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Meet the Thea Sisters
Title Page
A Mysterious Invitation
A Dragon with an M in Its Claws
A Night Full of Stars And Wishes
Howd You Get Your License?
Vince Guymouse
Five Bright-Looking Mouselings
Mousey Sighs
One More, Not One Less!
The Honor Is All Mine!
Two Rather Bizarre Mice
A Little Squabble
Chirp-Chirp-Chirp Eek!
Thunder and Lightning
Is Everything OK?
A Horrific Howling Sound
The Good-Morning Serenade!
Whatever Happened to Hans Ratson?
Ancient Legends
The Dragons Room
Theres a Little Truth in All Legends
We Have Until Tomorrow
Beep! Beep! Beep!
D Is for Dragon!
The Beginnings of a Real Team
The Dragons Code
Who Knows if There Are Other Traps?
Aaahhhhh! Splash!
You Know, I Think I Recognize Him!
Who Is That Hanging Upside Down?
A Difficult Decision
More Than Friends: Sisters!
More Fabumouse Adventures

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Text by Thea Stilton, with assistance from Piccolo Tao
Original title Il Codice del Drago
Cover by Flavio Ferron and Giuseppe Facciotto
Illustrations by Fabio Bono, Federica Salfo, Giada Perissinotto, Giorgio
Di Vita, Ida Maria Beretta, Luca Usai, Manuela Razzi, Marco Failla,
Marco Gervasio, Marco Meloni, Marco Palazzi, Massimo Asaro,
Rafaella Seccia, and Sergio Cabella
Graphics by Merenguita Gingermouse and Superpao, with assistance
from Michela Battaglin
Special thanks to Beth Dunfey
Interior design by Kay Petronio
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