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MUFTI MUHAMMAD KHAN QADRI...)l-JI(D' ...... ,:.._..1_,










= J

This booklet is wriI::t.m keeping in mind to fulfill 1:1;, followin g nee ~~~itie~ and


2. To manifest that PJbh (..!J";f) has sele cted an ~,;teoi!l:l:l.ed fu.mj]y fur 1:1;, forunge of His beloved Prophet (~).

3. To m ate awarelli~~ of 1:1;, fact 1lud:. '!'l'!fY P erson (w.ak or female), who got 1:1;, foster rdmon wD:h 1:1;, Hoij Prophet (~), accepted Islam.

4. Espe cially, a detailed discussion about. the ac ceptance of Islam by Hazr at Halima n,;.'JjI,f,) and rej e ction of the deniers .

.s. 1b;, ladiss \'Iho got 1:1;, honor to b ~ 1:1;, fu,;ter mother of 1:1;, Hoij Prophet (~) ar~ also discussed in detail.

6. A brief biography of the early 4 ye ars life of 1:1;, Holy Prophet (~.) is also discuss ed,

1. In this age, His pra ctic ~~ 1lud:. distinguishe d Him from other children such as hone~ and just:ic e , lliV,er un-veiled, prop er tiJ:J::u, fur urine and motion, special arrartgml.en1 fur cleanliness, commencement of talk with 1:1;, name of PJbh and to recite 'BisJ:n:ilbh' before doing Uif wook

8. 1b;, ~ of those persons who ~s~ed His practices so that the bdi'!'leE f~ el millru~~ in their faDh and thq get lmow);' dge about. the cle anliness of their Prophet (~).

9. In 1:1;, congregations of 'Melad' and other religious pro c essions , it is observed that 1:1;, sp e31 eE ,;tale b ase less narrations \'Ihich h~ not a good impact on 1:1;, minds of listsners but. also prove h mn:ful fur the '~hl' as awhole.

It. is also il11end.ed to provide wthentic male rial through. this article.

10. It. is also intended to ~, how PJbh (..!J";f) has preserved 1:1;, moments and the mimnes of His Beloved Prophet (~)'~ 1m..


= =

If R.em.emb er, we are writirtg mother article named 'Habib- e- Khuda Sy<..da AamID.a ki If

= god m.ein,1 (i.e , The Beloved of ~ PJhh in the 14' of Syeda AwUna ()jl,f, =

If 1,>')). In this article, aulher4.ic regardjng the ble$$ings 'ill the t.iI:J:l.e of birth md If

If about the plac e of birth (i.e. Moolid-e -N ab>;oi) will be gillLered. K:in.dij prij for its If

If early completion. If

If ,

Muhammad lOt-. Qa.dri Jsmda Iilimi.a, Lahore.

~ MultarrDl'l-ul-lhnm. UI' Hijri 26 May H~6, SUnday

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! !

, (-)1 J" ) 1.;'1(: ,

The beloved Prophet of ~ Allah, Ha2l"al (~has been suckled by thre e ladies , one was His real mother and the other two were His toner mothers.

HAZRAT SYEDA. AAmNA 0,;.'",)111»:

The first 14r, who got the honour to rud-;le H= Muh=ad. (~) was His re al mother, Syeda i\.w:Una (~",)I,f,). There ~e four $zyings ab01l1 the r of d.qs, me suckled Him.

a, ~ DAYS: hw.a:n fuqri writes '.'lith the referenc e of the ~r of "jIJMoorid wal ffiwir"tha! His mother suckle d Him fur 9 d.qs.

b. 7 DAYS: hw.a:n Muh=ad. bin Y 01.l5Ilf jIJ- S alihi has stated 1 days from the e W:l.e author,

c. a DAYS:

A rute:w.era. on d.qs is also fuun d in the books.

d. 7 MONTHS:

Few have nate d $even (1) months but this rute:w.era. is "MIDio od" i.s. (reje ru.d).

hw.a:n DlIquti wrl1e$:

"It. is ill illusion. The l'I.'JITItor mij'I1 b e doubtful ! confused between 1 days or 1 months or he hlm;:elfchwged it. int.en:tiort.a].,,1


1. HAZRA T SUW AIBAH (b>' "')I,j» :

The name of the;y woman, who suckled our Holy Prophet (~after His re al mother, is Ha2l"al ~ili. (12' jrJ'-,).

"Befure Syeda Hilil:n.a (12' jr J' -') came , the 14r, who suckled our Holy Prophet (~fur $ome d.qs, was Ha2l"al ~ili. (12' jrJ'-,)'~

=11 1 i5.Jrq;ni. '<01.1. ~ . 131 =11

= 1 DaWJ.-U';w,r,t, Ii. PbHheem... VOl.l.P~ .151 =


sru'mS a $hv~ girl of Abu-L mb. \Vh.<,n dJ;, gw~ Abu-L mb the goo d lliW$ of the birth of the Holy Prophet. (~), he fr~~d her and m~ suckled the Holy

Prophet. (~.

sru had also suckled Hazrat Hsmzah (;.-" jrJ"~) and Abu-SiliJ::..a bin Abdul

iliad respe ctW~ly before f~~ ding ths Holy Prophet (~), $0 they both were the foster brothers of the Holy Prophet (~. Her own son "Masrooh" W~ ill 0 suckled by he r whm m~ 'mS suckling the Holy Prophet. (~).


Abu- Lahb ~ eared Hazrat Abb as ( ? j rJ"~) in a dre arn after one y~ar of his death, Hazrat Abb as (? jr J" ~) asked him, "\'lJh31 happened with you?"

ffi e aid, "I did not firt.d 'ifif comfort iIlt;,r ~Puting from you. However, ~ very Mori.d.ij, I ml. gNm reli~f in I:l:ij punishment"

\'lJh31 'mS the re ason of this relief! !!! Let listen from Hazrat Ab bas (j r J" ~ ;.-"). ffi said, "'I'h;, Holy Prophet. (~ 'mS born on Mori.d.ij md Abu-Lahb ill ed his $hv~ girl in this d~li#l1 b ec sus ~ m~ told hnn at 01II. the birth (of his lliPhew).1

Th&'$ "*if every :Monohy; .Al.lili give$ him relief in his punishment,

The renowned s cholars of th.e Ui:nJ:n.ili. have concluded from this ~al1 that even a non-muslim c ~k br~$ the birthdq ofth~ Holy Prophet (~, he will not be kept depriv ed rsfher lae will be rewarded. 1vfuhw::a:n ad bin Y 01ISIlf JIJ.- S alihi writ ~$; "'I'h;, scho M h ~ $I. ~d thili whm SUw'aib ah gw~ good neW$ to Abu- L ahb of tha birth of his neph ew, he ill ed her ili1:luo spot, s 0 JIJ.lili gw ~ him reli ef as a reward of this act. ~


The Holy Prophet (~md Hazrat Khadij a (Ii"" jrJ"~ )1IS~d to give respect to H=U SU\'l'aibah (Ii"" j rif"~) and send her gifts.

I F>J!h.ul-Bri, Vol. 9,PW .14.5 1 Suhil-ul-Hida, Th 1.l,P~ . 458

.9. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~

Th.e Holy Prophet. (~) used to 5 end clothes and money to Hazrst :3'uI'laib sh from Madm a. EYen \'Ihen me die d after th e b dtle of :Klijber, He aske d about her: 50n "M=ooh". It Wa5 told th~ he has also p ass ed 'fflij. Th.en Ha21"~

b.ofuhmJm ad (~ asked about. 'illf other relative of her, who m.i¢J!. be alive. But it Wa5 rubnilited that no one Wa5 then alWe from her rehiNe5 . I


There is contradiction about. her Is lam, MJhad.djfu Ibn -e - Mmdah s if that, ''I:here is contradiction of opinion in Islam of Ha21"~ :3'uI'laib ah, ~

hllia:n. Abu-Naeem Sif; "I don't know a single person who n=es the .rutemerJ1 of ace ept.anc e of IslW::!. by Ha21"~ S"Irm:ib ah. ~


All writers of Se er~ have writt.en in the spe cialtie s of the Holy Prophet. (~ ~ '!Very lady, who suckled the Holy Prophet. (~, Allah (J~/f) bless ed her with IsIW:l..

Hafi.:I Abu-B akr bin PJ-A~ab.i wrote in his book named "Siraj-ul- :Muridem", "Ev«y \Woman, lI.M rudded Hazrat MuIw" (~ a.(( qrkd Iilim.. 4

If we keep in mind this rule, the rutemem. regarding ac ceptmce of IsIW:l. by Ha21"~ :3'uI'laib ah will Qe prioritize d I upheld.

Sheilfu Abdul Haq M.Jhadillth- e - Dehlvi said that some have counted Ha21"~ :3'uI'laibah ~the female compwioru: (i.e. Sahabia) of the

Holy Prophet. (~).s

T alib -ul- Hada:ni. writes ~ lli'illf writers of S e er~ have 'unanimous understandingthat Ha21"~ S"Irm:ib ah did ace ept IslW::!.. ~

2 .. SYEDA HALIMA SADIA (Vjrti")):

Ha21"~ Halima Sadia got the honor to keep the Holy Prophet. (~) in her lap more fum ill others. ~'s "*if me got more fume as the roster mother of the

Holy Prophet. (~).

, SubJJ.-ul-H1dJJ.. \bl.l,P~. 4.59 1 .:5Jrqm, \bU, ~. 137 , iIl-h~;i)., V01.4,P~.2.51

• .:5Jrqm, \bU, ~. 137

• I'Ifu.dJJJij-1rL-~ Vol. 2,~ .19

• Th:!lo:M"-e-~P~.324

II 10 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~


Her ~ is ruu.d as under;

"Hilima bil11 Abi-fuwUb bin Abdulhlh bin Sanjah bin Rad¢t~ bin N asfra bin Qussaib 'it ibn-e - Saad bin Bakr bin H=azm.."

hnm:J. N avM writes; ''her patronymic is "TJi:nm.-e- Kabsh sh" and her hnsb and" ~ name is 'Haris bin Abdul UZ2:a'. Rem.enl.ber,her fill"ter'~ name is 'Abudullili. bin 'Haris" and few h~ mentio:ne d "HiJri;: bin Abdulhh".1


It. was the tradition of the courteous people of M~ ah th'it they used to. send their mfsnts in villag es so th'i1 they could b ?lOw in the op en environment and le am the ac curlli P.n.bic l.mgwg~ wlth e·xcment flnency.

The chil.dre:n wmbrougl1t. b ack to their parents after .fusterage and a ~ome COl:l:lpelliWon was paid for it. Th.i.t!:.'~ "*if women from different tribes lo cated ne ar ~ili., were used to come M~ili. in the ~~e of infants , twice in a year (in !pring end =er).

Therefore, f olJ.wnng this tradition, Halima Sadia was one of the ten women, who c~e to M~ ah in that year, in the sak e of Infants from tribe nem ed 'Ba:nu- Saad'. Her infant name d. 'Ab dnllah", her hnsb and. 'Haris' and one drome d.aIy also ace Ol:l:lpmied her.

She hemlf de~cribed the rul)'" of this journey; "1 c~e to ~ili. wjili the fmilly of Bann- S aad in the sak e of infants. The cfrcumstanc es were such th'it it was f~el drought in. that year, Mr c6:nveymc e was eo we~ and feeble that it was vel)'" hard to trwel by it. One infant was with me and he could:not be saturated wjili mill; end nor we had my thlrtg with us for saturation, The Want use d to pass all the ruga. we epirtg and we =~irtg.'~

.Due to we~ c=eym.ce, Hilima mWe d M~ah after all other = es , They all had gott.e:n infmt;: but none of them got the HoI¥ Prophet (~ thlrJl.;irtg Him an orphan as hands Ollie reward/ COl:l:lp ens Won was not e~ ected, When Halima knew that no infant rem.aine d axe ept Him, she s aid to her husband; "1 ~ sr to Alhh, 1 will:not return empty hands. 1 will gp to the orphan's hous e and will take Him to my house . ~

Her hnsb and Haris said; "We should do this. M:i¢I1 Allah give us ble ~~~ in: this!"

I .'5.Jrqm. Thl.l.~.14l

1 i\ Vol.l.P~ .225 & 2)5 , i\ Vol.l.P~.2::I5

•. i\ Vol. l.P~ .225 & 2::15


She sijS, when I reached in the house of the Holy Prophet (~ s euchlng it in the Iocality of Banu-Hashnn, I met. His gr=d. fdher Abdul M.nlib.

He ask ed me , "\Vho IDiO you?"

I replied, "I belong to Bmu- Saad trib al". He ask ed me, "\Vhi.t1 is your name ?"

I replied, "HaliJ:l:l;,.".

:He =.i.led and said, "Eh.ou¢L' 'Eho1l¢L', wiv.t1 a goo d combinWon of go od fortune and toleranc e. '!'here is vlrtue and respe ct for ever.,,1

The re ason b ehind asl-;ing her w.m.e was that when Halima c 3l:D.e into MiJl.;l.; ili, Abdul M.nlib heard an mgel szying;

"He.H ~ (~), ihe honest son It" AnIlina, ID.d H greUu: ihID. ill ih.e aedun!; md ih.e sderied people.

No lIiIl JU(Jde Him: U(qIi IhIil"In. ID.d me H va-y piow ID.d hm.ert.

D(o]l't hand ever Him. m my 0"ih:1!l" woman; it H ihe ordl!l" of AlmiPttr AIhh.,1I

It. is also ruled that when the Holy Prophet (~bom, an announcement was· m.ade in the sky, ''\>;oho "I'Iil.l serve this l:l:l.iJtchJ.e ee irtfutt. ?"

.All the ere mJres of the euth and &y desm. to get this honor but mother voic e C3l:D.e from an mgel;

"0 uuiures ~ AIhh hu derided. iIW fr(oJ1l. ih.e very bepnning iItlt }fu blessed P.nophet ( ~ lIiIl uri in ih.e hp of 1h1im.a. "~


Besides His grand father, His mother was also told this. Be caus e when Ha2l"~ A3l:D.ina (pjrJ"J)told Ha2l"~ Halnna (pjrifJ) atom the m~cmce of her child, she also told her, "I 3l:D. being told since thre e d'if-' in dre3l:D. th~ I should =mge to fee d my son in the tribal of B ann- Saad in the fmUij" of Abu.lliw"aib .

I msnwUJjw.. Vol.l.P~.141 'l5Jrqm. Thl.l.~.141

II 12 II ~----------------------------------------p~

lh:l1"<l1 Hiliw.a 1:h<!n replied, "Mr husband is from the d;o$ cmhrl1S of AbuZi.I\'laib."

p.ft;,r this , Abdul M.Itlib addr ~$$~ d Halima, "0 , Hiliw.a! Mr son is ill orphan, Other women did not take Him due to non exp e ctation of handsome reward. If you like , then you will be hicky, you should tak e Hitl:l:."

.Hiliw.a ci-;~ d "1:h.o= to ~ her e ome tiw.<.: to consult wjili her husband .. Halima s if;

"I told the errn story to my hnsb and but. 1 was surpris e d, Allah blessed him such ~ pleasure and h~it"J.e ee thi.t1 k replied <l1 the spot, Hiliw.a! It. is not suitable to do more ~ly, take this bless ed child."

1 returned in hurry, Abdul M.nlib was awmmg me, when 1 asked him to bring the infant, his fac e be cW:l.~ full of ple asure. He ask ed me to move VI'lth him.

He brought me to the home , wkr~ the Holy Prophet (~ was resting, His mother wek omed me.


''When 1 ~~~d in the birth plac~ of the Holy Prophet (~M1f'), I $Wl, "His color was whlt;,r than milk, He was covered by the clothes of cotton and a green illWl1 w~ under Him and k was $l~~ing. A $We& fragranc s of His vUtuous bo~w~ ~eading."1


\IJh.en the cloth from His face removed, 1 dID wne d in His b eauly $0 much th<l1 Ibec W:l.~ 1.lWJb1~. to Wl~~ Him. ~

Sheikh Abdul Haq M.Jhaddith- e-DehNi translated thas e wow as follows;

"I wanted te a.w3ke Hirit but ·1· dro\med in }fu bflWiy. "J


\IJh.en I gill"u!red my sens es, 1 placed my hand on His chest, H~ smiled and opened His q~$, $0 I $aw rif of l.i¢lt coming 01JI. of His ~$ md ~~ading ill weT the sky,

1 could not comrol mys elf and Lkisssd b&ween His qe$ and took Him in my hp.''''

I Ins~clUJjm. Vol.1.P~.141 1 Ins~clUJjm. Vol.1.P~.141 , Ml.dJJJ:i.j-U"l-~ Vol. 2.Thge .19 • Aas;:["-ul-~ li.-Jol"anM hlri D;t,lm. VOl.l.P~. 41

II 13 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-p~

''Wbm. I wm:t m take Him., "lite mC1DlUHru (;; were rum iIut I did not find my dilld but Wun I ~"IIte honer to ~ee Him, it be(nIle my iruirt te

It. is ruled about Hilima th<.t1 in thos e dzys, her one breast. WilS not. pro viding milk In this reg IDi; Ii:nW:l. Hamdani write~ in" Sab eyyill"VI'lth the ref erenc e of Halima, ''my one breast. WilS not. providing mill; but when I pre s ell1ed it before Him, it rutted to gWe mill; with His bles ~~. I

Th.ey said, "'!'he re ason to avoid this WilS onij" to meet. the principles of r= e bee aus e He knew thu. mother brother WilS als 0 His P mner in her mill; .'


ruga. there, I urged to do 'tawaf' of B ainillah. So, I tool the Holy Prophet. (~) 'to Kaaba, I de~ir~ to kiss the Hajr- e- Asw-ad b efor~ doing tawaf 0 f Baftullih but I astonished to ~e e as the. 'Hajr- e- Asw-ad' ~aw the Holy Prophet. (~), it eW::!.e forward and started kissing His face.

Qazi Smaulhh P wi Pm n~e~; "iiis ruled when Hilima (Ii" 11 r if -') took

the Holy Prophet. (~) to Kaab a, then ill the idols bowed their he W before

Him. When me tool Him ne ar to Hajr- e- Asw-ad,·it eW:l.e forward and held close VI'lth His fac e. 4

I ~ml.....u-Uz.un, Vol. 1,Thge .141 1. SubJJ.-ul-Hl.oll, u)l.l,P~. 411

, SubJJ.-ul-Hl.oll, u)l.l,P~. 411

• l\l-I'i!diJJri.. "Vo1.6,P~. 528



Sheikh. Abdul Haq lWl"llid th~ 5W:l.o! ~l'I1 wl!h ~~~ wow;

''When the con:vry-mc~ (m.., -c amal) arrived neartc Kaab ill, it did thre e pro mWorisI :hjohs. "I

hllia:n. Drrq ani writes; ''1:hoi! speech of c='ijmc~1 sh.e- camel and ~ prostrations '<I:~ 'lIhas' (an unusual act of a Prophet b efore His claim 0 f Prophet Hood) and a '' (an un-usual act of a ~amtJ pious people) of

Hazrat Halima (pjrif-,).~


\IJh.m Hilima and her hnsb and wero;, r eturning with the permission of the mother and the grand fillter of the Holy Prophet (~) alter performing Tawaf-e-Kaabill, He was ~ittirtg on ~ she-camel, who was very fe eble and we ak , suddenly it be Cml.e healllif md ~ sp eed was too fast that it left all other transports behind. Other Iadies ask ed again and again to Halima, "lhvOi! you ch.artge d your con:vry-mce?"

She s aid, "No, but I have dtanged "ftte:rid.a:. "

Halima S adia 5 aid, "my c="Yillce ttwek dmcingly and som e tnnes it ~:ing!:, it ~eeme d as me is ~¢\g, "I = to ~ Mill, He has b eruwed me a gre at dignfty, blesse d me power after we akness and life after de ill1.. 0' ladies of Bani Saad! You Iived in :negl.igmc~, do you mow, who is riding on my back? Thero;o is the lord of all the Prophru and ~ B ~lw~d of the Sust.a:irter 0 f all the worlli.',l


Shill Abdul Haq M.lhaddfth DehM =lli d ''when H=a1 Hilima Sadia ( if-, P 11f)was taking the Holy Prophet (~)to her home, a flock of goats was gra zing, the flo ck Cml.e i:n front ofh er C='ijillC e and said; "0' Halima! You should be well 'ffl'<I:e that you hwe '' .i:n your hp, who is the 'Memng er' of the Sust.a:irt er of this e srth and Q.;y and is greater than all the

bre ed of Aadml. ((~~!-). 4

, Ml.dJJrij. Th1.2. ~ . )) 1 l5Jrqm. Thl.l.~.145 , Ins~clUJjm. Vol.1.P~.l43 • Ml.dJJrij-Ul.-~ Vol. 2.Thge .20

II 15 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~

\"lJh.ill ffiL2l"M. H~ took H:itl::J. to 1:1;, tribal. of 'Bmu Saad", an ~~a wlli~ was not a drtgJ;. sign of gras~ , now it cov~ ed by 1:1;, lllit1 chless ~ ill gTIS~. Halima

(pjrif~) discussed this m3tter as follows,

\"lJh.ill1:1;, pe ople of B ann- Saad Ob~~IV~d 1:1;, c ountlass blessings mow~~d due to His (~) arrival, their lli arts<.. d wlth His Iovs md~. They ill asc ertamed His b lesse d personality. \"lJh.ill ~ of them got my dise as ~ or

problenl.,lli rushe d towards 1:1;, Holy Prophet (~).

"His ~ was so much absorbed in th~ peop1~'~ hearts thM. when my of them. got some fu~as~If~~,h~ use d to c atch 1:1;, Holy Proph~'~ hand and touches .it to hls boozy. PJhh gM~ H:itl::J. =lhbllh :iI:J::JJ:J:uodiWo1y.'>.l


There was fW:rine .in thos e days. Th.e goill were gMng mill: in a very little ~. Th.e Holy Prophet (~) touched 1:1;, te ill of one goM., whose name

Now, ~ee the who 1 e ~ of this from Abu - N aeem;

I fusncllJ;.>jw.. Vol.l.P~ .14$ 1. SubJJ.-ul-Hl.oll. u)l.l.P~. 412 , SubJJ.-ul-Hl.oll. u)l.l.P~. 412


"fu Holy Prophet (~)touch;,d th~ t.<.:~ ofth~ir gou. c alled 'TLl', ~o 1:hq" used to get. mill; from it. in d.ij and rri#Jt, \'Ihm ~r they desired, ~m in the dif of drou#Jt, ~n ~n no gps~ was gJOvm.,,1


Haliw.a Sadia (Ii" jr J' ) ) s'if--, "Olli d.ij, 1 was s itt:irtg in the lawn tabing Him in my Isp , some go~ of mine c 3l:D.~ and P ass ed before me but one of them. moved forward and kissed His h.ead and did prostration."?


It is written in His sp ~ciiliie~ that ~~];: us ed to =ing His cradle. ~ AVOID PLAYING GAME·S:

He (~) has no irItf,r~,;t in playing, Hal.iJ:n.a (Ii" j r J'}) ~'ijS, "Whm He (~) looks children phying, avoids th=..',4


It is also ,;tilid, "He (~) e~ out of His house \'llth His foster brothers, His brother ~n1 to ph)'" with the children but He avoide d and said while c u.chirtg His brother" s hand, ''wi! are not (rH.ted for pl.a}oing. " ",;


Whm H~ c ~ in Halima's house , her hous ~ b ec ~ ~~d \'llthout Uif lamp. M.Jhaddjfu lbn-s- Jozi write~;

~da Halima (Ii" jr J'}) ~'ijS, "I did not need 'frC_( lamp in the dzys ~ I was suckling Him (in His chlldh.oo d).''';


PJl<ili h as distinguished His growth from other children too. He did g1:ow su ch in a dq that other gJO~ in a month. He g1:~ in a month that is equal to the

growth in a y" ar. Hazrat Halima (Ii" jr J') ) ~'ijS;

"He (~)~. such in a day those others children gJOw in a mordh and ~w rom in amord:h those others in aY"~."1

I DalJ.dJ..1JL.~ Vol.l.P~.1.50 1 IrtsncllJ;.>jw. Vol. I.P~ .142 , Al·~ V01.6.P~ . .521

• SUl:JJl..1l1.Hl.oll. \Ql.l.P~. 413

• l5Jrqm. \Ql.l.~.143

• .Al·Mehd'IJL·Nd:OlJi..P~. 54

II 11 II ~ppppppppppppppp,ppppppppppppppp,ppppppp-,~

The Imam 0 f the lovers, Ivfu.ft.i Ahmad R az a Khan S 'ijS gJ:etting to His growth wl!h these words;

"Blessed be tre sweet tuds blossoming,

and the plants gradually growing,~


She SijS, "I. intended to wash His mouth after suckling Him but. the 'mwgemomt of cle mliness W<IS done alre ady from un-s een.'"


His foster mother e 'if, His bo~ lPrWili p ms) remm..ed c wered almost ill tfmes , If sometimes it got un-veile d, He showed gre ~ distnrbanc e md if I did my late then the arrwgemomr. fur coverm g His veil W<IS done from un-s e en.

"If His veil got WJl.; ed, He use d to complain with gre ~ restle ss till it W<IS covered md if I did my hle in cwering, it W<IS done by some un-seen."~


A noor (l.i#I1) W<IS b ect.owed to Him daily, which c ompl.etely covered Him and made Him dis "'We ared fu r a while . ~

NEVER INSIS TED NO R WEPT: i\lt:ho1.l#t, it is the habit of the children to insist and weep on small things but. the foster mother Hili:n.a (Ii" jr d'~) sijS, "He (~) never wept nor insisted as other children do.,>4


\Vhen the b eloved of l\hn:igl"d)'" l\.l.lah opened His tongue md uttere d some words thit. are re alij COlli isted on the gJ:e~ pr aise of ~ l\.l.lah.

Ibn-e-Abbas (? jr J'~) sijS, the first, till: He .made , consisted on these words;

"AIhh is ihe GrH.t and AlmiPtty and ill ihe prwe!' are for Him. and }fu sm.difumon (WbeEh) is (done) in ihe day m.d niplt. ,6

Th.ese words are also narrated, "NoD oOn.eH ~m ~rmip (!X(!pi ~ AIhh, He is ihe Ikoly, ill peoOple deIp but (WI") S"uruin.a", ihe mert blnlfu mt doe!' mot delll. "


It. is also clarified here when He stmed talking; He us ad to recite 'Bismilhh' before every till:. Hili:n.a Sadia sijS, "He (~) did not touch my thing wD:hout re citing ',Bismilhh'.'oi

I As·"lh:JrJe. 1 As "lh:JrJe. , Ml.dJJJ:i.j-m-llib.1;o,n;o,'l Vol. 2.~ .21

• As "lh:JrJe.

• Al-Seer.t..o.m-N~~il!h. Vol.l.P~. 228

• .IrtsnclllJtw.. Vol. 1.P~ .151

II 19 II ~-----------------------------------,----p~


\iJhen His age w..s of 2 years, one day, He asked Hazrst Halima (Ii" jr if}), ''where my fum r brothers went in m.oming as I did not se e them in the day?"

She enswere d; they us ed to graze the gpats in the momin g till evening.

He (~) ill;e d; "do you not let me to go wlth them ?'~

Halima did not let Him due to love and affe ction but He insisted and she gwe Him permission to gp off and on. So, He (~) often went fur grazing the gpats wlth His brothers.


\iJhen He returned from the me adow along His brothers, Ha.l.ima us ed to ill; the c frcumstanc as from th em.

Some extracts of their views ~e quoted here with the referenc e of" Tili eer l\.l-"

1. Where ever our Hij azi brother steps His re et, grass grows there.

::I. \iJhen we gp to fetch WIller for 01lI gp ats, we do not ne ed to

emU!. willr from it, the WIller itself c omes out.

3 . A cloud do es shadow up on Him in the sun shlrte.

4. All the beasts kiss His re et .

.5. Not a single tre e or stone is such, from \'Ihere He pass es and they do not s q greetings to Him. ~ Ibn - e- Jo zi has also =ed the fullowing vie ws;

6. \iJhen He steps His feet on a hard stone, it b ec omes polite ill; e


Hazrat, Halima Sadia (Ii" jr if}) discuss ed His blessings; "our gpats and cWiek b ec Wi e we sk due to d.rou¢a., gwe little milk but \'Ihen He came, 01lI conditions thorou gl:lij" change d, \'Ihere ever 01lI goats and c 'iIttle wem. fur grazirtg, grass grew wer there and they got e mn-illd. Therefore, they st,med giIiing more mfll.;."

I i5Jrq;ni. Th 1.1. ~ . 148 1 i\l-MrlIJJIi.. Vo1.6 .p~ . 528 1 i\l-MeM-U"I.-N;t..:ri.P~ . .5.5

~ 20 ~ ~"-""""""",-""""""",-,,,,-p~ lvfuh=ad J\l.-Sndi =~d from His grmdf~r md h~ is told by Olli shepherd of Halima,

"Our (('au did not rW e "Ih.8r hea& WriI.e grazing, ih8r l"JUOldIu m.d ihe ~ wa:e grem., '\\here evE[" ihey ·, gran gnw over ihE["e. ltIher peoople's ((' Us retum.ed JUon.-saturated but lhIima's (('au wa:e swh snurated iInt ihm: bdJi.ej; wa:e se&rl.ed rum- te burst. " 1

When other pe ople 5 iWr this they ordered their shepherds; "graz~ your gp ill in the me adow \'Ih;,~ Halima" 5 gp ill graz~ but their c ~ returned with the 5= C ondition, (i.e , non-saturated). ,~


~ is contr adictior, in this w.mer, Waqidi has rut<.:d wlth the ~f~rmc ~ of Ha2l"~ Abduihh bin Abbas (L< 1Ir if}) that \'Ih;,n Halima Sadia (If' j,1,j',) brought Him b ack , His ag~ was 5 Y" m an d other 5 cholsrs ~~ d th~ His ag~ was ~proxinl. 4 Y" ill. P.s P er hn W:l. Ibn- ~- Abdulhh' 5 ~5·~arch, His ag~ was 5 Y" ill and two dif. SMikh Ui:n.awi. has rut<.: d 6 Y" srs. lmsm Zurq ani has writ:t.m aft er quoting all thes ~ narrations that the most inclined ~illilllt is of4 years.

" the most inclined that whm He returned back to His mother, His ag~ was 4 Y" m and th.e incident of "Shiq-~- Sadr''' (i.e. op erring of the chest) was also happ ene d in this ag~ (which was intact b ec ame cause for His commg back) as Hafiz Iraqi has ~~ d in his po etic 5 ~~rn and his student Hafiz lbn-e -Hajr has ~ commende d it. in his boo}; on the topic of 5 eerat and Hafiz made a statement, "I willproduc ~ the most reliable and corre ct ~e11s in this ~giord.'"l


When the incidence of ' Shiq-~ - Sad!' ~ ~ d in the ~ oftwo Y" ill , Hal.i!:na snd her fW:Uij b~cW:l.~ 50 much nomoDUS. SM consulted &nth her fW:Uij) to retnm Him·bac}; to lvW-J.;m.

Hilima 5 if, "I do not Jil.;~ this but 1 f~e1 if 5Il.Ch an incident happens again,_ n:.i#J1 got trouble.

Therefore, 1 proc ~~d~d toward M~ ah along Him. On the wij, 1 was busy in soma work, \'Ih;,n 1 returned, 1 did not find Him w er there In this trouble, 1 rushe d towards His grmdf~r and submitted, "I too}; Him with ll:if-' elf but \'Ih;,n 1 re acM d near to lvW-J.; ah, fu disspp ~ ar ad and 1 did not find Him after dill! 5~.~ch."

Ha2l"~ Abdul M.nlib (? 11 r if) ) went to Kaab ah and pr~ d. lin unknown voice cW:l.e,

, II!ilJlJf-ul-Wm... Vol. 1.P~ .62

1 DaWJ.-1JJ.-N.J.b.1;w.r,t.]i PbHh~em.. Vol. 1.P~ .1 $I 1 <5.rrq;rd. Th 1.1. Thg! . 150


~ "O,O ..... ' ...... b ....... , ... _ .......... ....."...........",,~.

:: (~)." ::

Abdul M.nlib asked, "\iJhere do we ~e arch Him?"

'!'he voice c ame , "gp to such and such valley, you will find Him."

\iJhen Abdul M.nlib and Warqa bin Nofal re ached there, they found Him. Halima too}; Him to His mother. She asked Halima, "You and your husband were eo much ardent of this child, then wh~ the re ason fur coming b ack 'ff.jS ?"

Halima replied, "I W:l. maid of His life."

Then she told her the incidenc e in detail like ' Shiq-e- Sadr'. Syeda AW:l.ina

(Ii" 111 Ii'-,) replied, "This:is not such a mmge thing, He is a gre~ chill, I have ~een '!'.len more mange thmgs in the d'£fl ofpregnancy and after it. as well."

In those d'£fl, a dise ~e "Bubonic Plague" W~ ¥eading in JvWd.; ah. Therefore, His mother and grandfather asked Halima to ta1e Him back in her

tribal. So, in this, the Hot' Prophet (~) sp ent 4 ye= in the Halima' s hous e .


Halima ~e~, when I too}; Him to JvWd.;ah, I heard a voic e;

"0' People of 1Jhld.:ab.~ C~tuh:lioru~~~~ Todayihe Noor, iIle R~, ihe BflWiy and ihe Pe:d"edim. raum.ed mwuw ymI. ,,1

Ha2l"~ HaliI:J::La (Ii" jr Ii'-,) CW:l.e to meet the Hot' Prophet (~) oll:.en before and after the decl sration of the Prophet Hood. She and her husband 'Har:i;;' ac cepted Islam and joined His C omp anions .


Imw::t Ibn- e-Jo zi wrote in 'Al-Haohiq', "\iJhen the Hot' Prophet (~) performed Nil-;1ili with Ha2l"~ Khadij a (Ii" j r Ii' -'), Syeda Halima CW:l.e to meet the Hot' Prophet (~) and told about the drou¢a. C ondit.ion of her tribe, the Hot' Prophet (~) asked Ha2l"'~ Khadija ((."J)I,f,) to ~ewe her so she gfNe 40 gpru and camels to Hazrat Halima (Ii" j rli' -').1

" I Suhil-ul-Hida, ThLl.P~.415 " 1 i\l-Wm.. VoLl.P~.1l4

II 22 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~

fPpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp--, I REm co BY THE N"L Y l'Il"''''lO (I!IJ'), I \iJhen ever me came, the Holy Prophet (~) g!Ne her respe ct, laid down His shawl before her and told to people, "She is l:l:ij foster mother."

In 'TabaqatIbn-e-Saad', it is narrated from M.Jha=ad bin iIl.-b.ofurJ1.;adir;

"A J.a.zy came , who had rue klsd the Holy Prophet (~) (in His chil.dho 0 d),

the Holy Prophet. (~) said, "~ mother c ame , my mother c ame and gre eted her and laid down His mawl and s at her on it.,,1

Ha2l"at Abu-1'1.Jfai.l s aid, "We were at the plac e of 'Jaarma', one laozy- can:te before the Holy Prophet (~). \iJhen me c an:te ne sr to Him, He laid down His shawl in her resp e ct before her. \Vhen I saw this honor, I asked to l:l:ij friends, "Who is this lady, havlng such a good luc1;?" They told me , "She is

the J.a.zy who has suckled the Holy Prop het (~ ) (in His childI).oo d).',"l


Hazrat, Aa1a bin Yas aar (,:J' jr J'~) stated, "His foster mother can:te in the bmli! of Eful"tain, He gre eted her by st.m.dlltg in her honor.'>.l

At tE PTAN tE OF ISLAM: Ibn- e- KIl:us aima, Ibn-e -.Abdul Bir, Ibn-e -Jo zi, Ibn- e- Hajr and Hafiz 1fu#talilii and a majority of M.Jh addifhs and seer at writers have similar opinion that Hazrst Hilima and his hnsb and did ace ept Isl an:t and got the honor to be 'Siliabi'.

Hafiz Abu M.Jh=ad ill. - MIln2:ari writes in his b 001-; 'MIJl.;htasir S1mm A biDawood' about her acceptance of Islam;

"His mother Syeda Hilima did ac cept Islam, used to meet the Holy Prophet (~) and also narrated HadDh from Him.'>! Ibn - e- Jo m has wr:itt. en the san:te in these words;

"She c an:te to me et the Holy Prophet. (~) after the declaration of the Prophet. Hood. She and her hnsb end did accept Islam and did 'Balli' (i.e. an oill"t of aile gimce) on His hand, ,<j

I Thbaq:t. bn-e-Sezd, Vol. I.P~ .114

• 'h~. •

II 1 iIl-ke~. Vol.4.P~.21O II

II, . Suhil-ul-Hida, Thl.l.P~. 467 II, • iIl-Wm.. VOl.l.P~.1l4

II 23 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~


Ehfi2: .Abu - Bakr bin .Abi- Khu;: am:..a has ,;tilld it'!. his 'T melill'; "Sh;, has narrated hadiths from the Holy Prophet. (~)."


Ha2l"at .Abdullah bin Jaafar (,;-"" j r if}) got. the honor to be a student of Ha2l"at Halitna (pjrif}).

It. is rurr31e d m 'Mlsnad .Abu- Y ilia', "I'abrasni", and 'Ibn- s-Habb m' that Ha2l"at .Abdullah bin Jaaf,;,r (Z jr if}) said, "I ~ t.w¢a. hadiths by H=at

Halitna. ,.,. Ibn- e-Abdul Bir has ,;till d it as fellows,

"Syeda Halnna has n arrat.ed hadiths from the Holy Prophet. (~) and .Abdullih bin Jaafar has narrated from her."'


S= schol ars h~ opined that Ha2l"at Halima (P jr if}) did not find the era of the Prophet. Hood as me die d before it. & Hafiz A~ad-ud- Din, bin KillUr ~ aid, "It. is visible that Halima did not find. the era of the Prophet. Hood."

But Hafiz lbn-a-Hajr has rejected him in, his 'Slwha Ald,;,r,;,r' and ~31ed, ''When it is Mdel"I1 that H=at .Abdullih bit'!. Jaafar (Z jr if}) has Wo;en hadiths from Halim a then hqw it em be C onsidered that ~ did not find the era of the Prophet. Hood. Because Ha2l"at.Abdulhlt was bom alterm~ye= of the de C Iaration of the Prophet. Ho 0 d and the age for must be 1 years or more alter the migration,

& .Abdullih bin Jaafar (Z jr if}) was then a child and C~ with his it'!. the lo.b ye= of the l:l::rigruion, it'!. the b olttl.e of K:lijb er from ~~ i.nW El:hiopia. Syeda Hiliw.a c~e to the place of 'Jaarma' on that eve or alter it.~


?" ~f):

The above ~emel)l;: are also supported by other writers of Seerat that Syeda Halitna (pjr if) )llied to meet. Ha2l"at.Abu-Bd-:r and H= Um,;,r (jrif) Z) in the age of their c aliphate ,

I Al-fu1l!D, Vol. 4,hge. 210 1 Suhil-ul-Hida, Th 1l,P~ . 46.5

• 24 • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~

Ibn- e- S ~ ed has n=w,d from·"bin Saad, "Th.e mother of the Holy Prophet (~) came and the Holy Prophet (~) laid His shawl down and fulfilled her nee essities. Then she came to 1\bu-Bal-;r,he also treated her wlth

the same honor and alter hi; demise, she came to meet HiLzra:!. (jr J'.) ?), he also greeted her wlth gre a:!. respe tt and honor. I

Qui. A~z MaThi. has also n.w,d; "\"lJhert the sad denili: e of the Holy Prophet (~) took place, she came to meet 1\bu-B~r (? jr J'.)) and he trew,d her

'lIS the Holy Prophet (~) were us ed to in her honor. ~


A renowned MJhaddith Hafiz has written a book on the ac ceptmce 'of kbm "by Hazrst Halima named, "AI- TolJfu1-ul-J 'lISe ema fi. As"b a:!. e Islam Halima", MJh= ad "bin Yusuf AI- Salhi has summarized it in the first vohnne 0 f hi; book 'SUbuJ.-ul-Ifuda'.

Imam fuqwi. wrote in the reje ction of deniers of her Islam; ''the thinking 0 f Sheilili D~a:t.i and 1\bu - H'ij an Nilivi that 'HiLzra:!. Halima did not. ace ept khnl.' is reje rud. Hafiz has written a book named "AI- Tohla:!.-ulJ'IISe ema fi. As"b a:!. e Isl am Halim.a"which is wre ciw,d "by the scholars. As fur 'lIS 1\bu- H'ijm. is cone emed, he is not. the man of this field, he is an exp en. 0 f 'Niliv' and for rebuttal of D ~a:t.i, hi; own n.w.men1 is anough, he said, ''m.Dty people fED. iller (runted lWima UIWJt{ ihe' (mropanioru of ihe

Holy PnphIt (~).

So , \'Ihen it is proved "by mmy Miliaddiths and S e era:!. writers, then how c an Sheilili Dan:tya:t.i give an opinion cor4IUy to their views .

Ibn- e-1\bi. Klrusaitna, Ibn- e-1\bdul Bir, Ibn-e -Jozi in 'HiLqaiq', lvfunzari. in '1ofu1.;hta,;ar SUrtm. 1\bu- D awood' , Ibn- e- Hajr in 'Asib a' and other MJhaddiths

counted her in the companions of the Holy Prophet. (~), it is enou~ ~en1 in this =. ~

I Thb~m m..e-S~ Vol.l.P~.11 1 Al-::bffiL. "VOU.P~ .611 1 i5Jrq;niWll~. "Vol.1.P~.14l

• 25 • ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-p~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~--~ . ,

AN IMPORTANT ARC UMENT BY IMAM ZURQANI: Qastlani quote d H= Halima that whm th e ladies C'il:l:l.~ to M~ <ill. in the s eke of children; "SWear to ~ iIlhlt! All of 1J5 we re as}; ed to tak e the '~~~eng~ of iIlhlt' but. they denied, thinking Him an orphan." 1vfuh= ad bin Ab dul B aqi .furqmi writ;,~ under this rutilll.erd., Hazr~ Hiliw.a'~ ~aying~ Hoij Prophet (~) a '~~~eng~ of All<ill.' is the visfuloio argumerd. that ill;, did ac cept Isl am.

"It. is Md.erd. on her Islam bHa1J5~ ill;, s aid Him 'iIlhlt'~ M~~~ eng~' and recited Durood ((_'.J;jr~) on Hinl..,,1


'!'he number of ths comp anions , who got tha honor to grt burned in the graveyard of Madina named "J=-ud.-ul-Baq~" ~itw1~d towerds the bless ed

f~ do of the Holy Prophet (~) is more than 10 ,000. J\m.orig thes e , one is Hazr~ Halima, Her tomb is also grounded like other tombs.

Sh.ili Ab dul H aq 1vfuh ad.W!h- e- Dduvi writ;,~;

"'DlAn:iJ; a mull ;gn~m in JDUUt-ul-Baqe, (illed 'Q1Ib~-e-HWm.a' DI.d peoople wed te UBi iItere. "~

1\1 C1JII"erd., if you mov~ from Baq e e pres erd. gIIle towards th ~ gt'ILV"e of Pow;, er-

ul-Moommsen Hazr~ Usman (;.J' j r Ii' _)), her tomb is ~itw1ed on the djff~rffiC~ of some yards left to him.l


One important. argumerd. on her Islam is the presenc e of her grave in 'J=~ul-

Baqe.'1\s non-muslim can not be buried in this graveyard. Sh~ belonged to 'Taj[', d~ her deafh in Till, she w~ transferred to Madina, is the clear Mdence of her Is~.

1vfuhaddjili -e - D Wlv:i. 1:h.ough discussed c omrad.iction but. he ~ elf ~e argum~ on her Is~.

I'll '''''""''''_.'''U.p.,.,,, I'll

1 ImdMi.j-U"J.-~ Vol.l.Thge.494

1 I ("I:h.eWIit03:)Mr~1J~ lIIillV1::im;,~ ~@tth! l"a).orof ~trnghherbl.oio~~f,;,do.

II 2611 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-p~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~; . ,


Hafiz ~aW writ.e~, "Ha:lru. Ee~a (~r ~) appeared in my dream on 220d rU¢a. of Rabi-ul-Sani, 333 HijIi, I asked him about Syeda Halima, he

replied, "Ii" 11 r if J "i.e. Mij JI.lhh be ple ~ed wl!h her. I


It is also found in. se er'it books that some Syeda Halima (Ii" 11 r if J) came to meet the Holy Prophet (~) along her hns band and !Oster chil.dre n, It is ~d in :31.m.m. Abu-Dawood from Hazrat A=bin Saaib (? 1IrifJ) that one day the Holy Prophet (~)w~ sitting, His foster father came, the Holy Prophet (~) laid down one pert of Hk shawl·'ill.d. he s'it on it. Then the foster mother c ame , the Holy Prophet (~) laid down the other part of His shawl and she s'it on it. Then the foster brothers c eme , the Holy Prophet

(~) stood and ~'it then:J. in their mi.ddl.e . ~


Lllie Hazrat Halima (Ii" j r if J)< her husband, the foster fillter of the Holy Prophet (~) also accepted Islam. It is narrat.ed from 'Yunu;: bin Kabeer' that His quoted with the referenc e of various p eople of B ann Saad;

"The foster of the Holy Prophet (~) 'Hark' came to Md-;lo;ah 'ill.d. the revelation has be en started,

Quraish called him and as}; ed, "0' Hark·! Did you hear, wllia. is your son ~=ijingr'

He said, "Tell me about wllia. is he szying?"

They said, "He is s=ijing th'i1 there is a life after the deilll. and JI.lhh has cre'ited a world here after in which punishment will b e given to His disob eyeE and respe ct will be given to His obe dient."

Hark c m:te to the Holy Pro phet (~) and as};e d Him, 0' son! Is it true , the peop le s=ijing ab out yours elf?

~ "Have you said, pe ople will b e alWe after their deilll. and will move towards ~

5'11 "'.~ """ holl (accordmg to ",,,,,,,,1 ... ")1" 5'11

I Sub.Jl.-ul-lb.oh. Th 1.l.P~ . 468

1 :3"urImAb.l-D~od..K:tID ul ~

II 2111 ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-p~


= =

= 'I'h;, Holy Prophet (~) replied, "Y(!I;, I have made iIW, 0' =

11 fDh.a"~ I WIl grID your hand (in "Ihe Day of .Judprunt) -.d WIl remember 11

11 mday'~ nIk." 11

11 II

Haris acc epte d Islam after he aring such iwpressM and sweet words and said; 'if l:l:l)'" son c~ches l:l:l)'" hand and rec ognizes me then He will not lewe me before entranc e in to hew en by the grace of PJmjghl;y Allah, "I


lis P er our sruozyl res earch, only two ladies are foster mothers of the Holy Prophet (~) but some people has counted some other ladies among the foster mothers of the Holy Prophet (~). We WNl discuss them in detail,


'I'h;, third l4r' who got this honor is from B ann S aad mba! and she is also the foster mother of H~ Hsmzah (;1' jrLf'-,). It. is narrated from lbn-eAbi 1vfulel-;a in Tabaq~ lbn-e-Saad.; "'I'h;, fOster mother of Ha2l"~ Hamzsh suckls d he r milk to the Holy Pr oph & (~) when He was in the custody 0 f Hiliw.a (in childhood under fOsterage).

Sheilili lbn- e- Qa)'YW:l.. has also reg'ill"ded H~ H=m as the foster brother of the Holy Prophet (~) from two asp sets.

"~ Hsmzah is the foster brother of the Holy Prophet (~) from two aspe cts , one is due to Hazrat :3uonaibm and the second is due to Sadia Kh&oon.~

Ha2l"~ :3uw"aibm had suckl ed H~ H=m (? jr Lf'-,) befOre H~ M.Jh.m:Jmad (~). Another la<t"" of Saad tribal, who was a foster mother of Ha2l"~ H=m also suckled the Holy Prophet (~) for one tim.e only. Therefore, H~ Hamzah is foster brother of the Holy Prophet (~) from two aspe ru.

, Suhil-ul-Hida, Th l.l.p~ . 469 1 Znd-ul-IlMd., Thl.l.~.19


, I

"H=U H amzah (;;- _,~lf if ~) is 1:1;, foster brother of Hazrat (~ ) from two asp e as, firrtij" due to Hazrat :3u\>;rtib ah and ~e condly due to Hazrat Sadi a Kh'iliOon.,,1

Th.e Hot' Prophet. (~) has H:itl::iself ~ed His foster rel.W.ol"L wl!h Ha2l"'iIi Hamzah (;-"" j r if ~).

Hazrat, Ali (;-"" j r if~) asked 1:1;, Hot' Prophet. (~) to perform, Nihl;ili wl!h 1:1;,"d.~ of Ha2l"'iIi Hamzah.

Th.e Hot' Prophet. (~) replied; "It. is not pemlls~ibl.e be cause ill<.: is 1:1;,"d.~ of my foster brother, I and her w~e suckled by H=

S"u\>;raib ili (Ii" jr if ~).' ~

BIn to consider this J.a.zy- ~ the foster mother is rej ected due to 1:1;, re ason that the Hot' Prophet (~) has himself ~'iI1ed H= Hamzah as foster brother ont' due to H = Suwaib ah and l"L(£',le:!' dis C1lS s ed Saadia Kh'iliOon in this reg:e:rd.

If th~e ~ al"if c~ e , wlij" not the Hot' Prophet. (~) dis C1lS~e d His relation from 1:1;, both aspe as of fu~~age ?


Itw.a:n Abu- Has san IbrWim bin Yalva known as lbn- e- PJ.w::tin has discusse din' Zael-ul-Irteaab '"t:hia. Hazr at Khola bin1 Murair has also

gotten the honor to suckle 1:1;, Hot' Prophet. (~). It. is ~'iI1ed in , Tajreed', 'J\l.- Moorid' and J\l.- U)'YIln'. BIn Itw.a:n M.Jh.w::imad bin Yusuf J\l.- Silihi has reje de d it and said ~he is the foster mother of 1:1;, son of 1:1;,

Hot' Prophet. (~), Syeduna IbrahiJ:n. (;-"" j r if ~).

Hafiz lbn-e-Hajr has also confirmed it in J\l.-Aasaba.

"Th.e J.a.zy- who suckled 1:1;, Hot' Prophet. (~)'~ son, H=U IbrWim (;-,,"jr if~) is known as Ui:J::m::J.-e-Brlili.l

Itw.a:n Ib n- e- Abdul Bir has writterJ. the ~W:l.e; "Ui:J::m::J.-e- Barda ha.: suckled

If 1:1;, Hot' Prophet. (~)'~ son, Syeduna lbrahim (7 jrif~). It. is ~d by If

I'll ' ~-~-':I'I.~. I'll

1 iIl-W1Jfu. Vol.l.P~.lOl

1 iIl-A>£~'l.. Vol.4.p~.m

II 29 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~

Probably, in some C opias of the book, the word "Ibn"was skipped, that.'s why Ibn -e - Al=fu. got illusion. Few dif later, wit en I DiO ad a book writt.en by Qui lzznd Din bin Badr-ud-Din bin Jsmaa named 'Seeral- eM.Jl.;htasira'. I excite d to read these words,

"To count her aJ:l:l.Ol\g the foster mothers is ill illusion of lbn-s-Alamin, however some scholars hav e followed him without 'ill;[ c ortfirm.W.on/ reje ction."


Some ~e eral writ.eE have also ~ d 3 Iadiss of B = S,ue em trib al a~ the foster mothers of the Holy Prophet (~) and have quoted thes e wow of

the Holy Prophet (~) as ill ~

"I am son of the ladies of Bann S,ueem, wi).o~e:name ~e 'AiJ!ll.;a'."

The~e have been :n=ed by Ivfuhaddfth Saee d bin Mw;: oor in his 'Sunm' and Imam Talmmi in 'Al-Mlljj am ul Kat eer' from Ha2l"al SM)'yab a bin

Aasinl. V jrJ"~).

Ibn- e- Aas ak ar has quoted from Hazrst Q atada (,;-"" j r J" ~) the following words of the Holy Prophet (~) ~d by Him in a battle;

"I am Prophet, it. is :not a lie. I am son of Abdul M.nJib and I am son 0 f those ladie s who~ e names ~e 'AiJ!ll.;a'."


It is :not correct to consider thes e Iadies as the foster mothers of the Holy Prophet (~)mmly on the basis of these wow. Because Imam Majdud-Din Fero zabadi (the author of 'Q =o~ '), Johri (the aulhor of 'Silid"!.') snd Imam Manawihas clarified thal the ladies lW:D.ed 'AWka' weDiO in His p~erJ1 hood.

Sheilili M.Jh<.tJ:J:m:Lad A alv:i Mill;i explaine d the ab ove words;

" Th.a" e -uu-e ihree gnn.d JJl.((jh1D of"lhe JWly Fnoprut (~), \\Iw~e n.:DIl..eIi WE!£e I A:D:i.k:t I . II

lifter writing this , He wrote their names as follow;

1. AiJ!ll.; a bint Hilal b fn F alih bin Zakwan (the mother of Abd- eMilia!)

I Al-hea:D. Vol.4.p~.m ~ 30 ~ ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~



:-I . J\.W1.; a bil"l1 M.m:lli bin H:ihl ~ mother of Hashitl:l.).

3 . J\.W1.; a b il"I1 .AI- 00 qas bit"!. lvfuJrlli bit"!. H:ihl (th~ w.o1:li>or of H ='111 Aw::drta'~ father, 'WlliW'·)

hllim::J. Raza Khm Qadri (,;-""11 r J' ~ ) has ~~hit"!.~d this,

"PJl.w::J.a Mm<..wi., th;, author of 'T~~~er', hllim::J. Majd-ud-Dit"!. Ferczab adi, th;, writ<.:r of Q =o~, Johri md Sanawi has nw,d 9 hdi~~ it"!. th~ P ~~ hood 0 f

the Holy Prophet (~), who~~ names W"H~ 'J\.W1.;a'.

Ibn-e-Bari has ru.t~d 12 ladies , thr~~ from Bann-Sale em, and two from Aadwaniaar. and one each from K:irtaya, Assadia, Hazlia, Qaaeia and Azdia.?'

When it. 8 evident 1:ha1 these ladies were His grand mothers then it. 8 not corre ct to ~grl them as the foster mothers.

6. llJdM-E-FARWA (v1lrtf~):

Skilili J war .AI- Musta¢tfui. has nw,d he r in the fost er mothers of the Holy Prophet (~). A narration has be en taken from him wlth the referenc e 0 f Abu- Ishaq as follows;

"H H dated from. "Ihe fomr moill.E£ of iIle }{(Jly ProphIt (~), Umm.-e-

FU"WiI. (P 1Ir J'~) ihat "Ihe }{(Jly I'fioph&: (~) nid; ''Wlun you rlII0u, on your bed, reate Sunh Al-K4iroon be(DUe it preserves you from. I Sh:i:J:I:1. II

Skilili Abu Musa .AI- M.J.d;,ni ~aY" th er ~ 8 c omradiction ab out. its narrator, some ~if that it. is WJII"U~d by 'Fm'I"a' and some ~if, 'Ui:mJ:l.-~-F~a' but the hn ~ zyjng 8 'Cih~~~ b' (i.~ .poor, m other WOI"~ only narrated by a ~ingl.~ narrator)."

Hafiz Ibn - ~ - H ajr ru.t~~ in 'al.- Asawa' that to consider this hadith as narrated by 'Ui:mJ:l.-~-Farwa' is ab~olutely wrong rather it. has been nerrate d by 'Fm'I"a bin Nofal'.~


Tk Holy Prophet (~) got her in inh;, from fillterlm.other. It. 8 popular 1:ha1 ~k did not suckle to ths Holy Prophet (~) but only m'l~d Him. But. lmam Qurtbi h as ru.t~d her among the foster mothers of the Holy

II Prophet, (~). Mmy ~~ er~ writm h~ nw,d th~ His mother mck];' d Him II

5," fim of ill, """ Ih." -.,"'""" fum H_ H_. 5,"

I Shum.ooJ.-ul- ThIn., P~. 11

1 Suhil-ul-Hida, Th 1.l.P~ . 461

II 31 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-p~


; ;

,. BIn SOJ:l::u! has ,;t.~d it as; ''fun of ill, His re al mother suckle d H:itli fur 1 dif ,.

1:h<!n lh:l1"<l1 S'Irmib ah, 1:h<!n H='IIl Ui:J:m::L- '" -.rum.m 'iI!Ld <l1 hst lh:l1"<l1 Ha.l.i!:na

(p jrifJ) suckle d H:itli.,,1 Raza Khan Qadri has also counted her 'il:l:l.ortg 1:1;, foster mothers, he writes in his bo O};, 'Slunnool-ul- Islam" th<l1 the name of the a,zy-

\'Iho suckled th", Hot' Prophet (~) (in Hi;: childhood) is 'Bm:a' and her appellition is Ui:J:m::L-e-Aimm, derived from trItth, ~ss, power and slli also got 1:1;, honor to be a 'Siliabh' .,il

BIn Z=q ani writes; "It. is famous that Ui:J:m::L- e- Aimm is c ount.ed = ng 1:1;, holies who serve d Him but not among those \'Iho suckled H:itli.,~

Th.e s~ words are narrated from Imam bin Yusuf Al- S alihi, 4 Theref ore, it is COII\i! ct th<l1 slli is not 1:1;, fostorr mother but a swom mother,


'W'hen His raal mother moved to Madina to meoi!t. her p arems then besides the Hot' Prophet (~), this l~ (i.e. Ui:J:m::L- e- Aimm) was also with her in this j oumey. P..ft.orr staying there one month, wh en she moved b ack for :lvW.j.; ah., M sad demis e too}; place <l1 the plac e of 'i'J:ma' Q:l.e ar to 'Mastoon) 'iI!Ld she

was buria d 1:1;,~ and Ui:J:m::L- e- Aimm brought 1:1;, Hot' Prophet (~) back to :lvW.j.; ah,


lh:l1"<l1 Ui:J:m::L- e-Aimm ~s th<l1 when 1:1;, time of demis e of lh:l1"<l1 Aw::tina

(p jr if J) C'il:l:l.e near then 1:1;, Hot' Prophet (~) was sitting towards her head. His age was 5 years. Th.e mother 10 0}; ed <l1 His face and said farewell with these words;

" 0' 0 IphDI. dW.d! hh.y AIhh bleI~ 1'l'l1 ; yeu are ihe prophet fuwudJ; ill ihe aertun.l from. A1mipdy AIhh. You are iG"oinf to make an. DIJI.WII.(&IlIDi of hhm. u a ~ for ihe mlire univlD e and of ymrr fDh.a"'~ ~ "IIW AIhh hu forlrid.dln to ~ i.d.ol.s. "


Slli said aftorr this;

"Eva"y 3live WIJ. taste derlh, ev~ newWIJ. be cl.d, eveIY big WIJ. dertnoy. I WIJ. die but my r&llallhnru: ~ WIJ. evm.uiing. Surdy I had givm birIh to a piow ~on mil I am leavin.f ~od and bleIm..p for ill ihe aeatur~. ,,1

! I II:!!ii.M-ul-W=. Vol. 1.P~ .51 !

1/=1/"" 1 Sumool-ul-Islem, p~ .22 1/=1/ 1 <5Jrq;r,i. Th 1.1. Thg! . 131

• Suhil-ul-Hida, Th 1.1.P~ . 46

1/ 32 1/ ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-p~


! !


• •

• Hazrat, Ui:mJ:l. -e -l\.i:w_m =e d when we were in Madina alOl\€ with His mother •

! then a scholar from the 1\hl-e-Kitab (i.e. the persons who b elieve m the others !

,. books b estowed upon different Mess engers) S'N! Him, he cried, "He is the ,. Prophet of All alt." Abu-N ae eJ:l:l. \'Ir:ites. th~ the Holy (~) said, one dzy, I met a Jew; he looksd me and went away. Then once again he metme and askedme privUely, 0' Child! Wh<.ti is your n = ? " I rep lied, "i\hmad.". Then he look ed my back , I heard he was s zy:ing, "He is the Prophet of this Ui:mJ:l.ah." Then he informed it to my =emal gnndi"ill"ter's hous e , as my mother heard this, me il" d to return from Mad:ina inm::J.e dialely.''';'

Eh2l"~ Ui:mJ:l.- e-l\.i:w_m narrated th~ one dzy two s cholsrs of the Jew c aIDe and aske d to me et 'i\hmad.'. When they S'N! Him, whisp er ed e ach other; "He is the Prophet of this Ui:mJ:l.alt and this cil;( will be His res idenc e migration, 3


Sheihlt 1Ihn:tad Shalt.ab -ud - D:in Pol - Khafaji has given arg:IlI:l:illll from the ab=e = eJ:l:l.el"I1.; "Ui:mJ:l.-e -l\.i:w_m is His nnrs e. She has gre ~ affe ction with Him and ac c epted Islam b efore His claitn. of Prophet Hood b e cans e His mother moved to Madina towards His =emal g;'s house and ruyed there fur one month. The Jews cam e to s ee Him and Ui:mJ:l.- e-Annan has heard from them that this child is the Prophet of this Ui:mJ:l.ah. So, this thing has made room m the heart of Umm-e-Annan and she is the first lady who ac cepted Islan:t.'>4


Th.e Holy Prophet (~) ire ed her and arrutge d her m.uriage with lbn-e -Zaid bin A=, who belonged to the trib al of Bann- Haris. A son bom :in her house, who is =ed as "l\.i:w_m" and on this b asis , her "pp e llWDrt is 1:h.ougIl1. Mer

the da sth of lbn-a-Zaid, she married Eh2l"~ Zaid (7 jr d:» and Eh2l"~ Us an:ta b:in Zaid (7 j r if_,) took birth. Th.e e on of Eh2l"~ Ui:mJ:l.- e-l\.i:w_m, l\.i:w_m is also ~ the companions and servants of the Holy Prophet (~). The vessel of ablution of the Holy Prophet (~) was under his custody, For this ; he is known as 'Siliib-e -1fut.altjra'. He was martyred in the b~e 0 f Efurtairt.

I iIl-~-\ll.- Ll.drtil.. "Vol.l.P~. 169 1 DaW.-w- N.:b.IIw.r.t.. "Vol. I.P ~. 163

1 DaW.-w- N.:b.IIw.r.t.. "Vol. I.P ~. 164

• N~eem.-ur-~ "Vol.2.P~.42


= =


= i\mongrt the ladies to whom the Holy Prophet (~) gwe most, resp e ct and =

" honor, Ui:nn:J_-e-P.m:J.m was one of them. He often w:it.ed her. "

= !h2O'll iIrLas (?jrif_')ruma.ed th'iIl one dij, the Holy Prophet (~)w:it.ed J to meet Ui:nn:J_-e -P..imm, 1 also ace ompanied Him. She pres ente d before Him

something in a vess el but the Holy Prophet (~) refiis ed to We it. due to ~= re ason, She mowed her =0)'UlC e on it. as me was also His nnrse. I

PRACTICE OF ABU-BAKR (?jrifA P.Jler the demj;;e of the Holy Prophet (~), Hazrst Abu-B~r (7 jr if_,) oftenw:it.edher. !h2O'll P.rtas n.=illd th'll one dij !h2O'll Abu-B~r said to Ha2O'll, "let, go to meet !h2O'll Ui:nn:J_- e - P.m:J.m b ec ans e the Holy Prophet (~) did this."

When they both re ache d ther e, me rutted we ep ing. She was as}; e d, "Wlrj" is me weeping? Do you not know th'iIl the Holy Prophet (~) is clos e to Alm:igIll;y .Alhh, 'll a better place than this earth?"

She said, "I know th'll he is on a gre'll plac e but I am weeping as we 'ire deprived of the gre 'll ble~~ing of Alm:igIll;y Allah, 'the revel~' whidt was available to us dij and ~."

When they both he srd this, they both rutted weeping in the remembranc e 0 f their beloved. ~


'!'he Holy Prophet (~) 00 ~ed in considering her as His mother; " She iJ; my J"JUO"Iher dter my JIW"Iher. "~


It. is narrated from Ui:nn:J_- e- P.m:J.m that one ~, the Holy Prophet (~) did 1lIiru: in a CIlp, I feh. thirst, md drenk it. thirJl.;ing it. willr. I did not fe el it. urine due to ~ ftagrmce.

'!'he Holy Prophet (~) ordered me, there is urine is such a veml, drop it. some where outside.

I i\l-M.rlim.. ~"FlI:Illi Umm.-e- i\im.m' 1 i\l-M.rlim.. ~"FlI:Illi Umm.-e- i\im.m' 1 N~eem.-ur-F:i;:,.z, VOl.3.P~.4))

I ~d, 0' PJhh'~ lvhmrlg'!!"! I dr~ it thlrJl.;ing it WW!r. The Holy Prophet (~) smiled so much His grmder app eared and than said, 0' lJ.tmn. e·Aiman! Now you will not suffer my disease ofbelij.,,1


Ibn-e-Saad has stated in excellence of lJ.tmn·e·Aimm thal Hazrat Usman bin Qasinl. stst.ed, when me migrat ed, me found rri#d. al the phce of ' srif" located before 'Roha' and feh. extreme thirst, a drum from s1y c ame beneath with a whlt.e rope. She drank it with ~mrn.tion. She said I did not fe el Uif thi:rst. ali'!!" thal, I fast. in the ='!!" d'if.' but I did not fe el Uif thi:rst. after dril'Jl.;ing tha:t. water.~"


There are two 5I.a:t.oi!l:l:l.erd;: regarding her demise;

a. She died ali'!!" the .5 l:l::LOl'Ith;: of 1:hoi! d.en:ris e of 1:hoi! Holy Prophet, (~). lw.w::J. 1fuslinl. and Ion- e . PJ· S akn.narrsted this from lw.w::J. PJ·Zohri.

"She died ali'!!" the .5 months of the demise of the Holy Prophet (~).',l

b . lw.w::J. Waqidi said that me died in the ciliphate 0 f Hazrat U=

(? j r J' j). This statement is upheld be cans e lbn- e· Saad has 5I.a1ed VI'lth 1:hoi! 'Smad·e· SWili,' (i.e. from aulherl1ic narrators) thal ilie

bitterly ~i¢ted on the martyr of Hszrat Uma.r (? j r J' j ). \Vhen she was aske d, she replied, "Today, hhm. b«ame weak. "

lw.w::J. Zurq ani wrnes, "'I'hls statement is stronger being a '' (i.e. conne ru d chain of narr stors ) fum the 5I.a:t.oi!l:l:lomi of ZOhri'~ 'MJrsal,4 one.

M.Jhad.di!h Ibn· e·lvfund'llh has placed relianc e on the sta:t.oi!l:l:l.omi 0 f Waqidi and e aid me died ali'!!" 20 d'if.' of 1:hoi! e ad demise of Ha:rra:t.

Uma.r Farooq, (? jrJ'j),s

I jIJ.~.'VoJ..4.p~.:m 1 <5Jrq;r,i. Th 1.1. Thg! . 188 1 jIJ.

• A 'lItrs~r ~ isthe stJJleID.erJl'ilttidtislVJlTot.ed. l:rf aperscn ~peJ5onfrom. 'iIhom. he get t ~itdID..ctlJfrom.his gr;m "::heioh' i~ .teadter , <5Jrq;r,i. Th 1.1. Thg! . 163

~ 3.5 ~ ~"-""""""",-""""""",-,,,,-p~



lh.2O'iIl ~ili (Ii'" jr if ... ) had suckled Hazro. H=ili (Z jr if ... ) before Ha2O'iIl 1ofuhm:=ad (Z j r if ... ). i\no1:h<,r l4r of Saad trib al, who WiJS a fostar mother of lh.:rru H~zili also suckled th~ Holy Prophet

(~) fur o nc e only. Therefore , Hazr at Hamzah is foster brother of the Holy Prophet. (~) from two asp ~ds.

Sh.eilili lbn·e·Qw~ wrfu~;

"H='iIl Hamzah (Z jr if ... ) is foster brother vof Hazrat

(~) from two asp scts , fimly due to Hazrat ~ ah and ~e condly due to Hazro. Sadi a Kh'illOon.,,1

'I'h;, Holy Prophet, (~) 00 H:iJ:l::.s elf ~ed His fu~er relWon wl!h Hazro. Hamzah (zjrif ... ).

Hazrat, Ali V jr if ... ) asked the Holy Prophet (~) to perform Nihl;ili wl!h the" of lh.2O'iIl Hamzah.

'I'h;, Holy Prophet. (~) replied; "It is not p~$ib];' fur ~ bee aus e die is ~r ofmy foster brother, me and her father wer~ suckled by Hazro.

~ili (Ii"'jrif ... ).'rl


ffi w~ also suckled by Hazrat Suw-aibw.( Ii'" j r if ... ). 'I'h;, Holy Prophet

(~) Himself ~d His foster relation wl!h Abu· S alma, :li:J::iill:n Bukhari and lmam narrated from Hazro. Uwm·ul·:Mo omms en, Uwm· e·

Efubaibili (Ii'" jrif ... ); "II"I!que~ed lh.2O'iIl (~), 0' JI.]hh'$ Memnger! Kindly acknowledge my request snd perform Nilo;ili wl!h "Izz'iIl", the da~r ofmy sister, Abu· Sufim.

'I'h;, Holy Prophet (~) said, "Do you lilo;e this?"

I replied, "Y~$", be cans e I wish her to join me in these blessings ,"

I Zlad.ul. hllM.., \oLl. Th@!. 19 1 l\l.w1Jfu.. VoLl.P~.101

~ 36 ~ ~"-""""""",-""""""",-,,,,-p~

fPpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp--, ! "" lfuly _ r/!ll') ,.m,",," is not ,,_ for me." !

,. I rubJ:J::.jtt;,d, 0' J!Jhh'~ mess el"lpr! I hw~ listened that you 3T~ p m=IDg ,.

Nilo;ah with "Dumh b:irt1 Abi· Sahna."

The Holy Prophet (~) said, "even if she w~ not grown in my lap, she ~ not ~git.iw.w. for llli b H ws e she is th e oht.Jghter of my brother.

Abu·Sahna and 1wm suckled by Hazrst :3"t.II'ltibah (Ii" jrJ"J)."]


'W'hen Hazrat SUw"aib ah (Ii" j r J" J) suckled the Holy Prophet (~), her own son 'MaSrooh' w~ als o an infmt. Hazrat :3"t.II'ltibah died after the

bmli! of Klijber, the Holy Prophet. (~) asked about 'Ma,;rooh',:i!::~ rubJ:J::.jtt;,d th.<.ti he is also died. ~


He w~ re al son of Hazrat, Hilin:t.a Sadia (Ii" jr J" J) and he has b em suckled by her with ths Holy Prophet. (~).


Ibn- e· S aad has narreted from Ishaq bin Abdullah that the foster brother of the Holy Prophet (~), Hazrat Abdullah bin Ham came to the Holy Prophet (~) after the mnouncemen1 of the Prophet. Hood and rubJ:J::.jtt;,d, "0' J!Jhh'~ Me~~~r! What is your ~¢"tg, would we ~ ~? (i.e , Whether ~ D iij of Judgw.en1 will COllli?)

The Holy Prophet. (~) replied, "Ye~, I =ear to ~ J!Jhh, in who~e poss ession my life is , I will grab you hand in the D iij of Judgw.ent and will re cognize you."

The narrator said that when the sad demis e of the Holy Prophet. (~) took phc e , then Hazrat Abdullah bin Ham (7 jr J" J) ac cepted Islam and he often pass ad the diij we eping and use d to ~iij; "I am hopeful th.<.ti the

Holy Prophet. (~) will grab my hand and I will be rue c ~eded.''3

lis far as the s ame incident is attributed to Hazrat Abdullah'~ falher, H~ too, ~ we h~ dis cuss ed in previous p ~~ that Hafiz lbn-e- Hajr has

= I Buld"tJJri, EtID·U"I·Nih:~ =

II, 1 Suhil-ul-Hida, '<01.1.P~. 459 II, 1 i5.JI"q.m, '<01.1. ~ .142

II 31 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~


~ _ ~~"f this by '''"''' "," P'"'''' that the ,_ situation ""'" ~.

:: have happened with both (i.e. fafuer and son)."' ::


Hafiz lbn-e-Hajr writes in "Al-&aaba" about him that Hafas W~ also suckled by Hazru Hilinl.a Sadia (p jr J'}) md tha1'~ \'Ihy he ~ regarded foster brother of the Holy Prophet Hazrat (~).:;l


1. UMMA. YA DINT HAFSA.(I?'~.t..o):

Imam Abu- Saad Heshspoori has discussed in "Sharf.. e-Mustafa (~J' that ~ W~ !Oster sister of the Holy Prophet (~) md Hafiz lbn-e-Hajr has prov ed and maintained it.

2. HUZAFA KNOWNED AS SHEMA. DINT HALIMA. (I?'Jir.t..o): '!'here is contradiction about her name .

i) Judw::ta (..J-¥): Pem () on Je em, Dal (J), jIJjf (~, Meem (0 mdHa(",).l

ii) Hnzafa (Jr;..): Pem () on Haa (V), Zal U) and Fa ( .» \4

p,,-_ cording to Sheilili Kh.a.:hmi, this prommciation is correct. S

iii) Khi:!afa (Jr ..... ): Zer b ene srh Kha (0-), and Zal (}).6

iv) In" Alwafa", her name is mentioned as "lfu=a".l

v) In a book named "Al-Maarif", "Ju=a":is also st.ill d.

vi) She is renowned with the n= of "Al-Shaema" (t-?~. Zabr

on Sheen (0 and Ya (l,j) is majzoom/Sakin. In some rutemerl1S,her=e is also quoted without 'Va' (0)3

, <5Jrq;rd. Th l.I, Thg! . 143

1 Al-l\;:~;:" 'JoJ..2,P~.35

1 Al- D1:qw, ul-fubnt., Voll,P ~. no • Al-he~,Vo.4,p~.2n

" ' <5Jrq;rd. Th i.i, Thg! . 146 "

II • SubJl.-ul-lb.oh, Th1.1,P~. 463 II

II, T Al-W1Jfu. Vo1.1,P~.139 II, • <5Jrq;rd. Th 1.1, Thg! . 146

II 33 II ~ppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp-,~

lbn- e- Ishaq llil!~~ from Yurrus bin B~ eer 1:lli.1 me is lrn.owrt wl!h 1:h.oi! nw:lf.: of" Slli.eJ:rd' instead of her real = UJ.d ~ is reco gnized it't M trib al wl!h this nw:lf.: . I

sru. is the elder dau¢ of Ha zr ~ Halima Sadia (lr jr J' ~), the foster mother of the Holy Prophet. (~). Her fillU!r'~ rume is

~H:uis" .

lbn- e- 1\;; e er has stated her attribution as follows;

"Sha.em.a bim. Haris bin Abdul Uza bin Rafaa bm M:illm bm N asfra bin Bakr bin Hawazm.',q

Ha zr ~ Halima enriched hers elf, her hous e and her family with the ble~~inij of the Holy Prophet (~) by t~irtg Him fur fe edirtg under

fosterage. Her elder daughter, Ha2l'~ Shaen:J.a (Ii" jr J' ~) used to help her mother m 10 okmg Him, Whenwer, Hazrst Halima ( J' ~ Ii" j f) :indulged it't ~= other woJi;~ ~ h= then Ha2l'~ Shaen:J.a took Him in M hands , = ed Him, took Him to bath and chwged Hi;: clo1:h.oi!~.3

hl:l>w:l. MIJh=ad bit't Yusuf J\l.- Silihi write~; Ha2l'~ Sha= (j rJ' ~ Ii") mve d the Holy Prophet (~) along with her mother. 4


1\;; you re ad e arlier, Ha2l'~ Halima" s children were us ed to pamrre go~ but Ha2l'~ Hiliw.a (Ii" jr J'~) fuItade 1:h.oi! Holy Prophet (~) to go with them besides His strong insist.

lbn-e-Saad, Abu NaeeJ:l:l. and lbl'!.-e-1\;;~arhwe rua.ed.;

Be~id.e~ go irtg for pasturirtg go ~, Hiliw.a ( Ii" jr J' ~) did not let to go l:I:in:J. <!VeJ:'L towards a short far plac e.

"Syeda Halima did not let to go PJhh'~ mess enger wen a short far place.'"

I iIl-keMIIL. Vo1.4.~.218 1 iIl-U:d...n-Gmb'l.. ThU. ~ .161 1 Efu:;oorhB~P~.66

• Sub.Jl.-ul-lb.oh. Th l.l.p~ . 464

• iIl-~...n-Ll.drtil.. Vol.1.P~.15.5

• 39 • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~


One day Ra2l"at Halima (Ii" jr 1i'.J) was busy in some WOJi.;. The Holy Prophet (~) WUI1 with a flock of go ill in afl ernoon with His alder fu,;t~ sistl..r 'sru;, m..a'. \Vhill Hili:l::J.a (Ii" j r 1i'.J) lmffi' this , dt<.. WUI1 in s~=h and found Him in the c ompany of His alder sister 'Sha='. SlJ;, ask ed Sha=, "Wl"if did you tak e Him here in such a hot aitamoont "

Shaem a replied;

"0' JJl.((jh1!l"~ He did JWt dft(t by run. mine ali I saw a d.oud m.aJing iliadowupm. Him., "\\hat I!IlI!l" He~, ihe deud ~ed too m.d "\\hat He mopped ihe deud mopped ali ~ iiIl we readud iIW ,,1 Drrq ani writ~s under this rut.illl.ent, thos ~ P eople '.'Iho cl aim that w.d-;ing shadow 1JPon th~ Holy Prophet (~)"bY cloud is not ~vi.dent, is abso 1ut;,ly wrong. He "I'ITl!:;,s;

"~ is a clear proof in this ,;talilll.ent that cloud us ed to mak ~ shadow on the Holy Prophet (~) and it is an argument fur those '.'Iho &!if it. mlilJ:rdbn- ~- J =at s'if.' som~ p eople ' e saying that hadDh

of shadow "by cloud is not 'Silifrt', is a lie, t can "b~ said that the shadow was not fur <!V~ as fmam S~av:i and others said."?

It. me sns that shadow of cloud was not fur ~ver but in the fo~age under Halima (Ii" j r 1i'.J) md in the journey to .w.~ fur trade , the

cloud did m~e shadow upon the Holy Prophet (~) and these statements are approved.


lhfiz Ibn- e- Raj ar write sin" PJ- &a"b a ", a J:"larrWon from lvfuhaddilh Ibn- ~-Mundilh that 'Jud.w::..a' lmwm as 'PJ- Shaoi!l:l:l.a' was sistl..r of Halima md not

I Al-~, "VoJ..l,P~.l55 1 i5Jrq;ni. Th 1.1, ~ . 148

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Judama was sister of the foster mother of the Holy Prophet. (~) and her appellation was '~l:lliL' .,,1

So, as per hi; stIDill::J.erJt, Shaenl.a is not foster sister but foster aunt 0 f the Holy Prophet. (~), however, other s eer:ll1 wr:it.ers have denied this and regarded 'Shaema' as 'fOster sister' and it. is also credible bee ans e in the narrations ru:t.e d and the fore comings , the s = th:ing is cOllllJ:J:J::uod H='II1 Sha= has ru:t.e d hers df as foster sister of the

Holy Prophet. (~).

hnm:t lbn- e· Hajr whili 1:Iyln.g to do ill; en:ing b Wleen the both S"t.iJ1W:l.~ that "if the stIDill::J.erJt of Ibn·e·Mundah is secure then it. l:l:ri#It be po ss ib Ie that app allstion 0 f Halima' s was on her aunt's appellw.on" and se condly s eer:ll1 writers ~e not agre ed upon this Sha='s name is 'Judama' rather Sheihlt Abu Umar has ru:t.ed 'Hu:l;U"a' and lbn- e· Sad ru:t.ed as 'Judama' .';'


Ha 21" at Sha= us ed to td-;e her liIili brother (~) il. her lilp nd. lii! ed Him as mothe rs and sisters do to =e their childr en and s:ing hillabis s. Ha21"at Shaoi!l:l:l.a also s m.g hillsbias fur the Holy Prophet.

(~). It. is lllil"I1iorud in AI·Asili ill and AI·DJhr with the referenc e of K:it.ab -ul- T arqe es written by She ikh P.:bu. Abdulhh bin AI· Maala Ha21"at Shael:lliL use d to s:ing a bJllWy wlth these words:

" 0' my S1utUn.El"~ Ke IP a1ive my brolhEl", Muh.DJ\ (~)r SoD iha:t ~ ~ ee }fu ymdh..

Ifu;gra(e }fu meJ"J"oi.ej; m.d jeakow penwu m.d b~mw Him swh Il!Ip e(t iha:t !!VEl" luu . "

Thes e ere a.ddit.i.on al words mention ed m "AI· Zi.Jhr":

"He H swh a bnoiher, "\\Ito H not givm. birIh by my JJWihEl" nor my f a:ih.a:" m.d He H not from my'~ breed! ;gatEl"ation.

May I ~a(rifue ~ Elf fer }fu vm.en.ted fnroily m.d deeds. 0' AIhh ~ BJ.ej;~ }fu breed! rm.ention and foD.omn . "

SOJ:J:l.e other has quoted these words;

~ " (~) H ;creatEl" ihm. ill Il.lmuru;, "\\Ito pti~ed ~

5'11 _ ...... u .. ~ ..... _'~.m....... 5'11

I joJ.h~1Jh. '<bU. ~ .259 1 joJ.h~1Jh. '<b1.4.~.259

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It ~eI' nut matter lI.h.dI.El" ihey UfO ptIf~ pil.gIim.afe/ Jhjj (or 1Jmnh. }fu fUE! U :m.M"E! bElWiiful ih.m. ih.e moon.

HE! U dUtin.guUhed. fu,:m. I!'o'"«y llUlE! DI.d f&JUle DI.d HE! U m.e fu,:m. ill Jin.d of fh:w.I DI.d a:nr;;/ dEfE!ru/ mm faTh; . ,,1


In Shaw.U,8oh Hijri, the b~ of Himain took plac e. Bmu Hawazan and Bann Saq ~ ef made irI1erJt to mack Mal4; ah in the temptation 0 f ~=~~ of Tili(a c:i!)"n~~to Mal4;ili.)with 4000 w=i=.

On the other 00, the Holy Prophet (~) C~ in the fidd of lfunam with His companions. AJ!:;,r a bloody battle , the ill=.i~~ WH~ cl~~ly defe~ed. Six thousand (6,000) warriors of the memy side wm t.ak ill

in to prison and Hazro Sha~l:l:l.a (pjrJ'-,)~ also one of them,

\Vh.ill m~w~ did sozne thing hmh with the prisoners, me said to theJ:D., "do you know, I W:l. dst'![" 0 f your lord, resp en ~ ."

They did not b eli.eve it md ill-; ed her fur ~ome sign, She e aid theJ:D. to ~~ her before the Holy Prophet (~).

Th.ey took M b efore the Holy Prophet (~), me rubm.itt.ed; "0' (~)! I W:l. your ~ister" and told some signs ~ the Holy Prophet (~)reCOgnizedher.


The Holy Prophet (~) be csme very happy and welcomed her by l.<ijjng His ffiawl b efure her md asked her to ~it on it and the Holy Prophet' i!Ye~ were wort with te= .


AJ!:;,r knowing the c omplet,e ~:itwtion, the Holy Prophet (~) said to M ~ it is now her liking, if me wwts to retnm her trib al, fue c an, fu will alw"'if-' do l-;indn~~~ withh'![" and if me w~ to st'ij"h'!["e, He will mmge to re~ide M with gre ~ honor.

She submitted; "0' PJhh' s Me5~eng'!["! Gr"ml. ~ P ermission to return to my tribal."

She accepted Islam and Rasool PJhh (~) bestowed her with 3 slaves (w.ale and female bothi.;

I Suhil-ul-Hida, Th 1.l.P~ . 464 1 Al-h~;:,. Vol.4.P~.344


= =

= Saad b:in B~r narrated that on this WI!, 1:11;, Holy Prophet (~) gw~ =

" her a ~lw~ name d 'M:ilillol' and one slw~ girl, She kept them utrit;, by "

" manging1:11;,irmmiage and their bre ed/ gmermon continued. I "

" .. ,

Probably, this act W~ to pre ach khnl. ill tribal. So, sM mume d to her

trib~ ~ a lvfuslim =.b ~ e ador I pr ~acher.


Re~~ct~d M:iss Shdlnaz Kau~ar writ;, e :in her book, "lfuzoor l-; a B~m"th31 a p ers on named "Bajjad"b~long~d to tribal Bami-Saad. (In;, lvfuslim Cml.~ to hnn and he mmyn d him into pie c~s and after th31 bumt his dsad body.

11t.e Holy Prophet (~) commanded His cOllip anions to arrest hlnl.. Ths lvfuslim troops took 'Bajj ad' to prision as they wer~ ordered to do.

\Vhill Sha W:l.a (Ii" 11 r J' }) return ed to her p lac ~ after mM:ing wl!h

1:11;, Holy Prophet. (~), some woman from Bsnn HiWltlm told her about 'Bajjad'. Then sM w..m. back to 1:11;, Holy Prophet. (~) and requested fur rele as e of 'Bajjad'. 11t.e Holy Prophet. (~) acknowledged her ~qu~,;t md forgw~ Bajjad.2

Ac cord:ing to Ibn- ~- Hasham, Ha2l"31 ShaW:l.a was one of 1:11;, prisoners (of 1:11;, B mJ;, of Hmm:in). She said to lvfuslim soldiers , ''b~ ~, I

am s ister of your Prophet. (~)."3


The Holy Proph& (~) mJ1 the booty (i.e , ~ilih won in 1:11;, battlefield) towards 1:11;, place of 'Jaarma' with 1:11;, mind that some ~kgmon l:l:l.igh1 c ome from (Bami-Hawazan) fur its release. H~ performed Umrah after 1:11;, b mJ;, of Till and then Cml.~ to the p lace 0 f 'Ja.arma'. When no one c ame after p ~~:ing many days for the releas e

of booty, 1:11;, Holy Prophet. (~) commanded to distribute it among 1:11;, ~ 0 ldiers .

\Vhill it ~ distributed, a ~legWon from B ann Hswazan he adsd by 15.Jhall b:in Saad =w~d and they ill ~~ converte d to khnl..

Ibn- e- S aad wr:ite~; in this delegmon, one p ers on w<JS Abu- S arwan, who W<JS the foster uncle of th.e Holy Prophet (~~if\ He (i.e. AbuSm'lm) requeste d;

"0' AIhh's Pnoprut (~), ihe hard lwk lW! bu.d H not out of ywr l:Jw1.\led{e. Al"Iuong ihese pWOlI.eI"S n-e cl.d \WOJll1n, "\\Iw n-e ywr fosier DOW and, "Ihey hwe looJocd dter you and nmutd you in "ftujr bps in ywr drildhood

I hwe seln you in ywr, no one wu beiter "ihID. you in ihe foriaage m.d lW! fOlllld you diriinguWted from. ill, dter ihe too. Thin we Sll.wY(oU in your yo1Dh, lW! did not see DlY young m.ID. batE[""ihID. you.

Be Jin.d on us, AIhh \\!II bless you. "

Then the he ad of dalegation, Diliair bin Saad also dicuss ad this foster relation and requested fur favor. The Holy Prophet (~) replied; we iNr ded you but wh en no one CW:l.e ftOl:l:l. you, we have distributed it. Now, you should de cide wh~r to t ak ~ b ad-; your booty (i.e , w~ilih) or your prise ners .

They submitted, 0' 1I.lhlt' s Me~~enger! Kindly mum to 1J5 our people. 'I'h;, Holy Prophet (~) said, Iretnm my dt~e and the dt~e ofBmu Abdul M.nlib and C ommsnd other pe ople for this. Whert I will offer Zohar pr'ijer, you should mak e a st~al1 b efore all 1fu~lil:n;: with the~e wow;

"0' ~lil:n;:.! w~ quota :ird.=~di'iI)l" b efore you and you <JS intennediary b ef ore 1I.lhlt' ~ Me~~ enger.

I will announce fur returning l:l:lY share and will also order pe ople fur this.""

& the Holy Prophet (~) offered Zohr pT'ijer, the head of the delegatiort stood and requested with the mterc sssion of the Holy

Prophet (~). All the ~lil:n;: ( M.Jhaj:ir & P.nsa~) retnmsd all the we alfh and the prisoners.'

& narrate d, there were 6000 prisoners and filzy (50) million DiIh= that were gWen back

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I Ibn-e-Sw., Vol.l.P~.ll.5

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