Fırat Devranoğlu 6627

18.07.2005 – 26.08.2005


Description of the company/institution

PARSAT PISTON DAGITIM TİCARET SANAYİ A.Ş. has been established in 1968. PARSAT has made a licensing agreement in 1970 with the famous German firm KOLBENSCHMIDT and started its productions. Within years, it has become so mature that it was able to produce its own molds and sets. Thanks to the advancements in technology, it is now one of the leading piston producers worldwide.

As a result of a continuous growth for thirty years, PARSAT now has the capacity to produce 2 millions of pistons and piston pins. The company has adopted and implemented modern and flexible production principles. Thanks to this understanding and the global competitive power of 800 different types of pistons, forty percent of PARSAT's total production is being exported. For the same reason, when it receives demands for new types of pistons, PARSAT has the capability to produce what is demanded in the shortest time without making concession of its firm high quality standards. Behind the success of this companş possessing the RWTUW ISO 9002 certificate lies the superior union of high technology and highly qualified workforce. Other than piston the firm produces many more products. Demirören Group produces its own high quality LPG cylinders and increases its capacity more every passing year. Thanks to this production, Demirören Group has the ability to control all of its LPG-related services at any stage and to meet the consumer's needs with the highest quality products at any stage. DEMİRÖREN TÜP A.Ş.'s facilities in İzmir Pınarbaşı neighborhood extends on an area of 21 thousand square meter and production is fully

automatic. As a result of its hard work, Demirören Group of Companies has earned to receive TSE and ISO 9002 certifications thanks to the high standards it has achieved. DEMİRÖREN a) b) c) 2500 2500 150 units units units of of of TÜP 2 12 45 kg kg kg A.Ş. picnic-type kitchen-type industrial-type gas gas gas factory LPG LPG LPG cylinders cylinders cylinders produces: in in in 8 8 8 hours hours hours

d) 250 units of 24 kg small industrial-type gas LPG cylinders in 8 hours e) 250 units of 60 liter auto gas tanks for automobiles in 8 hours.

The adress of the company is Şişhane yokuşu Demirören han no 2 80020 Azakapı / İstanbul – TÜRKİYE Tel: +902122382272 Fax: +902122350010 Project supervisour: Rahşan Üner e-mail: Overview of the Internship Project During the internship i did not concentrate on a specific project. I started with learning drawing pistons in pro- engineer and after that i started helping the engineers with the drawings. During the internship my main aim was to design a piston which is relatively easy to produce as well as robust and inexpensive. There were different types of pistons and i concentrated on modelling car pistons. The contribition of the project to the company was good because the main aim of the project was to produce more robust pistons. I believe that

after making some modifications on my project, it will definetly increase the productivity of the firm.

Experience gained during the internship period

In the internship i gained a lot of experiences about how pistons are modelled are drawn in pro- engineer. First ı was given some small projects like drawing some basic prototypes of pistons and testing them under hardest conditions by using a software. Even though i was familiar with the program that i used in Parsat, first i had some trouble with the drawings and the modelling part. After drawing some basic prototypes, i was given more responsibilities and started to help the enginners in their drawings. In Parsat i saw how the projects are handled and the long processes that the engineers cope with before the automation of the pistons. I believe that i gained a lot of enginnering skills by working together with the enginners. I learned important details about how the projects should be handled and the things i need to give heed. Other than modelling pistons, i examined the other fields of the firm like the production systems and the marketing strategy of the firm.

Objectives/Expectations and Achievements/Reality of the internship. İnternship in Parsat was beter than ı expected and it was a great experience for me. I used my classroom knowledge a lot when modelling the pistons but it was not enough. I had to learn different things like advance modelling techniques and i learned the importance of analysing every detais of the project. Before my internship my objective was to get some important

informations about how the systems work and what processes are done to increase the reliability of the projects. I believe that i learned and gained more than i expected for sure.

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