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Kahi Janile katha sundar

Socially a yogic healthy life

By Kailash Chandra Sabat-9439664529
Some facts taken from internet

1. Yoga
2. Carambola

My article bachane ki daridryata relating to yogic life tries to focus the importance of sweet
In Odiya We speak
Kahi janile katha sundar-Padhi janile patha sundar and Khai janile Karamanga madhur.
Karamanga-carambola or star fruit may not be having much vitamin like anar or apple but it
is not a useless fruit.Benefits of star fruit who eat it regularly are as under1. Rich in dietic fibre
2. Controls cancer causing colon
3. Works against inflammation
4. Controls BP
5. Rich in vitamin C and B
6. Controls diabetics
7. May cure ulcer, eczema and boils
8. Helpful in losing weights
9. Reduces heart disease
Treats sore eyes
Flow of milk for mothers
Purifies blood
If you eat the fruit with salt and pepper its taste is felt somewhat sweet and not sour.
To avoid disease our mind should be transparent and happy.Om Shanti says Atma anand
swarup (the character of soul is happiness).Mostly we complicate and make it feel bad.
Zealousness is a quality that thinks on back.For that the mind becomes thoughtful and
aggrieved.A yoga man has to avoid getting zealous and be content with his own source of
income whatsoever it may be.
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In one movie a villain even tried to cheat lord Rama.He promised one before the god and in
another room behaved as if god cannot understand his folly.
As a peacock becomes happy to see rain,as a lover to beloved ,our mind should be
compromising even before enemies.It is a true yogic life.
In fact our outer behavior is total unrepresentative of our inner feelings.In our home
gradually our softspoken acting mind becomes, sad, angry poisonous and revengeful. We are
not prepared to tolerate even a small word. Our mind acts on that to answer that we dont
like.I am a burning example of that.
May be there are many like me.This is a lesson for all of us to treat our mind naturally.
A non responsive and non reactive transparent mind is highly essential in yoga.
Body pain, insomnia, BP, heaviness feelings are the result of a complex mind. It may cause
cancer and heart disease also.
Social life and yoga-(Truth,prayer,Brahmacharya,non stealing and selfanalysis)
Social life was followed when yoga life was a distant and difficult solution. On police life,on
discipline, in a political party or an office social life meant to be a moral and a disciplined life.
Really our national father Mahatma Gandhi was first to bring social way to forefront.
Now yoga is there with us.The discipline of a social life is same as that we followed in
different way of living.
That is how a healthy life means a social yogic life in true spirit of the term. That is how we
face threats whether physical or monetary. And we become transparent like glass and may
be a disease free mind and body.
A yoga man is supposed to be very sensible on his words. Else people will say he is speaking
For studies meditation and shirshasana provides stamina.Wisdom and memory increases and
you enjoy studies also.
Food plan is better trained in yoga and finally you become a wise dietician and you prove
your quotation as a yogic verified fact.

An article by Kailash

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