Copy Inspection Results Use The copy inspection results function allows the automatic copying of characteris tic

values, for example, from inspection lots into an inspection lot. The copy inspection results function offers the following advantages: · It is less time-consuming than copying data manually. · Errors are less likely to occur than if the data were copied manually. This complies with certain legal requirements, for example, in the pharmaceutica l industry. · It is possible both for quality managers and quality planners to trace the copying of the data in a log. Integration The copy inspection results function can be used in the following business proce sses: · Recurring inspections of batches When you create an inspection lot, you can search for a preceding inspection lot using the material, batch and, if necessary, the plant. · Stability tests of samples You can search for the preceding inspection lot using the physical sample. · Calibration inspections You can search for the preceding inspection lot using a piece of equipment or a functional location. · Inspections at different times in the course of the production process You can copy the data from a preceding operation or inspection point for the ins pection lot. · Inspections of preliminary products in the process chain (father-child relationship) You can search for the source inspection lot using the bath where-used list. Prerequisites In Customizing for quality management under Make Settings for Copy of Inspection Results, you have specified for which results data origin a data transfer is to take place. In the framework of the quality inspection, you have planned (using a field in t he detail data for the characteristic) the data transfer at characteristic level through the suitable results data origin in the inspection plan or in the mater ial specification The status of the inspection lot must allow the business process Record Results. The sample calculation must be completed (status CALC). Features You can copy inspection results at inspection lot creation/processing and at res ults recording. The copy inspection results function cannot be called up as a se parate transaction. The values that are copied using this function serve as proposed values, which y ou can overwrite or transfer as required. In Customizing, you can control wheth er or not the status of the characteristics is automatically set to In Process o r Completed after the data transfer. If the data transfer is successful, the results data origin is set to the value planned in Customizing under Settings for Copy Inspection Results Function. If t he system could not transfer a value, the characteristic remains unchanged. Messages and information concerning the data transfer are automatically logged. You can call up this log in the inspection lot or in results recording. A log i s generated for every data transfer.

You can use Customizing settings and customer-specific enhancements to adapt the copy inspection results function to suit your business processes. No new (that is, unplanned) characteristics or inspection points are created in the target inspection lot. Special Features of the Copy Inspection Results Function at Inspection Lot Creat ion During manual or automatic creation of an inspection lot, you can transfer value s for the characteristics into the inspection lot after sample calculation. Dep ending on your Customizing settings, the copy inspection results function is eit her executed automatically at the end of sample calculation, or you have to star t it manually when you change the inspection lot. After a successful transfer of the data, the system sets the inspection lot stat us RREC. You can also set a user status if required. If the transfer after the sample calculation fails because the system could not find a source object, you can trigger the copying of inspection results when you are changing the inspection lot. The following Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) are available: · Selection of results data for copy inspection results function (QEC_SEL ECTION) · Data mapping for copy inspection results function (QEC_MAPPING) Data transfer during inspection lot processing is not possible for partial lots in sales and during inspection point processing. This does not apply to the foll owing inspection lot origins: Plant Maintenance (14), Sample Management (15) and Stability Study (16). For recurring inspections, the system does not check how often an object has alr eady been inspected. Therefore, you cannot define a maximum number of subsequen t inspections. To do this, you can use customer-specific enhancements at inspec tion lot creation. Special Features of the Copy Inspection Results Function at Results Recording When you access results recording, you can transfer data to the characteristics of the current operation or inspection point (not the whole inspection lot). You can start the copy inspection results function manually at any time. The copy inspection results function is not available in process-oriented result s recording, in function modules in the QM-IDI interface, or in BAPIs for the bu siness object BUS2045. Activities To manually start the copy inspection results function, choose Edit -> Copy Insp ection Results after sample calculation, when changing inspection lots, or in re sults recording. If you have set the indicator Immediate Log Output in Customizing, the transfer log for the data transfer is output and can be displayed immediately. To displa y the log, choose Extras ® Display Transfer Log.