click on Reference Sheet What is the formula that will help you? Write it here_____________________________ Answer question 1. Click NEXT. Answer question 2. Mark question 2 Click NEXT. Answer question 3 Click NEXT Click Review Marked. What happens?_____________________________________________________________________________ Click NEXT. What happens?_____________________________________________________________________________ Click Review All What happens? _____________________________________________________________________________ Click Review Click End Click End What message appears on your screen?__________________________________________________________

Now you are ready to practice with the tools for Session II
Click on Algebra I Session II Click on HELP What happens? Close HELP. (click the red x) Click NEXT and read Click NEXT Now you see the GRAPH TOOL. Follow these steps to explore the graph tool. Type numbers on the scale . Start with 0 and go to 10 Label the x axis “Hours per week spent on Algebra homework” (click in the box, click on T, type words) Label the y axis “Hours per week spent on video games.” Label the title of the graph “Homework vs Video Games.” Plot these points (0,6) (2,4) (6,2) Delete the point (2,4) (Click on the select tool, then click on the point, then click delete) Plot the point (3,4) Click the line tool and draw a line that connects your points. Congratulations! You graphed a line. What is the slope of your line?___________________________ What is the y intercept of your line?________________________ What is the equation of your line?__________________________ Click NEXT Now you will explore the Equation Editor Tool. Click Insert Equation. Practice typing in the equation of the line you just plotted on the graph. You should be typing in y = 2 x+6 3

Click save. Click delete Click insert equation and put the equation back in. Click cancel. What happens?________________________________________________________________ Click insert equation and type in the equation again. Click clear equation . What happens?_________________________________________________________ Type in the equation again. Click save. Click Insert Text. Type in this message: “I am moving right along and will master this test!” Click NEXT Click NEXT to take the test. Read the directions. Click NEXT Complete the practice test using the Equation Tool and the Graphing Tool.

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