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Acdan, Aira Jerrilie B.

BS Accountancy II

Insight Paper: Personality Traits of President Aquino and Vice President Binay
There are different characteristics of a leader. There are those dominant
types and there are just those steady type. There are those authoritative or
authoritarian, permissive, detached or very demanding, passive or active,
dictator, optimistic or pessimistic type... Whatever their character maybe, we
as a group of people, an organization and a nation needs a leader who will
govern and direct us.
President Benigno Simeon Aquino Jr. and Vice President Jejomar S. Binay
are the two who holds the highest position in the Philippine government.
Based on what I observed on TV and social media, I can say that President
Aquino is somehow a passive- negative type of leader in the sense that he is
not investing much effort and energy in being a president. He always
disappears from view at critical times and takes a long time in making major
decisions. He is a dominant type for though he seeks counsel and advice
from his fellow and associates, what he says will always be the one to be
followed. Well, the good thing about him is that he always keeps his positive
outlook in life that even when he is surrounded with lots of challenges and
circumstances, he is confident that he can get out of that way and there is a
solution to all those problems. For VP Binay, he is more on, a steady type of
leader. He has not that much ability to influence his constituent on the
decisions he is making. He is very active in making a great deal of energy
being a vice president and enjoys helping people. He also has positive
outlook in life and has high self- esteem but somehow lacks ethics and
Under their administration, there have been lots of issues, controversies
and anomalies, about graft and corruption, illegal drugs, human trafficking,
unresolved cases such as the Maguindanao massacre, the Mamasapano
encounter, problems about our west Philippine Sea, those typhoon Yolanda
victims and others, our fake system. Sad to say, most people put all the
blame on them, that they were so negligent being in the position, they have
been misusing their power. They have been two of the most talked about
personality in the social media.
But if we are to put our feet in their shoes, how would we feel about it.
Seeing your name in social media, your images being bashed and laughed
at, your skin complexion, your hairstyle, the way you smile, your family
background and everythings being intrigue, would you just be alright? We,

their constituents, must also need to understand that they are still persons.
They have feelings and emotions, they are not superheroes. As there are no
perfect in this world, they are not perfect, our leaders will never ever be
perfect, even our system wont. They have flaws, wrong decisions and we
cant just put all the blame on them and also its the very reason why we are
here, their members to help them, to be with them as they try to reach their
goals and objectives, that is, to make this country a better and wonderful
place to lived in.