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A renowned name, RMOS acts as a gateway to provide a wide range of recruitment and selection

services to companies & candidates. We are a dedicated team of professional consultants offering top of
the line global executive recruitment and selection services. Our services are available over a wide
geographical area that spans across Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe and American markets, making us one
of the leading HR firms.
Our range of client services includes Executive Search & Selection, Middle Management Hiring, Project
Based Hiring& Recruitment Process Outsourcing that are delivered through our integrated suite of
leadership services.
We are a privately held global recruitment agency having globally interlinked professionals with extensive
understanding of the various aspects of multinational and local business and industry's specific demands.
Our entrepreneurial creativity of locally owned and globally driven partnerships makes us the world's
premier executive recruitment and selection organization to serve clients all across the globe.
Thanks to our unflinching commitment to the best interests of the businesses and job seekers, we have
gained the reputation of being a reliable, fair-minded and straightforward executive recruitment solution
provider. Combined with our methodology and work ethics, which has helped us in getting the jobs done
quickly and efficiently, our reputation has established us at the forefront in the field of global executive

Service Quality
At RMOS, service quality is our top priority. We have adopted international practices and methodologies
to ensure timely and successful executive search. We utilize the in depth market knowledge and do
comprehensive research in providing the best solution to our customers.
We give prime emphasis to R & D that helps in building a cohesive professional group covering a wide
spectrum of industrial practices. Committed to timely and efficient execution of assignments, we focus on
the significance of excellent human capital to produce sustained growth and profits round the year.

Our Multifaceted Team

We have a multifaceted team of consultants who are highly experienced and specialize in the industry /
sectors they serve. Our ability to attract the best talent has enabled us in achieving great heights, which
has made us today - among the top ranked HRD consultants or HR firms. Equipped with newest
technological advancements and techniques, we provide extensive quality assurance in our passion to
serve the clients.
Unlike amateur HR agencies or firms, our experienced professionals strictly follow the tradition of keeping
a track of the changing needs of the clients so as to ensure maximum satisfaction in this era of ever
changing scenarios.

Our team takes time to make comprehensive understanding of clients' business and is committed to
provide unparalleled quality and services related to recruitment and selection.
Our Commitments
At RMOS, we are committed to build outstanding management teams for our clients to compete in the
global market. We provide the perfect match and solutions for the human resource needs of our clients
through long-term client relationships built on experience, insight and teamwork.
We promise

To work in close coordination with our clients for their global executive search requirements

To provide value-added expertise during and after every assignment

To execute each and every assignment diligently and with integrity

To adhere to the strict norms of the client's work culture and their code of ethics

To thoroughly check short-listed candidates' diligence

To treat each and every candidate respectfully

To provide guarantee period for each and every recruitment and selection

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

The basic function of recruitment process outsourcing is that the recruiter employs an outsourcing firm to
carry out the recruitment process with a proper skill. Through the incorporation of proper technologies and
search these firms try to fulfill the need of the employers.
Recruitment Process Outsourcing @ RMOS
We are an organization that carries out the outsourcing process for our clients. Having an exposure in the
recruitment field for more than a decade now we follow a proper method of hiring and also provide
benefits as well as quality services
Cost effective hire
Enhancement in Productivity
Best talented candidates
Reduction in operational risks
Verifiable metrics
Customized Recruitment Process
Short listing of Resumes
Checking of References

Access to Hr software, Candidate Sourcing

Coordination in the evaluation of candidates, offer as well as joining of the candidate
RMOS pay as per success Model
RMOS RPO Model pay as per success model is a unique concept to offer the clients services with
minimum liability. As a customer in our RPO model, you only pay when the prospective candidate joins
successfully. There is no fixed cost imposed on the customer even after a large team will be deployed on
onsite & offsite model dedicated for clients hiring needs.
Staff Augmentation
The basic aim of Staff augmentation is to provide the best possible client in an economical way. It
enhances the productivity of the company and helps in the growth of the organization. RMOS provides
three different models through which the clients can be benefited.
1) Offshore Development and Testing Centre This type of model focuses on the kind of techniques
related to support, testing, software etc. with this model a proper planning is done through the company
and following that pattern we discuss with the client their needs and requirements and provide them with
the best solution.
2) Flat Price Project As the name suggests this model laid stress on the experience, the work metrics,
things following proper budget. This kind of model is very systematic as it follows the clients requirement
and accordingly the work is carried as well as finished in the prescribed deadline. A proposal is being
filled and after the agreement the work starts. At the end an acceptance procedure is going to be followed
and the client is free to have a fixed price or the revision of cost and delivery charges.
3) Flexible Time & Delivery In this model there is flexibility in all the services. No fixed time and no fixed
amount of work are done. It is for those organizations that have no set amount of requirement. It helps in
making a change in the tasks and every day the task could be sent as well as they are required to just be
informed about the payment rest everything will be carried out by us.
Career Articles
Build a meaningful career to have a meaningful life :
A large number of people go to work each day to a job they don't like to work for. The harmful feelings
pervade through their entire life, putting a negative cloud over the family, friends and many of their other
activities. They may lack the ability to change, and may be afraid of leaving the surety of a paycheck, or
have hundred justifications for them to be so dissatisfied and stay at their job.
There is a better way to live your life and have a purposeful career. Having a meaning for your life is a
driving force, which adds exuberance to your days. Having a passion and making it your career -- living a
dream -- can not just be a wish, but a true and sure reality. At RMOS, we are giving few tips to get your
career rolling:
Analyze Yourself:
Ask yourself -- What actually matters to me? What are my likes and dislikes? What problems I am having
and how can I fix it? What is my passion? What is my secret desire? What do I want to achieve in my
By reviewing these questions, you can get an insight as where do you want to go in your life.

Utilize your individual genius and talent:

Every person is born with a unique set of natural talent and abilities. You can have a natural flair or talent
for various activities, such as - management, creating, writing, research, training others, drawing etc. &
you can do these activities very easily and with interest. True happiness and joy comes from within by
combining your natural talents and interests, growing & excelling in them, and working in a field, job or
industry, which you have a passionate interest in.
Most of the people stagger for years and never turn their dreams into reality. They let themselves down
and remain in a negative frame of mind. You can change your life only by making an action. Read a book,
take vocational tests or use the services of a good career-management professional. Do some career
exploration and gather all the news and information that you need. Then make a decision to plan your













The only thing you have always wanted from your life is happiness. Finding meaning, purpose and
passion every day you go to work is the wonderful prize, so don't wait any longer. With recession hitting
all sectors of world economies, the job industry has been affected the most. There has been a scarcity of
jobs in India and other countries when compared to the situation sometime in the past. Most companies
have stopped recruiting new candidates and are slashing down the compensation of their existing
employees. Against such a scenario, what should job seekers do? What would be the right course of
action for them? Should they wait till the economy revives itself or is there any hope left for them?
Well, the best thing for the job seekers would be to look for RMOS only because RMOS is professional
companies who help interested people find jobs despite all odds.
For the uninitiated, RMOS has up-to-date and comprehensive information about the job market. They
know which all companies in various sectors have job openings and are looking for workforce. RMOS
then contact them to know what professional skills and capabilities they are looking for in a candidate.
After getting all relevant details, RMOS then select the resumes of those job applicants whose
professional qualifications meet that particular job opening. They ensure that the candidate applies for the
job that meets his skills. This helps not only the job applicant, but also the company.
The job of RMOS does not end with forwarding those resumes to the companies. Their real responsibility
starts from here. RMOS has to prepare his candidate so that he is able to get the job. As RMOS have
years of experience, they know the needs and demands of each industry. Accordingly, they help the
candidate get ready for the final face-to-face interview with the best, impressive answers.
Yet another reason why RMOS is successful in getting the jobs for the candidates is that they leverage
various resources. The recruitment agencies target not only the national job market, but also the
international market. In most cases, job applicants search for jobs in their region or country. They are
unable to explore potential markets where there might be a need for their skills and experience. This lag
is taken care of by the RMOS.

RMOS even negotiate for compensation on behalf of the job applicants and ensure that their experience
and professional qualification doesnt go un-rewarded. They bargain in the best interest of the job
applicants and get the best deal for them.
If you wish to avail the services of one such recruitment company, you may consider Global Hunt. A
renowned recruitment company, it offers global executive recruitment and selection services to individual
job applicants as well as to organizations.

RMOS is basically a specialized agency that offers employee recruitment and selection solutions and
services. Their services are availed by business organizations - small and large, profit and non-profit
units, manufacturing, retailing and distribution companies, and others who have manpower requirements.
RMOS provides services to individual job applicants too who are looking for promising jobs in national
and international market. In a way, RMOS acts as a means for bringing job seekers and job providers
together and help both of them get the best for themselves.
You must be wondering how RMOS is able to select the best candidate for their client company amongst
millions of job seekers and, at the same time, how do they help job aspirants find the right job.
Well, RMOS firm maintains a database of resumes of hundreds and thousands of job seekers. To select
the most promising candidate for their client company, RMOS sort out those job applicants whose
professional skills match the manpower needs and requirements of the client. The short listed candidates
are then made to pass through various levels of tests and interviews by RMOS who judge whether his/her
professional and personal qualities are sufficient to meet the goals and objectives defined by the
RMOS helps the job applicants get the new opening that best meets their personal skills and
competency. RMOS use online and off-line resources to find the best available opportunity in the market
and then forward the resume of the job applicants to the same.
RMOS of repute help job applicants in preparing for interviews and tests as they are well aware of the
type of questions and tests that are conducted by various companies. This further improves the prospect
of job applicants in getting the job as they are ready with impressive and influential answers to bag the
And, for all this, RMOS charge a nominal fee from the job applicants and companies. So, whether you are
a qualified and dedicated individual still waiting for your dream job, or you are a new company owner
looking for the best candidates.
The HR firms have contacts with hundreds and thousands of companies in all sectors such as banking,
finance, Information Technology, health, hotels, and others. The placement agencies keep a track of the

job openings in various organizations and if the qualification, experience, and other personal and
professional skills of a candidate (in their database) match with the requirements of any company, RMOS
sends his resume to the company.
RMOS uses both local and international resources; the job applicants are able to get the job that meets
their personal skills and expertise in a quick and hassle-free manner.
RMOS services are equally useful for companies. As the HR firms have a wide database of resumes,
they are able to tap the best candidates in the industry for their clients. The global placement agencies
handle the entire recruitment process on their own which includes carrying interviews with the short-listed
candidates, obtaining details about their educational qualification, experience, and skills, and taking
written or verbal tests to assess them thoroughly.
Importance of RMOS HR Services
It has been a common practice of mostly all companies to employ full-fledged HR department to take care
of their employee hiring needs. However, it results in huge costs in the form of recruitment of right staff,
trainings, inculcating organizational culture, and more. The worry of attrition also plagues companies to a
great extent. In order to minimize all these disadvantages, companies are now opting for professional HR
companies that are fully equipped and competent in providing customized recruitment solutions. The
outcomes of this approach have been observed to yield great result for the companies
1) Save Cost, Space, Time and Effort
By outsourcing to reliable and reputed company RMOS, you will be able to incur huge cost savings. This
is because you wouldn't need a full-fledged HR department. Instead, the RMOS HR could take care of
your requirements at an agreed fee. In the absence of in-house HR departments, you will be able to save
space that can either be leased out or used for core operations. Besides, outsourcing to RMOS HR also
results in considerable savings in time and effort.
2) Sharing Best Practices
You will agree with the fact that an HR department is always limited to the level of experience as it deals
only with its organization. On the other hand, RMOS deal with a variety of different organizations, and
therefore possess a wealth of experience, which can be shared as best practices.
3) Wide Range of Services
An in-house HR department is equipped to offer only a limited range of services. Any other means to
make it fully-equipped can result in high overheads. However, RMOS HR can offer a wide range of
services as per your needs at competitive rates.
4) Good Bye to Attrition Worries

By seeking the services of RMOS, you wouldn't have to always worry that your best people would be
sucked out by your competing companies. A reliable and experienced RMOS HR always maintains an
excellent database of talent, thus taking care of all your needs.

Candidates Solutions
Our writing experts will prepare a perfect resume for you.

Key Features
Multiple interactions with our writing experts until you are satisfied.
Customized and tailored resume as per your profile.
Developed by experienced resume writing experts.
Professional formatting and layout.

Our professional resume writers will deliver the Resume that you need to make your case, by highlighting
the benefits of your recently completed education and/or your work experience, and convey your value to
prospective employers.

Important Advantages
1. Your skills and education are highlighted with industry key words.
2. Your career objective and goals are clearly articulated.
3. Resume is formatted and designed as per latest industry trends.
4. Cover Letter

Making a positive 1st impression on International recruiters

Your career is just getting started. You need to make the most of the international jobs opportunities from
day one. With little or no experience of the recruitment process, you are likely to make simple resume
mistakes and reduce your chances of getting shortlisted.

International resumes are formatted and designed differently.

Impressing an international recruiter can be more challenging than impressing a local one - in part due to
differing social, cultural and professional expectations. International resumes are formatted and designed
differently. Dont ignore this simple fact and spoil your chances.

The RIGHT Resume can enhance your chances of getting your dream job at International locations.

Important Advantages
1. Your skills and education are highlighted with the relevant industry key words.
2. Written by experienced resume writers.
3. Resume is packed with the right power phrases.

Attract more recruiters with a Visual Resume

Impress potential recruiters with high impact presentation and visuals.

Get better noticed over other plain text resumes.

Modernize your resume by improving the way your professional profile is presented, perceived and
valued by recruiters. A Visual Resume adds relevant images to your existing text Resume and enhances
the visual appeal of your "professional showcase" - your resume.

Key features

Showcase your skills and achievements with visuals*, besides textual details.

Visuals help improve the appeal of your resume.

Detailed telephonic consultations with Resume Writer.

Free cover letter to introduce you to potential employers.

First draft in delivered in 10 working days.

Get a strong professional identity - Online

Social Profiler is a personalized social profile writing that gets you noticed by the people who matter and
help you take the next step in your career.
A professionally created Social Profile allows you to have a professional and polished online presence
that serves as a means to share your skills, education and career interests with potential employers.

Key features

Detailed telephonic discussion with experts to understand your profile.

Make a strong impact with a compelling headline, powerful summary and keyword rich profile.

Showcase your vision, core values and aspirations.

Be noticed for relevant career opportunities by top recruiters.

Remember - It is different and at times more important than your professional resume.
While resume gives an overview of your work experience and education, your LinkedIn profiles provides a
much better overview of your professional identity - both an employee and as an individual. It also 'talks'
to relevant people (and recruiters) about your vision and career goal. It is therefore a more holistic
overview of the 'professional' you.
Consulting Overview:
Our goals are to help you reach your business targets faster and to increase your competitiveness. Our
expert Business & IT Consulting Services help you make changes quickly, so you can satisfy customers
and easily adapt to new requirements.
We can help you:
Address gaps between business needs and IT capabilities
Adopt Enterprise Business Process Management (BPM) and a service-oriented approach
Overcome communication challenges to achieve goals easier and ensure ITs success
Get clear insight into your complex enterprise using our enterprise architecture expertise
Make continuous process improvement a reality
Achieve dramatic performance improvements faster
Count on us for expert guidance along all phases of the transformation process enabled by our proven
products, methodologies and best practices.
Meet your unique business requirements with a comprehensive, customizable package of Business & IT
Consulting Services.

Change Management:
To compete in todays fast-moving marketplace, companies need to be agile: able to execute strategy
faster, with more flexibility and adaptability, and to move their companies ahead more nimbly. They need
to respond quickly to short-term urgencies, while also anticipating and accommodating long-term trends.

To outperform competitors, companies need to manage change with precision and more predictable
results, and at a pace that is faster and more effective than their peers. Traditional change management
activities such as training and communication are not sufficient to help companies develop the ongoing
change management capabilities they need.
To succeed and remain agile in todays business environment, companies must manage a broad set of
management, leadership, culture and development components. They must both manage specific
journeys of change while simultaneously building the ongoing ability to manage continuous change,
knowing that progress will now be measured based on the business results achieved.

RMOSs capacity to innovate to create new knowledge, find new ways of doing business, and transform
great ideas into great results is the key to building a modern and competitive economy.
We shape future economy through skills, learning, discovery and innovation.
We help to:
Develop competitive and innovative industries
Strengthen scientific research, engagement and awareness
Develop a skilled and productive workforce
Foster collaboration between industry, business and research sectors
RMOSs capacity to innovate to create new knowledge, find new ways of doing business, and transform
great ideas into great results is the key to building a modern and competitive economy.


Todays environment of permanent volatility, intensifying competition, and unprecedented levels of risk
demands new, dynamic approaches to operations.
In a world of varying levels of market maturity, organizations face huge challenges in quickly balancing
opportunities to drive new economic value and growth against the downside risks created by potentially
disruptive events. And because operations represents two-thirds of an organizations costs, getting it right
is critical to staying competitive and profitable.
RMOS, which has one of the worlds largest and most globally integrated Operations Consulting
practices, works with its clients to architect, build, and operate dynamic, flexible, innovative and high
performance supply chains and service operations that more effectively meet their customers
expectations and sustain improved business outcomes.
We help clients achieve these results by combining our global industry expertise with skills in operations
strategy, supply chain management, innovation and process consulting while teaming with them to
transform their operations capabilities. The value RMOS delivers comes from our ability to work with our

clients to design and implement creative, strategic ideas; align solutions transparently to meet customer
demands; and execute at speed.

To address the consumerization of IT, businesses are leveraging emerging technologies and finding
new ways of containing the costs associated with these initiatives. We, at RMOS, can help you manage
your business and IT priorities for the future while making the most of your current investments and
existing technology architecture.
The focus of our consulting services is delivering value to the business while transforming IT. We do this
by defining an optimized target operating model with clear financial benefits, and improved performance.
Typically, this is accomplished with the following:
A systematic assessment of business and IT organizations; strategies; portfolio of applications, projects
and resources; and an operating model to identify the opportunities for improvement
Designing target solution(s) incorporating industry best practices and RMOS experience with a view to
reduce costs and business risk, while increasing agility, quality and capacity
Developing a prioritized pragmatic execution roadmap with program management and benefits realization
Your 'Job Search' and 'Interview preparation' Manager
Providing value addition at every step starting from job search to interview homework
Our uniquely designed Job Search and Interview Preparation Manager makes sure

you are not only updated about available jobs on a regular basis, but also makes


ready for your interview.

Job hunting and sharing

Stay updated on all current and relevant job openings
experienced staff personally

across the profiles! Our

updates you with all new jobs out in the market.

We'll do your Interview Homework

Be it company research or interviewer profiling. In other words, if they have your profile,
make sure you have theirs to get more attention in the interview.

Profile Overhaul

We redesign your Profile through rebuilding your Resume (in case you have availed resume
development service) to make sure you are projected in the best possible manner to make
a strong positive impression on every hiring manager!

Give a strong start to your career

Get our experts to write your resume

Key Highlights

Portray clear career goals

Highlight your key achievements and industry exposure
Attractive and reader-friendly resume format
One-time telephonic discussion with the Resume Writer
Multiple iterations over email, until you are satisfied
Over 95% satisfaction rate
In-house team of experts with over 10 years of experience

Need a Cover Letter?

Effectively introduce yourself to prospective employers

Delivered in 2 working days after you approve your resume

Tailor your resume to reflect your experience

Get our experts to write it for you

Key Highlights

Highlight your key skills, responsibilities and accomplishments

Customize your resume as per your job search needs
Attractive and reader-friendly resume format
One-time detailed telephonic consultation with the Resume Writer
Multiple iterations over email, until you are satisfied
Over 95% satisfaction rate
In-house team of experts with over 10 years of experience

Need a Cover Letter?

Effectively introduce yourself to prospective employers

Delivered in 2 working days after you approve your resume

Experience. Talent. Competence.

You have it all. Portray them effectively.

Key Highlights

Highlight your extensive work experience, managerial skills and achievements

Attractive and reader-friendly resume format
One-time detailed telephonic consultation with the Resume Writer
Multiple iterations over email, until you are satisfied
Over 95% satisfaction rate
In-house team of experts with over 10 years of experience

Need a Cover Letter?

Effectively introduce yourself to prospective employers

Delivered in 2 working days after you approve your resume

Get the highest service level with our more personalized service!

Key Highlights
Detailed initial telephonic discussion to understand your profile and career goals
Skilled writers with strong domain knowledge work on your resume
Suitable examples and achievements to highlight your skills and competencies
Stringent quality checks before resume is sent for your review
Multiple telephonic discussions as required over the course of resume writing
Unlimited revisions until resume meets your expectations
Free customised cover letter to introduce you to potential employers
Over 95% satisfaction rate
In-house team of experts with over 10 years of experience


Now you have an easy access to over 1000 top Job Recruiters in India through Resume
Booster Service, our resume distribution technology. You no longer need to send your
resume to each recruiter individually, as we ensure your resume reaches the right
company on basis of your job profile and years of experience
Resume Booster is a unique industry-targeting resume distribution service, designed to
facilitate the candidates who are seeking new career opportunities
We do the hard work for you
Resume Booster Service matches you with companies that are looking for candidates
matching your skills, in your chosen location and job functional area. Once matched,
your resume will be forwarded to these companies and based on matching vacancies
available as per market availability, you start receiving responses.


Professional Resume Writing Services

Online Resume Preparation

Internet Website for Resume Preparation

International Resume for Jobs Abroad: Your passport to the Global Market

Technical Resumes by Industry Experts (IT, Aviation, Engineering etc)





Experts (Finance,



Operations etc)

Snapshot Profile: One pager customised profile showcasing your professional /

social achievements that helps you present your testimonial more effectively; used
for specific Project/Ad/Brochures/Media

Resume Critique is a comprehensive review of your resume, including its content

and styling. Our experts analyse your resume against industry best practices and
share feedback that helps you present your credentials more effectively



Management: Committed










Management profile or those having experience more than 10 years. Get a dedicated
Resume Counsellor which holds in-depth telephonic discussions to map your
experience and achievements. Possess extensive expertise in developing Senior

Management level resumes, typically for professionals with 15 years or more


Higher Education Abroad: Academic Resume, Statement of Purpose (SOP),

Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for students appearing for Graduate Record
Examinations (GRE) & Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT),
Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Medical
College Admission Test (MCAT).Admission to graduate schools depends on a
complex mix of several different factors which includes scoring on your letters of
recommendation, statement of purpose, GPA, GRE and TOEFL score etc.

Vetassess Format Resumes for Jobs in Australia: Vetassess is Australias

leading Vocational Education and Training (VET) Assessment provider. If you plan to
migrate to Australia under a skilled visa category, there are certain guidelines
prescribed by Australian Government under which you are supposed to apply to get
your trade skills assessed for migration purposes. Please call us for further details.

Expert Resume Services for Jobs in Gulf (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,
Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates): Gulf is one of the well known regions
of world which has the world largest treasury of oil, natural gas and petroleum goods
and they also have ample job opportunities to hire employees from different
countries of the world. Avon Resumes experts will help you grasp the most
appropriate job in Gulf by showcasing your professional resume. We will also
highlight the important portions in Arabic for an unmatched quality and impression.
Please call us for further details.

Federal Resume Format for Jobs in USA & Canada under Provincial
Nomination Program: An essential document for qualifying and priority processing
of your application for US/Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa. Under the
Provincial Nominee Program persons who immigrate to US/Canada need to get
assessed for the skills, education and work experience to ensure their economic
contribution to the province or territory that nominates them. To apply under the
PNP Program, applicants must possess a professional Resume drafted on certain
Federal guidelines. Please call us for further details.

Avon team of experts having over 10 years of experience in Resume Writing will do the best
for you. Need a Resume Urgently? Upload your raw resume today and get it in 3 working
days with additional benefits!


Turnkey Recruitment
We undertake turnkey recruitment projects for companies that require mass recruitment
across various functions in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. In addition to the
ongoing recruitment needs of a company, mass recruitment needs arise during phases of

massive expansion, mergers and or acquisitions, launch of a new division/products and

services, geographical spread into new markets, quality-enhancement exercises to inject
fresh and new talent, cultural changes, and industry demand.

On-Demand Headhunting Assignments

We also undertake specialized on-demand Headhunting assignments wherein human capital
is identified from the target industries / companies per the client brief and requirement.

Placement Services for NRIs / PIOs

Identification of job opportunities and placements for NonResident Indian (NRI) and People
of Indian Origin (PIO), professionals / individuals working overseas and wishing to relocate
to the home country (India) also comprise our wide span of skills.

Quality Standards
the principle of Client satisfaction" is the backbone of Avon Resumes work culture. We take
pride in providing services to its client by delivering business solutions that are cost
effective and innovative, taking into consideration the clients business objectives and
keeping in view a practical and local Indian perspective.