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Martial Arts Benefits of Martial Arts

There are still many people who think that practicing martial arts together with the practice of
violence. Because there is taught how to punch, kick, attack, dodge and parry, or using a
martial arts weapon which is a general movement in a fight. Moreover, coupled with action
films or stories that always associate martial arts action violence.
Actually, not wrong if people think like that, especially who have never participated try to
learn a martial art. But the assumption is not appropriate, because many benefits of practicing
the martial arts. Even to a certain extent a college martial began teaching philosophy
contained in every step that study and application of the philosophy in everyday life. In
general, the benefits of free martial arts training, martial arts classes for kids as a means of
defending themselves from violence for the moment it began to decline, coincided with the
modern culture began to leave the culture of violence, crime rate decreased and awareness of
the law. Although it can not be denied there are some areas that are still attached to the
culture of violence or crime levels are still high. Let alone hurt someone by hitting or kicking,
hurting someone with verbal language alone can deal with the law. So that the benefits of
sport, and the achievement of this development actually stands out.
The main purpose of self-defense and martial art moves is a survivor. Sometimes a conflict or
crime can be avoided when the opponent or perpetrators discouraged to deal with us because
their emotions decreased or became reluctant, if we deal with a calm and confident. But if the
conflict can not be avoided, at least we are ready to deal with it.
Colonel Dave Grossman, an educator military science in his book On Combat (PPCT
Publishing, 2007) to make a study that says that turns humans also have a genetic specialties
like those of insects. If we see that in the world of insects are a natural classification of
society into classes queens, males, workers and soldiers, the same is true also in humans.
The study says that about 2% of people are born with a record of genetics to be a group of
soldiers, that people will naturally gravitate to activities that violent, war and all about
violent, although unlike insects that physical differences between workers and soldiers clearly
visible. This is not the slightest mistake, its just like people who are naturally interested in
dance, language, engineering (engineering), business and more.
This study says that people who are basically not a soldier, need special mental training to be
able to fight well. In many cases examined in various wars since the 19th century, it was
discovered that many of the soldiers who died without a chance to fire their weapons, simply
because they are not able to target and kill fellow human beings. This does not apply to
persons who are born as a soldier, they are effective natural killer and even enjoy these
activities. For them, guns and knives are beautiful art objects are often petted and loved, the
science of fighting is an art that has value in that it needs to be occupied up to the infinite
horizon. That is the call of the soul.
So if in childhood we used rollicking entered martial arts, and when our friends rollicking
also moved into other fields while we are a very few still enjoys practicing martial arts, then
it is indeed a blueprint in the cells we carry. God or nature (depending trust us) had been
decisive so.

In this life, had several times I tried to quit practicing Martial Arts, Martial Arts because its
felt was just a hobby that is not useful, feel excluded because the first live in an environment
that did not consider self-defense as a cool hobby. Most people have a hobby of football,
volleyball and others. But it turned out I was not able to stop, Martial Arts already crept into
my subconscious.
Different first, different now, in the era of increasingly sophisticated, it turns Martial Arts or
Martial Arts has become a pleasant part of peoples lives, Martial Arts developed into art and
popular sport for all ages, from old small up to the age adults, even those who are already
parents continue to dedicate itself in practicing martial arts, because martial arts is not just a
sport, but an art that can be integrated in the self and the human soul.
Martial formed because of human ego, human beings are not to be outdone by nature, not to
be outdone by others, the Spiritual in martial arts is for this one, where as the end product of
the martial arts is something that is not good if it is not controlled, and it is one level with
HUMAN EGO that it can only be controlled by the nature of the doctrine uncontested, from
the spiritual side, awareness of the things that can not be defeated by man, which is the
Almighty, that GOD UNBEATABLE!
Is something unpleasant if surrendered just like that, there must be something that makes the
human being can be sincere. Quoting from Kenji Comic made by Ryuchi Matsuda and
Yoshihide Fujiwara, staring into the sky grandfather told Kenji that the essence of martial arts
is love, yes is the answer, just once grandfather was saying this with full wise and prudent,
which is to Kenji did not get lost, with what he had, something very dangerous, something
that could harm other people, even kill people with martial arts Martial Arts that he had.
Love is the most fragile human feeling, a state similar to a state of surrender or submission,
but with sincerity in surrender.
Spiritual with Love, only it can conquer Martial Arts. After the human ego was defeated by
things that can not be defeated, finally there is the realization that the man was actually very
very limited, there arose a thought wise that could eventually control the ego itself, the result
is a Martial Arts into something beautiful, can produce a philosophy of life of its own and
many become lifestyle or lifestyle by humans in it.
Follow every rainbow till you find your way
The question was for us and our friends who are not career soldiers in the world, how to
make the basic instinct of a fighter was a supporter in the life we live, rather than be a barrier
in our lives.
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