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Eliza Mae Enon BSBA-1A

Seminar on Drug Awareness and Crime

Prevention and Oath-Taking Ceremony of Student
Crime Prevention Council

Last November 14, 2015, we (all the CWTS students)

attended a Seminar on Drug Awareness and Crime Prevention and
Oath-taking Ceremony of Student Crime Prevention Council. The
program started with an opening prayer (A Purpose Driven Life)
and to be followed by the Philippine National Anthem. Maria
Aurora Caballero, Ph.D., Director of the NSTP gives the Opening
Remarks. And after that Hon. Xavier Lalaguna, the 1 st speaker,
discuss us about the different things happened around us such us
crime and many more. According to him, we should not focus on
what we are doing, we should always be aware on the things
happened around us.

Eliza Mae Enon BSBA-1A

The next speaker is PO2 Mariod C. Abundabar , WCPD PNCO,
discuss us about the Republic Act No. 9262: Anti-Violence Against
Women and Their Children Act of 2004. According to this act,
there are different kinds of violence; physical, sexual,
psychological, and economic violence. If we are suffering from
any of this, we should report it first to barangay captain for us to
have a protection order. They discussed it for us to know and
protect our rights.
For those minors who commit crime with the age of 15 below
the PNP will conduct an investigation first about them and think
what they gonna do next to those minors, if these minors are
convicted for several months or days or if they will bring them to
the DSWD. And for those woman who are force or abuse by their
husbands, you can file a case against them, dont be afraid of
because you have the right, all of us have the right. The only
thing that we can do is to fight and protect our right.
The last speaker is no other than PO3 Georgette P. Caritos,
he tackled about the RA 9165: Comprehensive Dangerous Drug
Act of 2002.He said that everybodys problem is crime and drug
abuse. I agree with that cause as we can see nowadays, there
are so many bad things happened around us. And if you commit
crime you have to face a lot of consequences such as death,
imprisonment, fine, removal in office or disqualification to hold
and to enjoy any office of honor, trust or profession in state. So
think first before you do it, so that at the end you will never regret
on your actions/doings.
Our government together with the PNP have two goals of
reducing the crimes. First is crime suspension, reaction measures
and the second is crime prevention. The Criminal Justice System
is the machinery with society uses in prevention and control of
crime, safeguard lives, enforce law and rehabilitate the convicts.

Eliza Mae Enon BSBA-1A

In our school there are some organization that helps to
prevent crime one of which is the Student Crime Prevention
Council. Its objectives is to ensure the active support and
cooperation of the school authority and the community in the
crime prevention program of the government, and to reduce
crimes involving the students.
Last but not the least for those who are taking drugs please
stop it as soon as possible. We can live with out drugs and drugs
is not good to us physically and emotionally. There are many side
effects when we take drugs; loss body control, impaired blood
pressure regulation, worsening sleep, hallucination, respiratory
problem and many more that may lead to death or ruining our
lives, our future. We can start over and over again just believe in
yourself that you can do it. Think whats wrong and good for you
so that you can have a wonderful life