North Carolina¶s Essential To Record Sales Success

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Everyday an artist thinks about how they should start their recording career. The theories diverge over a broad spectrum of approaches, and there probably isn¶t one single right way. However, it¶s common knowledge in the recording industry that North Carolina can be essential to the success of any artist of any genre. Increasingly, North Carolina has become a lightning rod for record industry success in urban music (hip-hop|R&B). One of the key reasons that artist who enter this market experience commercial success is that North Carolina has one of the highest concentrations of collegiate students in the country (North Carolina: 116 institutions of higher education; Approx. 354,818 df), and record labels identify North Carolina and South Carolina (collectively, ³the Carolinas´) as fertile ground for breaking records (³breaking records´ means releasing a record for broad consumption via radio, promotions, and marketing). Here¶s a bird¶s eye view of the strong points about North Carolina that record labels and their marketing/promotions capitalize one. North Carolina and South Carolina are easily accessed by I-95 and I-85; both states are connected by I-85 which also connects Atlanta, GA, Richmond, VA, and serves as major thoroughfare for points in between; can be traveled by vehicle in approximately four(4) hours from east to west; have several major airports, +350 radio stations (all genres ± in North Carolina alone, and the record pools (record pool ± are strong here (at least 3 in North Carolina). Students from across the country encounter the music at their schools via radio and promotions campaigns. Then they take the music back to their respective home towns/cities. This, in turn, creates national grassroots exposure for the artists. Def Jam, Elektra, and Arista Records, to name a few, keep representatives in this market to ensure their artists get their music to the streets and talent is found. Many artists make out handsomely using their internet exposure for online sales; however, they can capitalize further by getting their music into record pools. Record pools are powerful tools for distribution of new music so that radio and nightlife DJs can share it with their listeners and/or patrons. For the last 20 years, the Carolinas have been a key fixture in the urban music marketing plan for major labels, and have been attributable to the success of many recording artists.

For more about getting your records into North Carolina record pools and to North Carolina radio email: Alonzo M. Alston Attorney, Owner McAlpine PLLC Of Counsel Ken Harris & Associates, P.A. 1000 Seaboard St., Ste. B3 Charlotte, NC 28206 This writing is for general informational purposes only. This is not legal advice, and should not be construed as legal advice. In some jurisdictions this may be considered advertising, although it is not intended to be advertising.

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