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Chapter Four: Ken Brandt

Of the about 120 people scattered through out the United

states, and the about 75 to whom I mailed “Clarification”,
two people stand out as the most noxious farces: Ken Brandt
and Henry Dziczkowski, H.D. because of his “Honor and
Glory” of defiling the word of God, and K.D. because of a
message he preached. The title of this message was “Take a
Stand” (Brandt has now taken over the MBS as its self
proclaimed president)

When I mailed “Clarification” I knew it would evoke some

ire, I really didn’t care, and I wanted this to happen. The
reason being that these people in toto are too pusillanimous
to react with any rebuke or rebuttal. I knew that if anyone did
object, it would be in the form of a righteous letter of
indignation…and it was. Below is the letter I had prepared in
advance for Bro. Take-a-Stand Ken Brandt.


From: Allan Lewicki and Isaiah 1:18

To: Ken Brandt
Regarding: “Doctrine” 2 Timothy 3:16

“…they will not endure sound doctrine…” The following

will be limited to just one book, and that so as to falcate
verification; “Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1” by
Richard E. Rhoades.

Direct quotes from the above book written by Dusty

Doctrine-Doctrine Rhoads

1) His “Creed”, page 258 XIV: “The Bible is the complete

and PERFECT Word of God and is trustworthy in all
2) Page 353: Lines 10 & 11 “…I haven’t found a single
place that I would call error, nor do I deem it necessary
to delete or substitute anything”

3) Page 265: Lines 13, 14 & 15 “As to why I believe the

Bible is the complete and perfect Word of God, I have
reason to believe it to be SELF EVIDENT.”

4) Page 349: Lines 18, 19 & 20 “…the KJV underwent a

lot of correction before finally coming to the place where
it was error free…”


RESEARCH JOB WELL? …I would be the last to
suggest that ONE WORD be removed from it”

With the last quote in mind, even though I could site many
words from just about all of this “Gospel Preacher’s”
writings, I will limit myself to the above “ONE WORD”…
One, that’s right just one is all that is necessary to make my

Prior to continuing I need to establish a context. I have

recently done a word study concerning Paul’s use of “we and
us vs. they and them” I can site twelve references: From
Romans; 1:5, 3:31, 8:16 (this one can also be coupled with 1
Jn 4:6). From Corinthians: 1 Cor 5:8, 2 Cor 2:11, 2: 15 & 16,
3: 14 & 15, 13:8. From First Thessalonians; 2:4, 3:8 (note
“if”). From Second Thessalonians; 4:3. From Titus 1:16

From the above listing and elsewhere there are several that
are particularly pertinent:

Ken Brandt


A) Don’t endure sound doctrine

B) Corrupt the Word of God
C) Believe not the Truth
D) Hold the Truth in unrighteousness
E) Preach “another gospel and another Jesus”

With special emphasis on C) above, does or does not the

“Gospel Preached” in question hold to be true or false:

a) Psalms 33:4, 101:3, 117:2, 119:38, 43,49,160

b) Proverbs 30:5 & 6
c) Deuteronomy 4:2
d) 1 Thessalonians 5:22
e) Revelation 22:18 & 19

Do you recognize this list?…To continue, given a) through

e); A) through E); and quotations 1) through 5):

{ Parenthatical Note: “…this list” is from the Scriptures I

referenced in Chapter One }

Kindly explain page 53 of the above referenced book!!

To be sure, Line 18, the last word of that line.

Tell me that’s a misprint!? Looky-here, Webster has a

word…it’s even English: FARCE ! I suppose you think I’m
going to politely not notice this…don’t you…after all…far
be it from me to perturb your lovey-dovey “unity”

The above probably will not sink in until you read this letter
100 times, so I will help you. “Farce” as defined by Webster,
noun; something absurd or ridiculous

On the other hand there are several things that I have come
to an understanding of, deep truths! Thanks to R. E. Rhoads I
have a very clear understanding of what Paul meant in
Romans 1:18 when he said “…hold the truth in
uprightness…” Tell me…the above quotes, 1) through 5)…
are they true? Yes or No! How, pray tell… and evidenced by
replete contradictions in ALL of his writings…how does he
hold them??

Oh… “ALL”, I don’t mean some of all, or half of all, or

most of all…I mean ALL…of ALL!

{ Additional parenthetical explanation: “All” according to

R.E.R. never means all of all, it only means some of all…
Dah!…yea-yea, he did have a somewhat erudite reason: you
have to glean from the context if it is “all” without
exception, or “all” without distinction }

There’s another thing you can ponder…“They”…the above

referenced verses… are they to you, for you, or ABOUT

{ More parenthetical explanation: Quoting R.E.R. “All the

Bible is for you but it is not all to you”…or was it the other
way around? Regardless, the Maranatha Bible Society makes
a prodigious amount of fuss as to any particular verse being
“to you” or “for you” }

I’m not done. As long as I’m going to get down on anybody,

I’m going to get all the way down. But first, as before, I have
to establish a context: Bible Truths that are of paramount
importance. Since they are so important I’m sure anyone
reading this will be able to answer a few very simple
questions…that assumption is because whoever reads this
will no doubt have “studied to show himself approved”

{ A favorite verse of the MBS II Timothy 2:15 }

Ken Brandt

Throughout the entire Bible; What is the difference between

the: holy spirit, holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, and the Holy Ghost.
Note the capitalization! How many times and by whom is
“Holy Spirit” used…How many times and by whom is “Holy
Ghost” used, the same for holy spirit and holy Spirit. I know,
I wonder if you know…I wonder if you think it matters? If
you don’t know or don’t care, you’ll find out at the White
Throne Judgment how much it matters! Continuing with the
same matter of “study”…and this especially with regard to
Paul…sometimes he says Jesus Christ and sometimes he
says Christ Jesus…have any of you pondered why? Since the
ministry of the late R.E.R. was entirely based on Paul-Paul-
Paul, it seems to me that this is one of the things he would
have made a point of teaching his disciples…didn’t he!?

I can answer the above questions but I will not “edify” the
maranatha bible cult with my answers. I will however supply
a doctrinal reason why: It’s the verse after one of their
favorites: I Cor 14:37 is the one I’m referring to as their
favorite…the reason “why” of the forgoing is the next verse.
Just in case you don’t have your calculator and have
difficulty figuring it out, it’s 1 Cor 14:38.

With all of that said, my next issue is “The Gospel”…all true

disciples of R.E.R. believe the gospel…don’t they?…What
“Gospel” do they believe?? …The Gospel of the Grace of
God…really!! What do they believe it according to ??

Just in case I’m on a theological plane too elevated for a

mere mortal let me make more quotations, and again from
the same book reference at the start.

“The Scriptures”!!

What “Scriptures”?? How about page 257, VII…or how

about page 88, lines 7 & 8. Does or does not these referenced
“Scriptures” line up with what Paul told Timothy to study…
see second Timothy 3:15…are or are not “The Scriptures”
able to “…make thee wise unto salvation…”?

To continue with “The Scriptures”, Paul uses “as it is

written”, for it is written”, “it is written” etc. referring to the
Old Testament Writings 41 times. He uses variations of
“according to the scriptures” 6 times; variations of “for the
scripture saith” 9 times. Those references add up to 56, Fifty-
six! It seems to me that Paul placed a most serious emphasis
on “The Scriptures”

A Direct Challenge
Somebody, anybody…all of you put together…even with
your cats and dogs…show me…in the framework of the two
above paragraphs…taking as your documentation, ALL of
the tapes ever made by R.E.R. All of the videos, ALL of his
books…ALL of ANYTHING produced by this man

Show me Chapter and Verse, where he preached the

Gospel According to the Scriptures!

Maybe this will take a while to sink in, so allow me to

approach the same matter from a different perspective. You
people believe the gospel do you?…really! You all studied to
show yourselves approved? You are all such “Rightly Word
Dividers” are you!

All right, answer an elementarily simple question: Since your

“gospel” starts with “…Christ died for our sins according to
the scripture”

Tell me, the crucifixion…what was the month, the date

and the day of the week?

Ken Brandt

AND, for answer to the above site CHAPTER


I’ll even give you a great big hint: What was the very first
COMMANDED HOLY DAY by God Almighty…give up?
Read the 12th chapter of Exodus. Oh, by the way…that
particular chapter is just one of the Scriptures referred to by
Paul. Just in case any of you really does study and come up
with the correct answer to this question…call me, I have
another question. The next question, that I will not herein
state, it is an acid test to see if you really do believe the

I’m still not done. Maybe you would appreciate some help,
and some “wisdom” from somebody who has loudly
proclaimed to have “studied” Below is a letter from ken
brant, this is the response he sent concerning my


Dear Allen,

I received your treatise in the mail and at first thought

that I would not respond, but then this came to my
mind,"Truth is violated by falsehood and out-raged by
silence," thus I feel a need to reply.

As is true throughout the Scriptures, whenever the truth

is being taught or proclaimed, there appears Sanballat
(Neh.4), or Alexander the coppersmith, (2Tim.4:14), to try
to thwart the work of God. This can always be traced back
to the subtle wiles of the devil. He is always in opposition
to the truth of God. What you wrote was not for the
clarification of any truth, the edification of truth or
edification of those who hold the truth dear. It was rather

a spirit of vindictiveness against Dusty and the truth that
he taught. You know that you have held ill-feel~ ings
toward him for many years because he did not agree with
your ideas in the book of Revelation and now are finally
exposing your feelings toward us. I find it very revealing
that you could not approach Dusty and discuss these things
face to face. It seems very demeaning to now try to
destroy his credibility after he is gone. I'm not sure your
exact intent in mailing this letter, but it certainly was not
for the glory of God.

I do not hold Dusty or any other man to be infallible. I am

grateful for the truth Dusty taught me and the gospel he
preached, for it saved my soul and has built me up in the
faith. I have always checked the Scriptures (per his
insistence) to see "if these things be so." I have never
taken any man's word for the truth without seeing it for
myself in the Scriptures. When it proves to be a "thus
saith the Lord", then I believe it.

I write this letter in defense of the truth and without any

malice or intent of vengeance, for that belongs to God.

Ken Brandt

As I read your letter note that you are in doubt as to my

motives, I will come back to that. So as not to break my train
of reasoning, I have made a challenge, show me chapter and
verse the scriptures of this “gospel” you all hold so dear.

I have noted in your letter that you have stated in writing that
the gospel that was preached to you by R.E.R. has saved you.
I note also that you have stated that you have “checked the
Scriptures”. Since, as a matter of foundational doctrine, you

Ken Brandt

have a “thus saith the Lord” perhaps you should edify me

with the scriptures of the gospel according to the scriptures.

I wonder if it will get through to anybody that this paragon

of gospel preaching, this stalwart defender of the truth, this
champion of doctrine (Elymas Bar-jesus the 2nd aka Richard
E. Rhoades) …never preached the Gospel…According to
The Scriptures !!

Read, taking the brant letter as an example…to see if these

things be so… Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians, the
eleventh chapter, the fourth verse. If there is one thing I can
attribute to Dusty Rhoads, it’s what he has taught me by his

If there is anything worse that a heretic it’s a farce!

My Motives

I recall a discussion I have had with one particular N.T. word

#5569. The subject was the fourth chapter of Paul’s letter to
the Ephesians…spiritual gifts…I know what one of mine is.
The following verses are directly relevant to my motives.

The Book of the Prophet Ezekiel

Chapter Three, Verses Seventeen through Twenty-One

Hey all you lovey-dovey members of the lovey-dovey

karkiss of lovey-dovey kryst…you can all continue to splash
around in your lovey-dovey puddle of diarrhea and end up at
the White Throne Judgment, or you can study what Paul has
suggested…The Scriptures…the ones that are able to make
thee wise unto salvation. Should you end up standing next to
the latest incarnation of Elymas Bar-jesus and his beloved
side-cake the late brother pig-lover. You will NOT be able to
say that I didn’t warn you!
Looky-here; If you can’t site chapter and verse for “gospel
according to the scriptures”…Hey…you got no scriptures!
Guess what else, you believe another gospel and worship
another jesus.

Hey brother 6.8% biblical {take a bible and count the

number of pages of scripture, divide that number by the
number of pages written by Paul…6.8%} “spirit of
vindictiveness” …why such a wimpy-ass word? I have the
same love and compassion for the late Rev. Holy Farce as
Paul has (note present tense) for anyone preaching another
gospel. I have the same love and compassion for all of his
disciples as Elijah has for the priests of Baal. I have the same
love and compassion for his lovey-dovey elders as Samuel
has for Saul. I could keep going but it gets my blood pressure
too high, and having that happen over a bunch of farces is
not worth it…especially if I get started on one of my favorite
verses…Psalms 139:21 & 22

Written by My Hand:
Allan Lewicki


End of letter

Ken Brandt

Note to the Reader

There are two versions of “Progressive Revelation”. The

original book is entitled:

“Studies in Progressive Revelation Vol. 1”

Evidently my letter to Ken Brandt (the subject of this

chapter) caused him so much consternation that he (yes “he”
not R.E.R., see chapter X) rewrote the book. The title of the
New Improved version is:

“Studies in Progressive Revelation, Third Addition 1998”

What Brandt did in his re-write was expunge all of the

embarrassing proclamations of R.E.R. However, in a manner
that is ludicrously farcical, replace them with ejaculations
that are even more damning. Check pages 70 and 257 of this
book…26 books in the New Testament. Again, see chapter X

One more thing: R.E.R. liked to tout himself as the Sage of

Biblical Wisdom and Father of the most paramount doctrine
of what he coined “Progressive Revelation”…and all of his
disciples believed him.

Excuse me Dusty Rhoades, excuse me, excuse me…I

Googled “Progressive Revelation” and what appeared on my
computer is just one more reason that I that I think you are
the latest incarnation of Elymas Bar-jesus.