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Mark and Russell

ASSIGN A SINGLE NUMERICAL GRADE with 1 = poor and 10 = excellent

Q01_Organization of Presentation
Q03_Visual aids + Delivery
Q04_Response to Questions
Q05_Overall rating

Q06_General Remarks
Numbers about times of treatments on screen were different than what was being said which was k
- good topic - good treatments - wish it was a little more engaging -the slides were VERY busy ov
The speakers seemed to have performed a lot of research into the literature before the presentatio
The topic is really interesting and I like them interpretation of the results. Presentation really intera
I liked how the presentation was organized to be a verbal scientific paper. Personally, I liked seeing
Nice presentation! Try not to read off the slides too much, but otherwise you guys seemed to know
The presentation content was well rehearsed and the presenters knew how to best address questio
Good presentation. Complemented each other nicely in the presentation.
Good research on background and previous literature. The powerpoint could have used less text.
Good Presenetation
research was well done, and speakers had good pace and volume.
good presentation, looked like a fun project
Good presentation, interesting topic. The presentation was clear for the most part.
Really good; confident! Maybe rehearse once or twice more so you can remember things but didn't
Good project idea. Good job accounting for a variety of variables (temp., water, light)
Opening with a fun first slide was cute and the following presentation slides were well organized an
they did very well, understood their topic and presented their information clearly. They needed a l
Good use of citations to back up what was said indiscussion material. Both presenters sounded kn

was being said which was kind of confusing. Good use of graphs, it made results much clearer. Good use of li
slides were VERY busy overall, good job!
ure before the presentation, and it really added to the presentation. Both Mark and Russel presented very we
Presentation really interactive.
. Personally, I liked seeing the results as a graph. It was an efficient way to display data analysis. Pictures we
you guys seemed to know your stuff.
ow to best address questions. However, the delivery was a little monotone at times.

uld have used less text.

most part.
member things but didn't affect the presentation much!
water, light)
es were well organized and neat. I thought their presentation was informative and their results presented in
n clearly. They needed a little more confidence when presenting.
oth presenters sounded knowledgeable on their topic Slides were a bit word heavy.

clearer. Good use of literature to find a better understanding and explanation for results. Some slides had to

sel presented very well and clearly understood their topic. Great job!
analysis. Pictures were also used and this further enhanced the efficiency of presenting the results.

ir results presented in a manner that emphasized the point they were trying to get across.

s. Some slides had too much text and were hard to read.

g the results.