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Computers are a relatively new

invention. The first computers were

built fifty years ago and it is only in
the last thirty years that its influence
has affected our everyday life.
Personal computers were introduced
as recently as the early eighties. In
this short time they have made a
tremendous impact on our lives. We
are now so dependent on computers
that it is hard to imagine what
things would be like today without
them. You have only got to go into a
bank when the main computer is
broken to understand the chaos that
would occur if computers were
suddenly removed world-wide. In the
future, computers will be used to
create bigger and even more
sophisticated computers. The
prospects for this is quite alarming.
They will be so complex that no
individual could hope to understand
how they work. They will bring a lot
of benefits but they will also
increase the potential for
unimaginable chaos. They will, for
example, be able to fly planes and
they will be able to coordinate the
movements of several planes around
the airport. Providing all the
computers are working correctly,
nonthing can go wrong; but if one
program fails there will be a
disaster. There is no doubt that
technology will progress and
become increasingly complex. We
should, however, ensure that we are
still in a position where we are able
to control technology. It will be all
too easy to suddenly discover that
technology is controlling us. By then
it might be too late. I believe that it
is very important to be suspicious of
the benefits that computers will
bring and make sure that we never
become totally dependent on a
completely technological world
1. From the text we may conclude
that the author ____.

(A) Tries to warn us not to be too

dependent on computers
(B) Emphasizes the importance
of developing future
(C)Believe computers will make
peoples lives more
(D)Reminds us about the threat
of computers in the past
(E) Persuades us to make use of
computers in our job.

2. Peoples current dependence on

computers is exemplified by____.
(A) The influence of computers
on our lives for the last thirty
(B) The introduction of
computers in the nineteen
(C)The chaos which took place
when the computers were
(D)The disorder at home when
the main computers is
(E) The unimaginable things that
may occur on an airport
3. Future computers are predicted
to ____.
(A) Be so complex that their
prospect will be quite
(B) Bring great benefits as well
as unexpected harm to
peoples lives
(C)Bring great benefits to the
transportation industry
(D)Make many small programs
cause big disasters
(E) Be able to coordinate the
traffic of planes all over the
4. Although computers will become
more sophisticated, _____.
(A) Human beings will be
entirely dependent on them

(B) It is difficult for individuals

to understand them
(C)Technology tends to control
human beings
(D)There is no doubt that they
bring a lot of benefits
(E) Human being should have
control over them
5. A suitable title for the text is____.
(A) The historical background of
future computers
(B) The unimaginable chaos
caused y computers
(C)The potentials of future
(D)The control over advanced
(E) The rapid progress in

A new hearing device is now

available for some hearing impaired
people. This device uses a magnet to
hold the detachable soundprocessing portion in place. Like
other aids, it converts sound into
vibrations, but is unique in the sense
that it can transmit the vibrations
directly to the magnet, and then to
the inner ear. This produces a
cleaner sound. The new device will
not help all hearing-impaired people,
only those with a hearing loss
caused by infection or other problem
in the middle ear. This produces a
clearer sound. The new Device will
not help all hearing-impaired
people.only those with a hearing loss
caused by infection or other problem
in the middel ear. It will probably
help no more than 20 percent of all
people with hearing problems. Those
people, who often have persis tent
ear infections, should however find
relief and restored hearing with the
new device.

6. What is the authors main

purpose in writing the next ?
(A) To describe new cure for ear
(B) To urge doctors to use the
new device.
(C)To explain the use of the
(D)To inform people of a new
hearing device.
(E) To study a new device for ear
7. According to the passage, what
does the device NOT do ?
(A) Transmit sound to the inner
(B) Help all hearing-impaired
(C)Produce clear sound
(D)Change sound into
(E) Relieve hearing loss caused
by ear infection
Wheather a tree is coniferous or
deciduous, whether it bears fruit or
not, whether it grows in the tropics
or in the temperate zone. Every tree
has three oarts: the roots, the trunk,
and the crown. The roots the part of
the tree underground.hold the tree
firmly againts windstrorms and
provide ther tree with food gathered
from the soil. The trunk, which is the
most important woody part of the
tree, is the body of the tree: it
carries the food from the root to the
branches. The crown of the tree
consists of the branches, the leaves,
and the fruit of the tree. The leaves
use the food sent from the trunk for
many purposes, one of which is a
process that is particularly useful to
humans. In this process called
photosynthesis. The leaves absorb
carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
and give to the atsmosphere. The
process is essential to human life

because humans have to breathe

oxygen in order to continue existing.
8. The main information of the text
is about____
(A) The difference between
coniferous and deciduous
(B) The climates in
which.different types of trees
(C)The common functions of the
parts of any kind of tree.
(D)The description of the
process of photosynthesis
(E) The usefulness of tree leaves
to a human beings life
9. trees are very important for the
life of human being because ____.
(A) they protect human being
against windstroms.
(B) their leaves produce carbon
(C)their trunks distribute food
to the roots.
(D)photosynthesis absorbs
carbon dioxide
(E) they contribute oxygen to the
For most of us, tortoises and turtles
seem quite ordinary as we often
keep them as pets. Yet, theseanimals
are living fossils, they are __10__ of
animals that existed bevore the firs
dinosaurus Turtles., terrampis, and
tortoises belong to group of over 200
reptiles known __11__ as the
Chelonia. These creatures are
encased in an armor made of bone
and hom, and their lives are
controlled by this shell, making it
difficult for them even to breathe
and mate. Living chelonians have no
teeth. Instead they cut their food
with sharp.horny beaks.Tortoises
mostly __12__ plans while terrapins
are fleshheaters. __13__ they have
survived for so long.. The large
chelonians are all endangered.

Mainly because of human activity.

The biggest land tortoises now
survive in tiny numbers on remote
islands., and egg-laying sites of sea
turtles are __14__ for many reasons.
(A) To descend
(B) descent
(E) descended
(A) secretly
(B) scientifically
(E) accordingly
(A) Feed on
(B) Provide with
(C)Carry on
(D)Agree with
(E) Keep on
(A) because
(B) before
(E) whenever
(A) to threaten
(B) threatened
(E) threateningly
15.Did you thank Andi for the
dictionary he bough for you ?
Yes, I did: I realy appreciate___
it for me.
(A) to buy
(B) buys
(C)buying it
(D)to have bought
(E) his buying

16. To whom are you going to

dedicate your book? To those
____ patience and support have
enabled me to write this book.
(A) of which
(B) whom
(C)to whom
(E) who their

21.I cant find my handphone in my

bag! Well,you. ___ in the car.
Lets take a look!
(A) may have to leave it
(B) had to leave it
(C)should have to leave it
(D)may have to leave it
(E) must have levt it

17.the teacher had students who

didnt bring their identification
cards ____ the auditorium where
the exams were held.
(A) left
(B) leave
(C)To leave
(E) leaves

22.The office building,as well as

several houses, _____ completely
damaged by the bomb explosion.
(A) was
(B) they were
(C)it was
(E) to be

18.While living in bogor, we always

went to school on foot. This
means that we ____ on foot while
we were living in bogor.
(A) go to school
(B) are going to school
(C)used to go to school
(D)are used to going to school
(E) liked going to school

23.Id like to book three standard

room for next week.please. Im
sorry,Sir. Our hotel ____.until the
end of the month.
(A) fully booked
(B) being fully booked
(C)is fully booked
(D)be fully booked
(E) to be fully booked

19.was there any violence during

last weeks demonstrasion ?
No. ____ there were thousands
of demontstrators.
(A) since
(B) eventhough
(E) whereas

24.Fast-food restaurants have

become popularin big cities
because many people prefer ____
(A) served
(B) Being served
(D)They are served
(E) Be serving

20.What if your father asks you

about the scratch on his new
car ? I _____ that its my fault.
(A) Simply told him
(B) Am simply telling him
(C)Will simply tell him
(D)Would simply tell him
(E) Would simply have told him

25.I finally bought a computer but

Im not satisfied with it. Thats
too bad. you _____ Darno,our
computer technician.for advice.
(A) Should have asked
(B) May have asked
(C)Ought to ask
(D)Must have asked
(E) Would ask

(E) Modern technology has

hardly ever touched the
Badui people

26.ASEAN trade ministers. ___ the

possibility of developing
economic cooperation they
attended the summit neeting last
(A) discuss
(B) discussed
(C)Have discussed
(D)Were discussing
(E) Would discuss
27.Smoking can the cause of many
illnesses and respiratory
disorders: _____ it may harm nonsmokers.
(A) consequently
(B) however
(C)In addition
(E) otherwise
28.Can you turn on this electric
stove ? Im sorry.I dont
(A) Operating it
(B) The way operating it
(C)What is operated
(D)How to operate it
(E) It is operated
29.Living in a remote mountainous
area in West Java ____
(A) People can still see how
Badul people live in
(B) Natural resourses can be
effectively conserved by the
Badui people
(C)The Badul people are almost
completely untouched by
modern life
(D)How the Nadui people
maintain their old way of life

30.I wonder how Laura will even

manager the business after her
father died in that car accident.
She has both the expertise in
running the business and _____ .
(A) The strong support from all
the members of her family
(B) All the member of the family
strongly support her too
(C)She is also supported by all
the members of her family
(D)there is strong supported
from all the members of her
(E) She has the strong support
from all the member of her